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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

NOTE: Remember that this FAQ is for the WII VERSION of the game.  If playing 
the GameCube version, the game is flipped.  If I say "east", replace it with 
"west", and vice versa.

                              __          __
                             /  |        |  \
                            / __|        |__ \
                           / /              \ \
                          /  |              |  \
            ____________  |  |______________|  |
           | ________  /  |   T H E   L E G E N D   O F
           |/       / /___|_____ _____     ____|__ ___ ____
                   /,/ \   ____ |\   /     \   _  \    \   \------__
           \      /,/   | |    \| | |       | | \  |    /   \       \
          _\\___ / /----| |_/|    | |       | |  | |   / /\  \___---/
  _______/ _    /*/     |  _ |    | |       | |  | |  / /__\  \
 \             /,/      | | \|    | |       | |  | | / ______  \
  \/\/\/\,    /,/  _ _--| |____/| | |____/| | |_/  |/ /      \  \
   \_______--/ /---    /________|/________|/______/___\      /____\
            / /_______/|     \              /                      
           /___________|   T W I L I G H T / P R I N C E S S 
                               \/| |  | |\/
                                 | |  | |
                                 | |  | |
                                 \ |  | /
                                  \|  |/

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wii Version)
A FAQ/Walkthrough by CyricZ
Version 1.1

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. FAQ
3. Basics
   3A. Controls
   3B. Menus/Displays
   3C. Hints and Tips
4. Walkthrough
   4A. A Farmboy's Destiny (Ordon Village, Faron Woods)
   4B. The Beast Within (The Prison and Sewers)
   4C. Monkey Liberation (Level 1 Dungeon)
   4D. The Silent Village (Kakariko Village)
   4E. Goron Wrestling (Death Mountain)
   4F. Magnetic Personalities (Level 2 Dungeon)
   4G. Frozen Over Again? (Lanayru Province)
   4H. He Come To Town (Castle Town, Lake Hylia)
   4I. The Rushing Current (Level 3 Dungeon)
   4J. Evil's Bane (Hyrule Castle, Sacred Grove)
   4K. Reflecting on the Sands (Gerudo Desert)
   4L. Rise Up Again (Level 4 Dungeon)
   4M. A Bad Smell (Snowpeak)
   4N. Of Yetis and Soup (Level 5 Dungeon)
   4O. Those Lost in the Woods (Sacred Grove)
   4P. Standing Still in Time (Level 6 Dungeon)
   4Q. Aiming High (Hyrule Field)
   4R. Home of the Predecessors (Level 7 Dungeon)
   4S. A False God (Level 8 Dungeon)
   4T. The Power of Light and Shadow (Final Dungeon)
5. Hyrule
   5A. Characters
   5B. Locations
6. Items
   6A. Action Items
   6B. Collectibles
   6C. Bottled Goods
   6D. Container Upgrades
7. Pieces of Heart
8. Golden Bugs
9. Poe Souls
10. Sidequests and Extras
   10A. Hidden Skills
   10B. Fishing
   10C. Minigames
   10D. The Cave of Ordeals
   10E. Hidden Holes and Extra Rupees
11. Enemies
   11A. Creepers and Crawlers
   11B. Animals
   11C. Fliers
   11D. Swimmers
   11E. Undead
   11F. Fighters
   11G. Shadow
12. Standard Guide Stuff
   12A. Legal
   12B. E-mail Guidelines
   12C. Credits
   12D. Version Updates
   12E. The Final Word


Hello, and welcome to my FAQ/Walkthrough for the latest and greatest Legend 
of Zelda game we've ever been blessed with: Twilight Princess, for the 
Wii.  In this guide, you'll find a walkthrough of progressing through the 
LONG story of a simple farmhand named Link, who, surprisingly, ends up being 
some big legendary hero, of all things.  You'll also find descriptions on 
all the game's items, and lists on how to collect those elusive Pieces of 
Heart, Golden Bugs, and Poe Souls.

2. FAQ

Q: What exactly is Zelda: Twilight Princess?

A: In addition to being the first killer app for the Wii, this is the 
 latest in the highly acclaimed Legend of Zelda series, created by Shigeru 
 Miyamoto and directed by Eiji Aonuma.  You'll control a man named Link once 
 more as he sets out to save Hyrule.

Q: What is the ESRB rating of this game?

A: This game has been rated T for Teen by the ESRB, with the added content 
 descriptors of Animated Blood and Fantasy Violence.  Basically, it's a game 
 of swords and some enemies bleed a sort of ichor.

Q: When does it take place in the Zelda timeline?

A: This game takes place after the events of Ocarina of Time.  It's unsure 
 roughly how many years after it takes place, or if it takes place before 
 or after Wind Waker, although it is assumed to be before.  Personally, I 
 don't fuss with all this timeline jazz, I just enjoy the story for what it 
 is, and marvel at any little nostalgic extras I find.

Q: How difficult is it to play this game using the Wii Controllers?

A: I won't lie to you; it'll take a bit of getting used to the new 
 controllers before you're going to be comfortable with this game.  
 Particularly, you'll have to get used to where all the buttons are on the 
 controllers so you can access them quickly as you need to.

Q: Would you suggest this version or the GameCube version?

A: I prefer the Wii version, but it greatly depends on your own tastes.  
 The precision aiming with the remote is probably the Wii version's greatest 
 asset, and it's quite an asset.  On the other hand, the Cube version has 
 button-touch sword swinging, and the game world isn't "flipped".

Q: Are there truly major glitches in this game?

A: There is one that has seemed to trip up several people.  Before going to 
 the seventh dungeon, there is a point where you enter a room with a large 
 ruined cannon.  A gentleman named Shad will follow you into this room.  You 
 need to speak to him to get him to leave, then perform your duties in that 
 room without his prying eyes.  The trouble seems to occur if you save and 
 quit after Shad comes in the room with you, but before you speak to him.  
 You end up in a situation where Shad has "disappeared" and you can't do 
 anything to advance the plot.  Just don't save in that area.  Get it all 
 done before you quit.

Q: I'm in a sandy dungeon, and I'm walking around on regular stone, but I'm 
 still moving very slowly!  Is this a glitch?

A: Nope.  Turn into a wolf and activate your senses.


In this section, I outline the eponymous "basics".  This is mostly stuff you 
can read in the manual, which I know you're not going to read anyway, because 
no one ever does anymore.

3A. Controls =

This is an important part of the game, since you will, in all likelihood, 
be learning a very different control scheme than you would be used to.


Basic Link Controls

Wii Remote -
Motion Sensor: Swing your remote to have Link unsheath his sword.  Swing 
 the remote further to have him attack with it.
Pointer: Displays a small fairy on the screen.  This fairy alone does 
 nothing, but in menus, you can use it to make a selection.  Also, when 
 using a targeted item, you can use the pointer as a crosshair.
A Button: Basic interaction.  You can use it to read signs, talk to people, 
 and use special movements while Z-targeting.
B Button: Active Item.  This controls your active Item.
Control Pad Left/Down/Right: Reserve Items.  Use the Control Pad to store 
 Items to switch over to the B Button by pressing the direction you set it 
 to.  Some items you can use automatically simply by pressing the Control 
 Pad direction.
Control Pad Up: Once you get a companion, use Up to talk to her.
+ Button: Brings up the Collection screen.  From here, you can view what 
 you've collected, as well as change your current equipment.  You can also 
 Save or access the Options from here.
- Button: Brings up the Items screen.  You can use the Control Stick or the 
 Pointer to point towards an item, then press a Control Pad direction or B 
 to set it to that button.  Also, during a cutscene, double tap - to skip 
 it.  Some cutscenes cannot be skipped.
1 Button: Display the Map Screen for the area, either the world map or the 
 dungeon map if in a dungeon.
2 Button: Toggles the in-play Minimap on and off.
Home Button: Allows you to reset or return to the Wii Menu.  Make sure you 
 save first.

Wii Nunchuk -
Control Stick: Moves Link in the desired direction.  Up moves Link away from 
 the camera.  Down moves him towards it.  Some things can be done 
 automatically using just the Stick, such as climbing ladders, or leaping 
 over small gaps.
Motion Sensor: This is sort of a secondary combat control.  Moving it side 
 to side will allow you to perform a spin attack.  The spin attack must 
 charge for a couple of seconds after you use it before you can use it again.  
 There are also other things you can learn to do as the game progresses.
Z Button: Orient the camera behind you.  If there's an enemy near you with 
 a targeting bracket, you will focus on that enemy as long as you have the 
 Z Button held down (you can change it to just pressing it once in the 
C Button: Goes into a first-person view through Link's eyes.  Use the 
 Control Stick or the Pointer to cast your view around.


Horseback Controls

Much of the controls are the same while on Epona.  Note that there are 
certain items you can and certain items you cannot use while on horseback.

Control Stick: Controls Epona's general movement.  If you tilt down lightly 
 on the stick, Epona will slowly back up.  If you tilt down firmly, she 
 will rear up and spin around in direction.
A Button: Cause Epona to dash.  There are six dash markers on the bottom 
 of the screen, and they refill over time as you use them.  While dashing, 
 Epona can clear some low barriers.


Wolf Controls

Controlling Link as a wolf is a bit different.  The most poignant issue is 
that you cannot use items of any kind.  Your movement is also changed 

A Button: Performs actions much as before.  There is the addition of a "Dash" 
 which you can perform while moving, basically speeding up your movement.  
 Although you can no longer talk to humans in this form, you CAN talk to 
 animals, and it's quite advised to do so.
B Button: Begins an Energy Field Multiple Strike Attack.  Hold down the 
 button and a circle will expand from you.  Enemies within the field will 
 get red electricity on them.  Release B to attack all enemies in the field 
 at once.  This field will be disrupted if you take damage.
Remote Motion Sensor: Instead of a sword swing, Wolf Link has a bite attack.
Nunchuk Motion Sensor: Shake the Nunchuk side to side to spin Wolf Link.  As 
 with the sword spin, it will need time to charge after you use it.
Control Pad Left/Right: Turns on Wolf Link's "senses".  This mode reduces 
 long-range visibility considerably, but is the only way you can see certain 
 people, objects, and monsters.
Control Pad Down: Digs at the ground.  If you have your senses on, you can 
 see certain patches of ground sparkle.  These indicate a place you can dig.  
 Digging will allow you unearth items or reach a new area.

There are other special things only Wolf Link can do, which are explained in 
"Hints and Tips" below.

3B. Menus/Displays =

In the case of all menus, you can either use the Control Stick to move your 
selection, or the Remote's Pointer.  Press A to make your choice.  In the 
case of the main display, hold Z, hover over an object in the corner and you 
can press A+B to access the relevant menu or screen.

Main Menu: Press A and B together on the Title Screen to access the Main 
 Menu.  From there, pick a Quest Log, then choose to Start, Copy the file to 
 another, or Erase the file.  After you start, you'll be given a screen to 
 adjust your visual settings.  Press A to begin once you're set.

Main Display:
- Upper Left Corner: Displays your hearts.  If you have a lantern active, it 
 also displays your oil level.
- Upper Right Corner: Displays your Item situation; what items you have 
 attached to which buttons.  Press A+B while pointing at it to access the 
 Items Menu.
- Lower Left Corner: Displays the minimap of the area you're in.  Press the 
 2 Button to make it go away.  Press A+B while pointing at it to access the 
 Map Screen.
- Lower Right Corner: Displays the A button, and what it would do at that 
 point in time.  Also displays your Rupee count.  Press A+B while pointing at 
 the Rupee count to access the Collection Screen.

Items Menu:
Your items are presented in a big circle.  Either point at the item you wish 
to use or point the Control Stick in the direction the item is from the 
center.  Press the B Button or corresponding Control Pad direction you wish 
to equip the item to.  For info on the item, hover over it and press Control 
Pad Up.  To leave the Item Menu, press A or -.  There are also certain Item 
Combinations you can make by having one item of the combination equipped and 
pressing Z on the other.  More on that later.

Map Screen:
Displays the map of Hyrule, or the current dungeon you're in.  Press A to 
zoom in, B to zoom out.  Once zoomed all the way in, you can point and 
drag the map with the Remote Pointer to slide it around.  If in a dungeon, 
you can move the Control Stick up or down to display different floors of the 

Collection Screen:
This screen displays your main equipment (sword, shield, armor) and your 
non-usable quest related items, such as your current Pieces of Heart, your 
Fish Journal, your Letters, etc.  Some things can be interacted with using 
the A button, such as changing your equipment or viewing your Fish Journal.
Furthermore, on the bottom, you can Save your game, or access the Options 

Options Menu:
Lock-On Type: "Hold" (on by default) means you hold down the Z Button to 
 target.  "Press" means you press once to activate and press again to 
Camera Control: "Normal" will shift the camera up when you pull back on the 
 stick, and down when you push forward.  "Inverted" switches this.
Pointer: When "Off", you will not be able to use the on-screen pointer for 
 aiming or selecting.
Icon Shortcuts: When "Off", you will not be able to access the menus using 
 the pointer, Z, and A+B.
Pointer Settings: Press + to access a screen to adjust your pointer.

3C. Hints and Tips =

Grass Whistles -

One of the minor, but rather early, new features of this game is the ability 
to find specially-shaped grass in the field.  Pick it up with A and press A 
to blow a tune into it automatically.  There are two kinds of grass.  The 
brown two-pronged grass will immediately summon Epona to your side.  The 
light green feathery grass will summon a member of the avian species, often 
a hawk, which you can release in the direction of an item or enemy.


Life as a Wolf -

Running around on all fours is a new concept for Link, and it opens up the 
path for several new ways of control.  

Senses: Turning on your senses limits your field of vision, but it's the 
 only way to see certain things.  Things you can see will include: spots on 
 the ground where you dig, enemies invisible to normal sight, people who have 
 been turned to spirits by the Twilight, and certain things that are harder 
 to spot through normal sight will be more easily seen, even at long range.

Jump Attack: This is a somewhat special attack that combines Z-targeting, and 
 using the A button when you're close.  You'll leap onto the enemy.  This is 
 a rather fierce attack, and sometimes, with stronger enemies, you can latch 
 on to them.  Once latched, press A to continually damage your foe.

Howling: There are certain areas where you can use this game's "musical 
 instrument", your own vocal chords.  When you begin howling, a small musical 
 staff will appear.  Hold down A to howl, and use the Control Stick to adjust 
 to three different pitches.  Oftentimes, you'll be given a guide about what 
 to howl.  Try to match blue lines or sparkling dots.

Leaping: Those strong legs are made for crossing vast expanses.  
 Unfortunately, Link just isn't confident enough to bound all over on his 
 own.  However, Midna is here to help.  When you reach an area where you 
 can leap a distance (such as using rocks to scale a wall), she'll giggle 
 and an icon will appear.  Press Up on the Control Pad, and Midna will float 
 over to your assumed destination.  Hold Z to target her, then press A to 
 make your jump.  Sometimes, multiple jumps will be necessary.  Continue to 
 hold Z at that point, and press A for each one.

Portals and Warping: Midna's twilight powers allow her to travel through 
 paths that the wicked twilit beasts have used.  Whenever you enter a 
 situation where a portal in the sky opens and you're attacked by twilit 
 monsters, defeating them will leave that portal open.  Speak to Midna while 
 in wolf form and she will transport you to any portal you've opened on the 
 map.  Furthermore, there are certain times where you can find large objects 
 that have been tossed to the winds by your enemies.  If you can find those 
 again, Midna can use her powers to transport those items back to their 
 original location.

Transforming: Later in the game, you'll have the opportunity to transform 
 whenever you wish.  There are rules, however.  For one, you cannot transform 
 when any human (or other sentient beings) can see you transform.  Further, 
 you can't transform while in an odd position, such as on Epona, climbing a 
 ladder, crawling through a hole, swimming.  These rules further apply to 
 warping later on, too, since you need to be a wolf to warp.


Rupees - 

As always, Rupees are the currency of this Zelda game.  Rupees are worth more 
depending on their color:

Green: 1 Rupee
Blue: 5 Rupees
Yellow: 10 Rupees
Red: 20 Rupees
Purple: 50 Rupees
Orange: 100 Rupees
Silver: 200 Rupees

You'll start by only being able to carry 300.  Opportunities arise for 
increasing your wallet size as you go through the game.


Enemy Drops -

When you destroy enemies, they can drop items to replenish you.  Here's 
what they can drop.  You can also find some of these by smashing pots or 
cutting grass.

Rupees: Green, Blue, Yellow, Red, or perhaps higher, depending on the enemy.
Heart: Replenishes one heart of life.
Seeds: Picking up a bunch will restore all seeds to your slingshot.
Arrows: A sheaf of arrows will refill ten arrows.  You can also find spent 
 arrows lying around, shot by either you or an enemy, which will give you 
 one back.

Note, and this is important, that you CANNOT find Bombs dropped by enemies, 
so conserve.


Dungeon Items - 

Most of the dungeons of this game have a set of items to help you get 
around in it.

Dungeon Map: By pressing the 1 Button, you can view a full map of the 
dungeon.  Areas you haven't visited yet are black.  Areas you have visited 
are dark green.  The light green room is your current room.

Compass: When you view your map, you can see the locations of chests and 
the boss of the dungeon.  Also, on the main game screen's minimap, you can 
see yourself move around and where you entered the room (in case you get 
turned around).  If there are any "special" parts to the dungeon, they may 
also be displayed, for reference.

Small Key: When you get one of these keys, simply use them on a locked door.  
The key will disappear once used.

Big Key: This is generally found in a fancy-looking chest.   With it, you can 
enter the final room of the dungeon and face off against its evil master.

Ooccoo and Ooccoo Jr.: Found in dungeons will be this odd creature.  Once 
 you rescue her, she will offer you the option of warping out of the 
 dungeon.  She will give you Ooccoo Jr. when you warp out, so you can warp 
 right back to her if you use him.  You won't be returned to PRECISELY the 
 spot you left, but you will return to the beginning of the room.  Use this 
 if you run out of supplies in the middle of a dungeon.

4A. A Farmboy's Destiny (Ordon Village, Faron Woods) =

Ordon Village

After your nice little chat with your friend and tutor, Rusl, you'll head 
home after a day's work.  Your fellow rancher, Fado, will call you out of 
your house to help with herding the goats.  Of course, you'll need your 
horse, Epona, for this, and someone just walked off with her.  Go in the 
direction of the woods (north on your map).  On your way, you can practice 
with the camera, roll around, pick up rocks, whatever you need to do to get 
familiar with the controls.

Anyway, turn right once you get to the pond and you'll find Epona and your 
friend, Ilia.  After a quick conversation, talk to Ilia again and she'll 
mention taking a piece of grass and "playing the song she likes".  Grab one 
of the brown pieces and play Epona's Song.  Now, mount Epona and ride her 
back south, past your house, and into the village proper.

In the village, you can speak to your neighbors: Sera, her husband Hanch, and 
Beth in front of the shop, Rusl, Uli, and Colin out by the river, and the 
mayor, Bo, Ilia's dad.  There's also Jaggle, Pergie, Talo, and Malo's house, 
but they're in for the night.  Keep heading south past the Mayor's house to 
the ranch.  Ride up to Fado and he'll ask you to herd the goats into the 
pen.  Herding can be frustrating, but it's not particularly difficult.  Ride 
around the goats and press A to "whoop" them to get them to move more 
quickly.  As you approach them, they'll move away from you, faster if you 
whoop.  If you can get them close to the pen, they'll automatically walk in.  
Herd all ten goats and you'll be done.  Fado will now set up the fences so 
you can practice jumping.  Simply dash with Epona as you approach the fence 
and she'll automatically clear it.  Jump over the fence in front of the gate 
to leave the ranch and end your first day.

The next morning, your little fan club will be outside calling you out.  
Head down the ladders and out the front door.  It'll be Talo, Malo, and Beth, 
and they'll mention how the shop has a slingshot on sale.  Head into town.
You'll see several things going on in town:

1. Hanch is out flinging rocks at a beehive above Fado's house.
2. Sera herself is in the shop, but is lamenting her missing cat and won't 
 sell anything.
3. Jaggle is up on a rocky platform, asking you to talk to him by 
 Z-targeting.  Climb up the vines and he'll mention Sera's cat down by the 
 creek and the Hawk Grass growing nearby.
4. Uli is down by the creek, looking for a missing cradle.
5. Pergie is in her house by the waterwheel.  She'll mention a shield her 
 husband is crafting.
6. Bo is outside his house.  Talk to him and a goat will get loose from the 
 ranch.  To stop this goat, get in front of it, and hold down A just before 
 it hits you to grab it.  Keep holding down A to toss it to the ground.

Okay.  The first thing to do is to get that cradle back.  Climb up the vines 
near Jaggle and hop over to the roof of the shop, then further west to the 
furthest platform.  Take a look out across the pond and you'll see a monkey 
on a rock with the cradle.  You won't be able to get it as you are, but 
pick up the nearby Hawk Grass and blow on it.  Point the Remote in the 
direction of the monkey and press A to release the hawk.  If you aimed 
properly, the hawk should grab the cradle and bring it back to you.  Carry 
it over to Uli and she'll ask you to bring it to her house.  Just head right 
up there (no need to wait for her) and she'll give you the FISHING ROD.

Now, it's time to catch a fish.  Head over to the far side of the waterwheel 
house, where you'll find Sera's cat.  Head out to the dock.  You should 
notice a couple of fish in the water.  Equip your rod, and press B to pull it 
out.  Press B again while facing the water to start the fishing.  Lower the 
Remote to get the line in the water.  Watch the bobber, closely.  When it 
lowers into the water, yank up on the Remote to start pulling the fish in.  
You can't do anything else on such a simple hook other than pull up, so just 
wait until you reel the fish in.

Catching a fish will get the cat's attention.  Catch another and she'll grab 
it and run back to the shop.  Follow her back and speak to Sera.  Sera will 
give you a BOTTLE that's half full with milk.  The bottle you can keep.  
She'll also sell you stuff, now.  What you really want is the Slingshot, but, 
more than likely, you won't have the 30 Rupees.  It's time to go cash 
hunting.  Fortunately, you can find all you need lying around the village.

First, talk to Hanch outside Fado's House.  He'll toss a rock at the hive, 
then get the bees ticked and run off.  You can try a slightly more subtle 
approach.  Climb up the vines near Jaggle again.  This time, take the nearby 
Hawk Grass and use the hawk on the hive to knock it off.  The hive will break 
open and you can scoop Bee Larva into a bottle, which can be used as fishing 
bait, or a low-end healing item.  What you really knocked the hive off for, 
though, was so you can climb the tree and get the 15 Rupees up in its 
branches.  Now, go across the bridge to the back of Bo's house.  You can climb 
the ladder back here, then onto the boxes and up to the roof of his house, 
which has a total of 12 more.  If you're still a few short, hunt around in the 
grass or toss some pumpkins or rocks around.  Once you get thirty, head to the 
shop and purchase the SLINGSHOT.

Now, head back to your house.  Rusl will speak to you for a moment.  Talk to 
the kids and they'll set up a little target practice for you.  Try your best 
to hit all the red targets and the two scarecrows.  You won't get anything, 
but it's good practice.  Note the little Skullwalltula that has taken 
residence on your ladder.  Slingshot it to clear it off your doorstep.  Now, 
head inside your house and open the chest to get your WOODEN SWORD.

Head outside and speak to the kids and demonstrate your swordsmanship to 
them.  They'll walk you through it, so slice, stab, spin, and jump your way 
through this.  Once that's done, they'll go chasing a monkey into the woods.  
Follow them.  Keep going north.  Beth and Malo will tell you that Talo went 
on ahead.  Go north across the bridge to the next area.


Faron Woods

Proceed through the woods, past the spring on your right.  Before you 
enter the cave in front of you, head left and talk to Coro.  He'll give you 
a free LANTERN.  He'll also offer to sell oil to you.  You shouldn't need any 
right now.  Continue on into the cave, taking out the Deku Baba in the way.
You'll notice Talo's stick on the ground in front of you.  Looks like you're 
on the right track.

Inside, use the Lantern to light any torches you come across for a constant 
light.  Take out Keeses, Deku Babas, and Rats you find.  Burn the webs in 
your way.  At the fork in the road, you can go right to find a chest with 
10 Rupees.  Otherwise, continue along the main path and out the other side.

In this large clearing, you'll find Deku Babas, Keeses, and Bokoblins.  The 
gate at the east end is locked, so head to the northwestern cave (one of the 
red markers on your map) and enter.  Take out the Keeses and Bokoblin here 
and open the chest to find the SMALL KEY.  Furthermore, light the two torches 
to reveal a chest, then climb up to it to get a PIECE OF HEART.  I won't 
point out all the Pieces in the walkthrough, but I will mention those in 
dungeons, and at the end of each section, list how many you can have at that 
point in the game.  Go back out to the clearing, and head to the southeast 
corner to unlock the gate.

In this area, there are a few more Bokoblins, and Trill's Shop will be off 
to the right.  The way you go through Trill's Shop is to take what you need, 
then pay for it in the box to the left.  You can put whatever money amount 
you want in, but Trill will react accordingly.  If you don't pay at all, 
Trill will call you a thief and will try to attack you next time you come.  

Anyway, proceed along the path.  To the right, just before the tree root, 
is a chest with 10 Rupees.  Walk all the way up the tree root and beat the 
two Bokoblins here.  Smash the cage open with your sword to free Talo and 
the monkey.  You'll walk home and the day will end.

The next day, you'll already be at the Ranch.  Hop on Epona and talk to Fado 
to start today's herding.  Herd all twenty goats in, then leave the ranch.  
Ilia will scold you for mistreating Epona and run off to the spring with 
her.  Follow her.  When you get to your house, you'll have to give your 
Wooden Sword to Talo to get past.  Go with Colin to the spring.  Talk to him 
and Ilia through the gate.  Colin will suggest using the small tunnel in 
the back to get there, so go back to the right and you should see the 
opening (it's on the map if you can't).  Crawl all the way through and 
watch the scene.

Heart Count: 3 and 1/5

4B. The Beast Within (The Prison and Sewers) =

Unknown Location

Your current situation is less than favorable.  You're in an unfamiliar 
form, and there's this black and blue thing jabbering at you.  To escape 
the cell, you must first strike the box near the door (just swing the 
Remote, as if you were using a sword), then use Control Pad Down on that 
spot to dig your way out.  To continue out, go through the open cell door, 
then Z-target and press A to grab the chain, which will open the grating 
out of the cells.

You're down in the sewers, now.  Watch out for the little Shadow Imps that 
roam the waterways.  Also, note the floating green balls.  If you turn on 
your senses (push Left or Right on the Control Pad), you can listen to 
these spirits.  There are several more chains down here to target.  The one 
you're looking for is in the southwest corner.  Go straight north, then 
west, then south at the turn.  The chain here will fill the room with 
water, so swim north, over the spiked floor.  The way out of here is to the 
west, but there's a set of bars blocking the way.  First, you'll need to 
lower the water again, and the chain to do that is to the far east of the 
set of bars.  All the other chains down here will open grates that let you 
get to skulls for more items, or they release Shadow Imps.  Once the water 
level is lowered sufficiently, go west to the bars, and into the small 
tunnel on the ground to the left of them by pressing A.  Continue through 
this small tunnel to the end.  Note that if you turn on your senses in here, 
you can see sparkles on the ground.  You can dig at those spots to unearth 
some items, if you wish.  Your friend will hop back on your back at the end.  
Continue on to the large room at the end.

Your objective here is to climb the stairs to the top, and she will help.  
After your first failed attempt to make a jump, she will guide you to a 
good spot.  When her icon appears, hit Up on the Control Pad, then Z-target 
her and press A to make a leap.  You'll be doing this repeatedly, so keep 
climbing the stairs, aided by her along the way.  You can walk across the 
ropes rather easily, too, so if you can't climb anymore, cross a rope.  
Once you reach the next floor, you'll be set upon by Shadow Keeses, so take 
them out.  Climb onto the rocks near the door, then make your leaps up to 
the top and out.

Now, you're up on the rooftops.  Listening to the nearby spirit will 
confirm your suspicions that you're in Hyrule Castle.  Head left, then push 
A while standing near the box to push it against the wall.  Hold the Stick 
against the box and push A to climb up on top of it, then to the top of the 
wooden wall.  Cross over to the next parapet, then head to the right, 
watching out for Shadow Kargarocs.  Cross the walls to the end, then look for 
a spot where she can guide you to some more leaps.  Cross to the rooftops, 
then run along the top until you reach the tower.  Head inside, then climb 
the stairs and push the door open.  Approach the figure standing by the 
window.  Watch the scene.  After it's over, leave the room and go down the 


Ordon Village

Okay, now that that's all said and done, it's time to work on fixing 
Hyrule.  As you leave the spring, Midna will mention a sword and a shield.  
Funny, I was thinking the same thing right about now.  She won't let you 
back into the twilight without them, so let's head on to the village.  
Watch out for Bullblins on the way.  As you take out the ones near your house, 
a squirrel will call out to you.  Yes, you have the power to speak to other 
animals, and a useful power it is.

As you enter the village, you'll find Hanch on one of the platforms, 
lamenting about all the lost kids.  Head around to Jaggle's house to find 
him talking to Bo.  Get close (but not too close), and press A to listen 
to them.  You need to get into Jaggle's house, now.  Unfortunately, Hanch will 
see you when you get close and will start flinging hawks at you.  Get out of 
range and head around the other side of the store.  You'll find Sera's cat.  
Talk to the cat and it'll tell you to scare him.  There's a rock near the 
store.  That's a good starting point for the jump, so leap up there, then 
cross the platforms and land next to Hanch to scare him away.  Now, from here, 
leap onto the waterwheel, then to the top of the house.  Head inside the open 
window.  Once inside, get on the table in the center of the room, and leap 
from there to the loft.  Run into the wall near the shield twice and you'll 
make it drop.  Pick up the ORDON SHIELD.  Leave by the open window up in the 

Back outside, you'll see a scene with Rusl and Uli.  They mention a sword.  
Head over to the house, but stay out of the light and away from the people, 
or they'll attack.  Sneak around the house to the right.  You can talk to 
the chicken if you wish, and he'll mention the soft fluffy dirt, here.  Turn 
up your senses and dig at the sparkles near the house to get inside.  Pick 
up the ORDON SWORD sitting on the couch.  Now, leave the house.  Head all 
the way back to the twilight.  On the way, you'll be spoken to by one of 
Hyrule's four Light Spirits.  Defeat the Shadow Assassin that shows up, and 
Ordona the Spirit will spin the story for you.  After it's done talking, 
head back into the twilight.


Faron Woods

Now, your task is to find the Light Spirit, Faron, and restore the light.  
Head further into the forest and you'll be set upon by three Shadow 
Assassins.  Start taking them out.  The last one will revive the other two.  
Midna will mention that you'll need to take them out at once.  Hold down B 
to create an energy field, and get the last two in it without getting hit.  
If you release B, you'll hit both Assassins at once.  This battle can actually 
be tough, because the Assassins hit hard.  Just be careful to stay away from 
their attacks.

Once they're history, proceed to the spring and talk to what's left of the 
Spirit.  It will mark on your map where Shadow Insects are, which have 
stolen the Light Tears needed to restore the Spirit.  You need to find 
sixteen Tears, and they're all pretty readily available.

- The first two Insects are right down the path, near a Shadow Baba.
- The third one sits on the side of Coro's house.  Slam into the wall to 
 knock it off.
- The fourth and fifth are inside Coro's house.  Climb up on the hill nearby 
 and leap into the house.  Listen to Coro's spirit and they'll pop out.
- The sixth and seventh will end up being on the other side of the locked 
 gate near Coro's house.  Dig under it to get to the other side.

Continue on through the tunnel to get to the clearing area.  Whoa.  Looks 
like some let off a big one.  This entire area is now choked with a poison 
gas cloud.  Go to the left to find a small stump that sort of juts out of the 
ground.  That's your leaping starting point.

- The eighth and ninth bugs are right at the entrance to the clearing, on 
 the wall to your left.
- The tenth, eleventh, and twelfth bugs are in the center of the clearing.  
 You'll need to leap from the stump at the entrance around the perimeter.  
 Once you find the starting spot, it shouldn't be too tough to get around.
- The thirteenth and fourteenth are by the gate leading to the Forest Temple 
 area.  From the center area, you'll need to do a LONG series of leaps.  
 They're not hard to find, but there are actual dangers on the way, such as 
 Shadow Keeses and Babas, and some swinging logs.  Anyway, once you get to 
 solid ground, the bugs will tunnel under the ground.  Put on your senses 
 and look for their shadows.  Dig them up and strike.

Continue on to the next area.  As you enter, you'll be attacked by three more 
Shadow Assassins.  Take out one, then Energy Field the other two to clear the 
area.  Move all the way up the tree root to the Temple entrance.

- The last two bugs are in front of the Temple entrance.  You'll save the 
 girl monkey doing so.

Okay, with the Vessel of Light full of Light Tears, Faron will be restored 
and you have freed the area of twilight.  Also, you've got some snazzy new 
HERO'S CLOTHES.  Lookin' slick, and you're armed to the teeth now with 
sword and shield.  Faron says it's time to head to the Forest Temple to 
deal with the evil that dwells there.

Head to Coro's house and you'll see that the gate is closed and locked.  Talk 
to him and he'll give you the SMALL KEY to open it.  He'll also offer to 
sell you a BOTTLE full of Lantern Oil for 100 Rupees.  I would take him up 
on this offer.  If you've been collecting Rupees, you should have enough.  
If not, explore the woods thoroughly and come back.  

To proceed, head through the tunnel and out to the clearing.  The poison fog 
is still there.  Pull out your Lantern and the girl monkey will come by and 
take it from you.  She'll lead you through the fog, swinging the Lantern as 
she goes to clear it.  Of course, she won't take the most DIRECT route, but 
whatever.  Follow her and take care of any enemies you come across.  Once 
you reach the end, she'll drop your Lantern.  Take it back and refill it if 
you have the Oil to do so.  Otherwise, go to Trill's later on and fill it 

In the next area, take out the Bokoblins and proceed.  At the base of the 
tree, you'll see a Golden Wolf.  What happens next defies description, but 
follow the instructions, and you should receive the FIRST HIDDEN SKILL, 
the Ending Blow.  Continue all the way up the tree root to the entrance.  
Note that where there were rocks blocking the way, there is now just a web.  
Burn it with the Lantern and enter.

Heart Count: 3 and 1/5

4C. Monkey Liberation (Level 1 Dungeon) =

Forest Temple


Entrance: There are Deku Babas and a Bokoblin on the floor, and the girl 
 monkey in front of you in a cage.  Cut down the cage and she'll beckon you 
 ahead.  Before you follow her, you can roll into the totem poles to knock 
 pots off them.  Also, on the west wall, near the entrance, you can 
 slingshot the Skullwalltulas on the wall and climb the vines up to a chest 
 for 10 RUPEES.  Slingshot the Skullwalltulas on the north viney wall to 
 climb up and follow the monkey through the north door.

Main Hall: This room is the main hub, and you'll be returning at least a 
 few times.  Take out the Big Skulltula on the platform, and the Deku Babas 
 on the floor.  Also, note the Bombling in the northwest corner.  Smack it, 
 then toss it at the north wall to blow it open to find a chest with 
 20 RUPEES.  On the platform, light the four torches to raise a bridge to 
 the north door.  Open the chest here for a DUNGEON MAP, then proceed 
 through the door.  Note that raising the bridge blocks off your access to 
 the 20 Rupee chest, if you didn't get it, but you'll get a chance to 
 extinguish those torches if you wish, later.

Windy Canyon: You won't be here long.  You'll notice a big monkey show 
 up and cast a boomerang, which will cut the bridge down.  Go back the way 
 you came.

Main Hall: Head to the platform and the monkey will hop on the rope to 
 your right.  Jump out towards her to get a hand.  Press A to let go at the 
 right time to swing to the western door.  Head on through.

Watery Cavern: Head to the right in this tunnel to find another Bombling and 
 a cracked wall right behind it.  Blow one up with the other to find OOCCOO.  
 If you didn't know (or she doesn't explain it well enough), she can warp 
 you out of a dungeon if you find yourself running low on supplies, then 
 warp you right back to the room you left.  Anyway, proceed left to exit 
 the small tunnel to the room.  There's a Deku Baba here.  Follow the 
 monkey across.  When she stops, scared, use the Slingshot to knock down 
 the large Skulltula hanging.  Cross over to the locked door.  Now what?  
 Well, first, hop down into the water and swim into a hole in the NW corner 
 of the room to find 10 RUPEES, then climb back out.  You'll now want to 
 exit by the unlocked door on the north wall.

Windy Canyon: Note the weird little bridges.  I call this "Windy Canyon" 
 because the wind periodically blows here, spinning the propellers on the 
 bridges, causing them to rotate.  Cross the bridge to the next door.

Bridge Crossroads: There's no wind blowing here, and the bridge isn't 
 pointing your way, so all you can do here is take the SMALL KEY in the 
 nearby chest, and proceed back across the Windy Canyon to...

Watery Cavern: Proceed west to the locked door.

Western Cage Room: Yes, there are more monkeys.  Cross the rickety bridge 
 and lament as it collapses behind you.  Proceed to the bottom of the room 
 and roll into the pillar twice in quick succession to knock the cage down.  
 Once you free the monkey, two Bokoblins will attack, so learn them some 
 manners.  Also down here on the floor is a chest with 10 RUPEES.  Once 
 you've cleaned up, follow the monkeys up the bridge, and swing across the 
 two of them to the other side, and leave the room.  Proceed through the 
 Watery Cavern back to...

