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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

                      T H E  L E G E N D  O F  Z E L D A
                       T W I L I G H T  P R I N C E S S
                                   ~  /\  ~
                              Table of Contents

ii..............................................................Version History
iv..............................................................Zelda Storyline
ACT ONE...........................................................Ordon Village
    I......................................................Subservient Twilight
    II..............................................................Cat Handler
    IV.................................................Journey Into Faron Woods
    V..............................................Faron Descends Into Twilight
ACT TWO.......................................................Twilight Princess
    I.........................................................The World of Ruin
    II.........................................................Sword and Shield
    III.................................................Chosen Hero of the Gods
    IV........................................................The Forest Temple
ACT THREE.....................................................Province of Eldin
    I.......................................................Servant of Twilight
    II...........................................................Forgotten Hero
    III..........................................................Sumo Wrestling
    IV..........................................The Passage Into Death Mountain
    V...............................................................Goron Mines
ACT FOUR.......................................................Lanayru's Plight
    I........................................................Castle Under Siege
    II........................................................Serenade of Water
    III.........................................Under the Great Bridge of Hylia
    IV.......................................................Flight to Kakariko
    V............................................................Lakebed Temple
ACT FIVE....................................................Shadows of the Past
    I....................................................Midna's Desperate Hour
    II.................................................The Blade of Evil's Bane
    III............................................Mirage of the Ancient Gerudo
    IV........................................................Arbiter's Grounds
ACT SIX..........................................................Mirror, Mirror
    I............................................................Yetis and Soup
    II...........................................................Snowpeak Ruins
    III..........................................................Temple of Time
ACT SEVEN..................................................Ascension to the Sky
    I........................................................Fractured Memories
    II.......................................Hidden Village of the Shadow Tribe
    III................................................Cannon Ride to the Stars
    IV..........................................................City in the Sky
ACT EIGHT.....................................................Heart of Darkness
    I........................................................Palace of Twilight
    II....................................................Of Worlds Left Behind
Appendix A...................................................Villages And Towns
Appendix B............................................Shopkeepers and Minigames
Appendix C........................................................Midna's Hints
Appendix D................................................Sidequests and Others
Appendix E........................................................Storyline FAQ
Appendix F.............................................................Epilogue
Appendix G...............................................................E-Mail

        /\                                                             i. Legal
       /  \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      /    \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
     /______\ This game is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and 
    / \    / \ incidents are products of the author's imagination or are used 
   /   \  /   \ fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or 
  /     \/     \ persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.
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        /\                                                  ii. Version History
       /  \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      /    \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
     /______\         Version 0.60 - January 6th, 2007
    / \    / \ 
   /   \  /   \       Version 0.90 - January 12th, 2007
  /     \/     \ 
  --------------      Version 0.95 - January 25th, 2007

                      Version 0.96 - February 15th, 2007

                      Version 0.97 - February 22nd, 2007

                      Version 0.98 - April 19th, 2007

                      Version 0.99 - October 9th, 2007

                      Version 1.00 - July 8th, 2008

        /\                                                        iii. Foreword
       /  \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      /    \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
     /______\ All FAQs are invariably founded upon some fundament of
    / \    / \ usefulness. Version histories mark the passage of time, holding 
   /   \  /   \ the promise of what will be. Some FAQs exist to be catalogued, 
  /     \/     \ marked by headstones along the path. Others grow in reflection
  --------------  for as long as game is still held in some regard. It is my 
hope that for as long as The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is played, this 
FAQ might help in pacifying their curiosity for the illusory world of Hyrule. I 
did not think the game was worthy of something so hastily assembled from the  
box with no art or soul like a machine spitting out parts in bulk. Perhaps it 
might have even been correct had this script been conciliatory and apologetic. 
However, I want this to be a celebration of Zelda. Not just its dialogue or its 
story, but its lineage.

I hope that this has been written with a bit of perspective, and though these 
words are amendatory, I'd like to think that they contain some tokens of truth.
Words are a form of communication, much like telepathy; think of me as sitting 
atop a dark spire, smashing the laws of time and space in some crude form of 
clairvoyance. This script is influenced in its totality by Zelda, but walls of 
text tend to become embedded with something resembling author intrusion. So 
while the main script will obviously be the penultimate draw of this carnival 
show, these small words can be important, too. And thanks to some of the 
gracious messages I've received, I'd like to think that there is some 
permanence found within.

        /\                                                  iv. Zelda Storyline
       /  \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      /    \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
     /______\ Style. Voice. Pacing. Conflict. That's the chemical formula of a 
    / \    / \ good story. Style is the kinetic link to the conscious mind 
   /   \  /   \ using abstract ideas such as words and pictures and sound in 
  /     \/     \ order to communicate pure thought. Voice is having a message 
  -------------- and being able to relay it. Pacing is the natural structure of
a story. Conflict reveals character and drives the story. That's the function 
on a microcosm. Taken to its scale, these individual elements must be 
interwoven throughout. The tragedy is that gamers want something with more 
caloric intake. More...girth. The corollary is that Zelda's story often dies on
the vine. In fact, it is not uncommon to hear people say that these stories 
tread about as many furlongs as a horse with a headstone or that depth is a 
perceived function inherent to meatier stories.

Important to videogames is the triumvirate of theme, atmosphere, and setting. 
Theme because stories lost in the woods aren't very useful. Atmosphere and 
setting because you're busy playing the game; these two things are assistants, 
not divergences. Cutscenes are preferable, but upon further playthroughs they 
knife the game and rift it apart. Music and art and tone are appreciable 
vehicles while you play. Cutscenes have their place, but I like them not 
because they assist with plot and not because Nintendo has a gritty penchant 
for dialogue, but because they have a knack for stark imagery that mimeographs 
the feeling of what Zelda is all about: endless adventure wound with boundless 
captivation. The original Zelda was made in a primordial age before cutscenes 
and Hollywood envy and the ultimate end of videogames as a serious art form, 
but it still had a bountiful atmosphere and an amorous setting. In the grip of 
a bad storyteller, a complicated story can turn to horribly thick pancake 
batter. And there are enough bad artifices in videogames, masked as sacred and 
treasured stories, that the simplicity of Zelda is welcome.

Under a different context the game could be as silly as finding a princess in 
another castle, but Zelda still remains epic to this day and the Triforce just 
as alluring. The three golden triangles merely had humble beginnings as two 
powerful artifacts. It was not until Link to the Past where it espoused such 
cogent and cohesive themes. "Money is the root of all evil" is a common 
colloquialism, but it should be amended to say that selfishness is the root of 
all evil. The clean-shaven image of Ganon as a pig and the Lanayru cutscene in 
Twilight Princess effortlessly convey the nature of greed.

This theme has been so tautly wound through the Zelda series that it sings. The 
ancient goddesses of legend wove Hyrule in their imagery and likeness in 
strands of wisdom, courage, and power. Left behind in their brevity was the 
Golden Power, a wish-granting relic of magnanimous stature and influence, 
shining upon the gold-hewed shores of the Sacred Realm. It did not go unnoticed 
from covetous eyes, however, and in a series of brutal Hylian conflicts between 
esteemed and greedy men, blood was spilled because man exists in a solitary 
jungle where the lust of his heart is king. The knowledge of the path to the 
power of the Sacred Realm remained a hidden entity; that was until Ganon, a 
powerful sorcerer and the leader of a band of thieves, stumbled upon the Sacred 
Realm one day. Having brutally slain his own men, he took the Golden Power in 
his hands and threatened to make the kingdom of Hyrule his own.

Many of these themes are echoed in Twilight Princess, in particular amongst 
Jovani and Zant. Not every intention for the Golden Power was ill-gotten, but 
as a wise man once said, it is a paradox how one could be smart enough to 
accumulate wealth yet stupid enough to want it. In Link to the Past, any man 
that stumbled upon the gate to the Golden Power would fall into a realm of 
darkness and be transfigured into a beast that summarily reflected his own 
heart, even though a wolf is more fitting for Link than a rabbit. These ideas 
are neat and clean and natural and could probably pass a white glove test. Many
stories are horribly smudged by the author's fingerprints. One writer once 
described this as a grotesquerie. A story without author interference has a 
demonstrable advantage.

Humans being what they are, melodramatically emotional and clingy creatures, it
is a tried and true axiom of storytelling that a thematically simple story can 
pack the roundhouse punch of Chuck Norris if it's well told. Needlessly complex
and psychoanalytically interesting can flat line emotionally (another adverb 
and that sentence would've capsize). Zelda has a mathematical precision. Its 
history is told through every ancient and forlorn statue. Its story basks 
implicitly in its atmosphere. Not a word of dialogue is spoken when Link pulls
the Master Sword from its place, and yet its one of the definitive moments in 
videogame history. And when the Essence of the Triforce whispers in secret 
wishes of a young hero and the Master Sword is superlatively reposed in its 
pedestal for the rest of eternity, the Legend of Zelda did not draw to its end.

Zelda is not a great story. Sometimes it even has moments of disrepair. But its
virtues are the virtues of a fulfilling world. As long as the creators keep 
igniting this component, the fossil fuel will never run dry. At the bottom of 
this guide I give my personal thoughts on some of the story elements, not all 
of which I think of as fact but the culmination of which I find fascinating. 
You are free to check them out at will.

        /\                                              Act One - Ordon Village
       /  \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      /    \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    / \    / \ 
   /   \  /   \  
  /     \/     \

                                                                        Act One
Chapter I - S u b s e r v i e n t  T w i l i g h t
Subservient Twilight

RUSL (talking to Link)
Tell me...Do you ever feel a strange sadness as dusk falls?
They say it's the only time when our world intersects with theirs...
...The only time we can feel the lingering regrets of spirits who have left our 
That is why loneliness always pervades the hour of twilight...
But enough talk of sadness...I have a favor to ask of you, Link.
I was supposed to deliver something to the royal family of Hyrule the day after 
Yes, it was a task set to me by the mayor, but...would you go in my stead?
You have...never been to Hyrule, right?
In the kingdom of Hyrule there is a great castle, and around it is Castle Town, 
a community far bigger than our little village.
...And far bigger than Hyrule is the rest of the world the gods created.
You should look upon it all with your own eyes.
It is getting late... We should head back to the village. I will talk to the 
mayor about this matter.

[Later that evening Ilia courts Epona indolently to the springs]

FADO (running to Link's house)
Hey! Link! You there?
Hey, you mind helpin' me herd the goats?
They ain't listenin' to me lately!
Hey, where's Epona?

C'mon, now, hurry on up an' bring Epona with you.

[If Link tries to leave for Ordon Village]

Hey hey, where are you goin' without Epona?
Hurry on up an' bring her with you, bud.

[Link joins Ilia at the springs]

Oh, hi, Link.
I washed Epona for you!

Epona is a girl too, so you have to treat her nice like one!
Oh, but listen, Link...
Could you do something for me?
Can you use a piece of grass to play that song for me? You know, the one that 
Epona likes?
I tried to play it for Epona, but I just can't seem to play it the way you can, 

[Link plucks a reed from the ground and blows into it]

It's such a nice melody...
Epona looks happy.
Well, she's all prettied up now, so I suppose you can ride her back. But don't 
you make her do too much, OK?

What's the matter? Aren't you going to help out at the ranch?

[Link returns to Ordon with Epona]

Ah, if it isn't young Link. Are you going to close down the ranch for the day?
I just closed the shop, myself.
I'm sure you know all about the mischievous monkeys that've been coming into 
the village lately... Those things worry me a bit.
I'd better lock up tight here... I couldn't stand to have any more goods 
Can't trust that good-for-nothing husband to do anything right...

C'mon, Dad! You can't catch a silly little monkey?

Uhh... Well... No. No, I can't.

Oh... Listen to us babble on. I didn't mean to keep you.
All right, off to work with you.


Why don't you stop by and do a little shopping some other time?

Well... Have a good time at work, Link!

...And be careful out there!


Oh... Hi, Link.
I'm making you a fishing rod, y'know!
All I have left to do is paint it, so get ready for fishing!

I just need to finish painting it today...
Then I need my dad to look it over...
My dad, he always has to stick his nose in everything, y'know...

Ah, great timing, Link! There was something I had forgotten to tell you.
My son Colin is making a fishing rod so the two of you can play together.
He should finish it today, so you come get it at the house tomorrow.

Now, it is Colin's first fishing rod, so it may not be the best one out 
there...but you will be kind and use it anyway, right?
See you tomorrow!