Main Hall: Now that you have two monkeys, go to the eastern part of the 
 middle platform and the male monkey will let you across to the east door.  
 Burn the web down in front of it and proceed.

Grassy Cavern: In this room, you'll find two Hebi Babas, which can 
 detach from their roots and live on, so slice them up, good.  You'll also 
 find Pod Babas.  These guys can only be destroyed with explosives.  Head up 
 the stairs to find a convenient Bombling.  Strike it and hurriedly toss it 
 into the Pod just up the northeast stairs to kill it.  Now, you can cross 
 to the eastern door.  Of course, there's a big rock blocking that door, 
 so grab another Bombling and quickly toss it to the rock.  You should have 
 just enough time.  Despite all that work, we don't want to go that way, just 
 yet.  Face south from this door and slingshot the Skullwalltulas on the vine 
 wall.  Hop over to the vine wall and climb up.  Before going through the 
 door up here, grab a nearby Bombling and toss it into the Pod down on the 
 ground floor to blow it up.  Behind that Pod is a chest with a PIECE OF 
 HEART.  Now, climb the stairs and the vines back up to the south-facing 

Southern Cage Room: Your enemy is in front of you: A Major Deku Baba.  
 Despite its size and appearance, it's really not that difficult.  Let it 
 reach out to you, then swat it.  Do so about eight or so times and the main 
 mouth will be destroyed.  Now, find a Bombling in the room and toss it in 
 the leftover Pod.  This will liberate the SMALL KEY.  Use it to open the 
 cage and free the monkey.  Now, you can return to the Grassy Cavern and 
 use the eastern door.

Eastern Cage Room: First of all, hop off to the ground floor and roll into 
 the pillar on your left to drop the chest with the SMALL KEY in it for the 
 cage in this room.  Now, to actually get there.  Well, the obvious answer 
 is to light the remaining two torches in this room, which will raise the 
 rest of the wooden platforms.  The problem is the Tile Worms that occupy 
 this area.  Notice them poking their heads out as they watch your approach.  
 Do NOT step on them, as you will be unpleasantly surprised and take 
 damage.  At this point, you have no means to combat them, so just avoid 
 the tiles they're under, light the two torches, and climb up the platforms.  
 Take out the Big Skulltula here, and free the monkey.  Before you leave, 
 there are vines on the north wall you can climb to reach a chest with 
 20 RUPEES.  Return to the Grassy Cavern, and then to...

Main Hall: Leave by the north door.  You've got four monkeys, now.

Windy Canyon: With all four monkeys, you can make the swing across to the 
 other side.  Proceed through the north door.

Pillar Chamber: 
 Armed with a boomerang, this nasty monkey will knock down Deku Babas from 
 the ceiling to attack you.  He'll hop from pillar to pillar trying to get a 
 clear shot at you with the boomerang.  What you need to do is wait until he 
 throws, then roll into the pillar he's standing on.  The great laws of 
 boomerangs say he gets beaned in the noggin by the return of the boomerang, 
 and he'll drop off the pillar, where you're free to whack him in his weak 
 point, his giant red butt.  Do this repeatedly and eventually the monkey 
 will smash the bug mask that was driving him crazy, then run off.

 You'll automatically take the GALE BOOMERANG that was left behind.  Use it 
 on the propeller above the exit door three times to unlock it.

Windy Canyon: Well, you can't go back the way you came, but you CAN use 
 the bridges that have been perplexing you thus far.  To your left should 
 be two.  You can either wait for the bridges to connect (which they will on 
 the next gust) or if you're impatient, just use the Boomerang on the 
 propellers on both to rotate them.  Hey, another monkey!  Defeat the 
 Bokoblin, then boomerang the string on the cage to release him.  Now, 
 go south, crossing the two bridges by orienting them properly, and leave 
 by the door.

Grassy Cavern: Yup, back here.  Let's head through the east door for a 
 moment, shall we?

Eastern Cage Room: Now, with the Boomerang, you can unearth the Tile Worms 
 and cause them pain, if you wish.  What you really want to do, though, is 
 extinguish the two torches here by throwing the Boomerang at them, lowering 
 the platforms and allowing you to access the PIECE OF HEART.  Head back to 
 the Main Hall.

Main Hall: That chest suspended on the webbing is finally at the mercy of 
 you and your Gale Boomerang.  Toss it down and take the COMPASS inside.  
 Furthermore, if you missed the 20 Rupees in this room, extinguish some 
 torches with the Boomerang to get it now.  Proceed west.

Watery Cavern: Head over to the southwest corner, where those odd pillars 
 are.  Note the pattern on the floor.  You need to hit the propellers with 
 the boomerang in that order: front-left, front-right, back-left, back-right.  
 Lock on to each propeller in order with the Z button (while you have the 
 Boomerang out) and you should be able to open the gate and take the BIG KEY.  
 Oh, and by the way.  If you (in infinite foolishness) cut down the rope 
 bridge to this little area, you can use the vine wall on the south wall to 
 reach the area, too.  Just watch out for Skullwalltulas.  Leave this room by 
 the north door and proceed through the Windy Canyon (west side) to...

Bridge Crossroads: Okay, 'rang the propeller so you can get on the bridge, 
 then cross to the north door.

Great Pit: As Midna will suggest, you need to rescue all eight monkeys to 
 finish this dungeon.  If you have the Compass, check the map to see how 
 many you have left (you should have three left if you've been following the 
 walkthrough).  Hop on the rotating bridge to your right and rotate it, then 
 walk to the next bridge and rotate it to reach the eastern platforms.  Take 
 out the Bokoblin, then boomerang the two Skullwalltulas on the wall.  Climb 
 up and to the right, then hop off and take out one more Skullwalltula, then 
 climb to the top, fight the Bokoblin, and head through the east door.

Pond Cavern: Okay, the Hebi Baba is easy enough, but the big rock and 
 the Pod Baba say that you need Bomblings here, and the only one in the 
 room is on an island out of reach.  Or is it?  Toss your Gale Boomerang to 
 lasso the Bombling, then toss it into the Pod Baba nearby to reach the chest 
 with a SMALL KEY.  Now, the rock's a bit trickier.  Lock on to the Bombling, 
 then do a lock-on at the rock.  The Bombling will fly into the rock on the 
 gale, doing the work for you.  Climb up and take out the Hebi Babas 
 by boomeranging them off the ceiling.  Finally, boomerang the Bombling from 
 up here, and carry him to the wall and free the monkey.  Now, leave.

Great Pit: Hop back down to the ground floor and cross the rotating bridges 
 much as you did to get here, then leave by the south door.

Bridge Crossroads: Rotate the bridge so you can get on, the rotate it again 
 and defeat the two Bokoblins.  You can take either door (since you have 
 the key).  Let's start with the east door.

Spider Room: There are Skulltulas here, and your target is actually below 
 you.  Note the webs on the floor.  There are two here, and the one you 
 need to burn through is the one to the north, which will drop you right 
 next to the monkey's cage.  Free him, then hop over to the vines and 
 out, unless you want the 20 Rupees in that Pod Baba, in which case you'll 
 probably need to take out the Big Skulltula down here, too.  Whenever you're 
 ready, leave, and go through the west door in the Bridge Crossroads room.

Platform Room: There are a couple of Tile Worms under the tiles here, so 
 use the Boomerang to unearth them, particularly the one in the back corner, 
 which is blocking your way to the tunnel in the back.  Go through that 
 tunnel, then hop into the pit and kill the Big Skulltula, then boomerang 
 the two smaller Skullwalltulas on the vine wall.  Climb up, take out the  
 Hebi Baba, then boomerang the two propellers flanking the door to free 
 the last monkey.  On your way out, you can hop to the platform on the 
 left to find 20 RUPEES.

Bridge Crossroads: Get on the bridge and rotate it, then head north.

Great Pit: Now that you have all eight monkeys, they'll make one big swinging 
 monkey chain.  Hop on it and let go at the end.  Break the pots nearby.  
 I suggest grabbing the Fairy in a bottle that will inevitably be in one 
 of them, then unlocking the final door.

 This double giant-sized Baba resides in a poison pond (so don't touch the 
 water).  There are three Bomblings in this room, all within range of your 
 Boomerang.  You CAN use the Boomerang to grab one to bring to yourself, then 
 wait until a head gets close and toss it in, but that's risky.  It's much 
 easier to lock-on to a Bombling, then lock-on to a head to get the job 
 done much quicker.  Blow up both heads to reveal the true form of this 
 planty creature.  Now, there are no more Bomblings on the floor.  However, 
 the Boss Monkey will show up, with Bomblings in tow.  Do the same as 
 before, only lock-on to the monkey first, then to your target.  You COULD 
 go right for the middle pod, but it'd be easier to clear the two other 
 heads, first.  Once you beat the other two heads, get a Bombling into the 
 center pod and it'll fall in front of you, in range of your sword, so 
 slice and dice.  Watch out after an attack, because it will start spitting 
 poison water at you, which hurts.  Repeat this tactic until this growth 
 is toath (toast).

 The evil being will form an odd piece of stone, which Midna takes for you.  
 Take the Heart Container and talk to Midna to leave this dungeon.

Heart Count: 4 and 3/5  

4D. The Silent Village (Kakariko Village) =

Faron Woods

Your objective now is to head to the Eldin Province and free the Light 
Spirit there.  You can go back to town if you want to restock or say bye to 
everyone, then head to Coro's house and take the north exit to reach...


Hyrule Field

This area you're in seems big, but it's actually a very small part of Hyrule 
Field.  You can collect some Golden Bugs out here and another Heart Piece, 
but I'll generally save that sidequest stuff for other sections.  Safe to 
say it would behoove you to explore and take in the sights, both at daytime 
and nighttime.

Your objective is off to the west.  Run towards the end of the road in that 
direction and you'll meet the postman, who'll explain Letters to you.  
Continue on to reach the part of Hyrule Field called Kakariko Gorge.  You'll 
be sucked into the twilight at this time and resume your wolf form.

Proceed a little ways into this area and you'll find your Wooden Sword, 
broken.  Press A to pick up the Youth's Scent.  Now, when you turn on your 
senses, you'll see a yellow trail, which will eventually lead you to the 
kids.  First, though, head towards those Shadow Assassins and take out the 
three of them.  This will create a new portal above you.  Midna will notice 
the bridge across the gorge is gone.  She'll instruct you about portals and 
warping, so listen well.  You need to find the bridge.  If your eyes were 
sharp, you might have noticed it while running around the North Faron Woods, 
so pick that portal and warp there.  Walk up to the bridge and Midna will 
suggest you warp with it.  Warp to Kakariko Gorge and you'll replace the 
bridge, allowing you to cross.  Make a beeline down the road towards the 
village.  Take out the Shadow Bullblins along the way.  At the big iron gate, 
dig under the soft spot to the other side, and proceed to the village itself.


Kakariko Village

As you enter, you'll be attacked by three more Shadow Assassins, making 
another portal.  Eldin's Spring is right nearby here, so head on over and 
speak to what's left of it.  You'll get another Vessel of Light.  Time to 
find some more Shadow Insects and get sixteen Light Tears.

First of all, follow the Youth's Scent to find it ends at a large circular 
building.  Go around the right side of this building and Midna will gesture 
you to a tree whereby you can leap up to the roof.  Stand on the middle 
section to drop through.  Inside the house, turn on your senses and you'll 
see a scene with some native spirits and some familiar faces.  The way to 
the cellar will be explained as needing to light all the candles along the 
walls.  To do that, pick up a stick that's nearby the lit pot, and stick its 
end into the fire.  What you'll do next is go up the stairs and hop across 
the gaps, lighting the candles as you go.  The stick extinguishes after a 
time, but the candles don't, so you can take as much time as you need.  
Also, it might be a good idea to light both sides of the stick you're 
carrying, so you can light the candle at other ends (even though modern 
philosophy tells you to never burn anything at both ends) if you miss the 
jump.  Once all candles are lit, the path to the cellar will open in the 
center of the room.  Head down inside.

- Insects #1, #2, and #3 are in this cellar.  Proceed to the end to get 
 Midna to help you leap up the scaffolding.  You'll exit in the graveyard.
- Insect #4 is in the Graveyard itself.  Dig it up when you see its shadow.  
 Head back to the town from here.  You'll end up behind the sanctuary.

There are nine more bugs in the village proper.  Most are hidden in buildings, 
or require you to enter buildings to get high enough.  Let's take them one 
at a time.

- Insect #5 is in the first building on your right, the General Store.  On 
 the right side of the building is a hole you can crawl in to get inside.  
 From there, climb up shelves and boxes to get to the back corner where the 
 bug is.
- Insect #6 is in the Inn (second building on the right).  Go up the hill 
 behind the general store.  At the end, leap across to the veranda and enter 
 through the doorway.  You'll be in the kitchen, and the bug is in the 
 fireplace's chimney.  To flush it out, grab a stick on the ground, light it 
 with a nearby torch, and set fire to the fireplace.  Climb boxes and 
 shelves to get up to the bug to finish it.
- Insect #7 is also in the Inn.  From the kitchen, go into the main room and 
 take out the Shadow Bullblins.  Climb upstairs, take out another, then head 
 into the back room.  The bug should be just flitting around.  Once done, 
 leave the same way you came in, through the kitchen.
- Insect #8 is in the third house on the left, but to get there, you'll 
 need to start from the enclosure next to the first house on the left, then 
 hop across the roofs.  Drop in through the weak roof.  Push the box near the 
 bed aside to free the bug.  Destroy it, then leap out using the furniture.
- Insect #9 is in the Bomb Shop, last building on the left.  To get in there, 
 hop on the enclosure behind it and leap through the pane glass window 
 (CRASH!).  Head up the stairs and crash into the dresser to knock it over 
 and free the bug.  From here, exit by climbing up to the loft window.
- Insects #10, #11, and #12 are further up the hill outside the top exit of 
 the Bomb Shop.  The shack is Barnes' store room.  Crawl in through the 
 hole at the bottom.  Once inside, pick up a stick, light it, then light the 
 fireplace.  Uh oh.  Rush out through the hole and BOOM!  The three bugs are 
 automatically kaput.  Wanna make an omelette, gotta break a few eggs.
- Insect #13 is even further up the hill.  Find the path leading up to the 
 top watchtower, then dig into the building here.  Break the pots to 
 release the bug, then waste him.  Leave by the same hole.

The last three bugs are further up the mountain.  Past the watchtower, you 
should see the path to your left.


Death Mountain

Leap up from the base.  You can listen to the Goron spirit if you wish.  
Proceed up the trail, taking out Shadow Imps and Keeses.  At the clearing, 
note the oddly shaped stone and listen to the wind howling through it.  
Press A to start howling.  You need to match the tune: up, middle, down, up, 
middle, down, for one marking each.  You will activate the Golden Wolf for 
the next Hidden Skill, but you cannot return to him, yet.  Oh, and don't 
worry if you miss it.  You'll get your chance again, but it'll come later on 
in the game.

- Insect #14 is also in this little clearing, tunneled under the ground.  Dig 
 it up.

Continue along the path.  Watch out for steam jets, as they'll singe you.  
Press on to reach the clearing at the end.  You'll find four Shadow Assassins 
guarding a portal in this area.  Take out two, then Energy Field the last 
two.  It's best if you take out the one penned in the corner normally first.  

- Insect #15 is stuck to a wall in this clearing.

Now, Death Mountain periodically erupts, so watch out for falling rocks.  
To ascend, climb the raised rock to the left, then you can leap to the top 
of the wall (watch the steam vent).  Proceed along the path, then up the 
ruined wall at the end so you can leap to the top.  Drop down the other side 
to the hot springs area.

- Insect #16 is in the hot spring area.

Now that all Tears have been found, light returns to this area.

Heart Count: 4 and 4/5

4E. Goron Wrestling (Death Mountain) =

Kakariko Village

You'll have a conversation with Renado and all the kids.  He'll mention the 
problems on Death Mountain.  Head up the trail immediately and climb up the 
grating.  A Goron will ram you off the mountain.  Instead of pressing the 
matter, head back and you'll find Renado, who'll tell you of the only man to 
best the strength of the Gorons: Bo, the mayor of Ordon.  Head back through 
the village.

Suddenly, Epona will burst onto the scene, egged on by two Bullblins.  She'll 
shake them off, but will still be mad with fear.  You'll hop on to try to 
calm her.  Use the Control Stick in the indicated direction to hold on.  When 
Epona slows down, press A to calm her.  If you fall off, well, just get back 
on.  Once she's calm, you now have her to ride once again.  You can also use 
her to jump the gate at the south end of the village.

Ride her all the way through Hyrule Field and Faron Woods to Ordon Village.


Ordon Village

If you were savvy enough to howl at the stone along Death Mountain's trail 
while you were a wolf, go to Ordon Spring to get the SECOND HIDDEN SKILL, 
the Shield Attack.  If you weren't, don't worry too much about it.  You'll 
get your chance again, later.

Head into the village.  Now might be a good time to tell everyone the kids 
are safe, but it's not necessary.  Ride up to Bo and he'll immediately talk 
to you and take you inside.  You'll discuss the Goron situation.  He'll 
mention that his victories over the Gorons were due to his sumo prowess, and 
you'll have to learn sumo, as well.

So, here are the basics.  You and your opponent are placed in a circle, and 
the object is to toss your opponent out of it.  The way it's set up is a 
sort of rock-paper-scissors affair:

The moves:
1. Press and hold A to grab your opponent.
2. Swing the Remote to strike your opponent.
3. Move the Control Stick to sidestep your opponent.

The results:
1. "Grab" defeats "Strike".
2. "Strike" defeats "Sidestep".
3. "Sidestep" defeats "Grab".

If you win any of these combinations, immediately grab your opponent, and 
you'll have the opportunity to shove him to the edge of the ring (tapping A 
rapidly).  If you fail, tap A rapidly to try to break the grip.  If you tie, 
you'll both be knocked back and have to try again.  Defeat Bo twice and 
he'll accept your skills.  He says, though, that what you really need is in 
the nearby chest.  Open it up to discover the IRON BOOTS.

Now, you can leave Ordon and head back to Kakariko.


Kakariko Village

As soon as you arrive, you'll come upon a tense scene.  A gang of Bullblin 
are storming the village, and they've taken Colin hostage.  Chase after them 
on Epona, and leap over the northern gate.


Hyrule Field

This is a new area to you, but don't worry about it right now.  Focus on 
taking care of the Bullblin Riders in the area.  Your main target is the big 
King Bullblin who has Colin, but don't ignore the archers firing arrows at 
you.  Slash any who get near you, and tail the King around the field.  Hit 
him repeatedly, and eventually he'll drop his horn.  You'll tail him onto the 
Eldin Bridge, where they two of you will face off in a jousting battle.  This 
can be tricky.  What you need to do is charge him down.  When you get close, 
the Control Stick will strafe you instead of turning you, so use it to move 
aside so you don't get knocked off, and swing your sword as you pass the 
brute.  Hit him twice and you'll knock him off the bridge, saving Colin.


Kakariko Village

After a nice heartwarming scene, you'll regain control.  Before heading up 
the mountain, go to the general store to find Malo has taken over.  If 
nothing else, buy a HYLIAN SHIELD from him.  You should have enough cash by 
now.  If you need a boost in funds, go back to your house in Ordon, then to 
the basement.  Light the Lantern, and you can find 50 Rupees in a chest.  Use 
it towards the shield, as it will become quite useful.  Head up the mountain 
trail, now.


Death Mountain

Climb the mesh at the wall and put on the Iron Boots.  When a Goron comes 
rolling at you, hold down A just before he gets to you to grab and toss 
him.  Continue up the trail.  You'll find several more Gorons making rolls 
at you, so toss them when you get the chance.  At the clearing, you'll find 
several Bullblin Archers.  You can take them out, or just move on past them, 
since there's nothing of real interest, here.  Head on down the path, and 
watch the fireworks.  Eventually, a giant stone will crack the earth, but 
the smaller stones will continue to rain, so watch the shadows and avoid 

At the bottom of the hill, here, you'll find some mean Gorons.  They'll try 
to take swings at you.  Either Shield Attack them, or dodge their attacks and 
strike when they lose their balance.  Once you do that, they'll curl up in a 
ball.  Hop on, and they'll bounce you up a level.  Once up one level, find 
another Goron to bounce you up further.  If you wish, you can go around back 
to the Hot Springs.  The water will restore your hearts, and there's a modest 
shop back here.  What you really want to do is go to the Goron on the third 
level and have him bounce you up.  Go left around the mountain.  The big 
steam jet (fumarole) is constantly jetting, so face it, hold down Z to bring 
up your shield, and jump to the side to get through it with no damage.  You 
can also Iron Boot your way through it, too.  Continue up the mountain, 
tossing a couple more Gorons, then go further up the mountain dueling some 
more Gorons so they can toss you all the way up to the entrance inside.

Inside, you'll speak to Gor Coron, the Elder, who will challenge you to a 
sumo match.  You can take him up on his offer, but you need to put Iron 
Boots on first.  So, if you do fail once, talk to him again with the Boots 
on to match him properly.  Defeat him in sumo and he'll allow you into the 
Goron Mines, behind him.  If you wish to return to the ground floor, you can 
use the elevator here, then push blocks out of the way once you're down for a 
quick route back to the top.  Otherwise, head on in.

Heart Count: 5 and 1/5

4F. Magnetic Personalities (Level 2 Dungeon) =

Goron Mines

This dungeon is full of fire and related enemies.  If you didn't purchase a 
Hylian Shield from Malo in Kakariko, I strongly suggest doing so, or you'll 
soon find yourself shieldless when yours burns.

Lava Entry: This first room is actually fairly long and complicated.  
 Head down the hill to the bottom.  You can cross the platforms here in one 
 of two paths.  Neither is better than the other, just watch out for flame 
 jets.  Cut down the boards blocking the tunnel, then the second set near 
 the button.  Step on the button, then put on the Iron Boots to push it all 
 the way down.  You're timed on this, so rush through the stopped flame 
 jet.  There's a second button, so Iron stomp that one, too, then run north 
 past the jet, then jump across and immediately turn around to your right 
 to run across the outside of the cage before the jet comes back.  Climb the 
 ladder at the end.  You can continue south and fight a Lava Slug for a 
 chest with 20 RUPEES, or you can hop across the rock pillar to the east, 
 watching out for Lava Slugs on the ceiling.  Move north clearing the path 
 until you can't pass the jet, then move back south and stomp on the switch 
 to stop the jet, and run like the dickens past the jet and to the right.  
 Follow the slope down, then note the raised platform next to the gate.  
 Hop onto it and Iron stomp it to drop it to the ground, opening the gate, 
 allowing you to exit this room.

Big Crane Room: This area has several cranes spanning two floors, and is 
 pretty much a "hub" for this dungeon.  You can't use any cranes, yet, 
 though, so head straight, and at the fork, turn left and down the catwalk.  
 Kill the Bullblins at the bottom, and take the SMALL KEY in the chest.  Head 
 back up and take the other path upwards.  Time your jumps across the 
 rotating platforms (don't you love platformers?) and head through the locked 

Eastern Lava Room: Head down the ramps to the lower floor.  Face off 
 against the Dodongos, avoiding their flames and striking their tails when 
 you can get an opening.  Hop across the platforms around the perimeter of 
 the room, avoiding the flame jets.  Your objective is the northeast 
 corner, where you'll see a chain on the wall.  Pull on it to pull the door 
 aside.  When the timing is right (just before the flame jets go away), 
 press A to let go of the chain and make a break for the door, hopping 
 your way to it.  It may take more than one try.

1F Flooded Mine: You'll pay particular note to the oddly-colored floors, 
 walls, and ceilings here.  Hop into the water and put on the Iron Boots to 
 sink.  Yes, your oxygen meter will appear, so don't dally; get through 
 the hole in the grate and stand on the button.  This will activate the 
 magnetic pull of the ceiling above you.  Wheeee!  CLUNK!  Walk along the 
 blue path up the wall to reach the door and head on through.

Gor Amoto's Room: Walk forward and speak to the elder here.  He'll give you 
 a KEY SHARD and tell you to press on and find the other elders, who have 
 the other shards.  Also, take the DUNGEON MAP in the chest behind him, and 
 the 20 RUPEES in the chest further back and to the left.  Climb up the 
 ladder behind him and follow the path.  Grab OOCCOO out of one of the pots 
 and continue on through the door.

1F Flooded Mine: Iron Boot along the walls here, taking out Lava Slugs, and 
 proceed through the west door up on the upper level.

Eastern Lava Room: Iron stomp on the switch to be drawn to the ceiling.  
 Now's a good time to tell you about an interesting glitch: if you equip 
 the Iron Boots and get dragged to the ceiling, open the Item Menu (-) 
 while you're flying up (not after you attach).  Switch out the Iron Boots 
 for another item (like the Fishing Rod, whatever, just so long as it 
 doesn't appear on your active or reserves).  When you return, you'll attach 
 to the ceiling, but won't be moving super slowly.  To detach, either walk 
 off a side or re-equip and de-equip the Boots again.  Anyway, from the 
 starting spot, walk north, then west to find a spot that curves upright.  
 There's a chest here with a PIECE OF HEART.  Go back to the center of the 
 room, then walk east, south, west, then north to find the platform out of 
 this room.

Big Crane Room: Head down to the center of the room and take out the 
 Bullblins and Fire Keese, then Iron stomp on the switch to get the first 
 crane going.  Get on the platform and put on the Boots to fly up to it.  
 You can drop off at the left to go back to the beginning of the dungeon, 
 or drop off to the right to move further ahead.  Take out the Bullblins and 
 Fire Keese on the next platform and Iron stomp on the switch to activate 
 the second crane, which will carry you up to the top, where you can fight 
 more Bullblins and leave by the north door.

2F Flooded Mine: Take out the Red Tektites here.  Your objective is to open 
 that gate on the north wall.  First, drop into the water on the west side 
 and Iron Boot to the bottom to find a chest with a SMALL KEY.  Now, go to 
 the southeast corner of the bottom and push the block out of the way, 
 allowing you to enter the enclosure.  Surface, then climb out and up to 
 the button.  Stomp on it to activate the pull and ride up.  Walk to the end 
 and drop off on the upper path.  Stomp on the switch up here.  Note the 
 horizontal pull.  What you need to do is leap off in the direction of the 
 field, then put the Boots on in midair to get drawn to the wall.  Walk 
 over to the crystal and smack it to open the gate.  Take out the Bullblins, 
 but avoid the Beamos.  Climb up the blue wall nearby and drop off near 
 the chest to find a PIECE OF HEART.  Now, walk over to the north side of 
 the room along the wall and drop off.  Use your sword to cut the rope 
 holding the drawbridge in place, then drop down and exit north through the 
 locked door.

Open Mine: As you'll note, there are several Bullblin Archers dotting the 
 area.  There's little you can do about them now, so concentrate on avoiding 
 their arrows.  If you wish to drop down and explore the water, there's a 
 chest with 50 RUPEES in the northwest corner, under a platform and behind 
 some weak boards.  Head up the ramps and hang a right at the top, over to 
 where the Beamos is.  Nearby is a chest with a SMALL KEY.  Head back and to 
 the left path, towards the western locked door.  Watch out for the 
 semi-broken bridge.

Machine Room: Okay, this area has a couple of rotating platforms.  The 
 first you should be able to cross without too much hassle.  The second is 
 much bigger, and you can't cross it in one go.  One side has three blue 
 patches on it.  What you need to do is magnet yourself to the patches when 
 the platform starts to flip, then, when it turns over again, take the Boots 
 off and run like the wind to the next one.  Once you're off the platform, 
 enter the door.

Gor Ebizo's Room: Speak to the elder here to gain another KEY SHARD.  Also 
 in this room is a chest with 10 RUPEES on the platforms behind and to the 
 left.  Climb up the ladder in back and head out the upper level.

2F Machine Room: Walk the wall to your right all the way around to the door.  
 Take the 10 RUPEES chest here, as well.

Guardians' Room: Head foward to the center of the room.

 You're on a circular tilty platform, covered in blue stuff.  So, the good 
 news is that you can use the Iron Boots to stick to it and not slide into 
 the muckety muck.  Wait for your enemy to wind up, then strike him several 
 times.  This will cause him to roll up and try to roll into you.  That's 
 your cue to grab him like you'd grab a rolling Goron and toss him.  More 
 the better if you can get him into the lava, because that's your objective.  
 Three tosses into the lava will make him give up.

 After he surrenders, continue to the south door.

Treasure Room: Take the HERO'S BOW from the treasure chest.  To make a new 
 way out of here, shoot the rope holding the drawbridge up.  In the next 
 section of the room, go towards the far end of the room to power up all the 
 Beamos.  Shoot each of them in the eye to stop them.  After that, you can 
 grab and pull them, so do so.  The east one will reveal a room with the 
 COMPASS.  The west one will lead to another room.

Gor Liggs's Room: Well, this elder didn't identify himself, but I found 
 his name online, which I assume is correct.  Anyway, take the last KEY 
 SHARD from him, as well as the chest on the back wall containing 50 RUPEES.  
 Leave the way you came in.

Treasure Room: Defeat and pull the Beamos guarding the south door if you 
 haven't already and move on.

Stalactite Room: Slay the Fire Keeses and roll into the mesh to knock it 
 down.  Move slowly along the path, taking out Lava Slugs.  You may want 
 to shoot the Dodongos in the tail with three arrows, instead of getting 
 on their rock and risk falling off.  Further on, you DEFINITELY want to 
 shoot the Lava Slugs hanging from the stalactites rather than fall off.  
 Pray some drop Arrows, or else you're going to have to do it the hard 
 way if you run out.  Make your way along the path and walk up the wall.  
 You can try fighting the Dodongo if you wish, but I would prefer either 
 sniping it with arrows, or just leaving it alone.  Your target is the 
 crystal in the hole.  Shoot it with an arrow to open the gate, then drop 
 down and head on through.

Big Crane Room: Open the chest to your right for 50 RUPEES.  Use the Bow on 
 the drawbridge to your left to lower it (thanks, Sheryl!)  Stomp on the 
 switch to get pulled up to the crane.  Ride it over and drop off at the 
 north door.  Head on through.

2F Flooded Mine: With the Bow, this area is much easier.  Shoot the Crystal 
 and walk on through, minding the Toadpolis here.  In the next part of the 
 room, you can take out the Beamos, now.  Head north.

Open Mine: With the Bow, slaying Bullblin Archers just got a whole lot easier.  
 If you're bold, you can try sniping from long range, but it's not required.  
 Your actual objective is Beamos to the east.  Shoot its eye, then pull it 
 out all the way to open the door behind it.  Continue up the path, taking 
 out any straggling Archers, then stomp on the switch at the very end to 
 activate the crane.  Attach to the crane, then from it, shoot out the 
 rope that's holding up the drawbridge, then drop down onto it.  Further 
 west up here are some pots that hold items for the fight ahead, if you need 
 it, but your door is to the east.  As a note: there is a chest here that 
 you cannot get with your current equipment.  Come back with a Clawshot and 
 you can attach to the rope ladder in the upper northwest corner to reach 
 a chest with 50 RUPEES, but it hardly seems worth it.

Last Drawbridge: There are more Archers to contend with here.  Either snipe 
 them from across the room, or rush up and get in their faces.  Shoot the 
 rope holding the drawbridge and cross.  Enjoy the mad Bullblin rush that 
 assails you (ah, fodder) and continue on to the last door.

 Have the Bow on active and the Iron Boots on reserve for this fight.  
 Fyrus will stomp around the room and take swings at you when he gets close.  
 Note the rather obvious gem on his forehead.  Shoot that with the Bow and 
 you'll temporarily blind Fyrus.  He'll stumble around.  Now, note the 
 ankle chains he's dragging around.  Grab one of those and throw on the Iron 
 Boots.  Pull away from Fyrus and you should be able to drag him to the 
 ground.  Quickly let go of the chain and take off the Boots, rush up and 
 slash him in the face repeatedly.  In addition to the slashes, he'll also 
 whip up a flame breath to attack.  Keep at your pattern of shooting the 
 gem, tripping him up, and slashing and you should finish in a few rounds.  
 Fyrus will turn back into Darbus, Midna will take the next Fused Shadow, 
 and you should take the Heart Container and be done with this place.

Heart Count: 6 and 3/5

4G. Frozen Over Again? (Lanayru Province) =

Kakariko Village

Well, now that you're back in civilization, it's time to get a bit more 
geared up.  Head over to Barnes' Bomb Shop and buy his "premium kit" for 
120 Rupees, which gives you a BOMB BAG and 30 Bombs.  Barnes can also buy 
Bombs back from you at half price.

Also, climb up to the roof of the Bomb Shop and return to the watchtower.  
There's 50 Rupees in a chest in the building (if you want it), but what 
you're really up here for is to talk to Talo at the very top.  He'll marvel 
at your bow and ask for a demonstration.  Malo will give you two targets to 
shoot at, then you have to hit a pole up on the watchtower.  It's not easy, 
but if you can do this, Malo will give you Piece of Heart.  Furthermore, go 
into his shop and he'll now have a HAWKEYE on sale for 100 Rupees.  This 
is basically a long range scope.

Both Bombs and the Hawkeye can be combined with the Bow.  Simply have the 
Bow in one of your item slots, then highlight either Bombs or the Hawkeye 
and press Z to combine them, making Explosive Arrows or a Sniper Bow.

Also, there are Gorons populating the place, now.  Speak to some of them 
and they'll let you hop on their backs and get launched up to the rafters 
above.  This is also true of Gorons up at Death Mountain.  Further, at night, 
you'll find a Goron kid selling stuff near the Bomb Shop.  Among his wares 
is Blue Potion.  It's expensive, but keep in mind it's there.

Anyway, back to business.  With Bombs, you can now clear the path between 
Kakariko Gorge and the western Hyrule Field area, if you wish, but you can 
also just spur Epona over the northern gate out of Kakariko.


Hyrule Field

Proceed north along the field until you reach the Eldin Bridge.  Cross it 
and blow up the rocky barrier past the north end.  Once you do this, the 
bridge will disappear and three Shadow Assassins will show up.  I suggest 
taking care of them, now.  You don't have the Energy Field attack, but you 
can slice one up, then Spin Attack the other two.  It shouldn't be too hard.  
Anyway, you can't go back this way, so head north and into the twilight.

Back in fur, continue straight along this path.  Partway, you'll come 
across a purse.  Press A to sniff it and learn Ilia's Scent.  There really 
isn't much else to do in this area, so just beeline the scent all the way 
to the end.  You'll run around the north end of the castle, all the way to 
the east entrance of Hyrule Castle Town.


Castle Town

As expected, this place is chock full of spirits.  Keep on the trail of 
the scent.  You can listen to conversations of any spirits who are just 
hanging around, but not any that are on the move.  Follow the scent and 
you'll trail it to the medical clinic, but it will move from there south 
and all the way to Telma's Bar.  Yup.  Ilia's there, and she and the barkeep 
Telma have found a small Zora child.  Pity, but nothing you can do about it 
right now.  For now, listen to the soldiers in back, then look at the map to 
get your next destination, Lanayru's spring.  Now, head out of town.


Hyrule Field

Going south will lead you to a bit of a dead end, so go east, then once you 
reach the road there, turn south with it to reach the Great Bridge of Hylia.  
Note that the lake's pretty dry.  Head across the bridge and you'll find 
that It's A Trap!  To escape this trap, push one of the boxes up against the 
side of the bridge and jump up and off into the lake below.


Lake Hylia

You'll land (fortunately) in what's left of Lake Hylia.  You can listen to 
the Zora spirits here.  What you need to do is go up to the spirit of Fyer, 
who's a bit dejected about the lack of lake.  When you listen to him, a 
Shadow Bullblin will appear.  Go over to it and it will call a Shadow 
Kargaroc with the nearby Hawk Grass, and you'll have to do battle.  Leap onto 
the 'Roc as you target it to bite it up close.  Soon, you'll knock off the 
Bullblin.  Finish it and Midna will take control of the 'Roc.

Now, to control this unwieldy guy, you need to point the Remote in the 
direction you want to go, and press A if you want to dash.  It's not easy, 
but you pretty much have a lot of leeway, given all the space with the dried 
up river.  Avoid running into walls, or you'll fall off and have to start 
over.  Watch for Bullblins firing arrows, and falling rocks.  The path isn't 
too hard to follow, just make sure to pull up at the end to get to the 


Upper Zora's River

You'll hop off at the end near a house.  You can listen to Iza's spirit if 
you wish, or just hop down onto the riverbed.  Head east (through the teeth-
like pillars) and to the next area.


Zora's Domain

Geez, think they're running out of plot devices if they're starting to reuse 
them?  Yes, Zora's Domain is frozen over.  Continue along this bed until 
you reach some snow piles and ice pillars.  Leap up them.  At the halfway 
point, you'll have to move along the path (watch out for icicles!) and at 
the end, you'll leap up several times more.  Careful about not sliding off, 
and if icicles are falling, wait and let them pass.  At the top, head north 
and into the "palace" area.  Inside, take out the three Shadow Assassins to 
create a portal.  Turn on your senses and you'll see all the Zoras frozen 
under the ice.  Now, it's time to thaw this place.  You'll need to warp 
something here to melt the ice.  Something hot.  Something on Death Mountain.  
Warp there and walk up to that giant slab of rock stuck in the ground.  
Talk to Midna and have her warp it back to Zora's Domain.

Well, you thawed the ice, but the place is still in twilight, so now it's 
time to work on that.  Head out, and you will be stopped by the spirit of 
Queen Rutela of the Zoras.  Her ghost implores you to help her son.  Of 
course, there's little you can do for him while he appears as a spirit, 
so continue out.  Hop into the water and let it carry you all the way back 
down to Lake Hylia.


Lake Hylia

Okay, right in front of the spirit's cave.  Head on in and talk to Lanayru to 
get the deal about the bugs and the Light Tears.  Head on out.

- Insect #1 is up the bridge to your right, at the next clearing.
- Insect #2 is down by the shack on the lake, floating in the air.  Also, 
 you should be attacked by three Shadow Assassins on the way.  You should 
 know what to do by now.
- Insect #3 is in the southeast corner.  From the clearing with the portal, 
 head west along the rocky path, and start jumping across the stones.  In 
 the corner with the tree, you'll find the bug on the ground.
- Insect #4 is at the west side of the lake.  Just swim there and you should 
 spot it.

That's all for the lake.  Now, let's head upriver.  Go to a Hawk Grass 
(there's one right near Insect #4) and match the howl pattern as shown.  
You'll call a Shadow Kargaroc and go back on the ride.

- Insects #5, #6, #7, and #8 are on the ride.  Crash into them as you 
 progress.  Just don't hit the walls.  It's worth pointing out that if you 
 do miss them, they'll follow you, giving you another chance, so Z-target 
 them and dash into them.

The ride's a bit more difficult now that you have less room to manuever, but 
you can make it.  You'll get off at the top, just like before.


Upper Zora's River

- Insect #9 is found by talking to Iza's spirit.  It'll crawl out from 
 under her.

Also, while you're here, cross the bridge behind Iza and howl at the stone, 
unlocking the Golden Wolf for the next hidden skill.  Head over to the Zora 
spirits and listen to them and they'll talk about Prince Ralis and the 
path through the water he must have taken.  Remember that, because you'll be 
going that way.  Anyway, head east.


Zora's Domain

- Insects #10 and #11 are found in the basin, here.  There are pads you 
 can walk on to get a good jump from.
- Insect #12 is on the west side of the basin.  Hop out and find it under 
 the ground.  Dig it up.
- Insect #13 is higher up on the east side.  Get up on the eastern bank, then 
 find Midna's giggle to get to the path upwards.  Keep following the path 
 until you find a spot that has a slope with Rupees on it.  Follow that slope 
 instead of continuing upward to find the area with the bug in it.
- Insect #14 is in the throne room.  Now, you can do this the hard way and 
 jump up, but you could also simply warp there.  The bug is high on the wall 
 in the southwest corner.  Bash into the wall to knock it down.

Now, to get the 15th one, you need to go back to Castle Town.  To get there, 
head back down the basin, and out into the upper river area.  From there, 
jump into the southeast flowing river, which will deposit you at the north 
end of...


Hyrule Field

Very simply, head into Castle Town.  You'll be attacked by Shadow Assassins 
at the gates of town.  This is good, of course, because it creates a portal.


Castle Town

- Insect #15 is outside Telma's Bar, in one of the boxes by the wall.

Midna will note that you're missing one.  It'll now be on the map at Lake 
Hylia.  Warp there.


Lake Hylia

Head over to those weird platforms that popped up and turn on your senses.

 Guess they won't go down without a fight.  This big bug begins by diving 
 at you charged up.  Avoid the dive, then Z-target and leap on the bug to 
 cause massive damage.  If you hurt it enough, it'll dive under the water, 
 then swim around trying to knock you off your platform.  Avoid it until 
 it flies back into the air, then repeat the pattern.  After about three 
 good series of bites, it'll flop onto its back in the water.  Leap onto it.  
 Now, you have to hit all six of its little legs at once.  Simply hold down 
 B to charge up, and release.  You'll get all six, and the last Light Tear.

With Lanayru restored, Hyrule is finally completely returned to the light.  
Don't think for a moment that you're almost done.  You've got TONS of work 
left to do.

Heart Count: 7 and 4/5

4H. He Come To Town (Castle Town, Lake Hylia) =

Lake Hylia

Well, just to let you know, now that you're a human again, you currently 
cannot warp, so getting up Zora's River will be a chore.  Well, fortunately, 
you don't have to worry about all that right now.  First, head over to the 
house-type-thing sitting out in the water in the lake.  Speak to Fyer and 
pay the 10 Rupee fee to get shot up to Falbi's house on the top of the lake.

From here, you can return to Hyrule Field.  The east portion, anyway.  For 
now, Kakariko and Ordon are closed off to you.  You can freely explore the 
east and north areas, though.  If you use your Bombs wisely, you can also 
clear a path directly to Zora's Domain at the north end of the field.  This 
will allow you relatively quick access to Iza's Boat Shop and Hena's Lure 
Fishing Hole.


Various Areas (extra items)

Go to Hena's Fishing spot.  Have a chat with the charming lady if you wish.  
You can play her Rollgoal game in the hut, or just go out and fish.  You can 
bobber fish for free, or pay her to do some lure fishing.  There's a lot more 
info on this in the Fishing section way down at the bottom of the guide, but 
for now, I suggest bobber fishing over past the bridge in the west end.  
Keep fishing in that little spot and eventually you'll pull up a BOTTLE.  
That's number three!

I would suggest going to the Boat Shop at some point.  Talk to Iza and she'll 
shoo you away.  After you speak to her, three Shadow Assassins will descend.  
Defeat them all and Iza will ask for your help with the river.  She'll say 
she needs help clearing out boulders blocking the way down the river with 
Bomb Arrows.  Make some Bomb Arrows (with the Bomb Bag she lends you) and 
fire two at the rock wall.  Next, she'll ask you to go down river.  Navigate 
the canoe down the river and you'll eventually come across a Zora and 
another rock wall.  Bust it down and follow the Zora all the way to the end.  
You'll be allowed to keep the SECOND BOMB BAG.

If you want to go all the way back up and go to the Boat Ride again, you'll 
have a challenge on the way down.  Shoot down as many of the giant pots as 
you can with your Bomb Arrows.  Green are worth one and red are worth two.  
Hitting the wall docks you a point.  If you score more than 25, you'll get 
the GIANT BOMB BAGS, allowing you double capacity on all your bags.

Also, outside Castle Town should be the wolf you summoned for your THIRD 
HIDDEN SKILL, the Back Slice.  Remember, you'll get a chance later if you 
missed the howling stone this time.


Castle Town

Once all this mess is taken care of, head to Hyrule Castle Town.  There's 
lots to do here now that you've freed the place.  There are shops, a fortune 
teller, a STAR game (which you can't win as you are), a "princess" who 
collects Golden Bugs (you can potentially have up to 20 out of 24, by the 
way).  Lastly, there's Telma's Bar, which is your objective.

Walk in and watch the scene.  You'll be enlisted to help escort Telma, Ilia, 
and the ailing Prince Ralis to Kakariko Village.  This sequence is a high-
energy run all the way from the east gate of Castle Town, south across Lake 
Hylia, then west through Hyrule Field all the way to Kakariko.  Ready?


Hyrule Field

After an uneventful first leg, you'll make it to the Great Bridge.  King 
Bullblin is there.  Time for a rematch.  Now, he's got two shields, one 
on each arm, so a side-swiping sword attack is ineffective.  Instead, as you 
charge him, fire an arrow at his front.  For the second strike, he'll dodge 
and weave.  Just lead him a bit and you should hit him a second time, 
knocking him off and getting the key to the Kakariko gates.  The fun's not 
over, yet, though.  As you proceed to the next leg, you'll be set upon by a
bunch of Bullblin Archers.  You can shoot them down if you wish, but it's 
best to watch the carriage.  If it catches fire, use the Gale Boomerang on 
it to put it out.  At the end of the trail, hop off and unlock the gate.  
In the next section, you'll have to deal with Kargarocs and Bullblin Riders.  
Take out what you can, but DEFINITELY go after the Kargarocs, because some 
carry bombs.  If they drop their bomb, the cart will be knocked off course 
and you'll have to circle around and try again for the exit.  At Kakariko 
Gorge, you'll have another bomb-dropping Kargaroc trying to bust up your 
run, so shoot it down first.  At the end, open the gate, and you're done.


Kakariko Village

After the scene, it's time to follow the Queen Zora's spirit.  Follow her 
all the way to the Graveyard, and beyond the tunnel she opens.  Go to the 
grave and take the ZORA ARMOR.  Also, take the time to head to Barnes' 
Bomb Shop and pick up WATER BOMBS.  You'll need them.  If you only have one 
bag right now, sell your other bombs at the left-hand counter.

Well your destination now is Lake Hylia, but I'm sure you'd like an easier 
route.  Head back to the Zora grave in Kakariko and drop down into the water.  
Use a Water Bomb to blow up the north wall (remember, you need Iron Boots on 
to use the Water Bombs) and get sucked all the way through to the lake.


Lake Hylia

Head to the purple dot on the map: the Lakebed Temple.  To get in, you need 
to set a Water Bomb at the rock pile near the door on the floor.  This will 
release a water jet.  Then, set a Water Bomb in the jet so it rides up to 
the door of the temple.  And you're in!

Heart Count: 8 and 3/5

4I. The Rushing Current (Level 3 Dungeon) =

Lakebed Temple

Oh, joy.  The water dungeon.  Everyone's favorite.  As can be expected, 
you'll need to employ the flowing of water to be able to navigate this 

Flooded Entry: Swim forward and down.  Take out the two Shell Claws down 
 here if you wish (strike when their mouths are open) or just swim past 
 them.  Avoid the Baris on the way up and surface.  Take out the ChuChus 
 nearby.  If you find a red or blue one, take the jelly he leaves behind in 
 a bottle for a free potion.  There's a chest in the south area that has 
 10 WATER BOMBS, and another to the east that has 20 ARROWS.  At the north 
 end, hop off the landing and grab the hanging hook to open the gate behind 
 you, then head on through.

Ramped Causeway: This room is dotted with "treacherous" (as Midna puts it) 
 stalactites.  You'll come across several more of these in the dungeon.  
 Suffice to say that you need to shoot Bomb Arrows at them to drop them, 
 creating stepping stones.  There are four in this room.  Climb up the 
 steps you've created to reach the top, watching out for Blue Tektites and 
 Helmasaurs.  At the door, you can go to your left up a dropped stalactite 
 and find a chest with 10 WATER BOMBS.  Proceed north.

Connecting Tunnels: Head north.  Eliminate the Lizalfos in the way.

Grand Staircase: Once again, you find yourself in the area's main hub.  The 
 staircase before you can be rotated by pulling the switches.  Pulling a 
 switch will move the staircase to where you currently stand, so remember 
 that.  You mostly want to stay out of the water down below: lots of 
 Skullfish.  Head down the staircase and rotate around clockwise.  At the 
 end of the path is a chest with 20 ARROWS.  Note that some of the switches 
 to rotate the stairs are just targets.  We'll get to that.  The way east 
 is blocked (after the door), so go around to the south end and pull the 
 switch to rotate the stairs 180 degrees.  Climb up and head around to 
 the left to find OOCCOO in a pot at the end.  Now, go all the way around 
 to the right and pull the switch on the east end, to make the stairs go 
 down east to west.  Go to the right to find the DUNGEON MAP, then head 
 through the 1F west door.

Connecting Tunnels: Take out the Helmasaur and move on.  As a note, this 
 "Connecting Tunnels" room surrounds the grand staircase and largely 
 consists of quick passages to the outer areas, with usually an enemy or 
 two, and sometimes a waterwheel.  I may eliminate this room from the 
 walkthrough at some points, because of the lack of features, just as a 
 heads up.

Western Gear Room (1F): As described, there's a big gear here.  Look at the 
 ceiling and shoot down two more stalactites.  One will block a forceful 
 water jet, and the other will bridge a rocky gap.  Head down the tunnel 
 to your right and cross the rocks to the middle.  Grab the vines and 
 climb around to where you can see a chest.  Hop across the rocks (including 
 the one on the jet) and take the SMALL KEY.  Now, leave this room by the 
 same way you came in, or just climbing out of the hole.

Grand Staircase: Climb up the staircase, then head back round to the 2F 
 western door.  Unlock it.

Western Troughs: A chest to your left has 5 WATER BOMBS.  To your right are 
 a couple of stalactites.  Bomb Arrow down the one on the left and hop 
 from it to the vines.  Climb the vine path over the wall and drop onto 
 it.  From there, jump out and grab the switch to open the gate below you 
 (makes it an easy way back).  Continue west along this path, turning 
 left at the door.

Western Gear Room (2F): Hop onto the gear and take out the Lizalfos, then 
 go through the door behind him.

Western Troughs: Head left and grab the SMALL KEY in the chest.  Head back 
 through the door and the gear room back to the north end of the troughs, 
 then blast the rock with a bomb.  Proceed through the door.

Western Tower: To take out the Gekko here, your best bet is a bomb or 
 Bomb Arrow to destroy his bubble, then repeatedly slash him.  Unlock the 
 door and proceed into the tower room.  Hop down into the pit, then climb 
 up the vines on the right side.  Make your way up the perimeter of the 
 tower to the top.  Take the 10 WATER BOMBS from the chest at the top, then 
 climb up the ladder and grab the switch to release the floodgates, 
 filling the ramp with water.  Let go, then slide all the way down the 
 ramp.  At the bottom, swim towards the center, and jump off the higher 
 platform and grab the switch to open the next gate.  This will start the 
 gear moving and bring water to the center room.  Head out the northeast 

Western Troughs: If you wish, you can go to the southern part of this room 
 (through the gear room) and past the waterwheel in the southeast to find a
 pot with a Fairy in it.  Otherwise, just head out the east door and 
 back to the staircase room.

Grand Staircase: Water now fills part of this room.  If you want, you can 
 jump down in the water and reach the central isle, where you can grab 
 20 RUPEES.  Well, now you've got water flowing to the center, but that's 
 not enough.  You need to get water flowing to the east side of the temple, 
 and to do that, you'll need a new toy.  Head down to the 1F western door.  
 Alternatively, you can just drop down from the 2F of the Gear Room.

Western Gear Room (1F): With the gear turning, the platforms are now 
 moving.  Hop on one and ride it to the north door.

Western Tunnels: Head to the left to find a SMALL KEY.  Now, leave.

Western Gear Room (1F): Ride a platform to the west door, now.

Western Tunnels: Unlock the door, then head down into the water.  There 
 are Baris and water jets down here, so be careful.  Go left into the 
 water jet to find a small alcove with a chest with 5 BOMBS.  Follow the 
 jet to the right to find 20 RUPEES.  Move along the tunnel and water bomb 
 the rock at the end.  Mind the Shell Claw, then head into the tunnel.

Watery Pit:  Swim up, take out the two little tadpoles, then look up at the 

 The frog will begin by shuffling off all its tadpoles.  Use quick strikes or 
 a few spin attacks to drop them all.  With all the little ones out of the 
 way, the big guy will try a big bellyflop.  Watch for his shadow.  If he 
 lands on something other than you, his tongue will loll out of his mouth.  
 Slash it repeatedly.  I know you get sick of hearing this, but repeat this 
 pattern until the frog is croaked.  If you're not worried about using up 
 Bomb Arrows, there's an alternate way to get him stunned: once he croaks 
 (before launching tadpoles), Z-target and fire a Bomb Arrow into his mouth.  
 You'll avoid tadpoles and will get right to the slashing.  Thanks to 
 Daniel Carlin for this info.

 Open the chest left behind to find the CLAWSHOT.  Awww yeah.  Clawshot up 
 to the target near the gate to open it.  Drop down and exit.

Western Tunnels: Leave by the door in front of you.  From here, return to 
 the Grand Staircase.  You have the option, also, of returning to the Western 
 Tower.  Put on your Iron Boots and walk slooowly up the ramp (use the 
 Clawshot on the way) and then use the Clawshot on the back target to reach 
 a chest, but it's just 20 RUPEES.  I would forget it.

Grand Staircase: Climb up to in front of the 2F Western door and Clawshot 
 the target above it to rotate the staircase.  Water will now flow east, 
 to the 1F eastern door.  Also, Clawshot up to the top chandelier to find 
 a PIECE OF HEART.  Drop down and head on through the eastern 1F door.

Connecting Tunnels: You'll now be able to pass through the waterwheel here.  
 Do so.

Eastern Gear Room (1F): Hop onto the platform in front of you, then clawshot 
 up and to your left.  Drop off that in front of a chest with 10 WATER BOMBS, 
 then clawshot to the vines up and to your left.  Climb around the pillar 
 and drop onto the ledge.  Next, clawshot up to the vines high above to 
 the southeast.  Climb around and drop onto the ledge, then clawshot over 
 to the vines further to the east, climb around and drop onto solid ground.  
 Head through the door.

Eastern Troughs: Take out the Gekko if you wish, but your direction is the 
 other way.  Drop the stalactite on one of the water jets, then hop on the 
 stone.  When it rides up, jump through the hole and take out the Tektites.  
 You can clawshot the target behind you to open the gate, if you wish.  
 Clawshot up to the east in front of the door and head through.

Eastern Tower: Take out the two Gekkos, then clawshot the vines on the 
 ceiling on the other side of the gate to get to the tower.  Start climbing 
 up the ramp.  This ramp has Helmasaurs and breaks in the floor where you'll 
 have to clawshot across.  At the top, grab the chest with 10 BOMBS, then 
 clawshot the target at the back of the room to get the chest with the 
 COMPASS.  Lastly, climb the ladder and pull the switch to get the water 
 going.  Slide down again, and once at the bottom, go to the center platform 
 and jump for the switch to open the gate.  Clawshot out of this room.  If 
 you wish, take the northern door, follow the path to the end, and find a 
 chest with 20 BOMBS.  The way forward, though, is through the southern 

Eastern Troughs: Sink down into the water to find a chest with 20 RUPEES.  
 Follow the waterwheel to the next room, then go through the door.

Eastern Gear Room (2F): Take out the helmed Lizalfos.  You can cross to the 
 chest in the northwest corner with the Clawshot for 20 RUPEES, but the only 
 way out is to seriously backtrack, unless you want to leap into nothingness.  
 Take the southwestern door.

Eastern Troughs: Go left to find a chest with 20 RUPEES, then go to the 
 right and clawshot the target above you to open the gate.  Follow the path 
 out, and back to the center room.

Grand Staircase: Well, the water level's high enough to get to the Big Key 
 door, but you still need the Big Key.  There's also a bit more treasure 
 to get.  Grab the switch in front of you to make the water flow west, then 
 slide down and enter the 1F western door.  Head through to...

Western Gear Room (1F): A bridge is now floating, allowing you to enter a 
 southern cave.  Stand on the switch and release the Lizalfos.  To get into 
 that room, you must clawshot the target ahead of you while still on the 
 switch, so do so and take the PIECE OF HEART.  Leave by clawshotting the 
 target on the ceiling behind you, then head back to the main room.

Grand Staircase: If you need to reorient the stairs, you can clawshot over 
 the barriers using the vines on the wall.  You'll want it pointed to the 
 east so you can head through the 1F eastern door.

Eastern Gear Room (1F): May wanna take out some Keeses before proceeding.  
 Hop onto one of the platforms.  You can hop onto the stable one in the 
 center of the room if you wish, then clawshot one of the targets under 
 the second gear.  Ride it over to the eastern door then exit.

Eastern Grotto: This area's a bit complicated to explain.  Dive into the 
 water.  Look for a hole in the northeast part of this pool and go through.  
 Swim up and to the south to find a rock that you can blow up.  Swim through 
 the hole created by it.  Surface here and find the chest with 5 WATER 
 BOMBS.  Drop down again and find another rock to blow up.  Head through 
 that hole and swim to the surface.  Climb out at the ledge and head through 
 the door.

Big Key Room: Take out the Gekko then clawshot the target in the ceiling.  
 It will open a hole in the floor.  Lower yourself down (don't just drop) 
 and take the BIG KEY.  Leave by the door down here.

Eastern Grotto: Head through the passage, taking out Baris, then you'll 
 find yourself back in the grotto.  Head through the upper hole, then drop 
 down and right and through the lower hole, then surface and exit.

Eastern Gear Room (1F): Clawshot one of the gear targets and ride it until 
 you reach a solid platform, then wait for the lone clawshot target on the 
 other gear to come around and attach to it, and let go when you're over 
 the platform with the pots on it, then clawshot to the vines by the door, 
 climb up, and head back to the center room.

Grand Staircase: Simply hop into the water and open the Big Key door.  One 
 of these pots has a Fairy in it and I would bottle one if I were you, since 
 you can't drink potions in water.  Drop down the hole in the center.

 Put the Boots on to drop all the way down to find this boss.  Its main 
 attack is to drop a tentacle next to you, then swing it to grab and munch 
 you.  If it starts to do that, slash the tentacle to scare it off.  Your 
 target on this beast is its roving eye, which moves along the tentacles.  
 It's highlighted, so target it and clawshot it to pull it out.  Slash it 
 a couple of times.  Once angry, it'll start spitting out Water Bomb Fish.  
 Avoid these if possible, or just clawshot them and toss them back at the 
 beast.  Slash the eye a couple more times and it should get mad.  It'll 
 burst out of its hole and start swimming around.  You need swim close to 
 it and target its back with the clawshot.  Once you attach, swing your 
 sword for all your worth stabbing it.  A few rounds of this and it 
 should be sleeping with the rest of the fishes.

 Take the Heart Container and leave.

Heart Count: 10

4J. Evil's Bane (Hyrule Castle, Sacred Grove) =

Watch the scene.  Suffice to say, "uh oh".

You're now in wolf form, and Midna's not looking too good.  You've been 
deposited in the north Hyrule Field.  Your objective is Zelda.  Head to 
Castle Town.


Castle Town

Head into Telma's Bar.  Ouch.  Head back and Louise, her cat, will speak 
to you.  Push the nearby box into the wall and climb in through the window.  
You now need to get through the bar without being spotted or heard.  Head 
to the right and across the rope, avoiding the pots on the shelves.  Head 
across the other ropes and to the back corner.  If you wish, you can also 
listen to those on the ground below you.  Cross to the back and you'll find 
yourself in a weird house.  There's a Poe here, too.  Turn on your senses 
and attack the Poe, then, when it's on the ground, target and press A to 
rip out its soul.  Talk to Jovani and he'll thank you for your efforts and 
ask you to find more Poe Souls.  He'll also open a chest to let you down 
into the waterway.


Hyrule Castle

Once you land, pull the chain nearby to open a gate.  Head down the slide 
and into the next room.  Destroy the two Skulltulas and grab a stick.  Light 
it on a torch and burn the web.  Quickly head into the next room, turn left, 
and find a torch to light.  If you get burned out, go back and try again.  
Take out the Keeses, then relight the stick on the nearby torch and hop up 
to the web off to your left and burn it.  Proceed to the end of the path, 
past the Bullblins, and dig in the center of the end room.

You're now back in familiar territory.  Head west and up the circular stairs.  
Midna can't help you, but you can find new ropes that allow you to climb up.  
Once you reach the top, head outside and cross the rooftops as you did 
before.  Again, you won't be able to make leaps, so the way to get to the 
slanted roofs is to use the fact that the wind blows what's left of a broken 
bridge, so cross to that, then jump down to the roofs, and into the tower.  
Rush to Zelda.  Watch the scene.

Hmm, well Midna's back with us, and you have a certain special sword to 
find.  Warp to N. Faron Woods.


Faron Woods

Head straight to the Forest Temple.  You'll be intercepted by the girl 
monkey from oh so long ago.  Take out the bad guys that pop up around her.  
She'll mention the grove further ahead.  Climb up to the big stump so you 
can start leaping.  Once you make it all the way across, proceed onto the 
wind-rotating platforms, then wait on the second one for it to rotate so 
you can head to the rock to the right, then time your crossing of the ropes 
so as not to be hit by the swinging logs.  At the end, howl at the next 
howling stone to activate the Golden Wolf for the next hidden skill.  Continue 
into the grove.


Sacred Grove

Remember this music?  Sure you do!  Head over to the howling stone and howl 
Zelda's Lullaby.  This will make the Skull Kid appear.  Remember him?  Sure 
you do!  Really, I wouldn't worry about all these Deku Golems.  Just chase 
the little bugger.  Two rooms later, you'll hear him blowing on his horn.  
He's up on the upper ledge, so climb up and jump on him.  Now, head back 
down and at the next room, take the right-hand exit.  Take a hard right at 
the next room.  He's in here.  Head into the waterfall and climb up the 
ledges to get at him.  He runs off once more.  Hop down and take a left, then 
follow the path as it curves right to a watery room.  Head straight across 
and you'll come upon a room with a stone wall and torches.  He's up in the 
tree, but you can't get to him from here.  Go through the tunnel near his 
tree to find a tree you can climb and go across the branches back to his 
room.  Jump him again.  Now, he'll head through the stone wall.  Follow him 
and drop down to a "boss" fight of sorts.  Basically, he'll create Golems.  
Take out all these Golems and he'll have to make new ones.  When he blows on 
his horn, he's vulnerable, so jump him then.  Strike him three times and 
he'll give up, allowing the haze to lift the grove.

Head up the now-open path.  Howl Zelda's Lullaby on the crest and this will 
get the statues to life and make the game's most insidious puzzle.  
Basically, you hop a panel, and the statues will also hop, one in the same 
direction you hop, one in an opposite direction.  You have to guide them back 
to their original panels.  You can't make them hop a direction unless you 
have a place to hop to.  You also cannot land on a space that a statue will 
end up landing on.  If a statue cannot jump the way you jump, it will simply 
not move.  If they hit each other, they'll bounce back to their original 

Anyway, forget all that, because here's a nice quick solution for the 
puzzle: down, up, left, up, right, down, down, down, up, up, left, up, up, 
right, down.  Done!  There are many solutions, really, but this one's quick.

Anyway, head on up the stairs and check that fancy thing out sitting there.  
Awww, yeah!  MASTER SWORD time!

All right!  Not only do you have a new kick-awesome weapon, but you've also 
got the ability to transform into a wolf whenever you wish.  Just speak to 
Midna and say you want to transform.  This also means you can warp whenever 
you want, as well.

Now, I would explore this area for any extras now, since you'll have to wait 
a while before you can return.  If you're all set, warp out of here to your 
destination of choice.


Now that you can transform at will, there's much more stuff now available to 

First and foremost, you can head to the south end of Castle Town to get that 
FOURTH HIDDEN SKILL, the Helm Splitter.  Also, if you hadn't done so when I 
told you to, now would be the time to go to the clearing in Death Mountain, 
and by the Boat Ride shack at the Upper Zora's River to get the other two 
hidden skills you missed.

Furthermore, warp to Lake Hylia.  Head southeast from the warp clearing up 
bridge, then up a ladder.  There's the next howling stone.  The Golden Wolf 
will appear out to the east, so there's nothing you can do at the moment.

Also in Castle Town, there's the STAR game in the east sectiom.  Now that you 
have the Clawshot, you have a fair shot at beating the game.  The object is 
to collect all the orbs.  I suggest making sure you're lined up with orbs of 
the same color for maximum grabbage.  Get all before time expires and you get 

NOTE: "Irfan" sends this little tip: Grapple straight ahead to the ledge with 
the orb, then continue in a “STAR” pattern and you will get them all in about 
15 seconds.  Go to 12 o'clock, then about 5-ish, then 10-ish, then 3-ish, then 
7-ish then 12-ish.

Warp to Zora's Domain.  That rock you dropped in there is still there.  Set 
a Water Bomb next to it to free the Goron trapped inside, who will give you 

Return to Kakariko.  Barnes now has BOMBLINGS on sale.

Apart from that, you can collect a bunch of Heart Pieces and Poes for Jovani.  
You can definitely find more than 20 at this point.  Return to him once you 
have 20 to get the fourth BOTTLE, filled with Great Fairy's Tears.

Also, if you go to Malo Mart in Kakariko, you'll find there's a fund to get 
a shop going in Castle Town.  First, you'll need to donate 1000 Rupees to get 
the bridge on the west end repaired.  After that, 2000 Rupees will be 
required to buy the shop in the town square.  Once that's done, you'll be 
able to buy stuff at that shop for much more cheaply than they originally 
offered (and even more cheaply than any other stores).  You'll also be able 
to purchase the MAGIC ARMOR for 598 Rupees.  Snazzy.

Now, hold on!  I know you may not want to spend all that money at once, but 
there's an easier way.  You need the 1000 for the bridge repair, but you can 
cut the store costs by quite a bit.  First, talk to the Goron Elder outside 
Malo Mart after the bridge is fixed.  He'll tell you about a Goron outside 
the west gate of Castle Town who needs springwater to get going.  The Goron 
will give you a barrel and send you on your way.  You need to bring this 
barrel quickly (on foot) to that Goron, avoiding all the bad guys on the 
way.  The best way to do this is to follow the cliff edge, instead of 
cutting straight across, because you won't have to deal with any Leevers, and 
most likely won't have to deal with any Kargarocs.  Don't dally too long, 
though, because your springwater will cool if you're not fast enough.  
Anyway, once you bring the water to the Goron, he'll reopen a springwater 
shop in the south end of Castle Town.  Empty a bottle so you can buy some, 
then head south out of Castle Town and QUICKLY speak to the Goron at the 
landslide so you can give the water to him and he can clear the pass.  Once 
you do all that, the fee for setting up the shop will be a mere 200 Rupees.  

Heart Count: 11
Poe Count: 29

4K. Reflecting on the Sands (Gerudo Desert) =

Maybe we should advance the plot, now.  Ya think?  Head to Castle Town.


Castle Town

Head to Telma's Bar to speak to the friends she was talking about earlier.  
To find out what to do next, check the map on the table.  You need to go 
to Lake Hylia, so warp there.


Lake Hylia

Head southeast and climb the ladder at the end.  Walk all the way to that 
tower thingy and climb it and speak to Auru.  He'll mention the desert 
prison and give you a memo.  Give that memo to Fyer at the hut on the lake 
and he'll offer to shoot you over to the desert.  Take that opportunity.


Gerudo Desert

After Midna's done talking, it's time to explore.  This desert is huge, but 
there's really not that much going on, except for all the Moldorms that 
attack.  Your first order of business should be to head to the southeast 
corner.  See that big pillar of stone?  Well, clawshot the tree near the 
lower rock, then clawshot onto the Peahat floating around above and drop 
off so you land on the mesa.  Three Shadow Assassins will hop down.  Take 
them all out however you wish, then climb up to the big pillar there.  Hey!  
It's the Eldin Bridge!  Talk to Midna, then have her warp the bridge back to 
its proper location.  Warp back.  Now, below where that bridge segment was, 
you'll see a cave.  This is the Cave of Ordeals.  It's a 50-floor endurance 
run with you against bunches of bad guys.  At the moment, you don't have the 
equipment to be able to get all the way down, so let's forget it.  If you 
do want to go later, check my section on it in the Sidequest section.

Anyway, for the real reason you're here.  Head to the north (watch out for 
cracks in the ground).  This "boxed in" area of sorts houses Bullblins and 
their boar rides.  Well, since Epona can't join you, here, why not take 
one of their rides free of charge?  Ambush the group of Bullblin however you 
wish, and once they're all gone, grab one of the boars.  Boars control a 
bit more jerkily than your horse.  If you press A, they'll charge forward 
maniacally.  Use this to your advantage, knocking down anything wood that's 
in your way.  Particularly, hit the barriers to your north, since they block 
your way forward.  Once the rocks start, hop off your mount and climb up 
them.  Head forward.  If you howled at the stone in Lake Hylia, your Golden 
Wolf should be right here to teach you the FIFTH HIDDEN SKILL, the Mortal 
Draw.  Proceed on north to the next area.

This is the Gerudo Fort, and it's packed with Bullblins.  Your goal is to get 
through here making as little fuss as possible, because if you're spotted, 
an infinite tide of Bullblin will be unleashed, making your life difficult.  
It's best to do this run at night, where you can't be spotted easily by the 
sentries in the towers.  Shoot them down from their towers and deal with 
any groundlings before anyone can spot you for best results.  On the other 
hand, if you're confident, you can blaze through this sword swinging and you 
can still pass.  Where you want to be is the northwest end of the camp, 
where there's a pig roasting on a spit, and a Bullblin nearby it.  Kill that 
Bullblin and take the SMALL KEY it drops.  You'll use this to open the north 
side of the central pen.  Head on inside and you'll face off in combat 
against your old friend, the King Bullblin.  He makes wide swings, so take 
advantage of him leaving himself open and lay waste to him.  The Back Slice 
works wonders, here.  Once you've knocked him down, he'll run off, but not 
before setting the pen on fire.  Sore loser.  Grab the nearby boar and 
crash it (use A) through the northern gate, which will carry you all the 
way to the next area.

This the prison Auru was talking about, the Arbiter's Grounds.  If your 
affairs are in order, head on inside.

Heart Count: 11 and 1/5
Poe Count: 37

4L. Rise Up Again (Level 4 Dungeon) =

Arbiter's Grounds

This dungeon is chock full of the undead, as well as a few desert-burrowing 
creatures.  Watch out for the sand, too.  In most spots, it will suck you 
up pretty quick.  Being a wolf can actually make crossing sand a little 
easier.  Oh, and this dungeon actually requires you to go wolf several times.  
I'll assume that when I say "use your senses", you know to turn into a wolf.

Entry Hall - Proceed into the room.  Watch out for the Moldorms in the 
 sand.  Clawshot to the eastern platform, then start hopping across the 
 platforms northwest, then to the northeast corner.  From there, walk through 
 the sand to the north ledge (you can make it), then to the ledge southwest.  
 Take out the Stalkin that appears, then fire your Clawshot at the chain 
 to the north to bring it out of the sand.  Pull it to open the gate and head 
 on through.  As you ascend the ramp, you'll find a bowl of lantern oil to 
 your left.  It's a freebie, so fill up, then head to the right.  Cross the 
 sand and grab the SMALL KEY, then fight off the swarm of Poison Mites.  You 
 can pull out your Lantern to scare them off, or use a Spin Attack to shake 
 them off you.  Unlock the north door.

Dark Sand Room - This area has many Stalkin under the sand, which will rise 
 up and strike when you draw near.  Your objective is to light the two 
 torches at the corners of the room.  Just watch out for the sandy spots.  
 Head through the north door.

Room of Four Torches - Reusing old dungeon ideas?  Heck, no!  Not us!  Four 
 Poes will come and take the flames off the torches.  Three will take off and 
 the fourth will face you head on.  Turn into a wolf and turn your senses on 
 to get a good look at this Foul Poe.  The only time you can damage it is 
 when it lights up for an attack.  After that, jump on it and latch on for 
 consecutive attacks.  Two of those will knock it down, then finish it by 
 taking its soul (yes, this counts towards your overall count).  The flame 
 will return.  Now, to find the other three.  Well, get a good whiff of that 
 Poe you just slew (Phew!) and you'll be able to see their trails.  Before 
 following those, though, there are two chests in the northern corners.  
 The northwest chest you should Clawshot to, grab the PIECE OF HEART inside 
 it, then cross back using the blocks.  The northeast chest you should cross 
 the falling blocks to, take out the Bubbles, take the DUNGEON MAP, then use 
 a Clawshot target to get back.  Okay.  While you can go through either the 
 east or west door, here, you won't get very far either way.  Turn on your 
 wolf senses and you'll see that one trail goes into the ground near the 
 western door.  Dig where that trail ends to find a chain.  Pull it to lower 
 some stairs.  Head down them and through the door.

Western Column Room - Head down and take out the Bubble.  Another dead end?  
 Not at all.  Push the panel in the center pole to spin the room, creating 
 an opening at the north end.  Watch out for the Redead Knight, by the way.  
 Open the chest to obtain a SMALL KEY.  Now, we're not done here, yet.  Look 
 above you to see a hole in the floor.  Clawshot the target above you to 
 ride up a floor.  Head through the north door.

Lantern Vault - Wow, so many lanterns.  Just turn on your senses and look 
 and you should see which one's the Foul Poe.  Take it down and collect its 
 soul.  Move back south.

Western Column Room - Drop down and turn the room again so you can leave 
 by the east door.

Room of Four Torches - Climb the stairs, then turn around and take the upper 
 west door.

Western Column Room - Unlock the door at the far end of the room.

Western Chandelier Room - Head north and start crossing the solid platforms 
 between the sand to reach the far side.  Grab the odd-looking box and start 
 pulling on it.  Push it in the alcove to the right until it stops, then 
 climb up the stairs near the chandelier.  At the top, hop west to find a 
 chain you can pull.  The reason you put the box there was so you can pull 
 the chain all the way out, raising the chandelier.  Run like a crazed 
 weasel under the chandelier, and up the stairs.  Take out the Bubbles on 
 the way.  At the top, grab the COMPASS at the far end, then start rotating 
 the pillar in this room, opening the way to a SMALL KEY (watch out for the 
 Redead Knight), and its corresponding door to the east.

Southern Passage - Follow this passage, taking out the Stalkin and Redead 
 Knights you find along the way.  Hear that sound?  Turn on your senses and 
 you'll find another spot to dig at.  Pull the chain and you'll unearth the 
 third Foul Poe.  Take him out for his soul and flame.  Now, head through 
 the north door.

Sunken Room - From the chest in this room, take the SMALL KEY.  Uh oh.  
 You're all slowed down, now.  Is this a glitch?  Heck no.  Turn on your 
 senses to see all the Ghost Rats chewing on you.  Take them out with a 
 spin attack, and any others that are running around the room.  With them 
 out of your hair, you're free to jump across the gap to the east side of 
 the room.

Room of Four Torches (2F) - Hop across the chandelier to the east door and 
 head on through.