Good evening, Link. This is a lovely sunset, is it not?
It is kind of you to spend time with my husband, you know... It gives me time 
for myself!
Oh, do you have to go put the livestock to bed now?

Well, you should go to the ranch before the sun goes down.

Oh. Link.
Looks like you're goin' to help Fado. Good job.
He headed up to the ranch ahead of you.
You go finish up your chores before the sun goes down.

Go on. Get up to the ranch and help out.


Sorry to get you over here in such a hurry, Link!
These guys have been awful skittish lately. They won't listen to a word I say.
Sorry to ask, bud, but how's about you an' Epona herd 'em into the barn real 
We ain't got much time, so you think you can do it for me?

I'm bettin' that with you two helpin' out, it'll be done in no time.
Just say the word once y'all are ready to get started!

Y'all about ready to start herdin' these goats?

Much obliged there, bud! OK, then, go on an' herd all these little scamps into 
the barn for me!

Dang, if it ain't a good thing y'all came!
OK, then! Herd them goats into the barn with Epona!

[Link herds the confluence of goats into the barn]

Link, Epona... Much obliged to both of y'all!
I can cover everythin' tomorrow without havin' to trouble you, so just sit back 
an' relax, bud.
Oh... But, uh, how 'bout today? Wanna practice with fences?
Just wait a spell, bud. I'll get them fences set up.

Hoo, sorry that took so long! OK, then! Y'all ride all you want!
Y'all get tired of ridin', just jump the gate an' head back into the village, 
OK, bud?

Ain't nothin' cooler than fence jumpin' done just right!
If y'all press A to dash just as you get near a fence, y'all can jump over the 
middle of it.
Oh, an' if y'all get tired of ridin', just go ahead an' jump the gate to head 
back to the village. I'll put everythin' away today!

                                                                        Act One
Chapter II - C a t  H a n d l e r
Cat Handler

TALO (Calling to Link)
Hey, wake up, Link! It's morning already!

Oh, Link! Didja hear?
They're selling a slingshot at the store right now! A SLINGSHOT!

I wonder how powerful it is... I... I need... I must try it...

Talo, if you and Malo want it so badly, just buy it at my parents' shop!

Do you see any Rupees in my hand? I can't afford that thing! C'mon, Beth, can't 
you just loan it to us for a while?

You know I'd get in trouble for that! If you two want it, save up your 
allowances or something.

But... our allowances are terrible... Aww, I wish I was born into a family with 
a slingshot instead of one with a waterwheel...


C'mon, Beth. We just want to LOOK at it a little! So can you get it? The 
slingshot? From the shop?

...Yeah, and if you can't do that, let's just trade families, OK?



Hi, Link... You have the day off work today, right?
So...I finished the fishing rod I was making.
Link, I figured I'd give it to you first thing in the morning, but...
My dad said, "You just wait until Link comes to get it!" So I didn't bring it 
to you...

It's also the first day off in a while for Epona, right? She must be happy...
Link, my mom has the fishing rod I made for you. Aww, I wish I'd brought it 
with me...

(Link tries to ride Epona]

You have the day off from work, don't you, Link? You have to give Epona a day 
off, too. Poor girl...

Why don't you let Epona take the day off, too!


Well hey, 'morning, Link. Got a day off from work today, m'boy?
Not me. The wife's been hassling me... Today's the day to restock our store.
Look! See? Up there in that tree... If you use C and then (analog stick) or 
(remote) to move the cursor around, you can get a better view.
Yeah, some Ordon bees built themselves a fine nest up there, and I was thinking 
about knocking it down...
Our cat hasn't come home since yesterday, so the wife's in a bad mood. At the 
very least, I need to bring something home to her...

I want to knock that nest down so I can get the bee larva inside!
Our cat hasn't come home since yesterday, so the wife's been in an awful 
mood... I don't want to make her even angrier...

...Oh, my... It's young Link...
...Welcome, m'dear.
You... You didn't happen to see my little cat out there, did you?
He ate the fish we were going to have for supper last night, and I gave him a 
good scolding...but then he went out and hasn't returned...
I'm so fraught with worry for him... I've exhausted myself...

I'm terribly sorry...but my mind is so filled with thoughts of my little cat 
that I simply can't deal with customers right now...
Ohhh... If I had known this was going to happen, I would have let my little 
kitty eat fish to his heart's content...
Link, m'dear... I'm sorry, but would you leave me be? I'll serve you milk 

I'm terribly sorry...but my mind is just filled with thoughts of my kitty right 
I'll bet he's getting pretty hungry about now... He's probably longing for a 
fish fresh out of the river...

Oh! Sorry! Sorry! Didn't realize it was you, Link.
I was thinking maybe I could knock it down by throwing rocks at it...
But, of course, it's so high up... It makes that pretty hard to do...


Oh, um, good morning to you.
If you are looking for my husband, he took his sword and left early this 
But I must ask, Link...
You have not seen a cradle come floating by here, have you?
It is a baby's cradle made of finely woven tree bark...
Oh, such a misfortune... How far could it have drifted, I wonder...

What am I to do?
I made that cradle when my first child was born, and I have cherished it all 
these years...
Just where could it have floated off to, I wonder...


Mornin', Link.
Sounds like Fado's handlin' things at the ranch on his own today.
When he's up there alone, I always figure some calamity or other's gonna 



[If Link misses]

Argh! The town's precious livestock...
THAT'S why I'm uneasy about leavin' the ranch in Fado's hands...
If you plant your feet by holdin' down A and hang on to that goat, you'll calm 
him down real quick.
If any more goats get loose, you be sure to grab 'em like that...

The goats are gettin' out, the monkeys are causin' trouble... It's tough bein' 



[If Link misses again]

Argh... Another one of the town's precious livestock...
Link... Get it right, lad! I want you to plant your feet by holdin' down A and 
then grabbin' that critter...

[If Link overpowers the goat]

Aw... Fado did it again...
These goats have been awful skittish lately... You always gotta be on your 
Sorry 'bout that, Link. But thanks to you, that goat didn't get away!
(That Fado... Looks like I'll be garnishin' the cost of that goat from his 

The goats are gettin' loose, the monkeys are causin' trouble... It's tough 
bein' mayor!
You've heard 'bout 'em, right, Link? Those monkeys? Apparently they've been 
comin' into the village lately.
If you see 'em causin' any trouble, can you teach 'em a lesson for me?

I've gotta wonder, what are wild monkeys doin' in town? Did the woods run out 
of food?
At any rate, if you see 'em causin' any trouble, could you teach 'em a lesson 
for me?

[Link tries to enter the Mayor's house]

Eh? Oh, did you need Ilia for somethin'?
Sorry, sonny, but I was told that if you came by today, I wasn't to let you 
She's locked herself in her room, workin' like crazy on somethin' or other...

Sorry, sonny...but Ilia told me not to let you in today.
She'll be awful sore at me if I break my word.
She's the spittin' image of her late mother, that girl... Right down to her 
strong will...


What's goin' on, Link? I thought I told y'all to take the day off, bud!
Everythin's fine 'round here! I'm keepin' a close eye on these scamps, an' 
that's the truth.

What's the deal, bud?
If y'all got some free time, how's about you go spend it with them young 
Go on, now! Get goin', bud!


HANCH (stung by a squadron of bees)
That hurts... Ow...
If rocks won't work, then what am I supposed to do?

Hi, Link. Welcome.
If you're looking for my hubby, he took a break from working and went outside.
I wouldn't be surprised if he's taking a nap somewhere...
He's in the middle of making a shield for Colin's dad, Rusl, right at the 
See it? Right over there. Though it looks like it's far from being done...
Sorry you came all this way to find him out and about...

My boys Malo and Talo aren't giving you headaches, are they?
If they are, you feel free to scold them anytime you like.

Yo, Link! Try talking to me from there with A while Z-targeting!

Whoa. Hey. You climbed up here without even yelling up at me first. You're a 
spry one, huh?
Well, whatever...

Yo! There you are!
Check this out... You know Sera, at the general store? Well, isn't that her cat 
over there?
He's just been sitting there next to my house, having a staring contest with 
the creek.
You don't suppose he's thinking he's gonna catch a fish, do you? Ha ha ha! A 
cat can't catch no fish!
Anyway, that's not what I was meaning to tell you about. I want you to take a 
look at something...
See that grass growing there on the edge of that rock? Haven't I seen you 
whistling with that stuff?
I figured it was pretty rare to see it growing in a place like that, so I 
thought I'd let you know.
I bet you could hop across these rocks with just a quick little (analog up), 
couldn't you?

What's that stuff thinking, growing on a rock like that?
I guess I just don't understand grass.
Well, since you're up here, why don't you use (analog up) to hop over there and 
play a tune for me?

HANCH (if you break the bee hive with the hawk)
Owww... Using a hawk... Brilliant...
Maybe I'll start practicing my grass whistle...

Call me crazy, but I could listen to that grass whistle all day long!
So, anyway... I guess I'll just get back to my lounging.

Wow, isn't this just ridiculously good weather?
Sure is peaceful...

[If Link destroys a pumpkin patch]


[Link calls a hawk and rescues the cradle]

Oh! Link! That cradle!
Did you go to the trouble of finding it for me? My thanks to you!
Oh, that reminds me! There is something I am supposed to give to you...
Do you think you could carry that cradle and come with me back to my house?

[If you didn't talk to her before]

Oh, my... Link!
I have been looking for that cradle!
I made it when my first child was born, and I have cherished it all these 
Did you know all this somehow? Did you find it and bring it back to me on 
My thanks to you!
That reminds me... There is something I am supposed to give you...
Do you think you could carry that cradle and come with me back to my house?

[Link carries the cradle to the house]

My thanks to you, Link.
Yes, yes... I had nearly forgotten... I am supposed to give you this...
All right... Here you go!

[Link receives the fishing rod]

It is a little...unpolished.
My son, Colin, made this under the instruction of his father.
You can use it if you like.

When my son Colin grows up, I want him to be just like you.
He really is a sweet boy... He can just be a little...timid.

Oh, you got it... I hope you like it...
Aren't you off of work today, Link?

Epona finally has a day off, too...

[Link catches a Greengill with the fishing rod]

You caught a Greengill (X inches)! These small fries are everywhere.
Press + to check the fish you've caught on the Collection screen. Let this one 
go with A.

[The cat runs back to Sera's house]

Oh, my, Link! You simply MUST hear this!
Just take a look! My little kitty Link came back!
And he brought a fish back with him. He was worried about me being angry!

[If you didn't talk to her before]

Oh, my! Link! Come in!
Oh, you simply MUST here this! My little kitty cat is so amazing!
Today, he caught a fish all by his little old self!
How do you think he caught it? Maybe he's a genius!

Ohhh, just look... Isn't he so cute, the way he laps up that milk?
Say, m'dear, why don't you have some, too! I'm in a good mood, so it's on the 
house today!

Oh, don't worry, you don't have to return the empty bottle, m'dear.
You can reuse it--you know, put something else in it. Recycling is a very 
important thing, m'dear!
I'm sure YOU'D never do anything of the sort, but kids these days toss things 
out like the whole world was disposable! It's criminal!
So, what do you say, m'dear? Is there anything you want today?
Feel free to look around using (analog stick).

Hey, don't just gawk at me! Check out my wares using (analog stick).

See you again soon!

Welcome, m'dear!
Interested in something? Take a looking using (analog stick).

The slingshot is 30 Rupees. Do you want to buy it, m'dear?

(I'll buy it.)

(No thanks.)

What are you doing buying a slingshot, you naughty thing? You're too old for 
toys! Will you at least let the kids play with it?
Oh, I should tell you, if you happen to run out of pellets, you can also use 
pumpkin seeds.

                                                                        Act One
Chapter III - T u t o r i a l

Ah, just in time, Link! I just delivered something to your room!
Oh, I see you got the fishing rod. Colin will be pleased. And it works better 
than you would think, right?
Well, have a good one...


Link has a slingshot! WHOA!

Wow! You had enough money to buy it, Link?

Preparations complete...

OK, wow, this is great! Let's see how powerful that slingshot is! Hit the 
targets AND those scarecrows!

I can't believe you two brats are so obsessed about this. It just shows what 
little boys you both still are.
These two will never let it go, Link. Just show them.
First, use (remote) to aim.

[Link tries to leave]

Whoa, wait! Are you going somewhere, Link?