Eastern Chandelier Room - Head down the path to the left, then hop down and 
 push the box all the way forward into the divot ahead.  This opens the path 
 back to the beginning Four Torches Room.  You can go inside a little ways 
 to find a chest with 20 RUPEES.  Climb up onto the box and grab the chain 
 to raise the chandelier.  Once all the way out, you can run over to the 
 other side of the room for 20 RUPEES in a chest.  The way through the room, 
 though, is to stand UNDER the chandelier, in the little sunken spot, until 
 it drops.  The hole will pass through you, allowing you to climb up onto 
 the chandelier itself.  Leap out east to reach the doorway there.

Eastern Vaults - Knock down the boards to enter the room, then face off 
 against the Stalfos Knight.  If you know anything about these guys, you 
 know that you have to knock them to the ground, then set a Bomb next to  
 them to scatter their bones and finish them off.  Take the two chests in 
 the corners for 5 BOMBS and another 5 BOMBS.  Leave by the south door.

Altar Room - This area has six torches: one in front and five lined up in 
 the back.  If you light the wrong torch, it will release a small horde of 
 Stalkin to deal with.  The correct torches are found by turning on your 
 senses, revealing the front torch, and the back right torch.  Light both 
 up to open the way to the next room.

Lantern Catacomb - Another one of these rooms.  The real Foul Poe is on the 
 wall to your left.  The fight with this one will be a bit more involved 
 than the others.  It will leave three other copies of itself behind.  You 
 need to figure out which one's the real one.  Once they stop circling 
 around you, one will glow.  You need to be quick to spot him to attack, or 
 you'll be attacked.  If you catch him, strike with a jumping attack and 
 repeated bite.  Two of those will drop it, allowing you to take the last 
 soul and flame.  Leave by the north door.

Eastern Chandelier Room - Hop down onto the chandelier and clawshot the 
 target over the western door.  Head through.

Room of Four Torches - Door's open.  What are you waiting for?

Central Machinery - Well, this certainly is an odd room.  Especially all that 
 stuff on the floor.  You can't do anything about it now, so head west.

Long Shaft - Hop down the shaft.  This is another column you can rotate, 
 only this one raises and lowers the platform you're on.  Push it clockwise 
 (looking from above) to lower it, and counter-clockwise to raise it.  For 
 now, raise the platform until you can enter the east passage.  Don't go 
 south, because that has a spike barrier.  Go east and circle around to find 
 a chest with a SMALL KEY.  Lower the platform all the way to the bottom 
 (there's really nothing else here but some pots and Bubbles) and unlock the 
 door at the bottom.

Spiked Hall - As I just described, there are many spike barriers in this 
 area.  First, turn into a wolf, because Ghost Rats haunt this room, then 
 head east, then south as far as you can go, then west to the wall, then 
 south one square, then east all the way, then south to the Redead Knight.  
 Slay him to get him out of the way (because he WILL get in the way), then 
 head back north and west, then south to the pile of skulls.  There's a 
 chain on the wall here.  Use it to open the vault door.  Hurry around the 
 spikes and through the door.  Head east past the spike traps, just watch 
 out for the Poison Mites.  At the end of this room, go south to find 
 OOCCOO in a pot.  Free her, then go north through the door.

Rotating Bar Room - Watch for Poison Mites, then follow the bar trap around 
 the room until you reach the north side (watch for the sand, too, it'll 
 slow you down).  In the large room, take out the three Stalfos Knights (two 
 to your right, one further to your left) to open the gate near the bar.  
 Run around until you get to the west exit, then pull out your Lantern to 
 drive away Poison Mites, and start crossing the unsteady blocks in the 
 sand.  Hop across at the end, then head through the north door.

Chained Vault - Well, looks like we're trying to keep something here, eh?  
 Slash the ropes holding the sword down to release your enemy:

 This ghoul is at first invisible.  Look at it through your senses and wait 
 for its spectre to brighten, then attack hard.  This will make it visible.  
 It will float around the perimeter of the room, occasionally flinging balls 
 of darkness at you.  Fire an arrow at it to force it into a sweeping attack.  
 It will get close, so slash it to drop it to the ground, where you can slash 
 it repeatedly.  Repeat this pattern until it is destroyed.

 Head through the northern door and open the chest at the end to find the 
 SPINNER.  Use it on the tracks along the wall to ride to the beginning of 
 the room.

Rotating Bar Room - Hop on the track to your left using the Spinner and 
 ride it onto the sand.  Press B to hop off the track and steer towards the 
 one on your right, carrying you up to the door.  Enter it.

Great Sand Vault - This large room will give you a lot of practice using 
 the Spinner.  There are also several chests here.  Let me break it down.  
 Ride the Spinner over to the near left chest to find 10 BOMBS.  Go again 
 east to find a chest with 20 RUPEES.  Go east on the Spinner, then curve 
 north to solid ground to find a chest with 10 RUPEES.  Now, spin south and 
 sort of east-ish to ride the track across from you and up and over to the 
 west room with a rotating bar.  At the far end, take out the Stalfos 
 Knight and take the PIECE OF HEART.  Spin onto the track, following the 
 rotating bar, then jump to the right track, then back to the left track 
 to be spun into the southeast corner.  Jump off and get to the central 
 platform, then spin yourself so you're climbing the track to the right.  
 Simply ride it to the end and you'll be carried to the north area.  To the 
 west are two Stalfos Knights and a chest with 10 RUPEES.  Go east up the 
 ramp (or spin there, if you wish), then head for the small set of tracks 
 leading to the door on the west.  This is a tough run, because you have to 
 jump across the tracks so you miss the spinning blades.  It's not easy, 
 but it's doable.  Head through the door at the top.

Central Machinery - We're back here, and almost done.  Take the BIG KEY in 
 front of you.  Spin along the track back to the center of the room, then 
 drop the Spinner in the slot.  Rotate repeatedly until you can get the 
 walls to rotate, then head north.  Spin on the outer track and ride up the 
 side until you're some distance above the central platform, then jump off 
 to that center.  Drop the Spinner in the slot and rotate again to raise 
 the central track, then hop on it and ride up to the Big Key Door and enter.

 Head to the center of the room and Zant will appear.  He will animate the 
 bones below you, which will attack.  Now, note there's a big track along 
 the outside.  We'll be using that track, of course.  Stallord won't do 
 much besides take swipes and breathe muck at you.  Your target is the 
 spinal column sticking out of the sand.  Jump off the track and Spinner 
 Attack at the spine to bust some of its bones.  Watch out for the muddy 
 Staltroop he calls from the sand, as they'll block your spinning.  Once you 
 hit the column once, some spinning blades will appear on the track, and 
 more Staltroop will be risen to block your strike.  For the third strike, 
 even more blades will appear, and more Staltroop will arise.  You may have 
 to bounce off a few of the corpses to get a decent shot at the column.  
 Stallord will fall after that.  Now, drop your Spinner in the center of the 
 room and spin the platform to the top.  Uh oh.  He's back, and just a 
 floating head.  You now need to ride up the track along the central pillar.  
 As you do so, Stallord will be in front of you, shooting fireballs, so 
 jump off and hit the far side of the room to dodge, then jump back after 
 the next one.  After four fireballs, he'll get close enough for you to jump 
 out and Spinner Attack him.  You'll both crash to the ground, giving you a 
 free shot at the sword on the skull.  Jump slash it repeatedly to cause a 
 lot of damage, then he'll get back up and you'll begin again, only with 
 spinning blades on the inner track.  You'll have to avoid those in addition 
 to the fireballs.  Knock him down again and you'll have to do it once more, 
 with spinning blades on BOTH tracks.  Three times ought to do it, destroying 
 the evil blade and ending this battle.

 Take the Heart Container, then leave by the door.


Gerudo Desert

You're outside, but still in the tower.  Climb up the stairs to the top, then 
face five more Shadow Assassins to create a portal up here.  Spin to the top 
of the central statue and spin the gear repeatedly to raise the mirror.  
Watch the scene.

Heart Count: 12 and 3/5
Poe Count: 41

4M. A Bad Smell (Snowpeak) =

Warp to Castle Town from here.


Castle Town

Head to Telma's Bar and you'll learn Ashei has gone north to Snowpeak.  Warp 
to Zora's Domain.


Zora's Domain

Head outside and dive off the waterfall.  Head east to dry land and you'll 
find that the road to Snowpeak is open (it's actually been open for some 



Ashei's right there in front of you.  Speak to her and she'll hand you a 
sketch of the beast she saw.  Go back to Zora's Domain and show it to the 
Zoras.  Most will mention that they've seen Ralis catching those kind of 
fish the creature is holding.  Warp to Kakariko.


Kakariko Village

Head to the Zora grave where Ralis has been hanging out these past few... 
let's say... weeks and show him the sketch.  He'll give you the CORAL 
EARRING, which will be attached to your Fishing Rod.  Now, you can catch 
Reekfish.  Go back to Zora's Domain.


Zora's Domain

Dive down to the basin of the waterfall.  Head for dry land to the west.  
You more than likely can see the fish here, already.  Cast your rod into 
the water and pull up a Reekfish.  Peeeyeew!  Turn into a wolf and remember 
that smell.  You'll now have a trail of fish stench, whereby you can track 
the beast who's been down here.  Head up to Snowpeak now.



Turn on your senses and start chasing the scent.  First, cross the ice floes 
in the frozen lake, being careful not to touch the icy water.  Once you're 
across, you need to begin your climb.  Be sure to follow the scent pretty 
closesly, because if you stray to far, you'll be "lost" in the blizzard.  
Go up the path.  There are points where the scent goes straight up a wall.  
Look for a path leading up or some ledges you can climb.  Near the top, 
you'll find a spot where it just goes up a short ways, but there are no 
nearby ledges.  Smack into the wall, there, to lower a snow drift, allowing 
you to climb up.  Continue to follow the trail, past a Howling Stone.  Use 
it to make another Golden Wolf appear, but don't go yet.  You don't want to 
ruin a good run, do you?  Follow the scent and it will disappear into a 
wall.  Dig there.

In this cave, watch out for Ice Keeses.  Climb the ladder, then the vines 
later to the top, then open the door at the end.  At the top, you'll find 
three Shadow Assassins.  Take them out to make a portal, and the blizzard 
will clear.  Actually, now would be a good time to go to Kakariko Village and 
find the Golden Wolf and the SIXTH HIDDEN SKILL, the Jump Strike.

Speak to Yeto, by the tree.  He may look imposing, but he's a nice 
fella.  He'll invite you to ice sled with him.  Roll into the tree to drop 
a sled, then press A to hop on.  All you need to do is slide down the path.  
Hold A to crouch, then release to jump.  Don't do too much foolish stuff
(unless you REALLY want to).  Just keep to the path, and make jumps where 
you need to.  At the end, you'll find a large mansion-like area.  This is 
your dungeon.  Yes, already.

Heart Count: 13
Poe Count: 45

4N. Of Yetis and Soup (Level 5 Dungeon) =

Snowpeak Ruins

Your typical "ice dungeon".  Slippery floors, icy foes, and two peaceful 
yetis.  Don't be afraid to try the soup.

Main Foyer - Right in front of you is a Poe.  The only place you can really 
 go here, is straight ahead.

Living Room - Speak to Yeta, Yeto's wife and she'll mention the mirror and 
 give you the DUNGEON MAP.  Right off the bat.  Head to the west.

Kitchen - Talk to Yeto and he'll offer you soup.  It only restores two 
 hearts, but you can use this as a place to quickly heal up if you need to.  
 Also, head south around the shelves and you'll find OOCCOO in a pot.  Head 

Western Store Room - Yay, block-pushing puzzles!  You can't touch the 
 frozen block, but it can still be used as a stopping point.
 Block 1 = NW block, Block 2 = SE block
 1. Push Block 2 west.
 2. Push Block 1 east.
 3. Push Block 1 south.
 4. Push Block 1 west.
 5. Push Block 1 south.
 This will open the door to the southeast.  Head on through.

Western Corridor - Dig through the hole to the east.

Main Courtyard - You'll note the bedroom tower in the back, and the cannon 
 on the platform.  You'll fight three White Wolfos, here.  Once they're 
 defeated, look at that brown spot in the ground.  Dig up a chest and you'll 
 find a SMALL KEY in it.  Also, open the chest to the south to find 
 20 RUPEES.  Head through the door to the west.

Western Corridor - Take out the two small Freezards in this corridor and 
 proceed north.

Northwest Gallery - Take out the three small Freezards and head west.

Northwest Ballroom - Head for the door and you'll be attacked by two Chilfos.  
 Destroy them and move on.

Western Alcove - Take the ORDON PUMPKIN from the chest.  Hmm, that's no 
 big key.  Head south.

Western Store Room - Climb up and over to the main part of the room, then 
 head south.

Kitchen - Talk to Yeto to give him the pumpkin.  The soup now becomes 
 "Good Soup" and will restore four hearts when drank.  Head back east.

Living Room - Talk to Yeta and she'll open another door for you and mark 
 another spot on your map.  Head through the northeast door.

Main Courtyard - Turn into a wolf so you can fight the White Wolfos here.  
 You can't do anything with anything, just yet, so head through the northeast 

Northeastern Storage - There are several Freezards in this room, so take 
 them all out.  There's also a cannonball sitting on the ice.  Carry it over 
 to the northeast corner where the cannon is sitting, place it inside, then 
 place a Bomb in aftewards to fire the cannon.  Fire it to the west to find 
 a chest with 5 BOMBS.  You can grab the handles and rotate it, too, so point 
 it south and fire again to clear the ice blocking the south door.

Ruined Ballroom - Big hole in the floor, here.  The rafters you can walk 
 on are also pretty icy, so I suggest firing arrows at the Freezards on the 
 ground, and at the Ice Keeses above.  Walk along the rafter on the east 
 side south until you slide down.  Don't continue forward, as you'll slide 
 right off the edge.  Instead, hop to the west, then again to find a chest 
 with 20 RUPEES.  Follow the rafter west to find another chest with the 
 COMPASS in it.  Okay, what now?  Clawshot the targets on the north wall to 
 backtrack to the Main Courtyard.

Main Courtyard - With the compass, you can see a chest out here, but you 
 can't see it visibly.  Start digging at that spot and you should uncover 
 it completely after a couple of digs, finding a SMALL KEY.  Head through the 
 locked door to the east.

Eastern Corridor - Up above you to the north is a Freezard.  To the south is 
 a blocked path.  In front of you are several cannonballs.  Next to the door 
 is what let's call a cannonball ramp.  Pull the lever to lower the ramp to 
 your side, then throw a ball into the cup.  Head back west.

Main Courtyard - Pull the lever on this side of the door so the ball will 
 reach this room.   Put the cannonball in the cannon and fire it south to 
 clear the path to a chest with 5 BOMBS.  Fire the cannon north to destroy 
 the Freezard and open the path north.

Armory - Head north and the doors will seal off.

 This occupied suit of armor is armed with a big ball and chain.  It will 
 swing it in a circle, trying to hit you with its force.  When it gets close, 
 Clawshot the ceiling far behind it, and when it throws, dodge it, then rush 
 up to the armor and slash it from behind.  The target is tough to hit, so I 
 suggest using thrusts.  Stay clear of the ball though, because it hurts a 
 LOT.  A possible strategy (suggested by brotherauron) is to clawshot 
 directly above Darkhammer so that his swings will always go under you.

 Once the knight falls, take its BALL AND CHAIN.  Oooo.  Leave by the north 

Treasury - Use the Ball and Chain to smash the ice blocking your way and 
 take the ORDON GOAT CHEESE.  Also, destroy one of the suits of armor with 
 the Ball to find 100 Rupees.  Backtrack all the way to the Kitchen.  

Kitchen - Give the cheese to Yeto so he can now make Superb Soup.  Go back 
 to the Living Room.

Living Room - Speak to Yeta and she'll mark a new spot on your map and open 
 the last door.  Before we go, there's some cleanup to be done.  Head south.

Main Foyer - Head to the armors flanking the entrance.  Take out the middle 
 east armor to find 20 RUPEES, and the northwest armor to find 10 RUPEES, and 
 the midwest armor to find a Poe.  Now, go to the northeast room where you 
 first found a cannon you can use.
Northeast Storage - Also, you can use the Ball and Chain in this room on the 
 ice on the east side to find a chest with 20 RUPEES.  Head back to the 
 Living Room, then take the east door.

Eastern Staircase - Immediately take the door north.

Eastern Corridor - Push the block into the hole, then grab a cannonball and 
 place it in the ramp on the south door.  Head through.

Eastern Staircase - You can leave the cannonball for now.  Smash the ice 
 at the bottom of the stairs, then Z-target the big Freezard in the middle.  
 Watch his pattern closely, and as he sweeps away, rush up to the hole in 
 the cage and toss the Ball and Chain through there to take it out.  Head 
 further up the stairs to find another big Freezard to take out in much the 
 same way.  Smash the ice at the top of the stairs to uncover another 
 cannon.  Take the cannonball from the bottom and put it in that cannon, but 
 you don't need to fire it, yet.  Now, for a little something extra.  Note 
 the Clawshot target in the southeast corner of the room up here.  Also, 
 note the floor below you is nice and weak.  Ball and Chain the floor to 
 be able to drop down to a chest with a PIECE OF HEART.  Clawshot back up.  
 Now, leave by the north door up on this floor.

Ruined Ballroom (2F) - Smash the ice up here to uncover a Clawshot target 
 in case you fall.  Take out the Chilfos to your right.  Now, there's a 
 chandelier in front of you.  Z-target this and smash it with the Ball and 
 Chain to get it swinging.  Hop on and let it carry you to the other side, 
 then jump off and open the chest for a SMALL KEY.  Go back the same way, 
 and head through the south door.

Eastern Staircase - Unlock the door to the southwest.

Main Foyer - Smash the ice here to uncover a Clawshot target.  Now, there 
 are chandeliers you can use to cross to the northwest corner of this area.  
 You only need to use the one, but if you continue using chandeliers to the 
 south, you can cross to a chest with a PIECE OF HEART.  Cross back, or 
 just hop down and Clawshot up the northeast side and cross the one 
 chandelier to the northwest corner, and head through the door.

Frozen Room - This area is covered in ice and Freezards.  Smash it all, and 
 you'll find a Poe behind the ice to the west.  Head through the north door.

Western Store Room (2F) - Walk over to the left and push the block off the 
 edge.  This will allow you to return to this floor by climbing.  Head off 
 onto the ground and smash the ice surrounding the switch and the frozen 
 Block 1 = NE Corner, Block 2 = SW corner, Block 3 = Far south, on switch.
 1. Push Block 3 north.
 2. Push Block 1 south.
 3. Push Block 1 west.
 4. Push Block 1 north.
 5. Push Block 3 east.
 6. Push Block 3 south.
 7. Push Block 3 west.
 8. Push Block 3 north.
 This opens the upper door.  If you want the lower door open, push Block 1 
 east, south, west, then south.  Anyway, climb up to the second floor, and 
 take the southeast door.

Main Courtyard (2F) - From here, hop to the ruined wall so you can climb up 
 to the northwest corner.  I suggest killing all the Chilfos from long 
 range with Bomb Arrows so they don't stymie you.  Once in the northwest 
 corner, peek over the busted wall to the north to see a Clawshot target.  
 Claw to it, then head through the west door.

Northwest Ballroom (2F) - Smash the ice to create a Clawshot target, then 
 cross the chandeliers by pushing them with the Ball and Chain.  At the end, 
 you'll find a chest with a SMALL KEY.  Leave by the southern door.

Western Store Room (2F) - Leave by the south door on the second floor.

Frozen Room - Unlock the door to the east.

Eastern Staircase - Yes, this is part of that room.  Use the Ball and Chain to 
 smash the big Freezards.  Push the two blocks on the east wall out so you 
 can access the rest of the room.  Go towards the cannon (you did load it, 
 didn't you?) and fire it to the west, then place the cannonball on the ramp 
 on the north door and leave by it.

Main Courtyard (2F) - Smash the ice to create a clawshot target (again) and 
 load the cannon in front of you.  Point it to the northeast to bomb the 
 big Freezard.  Now, make your way over to the Eastern Corridor so you can 
 now climb the ladder, and head through the door on your right.

Chapel - Several Chilfos haunt this room.  Smash them all to open the 
 door to the BEDROOM KEY.  Head back out.

Main Courtyard - Yeta will appear here and lead you up to the bedroom.  
 Head up to the top of the ramp and open the door.

 This boss is a swirling mass of ice.  Your first task is to smash down 
 the big ice block repeatedly with the Ball and Chain.  As you keep 
 hammering it, it will become smaller and quicker, and it will also fire 
 out ice shards.  Once you've knocked it away, there's a second wind to 
 contend with: a floating ice mass.  This one has several crystals following 
 the main block, which will chase you and try to spear you.  Once they're 
 all on the ground, the main block will stab at you as well.  You need to 
 hit the main block three times.  To make this easier, it'd help to smash 
 the smaller blocks that chase you around as well.  Don't smash them all, 
 though, or else Blizzeta will replenish its stock.

 Once you smash Blizzeta for good, take the Heart Container, and Midna will 
 take the Mirror Shard.

Heart Count: 14 and 2/5
Poe Count: 48

4O. Those Lost in the Woods (Sacred Grove) =

Return to Castle Town once again to get an update on the situation and the 
folks will mention that Rusl's out by the Forest Temple, so head out to 
Faron Woods.


Faron Woods

Walk up to Rusl, standing on a stump near the Forest Temple road.  He'll 
bring up a golden Cucco.  One that apparently can fly quite far.  Pick it 
up and leap off to the north to the root sticking out, then again northeast 
to the next root.  Finally, leap to the ledge leading to the Sacred Grove.  
Don't drop him, yet, though.  Walk out and use the Boomerang on the far-off 
rotating platform, then float over there with the Cucco.  Rotate the 
platform again, then walk over and time your leap past the swinging logs, 
then into the grove.


Sacred Grove

The Skull Kid is still here, and now, you're playing with him as a human.  
Instead of going to the only path possible, you now have every path possible.  
You just have to find him.  To follow him properly, look in the room ahead 
for his lantern glowing.  If you see it, tail him.  If you can hear his 
horn, you know you're close, so strike him, or shoot him with an arrow, if 
he's out of range.  You shouldn't really need a detailed walkthrough, nor a 
map (since it's really tough to make one of this place).  Just look for the 
light and listen for the horn.  After the third hit, you'll follow him into 
the ruined area you were in earlier, and you'll fight him again.  This is 
much simpler than last time, though.  Simply shoot him with arrows when you 
can get a clear shot three times, and he'll let you into a "secret place".

This "secret place" is actually just above where you entered as a wolf.  
Push the block down so you can get back up here if you go down.  Head 
forward and you'll notice a statue (like the ones you played with before) 
in front of a door.  Head all the way down to the Master Sword's stone and 
press A in front of it to strike it.  This will remove the statue in front 
of the door.  Head back to the main area and you'll be attacked by five 
Shadow Assassins.  Disperse them to make the portal.  Now, climb back up to 
where the statue disappeared and open the door.  Whoa, freaky!  You seem to 
be in a state where the temple is complete.

Just to let you know, there's a Golden Bug in here, and it SHOULD be your 
last one.  Take it, then disrupt this quiet moment by taking off for Castle 
Town.  Give Agitha the last of the Golden Bugs and she'll give you the 
GIANT WALLET.  Return to the Sacred Grove and reenter gray land.

Okay, back to business.  Head further into the temple and strike the Master 
Sword stone again, creating stairs into the temple.  Head up and in.  Wow, 
that was easy, eh?

Heart Count: 14 and 4/5
Poe Count: 51

4P. Standing Still in Time (Level 6 Dungeon) =

Temple of Time

The truth about the temple was not that it entrapped a hero for seven years 
in time until it was time for him to save Hyrule.  The "time" nature of the 
temple was that it existed outside of time, sort of in a "timeless space", 
a place where it did not deteriorate.  Anyway, this ancient building is 
very tall, and you get quite an interesting new item, here.

Tower, First Floor - As you walk up the steps in front of you, Midna will 
 mention statues.  Turn on your senses to see that a statue used to exist, 
 there.  Behind you are two platforms, one with a button on it, one with an 
 oddly-shaped little statue.  Place that little statue on the button (or a 
 pot, anything heavy works) to raise a platform near the back stairs.  Walk 
 up and down the other side to find two torches.  Light them and take the 
 SMALL KEY that appears.  Head up and south and you'll run into OOCCOO 
 automatically.  Go up and through the south door.

Second Floor Corridor - Take out the Gohma here, then pick up a pot and set 
 it on the button to open the gates (and close others).  Take the 30 ARROWS 
 from the chest to the south, then head west, past the open gate, and shoot 
 an arrow back at the pot on the button to release it, opening the gate 
 further ahead.  As you climb the steps, a Lizalfos will charge you, so 
 deal with him, then proceed up to the next room.  There are three Lizalfos 
 in here, and one Armos.  Take them out to reveal a chest with the DUNGEON 
 MAP.  Also, take the chest on the south wall for 20 RUPEES.  Place pots or 
 the two small statues on the buttons to open the gates.  Proceed up the 
 stairs and open the door at the end.

Tower, Third Floor to Fifth Floor - There are a great number of Lizalfos here.  
 Fight them all and proceed up the stairs.  At the gap in the stairs, ride 
 the Spinner along the walls.  At the top, you'll find an odd circular 
 lever on the center structure (watch the spinning blades).  At the south 
 end of this structure, you'll find two buttons you need to weigh down.  
 Go to the west up here to find a little statue to place there.  For the 
 other, you need to use the lever.  Push it clockwise to lower it to the 
 bottom.  You can take out all the Gohma Larvae down here to stop the 
 electric barrier.  Grab the statue and place it on the elevator, then 
 push it counter-clockwise once to raise it back up.  Take the statue to 
 the buttons and set it on the other one, then quickly hop onto the platform, 
 as you need to ride it up, and won't be able to climb it.  Head through the 
 door to the south.

Fifth Floor Gallery - There are two Armos here.  Destroy both to make a 
 chest appear with a SMALL KEY in it.  You can also take the 20 RUPEES in 
 the chest at the top of the room.  Leave by the door you came in.

Tower, Third Floor to Fifth Floor - Go around the elevator to the north door 
 and unlock it.

Fifth Floor Passage - The switch here will move walls so you can pass, so 
 hit it once.  Also, shoot the Beamos in this room so you can pass without 
 pain.  Once in the center, fire an arrow at the switch again so you can 
 continue on.  In the last area, open the chest with the COMPASS, then hit 
 the switch once more so you can continue up.  Take out the Lizalfos on the 
 way, then you'll enter a new room.  This one has the crystal switch on a 
 ledge so you can hit it from just about anywhere.  Use those stone circles 
 on the floor as spots to fire from.  Shoot it once to move the walls and 
 pass, then fight the Lizalfos and new Armored Lizalfos.  Shoot again so 
 you can move to the next area, wasting another Armored Lizalfos.  Shoot 
 again so you can get up the stairs to the next room.

Room of Balance - In the back of this room is a large scale.  On the floor 
 are a ton of Gohma and Larvae.  Destroying them all creates a chest with 
 50 RUPEES in it.  Make your way up the stairs and you can see the balance.  
 Here's how it goes.  You can climb off the side of a lowered balance, but 
 you cannot climb between the two balances if your side is lower.  What you 
 need to do is take the statue on the right-hand one and toss it onto the 
 left-hand one.  You weigh the same as two statues, so it will balance.  
 Cross, then climb up the left side and head through the door.

Seventh Floor Passage - Shoot the Beamos and avoid all the blades.  Proceed 
 up the right-hand stairs.  At the top, fight all the Lizalfos and time 
 your movements so you can get past the rolling log and the swinging blade 
 to open the chest for a SMALL KEY.  Now, time your movements past the 
 blade and both logs to get the statue in the corner, and place it on the 
 nearby button to remove the electric field and continue up the stairs.  At 
 the top, destroy all Gohma Larvae to create a chest with 50 RUPEES, and 
 destroy both Armos to open the gates up the stairs.  Unlock the door at 
 the end of this passage.

Tower Apex - You'll head in and find the statue at the top.  You'll also 
 face this area's miniboss, a Darknut.  I describe them in more detail in 
 the Enemies section (because this certainly isn't the last one you'll face), 
 but suffice to say that it's a powerful sword fighter.  You need to wait 
 until it swings for your opening to hack its armor off.  Once all that's 
 done, he'll have a second wind with just a smallsword, so be ready.  
 Once he's defeated, you'll be able to take the DOMINION ROD from the chest.  
 Immediately use the Rod on the statue up above.  It mimics your movements, 
 so walk away and it will walk the same direction.  Experiment with this, 
 and be sure to press B with it so you know it can swing that big hammer.  
 Direct the statue onto the green circle below the glowing bell.  This is 
 how the statue goes between floors, and what you now need to do is get the 
 statue down to the bottom floor so you can reach the end.  Leave this 

Seventh Floor Passage - The statue is right in front of you.  Press B while 
 controlling it to have it swing its hammer, which can destroy lots of 
 things, like the gate in front of you.  Place a pot or small statue on the 
 center button to lower the platform.  Move the big statue onto it, then 
 remove the item from the button to raise it up.  Direct the statue down the 
 stairs.  Have him go ahead of you and stand on the button to remove the 
 electric barrier.  Disengage control, then pass through, then control him 
 again and start smashing the traps.  Yes, my pet.  Destroy.  Ahem.  Continue 
 down the stairs.  The bell is down here.  Smash all the blades and the 
 Beamos to reveal a button.  Use the Dominion Rod on one of the little 
 statues to bring it down, then move it onto the button to raise the big 
 one.  Move the big statue under the bell to transport it, then head out 
 the room.

Room of Balance - Okay.  Your objective is to get the big guy across the 
 balance and to the bottom of the room, but we do have something else to do 
 here, first.  Move the big statue onto the left balance to weigh that side 
 down.  Now, hop off from this side, and go around to the right side.  The 
 right side should stay up, so you can climb onto the little pillar 
 northeast of the balance.  From that pillar, you can Clawshot the ceiling 
 in the center of the room.  Head to the edge of the room and use the Spinner 
 to ride around the perimeter to the west end.  There's a Poe here, and a 
 chest with 20 RUPEES in it.  Head through the west door.

Treasure Room - Destroy the Helmasaurs and Armos, here, then Clawshot up to 
 the top of the room.  Take the chest with 20 RUPEES in it.  You need to 
 hold down all four buttons up here.  Place the two nearby statues as 
 normal.  A third is found on a little ledge above that you need the Rod to 
 help bring it down.  No more statues.  Ah, but wait.  Look out over the 
 edge.  See those Helmasaur shells?  Clawshot one to grab it to you, then 
 place it on the last button, opening the gate to the BIG KEY.  Leave this 

Room of Balance - The big statue has been replaced, so move him back to the 
 left-hand balance.  Take the little statue that's also sitting there and 
 toss it to the right side.  Now, climb back up the left side, jump off to 
 the floor, and climb the steps and step on the right side, which will lower 
 it to balance (the big guy weighs as much as four statues, or two statues 
 and you).  Direct the big statue onto the right balance (you may need a 
 couple of tries so you don't step off yourself).  Now that it's on the 
 right balance, you need to get it OFF the right balance.  Toss the two 
 little statues onto the left balance.  You need more statues, and you can 
 get them on a ledge just above the right balance.  Dominate them off and 
 toss them onto the left balance.  With you not standing on either, it 
 should balance.  Move the big statue down the stairs and under the bell.  
 That was the hardest part.  Leave this room.

Fifth Floor Passage - Hit the switch to move the walls once you're next to 
 the statue (on its side, there).  The statue will be blocked in, but his 
 hammer can make its own entrance.  Smash the wall and move the statue onto 
 the button to remove the electric barrier.  Walk to his side and open the 
 chest to get a PIECE OF HEART.  Now, go back on the other side of the 
 field and move the statue over to your side.  Smash the wall and go with 
 it all the way downstairs to the next area.  Smash the wall blocking your 
 way and direct it under the bell.  Leave this room.

Tower, Third Floor to Fifth Floor - Before we get to work on the big guy, 
 let's clean up a little in this area.  Drop down to the floor.  Head to 
 the eastern gate and Dominate one of the little statues on the upper ledge 
 there.  Drop it onto the button so you can access the Poe.  Also, go back 
 up to the elevator and drop little statues on the two buttons to the 
 south again, to go through the southern door.

Fifth Floor Gallery - There are a bunch of Gohmas in this room, now.  Clear 
 them out, then look on the ledges on the southeast corner to see a little 
 statue.  Dominate it and lead it along its little ledge to the button at 
 the end.  Take another little statue sitting in the middle of the room and 
 toss it up the southwest side and dominate it onto the other button.  Both 
 buttons pressed will make a chest with a PIECE OF HEART appear.

Tower, Third Floor to Fifth Floor - Now, go onto the elevator and rotate it 
 counter-clockwise to bring it up to where the big statue is.  Move the 
 statue onto the elevator, then rotate twice clockwise to bring it down.  
 Move the statue around, stomping all the Gohma Larvae, then out to the 
 north.  Have it bash down the gate and enter the bell.  Almost done.  Head 
 back to the next room.

Second Floor Corridor - Head down to the gate and Clawshot to the ceiling so 
 you can get over it.  Drag the statue down the stairs to the bottom and to 
 the bell, then head to the next room.

Tower, First Floor - FINALLY.  Move the statue to its proper place alongside 
 the other and the door will open.  Head on through.

Ruined Corridor - Well geez.  The rest of the place was so nice and pristine, 
 and now we have to deal with this?  Hop across, avoiding the traps and 
 shooting the eyes out of Beamos.  Look for a little statue on your left 
 and carry it to the button at the end.  Drop it on and hop past the gate.  
 Dominate the same statue and move it off the button to switch gates so you 
 can go through the Big Key Door.

 This armored crawlie (well, I can't say "arachnid", they just did) likes 
 to spend most of its time on the ceiling, stopping for a moment to unleash 
 a laser beam eye at you.  Keep watching it, because once it opens its eye, 
 that's your cue to let an arrow fly into it.  It'll drop to the ground on 
 its back.  Now the fun begins.  Go to the statue it dropped in front of and 
 Dominate it, then hit B to bring a huge metal fist down upon the spider.  
 Ouch.  It'll crawl back up to the ceiling and unleash a ton of Larvae at 
 you.  Use an exploding weapon, or perhaps your Energy Field attack to level 
 the playing field, there, then wait for another eye-opening and pound 
 again.  Do the same once more and it will be destroyed.  Not.  The eye will 
 now be a separate little spider, followed by a ton of Larvae.  In this 
 pathetic second wind, simply shoot the eye with a few more arrows and it's 
 all over.

 Take the Heart Container and leave.

Heart Count: 16 and 1/5
Poe Count: 53

4Q. Aiming High (Hyrule Field) =

Well, while you're still in here, you can use the Dominion Rod on the owl 
statues in here for a few more things (Poe and Piece of Heart, only 
mentioning these because they're so close by).

Leave the grounds and the Dominion Rod, having left the timeless space, will 
lose its power.  Well, dang.  Head back to Castle Town.


Castle Town

You'll get a letter on the way from Renado, and visiting Telma's Bar will 
tell you Shad's in Kakariko, so head back that way.


Kakariko Village

Go to the Sanctuary and speak to Renado.  He'll give you RENADO'S LETTER.  
Take it to Castle Town.


Castle Town

Give the letter to Telma and she'll mention the doctor and give you the 
INVOICE.  Head to the Clinic on the west side of town and enter.  Talk to 
the doctor, then give him the invoice.  Wooden carving, eh?  Go to the back 
of the office and push the box out of the way to reveal some fumes.  Sniff 
them as a wolf to get the Medicine Scent.  Follow it outside, then through 
the town (don't mind the screams of civilians) and you'll follow it to 
Telma's Bar.  Talk to Louise the cat outside and she'll mention that she 
took the statue, but it was stolen by a pack of Stalhounds, just south of the 
castle.  Wait until night, then head to that area.  They should pop up not 
too far from the pass to the next area south.  Take out all the Stalhounds 
and the last should drop the WOODEN STATUE.  Head back to Kakariko.


Kakariko Village

Show the statue to Ilia and she'll remember her captivity.  Gor Coron will 
point out that the statue is from the Hidden Village, just north of the 
Bridge of Eldin.  Warp there, and head north to the suspension bridge (or 
warp to Castle Town and go around the long way if you haven't repaired the 
bridge, yet).  Once you get to that area, go into the cave.


Hidden Village

Inside, Darbus will speak to you, telling you that there are 20 Bullblins 
inside.  You need to defeat all twenty before you can save the person trapped 
here.  There are a couple of ways you can do it.  My advice is to follow 
Darbus' advice: take as many out as you can from a distance.  The combined 
Hawkeye and Bow work well, here.  If you wish, though, you can just charge 
in and gung-ho it.  There are archers all over the place: on balconies, 
inside buildings, on rooftops, on watchtowers.  It shouldn't be too hard to 
find them all: just listen for the grunts and arrows flying.  Once all are 
down, Impaz will come out of her house and you can speak to her.  She'll 
give you ILIA'S CHARM.  Also, show her the Dominion Rod and she'll give you 
the ANCIENT SKY BOOK.  Well, technically, you're supposed to give Ilia the 
charm, and THEN she'll mention that Impaz knows about the Dominion Rod, but 
hey, let's cut a few corners in this runaround, shall we?  Okay, head on 
back to Kakariko.

Oh, and note that the last howling stone is behind the east house (crash 
through the back window).  Howl there to activate the last Golden Wolf and 
get the FINAL HIDDEN SKILL, the Great Spin.


Kakariko Village

Show Ilia's Charm to her and she'll regain her memory.  She'll realize that 
the charm was a gift for you, and you get the HORSE CALL.

Drop down the hole and speak to Shad.  Hand him the Ancient Sky Book and 
he'll recite the phrase in it, powering up the Dominion Rod again.  Your 
objective now is to travel to each of the six Owl Statues marked on the 
map.  Move them with the Dominion Rod off their spots to find a glowing 
character underneath.  Of course, there's usually more you can do with these 
besides just moving them a bit, but that's covered in Heart Pieces and Extra 
Rupee sections.
 1. Faron Woods - North of Curo's house is a bombable rock.  The Owl Statue 
  is in the section behind it.
 2. Hyrule Field (Kakariko Gorge) - At the north end of the area.
 3. Hyrule Field (Eldin Bridge Area) - At the north end of the bridge.
 4. Hyrule Field (East of Castle Town) - South, at the ruined area 
  overlooking the lake.  You need to move the statue in between the pillar 
  it's on and the nearby stairs.
 5. Hyrule Field (Great Bridge of Hylia) - In the north end, ironically, not 
  very far from #4, spatially.  Move the statue under the hanging vines, 
  then Clawshot the vines and drop onto the statue, then hop to the spot.
 6. Gerudo Desert - In the mid-south area.  You should see some pillars and 
  the like surrounding it, and you'll need to position the statue so you 
  can jump across to the character panel.

Having found all six, return to Shad under the Sanctuary.  He'll activate 
the statue.  Now, move it with the Dominion Rod and head inside.  Shad will 
follow you.  You'll both note the big old cannon sitting in the middle.  
Talk to Shad and he'll leave, allowing you to use Midna to warp the cannon.  
Warp it to Lake Hylia.

NOTE: CAUTION: DANGER!: DO NOT SAVE while in the preceding room!  If you 
save after Shad follows you in, but before you tell him to leave, the game 
will glitch, and when you load back up, Shad will not be there, so you 
cannot tell him to leave, and cannot warp either, effectively getting you 
stuck in the room.  Just finish your stuff with the cannon and you can save 
anytime after.


Lake Hylia

With the cannon behind you, talk to Fyer at his house and he'll offer to fix 
it up for 300 Rupees.  Well, you can easily get that amount from the chests 
near the Owl Statues (with a little work).  There are several other spots in 
the world for that kinda cash, too (see my section on Hidden Grottos and 
Extra Rupees).  Once the cannon's done, Clawshot into the back and BOOOOOM!

Heart Count: 17
Poe Count: 55

4R. Home of the Predecessors (Level 7 Dungeon) =

City in the Sky

The ancient sky city where the Oocca live is quite a piece of work, but it's 
currently being terrorized by a nasty dragon.  You'll have to use all your 
skills of moving through the air to get through this one.

Oustide, South End - Be advised that whenever you're in the "Outside" area, 
 a fierce wind blows every so often, sweeping you southwards, unless you're 
 anchored to something.  Anyway, sink down into the water with your Iron 
 Boots to find 20 RUPEES and 20 BOMBS.  Head to the west.  Watch out for 
 the Deku Babas.

Shop - Talk to OOCCOO inside and she'll offer to teleport you back to the 
 shop if you use her.  You can buy supplies here, if you wish.  Head back 

Outside, South End - Head to the north and to the door, minding the plant-
 life.  To open it, fire an arrow at the crystal switch above.

Central Building Entryway - Watch out for the blue blocks, because they 
 sink.  Grab one of the Oocca and use it to float down to the area in front 
 of you.  Fight off the Helmasaur and use the Clawshot on the vined pillar to 
 the northeast.  Drop off the pillar and clawshot an Oocca (like the one on 
 the wall) so you can use it to float further north.  Climb up to the door.

Central Building - There's a Big Helmasaur in front of you.  Dispose of him, 
 then go up the stairs and grab an Oocca.  Use it to float to the east side 
 of the room and leave by the door.

Outside, East End - Remember, watch the wind.  Turn south and use the 
 Clawshot to attach to the vines across the broken section.  Drop the 
 Spinner into the gear and rotate it to extend a bridge.  Clawshot back 
 over and head through the door.

Eastern Building (1F) - Go to the end of the room, then clawshot the ceiling 
 target above the chest.  Drop down and take the SMALL KEY, then clawshot 
 the mesh on the other side to get back and through the door.

Outside, East End - Proceed back to the central building.  Hey, what a jerk.

Central Building - Latch onto one of the vined pillars and drop into the 
 floor, then head west across the tiles to the door.

Outside, West End - Head to the south, taking out Babas, then drop the 
 Spinner into the gear at the end and rotate it to raise a bridge.  Cross 
 the bridge, watching out for Kargarocs, and enter the door at the end.

Western Pillar Room - Head around the left.  Look for the red crystal 
 switch and shoot it to stop one of the fans.  Now, clawshot to the western 
 pillar with vines on it, then drop down, and you're past two fans.  Head 

Western Shaft - Take the DUNGEON MAP and leave.

Western Pillar Room - Head south across the blue tiles to the door.

Western Open Room (1F) - Head south, then start hopping west across gaps, 
 avoiding the upward-facing fans when they gust.  Also, watch out in this 
 room for Tile Worms.  Remember, Boomerang them to get them out of their 
 holes.  Once past the first Tile Worm, turn north.  You can go east if 
 you want a chest with 10 RUPEES, or just go west, then south to the door.  I 
 know just reading me give out directions might end up being confusing, but 
 the path along the platforms is pretty obvious.

Western Roost - Take out the two Armored Lizalfos (you may find it easier 
 just to knock them down the holes).  Clawshot up to the vines above to 
 the south and climb up.  Look at the ball above you.  That's a Clawshot 
 target, and one that generally activates stuff, so grab it to activate a 
 fan in this room.  Grab one of the Oocca and float across, hitting the fan 
 at the right time to float up to the alcove across the way.  Go through 
 the door.

Western Open Room (2F) - Above you is a ball target.  Clawshot it to open a 
 door leading to a chest with 20 RUPEES (Oocca fly over to it, using the 
 wind gusts).  Fly further east using the Oocca and gusts to find a chest 
 with 50 RUPEES.  Now, float to the north through the crack in the wall, 
 then east to another ball target it.  Pull it to start a fan to the west.  
 Use that fan to float through the hole in the wall to the west.  Head 
 through the door.

Western Shaft - Your destination, as indicated, is the door at the very 
 bottom of this shaft.  Use the Oocca to float down there.  There are several 
 potential paths, really.  Just reach the bottom without falling off and 
 head through the door.

Western Alcove - Clawshot onto the ball target and wear the Iron Boots to 
 drop it, then lower yourself (don't just drop) and you'll enter the lower 
 room and face off against a Aeralfos.  In the fight with this guy, note the 
 shield he carries, and that it looks quite like a Clawshot target.  When the 
 Aeralfos raises his shield, use the Clawshot to ground him, then take your 
 shots.  Once grounded, he behaves much like an Armored Lizalfos, so fight 
 smart.  After several hits, it'll decide to fly around outside the room, 
 then back in.  After flying around a bit, it will go right into its 
 "shield-up" form, so make sure you're watching closely for it, then 
 striking after bringing it down.  Once it's finished, you'll be able to 
 clawshot up to the chest, which has another Clawshot in it, giving you 
 DOUBLE CLAWSHOTS.  To leave this room, you need to hit one of the small 
 targets in the ceiling, then move your way around so you can hit the 
 vines by the fan in the ceiling and climb out and through the door.

Western Shaft - Time to get out of this hole.  Double Clawshot the 
 targets in the area so you can ascend.  Climb all the way up to the ball 
 target hanging from the ceiling, then descend the chain so you can shoot 
 the target past the gate you just opened, because you need to get through 
 that gate quick before it closes.  Leave through the door.

Western Pillar Room (B1) - This is kinda cool.  Z-target the targets to 
 do a high-speed attach-detach run up the pillars.  You have to be kind of 
 quick because they will drop.  At the top, let go and open the chest to 
 find the COMPASS.  Leave by the door.

Outside, West End (B1) - You need to cross under the bridge to reach the 
 far end, now.  Attach to each of the mesh ceiling platforms.  When there's 
 a Deku Baba, you need to clawshot it on the stalk to detach it so you can 
 proceed safely.  At the end, clawshot the vines on the wall to your right 
 and climb on up and head through to the Central Building.

Central Building - Go out the east door by clawshotting across.

Outside, East End - To cross this gap, you need to use the Peahats that are 
 floating around.  Z-targeting should catch you the next Peahat in the 
 sequence that you need.  Just mind the Kargarocs.  Head through the door.

Eastern Building (1F) - Attach to the ceiling on the northeastern target and 
 lower yourself to the bottom.  Do that pillar-crossing thing you did last 
 building, then drop down at the last one.  Next, cross past the ruined 
 wall to target to the north, then to the target on the left to the south, 
 then to the mesh on the wall to the east.  Hop off and head north through 
 the wall.  There are ChuChus here.  Drop down to the floor below.  Take out 
 the Deku Babas on the ceiling to the east and clawshot the target.  Lower 
 yourself and hit the crystal switch to open the gate, then clawshot 
 through.  Clawshot all the way up using targets and mesh until you reach 
 a lot of solid ground in front of a door.  Now, from here, you can go to 
 the ruined wall to the south to find a chest with 20 RUPEES.  Further, go 
 west to find a chest with 10 BOMBS.  If you want, you can drop down the 
 south side near that chest to go to a lower area with Deku Babas and a 
 chest with 20 ARROWS.  Once you've collected all the items you want, head 
 through the north door.

Eastern Shaft - There's a Major Deku Baba in this room.  Boy, that brings back 
 memories, eh?  Once it and its cohorts are toast, clawshot up to the pillar 
 target on the east side, then to the vines to your right.  Climb up to the 
 top, then hop to the right to find 10 RUPEES, then hop off the pillar to 
 the floor below.  You need to cross this thin area.  You can either climb 
 up and walk slowly on it, or hang off and shimmy along it.  Either way, 
 climb up near the chest for 20 ARROWS.  Move to the Deku Baba and destroy 
 it, then move to the next platform, climb to the ledge and shimmy over to 
 the hanging Deku Baba and the chest with a PIECE OF HEART.  Now, shimmy 
 back over to the original side and look up to see a pillar target.  Attach, 
 then jump to the next one, then to the vines.  From that area, clawshot to 
 the high target in the center and drop down to the floor.  Take out the 
 Armored Lizalfos, then head through the door.

Eastern Rooftop - There's no wind up here.  Just thought I'd let you know.  
 This area is divided into sections split up by walls, and Peahats float 
 between them.  You need to attach to these Peahats and let them carry you 
 to the other sections.  Okay, first is the obvious Peahat floating from 
 the south.  Ride it over the wall to the next area.  The next one comes 
 from further south, so ride it over the next wall.  Drop down and head 
 east to find a chest with 20 RUPEES.  Now, attach to a Peahat that floats 
 even further south, to a Peahat near a tree.  Attach to that Peahat and 
 drop off.  Take out the Poe and get the 50 RUPEES in the chest.  Attach 
 to the Peahat you were riding earlier to be carried north.  Be careful to 
 lower yourself so you can ride through the actual hole in the wall, not 
 just the crack.  The next Peahat is further north and you have to be rather 
 exact to pass through the small hole.  Drop down to the lower floor and 
 take the chest with 5 BOMBS in it, then reattach to the Peahat quickly 
 before it starts going the other way, so you can drop onto the upper 
 floor and exit through the door.

Outside, East End - Okay, attach to the nearest Peahat and chain hop all 
 the way to the other side.  Go back to the southeast and go through the 

Eastern Rooftop - Open the chest here for a PIECE OF HEART, then go back.

Outside, East End - Cross to the central building and enter through the 

Central Building Rooftop - Not much left, now.  Take out the Lizalfos in 
 this area, then enter the door at this level.

Central Building (3F) - Take out the Helmasaurs and open the chest for 20 

Central Building Rooftop - Attach to the vines to the northeast.  Climb up to 
 the ledge.  I suggest shooting all the Kargarocs with arrows before turning 
 into a wolf and crossing the ropes.  After the first rope, go left, then 
 turn back and shoot arrows at the little Skullwalltulas on the walls, then 
 climb along the vines to a chest with 20 RUPEES.  Change into a wolf again 
 and head to the ropes to reach a spot with a Poe and 50 RUPEES.  Drop back 
 down and return to the northeast vines, and this time, go right after the 
 first rope and you'll eventually come to a door.

Central Building (4F) - Two big Helmasaurs, and a big blowing fan.  Put on 
 your Iron Boots so you can walk into the wind, and take out the bad guys any 
 way you can, then take the BIG KEY.  Also, attach to the ball target above.  
 Put on the Iron Boots and you'll stop the fan.  Head to the hole and 
 drop back down a room, then attach to the mesh above you and lower yourself 
 so you can go back to the original room.  From up here, attach to a high 
 ball target so you can start the fan pointing north outside.  Drop down 
 to the floor.  By the way, if you dropped down without starting up the 
 fan, you can get back to it.  Attach to the southwest pillar (the one you 
 can climb upon) and from there, you can hit the vines by the fan in the 
 ceiling, which gives you another chance.  Head north.

Outside, North End - Okay, here we go.  With the fan going, the panels 
 in front of you will rotate.  Attach to the first of these, then attach 
 to the others in succession as you get a chance to hit them.  At the end, 
 attach to the mesh of the north end fan and you'll find a chest with 
 50 RUPEES.  Drop down to the ground and head through the north door.

North Tower - Before you do anything else, take out the two Aeralfos 
 here.  Once they're kaput, attach to the mesh on the south side, then 
 attach to the rotating panels.  Look out from the non-moving panel and 
 hit the crystal switch to get it moving.  Attach panel to panel moving 
 up the tower.  You can drop off on ledges with pots and ChuChus if you 
 feel you need a boost, otherwise keep going to the top.  At the last non-
 moving one, hit another crystal switch to get it moving, then attach to the 
 red target above the door, drop down, and head through the Big Key Door.

 Well, first we have to get up to him.  On the pillar to your right is mesh 
 which you can attach to, so do so, then attach to the vines across from 
 you and climb up to the top.  Argorok will swoop down to challenge you.  
 His first strategy will be to swoop around and scrape the floor at you, 
 then hover and beat his wings to try to push you off.  When he gets into 
 wing-beating, put on the Iron Boots, then clawshot his tail, to drag him 
 to the ground, busting up his armor.  For the second round, he'll roost 
 on one of the poles instead of wing-beating.  Clawshot up a pole, then 
 to another one, and you should be high enough to reach his tail and drag 
 him down again.  With his armor gone, he'll stay up high.  Some Peahats 
 will be sprouted here, giving you new avenues to clawshot.  Climb up the 
 poles, then start hitting the Peahats and moving, because Argorok will 
 now be in fire-breath mode.  While he's breathing, clawshot around behind 
 him, then attach to his back.  From there, start stabbing that gem for all 
 you're worth.  You'll do that once more.  For the third time, Argorok will 
 get a bit fancy with his breathing, trying to breathe ahead of you in 
 the Peahat chain.  Don't fall for it.  Double back around the other way 
 and you'll reach his back.  Stab him up one more time and you'll have slain 
 the dragon.

 Take the Heart Container.  You now have a complete Twilight Mirror.


Your next objective is to return to the Mirror Chamber in the Gerudo Desert.  
Before you do that, there are a couple of things you can complete.

First of all, return to Castle Town and play the STAR game again.  With 
two Clawshots, it's possible to win his second game for the GIANT QUIVER.

Also, at this point, you can now complete the Cave of Ordeals in the Gerudo 
Desert.  There's more info on that in the pertinent section in the 
Sidequests section.

Lastly, the Cave of Ordeals houses what could be the last three Poes in the 
game.  If you've kept up during the game, you should be able to get all of 
them at this point.  Return to Jovani and the curse on him will be broken.  
He will give you 200 Rupees for your troubles.  Furthermore, if you return 
to his cat, Gengle, without any Rupees, Gengle will give you 200.

Once you're geared up, warp to the Mirror Chamber.  Approach the mirror and 
it will assemble.  Step on the glowing panel, then move up the stairs and 
press A to enter the Twilight Realm.

Heart Count: 18 and 3/5
Poe Count: 60

4S. A False God (Level 8 Dungeon) =

Palace of Twilight

This shady edifice houses your enemy, Zant.  You'll need to go against all 
his traps, minions, and powers to be able to win.

Palace Grounds - Don't worry about those beings in front of you.  They're 
 harmless Twili who have been taken by Zant's magic.  Head east and into 
 the building.

Eastern Palace Entry - Charge in and defeat all the monsters, including the 
 new Zant Mask enemy.  Once it's down, a chest with a SMALL KEY will appear.  
 Use the Clawshot to get up to the upper ledge and through the locked door.

Eastern Palace Inner - Go into the black fog to be automatically turned into 
 a wolf.  Take out the Zant Mask to make two chests appear, one to the 
 southwest which has the COMPASS, and one to the north which has a SMALL 
 KEY.  You can clawshot up on the west side, then look behind you for a 
 target on the ceiling.  Clawshot to it to reach an area with a chest with 
 100 RUPEES.  Clawshot up to the north ledge and go through the locked door.

Eastern Palace Sol Room - Head down and face against a Zant Image.  He 
 warps around the room, occasionally summoning balls of magic, which create 
 Shadow creatures of various kinds.  To effectively fight him, stand in the 
 middle of the room and keep turning and pressing Z to have as much of the 
 room in your field of vision as possible at all times.  When the Image 
 raises its arms, that's your cue to close and attack, preferably with a 
 jump slash for good damage.  Also, while in the center, the Image can 
 sometimes appear there.  The time it's there is long enough to get a slash 
 in.  Once you destroy the Image, it will release black fog.  Go up to the 
 hand (a Wallmaster) with the orb and slash it to make it drop the orb, 
 which is a Sol, which gives off light.  This light can damage enemies and 
 temporarily dispel black fog.  Also, there are certain circular holes you 
 can place it in which will create platforms you can use.  Of course, there's 
 bad news, too.  The bad news is that the Wallmaster isn't too happy you 
 took its thing, and will be slowly hovering over to it to get it back.  You 
 can stall it for a bit by luring it to you carrying the Sol, then getting 
 out of the way as it drops, then slashing it to stun it.  That gives you 
 some time to use the Sol as you need to.  So, stun the Wallmaster, and 
 place the Sol in the middle of the room to create stairs.  Now, run up the 
 stairs, and at the top, turn around and Clawshot the Sol before the 
 Wallmaster grabs it.  Leave by the door with Sol in hand.

Eastern Palace Inner - Okay, now you have to get the Sol to the center of 
 the black fog, again.  With this light, there are chests you can get, but 
 I say heck with those, right now.  You'll get another chance in a bit.  
 Stall the Wallmaster right away, then go to the center and drop it in to 
 make stairs.  Climb the stairs to the upper east ledge, then Clawshot the 
 Sol.  To get it up these small ledges, you'll have to toss it, so quickly 
 do so before the Wallmaster closes in.  At the top south end, drop off 
 and head through the door.

Eastern Palace Entry - Well, you won't need to drop the Sol, but you will 
 need to proceed up a ramp littered with Shadow creatures.  If you get hit, 
 you'll drop the Sol and it will roll down, so it's up to you whether you 
 wish to take your time and kill all the monsters, or just go for broke and 
 try to dodge them all.  Either way, leave by the door.

Palace Grounds - Phew.  No more Wallmaster (for now).  Carry the Sol around 
 and use it to dispel the evil on the Twili.  At the center, drop it in one 
 of the holes.  This will light a platform to the west.  Hop on and let it 
 carry you over to the west.

Western Palace Entry - Clawshot to the ceiling and wait for the platform 
 to move under you, then drop onto it.  Keep going forward, hopping across 
 platforms.  At the end is a chest with 50 RUPEES in it.  Slay the Zant Mask 
 and another chest will appear with a SMALL KEY in it.  Head north through 
 the door.

Western Palace Inner - In the fog are three Shadow Assassins.  Take them out 
 as you normally do, then take out one Zant Mask, then three Zant Masks.  
 Once all are kaput, a chest appears.  To get to all the chests in this 
 room, Clawshot to the targets on the northern wall, then claw to the 
 ceiling targets.  Move along them to reach all the alcoves with chests.  
 The northeastern chest has 50 RUPEES, the one further south has the 
 DUNGEON MAP.  The small one on the west side has another 50 RUPEES, and 
 the big one in the southwest has a SMALL KEY.  Go to the north door and 
 unlock it.

Western Palace Sol Room - Go forwards and face off against another Zant 
 Image.  This one can also fire magic blasts in addition to summoning 
 creatures.  Defeat it and take the Sol.  Place the Sol in the center of 
 the room to create stairs and climb up, clawshot the Sol and move on, all 
 the while staying ahead of the Wallmaster.

Wester Palace Inner - Another room where you have to place the Sol in the 
 center of the room to make stairs.  I'd like to take this opportunity to 
 give you a hint.  The first time you drop the Sol, you have to watch the 
 stairs go up, but the second time and so on, once you drop the Sol, you're 
 given a split second to move before the platforms go up.  Use this time to 
 make a break for the highest platform.  When it goes up, you go with it, 
 then you can hop onto safe ground and grab the Sol with little stress.  
 Anyway, get to the top of the stairs, grab the Sol, and leave by the south 

Western Palace Entry - This is a little more complicated, but not much.  
 Hop across the platforms until you get to the spot where there are two 
 glowing orbs.  Stand near these with the Sol in hand to start a platform 
 moving where you're standing.  Ride it patiently all the way to the door, 
 then hop off and leave.

Palace Grounds - Step on the light platform to be carried back to the center 
 area.  Place the second Sol and you'll be given the "dungeon item" here, 
 the Master Sword will be filled with GOLDEN LIGHT.  While in the Twilight 
 Realm, you'll cause more damage and you'll be able to disperse black fog 
 just by swinging your sword.  At this point, you can go back to the eastern 
 and western areas to get chests.  Let's break those down:

Eastern Palace Entry - Cut through the fog-fall to the northeast, then 
 clawshot up to find a chest with a PIECE OF HEART.

Western Palace Entry - Down in the black fog are two light platforms.  
 Ride up one on each side to be able to reach alcoves with a PIECE OF HEART 
 and 50 RUPEES.  To leave this room, spin attack both orbs on the high 
 platform to make the light platform appear.

Palace Grounds - Head up the steps to the north.  Watch out for Shadow 
 Kargarocs.  Use a Spin Attack to dispel the fog long enough for you to pass 
 through, then head through the north door.

Main Palace Entry - Head into the fog and take out all the beasties.  In 
 the back are two Sol (with no Wallmasters in sight!)  Place each in the 
 holes provided (note that they don't charge up until after you place them) 
 and you'll create stairs.  Climb up and strike the orb at the top to 
 start a light platform nearby.  Step on it to be carried to the far side 
 of the room.  On this area, you'll be attacked by four Zant Masks, then 
 another two.  Oh, note that your charged sword will slay these Masks in one 
 hit.  Convenient.  Once all are gone, a chest with a SMALL KEY appears.  
 Use a Spin Attack to hit all three orbs here to get the platform you're 
 standing on going.  Ride it to the door above and head on through.

Main Palace Balcony - This open area is full of Shadow Kargarocs.  Take out as 
 many as you can from where you are.  Arrows don't damage them much, but they 
 do get their attention so you can finish them close with the sword.  When 
 you're done with the killing, go to the end of the balcony and spin attack 
 the two orbs to get a platform going.  Ride the platform to the far ledge, 
 where you'll fight a Zant Mask.  Defeating it brings three more Masks in 
 the main area, so strike both orbs to make a platform back there.  Take out 
 those three Masks, and another three will appear.  Destroy them all to 
 make a chest appear with a SMALL KEY.  Now that the area's cleared, go to 
 the fog-fall and Spin Attack so you can jump through.  Slay the Rocs, then 
 clawshot all the way up along the walls to the top and take the BIG KEY.  
 Drop down to the outside and unlock the northern door.

Main Palace Inner - Four Shadow Assassins attack as you enter.  Spin Attack 
 them all to drop them tootsweet.  Head into the fog and spin attack the 
 four orbs to raise the platform you're on.  From here, four more platforms 
 will appear as you rise up.  You need to figure out which is the right one, 
 or I could just tell you that it's the one to the east (towards the door) 
 which will take you forward.  Next, you have a choice of two.  Jump to the 
 left-hand one.  Then ride it up to the ledge, where you can Clawshot to 
 the wall, take out the Baba, then hop on the next light platform, which 
 carries you back to the west side of the room.  Take out the Mask and 
 clawshot to the ceiling target, to drop onto the next light platform.  Ride 
 it east and clawshot over to the next Mask and destroy it, to reveal a 
 chest with a SMALL KEY in it.  Now, hop onto the next nearest platform 
 and you'll be carried to the door.  Unlock it.

Throne Room Antechamber - As a last ditch effort, you will be attacked by 
 a total of fifteen Shadow Assassins (not all once, though) before you can 
 proceed through the Big Key Door.

 This buffoon turned king will attack you several fronts:
 1. You'll be in the Forest Temple.  Pull out your Boomerang and use it to 
  drag Zant to you, so you can slash him, avoiding his dark shots.
 2. You'll be in the Goron Mines.  Put on your Iron Boots so Zant's bouncing 
  won't knock you off into the lava.  Put up your shield as he fires shots 
  at you.  Once he stops to catch his breath, rush up and slash.
 3. You'll be in the Water Temple.  Put on your Zora Armor so you don't 
  drown and the Iron Boots so you can stick to the ground.  Equip yourself 
  with your Clawshots and watch as a large mask rises out of the floor.  
  The mask will try to push you away with water jets, then open so Zant can 
  fire at you.  Clawshot him once you get an opening and slash him.  After 
  one series of strikes, four masks will rise, and you'll have to find the 
  one with Zant in it.
 4. Back in the Forest Temple, in the room you fought Boss Monkey.  Arm 
  yourself with the Boomerang and roll into the platform Zant stands on.  
  This will knock him off balance.  Finish the job with the Boomerang to 
  knock him off so you can slash.  Alternatively, you can also just roll into 
  the pillar twice.
 5. You'll be in Snowpeak Ruins.  Zant will grow in size.  Watch where he'll 
  land by the reflection in the ice, then smash him in one of his feet with 
  the Ball and Chain.  He'll hop around, shrinking.  Once he's a managable 
  size, slash away.
 6. Lastly, you'll be in front of Hyrule Castle.  Zant will pull out two 
  blades and strike.  First, you'll fight as normal.  Dodge his slashes and 
  strike when you have an opening.  After a bit of that, he'll get mad and 
  start with some whirling attacks and charging fury.  Have your shield up 
  during all this.  When he whirls around, eventually he'll get dizzy and 
  tired.  That's your cue to lay into him.  With enough strikes, he'll be 

 Take the Heart Container and leave.


You should have everything done by now.  If not, finish up all the 
sidequests you want, restock on all your items, and head to Hyrule Castle.

Heart Count: 20

4T. The Power of Light and Shadow (Final Dungeon) =

Hyrule Castle

Yes, the final dungeon is the object of what you were trying to save.  All 
your skills will be put to the test as you head to restore this land to 
what it once was.

South Courtyard - If you haven't already guessed, the castle is taken over.  
 There are Kargarocs in the skies, and you can't even enter the keep until 
 you clear out the courtyards.  You can head either to the northwest or the 
 northeast.  Either way you go, you'll be set upon by a group of belligerent 
 Bokoblins, so deal with all of them.  Let's start by going to the 

East Courtyard - Head in this area and you'll be assaulted by another gaggle 
 of Bokoblins.  Once they're all down, head east through the wall, then 
 north.  At the barred gate, grab the chain to the right of the gate and 
 pull it open.  Head on through the gate and into the center of the next 
 area.  You'll have one last round against your friend, King Bullblin.  
 Use the same techniques you used in the Gerudo Desert to beat him down and 
 get a SMALL KEY.  Once done with the fight, there is a chest with 20 RUPEES 
 near the torch.  Also, climb up the stairs to the south, then drop off 
 the wall to the south onto a ledge with another chest with 20 RUPEES.  
 Leave this area.

NOTE: There are two Small Keys out here, and another further inside, but you 
 only need two to get to the end.  I just told you about the easier key.  
 Read ahead if you want to get the second key.  Having both from out here 
 (plus the one inside) will allow you to get a bunch of supplies later on, 
 but it's not required.

South Courtyard - Head northwest, this time.  Don't forget the pack of 
 Bokoblins you'll face.

West Courtyard - Whereas the east area was straight combat, this one takes a 
 bit more thought.  Not in the beginning, though, as you stare down more 
 Bokoblins and Bullblin Archers on the towers.  There's only a small area you 
 can currently explore at the moment.  Head to the western of the two paths.  
 From here, head through a hole leading east to find boars.  Hop on one and 
 start taking out all the barriers and towers.  Watch out for explosive 
 barrels, though.  Manuever to the west side of the area, and plow through 
 all opposition.  Don't stop until you reach the northern corner with the 
 small pillars.  Now, you've got six pillars (with boomerangable propellers), 
 but how to open the door?  Head closer to the door and you'll notice some 
 leaves on the ground.  Boomerang them all away and you'll see a green line 
 forming the pattern you need: a lightning bolt, starting at the bottom 
 middle, then going mid-right, mid-left, then the top.  Target the four 
 towers you need and boomerang them in one go in that order to open the 
 gate in front of you.  Take the DUNGEON MAP in the chest, there.  Now, 
 you'll notice on the map that there's an area to the north, but no obvious 
 way to get there.  Transform and turn on your senses.  At the north wall, 
 by a pile of leaves, you should see a dig spot.  Dig there.

Castle Cemetery - Did it suddenly get dark?  Run through this area, taking 
 out all the Stalkin and Stalfos Knights you can find.  Once the place is 
 cleared out, there are two gravestones you can read at the west end.  The 
 sacred tree they refer to is right nearby.  Turn on your senses and you 
 can see the spirits of the dear departed surrounding a small mound.  Set a 
 bomb there to reveal a button.  Step on it to open the western gate.  Take 
 the three chests with 100 RUPEES, 20 RUPEES, and 1 RUPEE inside.  Light 
 the torch in here to stop the rain.  Now, head out to the east end and 
 light the two torches there to open the gate leading to the two Owl Statues.  
 Dominate those over to the small indentations on the south wall (where the 
 spirits point to, if you use your senses).  With the statues in place, 
 you can climb up the ledges, hop over them, and pull a chain to open a gate 
 that's holding a SMALL KEY.  Midna will helpfully tell you that you're all 
 set out here, so dig out of this area the same way you got in.

West Courtyard - You can climb up the ladder near the chest to take the upper 
 wall route.  At the end of the wall, you'll find a chest with 10 RUPEES.  
 Hop off the gap and leave by the south door.

South Courtyard - Head for the main door and unlock it to enter.

Grand Hall - Head in and take out all the Bokoblins and Lizalfos.  Once all 
 are gone, head over the small platform to the left and clawshot from there 
 to the nearest chandelier.  Drop down and take the COMPASS.  Clawshot the 
 chandeliers to the east so you can enter the door leading north on this 

North Chamber - Darknut time.  Slay this guy to make a chest appear.  To 
 get up there, you need to create some stairs.  First, light the two torches 
 on the west side.  Climb up to the platform, then face the torch near the 
 oil pot that's lit.  Boomerang it to put it out, then quickly hop onto the 
 platform that's rising near the ledge.  Take the 50 RUPEES in the chest.  

NOTE: You now have a choice of two paths.  Both lead to the same end.  The 
 walkthrough I'm giving you will follow both paths to solve all the puzzles 
 and get all the treasure, but once you pass through one of these hallways, 
 you can get out to the castle wall, which leads to the end.  Let's start 
 by going east.

Eastern Hallway - Defeat the two Lizalfos in this room.  Now, to find the 
 way through.  Note all the pictures hanging on the wall.  All the paintings 
 have switches behind them (use arrows to cut the ropes).  One opens the 
 door.  The others release red and yellow ChuChus.  Turn on your senses and 
 you'll be pointed to the obvious correct answer: the picture of twilight.  
 Hit that switch and the gate will open.

Eastern Chamber - All right!  Two Darknuts!  Waste these buggers.  Try to 
 keep them bunched together, one behind the other, so you can face and 
 fight them both at once, otherwise you'll get maimed.  Once they're both 
 gone, both doors here will open.  The south door will lead you ahead in the 
 dungeon, but let's go north, shall we?

Grand Hall - Take the 50 RUPEES in the chest, then step on the button to 
 make another chest appear.  To get to this one, you'll need jump off to 
 the ground floor, then clawshot onto the eastern lower chandelier, then 
 the one over the balcony with the chest, which has 200 RUPEES inside.  Good 
 for Magic Armor fodder.  Head back up to the Northern Chamber, then turn 

Western Hallway - This room is dark, but unpopulated.  Use an arrow to shoot 
 the rope holding the picture up, which will reveal the path you need to 
 light the four torches in.  You can also do like I did and experiment which 
 torches last the longest when burned so you can work out a path, but it's 
 just as easy to be told (facing the picture): upper-right, lower-left, 
 upper-left, lower-right.  Watch out for the Keeses that come down as you 
 light the torches.  Proceed through the south door once it's open.

Western Chamber - Two Armored Lizalfos sit at the end of this hallway.  Trash 
 them to open the two doors.  Going through the north door will allow you to 
 hit a button in the Grand Hall, lowering a chandelier and making it easier 
 to reach this area.  But, our destination is south, so head through the door.

South Courtyard (Wall) - Head southwest to face a Aeralfos.  Destroy it, 
 then head to the chest at the end for a SMALL KEY.  Head southeast and 
 you'll be given a little assistance in reaching the chest at the end with 
 the BIG KEY.  Unlock the door on the north wall up the ramp.

Final Staircase - Turn into a wolf and turn on your senses.  This room is 
 full of pitfalls, and you need to look for the spirits and follow their 
 exact directions along the tiles or you'll fall.  Oh, and you'll need your 
 senses on to take out the Ghost Rats in this room, too.  Climb up the 
 first part of the ruined staircase to reach a landing where you'll find 
 two Lizalfos.  For the second part of the staircase, use the Clawshot 
 on the torches on the walls to ascend easily enough.  At the second 
 landing, take out the two Helmed Lizalfos, then use the Spinner, avoiding 
 the blades, to ascend the last staircase.  At the top is (of course) a 
 Darknut.  Finish him.  If you have a Small Key left, open the door to the 

Supply Room - There are a ton of chests in this room.  In addition to what 
 you can scratch from the pots, you'll find all together: 386 RUPEES, 40 
 BOMBS, 50 ARROWS, 10 BOMBLINGS, and 50 SEEDS.  Also, a pot by the armor 
 has a Fairy.

Final Staircase - All set?  Fully stocked?  Pumped?  Let's go through the 
 last Big Key Door!

 Zelda floats around the room, sword drawn.  Her attacks start by flinging 
 balls of light at you.  If you've fought Agahnim and/or Phantom Ganon in 
 games past, you know how to counter this.  Target, then strike the ball of 
 light to play a game of keep-away until one of you gets struck by the ball.  
 This is how you damage your enemy.  There are also two other attacks: a 
 diving strike, which you need to avoid, and creating a Triforce on the 
 ground, which you must get out of before the light hits you.  Three hits 
 with the light balls will finish this fight.

 You know it.  A big blue pig.  Ganon will tromp around the room, then 
 warp out of visibilty.  You'll see portals appear.  Watch for the portal 
 that turns blue, because that's the one he'll come charging out of.  Shoot 
 an arrow to knock him to the floor as he charges, then strike the white 
 gash on his belly repeatedly.  He'll also try to drop in on you from 
 above, so watch for his shadow.  Again, fire an arrow at his head to drop 
 him, then slash his belly.  After some time of this, he'll get wise to your 
 tactics, and avoid your arrows.  At that point, turn into a wolf.  Remember 
 that goat-wrangling and Goron-tossing you did oh so long ago?  It's about 
 to pay off.  As he charges, hold down A and Midna will grab him with her 
 "hair hand" thingy.  Wrestle him to the ground, then savage his belly with 
 your wolf attacks.  Keep this up, and eventually, you'll slay the beast.

BOSS: Horseback Fight
 But, we're not done.  Oh no no no.  You're now in the middle of Hyrule 
 Field on Epona, and Zelda will be riding behind you on the saddle.  Keep 
 up with Ganondorf on his black steed.  He has two attacks: one is to 
 charge you and try to knock you off your horse.  The other is to summon a 
 group of ghost riders to assault you (fend them off with your sword).  Your 
 objective here is keep Ganondorf Z-targeted so Zelda can hit him with a 
 Light Arrow.  If she connects, Ganondorf will be stunned, and you can 
 close in on him and strike him with the sword.  Do this four times to 
 knock him to the ground.