These two are obsessed with your slingshot. They won't shut up about it, so 
can't you show it to them, pretty please?



Not that I know this for SURE, but I bet if you're out of pellets, you can use 
plain old pumpkin seeds.

That's it, Beth... Enough lies. You HAVE to have used the slingshot before. 
Admit it!


OK! This time, you have to get to the end, Link!

Ooh, he's gonna show it to us! You're so sweet, Link!


This time you have to hit the targets and the scarecrow so we can see how 
powerful that thing is!

These two are just obsessed with that slingshot. Which makes sense, since 
they're just little immature boys.
You know these brats will never let you get away, Link. You're going to have to 
stick it out. Just point with (remote) to aim!


What's wrong, Link?

I'm pretty sure that you go to the - screen to set the slingshot to B. Then you 
press B to use it!


Hurry, shoot so we can see it...

Hurry up and show us!

I can teach you how to use it...

You go to the - screen and set the slingshot to B... Then you press B to fire. 
It's not complicated.

[Link hits the target]

Whoa! You hit it! You hit it!
It says in the slingshot manual that you can tilt (analog stick) to look around 
while using the slingshot.

I thought you weren't interested, Beth...


There's still some left! Hurry! Hurry!

I'm pretty sure you use (remote) to aim with (crosshair) and tilt (analog 
stick) to look around...

...You know too much.


There's still some left.

You point with (remote) to aim (crosshair) and tilt (analog stick) to look 

Beth, admit it. You've used this thing before.


There are still targets left!

There are five in all!

Tilt (analog stick) to look around and then just aim (crosshair) with 

[Link destroys all of the targets]

Whoa! Amazing, Link!

If you lock on with Z, then you don't have to aim with the cursor at all!

Gee, you really are amazing, Link!

[If you already have the sword]

Yeah, you are! You can use swords and slingshots and everything!

Hey, yeah, that reminds me, you've gotta teach us how to use a sword, too!
Seriously! Lately these monkeys have been coming out of the woods and playing 
tricks on us! We want to get them GOOD!
C'mon, teach us how to use a sword!

[If you don't have the sword]

By the way, Link...
Were you expecting Colin's dad to bring something by here? 'Cause he did.

Oh, yeah! That's right... What was that, anyway?!

I command you to tell us...


What did Colin's dad bring?

Ooh, yeah! I can't stop thinking about it! Show me!

Hurry up... Hurry up!

[Link enters his house and returns with the sword]

Ooh, my! Isn't that a wooden sword, Link?

Whoa... She's right! Hey, can I see it for a sec?
Seriously! Lately these monkeys have been coming out of the woods and playing 
tricks on us! We want to get them GOOD!
C'mon, teach us how to use a sword!

What?! Aw, gee, why not?!

Get off your high horse. Just show us.

C'mon, be a pal, Link...
Teach us how to use a sword!


All right! First off, we wanna see THAT move!
The slice!
Um... You just swing (remote), right?

[Link tries to leave]

Where are you going?! You gotta teach me how to use a sword!

[If you do the wrong move]

...I don't think that's right...
I thought that you just swung (remote) to do a slice?

Wow! A horizontal slice! Was that it? Was it?
I think I've seen you do a vertical slice before, too. You know, by swinging 
(remote) while Z-targeting.
All right, next...

[Or you might get...]

Wow! A vertical slice! Was that it? Was it?
I think I've seen you do a horizontal slice before, too. You know, by just 
swinging (remote).
All right, next...

Ooh! Ooh! I wanna see that other move, Link!
Yeah, you target with Z and then just tilt (analog stick) forward and swing 

...Oh, please. The stab?

[If Link does the wrong move]

Ooh! That was SO great, Link.

...But that wasn't the stab...

What are you mumbling about?! Link did that on purpose!
Hey Link! Do it again! Show how you flex your muscles and stab! Y'know, target 
with Z, then tilt (analog stick) forward and swing (remote)!

[Link stabs the scarecrow]

Ooh, Link! Just amazing!
Since you're at it, how about you show us that other move...
Y'know, that little twirly thing you do! I love that! What do you call it? A 
spin attack?

You just lightly shake the Nunchuk side to side...

[If Link does the wrong move]

...Pssh! He didn't spin at all!
But all you do is lightly shake the Nunchuk from side to side...

[Link does the spin attack]

Ooh, WOW! Thanks, Link!
I'm sorry you have to waste your time with these little brats when you must be 
tired from doing all the important stuff you do!

Hey, wait!
You've gotta show us the jump attack before you go!
You know, the one where you go "HYAAH!" and leap through the air!

That thing you do with A while Z-targeting?

[If Link does the wrong move]

What are you doing? That's not it! The one where you JUMP!

Did I not say you use A while Z-targeting?

[Link performs the jump attack]


                                                                        Act One
Chapter IV - J o u r n e y  I n t o  F a r o n  W o o d s
Journey Into Faron Woods

Thanks, Link!
So, uh, I... I think I get it... Kinda... Hmm... Maybe not...
So this means that anytime one of those naughty monkeys shows up...

[A monkey appears from the woods]


[Talo, Malo, and Beth chase it]

Everyone went into the woods... I wonder if they're OK...

Where'd everyone go off to?

[Link finds both Beth and Malo by the springs]

Talo and Malo went chasing like crazy people after that monkey.
I can't keep up with those two...

Link, you should chase after them on Epona!

...They went that way.
The rest is up to you, Link...

Human legs...too slow to catch monkeys...

[At the other end of a snaking cavern Link meets a man named Coro]

Whoa! An Ordonian! Hey, guy!
Listen, I'm not sure you should be wandering around the woods without a 
lantern. Just because it's daylight doesn't mean it's safe.
There are a ton of caves and dank spots around here that get pretty dark even 
in the middle of the day.
Here! Go on, guy. Take this!

[Coro offers Link a lantern]

See, I sell lantern oil here...
I'm trying to drum up sales by giving away free lanterns! It's a business 
tactic, guy!
See, as long as you've got oil to fuel your lantern, you can light your way and 
set fire to stuff. They're the best!
Go on, guy! Try setting a fire under that big pot!

Go on! Set a fire under that big pot so you can get a taste of just how amazing 
lanterns are!
On the - Items screen, set the lantern to B and then use B to swing it!

[Link sets the logs ablaze]

That's right! See! It's on fire, guy!
Yeah! You keep using that lantern anytime you feel the need. And if it runs out 
of oil, you come see me to get it refilled!

[If you go back to Ordon]

Talo still hasn't come back...
Didn't you see him, Link?

Where could Talo have gone?

Link, did you find Talo?
Sounds like the monkeys caught him, not the other way around!

Maybe I'll just go home...

...They're late... Still haven't come back from the woods...

Wait a while... If they don't come back... Let's leave them and go home and 

You found a play wooden sword! It's Talo's...

[At the foot of the Forest Temple Link finds Talo with his captors]

GRRRARRR! FWEEEEEEEEEEET! Hey! Punish the evildoers!

...Huh? Hey! The evildoers are all gone?
...Wait, are you...a costumer?
Oh! Hey! Sorry! So sorry! Please forgive me!

Welcome! Hey! Buy something! Anything!

HEEEEELP! Lemme out of here, please!

Hey, Link, c'mon! PLEASE! Help me! Set me free!

[Link destroys the cage and takes Talo back to the village]

If you hadn't come, Link... Gee, me and that monkey would've gotten eaten, 
She's actually a pretty nice gal, that monkey... She tried to protect me, so we 
got captured together.
Um, Link...
You're not gonna mention this to my dad, are you?
He's always telling me to never, EVER go into the forest, 'cause he says it's 
So you really can't tell him! Really! You have to promise!

My son told me Talo disappeared into the woods and had not returned. I came as 
soon as I heard...
But it looks like you have brought him home already... I apologize. Such a task 
should not fall to you.
Tell me, have you noticed how strange this wood seems lately? I feel... uneasy 
about what may lie in wait...
Anyway, Link...
Tomorrow is finally the day. You will be departing for Hyrule.
I think it is a good thing I have given this task to you...
Good luck! And return safely!
If you are lucky, you may even get to meet Princess Zelda! Ah ha ha!

                                                                        Act One
Chapter V - F a r o n  D e s c e n d s  I n t o  T w i l i g h t
Faron Descends Into Twilight

Hey! Link!
So, almost time for you to get goin', huh, Link?
So how's about we finish up early today, bud?

Gotta get them chores done!
If y'all wanna get them goats back into the barn, then climb up onto Epona an' 
holler at me.

OK, then! Let's get started!

[Speak to Fado during the goat herding]

Hmm? What all's the matter, bud? Y'all lookin' to start over again, Link?

Well then, hurry on up an' get the job done!

Hoo! Now, THAT is dedication! Wantin' to do the job perfect!
OK, then. Let's try 'er again!

[If you herded slower than three minutes]

Hey, Link, what's wrong? Y'all were (time} slower than usual.

[If you herded faster than three minutes]

Hoo, boy, but y'all can herd! That was (time) faster than usual!
Well, that about wraps 'er up for today, so how's about y'all head on over to 
the mayor's place?

So, Hyrule, huh? What kinda place is it, bud?
I ain't never so much as set foot outside Ordon...
Hoo... Y'all are makin' me jealous!

I'll cover for y'all at the ranch while you're gone!
Since you're goin' all the way to Hyrule, y'all better enjoy as much of the 
trip as you can!
OK, then, y'all get outta here. Head on over to the mayor's place, an' make it 

[Epona buckles on her haunches, leaping the gate to the village - Ilia runs to 
her side]

Oh, done herdin' for the day, Link?
Well, nice work.
The royal gift Rusl told you about is ready, so you should get ready for your 
trip to Hyrule Castle.
Now, the royal family requested this gift specifically, so it's real special.
It'd be...bad...if the representative of Ordon were to be late for such an 
occasion, you get me, lad?

The path before you is long, my sweet horse...but please bear Link safely along 
Wait... What's this?
What's happened? She's injured, isn't she?
Link? How could you! You were pushing Epona too hard again! I bet you hurt her 
leg jumping fences, didn't you!

Now, now Ilia. There's no need to get so hot with him...

How can you be so easy on him? You're the MAYOR! You should start acting like 
You poor thing...
It'll be all right, Epona. I'll take you to the forest spring right now.
Once we soothe you in the spirit's spring, you'll feel better in no time!

W-Wait! Ilia!!!
Why, without Epona... The gift won't get delivered in time!
Oh, this won't do...

What's a father to do...
There's no way you'll be able to deliver our town's gift without Epona...


[Link wrangles the goat]

Sorry to always be puttin' you through this, Link.
Well... You'd better get goin' and figure out what you're gonna do about Epona.
Maybe you can head up to where Ilia is and see if she won't give you the horse 

Link, can't you find a way to get her to give back Epona?


Oh, hello there, Link. Are you going to start preparing for your departure?
It will seem lonely here while you are gone in Hyrule.
You must promise to take care of yourself and try not to do anything beyond 
your abilities.

I am sure it will be a long journey. Good luck.

The time has come!
Well, Link...
Can I at least interest you in one serious sword lesson once you return from 
You have talent with a blade. If you were to get proper instruction, I bet you 
could be a very skilled swordsman.
You can let me know once you return, but I want you to give it some serious 

For now, put this village out of your thoughts and leave things to me.

Hi, Link.
I've heard a rumor about you! So, you're going to Hyrule Castle?
Isn't that just incredible... How wonderful for you!
But I suppose I should be apologizing to you for the trouble Talo and Malo 
caused you yesterday...
They're a mischievous pair...but they'll always be a pair of angels to their 
father and me.
Thank you so much.
Link, you take care. And you come back safe.

You take good care of yourself.

Yo, Link.
Sorry if my little tykes were causing you trouble yesterday.
I gave them a ferocious scolding, so I hope you forgive them.
Oh, and hey... You be careful on your trip to Hyrule Castle, Link!

Must be nice to have such fine weather on the day of your departure...
I'm sure we don't need to worry about you...but you be careful all the same!

Oh... Link.
Owww... Sorry about my face... The swelling won't go down...
Oh, I heard you're going out on an errand for the mayor, m'boy.
Must be nice... Me, I'm restocking again today...

Today I REALLY need to find something to bring back to sell at the shop...
The wife's in a nasty mood today, so I don't want to disappoint her again. 
That'd be...bad.