 You gotta hand it to Aonuma-san.  He knows what the fans want, and you 
 got it: just you and Ganondorf.  A straight-up swordfight.  It goes without 
 saying, but the G-dorf is quite a swordfighter.  Straight attacks are 
 completely useless.  Even your vaunted hidden skills won't do much against 
 him if he's prepared.  However, I've found a Back Slice to actually be 
 pretty effective.  There's also a really cool move you can do called 
 "Chance".  When Ganondorf raises his sword double-handed and charges you, 
 target him, and press A and you'll push against each other with your 
 swords.  Rapidly tap A to push him back and you'll get some free hits 
 against him.  You'll know you're causing a good amount of damage when his 
 cape starts getting torn.  In the grand tradition of weird things that can 
 happen against bosses in Zelda games (ie. Bug Net against Agahnim), you 
 can use the Fishing Rod here.  Toss it out and Ganondorf will be distracted 
 for a few seconds, perhaps pining for the fjords.  You can use this for 
 free hits, but it's a really ignonimous way to fight.  Anyway, once you've 
 caused enough damage, a particularly good "Chance" move will knock him on 
 his back.  That's your cue to target and FINISH HIM.

Congratulations!  You've completed The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess!  
Unlike Wind Waker, there's no "second quest", and saving will put you back 
at the castle before finishing, but you can still go to the Fishing Hole and 
try to get yourself some new records.  Explore and have fun with this game.

And now, some white space...

This white space was brought to you by a grant from the Not-Spoiling Last 
Boss Foundation.  Now, you're quite free to read these info sections ahead.


Here you'll find a simple appendix on all the people and places you'll see 
as you explore one of the most famous countries in video game history, or 
at least this version of it.

5A. Characters =

Link - This young man has lived in Ordon Village his whole life.  His 
 pointed Hylian ears seem to set him apart from the rest of his townsfolk, 
 but he's well-liked by the rest of the villagers, particularly the children, 
 who look up to him and his talents.  He's currently employed as an 
 assistant goat herder.  He lives in a treehouse on the outskirts of town.

Epona - Link's faithful horse, Epona is a gentle girl and responds well to 
 most any kind of affection.  She loves a particular song and runs whenever 
 she hears it.

Rusl - Link's friend and tutor, Rusl is the only swordsman in Ordon Village, 
 and is somewhat of a father figure to the young man.

Uli - Rusl's wife, who maintains the home, and is quite pregnant with their 
 second child.

Colin - Rusl and Uli's first son, a timid boy.  He wishes he could be just 
 like Link.

Fado - Link's fellow hand on the goat ranch.  He doesn't seem to have the 
 talent with the goats that Link does.

Sera - This businesswoman runs the Sundries Shop in Ordon.  She generally 
 doesn't think much of her layabout husband, but loves her cat to death.

Hanch - Sera's husband and Beth's father.  While definitely the submissive 
 one of the family, Hanch does his best to provide where he can.

Beth - Sera's daughter is the "mother figure" of the little tagalong group.  
 Being older than Malo, Talo, or Colin, she's often scolding them.

Jaggle and Pergie - These pumpkin farmers live in the waterwheel house in 
 Ordon.  They don't contribute much to the story, other than the fact that 
 Jaggle is making a shield.

Talo - Jaggle and Pergie's oldest is a bit of a ruffian and troublemaker, but 
 idolizes Link just like the rest.

Malo - Jaggle and Pergie's younger boy, while seeming to be a naive young 
 one, is actually an incredibly shrewd businessman.  He just needs a chance 
 to flourish.

Bo - The Mayor of Ordon Village.  Those tusks, while menacing, are just an 
 adornment.  He's still quite human.  Regardless of his current gentle 
 nature, he never forgets his old days of hardcore sumo wrestling.

Ilia - Bo's daughter.  Likes Epona possibly more than Link does.  Likes 
 Link probably more than he realizes.

Midna - An odd impish creature, and Link's partner for much of the game.  
 She seems very mischievous, and seems to like the twilight more than the 
 actual world of light.

Zelda - The princess and ruler of Hyrule, Zelda doesn't play as big a role in 
 this game as in past ones, but she's nevertheless a key figure in that 
 she works tirelessly for the prosperity of Hyrule.

Coro - A resident of Faron Woods, Coro just loves being around nature.  He 
 makes a modest living selling lantern oil, and he plugs this business by 
 giving away free Lanterns.  He's terrible at making soup.

Trill - An odd sort of bird, Trill has a little shop deep in Faron.  It 
 can't really make proper money exchanges, so it has sort of an "honor 
 system" with its customers.  It hates thieves, though.

Ooccoo - A member of an odd avian race, Ooccoo and her son are lost in the 
 dungeons of Hyrule.  Find her and she can offer you the ability to travel 
 to the dungeon's entrance, then back to where you first warped out.

The Postman - This nameless hard worker troops around Hyrule, delivering 
 letters.  If you search, you can find places where he hangs out, but mostly 
 you'll see him when he's got something for you.

Renado - The Shaman of Kakariko Village, and one of its last surviving 
 residents, Renado is a kind gentleman who promises to protect the town 

Luda - Looking up to her father, Renado, Luda is a faithful member of 
 Kakariko Village, and a good friend to children.

Barnes - Bomb salesman to the country, Barnes runs his shop out of Kakariko 
 Village, selling and buying all types of bombs.

Gorons and Elders - These rock-loving proud people live among the stones of 
 Death Mountain.  They regularly trade with the folks of Kakariko Village, 
 or they're supposed to...

Gor Coron - One of the most venerable elders of the Goron tribe.  He was a 
 great sumo champ in his heyday.

Darbus - The patriarch of the Goron tribe.  Some time ago, he went into the 
 mines to examine the power the spirits had given the tribe.  He has not 
 returned since.

Telma - The proprietor of the bar in Castle Town.  Telma may seem like a 
 jovial lady of middle age, but behind the soft expression belies a fierce 
 will determined to help Hyrule in its time of need.

The Doctor - The only medicine man in Castle Town, the Doc talks a big 
 game, but it seems he's a bit more of a quack.  He has a historically 
 large bar tab at Telma's.

Agitha - A young lady with an obsession for entymology.  Well, auric 
 entymology, anyway.  She has a fairly nice house in Castle Town, with a 
 big tree in the middle, and is also a fan of balls (the festive kind).

Fanadi - This fortune teller (like many others in Hyrule's past) can 
 predict what you're supposed to do next.  Unlike past fortune tellers, 
 this one can also predict your "love fortune", showing you where a Heart 
 Piece is.

Jovani - This greedy miser has a sort of urban legend surrounding him.  
 The children sing a song about how he was so greedy that he lost his life 
 over it.  At any rate, Jovani hasn't been seen in town in ages.

Purlo - This shady fellow has set up a tent in east Castle Town.  He runs 
 a game of skill for those brave or foolish enough to try.

Fyer - A brightly decorated man who runs the attraction on the waters of 
 Lake Hylia.  For only 10 Rupees, he'll shoot you up to the high shores.

Falbi - Another brightly colored man who runs the famous "Flight-By-Fowl" 
 house on the high shores.  Pay him 20 and you can float down to riches using 
 a Cucco.

The Zora Tribe - The famous waterbound tribe, the Zora hold dominion over 
 the river and its source.  They also keep eyes on the far south Lake 

Queen Ruleta - The queen of the Zora tribe was beautiful and wise.  Such 
 qualities didn't save her from the twilight, though, and she was killed 
 by the shadow creatures.  Still, her spirit lingers while her people suffer.

Prince Ralis - The queen's only son, Ralis, was sent to Hyrule Castle to 
 warn them of the problems facing Zora's Domain.  Sadly, he was inexperienced 
 in the dangers of the world and was wounded on his way.

Iza - This young woman mans the Downriver Boat Ride at Zora's River.  She 
 doesn't really like living out in the sticks, but has a real passion for 
 the rapids.  Coro's her brother.

Hena - The third sibling of the Iza and Coro family, Hena runs the Lure 
 Fishing Hole at Zora's River.  She's a true fisherwoman, and is said to be 
 descended from one of the great fishermen of old Hyrule.

Plumm - This plucky parrot flies around Lake Hylia, looking for animal types 
 who wish to participate in its game of flying upriver.

Skull Kid - Everyone who gets lost in the woods becomes a Stalfos.  That's 
 an ancient saying from a bygone era, but it seems this little imp has taken 
 such sayings to heart, haunting the Sacred Grove.  He loves playing games 
 and playing his horn.  It's unknown if he's the same as those Skull Kids in 
 past games.

Shad - A fanatical scholar, Shad is part of the committee to help restore 
 Hyrule to its former glory.  He's obsessed with the concept of the old 
 Sky People.

Ashei - The daughter of a famous knight, Ashei was raised as a soldier.  To 
 that end, her speech comes off as a bit rough.  She knows tons about the 
 mountains, though, specifically Snowpeak.

Auru - The eldest of the committee to restore Hyrule, Auru knows a lot of 
 history, and is currently studying the desert and its past.

The Sages - These six (now five) wise etheral beings assisted the legendary 
 Hero ages ago in his fight over evil.  They continue to watch over Hyrule 
 and act as justice towards the evil souls that threaten it.

Yeto and Yeta - These friendly beasts live in an old ruin deep in the 
 Snowpeak range.  They love ice sledding, making soup, and the smell of 
 the reekfish.

Impaz - The last resident of the Hidden Village, Impaz is an old woman who 
 is descended from the line of those who protected the Royal Family in days 
 of old.

Zant - The presumed "King of Twilight", Zant is controlling the Twilight 
 Realm with an iron fist and is extending his reach to the world of light, 
 until the world is covered in darkness.

Ganondorf - The most foul being Hyrule has ever known is but a legend in 
 this time.  This magic-using Gerudo thief was tried for his crimes against 
 Hyrule and was to be executed, but by some cruel fate, he was protected by 
 the power from the gods.

5B. Locations =

Ordon Village - The focal point of the Ordona Province, this small farming 
 village relies on its pumpkins and goat-herding to support itself.  Its 
 people are close-knit.
- Sera's Sundries: 
 Milk: 10 Rupees
 Bee Larvae: 10 Rupees
 Slingshot: 30 Rupees
 Lantern Oil: 20 Rupees (after Level 1 Dungeon)

Faron Woods - The forest separating Ordon Village from the rest of Hyrule 
 has become dangerous as of late.  There are a few residents, but mostly 
 monsters and monkeys populate the woods.  In addition to an old Forest 
 Temple carved into a great tree, there's rumor of an even older site deeper 
 in the woods.
- Coro's Oil: Coro's house is just before the exit to Hyrule Field.
 Lantern Oil: 20 Rupees (can fill bottle or lantern directly)
 Bottle with Lantern Oil: 100 Rupees (after restoring light to Faron)
- Trill's Rest Stop: Just before the Forest Temple in Faron Woods
 Lantern Oil: 20 Rupees (can fill bottle or lantern directly)
 Red Potion: 30 Rupees

Hyrule Field - This expansive plain consists of several "areas" separated 
 by rocky partitions, which end up covering much of Hyrule.  There's much 
 exploring to be done, here, and only the observant will spot all the 

Kakariko Village - Once a bustling community, the coming of the twilight has 
 turned Kakariko into nearly a ghost town.  Few of its original residents 
 remain, but a series of fortunate events could prove to restore the 
- Malo Mart: After getting the Iron Boots, Malo opens up shop in Kakariko. 
 Red Potion: 30 Rupees
 Wooden Shield: 50 Rupees
 Hylian Shield: 200 Rupees
 Hawkeye: 100 Rupees (after Level 2 Dungeon, and doing Talo's bow trial)
 Arrows(10): 10 Rupees (after buying Hawkeye and Hylian Shield)
- Barnes' Bomb Shop: After the Level 2 Dungeon, Barnes opens up shop.
 Bomb Bag Premium Kit: 120 Rupees (one time)
 Bombs(10): 30 Rupees
 Water Bombs(5): 30 Rupees (after restoring light to Lanayru)
 Bomblings(1): 6 Rupees (after the Level 3 Dungeon)
- Goron Kid Shop: After the Level 2 Dungeon, a young Goron will set up an 
   outside shop at night.
 Lantern Oil: 20 Rupees
 Red Potion: 30 Rupees
 Blue Potion: 100 Rupees

Death Mountain - This active volcano is probably the most dangerous location 
 in Hyrule.  Home to the Gorons, who live in the foothills.  Watch out for 
 falling rocks!
- Goron Hot Springs:
 Milk: 20 Rupees 
 Wooden Shield: 50 Rupees
 Lantern Oil: 20 Rupees
 Arrows(10): 10 Rupees

Hyrule Castle Town - This bustling city is home to the majority of Hyrule's 
 human population.  For the most part, you can't talk to a lot of people in 
 the city.  Basically, you can only talk to people if they're just standing 
 around, not if they're walking around.  You'll find a few places of 
 interest here.  Besides Hyrule Castle itself, there's a Clinic, Telma's 
 Bar, Agitha's Castle, Fanadi's Palace, the STAR Tent, Jovani's house, two 
 stores, and an open air market.
- Goron Shop: This shop is in the southeast corner of the square.  You 
   have to talk to the Gorons individually to get the items they sell.
 Red Potion: 40 Rupees
 Lantern Oil: 30 Rupees
 Arrows (30): 40 Rupees
- Malo Mart Castle Branch: See Section 4J on how to turn the snooty shop in 
 the southwest part of Castle Town Square into the super-sale Malo Mart.
 Arrows(10): 5 Rupees
 Red Potion: 15 Rupees
 Blue Potion: 50 Rupees
 Bombs(30): 45 Rupees
 Water Bombs(15): 45 Rupees
 Bomblings(10): 30 Rupees
 Magic Armor: 598 Rupees

Lake Hylia - Hyrule's largest body of water won't seem so large when you 
 first see it, but once you restore it, it will become a place of beauty 
 again.  The spirit, Lanayru, resides here, and you can also find attractions 
 by entrepeneurs Fyer and Fabli.
- Zora Bomb Expert: At the bottom of Lake Hylia, just in front of the temple, 
 is this propsective Zora.
 Water Bombs (15): 90 Rupees

Zora's River - This river runs from the far north through Castle Town and 
 Kakariko, and all the way to Lake Hylia.  The mountain run of the river 
 is the wildest, offering fast rides on canoes.  The upper part of the 
 river is home to Iza, who runs the boathouse, and her sister Hena, who 
 runs the Lure Fishing Hole.

Zora's Domain - The home to the Zoras is the source of the river in 
 Hyrule.  Besides the large waterfall, there's not much of serious note, 
 unless you like fishing.

Sacred Grove - In the old Faron Woods is a far older structure, built 
 centuries ago.  Few know what its original purpose was, but it's completely 
 overgrown, and there's rumors of a strange child wandering around.

Gerudo Desert - This vast desert was once home to a magical tribe, but all 
 it is now is a wasteland with the ruins of a prison.  There's also a 
 large Bullblin fortress here.  Rumors also abound of the Great Fairy living 
 in this area.

Snowpeak - This chilly area is a place that hasn't seen many travelers.  
 There are high peaks, sheer drop offs, frozen lakes, and supposedly some 
 ruins.  There are also talk of rather wild creatures living here.

Hidden Village - This forgotten and secluded village is nearly empty, save 
 for an old lady and a ton of cats.  It housed the Shiekah family, who 
 protected the Royal Family in days of old.

City in the Sky - Now populated by the winged Oocca, this city once housed 
 those who created the Hylian race.  It still floats in the sky, a ruin of 
 its former glory.
- Oocca Shop
 Bombs(30): 90 Rupees
 Arrows(30): 30 Rupees
 Lantern Oil: 20 Rupees
 Red Potion: 30 Rupees
 Blue Potion: 100 Rupees

Twilight Realm - This world existed as a darkened mirror to the light 
 world of Hyrule.  The ancient Hylians banished a tribe that utilized dark 
 magic to this realm, believing that with the soft and gentle light, that 
 they would be pacified.  Their efforts succeded until they threw one of the 
 greatest evils Hyrule had ever known into the realm.  This evil lost none of 
 its potency, and thus was the Twilight King given power enough to invade 
 and attempt to bring the truest of darkness in both worlds.


As in all Zelda games, Link has a wealth of items at his disposal.  Some 
items are classics that have been with the series for years, if not 
decades.  Some are entirely new.  It'll be your job to fully exploit all 
the talents your tools will offer.

6A. Action Items =

These are the items sitting in your items menu.  You can set them to the 
B Button as the active item, or the Control Pad directions as reserve items.

Fishing Rod
- After returning Uli's lost cradle to her, she'll give you this simple rod 
 that her son, Colin, made.  
- This rod is simple, with a bobber, and no reel.
- Press B to pull out the rod when it's the active item, then B again to 
 throw the line.  Use the Remote to raise and lower the rod.
- More info on fishing is available in the walkthrough (where you're 
 required to fish) and in the fishing section in the Sidequests part.
- Late in the game, you can acquire a Coral Earring as a hook for this rod, 
 allowing you to catch Reekfish.

- These small glass bottles are perfect for storing liquid or otherwise 
 hard to carry items.  There are four to be found in this game.
- Swing the bottle with B.  You'll often be given a prompt at the bottom of 
 the screen if you can scoop up anything with it.
- Bottle #1 is given to you by Sera as a reward for returning her cat.  The 
 bottle is already half-full of milk.
- Bottle #2 can be bought from Coro in the Faron Woods.  He offers to sell 
 it to you (full of Lantern Oil) after he gives you the key to the gate to 
 the Forest Temple.  This occurs after you restore the light to Faron Woods.
- Bottle #3 can be found in Hena's Fishing Hole.  Fish in the small pond 
 near the bridge on the west end enough times and you'll pull it up.
- Bottle #4 can be given to you by Jovani for returning 20 Poe Souls to him.  
 It's full of Great Fairy's Tears when you get it.

- This small mischievous toy can be bought from the Ordon Shop for 30 
- This is your first distance weapon.  Hold B to load up a seed and aim.  
 Aim with the Remote, and release B to fire a seed.  You can also use 
 Z-targeting to lock-on to a nearby enemy.
- You can't cause a lot of damage with this, and once you get better weapons, 
 this will soon become obsolete.
- You can carry a maximum of 50 shots.  Break open pumpkins or Deku Baba 
 bulbs to find more.

- You receive this by speaking to Coro in the Faron Woods, soon after your 
 first visit here.
- While lit, the lantern will provide a steady source of light, piercing 
 through dark areas.  Press B while it's active to swing it, which can burn 
 through certain weak barriers and light torches.
- Furthermore, you can keep the lantern lit even if you move it to your 
 reserve items to make another item active.
- The Lantern requires oil to function, and it will drain over time.  Certain 
 places sell oil (see Bottled Goods below), and you can also find pots of 
 oil to fill it with (mostly in dungeons).

Gale Boomerang
- This is the dungeon item for the Level 1 Dungeon.  You'll receive it after 
 beating the Boss Monkey miniboss, Ook.
- This boomerang houses the Fairy of Winds, giving it unforseen power.
- Throw it at an enemy and the enemy may be stunned or drawn to you for a 
 quick finish.
- Using the aiming reticle, you can press Z on a target and lock-on to up to 
 five targets, hitting all in successive order.
- Also, if targeting propeller objects (or others affected by wind), using 
 the Gale Boomerang will activate them.

Iron Boots
- After returning Eldin Province to the light, you can get these from Mayor 
 Bo in Ordon after wrestling with him.
- These boots weigh a ton.  If you have them on, you'll move much more 
 slowly than normal.
- You can have this in any item slot, and you'll put them on by hitting 
 the corresponding button.
- These boots seriously lower your center of gravity, making it tough for you 
 to be knocked over, and allowing you to weigh down things such as floor 
 switches.  You'll also sink to the bottom of water bodies with them on.
- Also, in certain caverns, you'll find magnetically charged floors and 
 walls.  Having the Iron Boots on will allow you to walk along them.

Hero's Bow
- This is the dungeon item for the Level 2 Dungeon.  You'll receive it after 
 beating the Goron Guardian miniboss, Dangross.
- This finely-crafted bow was once used by an old hero.  It's a remarkable 
 distance weapon.
- Hold B when equipped to nock an arrow.  Aim with the Remote and release B 
 to fire.  You can also use Z-targeting to lock-on to a nearby enemy.
- Arrows cause far more damage than Slingshot pellets, and can be used to 
 hit distant switches or targets.
- You begin with 30 Arrows in your quiver.  Opportunities to increase your 
 quiver capacity will present themselves.
- With the Bow equipped on the Item Screen, you can combine this weapon 
 with Bombs or the Hawkeye by pressing Z while highlighting the secondary 
- Arrows can be found as drops, but you can also purchase them from shops.  
 Malo Mart in Kakariko and the Goron Hot Springs on Death Mountain sell 
 them 10 for 10 Rupees.  The City in the Sky has a similar deal, selling 
 30 for 30 Rupees.  You can buy them from the Goron Shop in Castle Town at 30 
 for 40 Rupees, but by far the best deal is once you set up the discounted 
 Malo Mart in Castle Town: 10 for 5 Rupees.

- After beating the Level 2 Dungeon, Barnes will begin selling these in his 
 shop in Kakariko for 30 Rupees for packs of ten.  You will need to buy a 
 "premium kit" first to obtain a Bomb Bag and 30 Bombs for 120 Rupees.
 You can also buy Bombs from the City in the Sky (30 for 90 Rupees), or at 
 the discounted Malo Mart (30 for 45 Rupees)
- These explosives are useful for blowing apart rocks and causing serious 
 damage to enemies.
- With the Bombs equipped, press B to pull one out.  Place it with B or A 
 while not moving, or throw it with B or A while moving.
- You can carry a maximum of 30 Bombs.  Opportunities may arise to increase 
 your capacity and number of bags.
- Combine Bombs with the Bow to create Explosive Arrows: long-range deadly 
- Bombs CANNOT be found as drops from enemies or tall grass.  You can 
 sometimes find them in chests, but for the most part, you'll need to 
 purchase them to restock.

- After beating the Level 2 Dungeon, speak to Talo on the Kakariko watchtower 
 and complete his bow trial.  Once you finish, Malo will carry this item in 
 his shop in Kakariko, selling for 100 Rupees.
- This piece of headgear is meant for magnifying at range.  Equip it to any 
 slot and press the respective button to use it.
- While engaged, use the Control Stick to look around, and press - and + to 
 zoom out and in.
- Combine the Hawkeye with the Bow to create the Sniper Bow, allowing you 
 extreme and precise range with your arrows.

Water Bombs
- After restoring the light to Lanayru, Barnes will carry these in his 
 shop.  You won't be able to buy them, though, without using Telma's help to 
 get back to Kakariko.  They're on sale for 5 for 30 Rupees.  The discounted 
 Malo Mart sells 15 for 45 Rupees.  Also, there's a Zora outside the Lakebed 
 Temple who will sell you 15 for 90 Rupees.
- These bombs are waterproof, but you can only use them underwater while 
 you have Iron Boots on.
- You can carry a maximum of 15 Water Bombs in a normal capacity Bomb Bag.
- Note that you can only carry one type of bomb per bag.

- This is the Level 3 Dungeon item, found after beating the Arrrghus Frog 
- This variation on the popular Hookshot now has the power to hold, not 
 just grab.  Aim by holding down B and let go to fire the chain.  Objects 
 you can attach to change the red bullseye into a yellow series of arrows.
- You can attach to red and yellow targets, vines on walls or ceilings, and 
 certain mesh gratings.
- If you attach to a ceiling point, you can hang from it, and press Up or 
 Down on the Control Stick to move in that direction.
- Attaching to enemies can damage them, or bring them to you.
- This weapon can be used underwater, regardless of if you're on the 
 ground or swimming.
- A second Clawshot is found as the Level 7 Dungeon item, after you beat the 
 Aeralfos miniboss.  With it, you can shoot another shot even while 
 attached to a first target.

- These are available in Barnes' shop for six Rupees each after you get the 
 Master Sword.  You can buy them for 6 Rupees each.  You can also purchase 
 ten at the discounted Malo Mart in Castle Town at 10 for 30 Rupees.
- These are a specialty type of bomb animal with legs.  Using them sets them 
 on the ground in front of you, where they will explode after a time, or 
 after running into an object.
- You can carry a maximum of 10 Bomblings in a normal capacity Bomb Bag.
- Note that you can only carry one type of bomb per bag.

- This is the Level 4 Dungeon Item.  You'll earn it after beating Death 
- This odd ancient device is unlike anything you've ever had before.  It's 
 a top-like machine that you can ride on.  It can even cover sand without 
 much difficulty.
- Press B to activate it and ride along.  Press A to deactivate it.  Press 
 B while it's active to initiate a Spinner Attack, which causes mild damage.
- If you find tracks along the wall, you can ride them using the Spinner.  
 Press B to launch off them.
- If you find a round gear in the floor, use the Spinner on it and rapidly 
 press B to rotate machinery.

Ball and Chain
- This is the Level 5 Dungeon Item.  You'll earn it after beating Darkhammer.
- This is simply a very heavy ball attached to a chain.  Hold B to start 
 swinging it around, aim with the Remote, then release B to toss the ball.
- It goes without saying, but anything that gets in its path will be struck 
 for, you guessed it, massive damage.
- One of the specific uses of this weapon is to clear out large blocks of 
 ice that can get in your path.

Dominion Rod
- This is the Level 6 Dungeon Item.  You'll earn it at the top of the 
 tower, after fighting your first Darknut.
- This is a rod with the ability to command certain statues.  Aim it with 
 the remote, and cast its light with the B button.
- If the light of the rod strikes a statue with a hole in its center, you 
 will take control of that statue.
- The statue you control will roughly mimic your movements while active, but 
 the statue isn't as acrobatic as you; it can only hop in places where it 
 has room.
- You can control a few kinds of statues.  The ones you'll come across most 
 are tiny ones you can even pick up.  Also, there are several Owl Statues 
 hidden in Hyrule that can be moved with it.  There's also a statue in the 
 Level 6 Dungeon that you need this for.

Horse Call
- You get this after the Level 6 Dungeon, after giving Ilia's Charm back to 
- This charm is shaped just like the Horse Grass you can find around Hyrule.
- With this, you can call Epona any time, anywhere, as long as Epona herself 
 can make the journey.  For instance, she won't come in the middle of Zora's 
 Domain, nor the Desert.

6B. Collectibles =

These are items that show up on your Collection Screen.

Wooden Sword
- This is Link's first main weapon.  Rusl will put it in your house after 
 you purchase the Slingshot.
- This is a very simple sword that doesn't cause a lot of damage, but the 
 kids love it.

Ordon Sword
- This fine sword replaces Link's Wooden Sword after he gives it away.  
 You'll find it in Rusl's House as a wolf, but you can only first use it 
 once you return Faron Woods to the light.
- Inlaid with goat horns, this is a superior weapon to the Wooden Sword.  
 Still, it's just a simple sword.

Master Sword
- You'll find the most sacred Master Sword in the Sacred Grove.
- The Blade of Evil's Bane, this is the true sword of the Hero.  It does 
 more damage than the Ordon Sword.
- The "dungeon item" for the Level 8 Dungeon is a "charging" of this sword 
 with light, allowing you to dispel black fog in the Twilight Realm simply 
 by swinging your sword.

Ordon Shield
- This shield is found in Jaggle and Pergie's House.  You can take it as a 
 wolf, but you can only first use it once you return Faron Woods to the 
- This shield is well-crafted, but seeing as it's made of wood, it can burn 
 if exposed to fire attacks.
- All shields are used simply by Z-targeting your enemy.  You'll 
 automatically raise it, then.

Wooden Shield
- You can buy this shield from Malo in Kakariko or from the Hot Springs on 
 Death Mountain for 50 Rupees after getting the Iron Boots.
- It's the same as an Ordon Shield, just not exactly the same.  If your old 
 one burns, you can replace it with one of these.

Hylian Shield
- You can buy this shield from Malo in Kakariko for 200 Rupees after getting 
 the Iron Boots.
- This heavy metal shield will not burn from fire attacks, so go hog wild on 
 the enemies with this equipment!

Hero's Clothes
- You receive these clothes from Faron after you return Faron Woods to the 
- These green clothes were worn by the Hero of legend.  I hope someone 
 washed them since then.
- This outfit offers no special protection, but hey, it looks awesome and 
 feels truly nostalgic.

Zora Armor
- You receive this snazzy suit after escorting Prince Ralis to Kakariko.
- This blue armor is made to absorb oxygen.  Wear it and you can breathe 
 underwater indefinitely.
- In water, you can dive, and swim a bit faster than you could while 
 floating on the surface.  However, you cannot use most items while 
- This armor is vulnerable to fire and ice attacks, so I suggest not leaving 
 it on unless you have water to swim through.

Magic Armor
- This armor is on sale at the shop on the southwest part of Castle Town 
- In order to even think about purchasing this, you must first beat the Level 
 3 Dungeon, and the subsequent events, allowing you full control again.  Go 
 to Malo Mart in Kakariko and contribute 1000 Rupees (in installments) to 
 repair the west bridge in Castle Town.  Afterwards, contribute 2000 (or 200 
 if you give the Gorons their hot springwater, see Section 4J for details on 
 that) to finance a shop in Castle Town.  Malo will take over the snooty 
 shop, cutting prices severely.  The Magic Armor will then be on sale for 
 598 Rupees.
- This armor consumes Rupees while you wear it, a few a second.
- With this armor on, you cannot take damage in the form of hearts.  When you 
 get hit, extra Rupees will be docked from your current total.
- If you run out of Rupees, the armor will not protect you, and you will 
 move far more slowly than normal (as if you had the Iron Boots on).

6C. Bottled Goods =

There are a great many things Link can carry in his botttles.  Here's the 

- You can purchase this from the Ordon Shop for 10 Rupees, or from the Goron 
 Hot Springs for 20 Rupees.
- Straight from the goat, this healthy drink will restore three hearts when 
- Whenever you get some, you'll have enough for two drinks.  

Bee Larva
- You can purchase this from the Ordon Shop for 10 Rupees, or simply knock 
 down a hive and scoop into it.  
- Bee Larva can be used as bait to improve fish-biting.  Simply use it when 
 you have your rod on your active or reserve items to bait it.  
- Also, if you don't have your rod on your items, or you already have it 
 baited, you can eat the larva for a quarter of a heart each.  
- A bottle can carry up to 10 larvae.

- Simply dip your bottle in any ankle-deep water to collect it.
- To the best of my knowledge, water is useless in this game.  All you can 
 do is simply pour it out.  If anyone finds a use, let me know.

Lantern Oil
- In addition to carrying a supply in your Lantern, you can also carry 
 backup supplies of oil in your bottles.
- You can purchase Lantern Oil from Sera (in Ordon), Coro (in Faron Woods), 
 Trill (in Faron Woods), the Goron Kid (night in Kakariko), or the Goron Hot 
 Springs (on Death Mountain) for 20 Rupees.  There's also a Goron Shop in 
 Castle Town that will sell some for 30.
- Sometimes you can find pots of oil in dungeons for a free refill.
- Using the bottle of oil will have it fill your Lantern to capacity.  It 
 will disappear after one use, so make sure you use it just as the Lantern's 
 about to run out.

Nasty Soup
- Coro brews this soup outside of his house in Faron Woods.  He'll give it 
 away for free.  Just dip your bottle in it.
- Drinking the soup will TAKE AWAY one heart.  It's advised that you don't 
 drink this slop too often.

Red Potion
- You can purchase this potion from Trill at Faron, Malo at Kakariko, the 
 Goron Kid at Kakariko, or the City in the Sky for 30 Rupees.  The discounted 
 Malo Mart in Castle Town sells it for 15 Rupees.  The inflated Goron Shop in 
 Castle Town sells for 40 Rupees.
- Drink this potion to restore eight Hearts.

- Fairies can be found VERY rarely in the wild.  You'll most likely find 
 them right before Dungeon Boss doors, but you can also release them into 
 the wild through the Cave of Ordeals.
- A Fairy will restore eight Hearts.  If you catch one in a bottle, then 
 you can either use it at any time, or wait until you collapse, at which 
 point, the Fairy will automatically be used to revive you.

- Worms are found in one of two places.  Either by killing the Bomskits 
 that populate southern Hyrule Field, or by digging around the Lure Fishing 
 area.  You can carry only one worm per bottle.
- Worms are an excellent type of bait that will really get the fish to your 
 hook.  Use the bottle when you have the Fishing Rod on your active or 
 reserve items.

Blue Potion
- You can purchase this potion from the Goron Kid at Kakariko, or in the City 
 in the Sky for 100 Rupees.  The discounted Malo Mart in Castle Town sells 
 it for 50 Rupees.
- Drink this potion to restore all your hearts.

Purple Chu Jelly
- Defeat Purple ChuChus to find this left over.
- The effects of the purple stuff are random.  It can restore one heart, 
 take away one heart, restore all hearts, or take away all but 1/2 of a 
 heart.  Personally, I avoid the stuff.

Red Chu Jelly
- Defeat Red ChuChus to find this left over.
- This has the same effect as a Red Potion: restoring eight hearts.

Blue Chu Jelly
- Defeat Blue ChuChus to find this left over.
- This has the same effect as a Blue Potion: restoring all hearts.

Yellow Chu Jelly
- Defeat Yellow ChuChus to find this left over.
- This has the same effect as Lantern Oil, filling your Lantern.

Rare Chu Jelly
- Defeat the Golden ChuChu to find this left over.
- This has the same effect as Great Fairy's Tears, restoring all hearts and 
 doubling attack power for a short time.
- I've found a Golden ChuChu on Death Mountain, in the clearing with Bullblin 
 Archers.  Clawshot up to the alcove on the left and it should be in there.
- I've found a second one in the Snowpeak area.  As you climb the mountain, 
 you'll reach a spot with a couple of trees.  There's a dig spot near one of 
 them, leading to a grotto that has a corner blocked with rocks.  Bomb 
 those away to find this one.
- I have reports of a third one from "stebbi".  There's a grotto in the 
 Gerudo Desert (probably within a circle of three skulls) that has many 
 ChuChus hanging from the ceiling.  Make a beeline for the Golden one before 
 it slimes in with the others.
- There's a fourth in the Goat Ranch at Ordon.  Dig in the stable to find 
 a grotto with one.
- Reportedly, a Golden ChuChu rarely pops up in the large tree stump south 
 of Lake Hylia.

Great Fairy's Tears
- This purplish concoction has miraculous healing powers.
- Drink this to restore all hearts and double your attack power for a short 
- You can get a bottle of this from Jovani for giving him 20 Poe Souls.  You 
 can also receive this (one bottle at a time) from any Light Spirit after 
 completing the Cave of Ordeals.

Simple Soup
- This is found in the kitchen in Snowpeak Ruins.
- Drink this to restore two hearts.

Good Soup
- This is found in the kitchen in Snowpeak Ruins after giving Yeto the 
 Ordon Pumpkin.
- Drink this to restore four hearts.

Superb Soup
- This is found in the kitchen in Snowpeak Ruins after giving Yeto the 
 Ordon Goat Cheese.
- Drink this to restore eight hearts.

6D. Container Upgrades =

Wallet Upgrades

Big Wallet (600) - Give any one Golden Bug to Agitha in Castle Town.

Giant Wallet (1000) - Give all 24 Golden Bugs to Agitha in Castle Town.


Quiver Upgrades

Big Quiver (60) - Beat the STAR game in Castle Town.  You need the Clawshot.

Giant Quiver (100) - Beat the STAR game twice in Castle Town.  You need 
 the Double Clawshot.


Bomb Bag Upgrades

2nd Bomb Bag - Help out Iza's Boat Shop by clearing out the river in the 
 Upper Zora River.

3rd Bomb Bag - At Zora's Domain, set a Water Bomb near the lava rock up in 
 the throne room to release a Goron, who will give you the bag.

Giant Bomb Bags (double capacity) - Score 25 points by shooting out the 
 pots in Iza's Boat Ride game.  You'll be able to carry up to 60 normal 
 Bombs, 30 Water Bombs, or 20 Bomblings per bag.


Collect five Pieces of Heart (yes, it's five this game) to create a new 
Heart Container.  There are 45 Heart Pieces in this game, making nine 
Hearts.  With the three you start with, and the eight Heart Containers from 
the dungeon bosses, you can have a total of twenty Hearts.

If you wish hints regarding Pieces of Heart, speak to Fanadi in Hyrule 
Castle Town.  Ask her for a love fortune and she'll show you the location 
of a Heart Piece, but she won't tell you how to get it.


Location: Faron Woods
Items Required: Lantern
Description: In the large clearing in Faron Woods (gets filled with poison 
 vapor later on), go to the northwest corner and proceed into the cave.  
 Light both torches to make the chest appear.

Location: Forest Temple
Items Required: Lantern
Description: In the room east of the main hall (has two Hebi Babas on 
 the floor), you'll find a Pod Baba guarding a southern doorway.  Climb up 
 the stairs and to the east door, then slingshot the Skullwalltulas on the 
 vine wall and climb up to the south door.  There's a Bombling up here.  
 Drop it into the Pod Baba to blow open the way to this chest.

Location: Forest Temple
Items Required: Gale Boomerang
Description: In the far east room (Tile Worms on the floor), use the Gale 
 Boomerang on the lit torches to lower the wooden platforms, allowing you 
 access to the chest.

Location: Hyrule Field (south area)
Items Required: Gale Boomerang
Description: Stand at the south end of the bridge in this area and look 
 up into the nearest tree to find this one hanging out on the branches.  You 
 can also use the Clawshot for this.

Location: Ordon Ranch
Events Required: Restore Eldin Province to light, reclaim Epona
Description: Go back to the ranch and speak to Fado and he'll ask you to 
 wrangle the goats once more.  Complete the herding to get the PoH.

Location: Hyrule Field (Kakariko Gorge)
Events Required: Restore Eldin Province to light
Description: Perched on a rock northeast of the bridge.  Use the Boomerang 
 to snatch it.

Location: Goron Mines
Items Required: Iron Boots
Description: This is one room east of the Big Crane Room in the center of 
 the dungeon.  You have to go through the elder's room (the first elder) 
 and get to the ceiling of the lava room.  From the spot where you get drawn 
 up, walk north, then west until the blue rock curves down to the chest with 
 the Heart Piece.

Location: Goron Mines
Items Required: Iron Boots
Description: Hard to miss.  In the first room north of the Big Crane Room, 
 past the first gate, in the section with the two Beamos.  Walk up the wall 
 with the Iron Boots and over to the chest.

Location: Kakariko Village
Items Required: Hero's Bow
Description: After the Level 2 Dungeon, talk to Talo on top of the 
 watchtower.  He'll ask for a demonstration with the Bow.  Hit the two 
 targets, then the pole up by Talo and Malo will give you the PoH.

Location: Kakariko Village
Items Required: Bombs
Description: Set a bomb at the rock by the south entrance to Kakariko.  
 Continue to the tunnel and drop off into the water at the end.  Sink down 
 using the Iron Boots and open the chest down here.

Location: Kakariko Village
Items Required: Bombs and Hero Bow
Description: Combine the Bow and Bombs and send an Explosive Arrow into the 
 rocks near the tree above the south entrance to Kakariko.  You'll uncover 
 the Piece of Heart.  Use the Gale Boomerang to target and grab it.

Location: Death Mountain
Events Required: Level 2 Dungeon completed
Description: On the path up from Kakariko, talk to the second Goron on the 
 way up and have him vault you up to the cliffs directly east.  Follow the 
 path all the way north, then drop down a little cave to your right.  Open 
 the chest at the end.

Location: Hyrule Field (Kakariko Gorge)
Items Required: Bombs
Description: Head south of the bridge to find a discolored wall.  Bomb it 
 open to discover a cave network.  Use the Lantern to burn down webs you 
 find.  In the northwest corner, light two torches to make the chest appear.

Location: Hyrule Field (Eldin Bridge area)
Items Required: Bombs
Description: Just north of the Kakariko entrance is a rock that needs to be 
 bombed.  Climb up the path that it unblocks, then up the vines to the 
 overhang.  For the second rock, you can either time your throw, or just 
 Bomb Arrow it.  Cross the gap and drop down the left side to find the 

Location: Castle Town
Events Required: Restoring light to Lanayru Province.
Description: In the eastern area of the town is a man asking for donations.  
 Donate a total of 1000 Rupees to him and you'll get a Heart Piece.  I tend 
 to use my Golden Bug money on this guy.

Location: Lake Hylia
Events Required: Restoring light to Lanayru Province.
Description: Play Falbi's Flight-By-Fowl game and land on the highest 
 stationary part of the Isle of Riches (just below the moving platform) 
 to find a chest with this one in it.

Location: Lake Hylia
Events Required: Restoring light to Lanayru Province.
Description: Southeast of the warp point in Lake Hylia is a ladder, leading 
 up to a discolored wall that you can bomb open.  At the end of this long 
 cavern is a chest with the Piece of Heart.  You need to light two torches 
 to get it.

Location: Upper Zora River (Lure Fishing Hole)
Events Required: Restoring light to Lanayru Province.
Description: While fishing on Hena's boat, go to the south end of the rock 
 in the middle.  Make sure you raise your rod real high before you cast so 
 you can get the hook to curve high enough so it can snag the Heart Piece 
 sitting there.  If you can't pull it off (and I couldn't for the longest 
 time), you can come back with the Clawshot and snag it from the water.

Location: Water Temple
Items Required: Clawshot
Description: In the central room, clawshot the chandelier.  The chest is 
 right on top of it.

Location: Water Temple
Items Required: Clawshot
Description: Once you get the eastern gears working, point the big staircase 
 to the west, and head to the western gear room.  A bridge will raise.  
 Cross that bridge to a cave where you'll find a floor switch.  Step on it 
 and remain on it.  Clawshot the target to get in before the gate can close 
 and take the chest.

Location: Sacred Grove
Items Required: Master Sword
Description: This is available on your first trip.  Bomb the boulder in the 
 area you fight Skull Kid, then dig into the resulting dirt.  In this grotto, 
 defeat all the Hebi Babas and the chest will appear.

Location: Lake Hylia
Items Required: Clawshot
Description: Go to Lanayru's Spring, around the left, and shoot your Clawshot 
 at the vines so you can climb up all the way to the back of the cave, where 
 you can light two torches to make the chest appear.

Location: Lake Hylia
Items Required: Master Sword
Description: Go to any of the Hawk Grass at Lake Hylia as a wolf to speak to 
 Plumm, the parrot.  Play his game and get more than 10,000 points to earn 
 this Heart Piece.

Location: Hyrule Field (Eldin Bridge)
Items Required: Clawshot
Description: Just north of the bridge is a cliff with a target on it.  Claw 
 up to it and enter the nearby cave.  Use the Iron Boots to make the leaps 
 across and make it to the bottom to find the chest.

Location: Hyrule Field (Eldin Bridge)
Items Required: Master Sword
Description: First, contribute 1000 Rupees to the Goron in Malo Mart to fix 
 the bridge to Hyrule Castle.  Next, speak to the Goron outside and he'll 
 give you some hot springwater to take to the Goron just to the west of 
 Castle Town.  For best results, follow the cliff edge instead of cutting 
 straight across.  Once you throw it on the Goron's head, he'll give you 
 this Piece of Heart.

Location: Gerudo Desert (Fort)
Events Required: Speaking to Auru, opening Desert.
Description: In the northwest corner of the Gerudo Fort is a pig roasting 
 on a spit.  Slash that piggy open several times to release the Heart Piece.

Location: Arbiter's Grounds
Description: In the room with four torches, this is in the chest in the 
 northwest corner of the room.  Clawshot the targets near the chest to get 
 there, then afterwards, hop back to safety using the falling blocks.

Location: Arbiter's Grounds
Items Required: Spinner
Description: In the large room with the ton of spinner tracks, ride up to 
 the area in the mid-west with the Stalfos Knight.  It's right in the chest 

Location: Hyrule Field (east of the castle)
Items Required: Spinner
Description: Head far east of the castle.  Just north of Lake Hylia is a 
 string of rocks you can bomb.  There's also one further north along this 
 pass.  In any case, the tons of Spinner tracks here are rather obvious.  
 Ride up starting from the north end.  Let the Spinner carry you to the 
 next two tracks, but from then on, you'll have to make jumps back and forth 
 across the ruined tracks to reach the end, where you'll find the chest.

Location: Hyrule Field (Eldin Bridge area)
Items Required: Spinner
Description: North of Eldin Bridge, there's a small bridge with a bunch of 
 Bullblin.  There's a Spinner track out to the west.  Ride it to the end, then 
 dig into the grotto at the center of the circle of grass.  Inside, beat all 
 the Stalfos Knights to make the chest appear.

Location: Snowpeak Ruins
Items Required: Ball and Chain
Description: In the upper eastern staircase, there's a weak floor near the 
 Clawshot target in the southeast corner.  Smash that floor with the Ball 
 and Chain (or a Bomb) and drop down to the chest.

Location: Snowpeak Ruins
Items Required: Ball and Chain
Description: In the main foyer, it's on the second floor, south side.  You 
 need the Ball and Chain to knock chandeliers so you can cross to the chest 
 from the northeast corner.

Location: Snowpeak
Events Required: Level 5 Dungeon beat
Description: Go to the mountain top to find the Yetis again.  Race Yeto, then 
 race Yeta.  Beat both to get the Heart Piece.

Location: Hyrule Field (north of the castle)
Items Required: Ball and Chain
Description: Just north of where the river flows in is a discolored rock.  
 Blow it open with a bomb to reveal a cave.  Bash down the ice inside with 
 a Ball and Chain.  You now have to solve three block-pushing puzzles to get 
 to the end, where the chest is.
 Puzzle #1: SE Block = Block 1, NE Block = Block 2.
  Block 1 west, north, Block 2 south, west, north, Block 1 east, south, 
  west, north.
 Puzzle #2: SE Block = Block 1, NE Block = Block 2, SW Block = Block 3
  Block 3 east, Block 2 west, Block 1 north, west, south, Block 3 east, 
  north, west, south, Block 2 south, west, north, east.
 Puzzle #3: SE Block = Block 1, NE Block = Block 2, SW Block = Block 3
  Block 1 north, Block 2 west, south, east, north, west, Block 3 east, north, 
  west, Block 2 south, east, north, west.

Location: Temple of Time
Items Required: Dominion Rod
Description: While dragging the statue down, you'll reach the fifth floor, 
 where the statue and you are separated by a fence.  Direct it onto the 
 button in the center of the room (or just use the little statues) and it 
 will disable the electric field, allowing you to access the chest.

Location: Temple of Time
Items Required: Dominion Rod
Description: Go to the room on the fifth floor to the south of the main 
 room.  This room has little ledges on the back side.  One has a little 
 statue.  Dominate it over to the button at the bottom of the ledge, then 
 throw another statue onto the opposite ledge and Dominate it onto the 
 button to make the chest appear.

Location: Sacred Grove (through the gray door)
Items Needed: Dominion Rod
Description: Before leaving the Temple of Time grounds, cast your Dominion 
 Rod on the owl statue to the right of the stairs (facing them).  Move the 
 statue to get behind and find the chest (which was empty in the real world).

Location: Hidden Village
Events Needed: Level 6 Dungeon complete, show Ilia Wooden Statue.
Description: Free the Hidden Village from the Bullblin horde, then come back 
 to find the place infested with cats.  Go through the buildings on the east 
 side, then out the window in the back to find a Cucco sitting around.  Talk 
 to it as a wolf to start a game where you have to talk to 20 cats.  This 
 isn't easy, as the cats tend to move around a lot and follow you.  Be sure 
 to climb onto all the balconies and high places, and go into as many 
 buildings as you can.  Also, you are allowed to turn back into a human if 
 you need to do so to get certain places (like the roofs on the east side).
 If you need a tip, start as a human, wander around, pick up the cats, and 
 bring them to the area with the Cucco.  They can't get out of there, so 
 keep searching until you bring them all back there and talk to them all at 
 once as a wolf.  Once finished, your prize will be in front of Impaz's 

Location: Faron Woods
Items Needed: Dominion Rod
Description: Go north of Coro's house and bomb the rock blocking the small 
 grove there.  Dominate the Owl Statue over to the obvious hole, then 
 transform into a wolf and hop up onto the rock.  Start leaping all the way 
 to the top and go to the end to find the chest.

Location: Hyrule Field (Eldin Bridge)
Items Needed: Dominion Rod
Description: Dominate the Owl Statue all the way to the other side of the 
 bridge, then to the left down into the hole.  Position it so that you can 
 make the jump from the ledge to it, then into the watchtower area.  Climb 
 up the ladder, then open the chest at the top.

Location: City in the Sky
Items Needed: Double Clawshots
Description: This one's in the eastern building, in the room that's a 
 circular shaft.  The chest is specifically under the door leading out at 
 the top.  To get there, you need to move through the room along the ledges, 
 and shimmy along a thin ledge to the chest.

Location: City in the Sky
Items Needed: Double Clawshots
Description: This is on the rooftop area on the eastern building.  
 Specifically, in the southwest corner, which is not accessible from the rest 
 of the rooftop.  You need to get to the area on the eastern side with all 
 the Peahats in the air, then clawshot over to the southeast door to 
 reach the chest.

Location: Hyrule Field (Kakariko Gorge)
Items Needed: Double Clawshots
Description: To the northeast of the bridge are a series of rocks.  One 
 has a target on it.  Attach to that, then to the target on the wall of 
 the gorge, then to the vines on the right-hand rock.  Climb around the 
 rock to reach the chest.

Location: Palace of Twilight
Items Needed: A Sol or the light-charged Master Sword
Description: In the first room of the eastern building are falls of black 
 fog.  Cut through the one in the northeast, then clawshot up to the chest.

Location: Palace of Twilight
Items Needed: A Sol or the light-charged Master Sword (preferably the latter)
Description: In the first room of the western building, you can find light 
 platforms on the ground.  Ride up the one on the west side to reach the 
 last Piece of Heart.


In Hyrule Castle Town, just east of the south road, you'll find a building 
called "Agitha's Castle".  Agitha just loves Golden Bugs, and she's invited 
24 of them to the "ball" at her castle.  You can find these bugs all over 
the wilderness.  You don't need any special equipment to pick them up off 
the ground (by pressing A), but those that rest on high areas might require 
using the Gale Boomerang or the Clawshot.

Once you collect a bug, you can bring it to Agitha and she'll give you stuff 
for them.  For the first bug, you'll get the Adult's Wallet, which will 
allow you to store up to 600 Rupees.  As you give her more bugs, she'll give 
you money for them.  She'll give you 50 Rupees for bugs, unless you give 
her the second bug in a male-female pair of the same species, in which case 
she'll give you 100 Rupees.  Once you give her all 24 Golden Bugs, she'll 
give you the Giant Wallet, allowing you to carry up to 1000 Rupees.

If you're hunting, it's easier to see them at night, and even easier to see 
them with wolf senses turned on.  Furthermore, if you find a bug of one 
gender, the other won't be too far off.  Also, when you get close, you should 
be able to hear a sparkly tinkly sound.

#1. Ant (male)
Location: Kakariko Village (Graveyard)
Description: In the back of the graveyard, on the right-hand tree, crawls 
 this little guy.

#2. Ant (female)
Location: Kakariko Village
Description: Go to the third house on the left on the main thoroughfare.  
 You should find this right on the floor.

#3. Dayfly (male)
Location: Gerudo Desert
Description: Along the south wall of the great desert, about in the middle.

#4. Dayfly (female)
Location: Gerudo Desert
Description: Just west of the big bridge section in the corner, you should 
 see two little trenches that drop off from the sand.  The bug is in the 
 northern one of those.

#5. Beetle (male)
Location: Hyrule Field (south area)
Description: You'll find this bug clinging to a tree on ground level, 
 southeast of the bridge.  It's on the lower level between two 
 rocky rises.

#6. Beetle (female)
Location: Hyrule Field (south area)
Description: From the bridge, go west to see some trees sitting on a higher 
 rise that you can't get to.  The bug is on one of those trees.  Grab it 
 with the Boomerang or Clawshot.

#7. Mantis (male)
Location: Hyrule Field (Great Bridge of Hylia)
Description: This bug hops around the north end of the bridge.  As you face 
 south across the bridge, look to the right and you should be able to see 

#8. Mantis (female)
Location: Hyrule Field (Great Bridge of Hylia)
Description: South of the bridge is a giant tree-like overhang.  At the 
 south end of this overhang, look east.  It's on the rocks.  If you can't 
 find it, it's in an area where you're assaulted by a couple of Stalhounds.

#9. Stag Beetle (male)
Location: Hyrule Field (north of the castle)
Description: East of the river are several trees.  There's a group of two, 
 a lone tree, then a group of three.  That lone tree has the bug on it, as 
 well as several Guays.

#10. Stag Beetle (female)
Location: Hyrule Field (north of the castle)
Description: This one's north, above the river.  As you go up the rocky 
 area, you'll see a small wooden fence overlooking the river below.  There's 
 a rock nearby that you can bomb open to reveal a cave.  The bug is just to 
 the right of that cave, on the rock wall.

#11. Pill Bug (male)
Location: Hyrule Field (Kakariko Gorge)
Description: Just east of the bridge spanning the gorge, you should spot this 
 one right on the ground.

#12. Pill Bug (female)
Location: Hyrule Field (Kakariko Gorge)
Description: On the west bank of the gorge, at the very south end, is a 
 small patch of trees and flowers.  The bug is among those flowers.

#13. Butterfly (male)
Location: Hyrule Field (east of Castle Town)
Description: At the sound end of this small area, before the stone balcony, 
 there's a small patch of flowers, where this bug is obviously floating 

#14. Butterfly (female)
Location: Hyrule Field (east of Castle Town)
Description: At the east end of this area, there's a cliff with vines that 
 don't go all the way down.  The buttefly's up there, but you can't go up 
 there to get it without the Clawshot.  Of course, you can always just use 
 the Boomerang to bring it closer to you on the ground.

#15. Ladybug (male)
Location: Hyrule Field (south of the castle)
Description: To the west of the steps to town is a tall rock.  The bug is in 
 a patch of flowers at the base.

#16. Ladybug (female)
Location: Hyrule Field (south of the castle)
Description: Down the east side of the steps to town is a small stand of 
 trees.  The bug is there.

#17. Snail (male)
Location: Sacred Grove
Description: Go to the southwest corner of the room with the statues to 
 find this little guy.

#18. Snail (female)
Location: Sacred Grove
Description: After entering the "timeless" area, you'll find it on the 
 side of the stairs leading down.

#19. Phasmid (male)
Location: Hyrule Field (Eldin Bridge area)
Description: On the south side of the bridge, just on the wall.  Boomerang 
 or Clawshot it down.

#20. Phasmid (female)
Location: Hyrule Field (Eldin Bridge area)
Description: This one's on the high rock wall west of the north end of the 
 bridge.  It seems out of reach until you get the Clawshot, but it's 
 possible to get close enough and at the proper angle to Boomerang it.

#21. Grasshopper (male)
Location: Hyrule Field (Eldin Bridge area)
Description: This one's on the ground in the southwest area of this section, 
 near the entrance to Kakariko.

#22. Grasshopper (female)
Location: Hyrule Field (Eldin Bridge area)
Description: You can find this one on the ground in the northeast corner of 
 this section.  No real landmarks, it's just out in the middle of the field.

#23. Dragonfly (male)
Location: Zora's Domain
Description: From the basin of the waterfall, go west onto the dry land.  
 You can find it just up the hill.

#24. Dragonfly (female)
Location: Upper Zora's River
Description: This bug floats around Iza's Boat Shop.  It's near the water, 
 so you may want to boomerang it over to dry land.


At some point during your travels (as the story dictates), you'll come 
across an interesting character named Jovani.  He's had a curse placed on 
him.  Haunting the country of Hyrule are a multitude of ghostly Poes.  
Defeating these Poes will break the curse on Jovani.

First of all, in the case of most Poes, you'll need to hunt at night, as 
they won't haunt during the day.  During the night, you can see Poes as 
floating lanterns.  However, even if you can see them, you cannot attack 
them unless you're in wolf form, and have your senses turned on.  When you 
can see them visibly through your senses, attack them until they collapse 
on the ground.  At this point, their soul will be visible.  Target and 
press A to rip the soul from the Poe and recover it.  These Poe Souls are 
the key to freeing Jovani.

After you collect 20 Souls and return to Jovani, he will be able to at 
least move again and will give you a Bottle filled with Fairy's Tears.  
Collect all 60 Souls and Jovani will be freed.  He'll give you 200 Rupees.  
Also, if you go visit his cat, Gengle, without any Rupees, the cat will give 
you another 200.

Like the Heart Pieces, I've ordered these roughly in the order you can find 
them.  There's a bunch at the beginning (28, in fact) of the Poe Quest, that 
you can get before even advancing the story.

Location: Castle Town
Description: In Jovani's House.  He explains the whole deal after you take 
 it out.

#2. *NIGHT*
Location: Hyrule Field (south area)
Description: Just south of the bridge over the stream.

#3. *NIGHT*
Location: Hyrule Field (Kakariko Gorge)
Description: Next to the tree overlooking the bridge.

Location: Hyrule Field (Kakariko Gorge)
Description: Bomb the rock blocking the cave at the south end of this area.  
 The Poe is deep inside the cave, but not too difficult to find.

#5. *NIGHT*
Location: Hyrule Field (north of the castle)
Description: On the bridge crossing the river.

Location: Hyrule Field (north of the castle)
Description: Head to the far east part of this section to find three trees 
 and a circle of grass.  Dig into the circle to find a grotto with two 
 Poes in it.

#8. *NIGHT*
Location: Hyrule Field (west of the castle)
Description: Leave town by the west gate and you'll find this Poe just 

#9. *NIGHT*
Location: Hyrule Field (east of the castle)
Description: Head south from the town entrance to the stone ruins.  It's 
 floating around there.

#10. *NIGHT*
Location: Hyrule Field (south of the castle)
Description: On the eastern side of the steps.  Can't miss it.

#11. *NIGHT*
Location: Hyrule Field (Great Bridge of Hylia)
Description: South of the bridge, you'll find a series of rocks.  This 
 one's quite visible perched high on a rock.  You'll need Bomb Arrows to 
 remove the surrounding boulders, and the Clawshot to get up to it.

#12. *NIGHT*
Locatin: Faron Woods
Description: Floating in the center of the poison fog clearing.  You'll 
 need to perform leaps from the southern end to reach it.

#13. *NIGHT*
Location: Kakariko Village
Description: Right on top of Barnes' old storehouse.

#14. *NIGHT*
Location: Kakariko Village
Description: In front of the building on the watchtower.

#15. *NIGHT*
Location: Graveyard
Description: Floating right in the middle of the graveyard.

#16. *NIGHT*
Location: Graveyard
Description: Push the first headstone on the left to unearth this one.

#17. *NIGHT*
Location: Death Mountain
Description: Talk to the second Goron on the path up the mountain (starting 
 from Kakariko), and have him point you east so you get vaulted up to the 
 cliffs above.  The Poe's up here.

#18. *NIGHT*
Location: Lake Hylia
Description: At the west edge of the lake, on the shore.

#19. *NIGHT*
Location: Lake Hylia
Description: At the south end of the lake, up the rocky paths (a Shadow 
 Insect was here before).

#20. *NIGHT*
Location: Lake Hylia
Description: At the east end of the lake, next to Auru's tower.

#21. *NIGHT*
Location: Lake Hylia
Description: This one's on the "Isle of Riches", part of Fabli's Flight-By-
 Fowl game.  You have to at least land on the 20 Rupee platform to get in 
 range of this guy.

#22. *NIGHT*
Location: Lake Hylia
Description: You need to use Fabli's Flight-By-Fowl game to get to this one.  
 Leap out and immediately turn around 180 degrees.  Your destination is a 
 little ledge of land under Fabli's house, where you'll find the Poe.  

Location: Lake Hylia
Description: Southeast of the warp point is a ladder which leads up to a 
 bombable wall.  The long cave inside has three Poes at different points.

#26. *NIGHT*
Lcoation: Upper Zora's River
Description: Floating on the piece of land between the two river outlets.

#27. *NIGHT*
Location: Zora's Domain
Description: On the dry land, west of the basin of the waterfall.

#28. *NIGHT*
Location: Zora's Domain
Description: Go to the east side of the basin in wolf form and start leaping 
 up the back of the waterfall.  You should spot this Poe on the way.

#29. *NIGHT*
Location: Gerudo Desert
Description: Just south of your entry point to Gerudo Desert.

#30. *NIGHT*
Location: Gerudo Desert
Description: In the southeast area, on top of the mesa where the bridge 
 segment and the Cave of Ordeals is.

#31. *NIGHT*
Location: Gerudo Desert
Description: In the mid-north area, west of all the watchtowers, clawshot 
 up to a tree to be able to reach this Poe on a mesa.

Location: Gerudo Desert
Description: Directly below #31 is a grotto you can dig into.  Inside, 
 you'll find many rocks and two more Poes.

#34. *NIGHT*
Location: Gerudo Desert
Description: After bashing through the barriers in the north, climb up and 
 head directly east.  There's a Poe at the end of the path.

#35. *NIGHT*
Location: Gerudo Desert (Fort)
Description: After fighting your way through the fort, return to the burned 
 down pen to find a Poe hanging out there.

#36. *NIGHT*
Location: Gerudo Desert (Grounds)
Description: Just to the east of the door to the Arbiter's Grounds, you'll 
 find another Poe, enjoying all the death.

Location: Arbiter's Grounds
Description: These four Foul Poes are required to get through this dungeon.  
 Look through that area's walkthrough if you need help hunting them down.

#41. *NIGHT*
Location: Snowpeak
Description: As you start climbing the mountain, you'll come upon several 
 rocks.  The Poe is hiding amongst those rocks.

#42. *NIGHT*
Location: Snowpeak
Description: Just before you start climbing up small ledges up the side, 
 there is a path that goes southwards towards a lone tree.  The Poe hangs 
 out at that tree. 

#43. *NIGHT*
Location: Snowpeak
Description: About halfway up the mountain, you'll find a couple of trees 
 standing alone.  The Poe floats amongst those trees.

Location: Snowpeak
Description: From the Snowpeak Ruins, turn into a wolf (so you won't sink 
 into the snow.  Head back up the sledding trail, then climb up to the 
 plateau to your right.  Follow the the path all the way around and up to 
 the top.  The Poe haunts up here.

Location: Snowpeak Ruins
Description: Right in front of you at the entrance.  Can't miss it.

Location: Snowpeak Ruins
Items Needed: Ball and Chain
Description: Go to the main foyer and smash the armor in the middle on the 
 west wall to release this ghost.

Location: Snowpeak Ruins
Items Needed: Ball and Chain
Description: In the room completely covered in ice on the second floor, 
 smash the ice on the west wall to free this Poe.

Location: Snowpeak
Items Needed: Ball and Chain
Description: Go into the cave you went through to reach Yeto.  Smash the 
 ice in this cave to free a Poe.

Location: Sacred Grove
Events Needed: Level 5 Dungeon complete
Description: While chasing Skull Kid the second time (or later on), go to 
 the part of the Sacred Grove with the waterfall you can swim into.  The 
 Poe is up on the ledge, here.

Location: Sacred Grove
Description: You'll find this one near the Master Sword chamber, in the 
 room where you fight Skull Kid.  You can get it on your first trip if you 
 wish.  Just Bomb the boulder in this room to unearth it.

#51. *NIGHT*
Location: Sacred Grove
Description: This one floats around the Master Sword's stone.

Location: Temple of Time
Description: This one's very obviously on the road to the Big Key, buy if 
 you still missed it, on the seventh floor, in the room with the big balance, 
 place statues so that you can stand on the upper panel without it being 
 lowered (three little statues, or the big one, on the other side).  From 
 that balance, climb up to a pillar, then clawshot the ceiling in the center.  
 Ride the Spinner around to the left to reach the Poe.

Location: Temple of Time
Items Needed: Dominion Rod
Description: On the third floor, go to the east side and Domniate one of 
 the little statues on the ledge above the gate, and drop it onto the button 
 inside to access this one.  Another method is to smash the gate with the 
 big statue.

Location: Sacred Grove (through the gray door)
Items Needed: Dominion Rod
Description: Before leaving the Temple of Time grounds, cast your Dominion 
 Rod on the owl statue to the left of the stairs (facing them).  Move the 
 statue to release the Poe.

#55. *NIGHT*
Location: Hidden Village
Description: I think you may need to complete the cat-finding quest in 
 Hidden Village before you can get this one, because for me, that's when it 
 appeared.  Anyway, as you enter the village, the first building on your 
 left has netting hanging down that you can clawshot onto.  Climb up, then 
 walk around the left of the balcony to find the Poe.

Location: City in the Sky
Description: On the rooftop of the eastern building there's a floating 
 island with a tree on it on the south end.  Float over to it on a Peahat 
 and attach to the Peahat floating above it, then drop down and fight.

Location: City in the Sky
Description: This one's on the rooftop of the central building.  Climb up 
 the vines in the northeast corner of the room, then cross the rope, then 
 head left.  Follow the ropes and vines to reach the platform with the 

Location: Cave of Ordeals
Items Needed: Spinner
Description: He's on Floor 17.

Location: Cave of Ordeals
Items Needed: Dominion Rod
Description: He's on Floor 33.

Location: Cave of Ordeals
Items Needed: Double Clawshot
Description: He's on Floor 44.


Here's where I collected all the remaining little things in this game.

10A. Hidden Skills =

Early in the game, you'll come across a golden wolf.  This wolf will teach 
you the first of the seven Hidden Skills.

#1: Ending Blow - When an enemy is prone on the ground, Z-target him and 
 press A to deliver a finshing blow.

There are six small statues in Hyrule.  The wind flows through these 
statues and creates a melody.  In wolf form, howl near these statues and 
match the tunes they whistle to you.  Once you do this, you'll be visited 
upon by the golden wolf again.  The wolf will ask you to "take sword in 
hand" and find him.  The wolf will then appear on the map.  Find the wolf 
while in human form and you'll be taught another of the Hidden Skills.

Note that I give you a certain order of finding these stones based on when 
you can in the game.  However, regardless of what order you find the stones 
in, you will ALWAYS be given the Hidden Skills in the proper order.  For 
instance, if you find the third stone on my list, but haven't learned any 
other skills, yet, you will be given the second Hidden Skill.


#2: Shield Attack - Z-Target an enemy, then thrust the Nunchuk forward to 
 bash with your shield.  This can stun an enemy, leaving them open to 
 attack.  This will also reflect some projectiles back at an enemy.
Statue Location: Death Mountain, about halfway up the trail.
Tune: ----|   |   ----|   |
      |   ----|   |   ----|
      |   |   ----|   |   ----
Golden Wolf Location: Ordon Woods, right in front of the spring.

#3: Back Slice - Z-Target an enemy, then dodge to the side twice to roll.  
 Swing the Remote at the end of your roll to perform a back slice, good for 
 enemies who don't protect their rear.
Statue Location: Upper Zora's River, near Iza's shack.
Tune: |   |   ----|   |
      |   --  |   ----|
      ----| --|   |   ----
Golden Wolf Location: Hyrule Field, just east of Castle Town.

#4: Helm Splitter - Z-Target an enemy, Shield Attack it, then press A to 
 flip over and strike the back of their head.  They're open to a further 
 attack at that point.  This is good for enemies who neglect to protect 
 their head.
Statue Location: Faron Woods, just outside of the Sacred Grove, near the 
 Forest Temple.
Tune: --- |   --- |   ----
      |   |   |   |---|
      |  -----|  --   |
Golden Wolf Location: South of Hyrule Castle Town.

#5: Mortal Draw - Sheathe your sword and do not target an enemy.  When an 
 enemy gets close to you, press A to whip your sword out at them for high 
Statue Location: Lake Hylia, southeast of the warp clearing and up a ladder.
Tune: |   |   ----|   |   |   ----
      |   ----|   |   | --|   |
      ----|   |   ------  ----|
Golden Wolf Location: Outside of the Gerudo Fort.

#6: Jump Strike - While holding Z, hold down A to charge your jump, then 
 release, once your sword's tip flashes, release A for a strike that can 
 clear crowds.
Statue Location: Snowpeak, as you climb the mountain, the scent will have 
 you cross the path of this one, easily.
Tune: --- |   |   |   |  --   |
      |  --   --------|   |---|
      |    ---|   |   --- |   ----
Golden Wolf Location: Kakariko Village Graveyard.

#7: Great Spin - With full hearts, use your Spin Attack to cause a greater 
 amount of damage than normal and reaching further than normal.
Statue Location: Hidden Village, through the eastern house and out the back 
 window, where the Cucco walks around.
Tune: |   |   |   |   | --|   |   --- | --|   |
      ----|   |   ------  |   |   |  ---  ------ 
      |   --------|   |   --------|   |   |   |
Golden Wolf Location: Just outside Hyrule Castle.

10B. Fishing =

Yes, kids.  Fishing is back, with a VENGEANCE!!  While away the hours, 
staring at your hook, praying to whatever Hylian deities for one of those 
lousy fish to give you a nibble!  It's like a whole separate game!

Okay, to put it shortly, there are basically two types of fishing in the 
game.  Bobber fishing, which can be done anywhere, and lure fishing, which 
can only be done at Hena's Lure Fishing Hole.

There are some basics to both types of fishing.  First of all, you can only 
catch fish where you can visibly see fish, so scout out the area to make 
sure you've got some swimmers.  Secondly, you cannot keep the fish you 
catch, with the exception of your best catches of each type from lure 
fishing, which get put in the tank in Hena's house.  You usually get a 
heart or a Rupee for your troubles, and that's it.


Bobber Fishing

Very early in the game, Colin's mom, Uli, will give you the Fishing Rod.  
This is a very simple rod, with just a pole, a line, a hook, and a bobber.  
No reel, no fancy lure.

Equip the rod to your B slot, then press B to pull it out.  Press B again 
and you'll enter "casting" mode, which is controlled by the up and down 
movements of the Wii Remote.  Raise your Remote and quickly move it down to 
cast the line out into the water.  From that point, all you can do is wait 
and watch the bobber.  If it dips below the water, you're getting a bite.  
Once it's most of the way down, snap the Remote into a high upward position 
to start pulling your fish in.  If you set the hook correctly, you'll see a 
pop-up note saying "FISH ON!"  If the fish comes all the way in, you'll 
have caught it, and will see what it is and how it measures.

Later on in the game, you'll get a Coral Earring, which will make the fish 
bite better (and allow you to catch Reekfish).  You also have the option of 
baiting your hook to increase the bite rate as well.
- Bee Larva - Can be bought at Ordon's shop, or found in any beehive.  You 
 can carry ten to a bottle.
- Worm - The Bomskits out in Hyrule Field hold onto these.  Slay one of 
 these little runners and they'll drop a worm behind for you to scoop up.

Catching fish will put them on your Fish Journal, where you can see how 
many and the largest of each kind you catch.

1. Greengill - These little guys really are everywhere.  You can find them 
 in most any body of water you see.  In fact, you need to get one to 
 advance the plot early on, so I won't say much more about them.

2. Reekfish - Another fish required to advance the plot.  You can only find 
 these big red fellows in Zora's Domain, out by the rocks near the west side 
 of the waterfall basin.

3. Ordon Catfish - An easy place to find these whiskery fellows is, of 
 course, Ordon Village.  Before getting the Coral hook, though, I find it 
 best to bait your hook to get their attention.

4. Hylian Pike - This thin and light-colored fish is found in the Lure Fishing 
 Hole.  Fish near the edges of the land to find it.

5. Hyrule Bass - This wide fish is also found in the Lure Fishing Hole.  
 Best place I've found is on the east side of land.

6. (Baby) Hylian Loach - The young version of this famous fish is tough to 
 catch at the Hole.  A place that has it much easier to catch is a grotto 
 near the Howling Stone at Lake Hylia (southeast corner).  The grotto is 
 inside a circle of grass.  Dig into it to find a small watery area, with 
 plenty of these little guys.  Saberwyn tells me you can also find these guys 
 in the area in Kakariko where you get the Zora Armor.

Others: You can also catch Skullfish in the Lakebed Temple, but they'll tell 
 you that it's a "forbidden fish" and won't be recorded.  Another "forbidden" 
 but still useful fish is the Bombfish (which can be found in a grotto 
 southeast of Eldin Bridge), which will give you a free Water Bomb.  An empty 
 Bottle can be found in the Fishing Hole (see the Items section for that).  
 You can also randomly pull up junk (like boots), a bag of Rupees (random 
 amount, usually not very big), and you can also get the Sinking Lure (which 
 I'll explain down below).


Lure Fishing

This is the fishing for the "true pros", where you take a boat out onto the 
water and use a proper fishing rod, complete with reel and lures.  Go talk 
to Hena inside her house at the Fishing Hole.  She'll charge you 20 Rupees 
for fishing, or 100 Rupees for fishing with a guide.  She can give you some 
good hints as you fish, but nothing I won't give you, here.  Oh, and the 
first time she'll throw in guide service for free.

Furthermore, fishing is a bit more complicated here, not the least of which 
has nothing to do with the controls, and that's the seasons and weather.  
Seasons dictate what kind and how big the types of fish you can find.  To 
change the season, simply exit and re-enter the Fishing Hole.  Spring is 
dictated by pink blossoms.  Summer is all green.  Autumn has falling leaves.  
Winter has snow on the ground.  As for weather, it will frequently rain 
during the course of your fishing, and you'll find that just after a rain, 
the water will be crystal clear and you can spot the fish very easily after 
you cast.

Use the Control Stick to manuever the boat.  If you find a spot you want to 
fish at, press B to stop and pull out the rod.  Alternatively, you can press 
Up on the Control Pad to either talk to Hena or read your fishing primer (if 
you decided to go it alone).  Press A to bring up a menu where you can 
change your lure or stop fishing altogether.

Once you take out your rod, use the Control Stick to adjust your direction 
you'll cast, then hold down A and raise the Remote (literally upwards, don't 
just pull it back behind you) to ready the rod, then snap your wrist forward 
and let go of A to cast the line.  The higher you raise the Remote, the 
further the line will go.  Once you've cast, you'll get a close up shot of 
your lure.  Jiggle the remote to perform the lure's "action", and perform a 
winding motion with the Nunchuk to reel in the line.

To catch a fish, wait for it to approach your lure, then do your action.  
Do so once every couple of seconds; not too often, not too infrequently.  

If you've properly enticed the fish, it will munch your lure.  Raise the 
remote and start "reeling" in the fish.  Keep reeling because if you stop 
for long, the fish will get away.  Also, there's a chance the fish will 
leap out of the water.  If that happens, lower your Remote to put some 
slack in the line, then raise and reel once it hits the water again.  Once 
the fish gets close enough, press A and B together to land it, where you'll 
see what you got and how big.

You don't keep records of the fish you catch.  Only the types you catch 
are placed in the tank.

Here are the types of lures you can have:

1. Swimmer Lure - A basic lure.  Seems to be effective on the most basic 
 types of fish.

2. Popper Lure - Apparently, this is good for catching fish that sit deep 
 in the center of the pond.

3. Spinner Lure - The propeller on this thing is good for catching the 
 skittish fish that hang out by the waterfalls.

4. Frog Lure - Shaped like a frog, this is a good overall lure, but is 
 pretty much essential for catching the Hylian Loach.  First of all, you 
 don't start with the Frog Lure.  You have to play Hena's Rollgoal game and 
 beat all eight levels before she'll let you use it.  Even then, the Frog 
 Lure isn't easy to use.  Once your fish grabs the lure, you have to wait 
 a couple of seconds for the hook to take before you can start reeling the 
 fish in, or you'll lose it.