Oh, Link. Back again?
M'dear, I hear you're going to the castle. Is that true?
Why, how nice... I'm sure the shops in Castle Town are quite ritzy!
So, are you shopping again today? You can check out my wares with (analog 


......Link, are you going to see Ilia?
Maybe it's just me...but those guys don't normally let people through...
Um, Link, you think... You think we can go to see Ilia together?

Link... C'mon, let's go...

Link! Hello again!
Ooh! Ooh! You're going to Hyrule Castle, aren't you, Link?
That must be sooooo nice... I want to go to Hyrule, too!
I mean, there's nothing that looks good on me in this town...
Come back soon, Link!

When you get back, you have to tell me all about Castle Town!

Hey, we've been waiting for you, y'know, Link.
Yesterday was soooo much fun! Yeah, chasing that monkey was great!
I was just telling Malo here about how we wanted to show it to him, but we let 
it go instead!

Oh, YOU didn't get caught, Talo?

Oh! Colin!
Way to spoil everything by telling your dad. Nice job.

Yeah, thanks a lot! We got scolded by our dad something awful. I thought it was 
never gonna end...

I bet you're trying to go see Ilia, aren't you? Well, there's no way I'm gonna 
let you pass!
Oh, hey, neat! Link! Lemme borrow that wooden sword!
If I'd had that wooden sword yesterday, I could've handled it all alone, 
C'mon! Let me borrow that wooden sword right now!

(Sorry, kid.)
What?! Why not? It's OK! Just lemme borrow it!
Look, we're never gonna let you leave here until you tell us we can borrow it, 

If you wanna get past here, Colin, you'd better start talking, fast. Make Link 
let us borrow that sword.

Sheesh, you ARE my brother, Talo...but that's pretty low...

Come on, be a pal, Link! I'll take real good care of it, so lemme borrow your 
wooden sword!

(Sorry, but no.)
What?! Why not? Aw, I thought for sure you were gonna let me borrow it!

Colin! Start asking him to lemme borrow it, will ya?

I still don't understand that logic...

I'll be real careful when I use it, so c'mon! Lemme borrow your wooden sword!

{Sorry, but no.)
Gee, I thought for sure you'd lemme borrow it this time. Well, I guess neither 
of us is going anywhere.

{I understand. OK.)
Whoa! YESSS!
With this thing...
I'll show 'em!

Those guys are always teasing me...
What's so fun about swinging something like that around, anyway? I hate it... 
It's scary...
But when I grow up, I'm gonna be just like you, Link!
I don't want to learn about swords or anything, but could you teach me how to 
ride a horse sometime?
Can you?! You have to promise!


Check out THESE sword moves, Malo!
If I'd had this wooden sword yesterday, I could've caught that naughty monkey, 
don'tcha think?

Wait, weren't you just telling me how you DID catch the monkey? With Link?

Uh, yeah um, anyway... Practice! Time to practice!


I bonked it with this wooden sword and caught it really quick, but I felt kinda 
bad for it, so I let it go!

But you didn't have a wooden sword then, did you? Mr. Liar?

Uh, yeah um, anyway... Practice! Time to practice!


Time to practice!

Something's fishy about this...

[A gate keeps Link from entering the springs]


If you came to take Epona back, you can FORGET it!
Why don't you think about what you've done for a change! I won't open the gate 
until you change your attitude!

Ilia, you don't know what happened yesterday...
Listen, I don't know if she'll listen to me, but let me try to explain about 
Talo and the monkey, OK?
You crawl in here through the tunnel in back while I do, Link.


Give up! I don't care how long you wait there, I'm not letting you take Epona!

You know how to get in here, right? Go around through the tunnel in the woods 
while you can. Hurry up, Link!
I'll talk to her in the meantime...

[Link crawls through the tunnel into the spring]

I had no idea... I hadn't heard the details about Talo's capture...
But, Colin...
So you still prefer your master over me, huh, Epona?
Don't worry about your horse, Link.
Fortunately, it looks like the injury isn't too serious. You two can go on 
But, Link...
Can you at least promise me this?
No matter what happens on your journey, don't try to do anything...out of your 
league. Please.
Just come home safely.

[Link is knocked unconscious by King Bulblin - The children are gone when he 
awakens, and he is pulled into the twilight as his world is cloaked in 

        /\                                          Act Two - Twilight Princess
       /  \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      /    \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    / \    / \
   /   \  /   \  
  /     \/     \ 

                                                                        Act Two
Chapter I - T h e  W o r l d  o f  R u i n
The World of Ruin

[Link awakens in a jail cell]

I found you!
Oooh! Aren't you scary!
Eeh hee! Are you sure you want to be doing that? Snarling and glaring at me? 
Well, that's too bad...
I was planning on helping you...if you were nice.
Eeh hee! That's much better! You humans are obedient to a fault, aren't you?
Oops! But you AREN'T a human anymore, are you? You're a beast! Eeh hee!
There, there. You be a good boy and calm down. No need to bite!

You look kind of surprised! Eeh hee hee!
So! I bet you're wondering, where exactly are we?!
Well, I'll make you a deal. If you can get over here, maybe I'll tell you! Eeh 

Come on! What's the matter with you? Get over here, now!
If you can't force your way out, why don't you see if there's some kind of hole 
you can squeeze through?
I mean, places like this are always full of holes, right?

[Link burrows beneath the ground and comes out on the other side]

Hmph! I guess you're not completely stupid after all!
Listen, I like you, so I think I'll get you out of here.
But in exchange for my help, you have to do EXACTLY as I say!
If you need anything from me, just press (Up on D Pad) to give me a sign!
So, are we all clear? Good. Now, come on! Get moving!

Huh? What's that?
Try pressing Z! You should know how to do this!

Oh... Well, well...
Eee hee hee! Want to see something interesting?
You're a beast! You should know what to do! Use your senses with (D Pad) and 
poke around...

[He pulls the chain and opens the path]

Huff... Huff... Can't...run...any...farther... That's...far enough...right? 
I'll be safe here...I think...
What was that noise?! Don't... Don't anything come near me!

I doubt you're used to your new body yet, so I'll just tell you...
Think about how you fought enemies in your human form...
Just because your shape has changed doesn't mean your instincts have as well!

What are these black things... Where are they coming from...
And how do we get out of here?!

What are these black monsters... I've never seen anything like them...

[Midna coalesces on the other side of the gate]

This way! Over here!
I'll be waiting for you, but you'll have to help yourself for a change!

What are you doing? Do you ever try just looking down?

Please...I am but a lowly soldier.
Please...someone save me from these evil creatures... Ahhhh!

Eee hee! Awww, did the detour tire you out, little wolf?
By the way... Are you honing your senses with (D Pad) like you should?
It looks like the spirits in here... They're all soldiers.
Where in the world could we be? Eee hee!
You want out of here, right? OK! We're off!

[The stairs come apart beneath his feet]

Ugh... What are you doing?

I guess I have to do EVERYTHING for you...
I'll guide you to the sure footing, so target me with Z and follow me with A!

[The stairs sweep up to the top of the tower]

So... You know where we are yet? Eee hee!
Well...if you go to the top, you might figure it out!

[Link leaps through the window - Outside is a tranquil, dowdy world frozen in 

So, we were finally able to get out.
And look at the sky! Isn't the black cloud of twilight looking beautiful today?
Do you know where this is? You STILL don't know? Eee hee hee!
Look, there's someone I want to introduce you to...but I'll need you to go to 
that tower to do it!

[A Hylian soldier cowers on the rooftop]

So there are even spirits up here, huh?
This whole spirit thing is pretty new to you, isn't it?
Even though these guys can see those monsters, they don't know a thing about 
If you think I'm lying, why don't you check it out? Hone your fine senses with 
(D Pad)... Eee hee!

What... What are these monstrous birds? What in the world is happening here?
Ah, our poor Hyrule Castle!

Look! Just a little farther!

[The stairs sweep up to a hardwood door - The room, once opulent, now gazes out 
on to the world of ruin - In the corner is a woman, cloaked, elegant, stately, 


Eee hee! You remember my name? What an honor for me...

So, this is the one for whom you were searching...

He's not exactly what I had in mind, but...I guess he'll do.

...You were imprisoned?
I am sorry.

Poor thing, he has no idea where this is or what's happened...
So, don't you think you should explain to him what you've managed to do? You 
owe him that much...
...Twilight Princess! Eee hee!

Listen carefully...
This was once the land where the power of the gods was said to slumber. This 
was once the kingdom of Hyrule.
But that blessed kingdom has been transformed by the king that rules the 
It has been turned into a world of shadows, ruled by creatures who shun the 

[Flashback to the throne room of Hyrule Castle]

It is time for you to choose: surrender or die.
Oh yes, a question for all the land and people of Hyrule...
Life? Or death?!

Twilight covered Hyrule like a shroud, and without light, the people became as 
Within the twilight, they live on, unaware that they have passed into spirit 
All the people know now is fear... Fear of a nameless evil...
The kingdom succumbed to twilight, but I remain its princess...
I am Zelda.

You don't have to look so sad!
We actually find it to be quite livable! I mean, is perpetual twilight really 
all that bad?

Midna... This is no time for levity. The shadow beasts have been searching far 
and wide for you.
Why is this?

Why indeed? You tell me! Eee hee hee!

Time has grown short. The guard will soon make his rounds.
You must leave here, quickly.

Please, you must leave quickly...before the guard comes.

Not that way! The guard's coming! Boy, he's prompt!

[Link leaps through window]

Eee hee hee! Well? Do you understand where we are now?
I guess a promise is a promise, so I'll let you go back to where you first 
tumbled into twilight...
But...are you really sure you should be going back?
Are you sure you aren't forgetting anything important?
Eee hee! Do you want to save them?
Well, in that case, little Midna would be happy to help you!
Well, you'd have to be my servant...and like a servant, you'd have to do 
exactly as I say!
Why don't you go back, take a little time, and give it some thought. Eee hee 

[Midna transports Link back to Ordon Springs]

Oh, that's right. I forgot to mention one thing...
Though you may have left the darkened realm, you haven't transformed back to 
your former self...and you won't anytime soon!
Now why could that be?
Eee hee hee!
See you later!

                                                                        Act Two
Chapter II - S w o r d  a n d  S h i e l d
Sword and Shield

So, um, what next?
Eee hee hee!
Did you think I'd disappeared?
Listen, there's another thing I forgot to tell you... Don't think you can just 
run off and save your friends, because you can't.
Just beyond that bridge, the land is covered in twilight.
Last time, a shadow beast pulled you through the curtain of twilight...
But if you want to go that way this time, you'll need the cooperation of 
someone FROM the twilight...like me!
So you really have no choice but to do what I say.
Saving your friends and all that... Well, that'll depend on your actions...
Because you never can trust words, you know.
Right now, I want a sword and shield that'll suit me.
You do understand me, don't you? Eee hee hee!
So, what do you plan to do? While you're here dawdling, the twilight continues 
to expand.
Come on! Hurry it up!

Boy, you sure are thick!
The land in that direction is covered in twilight! Only someone FROM the 
twilight can put you BACK in the twilight!
So if you want to back in there, you have to do as I say and go find a sword 
and shield somewhere.

Come on! How many times do I have to tell you?
If you want to get back into the twilit Hyrule, you need to bring back both a 
shield and a sword.


I don't know what you've come here to do, but if you're going into town, be 
THEY came and made both the forest and the village a mess...
They kidnapped the children from the village...
But you're different... You're not a bad thing, are you?
I can tell, because you smell like the trees of Ordon...
If you run into any trouble, try talking to the animals in town.
We animals understand one another, so you'll be fine!

Ohhh... How did it come to this?
The children... Please say nothing's happened...
Please forgive your good-for-nothing father...

Huh? Fresh face, huh?
You're a sharp one to realize that ya needed to come introduce yourself to me!
If ya want to know anything about this town, I can tell ya. Whaddaya say?

(No thanks.)
Psssh... I can see ya tell it like it is... Lone wolf and all that...

(Tell me.)
Let me tell ya... This is usually a quiet little village, but there was a bit 
of a ruckus today.
If you gotta know, monsters attacked the village and made off with the little 
...Ya look a bit like a monster yourself.
If ya gonna be hangin' around town, ya may wanna stay outta sight of the 

Whoa... You stink like the guy from the ranch...
You didn't...EAT him, did you?! ...Huh? You're friends?