5. Sinking Lure - This shiny golden lure is inarguably the best for catching 
 fish.  Ridiculously so, actually.  This lure doesn't have an "action", but 
 then, it doesn't really need one.  You also don't start with this one.  You 
 have to find it in the pond.  To be able to get it, you must catch a 
 catfish, a pike, and a bass while lure fishing.  Then, go bobber fishing 
 out by the extreme east part of the shore.  I got it on my first try, of 
 all things, but it should show up in a few.  Of course, you know that Hena 
 says time and again that sinking lures are forbidden, so don't pull that 
 lure out when she's in the boat with you, or she'll take it away.

Here are the types of fish you can catch:

1. Ordon Catfish - You can find good sized ones of these out by the middle 
 rock, especially in winter.

2. Hylian Pike - These guys like the waterfalls and coves.  The big ones 
 come out in fall.

3. Hyrule Bass - The nice fat fish is found pretty much anywhere in the 
 pond, and is largest in spring.

4. Hylian Loach - The legendary ultimate fish.  There's only one of these 
 big guys in the pond.  You'll find him in summer.  His swimming grounds 
 are in the northernmost cove, the one with all the lilypads.  You need the 
 Frog or Sinking Lure to catch him.  Naturally, you'll want the water to be 
 clear so you can spot him.  I've found that the hardest part about catching 
 this guy seems to be just using the Frog Lure properly.  Once I had him 
 hooked, I really had little problem actually bringing him in.  Sure I had 
 to properly fight with him, but once I got him close, the rest was easy.  
 Your reward for catching the loach is that Hena puts a picture of you 
 catching the fish in her house.  Lovely, eh?

10C. Minigames =


This game takes place in east Hyrule Castle Town, in the big circus tent.  
The object is to grab all the "light orbs" before time runs out.  You'll 
need the Clawshot to properly win it.  A good starting strategy is to 
immediately shoot above you, then drop down.  Then head for the ledge, climb 
up, and start hopping around the platforms clockwise.  At the last one, 
clawshot across, grabbing two orbs, then jump so you can get the last two 
with one clawshot.  You'll get the Big Quiver for your reward.

NOTE: "Irfan" sends this little tip: Grapple straight ahead to the ledge with 
the orb, then continue in a “STAR” pattern and you will get them all in about 
15 seconds.  Go to 12 o'clock, then about 5-ish, then 10-ish, then 3-ish, then 
7-ish then 12-ish.

Come back again with Double Clawshots and you'll be able to tackle his 
harder game, where there's a spiked floor around much of the perimeter.  
Try your best to hit as many orbs as possible on each grab.  You have more 
time, but more orbs, too.  You'll get the Giant Quiver as a reward.


Iza's River Ride

Talk to Iza and she'll shoo you away.  After you speak to her, three Shadow 
Assassins will descend.  Defeat them all and Iza will ask for your help with 
the river.  She'll say she needs help clearing out boulders blocking the way 
down the river with Bomb Arrows.  Make some Bomb Arrows (with the Bomb Bag 
she lends you) and fire two at the rock wall.  Next, she'll ask you to go down 
river.  Navigate the canoe down the river and you'll eventually come across a 
Zora and another rock wall.  Bust it down and follow the Zora all the way to 
the end.  You'll be allowed to keep the Bomb Bag.

If you want to go all the way back up and go to the Boat Ride again, you'll 
have a challenge on the way down.  Shoot down as many of the giant pots as 
you can with your Bomb Arrows.  Green are worth one and red are worth two.  
Hitting the wall docks you a point.  If you score more than 25, you'll get 
the Giant Bomb Bags, allowing you double capacity on all your bags.



In Hena's Fishing Hut, look at the puzzle near the pictures.  This is a 
little game she came up with.  Basically, you have to roll the ball into the 
goal without it falling off the path.  Use the Wii Remote to tilt the game 
board, and the Control Stick to turn the camera.  It's 5 Rupees to play, and 
you get 10 Rupees if you win.  If you can beat Level 1-8, you'll be given 
the Frog Lure to use while fishing.  After that, you'll play the same levels, 
but with a reduced time limit, all the way up to 8-8.  Beating all that will 
allow you to play any course you want.  Also, Hena will fill up your wallet.


Fabli's Flight-By-Fowl

On the high shores of Lake Hylia (east end) is a cabin.  Inside are a 
bunch of Cuccos and Fabli.  Pay 20 Rupees and you'll be allowed to grab a 
Cucco and float down Lake Hylia.  The floating Rupees in the air you can 
grab for their prescribed amount.  Your target should be the "Isle of Riches", 
that floating series of wooden platforms.  Your objective should be to 
land on the highest one, after which you can continue down through the 
platforms, getting all the treasures:

Rotating Platform: 100 Rupees
Highest Stationary Platform: Piece of Heart
2nd Platform: 50 Rupees
3rd Platform: 20 Rupees (and a Poe)
4th Platform: 10 Rupees
Bottom Platform: Nothing

If you wish to play again, the 100 Rupee chest will reset, but that's it.


Upriver Bird Riding

Turn into a wolf and go to any of the Hawk Grass at Lake Hylia.  Plumm the 
parrot will show up and offer you to play a game.  Howl the Hawk's Tune to 
bring a Kargaroc, who will carry you upriver.  Your job is to gather "fruit" 
while going up.  Melons are worth 1 point.  Oranges are worth 3.  
Strawberries are worth 10.  Additionally, collecting more than one of the 
same type of fruit in a row DOUBLES your score each time you collect it.  
So, if you collect an orange, it's 3, but the second orange (assuming you 
don't get anything else in between) is 6, then the next one is 12, and so on.  
Your goal is to get 10,000 points.  May seem really high, but there are 
enough strawberries close enough together to make your score SKYROCKET if 
you know where to look.  Just keep your eyes peeled and avoid the other 
fruits if you can.  The max score you can get is 5120.  You'll just keep 
getting 5120 after that.  Get over 10,000 and you'll get a Piece of Heart 
for your troubles.


Yeti Sledding

After completing the Level 5 Dungeon, go to the peak of Snowpeak and talk 
to Yeto and Yeta.  Yeto will challenge you to sledding down the mountain.  
He's beaten rather easily.  Next, challenge Yeta.  She's much better, 
faster than Yeto, and she uses the shortcuts to get ahead.  You'll need to 
match her shortcuts to be able to get to the end before her and earn the 
Piece of Heart as reward.

10D. The Cave of Ordeals =

This trial of bravery, endurance, and stamina is hidden in the Gerudo 
Desert.  It's location is actually rather obvious; it's beneath that chunk 
of Eldin Bridge that was warped to the desert.  Climb up to the top of the 
mesa and warp away the bridge, and when you warp back, you'll find the 
cave there right in front of you.

To win, you must survive all fifty floors in one attempt.  Every ten floors, 
you'll meet the Great Fairy, who will reward your efforts thus far by 
bestowing Fairies to the springs in Hyrule.  Complete the trial and she will 
fill one of your bottles with Great Fairy's Tears, and if you use it, you 
can return to any spring, speak to the Spirit, and it will refill your bottle.

You should be well-prepared before taking this on.  Since you need the 
Double Clawshots to get to the very bottom, I suggest having all possible 
items and Hearts that you can have up to beating the Level 7 Dungeon.  Have 
all four Bottles and fill them with at least Blue Potion, but you may want 
to save Rare Chu Jelly and the Great Fairy's Tears that Jovani gives you 
for this run.  If you have the Magic Armor (and you should), fill up your 
wallet with Rupees so you have time with it.  Also, make sure your bags and 
quiver are full of supplies.  While you go through the levels, you WILL NOT 
FIND HEARTS dropped by enemies, so beware.  There are, however, some dig 
spots as you go, so be sure to look for those.

Lastly, as a tip, you can overlook your enemies before you drop down to them.  
You can use this opportunity to soften their ranks with projectiles.

1: One Bokoblin
2: Three Rats, three Keeses
3: Four Hebi Babas (three hanging) (dig spot for a Heart)
4: Three Large Skulltulas
5: Three Bullblin Archers
6: Nine Lava Slugs (five on ceiling)
7: Five Fire Keeses, two Dodongos (dig spot for three Hearts)
8: Four Red Tektites, two Blue Tektites
9: Two Lizalfos, two Bullblin Archers

10: Fairies will appear in Ordon Spring

11: Three Helmasaurs, fifteen Rats (need Spinner)
12: One Giant Purple ChuChu (splits into eight)
13: Four Gekkos
14: Sixteen Bubbles (dig spot for 100 Rupees)
15: Ten Bullblins
16: Six Rats, six Keeses (dark room)
17: One Poe, ten Stalhounds
18: Eight Leevers (dig spot for a Heart)
19: One Purple ChuChu, then many ChuChus

20: Fairies will appear in Faron Spring

21: Five Bokoblins, five Ice Keeses (need Ball & Chain)
22: Five Keeses, eight Rats, eight Ghost Rats (dig spot for three Hearts)
23: Thirty Stalkin
24: Five Redead Knights
25: One Bullblin Archer on tower, six Bullblins, five Bullblin Archers
26: Three Stalfos Knights
27: Three Large Skulltulas (hanging), eight Winged Bubbles
28: Six Bokoblins, two Helmed Lizalfos
29: Twelve Stalkin, four Fire Bubbles, two Stalfos Knights

30: Fairies will appear in Eldin Spring

31: Five Beamos, eight Keeses (need Dominion Rod)
32: Six Fire Keeses, six Lava Slugs (on ceiling), six Fire Bubbles, 
 two Dodongos (dark room)
33: One Poe, four Redead Knights
34: Eight Ghost Rats, eight Chus (dig spot for a heart)
35: Six Ice Keeses, one Freezard
36: Four Chilfos
37: Eight Ice Bubbles, eight Leevers
38: Six Ice Keeses, four Chilfos, two Freezards, four Ice Bubbles
39: Two Darknuts (dig spot for 200 Rupees)

40: Fairies will appear in Lanayru Spring

41: Nine Armos
42: Six Hebi Babas, six Bokoblins
43: Six Bullblin Archers, three Helmed Lizalfos
44: Four Armored Lizalfos, one Poe
45: Two Bullblin Archers on towers, five Redead Knights, twelve ChuChus
46: Two Freezards, three Chilfos, eight Ghost Rats
47: One Bokoblin, ten Rats, twenty Stalkin
48: Two Aeralfos, one Darknut
49: Three Darknuts

50: Great Fairy

It's also worth pointing out that subsequent trips will result in more 
enemies on the floors.  For instance, floor 49 will have four Darknuts on 
your second trip.  On each trip, you will have a bottle filled with Great 
Fairy Tears, if you have one empty.

Thanks to HTL2001 for info on extra dig spots.

10E. Hidden Holes and Extra Rupees =

This section will cover "extras" that are good for more Rupees, or just 
larger hidden tunnels that have special items in them.  Hidden Rupees are 
considered important if they're 50 or more.  I won't be listing every single 
10 Rupee you find, of course.  Also, I won't list big cash you can find in 
dungeons.  Look at the dungeon walkthroughs for those.


50 Rupees
- Link's house, in his basement, you'll need the Lantern to see it.
- Kakariko Village Graveyard, light both torches near the back.
- Kakariko Village, in the watchtower building.
- Kakariko Village, behind Eldin's Spring (need Water Bombs)
- South of Kakariko Gorge (see below)
- Zora's Domain, light the two torches near the entrance.
- Grotto in the Goat Ranch (see below)
- Right near "South of the Great Bridge of Hylia" (see below)
- TWO in the cave Southeast of Lake Hylia (see below)
- On top of one of the serpent heads outside Lanayru's Spring.  Drop down 
 onto them using the Flight-By-Fowl.


100 Rupees
- Cave North of Eldin Bridge (see below)
- Grotto East of Hyrule Castle (see below)
- Grotto South of Hyrule Caslte (see below)
- Grotto Southeast of Eldin Bridge (see below)
- South of the Great Bridge of Hylia (see below)
- Grotto Under Fabli's House (see below)
- TWO in the cave Southeast of Lake Hylia (see below)
- Grotto Southeast of Lake Hylia (see below)
- On top of one of the serpent heads outside Lanayru's Spring.  Drop down 
 onto them using the Flight-By-Fowl.
- Under the bridge in Hyrule Field, north of Faron Woods.  Clawshot to the 
 spot underneath to reach the chest.
- On a platform in a fountain south of Hyrule Castle.  Clawshot to the west 
 tower, then drop off and use the Spinner to jump into it.
- Atop a tower south of Hyrule Castle, Clawshot to the west tower, then 
 cross ropes and shimmy along ledges to reach it.
- Western Desert Grotto (see below)
- Northern Desert Grotto (see below)
- Snowpeak Yeti Cave, break the ice blocks with the Ball and Chain and light 
 the torches.
- Kakariko Gorge, need Dominion Rod.  Move the Owl Statue to the gap between 
 the two ledges on the west side, then once across, move the statue (from 
 where you are above) to the gap on the east side.
- East of Castle Town, need Dominion Rod.  Move the Owl Statue over between 
 the stairs and the obvious chest on the pillar to get to it.
- Great Bridge of Hylia, need Dominion Rod.  Get up to the spot with the 
 character, then move the statue so you can jump out to it, then to the 
 ledge with the chest.
- Gerudo Desert, need Dominion Rod.  You need to move the Owl Statue into 
 a different position every time you make the jump to a new platform so you 
 can get over to the chest.
- TWO in Lanayru's Spring.  You need Double Clawshots to get up to the top 
- South of Hyrule Castle, there's a hole which drops down into the river, 
 but down there, you can use Double Clawshots to attach to targets leading 
 to the chest.


200 Rupees
- In Kakariko Village, fire a Bomb Arrow at the bell on top of the sanctuary.  
 Jump up to the roof as a wolf to collect it.


Grotto near Faron Woods

West of the entrance of Faron Woods, in the corner, is a hole you can dig 
into.  There are Deku Babas and Keeses here.  Nothing will appear if you 
beat them all, but there is a total of fifty Rupees in small chests down 


South of Kakariko Gorge

There's a discolored wall south of the bridge that can be blown with a Bomb.  
Inside is a complicated cave full of webs and lower-tier enemies.  There 
are many branching paths, and the ends you can find a Poe, a Piece of Heart 
(light two torches), and 50 Rupees.


Cave North of Eldin Bridge

You need the Clawshot for this one.  Just north of the bridge is a cliff 
with a Clawshot target.  Hook up, then walk around and enter the cave.  
You'll need to do some of the mid-air Iron Boot action you did back in the 
Goron Mines.  At the bottom, you'll find 100 Rupees and a Piece of Heart.


Grotto in the Goat Ranch

In the Ordon Village ranch, go to the stable and you can dig in the center.  
In the grotto, you'll find rats, pots, a Golden ChuChu, and three torches 
that, when lit, give you a chest with 50 Rupees.  Thanks to Isaac Yoga for 
pointing this one out.


Grotto Northeast of Hyrule Castle

In the area north of Hyrule Castle, head to the far east of the area to find 
three trees and some grass near them.  Dig at the center of the grass 
circle to find this grotto, with two Poes in it, as well as a gaggle of Deku 
Babas.  Although there's no reward for cleaning house, the pots have a good 
amount of Rupees in them.


Grotto East of Hyrule Castle

You need the Clawshot for this.  There's a plateau on the east side of the 
area east of Hyrule Castle.  Up here, there's a circle of stones.  Dig into 
the center to reach the grotto.  Defeat all the Helmasaurs to make a chest 
with 100 Rupees appear.


Grotto South of Hyrule Castle

To the west of the stairs to town is a tall platform with a bunch of Guays 
around it.  Slay them all, then climb to the top and dig into the circle of 
rocks to find the grotto.  Inside, fight all the Tektites, and a chest will 
appear with 100 Rupees.


Grotto Southeast of the Eldin Bridge

From the south end of the Eldin Bridge, travel east along the cliff face 
with your senses on until you can spot this dig spot.  Inside is a pond 
full of Bombfish, with a few Skullfish, and the chest.  Thanks to Michael 
Cruiser for info on this one.


South of the Great Bridge of Hylia

South of the bridge is a series of rocky walls.  There are some boulders 
which can be destroyed with Bomb Arrows.  Behind those boulders are Clawshot 
targets.  Clawshot up to the top and look for the circle of grass.  Dig 
there.  Defeat all the Bubbles to find 100 Rupees.


Grotto Under Fabli's House

Quite a ways under, actually.  You need to use one of his Cuccos and fly 
off, then turn right around and face north to land on a ledge (there's a 
Poe here at night).  Dig into the grotto here to find Shell Claws in the 
water.  Drop down in the water and fight them to make a chest appear with 
100 Rupees.


Cave Southeast of Lake Hylia

Go southeast of the warp spot for Lake Hylia, then up a ladder.  There's a 
discolored wall at the end that you can bomb down.  This cave is quite 
complicated, and requires quite a few bombs.  It's also crawling with bad 
guys, but lots of treasure, too.  I suggest going with an empty wallet, as 
there's a ton or Rupees, in great and small quantities, lots of supply items 
(particularly different types of bombs), Poes, and a Piece of Heart at the 
end.  Just make sure your Lantern is full of oil, because it's dark and some 
chests require you to light torches.  I got a total of 400 Rupees from one 
trip (counting all the enemy drops).


Grotto Southeast of Lake Hylia

In the same area at the cave mentioned above are five patches of grass in a 
circle.  Dig in the center to find a cavern with Toadpolis.  Deal with all of 
them to make a chest appear with 100 Rupees.


Western Desert Grotto

Just east of the entry point at Gerudo Desert, you'll find three skulls.  
Dig there to find a grotto with six Skulltulas.  Beat them all to find a 
chest with 100 Rupees.


Northern Desert Grotto

Mid-north, west of all towers, you should spot a tree on a high ledge.  
Clawshot up to it, then head north to the three skulls.  There's a grotto 
right there.  Inside are a bunch of rocks, two Poes, and three torches that 
need to be lit so a chest with 100 Rupees will appear.


Grotto North of Eldin Bridge

You need the Spinner for this.  North of the bridge is a smaller rope 
bridge, where you'll find Spinner tracks.  Ride them to the end, then dig 
in the center of the grass circle.  Inside are three Stalfos Knights, a 
chest with some Bombs, and a Piece of Heart.


Snowpeak Grotto

About halfway up the Snowpeak climb, you'll see a couple of trees standing 
alone.  One of the trees has a spot where you can dig into the grotto.  
There are Ice Keeses in here, but the real find is by the rocks you can 
bomb.  A Rare ChuChu is hiding up there.  Take his jelly he leaves behind 
for a super curative.


Sacred Grove

Right where you fought the Skull Kid is a boulder.  Blow it open and dig 
under it to reach a grotto with seven Hebi Babas.  Take them all out to 
reveal a chest with a Piece of Heart.

11A. Creepers and Crawlers =

Skulltula - These spiders are identified by the skull-like pattern on their
 backs.  There are two types you'll find: small and big.  The small 
 Skullwalltulas hang out on viney walls.  They will not attack unless you get 
 close, but being on a viney wall, you'll not be able to defend yourself.  
 Take these guys out from a distance.  The bigger Skulltulas are hard to 
 miss.  They can hang from the ceiling, and once cut down, they will close in 
 and attack.  Let them get close, then mow them down with multiple sword 
 swings to finish them.  If they defend, back up a second, and attack while 
 they move towards you.

Deku Baba - These carnivorous plants come in two varieties.  Both types 
 attack you when you come close and attempt to bite.  If they latch on, 
 wiggle your Control Stick or launch a spin attack to get loose.  Smack them 
 once to knock their heads back, then again to separate them from their 
 root.  The blue variety will croak at this point, but the red variety 
 (the Hebi Baba) will continue to snap after you until you finish it off.  
 Oftentimes, a defeated Deku Baba will drop a nut.  Break open this nut for 

Pod Baba - These Babas have grown to the point where they simply sit in one 
 spot waiting for their next meal.  They cannot be struck down with any 
 conventional weapon, and trying to jump over them will result in getting 
 chewed on and spit out.  The only way to destroy them is to feed them a 

Bombling - These living explosives tend to hide in their holes.  If you get 
 close, they'll approach and attack, but if you strike them, they'll curl up 
 in a ball and start flashing red, exploding several seconds later.  You 
 can use these guys as preliminary Bombs if you don't yet have a supply.

Tile Worms - These parasites hide under unassuming floor tiles.  Approaching 
 them will cause them to pop up slightly and notice you.  Stepping on their 
 tiles will cause them to rise up and damage you.  To defeat them, you 
 need to use the Gale Boomerang on their tile to uproot them, then slash them 
 while they're defenseless.

Leever - Small burrowing plant-like creatures.  These burst out of the 
 ground in packs as you get close and home in on your position.  Beating 
 them isn't much, but they can gang up on you.

Lava Slug - These firey little blobs aren't much to look at, and frankly, 
 they won't do much to attack.  When you get close, they emit a halo of 
 fire, which hurts.  Also, they can be on the ceiling, where they'll drop 
 on you if close.  It's possible to defeat them while they're on the ceiling, 
 such as with a Bow.

Tektite - The famed hopping spider-like creature returns.  There are two 
 flavors: red, which prefers the mountains, and blue, which prefers watery 
 areas.  I haven't found any real distinction between the two otherwise.  
 Wait for them to hop close and slash them good, or take them out from a 

ChuChus - These guys are simple blobs that fall off ceilings and generally 
 bounce around.  They come in a variety of colors.  One strike will destroy 
 one.  However, if you leave a few ChuChus alone together, they can combine, 
 making a bigger Purple ChuChu, which will take more strikes to separate and 
 destroy.  However, if you hit a big ChuChu with a bomb, it will immediately 
 break up into all its smallest parts.  Note that almost all colored ChuChus 
 become purple when combining.  If a yellow and blue combine, however, they 
 make a Green, which was originally removed from the game since its jelly 
 would restore magic.  When you destroy a ChuChu, it'll leave a small puddle 
 behind that you can scoop into a bottle.  What that jelly does differs 
 depending on the ChuChu: 
 Purple - Random effect, could restore or lower hearts.
 Green - No effect (was meant to be removed)
 Red - Restores eight hearts.
 Blue - Restores all hearts.
 Yellow - Oily substance for filling Lanterns.
 Golden - Restores all hearts and doubles attack power until hit.  Check the 
  Bottled Goods section in Items for info on where I've found Golden ChuChus.

Moldorms - Decidedly low-key in this game.  Moldorms prowl the desert sands.  
 They pop out to strike.  Slash them as they pop out, or just ignore them 
 and move on, because there's an infinite amount, anyway.

Poison Mites - These fellows are smaller in comparison to your average Zelda 
 enemy, which are normally comparable in size to you.  These little guys 
 attack in large swarms, and are understandably tough to hit.  They won't 
 cause much in the way of damage, but getting a swarm on you will slow you 
 down.  If they latch onto you, perform a spin attack to send them flying.  
 Also, if you have a Lantern out, they'll flee from the light.

Gohma - Spiderlike creatures, Gohmas come in regular size and larva-size.  
 The regular size ones are no big shakes.  They're not even more difficult 
 than a Tektite.  The larvae can be a bit annoying as they tend to congregate 
 in swarms, as well as fleeing from you and sneaking up behind.

11B. Animals =

Rat - These big squeakers scoot around on the ground and attempt to leap 
 onto you.  They're rather weak, but they'll crawl ya.

Bomskits - These little guys populate the southern area of Hyrule Field.  
 When you get close, they tend to run off, leaving spiny eggs behind that 
 hurt.  Hit them with a distance weapon, or chase them down on Epona.  Often, 
 when slain, they'll leave a Worm behind that you can take.

Dodongo - I don't think these guys dislike smoke as much these days.  
 Given the opportunity, these flame lizards will breathe fire at you.  Their 
 weak point is their tail.  The best time to try for a hit is just after 
 they breathe fire.  An alternative method, once you have the Bow, is to 
 fire an arrow into their open mouths.  (Thanks, Mark Kim)

Helmasaur - These small lizards tromp around until they see something 
 they like, then they charge.  The easiest way to deal with them is to 
 Clawshot the armor off them.  If you can't do that, just try to get behind 
 them and slash their rear.  Late in the game, you'll also run across a 
 Big Helmasaur variety.  While it's not all that much bigger, you cannot 
 clawshot the shell, and they take a couple more hits.

White Wolfos - In the Snowpeak areas, rising out of the very snow itself, 
 you'll find these light-blue wolves.  They pad along the snow very easily, 
 and strike quickly.  Face them in wolf form, because you'll likely be at a 
 serious disadvantage trudging through the snow in human form.  I prefer the 
 Energy Field attack for one-hit kills.

Freezard - There are two varieties to this ice demon.  The smaller variety 
 slides along the ground, and slides away when struck.  Strike it once to 
 get it moving, then again to destroy it.  They freeze to the touch.  The 
 larger variety blows freezing breath at you and needs heavy duty weaponry 
 to destroy, either a cannonball or the Ball and Chain.  Destroying a big 
 Freezard releases smaller ones.

11B. Fliers =

Keese - The famed Zelda series bat keeps to darkened areas.  It attacks with 
 the hook on its tail, and flits around quickly, but its small size makes it 
 very weak.  A hit with anything will kill it.  There are two special types 
 of Keese as well: a Fire Keese that does more damage and can burn wooden 
 shields, and an Ice Keese that does more damage and can freeze you 

Kargaroc - These large winged birds scour much of Hyrule Field for prey.  
 You can either take them out from a distance, or wait until they charge and 
 slash them.  They'll usually take a couple of hits to go down.

Guay - These crow-like beasts generally travel in flocks and roost in trees 
 or other high places.  Disturbing one is generally cause for disturbing all 
 of them.  Fortunately, the flocks tend to attack you only one at a time, 
 so take the ones that dive you, and perhaps shoot at the ones in the air.  
 Oftentimes, when you take down an entire flock, a cascade of Rupees will 
 fall from the sky as a reward.

Deku Golems - These guys more hover than fly.  They're machinations 
 summoned by the Skull Kid.  A shot or two will take them out, but they 
 can tend to get in your way... a LOT.

Peahats - Floating propeller plants.  These guys were nasty in games of old, 
 but in this game, they're harmless.  In fact, they're clawshot targets, so 
 if you see some floating around, you may need to clawshot there.

11C. Swimmers =

Toadpolis - Looking to be a distant cousin of the Octoroks (shame they 
 weren't in this game, eh?), these fishies can swim around in water AND 
 lava.  They'll surface periodically to spit rocks at you.

Shell Claw - Cousins of OoT's Shell Blade, these guys swim forward to 
 bite you.  Your options are to either get close and slash it when it opens 
 its mouth, or hang back and use the Clawshot.

Bari - Electric jellyfish infesting the Lakebed Temple.  Avoid them until 
 you find the Clawshot.  Then, you can take them down relatively safely, 
 just so long as you don't fire while they're charged.

Skullfish - Evil skeletal fish (was thinking of putting them under Undead, 
 but this section's small as it is).  They beeline for you whenever you're 
 in their water.  They're also "forbidden" on your Fish Journal, even though 
 you can hook them.  I say just avoid the waters they populate.  If that's 
 impossible, swim fast to avoid them, or retaliate with a Clawshot.

Gekko - The range of swimming for these greenish amphibians is limited to a 
 bubble, but it counts.  They use their bubble as protection from your 
 sword.  Bombs, however, will scatter it.  Blow away the bubble and 
 repeatedly slash the little guy to finish him.  Once you get the Clawshot, 
 simply shoot through it to grab the Gekko.

Water Bomb Fish - These guys are mostly placed near areas where you might 
 run out of bombs.  They swim towards you.  Strike them to start them 
 flashing.  You can then place them where you wish until they explode.

11D. Undead =

Stalhound - These skeletal canines haunt Hyrule Field at night.  They'll 
 rise up out of the ground and attack.  They're not powerful, but they do 
 pursue you doggedly.

Poe - The famed ghosts of the Zelda series.  Poes are invisible to the naked 
 eye, appearing as only floating lanterns.  They are only visible (and 
 open to attack) when viewed through wolf senses.  They appear as electric 
 blue spectres with giant (for their size) scythes.  Two jump attacks will 
 drop them to the ground, but they're not defeated until you "finish" them, 
 taking their souls.

Stalkin - The skeletal warriors that have plagued the series.  This basic 
 version will simply rise up out of the ground and march towards you.  It 
 takes only a hit or two, but watch out, because oftentimes you'll be facing 
 a veritable mob.

Foul Poe - This special type of Poe is only found in the Level 4 Dungeon.  
 It is taller than the average Poe.  It also tends to be mostly ethereal, 
 even to your senses and attacks.  The only time it can be struck is when 
 it glows brighter to make an attack.  At that time, jump attack and latch 
 onto it.  Two latching attacks should take it down, then you can finish 

Bubble - Known by such a name long before they became very obviously flying 
 skulls, the Bubble (or Anti-Fairy) generally disguises itself as any of a
 number of skulls lying around, only flapping and attacking when you draw 
 close.  They take two hits: one to knock them down, another to finish them 
 off.  There are three types: the basic Winged Bubble, the Fire Bubble, and 
 the Ice Bubble, which can freeze you.  Generally, you won't know the type 
 you face until you get it going.

Redead Knight - These slow, yet powerful warriors are modifications of the 
 Redead theme, first encountered in Ocarina of Time.  Draw close, and 
 they'll unleash a horrific scream that stops you in your tracks, allowing 
 them time to rear back and bring their giant blade upon you.  My preferred 
 way for dealing with these horrors is to leap on them as a wolf and bite 
 them repeatedly, leaving them little time to retaliate.  Mark Kim suggests 
 using the Ball and Chain, once you get it, as it allows you to stay out of 
 range of the screech, and you can knock them down in one full throw (hit 
 and return).

Ghost Rat - The first time you encounter these spectral rodentia, you'll 
 find yourself slowed by an invisible force.  Turn on your wolf senses to 
 make them visible.  They're exceedingly weak, taking one hit before falling, 
 but like the regular Rats, there can often be a lot of them around.

Stalfos Knight - This is a more hardy version of the Stalfos.  It knows how 
 to use a sword and shield.  It will defend itself well, but you can find 
 openings to get through if you move properly or wait until it swings.  Once 
 you get it to collapse, you need to set a Bomb next to it to finish it, or 
 else the bones will reassemble.  Alternatively, you can throw a Bomb at 
 them, and if you can just keep them near the Bomb, it'll blow them to 
 smithereens without having to knock them down.  Alternatively-alternatively, 
 just use a Bomb Arrow.  Alternatively X3, once you get the Ball and Chain, 
 use it against them.  A smash will knock them down, and reeling it back 
 will finish them off.  (Thanks to Justin Bourguignon for the last one).

11E. Fighters =

Bokoblin - This purple beast-looking humanoid doesn't fight particularly 
 well.  You'll find that with a few sword swings they'll drop like almost 
 nothing.  Beware later in the game, though, as you'll find lighter purple 
 Bokoblins with a machete that can take more hits.

Bullblin - The rank and file evil solider is far simpler than the Bokoblins.  
 They're green and wear heavy cloth.  No matter how far you go in the game, 
 though, they won't get any stronger, thankfully.

Bullblin Archer - These Bullblins utilize their fire-tipped arrows against 
 you.  Some face you on the ground, others snipe at you from high locations.  
 In either case, they're not particularly strong.  Close in and slash the 
 groundlings, and use distance weapons on the snipers.

Bullblin Riders - These Bullblins ride the fields on boars, chasing you down 
 on your horse and making life miserable for you.  Either use distance 
 weapons, or chase them on Epona and hack them off their rides.

Beamos - These rotating statues have a red eye on them.  When you get in 
 range, they'll unleash a hot laser in your direction, following you around.  
 To destroy them, shoot an arrow at their eye.

Lizalfos - These reptilian fighters are decent with bladed weapons and 
 small shields.  They can take a few hits, but they're not very good 
 defenders.  There's also a helmed variety that doesn't seem to be much 
 better than the standard.  Further, there's an Armored Lizalfos variety, 
 which is a far better fighter, routinely blocking your strikes.  Use hidden 
 skills to take it down (Shield Attack can stun it) or strike after it 

Chilfos - These wiry, frozen soldiers are probably one of the more 
 difficult and annoying enemies in the game.  Their weapon is a spear of 
 ice, which they will charge and attack with, or throw from a distance.  
 Furthermore, they're tough to beat down.  Striking them repeatedly first 
 breaks their lance.  Afterwards, keep striking to destroy them, or they 
 make a new lance.  Deadly in groups.  The Ball and Chain is useful, in 
 that it destroys their lance on the first smash, then finishes them on the 
 return, but the best tactic is the Backslice, which will finish them in 
 one hit.  Thanks to Jake for this info.

Armos - These statue-types lay dormant until you approach, then come to 
 life and start swinging large hammers at you.  They're vulnerable in the 
 back, but tend not to turn very fast until you actually strike them.  Arrows 
 work well from a distance, and Bombs are effective, too.  Strike them three 
 times in the back to make them panic and explode.

Darknut - The best fighter in the game, these armored warriors swing their 
 large weapons easily, and can block most any attack with their shields.  
 To get through their defenses, you must strike just after they've swung.  
 Hit them repeatedly to knock off their armor.  Once the outer layer of plate 
 is gone completely, they'll throw their weapon at you, then unsheathe a 
 smallsword and continue the fight.  They move faster without their armor, 
 and can still defend quite well, so wait for their swings before you 

Aeralfos - These guys are on par with the Armored Lizalfos for sword 
 skills, but they have the added bonus of being able to fly.  Their shield 
 is a Clawshot target, so when they bring it up in front of them (for a 
 swooping slash), clawshot them to temporarily ground them.  Once down, 
 they can be dealt with smart fighting, such as striking after them, or 
 using Hidden Skills.  If you don't like waiting for them to raise their 
 shields, you can always fire an arrow at them, which they'll block.

11F. Shadow =

Shadow Imp - These small and rather shapeless entities are not much to 
 write home about.  They move at a decent speed, but don't hit hard.  They 
 act similar to rats, but can walk on water, as well.

Shadow Keese - Pretty much the same as a regular Keese, just Shadow.

Shadow Kargarocs - These are large Shadow birds, with no distinct head.  
 Pretty freaky, eh?  They take two hits with your jump attack as a wolf.

Shadow Assassin - One of the few Shadow who can stand being outside of the 
 shadow, these monsters tend to appear out of portals.  They're not 
 particularly difficult on their own, but they have strength as a group.  
 When you reduce their numbers to one, the last will utter a scream, 
 reviving the fallen ones.  You must use Midna's Energy Field attack to 
 take out at least the last two.  If you cannot assume wolf form, use a 
 Spinning Attack to take two at once.

Shadow Baba - Not much different than your average Deku Baba, except for the 
 belligerence.  Just like the regulars, you need to separate them to finish 

Shadow Insects - These bugs have stolen the Light Spirit's light essence.  
 They do not appear visibly, but can clearly be seen through the wolf's 
 senses.  Even so, they're not defenseless.  In addition to being able to 
 fly around, they can generate electricity to discourage predators.  Take 
 them down after they finish charging to recover the Light Tears they stole.

Shadow Bullblins - A simple grunt-like enemy, the darkened Bullblin doesn't do 
 much other than swing its club.  Two Jump Attacks will put paid to it.  
 Some have bows, but you won't find too many.

Zant Mask - These large floating helmets act as a sort of Wizzrobe for this 
 game.  They teleport around the immediate area and fire balls of magic at 
 you.  Locate them quickly when they teleport and slash them.  Also, if you 
 have the Shield Attack, use it to knock their magic back at them to stun 

Wallmaster - The official Second-Most Annoying Zelda Enemy returns as a 
 guardian of the Twilight Realm.  They are fiercely protective of the Sols 
 they carry, and move to recapture them if they're taken.  They don't move 
 very slowly, but they cannot be destroyed.  All you can do is stun them 
 with sword slashes and stay ahead of them until you get the Sol out of the 

12A. Legal =

This FAQ was made 100% by me, and is Copyright © 2006 Scott "CyricZ" 
Zdankiewicz.  You may not take it in whole or in part and claim it as your 
own. You may not alter it in any way, even if you ask me first, and that 
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12C. Credits =

CJayC, Al Amaloo, and all webmasters for having this on their sites.

Other folks who have helped with extra little tidbits.  I've credited most of 
you in the sections you've helped.

Eiji Aonuma, Shigeru Miyamoto, Koji Kondo, and all Zelda staff for their 
devotion to this franchise, and their continued desire to impress us.

12D. Version Updates =

Version 1.0 - 12/23/2006 - Merry Christmas, reading public!  A complete 
 guide!  Well, nearly.  I'm probably missing extra Rupees, so let me know on 
 any of those.

Version 1.1 - 12/30/2006 - Well, geez.  Why didn't anyone tell me I had the 
 names wrong for some of the enemies?  I really wish they gave us the names 
 in-game somehow. -_-

Version 1.2 - 5/5/2007 - More name changes, mostly based off what I read on 
 Wikipedia.  If I have any further ones wrong, or you folks think the wiki 
 ones are wrong for some reason, lemme know.  Also a few changes and additions 
 throughout, particularly to Holes and Rupees.

12E. The Final Word =

For the first time, I'm at a loss for words.  All I have to say is...

What a masterpiece.
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