The town rascals used to play around here a lot, so there's lots of stuff 
buried nearby.
If you dig with (Down on D Pad), you might uncover something...

To humans, this must seem like just an average country town, but to us, it's 
You should take a good look around this town...
You may see stuff sparkling brightly...or you may not, depending on how good 
your senses are.

Were you able to see this town as I do? As a place sparkling with treasure?
You take care of those senses!

Ribbit! Ribbit!
...I didn't think anyone would come calling, so I haven't thought of anything 
to say... Sorry...


Oh! About that shield...

Hey! Not so loud...

I checked, as we discussed.

No use! Quick! Hide!

Were you trying to listen to the humans talk?
Do you understand human words? That's amazing!
I tried to listen with A, too, but I don't understand human words.
If you sneak up on them and try listening, I bet you hear something good.

If you're too far away, you can't hear, so you have to sneak up close and 
listen with A.
If they're talking about food, you be sure to tell me about it.

[Get within earshot]

H-Hey... Did the monsters leave?

Hoo... Hah... I think they scattered...
We gotta hurry before the monsters find us again...
You bring the shield that's at your house.
I'll go to Rusl's place and get the sword we were to present in Hyrule.
Hurry! I'm gonna have to go search for those children in Rusl's stead. He's too 
injured to move quick...

Gotcha, Mayor. I'll hurry and get the shield. You wait here...

No good! Run!

[If you didn't scare them off the first time]

...So, that shield is still in your house, right?

Uh, yeah, it should be in our storage loft.

Good! Go grab it, quick as you can!
Rusl got wounded pretty bad, so he can't go search for the kids. I'll take over 
for him.

But Rusl had a sword, Mayor! And he STILL got hurt! If you're unarmed, you're 
done for!

I'll be fine. The sword we were goin' to present to the royal family should 
still be at Rusl's house.

Oh yeah? All right, I understand, Mayor. I'll hurry up and get that shield. You 
just wait here...

No good! Run!


That's not a bad bit of information you heard, huh?
Ugh... Look at that open window. This village is full of idiots.
We should jump up there...but from where?

You've returned for more, haven't you?!
My... My daughter... Return her!

[A hawk attacks Link]

Were you attacked by that hawk? You're no match for him...
I'm sorry! That person calling the hawk is my master's...husband.
You could sneak up from behind and scare him, meow.

You smell the same as the ranch hand named Link, so I know you're a nice wolf!

Nighttime walks are so nice, aren't they?!
I hope I find something good buried today! I love digging holes and looking for 
Look around using your senses and use (Down on D Pad) to dig in suspicious 
areas. You're sure to find something!

C'mon, let's get up on the roof from here and scare that guy.
Look at him...posing like he's all important... Wait until he sees us! Eee hee 


[Link enters the house through an arrant window]

Eee hee! Found it! Found it!

It looks...kind of cheap...
All right, then... Next is a sword. Hurry up and get one!

You smell the same as the ranch hand named Link, so I know you're a nice wolf!
My senses are keen, so I just know these things!
You have good sense too, right? Though Link doesn't seem so good at stuff like 

What was that sound?!
The children could not have returned...could they?
I must go out and search one last time. You get inside the house.
I have placed the sword that was to be our gift to Hyrule on the couch. If the 
mayor comes for it, please give it to him.

But, darling...your injuries!

Beast! I have found you!


[Link burrows into the house and steals the sword]

All right... So now you have a sword. Looks like you can actually be useful 
when you concentrate!
All right... No more detours. I'm going to take you back into the twilight.
Go back to the woods where you first transformed into that shape!

Ah... To be a wolf on a night when the moon rides high... Beautiful!
Tell me, is your true form a human who is not currently in the town? ...Nah, 
Just teasing!
You're lucky... Your sharpened senses and your soft-looking coat... Lovely!

The earth in this area is so soft and fluffy... I love this spot!
Your hair looks soft and fluffy, too... Now I have ANOTHER favorite thing!
Ahh... You're lovely... I want you to fix me with those keen eyes and use your 

                                                                        Act Two
Chapter III - C h o s e n  H e r o  o f  t h e  G o d s
Chosen Hero of the Gods

Come...to my spring...
You have...been transformed...by the power...of shadow...
Come...to me...
Beware...A shadow being...it approaches...

[Link defeats the shadow being that appeared from the twilight portal]

O brave youth...
I am one of four light spirits that protect Hyrule at the behest of the gods. I 
am Ordona.
The black beast you slayed was a shadow being. It had come to seize the power 
of light I wield.

My brethren in Hyrule have already had their light stolen by these fell beasts.
The entire kingdom has been reduced to a netherworld ruled by the cursed powers 
of darkness.
The blight will not stop with Hyrule. Before long, the entire world of light 
will fall into the hands of the king who rules the twilight.
To save this land from the king of twilight, the lost light must be recovered.
The three light spirits who have lost their light must be revived.
There is but one who can revive them and redeem this land...
You still have not discovered your true power...
Those transformed by twilight usually cannot recover their original forms...
Unless... If you were to return Faron Woods where you were first transformed... 
If you were to revive the light spirit...
There, by the power of the light spirit, you may find the means to regain your 
other state of being...

Hey... Look...
The Faron Woods that you know so well... They're now covered in twilight.
You might not be able to come back here, but... Do you still want to go?

It really doesn't matter to me what you do...
The only thing that'll happen if you just stand here is the steady spread of 
twilight... Eee hee!

Want me to let you into the twilight?

Wait... This is wrong...


[Midna pulls Link into the twilight]

Hmm! So these are the weapons you use in your world?
You really think this thing can slay the creatures of twilight?
...Well, I won't use these, but I'll hang on to them for you!
All right, a promise is a promise... I trust you enough to help.
In exchange for my help, though, I need you to gather some things for me.
Look, I can't tell you all the details now, but it'll be easy, trust me... But 
enough about that. Do you hear that noise? It's the lamentation of the spirit 
that had its light stolen...
Where in the world could it be? Eee hee!
Better get going, don't you think? Don't blame me for your world's fate if you 
don't hurry up and find that light!
Come on! Snap to it!

[Shadow creatures attack Link]

Aww... We're penned in again!
Pffft! Who do they think they're dealing with?
No need to take these little pests on one at a time, right? You can take them 
all at once! So... You can handle this by yourself, can't you?
Good luck! 'Bye!

[After the final shadow creature revives its fallen comrades]

What's the holdup?
If you leave the last one alive, it's just going to use that shriek to bring 
the others back.
Listen, let me help you out here! Just move like I tell you!
You just hold down B and I'll expand an energy field. Enclose all of your 
enemies within it and release the button!

[Link defeats the final enemy]

...Please...be careful... These woods...have changed...
The dark clouds of dusk cover this land... This drape of shadows is 
In this twilight, those who lived in the light...become as mere spirits...it is 
a place...where the dark ones and evil creatures dwell...
...I...am a spirit...of light...
...Blue-eyed beast.
Look...for my light... Retrieve the light stolen by the dark beasts...and keep 
it...in this vessel.

In the shadows of twilight...the dark insects are as...invisible...as normal 
beings are here...
Let me use the last of my power...to reveal the locations of the dark 
insects...that consumed the light...
...Find...the insects of darkness...
The dark insects... They are the form taken by evil...once it has latched on 
to...our scattered light...

Mark...these words... In the shadows of twilight...the dark insects are 
as...invisible...as normal beings are here...
Please...look in the places I have marked on your map and recover the Tears of 
Light from these...insects of darkness...

[If you try to leave Faron Woods]

Wait! Wait! Don't go too far!
You still have stuff to do here in these woods, don't you? Come back!

Hm... Looks like we can get in there!

Well, well... A spirit in here, too...

Wh...What's with these bugs? Those things aren't normal!
They're so big... So weird... So creepy...
C'mon, get away, bugs... Shoo... Get out of here...

Awww, come on, bugs... I mean, gimme a break, guy... You can't just wander 
around people's houses like that...
You stay away, bugs... Seriously, just back off...

[After you defeat the insects inside of Coro's house]

Wha...WHAAT? They just...died?
Oh, boy, I have NO idea what's going on around here...

Are there more of those bugs...outside?
Ohh... Maybe I should just lay low for a while...

[If you walk into the fog beyond the cavern]

Now, see... That's what I was warning you about.
I'm telling you, I don't think we're going to get through here too easily.
So... What'll we do?

Hey... Think we can get across over here?
(There! Let's cross over there!)

[A monkey is attacked by insects]

Yeek eek! Help!

[Link destroys the insects]

Someone... Someone helped me?
Boy, lucky for me... Ever since the boss went funny in the head, there've been 
scary monsters everywhere...
Those village kids got led through the woods for some reason...
The whole forest is so weird now... What's happened?

The boss is threatening his friends... The village kids got kidnapped...
I mean, what's going on in these woods now, anyway?

                                                                        Act Two
Chapter IV - T h e  F o r e s t  T e m p l e
The Forest Temple

The Vessel of Light is full of tears, and light has returned to this area!

Aww, but it was so nice here in the twilight... What's so great about a world 
of light, anyway?
Eee hee hee! See you later!

My name is Faron.
I am one of the spirits of light who dwell in Hyrule. I use the life force of 
the gods to protect this forest.
O brave youth...
In the land covered in twilight, where people roam as spirits, you were 
transformed into a blue-eyed beast...
That was a sign...
It was a sign that the powers of the chosen one rest within you...and that they 
are awakening.
Look at your awakened form...
The green tunic that is your garb once belonged to the ancient hero chosen by 
the gods...
His power is yours. His is the true power that slept within you.
Your name is Link.
You are the hero chosen by the gods.
Brave Link...
A dark power rests in the temple deep within these woods.
It is a forbidden power. Long, long ago, I and the other spirits of light 
locked it away.
Because of its nature, it is a power that should never be touched by any who 
dwell in the light.
But this world weeps beneath a mantle of shadows, and so there is no choice... 
You must match the power of the king of shadows.
If you would seek this forbidden power, then proceed to the temple in the 
forest depths.

Well, well... You're the chosen hero and all that, huh? So THAT'S why you 
turned into that beast!
What a shame... I mean, maybe you'd rather just wander as a spirit like the 
rest of them, totally unaware of what was happening for all eternity...right?
Eee hee hee! So... What do you want to do? Do you want to head to that temple?
Well, isn't that convenient! I was about to head there myself.
Hey, look... You want to help your friends, right?
The way I see it, maybe they're in the temple, waiting for you to rescue 
Well, good luck, Mr. Important Hero!
Eee hee hee! See you later!

Now, then... It's finally time for that weapon I worked so hard to get!
You probably already know this, but...swing (remote) to wield your sword and 
use Z to defend with your shield.
I'm so helpful, aren't I? Eee hee hee! Just think of me when you use those, OK?

[If you try to leave the forest]

Hey! Just where do you think you're going?
We still have an important errand at the temple deep in the woods.

So... It's the Ordonian!
You seemed familiar, but then your clothes seem kinda different, so I got 
thrown off for a second!
Listen... Things have been a little rough around here lately, so you should 
watch your step, OK, guy?
There are so many monsters now... I got kinda scared and closed off the path to 
the temple.
But... You, guy... You wanna get back there, huh?
You sure do looked geared up for it... So here you go!

[He hands Link the small key]

Oh yeah... The woods on the other side of the cave are covered in really thick 
fog, so make sure your lantern is full!
You're definitely going to need to use your lantern a lot in there, so bring 
all the oil you can!

[On the other side of the cave, a monkey steals Link's lantern]

Hey, what's this monkey's problem?
You idiot! While you were staring off into dreamland, your lantern got stolen!

[It discards the lantern on the other side of the fog]

[If you try to leave before you get the lantern back]

Hey! What are you going to do about that monkey?
She's got your lantern! We need to chase her!

Hey, aren't you forgetting something?

Hey! Hey! HEY! What are you thinking? Don't you DARE ignore me!
You're forgetting the lantern!

You got the lantern back! It ran out of oil while you were following the monkey 

Woo! Hey! Woo! You're super!
Now just buy something! Hey!

Welcome! Hey! Buy something! Anything!

[If you pay him]

Hey! What a generous young man!

Thank you! Hey! Thank you! Come back sometime! Hey!

[Link is confronted by a golden wolf at the entrance to the Forest Temple and 
is teleported to another world]

A sword wields no strength unless the hand that holds it has courage.
You may be destined to become the hero of legend...but your current power would 
disgrace the proud green of the hero's tunic you wear.
You must use your courage to seek power...and find it you must. Only then will 
you become the hero for whom this world despairs.
If you do find true courage, and you wish to save Hyrule from the horrors it 
now faces...
Then you will be worthy to receive the secrets I hold!

Enemies that are filled with energy will quickly recover and attack again even 
when stunned by a powerful strike.
The ending blow is a secret technique you can use on stunned enemies to end 
their breath before they spring back into action.
When an enemy lies collapsed on the ground, stunned, Z-target and press A 
without delay to leap high into the air and deliver a final strike.
When the opportunity to end their breath is before you, you will see Finish A 
appear vividly before your eyes.
Now, try it on me!

What ails you?! The most basic aspect of swordplay is Z-targeting! Do not tell 
me you have forgotten that!

To stun an enemy and knock him down, you must strike repeatedly with powerful 
Powerful moves like the jump attack and spin attack, or rapid and repeated 
sword strikes are most effective.

What is the matter? Did not the Finish A image appear before your eyes?
Coward... The moment the enemy is felled, you must lock on and strike with A! 
Try it again!   

[Link brings the weight of his weapon down into the warrior's chest]

Hmm. That was a pinpoint strike. Never overlook your opportunity to finish with 
The first hidden skill, the ending blow, has been passed on!

You learned the first hidden skill, the ending blow! When a foe falls, lock on 
with Z and deliver a final blow with A!

There are still six hidden skills for you to learn.
Those are only for one who carries the blood of the hero...the one whose spirit 
is that of the sublime beast.
Grow powerful. Test your courage. And when you find that you need another skill 
to overcome the threats that face you...
Search for the statues that howl with the sound of the wind. Seek the sound 
that calls to the spirit of the beast to awaken me again.
A sword wields no strength unless the hand that holds it has courage. Remember 
those words...

[Link enters the Forest Temple]

Hey! That's the monkey that stole your lantern!
Doesn't it look like she's beckoning you? Aren't you the popular one? Eee hee!

Hmm... What are you doing, turning the lights on?
You might as well light them all and make this place really bright!

[One of the monkeys severs the cords of the bridge with his boomerang]

Oh! What's going on?! Has there been a monkey fight?!
Oh no! Now we can't go any farther. We might as well go back.
I don't know what's going on, but it seems like she wants to take you 
somewhere, so maybe you should just follow her.

[Link breaks a jar and finds Ooccoo]

Phew! Out at last!
Gracious... Once I got in there, I couldn't squeeze back out!
You were a big help... Thanks!
I've been looking for something in here, you see. Gracious, yes!
You must need something here, too. Shall we try working together for a while, 
fellow adventurer?
You may not think I look like much, but I can be quite helpful!
I can even warp you out of here if you want to leave!
So don't think of me as a burden! Now let's get started!

Ooh! Did you want to leave? I can warp you right out!
You can return right here, so there are no worries!

(I'll stay.)
Oh, goodness... Aren't you a trooper!
Well, don't push it too hard. If you need a breath of fresh, outside air, just 
give me a holler!

(Warp out!)
Yes, yes! Now... Leave it to me!
Let me introduce you! This is Ooccoo Jr.!
Anytime you want to warp back to this spot from outside, ask him.
If you want to meet me at the entrance rather than warping here, just go there 
and I'll meet you!
Now, bon voyage, you two!

Wanna go back to my mama?

(Not yet.}
OK! I wanna stay here too!

{Go back!}
You got it! Mama, here we come!

Well, well! Welcome back!
Without further ado, we're off!

[After Link defeats the monkey, he receives the Gale Boomerang]

I am the Fairy of Winds who resides in this boomerang.
You have freed me from evil, and I now have my true power back.
Please... Take it with you, use it to aid your quest, and may both my power and 
my blessing go with you.
If you focus power in your boomerang before releasing it, it will unleash the 
power of wind, aiding you in unforeseen ways.

I bet even the monkeys should be satisfied now.
OK, let's continue combing this place. We already found something good, so 
let's keep searching places we haven't looked yet.

[Link frees another trapped monkey]

Well, I guess there are still some monkeys you haven't freed yet!
At this point, you should just save them all and see what you can get for it!

[If you get the compass]

Well, if it isn't something useful.
As long as you have that, you should be able to find where the captured monkeys 
are, right?

I guess in order for us to check the temple out completely, we need the help of 
the monkeys.
Ah well... Let's help the rest of them!

[Link defeats Diababa at the end of the dungeon]

Eee hee hee! Well done!
That's...what I was looking for.
That's a Fused Shadow.
It's what the light spirit called dark power...
Do you remember what that spirit said? About how you had to match the power of 
the king of shadows?
Could it really be so easy? Is this all there is to it? Eee hee hee!
There's a total of three Fused Shadows. I think the other light spirits have 
the rest...
If you want to know exactly what Fused Shadows are... Well, maybe I'll tell you 
if you find the other two.
I guess you'd better do your best to find them, huh? Eee hee hee!
So let's not waste any more time here when we could be looking for the other 
I'll get you out of here... You pick up the Heart Container that fell out of 
that thing.

Want to go outside? Are you all done here?



        /\                                        Act Three - Province of Eldin
       /  \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      /    \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    / \    / \
   /   \  /   \  
  /     \/     \ 

                                                                      Act Three
Chapter I - S e r v a n t  o f  T w i l i g h t
Servant of Twilight

Heroic Link...
Do not think that Hyrule is now saved from the spread of twilight...
Leave these woods and go to the west, where you will find the land protected by 
the spirit Eldin.
There you will find those you seek...
But know that these lands lie in twilight... They are now a dark realm covered 
by the clouds of dusk.
If you set foot beyond the curtains of twilight, you will revert to your beast 
form, so be prepared.
Hero chosen by the gods, leave these woods and go west, to the land of the 
spirit Eldin.

That's better. Searching should be much easier now. Eee hee!
But... Of course, you feel the need to go help the other light spirits, don't 
Well, don't worry. When you turn into a beast again, I'll take good care of 
The first thing you need to do is find the land covered in twilight. Once you 
do, I'll help you out.
Eee hee hee! See you later!

[Link steps out into Hyrule Field, and in the distant continuity where land 
meets sky without sinew, beyond the rim at the top of the hill, Hyrule Castle 
stands bathed in the tangled gloom of twilight under the vast veneer of the 
Twilight King - As he walks along the path toward Kakariko, Link is met by the 
mail carrier]

Go no further! There is a black wall ahead that blocks the way!
I thought I would deliver a few letters, but it seems impossible...
I am the honorable and dependable letter carrier, known to some as...the 
Now that I have introduced myself, please! Take this letter and read it at your 
To read a letter, press + to open your Collection screen and select the letter.
You can do that to read any letters you receive. Do it whenever you see fit!
Well, my business is concluded! Onward to mail!

[Link meets the wall of twilight up ahead]

Hey, it was much closer than I thought...
You remember, right? You know what this is?
If you set foot in there, you might be a wolf again for quite some time...
For at least as long as it takes you to save the light of Eldin from the 
twilight, anyway...
So, shall we try to go see the light spirit Eldin? Eee hee!

Want me to let you into the twilight?

Wait... This is wrong...

That's a good boy! Now, you need to listen to what I say from now on!
Ahh, look! How lovely! The black clouds of twilight are so fetching today...
I feel so much more at ease here...
And you look so much better like this than in those dusty old clothes, anyway. 
Eee hee!
So, let's get going!

[If you try to leave the twilight]

That won't work! Give it up!
Did you hear me? You can't return to the world of light that easily!

[Link finds a backpack up ahead and catches the scent]

See, isn't being a wolf more convenient?
Now, use (D Pad) to hone your senses! You've begun to reawaken as a wolf, I 
Eee hee!

What's this?! That's strange... The bridge is gone...
I wonder if this is the work of those shadow creatures... Ugh... What a pain!
Ah well, let's look for it... You! Get your map out!
The yellow arrow marks where we are. You knew that, right?
Whenever you destroy those creatures from the darkness, a portal opens that 
looks like this on the map.
You hear me? It's called a portal. You'd better remember that!
And...in those woods we came through...
Yes! It's got to be around there...
I'll use my power to take you to the location of the open portal... Pick where 
you want to go.

What are you doing? Pick which one you want!

[Link transports to North Faron Woods]

See! I told you. We're here!
You know, most people can't leave the twilight that easily. You'd better be 
It's your job to look for the bridge! Look hard!

It's rough, having to watch a shop in this unpopular part of town...

Even though I watch after this shop every day, he never shows any 
I think my master probably didn't get much praise growing up...

[A bridge lies against the knee of a cliff]

Wow! It's perfect, don't you think?
What do you think? Should we take it?

Good little obedient wolf!

{Speak to Midna}
Hey... Have you looked around at all? That thing doesn't look like it belongs 
here, does it?

The more I look at it, the more perfect it becomes! Maybe you just don't 

(Speak to Midna)
How many times do I have to say it?! It's perfect for the bridge! OK?!

You should've listened to me from the beginning!

[If Link warps to the wrong location]

No! This isn't the right place! Get serious! Do it over!

[Midna warps the bridge piece to Kakariko Gorge]

See! Just as I thought... Eee hee!
So, isn't the power of twilight amazing?
Call me if you need the power again. It should help you find what we're looking 
for, don't you think?
All right! Let's keep going!

[Link arrives at Kakariko]

What are they doing there?
This is a pretty elaborate gate... What are they trying to keep in? ...Or out?
I bet it'll be worth our while to dig in...

[Link digs through a soft patch of earth alongside the gate and enters 

To the hero...who was transformed into a blue-eyed beast...in the realm of 
shadows... In twilight...
...This way...

...I am...a spirit...of light...
Hero...chosen by the gods...
Look for...my light... Gather the light stolen by the shadows...into this...
...The insects of darkness... They are the form taken...by the evil that 
attached itself...to my scattered light...
In this shadowy twilight...the shadow insects are invisible, much as the people 
from your light world are...
With the last of my power...let me mark your map...with the locations...of the 
tears that have turned into...shadow insects...
But...be careful... The darkness...now hunts you...

                                                                      Act Three
Chapter II - F o r g o t t e n  H e r o
Forgotten Hero

Hey, you can climb up here!

[Link falls through the opening of a roof]

Cripes! I don't see those black brutes anywhere...
They've gotta be hidin' somewhere, waitin' for their helpless little prey to 
come out! Then they'll FEAST!

We are safe as long as we remain in here, child. Be at ease.

Oh yeah? I wonder if the monsters out there agree with you...
They sure didn't seem impressed by my bombs! How long do you think we can hold 
this sanctuary against beasts that strong, huh?
Once they attack, it's OVER!
Remember that lady from the general store? Just one of those things attacked 
her, and a whole gang from town went to save her!
And what happened? She was already gone, and there were TWO monsters waitin'!
...You connectin' the dots? That means that if we get attacked by them, then 
we'll be...


Look, Renado... All I mean to say is that it's risky here, too! Ain't you got 
some place we can hide?

There is...a cellar.

WHAAT? You've got a CELLAR?! Where's the entrance, man?

The entrance to the cellar is designed to open when all of the candles have 
been lit...

...I...would not do that.
When Father instructed me to secure the cellar, I saw insects like the beasts 

Don't cry, Beth! It'll be OK!
Link is coming to save us all!
...I can feel it!

These kids knew you'd come to save them! What a hero!
How sad, to be right in front of someone and not be noticed at all... Eee hee 
You are chosen by the gods, and only that keeps you from turning into a spirit, 
or worse, into a dark monster, when you enter twilight.
And no one knows what you have done... You may be doomed to toil in obscurity 
You're the type to worry about everything, I can tell...but don't fret over 
Princess Zelda! She chose this state of affairs, after all...
Anyway, what's with having to light candles to get to the basement?! Not very 
subtle, is it...
So, what are you going to do now? My lonely little hero... Eee hee!

Cripes! Seems like everyone's tryin' to pull a fast one these days.
Boy, I don't have a clue who this Link fella is...but I've gotta say, I ain't 
overly confidant he's gonna come save this village!

As things are now, it is likely safest for us to remain here...

[Link sets fire to all of the candles]

What sorcery is this?! The entrance to the cellar opening on its own...
Could these beasts have engineered even this?

[Link descends into the cellar]

...How about that?
Looks like you can climb the scaffolding...

[The scaffolding leads up through the graveyard and back to Kakariko - Link's 
paws tread hatched and withered shingles, which collapse beneath his weight]

If you're done with your errand, then let's get out of here.

[The twilight throws cold light down on the rooftops - Link tries to smoke an 
insect out of the bomb hut, but the blaze consumes the house]

Huh?! What did you do?!
Sorry, but as romantic as this is, I'm not going to stay here with you. I'm 
getting out!

HEY! If you don't hurry up and get out... Ooh, I can't even say it!

Hmm... I don't suppose there's any nicer way to hunt these things, huh?
Well, you had to sacrifice someone's house to find Tears of Light...but that's 
how the cookie crumbles, right?

[Link takes the Death Mountain path]

Looks like the path's impassable...but I can get you up it if you want to go.

Ugh... Why do I have to stand guard...
The ladder is destroyed, so it is not like any humans will come up...
And what is with the elders? If we have a problem the humans can help with, we 
should ask. It is better than suffering for the sake of pride.

Repelling humans by force... What a depressing job...
Must keep humans out...

Why do I have to stand guard at a dead end at the bottom of a cliff like 
...Wait a second! Have they tucked me out of the way because they think I am 

Grrr! I do not like being made an outcast on the fringes like this...
If I see anyone suspicious, I am going to show my strength. Yes, I will send 
the trespasser flying!

Psssh! Hot! Another fumarole... And once again, it is in the worst possible 
I suppose this path is impassable now...

If I were to go down that way...I would get knocked back in an instant, I am 
sure of it!
If my legs were as strong as the elders' legs, I might be able to stomp my way 
down there...

[Link defeats all of the insects]

Aw, I was just starting to have fun! Don't forget that Fused Shadow!
Eee hee hee! See you later!

My name is Eldin.
I am one of the light spirits of Hyrule. I am the spirit that guards these 
O great hero chosen by the gods...
The dark power you seek lies in the sacred grounds of the proud mountain 
But already those grounds have been defiled, draped in shadow and seeded with 
You must go to those sacred grounds and cleanse them.

[Colin comes out of the house]


Ha ha ha! See, Beth?! I TOLD you Link would save us!

...You are the one from Ordon whom these children spoke of?
We are well met. I am Renado, shaman of this town.
And this... (He momentarily looks at Barnes)
This is my daughter, Luda.

The beasts took us and left us to die...but Mr. Renado found us.

At first, I couldn't believe they had come from so distant a place as the 
Ordona Province...

Yeah, I... We don't remember much. All of a sudden everyone was captured, and 
then...until now...it's been like...

...A nightmare.

Yeah! It was like a terrible dream and we couldn't wake up...

Mmm... Nightmares are everywhere these days, it seems. This village has 
certainly seen its share of recent hardships...
The dark beasts attacked, but even worse was the sudden and inexplicable change 
in the mountain-dwelling Goron tribe.
They had long been our friends, but suddenly treated us as foes. Even now they 
refuse to permit us entry into their mines.
It strains the limits of belief... To think that such a gentle and proud tribe 
could change so suddenly...
It makes me wonder if something in those mines is the cause of this change...
In any case, you must take these children and flee this village before more 
nightmares descend.
I, of course, cannot leave my village in such a time. There is no telling what 
may happen to us here...
...But it is my job to try to coax the Gorons back from their recent change of 


I don't wanna leave all these people just to save ourselves!

Come on, Link! Can't you do something?

Isn't there...some way to make up with the Gorons?

You'd think someone could go to the mines and do something...

Trying to go near the mines is very dangerous.
I will be very sad to be separated from Colin and the others...but I know they 
must go. Please return them safely to their parents.

I do not know what is in the Goron mines, but surely they will soon come to 
understand it, and right what is wrong.
Do not concern yourself with me, my son. You must flee this place as quickly as 
you can.

                                                                      Act Three
Chapter III - S u m o  W r e s t l i n g
Sumo Wrestling

Ah! No humans allowed!
These lands ahead belong to the Goron tribe! The elder said no humans may pass!

[The Goron throws Link from the cliff]

A weak spirit is no match for the might of the Gorons!
Do you understand me, human? Then away with you!

Ho! You are back again, human?
You will never pass! You cannot hope to match our brute force!


Ah, how fortunate you are in one piece! I saw you heading up the mountain 
trail, so I was worried.
Are you trying to reach the Gorons of Death Mountain? It is far too dangerous, 
They recognize only strength! A normal person could never persuade them...
But...I do know one person who was able to best them and earn their trust...
His name is Bo. You may know him as the mayor of your hometown, Ordon.
Please, go to him. And while you are there, please let him know that the 
children are safe.
Of course, getting them back would be best...but we could not keep them safe 
from the monsters on the road without a horse and cart...
Please... Return to Ordon and inform the parents that their children are free 
from harm. Give them my word.

I think it is best for you to return to Ordon and let everyone know that the 
children are safe.
And as for the Gorons...I am sure Bo will be able to tell you how best to win 
their trust!

[Epona rushes into Kakariko Village with Bulblins on her back]

[If you try to leave]

Huh? Aren't you going to grab it?
Riding that horse would be much faster than hoofing it, so let's try and grab 

[Link corrals her]

Hmm... You're not too shabby a wrangler after all!
Won't this make getting back to your town a lot easier?
Now go finish your errand so we can get back! Get a move on!

Cripes... My storehouse... My powder... What happened?!
Them... Them foul beasts... Curse 'em all!

[Link and Epona are intercepted by the Postman on the way back to Ordon]

Greetings, Mr. Link!
I have come to deliver a letter.
It is a letter from Ooccoo.
Well, my business is concluded! Onward to mail!

[When Link rides back to Ordon, the villagers take the news of the children 
with the ease that the worst is past]

What's that?! The children?!
Oh... Oh! So, they're in Kakariko Village!
Oh, thank goodness they're all still alive! I was worried sick...
Phew... Finally, I can get back to work in peace...
Link, need something? You should take a look around and see if there's anything 
you want!

Of course I want them to come home as soon as possible, but for now, it's 
probably safer for the folk in Kakariko to look after them...
But tell me this, Link... If you're going out there again, then how are your 
travel preparations coming along?
If there's something you're looking for, m'dear, you can use (analog stick) to 
see if we have it.

The... The children are ALIVE?!
Wh-What? They're alive!
This is fantastic! Truly fantastic!
Oh, thank you for letting me know, Link!

Have you told all of the others yet?
If you haven't, you must spread the word. Put their worst fears to rest!

Yo, Link!
What's the latest? Have you gotten any clues about where our tykes might be?
Huh? They're in Kakariko?!
Boy, that's a fine fix! We're gonna have to tell the mayor about that right 

Well, what the heck are you doing, Link? Go tell the mayor!

The-The children! They're alive?!
Oh... Oh, thank heavens! I'd almost given up hope for them...
Thank you so much for coming to tell me, Link!

Thank goodness the children are still alive...
You must tell all of the others!

Colin... Colin is...alive?!
Oh! The children are all safe!
Oh, how wonderful! I am so glad I kept the faith...
My thanks to you, Link. From the bottom of my heart.
Have you told everyone else yet? You must tell them all!

I am so happy that everyone is safe...
And you... You have really grown to become an impressive swordsman over time...
I wish I could tell my husband, as well...
The moment his wounds healed, he left to find those young ones.
Hopefully he will stop by Kakariko Village...

I do not know his whereabouts, so it may not reach him...
I will try to send him a letter with this fine news.
Oh, I must write one to Colin, too!


Whoa, it IS you, Link!
You're safe and sound!
Your clothes... What happened to you, lad?
C-Come quick! Inside!

I see... So the young'uns are in Kakariko Village!
Well, that's good... Renado's an old friend. If they're in his care, then we 
can relax.
So... Don't keep me waitin', lad! Tell me of my little girl! Ilia is with the 
rest of 'em, right?
...Oh! I see... That ain't what I wanted to hear...
Ahh... But Link...
I guess I need to think of all five of those poor kids, not just my own... 
They're all in danger.
What I should be askin' is how I can help out...
What's that, now? The Gorons of Death Mountain?
I see... So Renado told you that...
Well, it's true...I did defeat the Gorons in a contest of strength and earned 
their trust. ...With the help of a little secret.
I CAN teach you the secret...but can you promise that you absolutely, 
positively will NOT disclose it to anyone?

I see... Well, you understand I can't teach the secret to a fella who won't 
protect it.
It's a cryin' shame...

Eh? You rethink your answer to my question, lad?
If you give me your word that you ain't gonna divulge it, I'll teach you the 
secret to defeatin' the Gorons...
Like, say, Renado, for example. You wouldn't tell him, would you? ...Can you 
gimme your word?

Good. All righty, then. Absolutely no one!
Come this way.
Link, you've heard of sumo wrestlin', right? Gorons like to match strength in 
sumo contests.
Luckily for you, the basics of sumo are the same as stoppin' chargin' goats... 
You wanna hear more?


All righty, then, I'll teach you the basics of the ways of sumo.
If you're gettin' in a sumo match, chances are you're in an arena like this. 
The first fella to push his foe outside the arena wins.
Step forward and grab your foe with A. Strike a fleein' foe with (remote) and 
sidestep an attackin' foe with (analog stick).
Three techniques, all of 'em pretty basic. Master all three and you'll be 
shovin' folks out of the arena in no time, lad!
...So, there you go: the basics of sumo. Need to hear them again?

Hmm... Well, the basics are important, lad, so I'll explain 'em to you as many 
times as it takes, all righty?

Rather than explain a lot, why don't we just get to it? Come into the ring, 

[Link and Bo sumo wrestle]

[If you let Bo win]

What's the matter, Link? Did you think I was gonna take it easy on you?
If you can't prevail in a match like this, then you'd have NO chance against a 
For example, if you're about to be grabbed, sidestep with (analog stick).
All righty. If you understand...  Come at me again!

[Alternate dialogue]
For example... If you're grabbed, try to break loose with A! Push your foe away 
to escape your predicament.
All right. If you understand... Come at me again!


If you're lookin' to know the secrets to defeatin' the Gorons, then first 
you've gotta have the basics of sumo pounded into you.
I'm happy to be the one to do it, lad. Come on back anytime!

You wanna spar some more, Link?
Listen, you wanna beat the Gorons? Then defeat me in sumo! ...Then we'll talk, 

(Not interested.)
I see...but I want to do everythin' I can to help you rescue the kids in 
So anytime you want to practice with me, lemme know.

(I'll challenge you.)
All right, then! First, we change! Then, we sumo!

[If you win]

Hmph! You seem to understand the basics.
All righty, next time I won't go easy on you, lad. Fight me as if you were 
fightin' one of the Gorons!

[Link and Bo wrestle again]

[If you let Bo win]

What was that, eh? You've gotta put your back into it, lad!
I shared the spirit of the sumo with you, lad, and you've gotta remember it!
For example... Use (remote) to strike a foe who tries to sidestep.

[Alternate dialogue]
For example, if your strike is effective, follow it up by grabbin' with A!

[If you win]

Whoa ho! Not too shabby, lad!
With your natural talent, I'm sure you can take on the Gorons...
You've got a sight stronger in the short time you've been gone, Link...
Strong as you are, though, you can't hope to beat the Gorons wrestlin' with 
power alone. Those Gorons are made of rock!
Naw, the secret to beatin' the Gorons...is locked away in that chest.
Take it with you, lad.

Go on, lad. Open the chest.

[If you try to leave]

Hey, hang on! Wait!
You've gotta defeat the Gorons, right? Well, you're not going to do it without 
this little secret of mine!

[Link finds the Iron Boots in the chest]

You can probably tell, those boots are made of iron, lad.
Whoever wears 'em won't easily be pushed around...even by a Goron.
If you're fixin' to fight a Goron, be sure to wear those boots.
...Let's be square, though, lad: You can't ever tell ANYONE about those boots! 
'Specially Renado!

What's the matter? You've gotta hurry to Death Mountain and help the people of 
...But you absolutely CAN'T tell anyone about the boots!


N-No foolin'?! The tots are safe?!
An' on top of that, they're all in Kakariko Village?!
Aw, shucks, you don't need to worry 'bout that now.
You're incredible, bud! I can already see everybody's smilin' faces!

Well, hey there, Link! Brought Epona, huh?
Well, how's about it? Wanna round them goats up for the first time in a dog's 
I bet those scamps are sure happy to see you!

(Sorry, partner.)
Aw... Well, I guess it can't be helped, what with you havin' a lot on your 
plate these days.
I'll find a way to manage things here at the ranch without y'all. You do what 
you gotta do what you gotta do to take care of the village!

You leave those scamps to me. I'll manage without y'all somehow!
Besides, Link, c'mon... Can't you find a way to get Ilia and the tots back here 
just a hair quicker?

(Sure thing!)
Great! Then I'll leave it to you two today!

What's wrong, Link? You callin' it quits?

It ain't like you to quit in the middle of a job...
But I reckon it can't be helped, what with all that's on our plate these 
I'll find a way to manage the rest on my own. Y'all go on and don't worry about 
me none!

Well, in that case, hurry up and herd them goats into the barn.

[Link shuttles the goats into the barn]

[If you were slower than three minutes]

What's the story, Link? It ain't like you to take (time).
But still, thanks to you, I did wrap things up early. Much obliged!

[If you were faster than three minutes]

Hoo, way to ride, Link! You wrapped that up in just (time)!
Thanks to you, I wrapped things up a mite earlier today!
Hey, as promised, here's a little healthy gift for y'all. Good luck out there, 
It's a good thing I was able to wrap early today thanks to you helpin' me out, 
Thanks a ton, Link.

[If you go into the barn, you'll find the Postman]

We can just let the goats eat a messy-looking letter like this.

                                                                      Act Three
Chapter IV - T h e  P a s s a g e  I n t o  D e a t h  M o u n t a i n
The Passage Into Death Mountain

[Link rushes back to Kakariko, but he is too late to stop King Bulblin from 
taking Colin hostage]

...Help him...

What... What should we do? Colin... Oh, Colin...

Ah... Oh, no...


Link! Hurry!
They fled north toward the field!

[Link defeats King Bulblin - Colin awakes back at Kakariko]

Is everyone...OK?
Beth... I'm sorry. You know...for shoving you. Are you mad?
I... I think I finally understand.
I understand what my dad meant when he told me I needed to be stronger, like 
you, Link...
He wasn't talking about strength, like lifting stuff. He was talking about 
being brave...
Link... You saved me, didn't you?
You... You can do anything.
You can do something to help the Gorons in the mine too, can't you, Link?

[Renado takes Colin to the upper room of the inn]

I can't believe Colin... I mean, that was a really brave thing for him to do, 
huh? Especially since he's such a weakling!
Um... He IS gonna be all right, right?
And Malo! He hasn't even come by to say "Get well soon!" What's he thinking?
He said he was gonna "get started," and he hasn't come out of that closed-up 
shop since!
Link, could you talk some sense into that kid?

That crazy little Malo... He went to the shop, and now he's up to something in 
He said he needed to "get started," but what's he need in a closed-up shop, 

You can look at stuff, but don't you DARE just take things...
That's MY valuable merchandise. You want it, you pay for it...
I decided to take on this unmanned shop...
Buy something... It helps the whole village if you...

Maybe I can't become a hero...but I figure I can help people out with heroic 
business deals.
You'd better work hard, too...

[Link visits Colin]

Do not worry. He merely sleeps.
So long as he continues to rest, he shall eventually open his eyes.
And these two are doing a fine job of nursing him back to health...
You two! Be calm in here!

I shall watch over the children of Ordon, I swear it. They shall never 
encounter danger while I breathe.
I will take full responsibility for them until they are returned safely to 
their village. You need not worry for them.

Just leave Colin to me!
You'll see, Link! Promise! I'll make him all better while you're up on the 
Gorons' mountain!

Are you going to see Gorons, Link?
I am sorry you have to do this task for us.
I will be here with Colin, so please, do not worry about him.

Leave his care to me!
I just hope you can do something about the Gorons...


Hey now! It's you.
Yeah, so I've been thinkin' 'bout gettin' things sorted out so I can go ahead 
and reopen my shop...
...Thing is, I can't get the materials I need from the Gorons anymore... Man, I 
ain't got a CLUE what to do!

Cripes, those danged Gorons... They're sure takin' their sweet time gettin' me 
my materials!

[Link goes to Death Mountain and plunges the Goron off of the cliff]

Whoa... This looks dangerous...
Is this the traditional Death Mountain welcome? Eee hee!

There have been few sumo matches lately... Talk about boring, Brother.
I suppose it is because young Gorons these days have no interest in old arts 
like sumo.
And former powerhouse Gor Coron is an elder... There is not much we can do, 

Without sumo matches, the hot spring is the only thing we have to look forward 
to, Brother.

Sitting in a hot spring warms up your body and soul...and gradually fills you 
up with energy, Brother.
Even Gorons need to cleanse their spirits once in awhile...

Sitting in an open-air bath at night is the best, Brother! I could spend 
countless hours here looking at the stars! Ahhhhhhhhh!

Ahhhh... Nice and hot. Just like I like it...
What? What is a human doing here?
I thought the elders told us not to let humans near the mountain, but...
I suppose it is no business of mine. Come into the hot spring and refresh 
yourself, Brother!

I heard there is also a hot spring down at the base of the mountain, in 
Kakariko Village.
When the day comes that we can travel freely between the mountain and the 
village, I would love to try it out for myself!

[Link enters the inner sanctum of the Gorons]

Is this young one such an imposing enemy that you must all gang up on him? I 
think not, Little Brothers.
I am a Goron elder, little human. I am called Gor Coron.
Because of certain...circumstances, I must lead the Goron tribe in place of 
Darbus, our tribal patriarch.
Tell me, little human, do you come from the village below?
You have done well to come this far. You are strong...for a human.
The mines beyond here are sacred to my tribe. Outsiders are not allowed. 
I could make an exception...but you would have to beat me in a contest of 
power. Are you willing to try, little human?

Attention, Little Brothers.
The human with the pointed hat is going home.
Be polite and see him on his way.


The fact that the guards could not stop one puny human from getting in here is 
a humiliation for all Gorons.

If you do not leave, I will take the elder's place and give you a thumping you 
will not forget.

The elder, Gor Coron, was the tribe's patriarch before Darbus, Brother.
He may be old, but if you do not treat him with respect, you will pay dearly 
for it.

Urrgh... There is no way a puny creature like you could be a match for us!

This is no place for humans! Away with you!

Unless you cheat or use some dirty tricks, you have no chance.
And if you do cheat...you will pay dearly.

I must always remember that this path connects to a very important place.
No human outsider must pass!

You cannot go any farther unless the elder gives you permission.

No entry without the elder's permission, human.


You again, little human? What are you doing back here?

Bah... Do not waste my time, little human. Leave immediately.

You have asked for it, little human. And now you will get it.

[If you lose]

Your body is skinny, Brother, and so you are too light. You do not stand a 
Try again later, Brother...

Eh? What is it? Do you want to try again, little human?

All right, Little Brothers, see the human off, please.

You think you are tough, do you? Let us find out.

[If you lose with the boots on]

Oh ho ho... Just being powerful is nothing special, Brother.
Try again later, Brother...

[If you win]

Young warrior... You have a strong will...and sharp eyes.
Fine traits... Want to see how well you can use them?
You have seen it, I would bet... The mountain, erupting without pause...
When the mountain began to rage, all four of us elders and Darbus, our 
patriarch, went inside to investigate its anger.
We have a treasure that was entrusted to us by the spirits, and we must protect 
it. Do you understand?
But the moment Darbus reached out and touched the treasure...everything went 
He collapsed...and before our very eyes transformed into an unspeakable 
He began to rage through the mines, trailing ruin behind him...and the 
eruptions grew more frequent and more severe.
We used all of our strength to seal him deep inside the mountain...
It...grieved us to do this to our patriarch...but we had no other course of 
I ask this favor of you, young warrior... Go to the aid of Darbus!
Make no mistake, the spirits have guided you here.
I, Gor Coron, need your help...
On behalf of my entire clan, I ask of your aid!
...You two!
Let the young warrior pass!

The mines are full of traps, all placed to protect the treasure from thieves.
And worse than traps... Since the eruptions began, foul creatures of all shapes 
have settled into every corner of the mines.
Getting to the patriarch's location will not be easy. I would prepare your 
blade, young warrior.


The fact that you got by so many Gorons to get here was shocking...but to beat 
the elder... I am in utter disbelief.
Neither humans nor Gorons should make judgments based on appearance, I 

I am glad we heeded the elder's words and did not attack you, Brother.
It might have been we who were sent flying...

You defeated the elder, so it is possible you may be able to save our 
patriarch, Brother...
Please, Brother! Help the Goron tribe...and all of Death Mountain!

Who would have imagined the elder losing...
I know! The elder let you win! There is no other way a tiny thing like you 
could have won!

These mines are sacred ground that even we rarely enter, Brother.
But we do not have the strength to save the patriarch... We have no choice, 

You... Did you really win? Without cheating?
If I find out that you cheated, human, you will pay.

Hey! Wait up, Brother!
If you are headed down, I recommend using this elevator!

This elevator leads straight to the hot spring, Brother! Just use your weight 
to activate the switch!

The elder has given his permission, so you are welcome to enter, Brother.

Since you are going inside, please rescue our patriarch, Brother!

                                                                      Act Three
Chapter V - G o r o n  M i n e s
Goron Mines

I thought I felt a presence...but what a surprise to find a young human...
Word has come to me of you...and if Gor Coron has faith in you, then your heart 
must be true.
...I am one of the four Goron elders. Gor Amoto is my name.
You are heroic, young human. Please, you must lend this tribe your power.
That is one of the key shards that, when merged together, form the key to the 
room where Darbus is being held. He is our patriarch.
The key is split into three pieces. Each of us elders keeps a piece.
You must hurry to the other elders!

The other two elders are at altars in the mine. They are praying...
Collect all three key shards and save our tribe's patriarch! He suffers under 
the power of evil...

[If you find Ooccoo in a jar]

Phew! Free at last!
Gracious... You're that nice fellow who helped me out the other day! How nice 
to see you again!
Well, now that we've found each other again, let's stick together for a bit, 
I'll be right with you, so if you want to warp out, just let me know!

Oh... Ah... The young human. I am pleased to see you make it this far, 
I am one of the four elders of the Goron tribe. I am called Gor Ebizo.
You have heard of the plight of our patriarch. Otherwise you would not have 
come to see me.
Here, take this, Brudda...
Now... There is one more shard, but seeing you has reminded me of the dangers 
that line the path to it...
There is something that may help you... A weapon said to have been left in this 
mine by a hero of old.
It is beyond price, and so we have protected it through generations...
Now, when our tribe balances on the brink of ruin, it could aid in our 
The Hero's weapon is stored safely up ahead...
Talk to the guard and take it with you, with the blessing of the Gorons.

There are limits to what we elders can do to contain Darbus now that he has 
been overcome by evil...
You must aid us, Brudda. Please, take the Hero's weapon and head deeper as 
quick as possible.

Whoa... Human?!
What business does a human have coming here?! None! No business!
This is a forbidden place! I will protect this treasure from you!

Ugh... That...hurt a lot. Who knew that humans were capable of such feats of 
...Uh... Maybe...you are...going to see the patriarch of our tribe?
...Ah! So THAT is why you are here! In that case, take the weapon of the Hero 
of the past...
But in exchange, you must save the patriarch of our tribe!

With skills like yours, even the patriarch can be brought back to his senses...
Take the Hero's weapon and save our patriarch!

Ah! You are here at last!
I heard that you might pay a visit, young human. I am farsighted in all things.
Here you go...the last key shard! Combine all three shards!
If you use that key, you can open the room where Darbus, the tribal patriarch, 
is being held.
Who knows how powerful Darbus is in his new grotesque form...
But I suppose I should trust your power, considering you came this far...
Hurry, now! To the patriarch's room!

The Hero's weapon you claimed...
That weapon is said to have defeated the most powerful evils this world has 
ever known. It might even work to calm Darbus...
You are probably not used to it, so before going any further, you should work 
with a little.

[If you let your shield set on fire]

Your shield burned up...

[Link defeats Fyrus]

Eee hee hee! Well done!
Now we have two Fused Shadows...
Hmm... You know, you've been very helpful so far, so as a reward, I'll tell you 
an interesting story.
That's the name of the King of Darkness who cast this pall of shadows over your 
He's very strong. You would be nothing to him in your current state...
But Zant will never be my king! I have nothing but scorn for his supposed 
strength. Not that your Zelda is much better...
It still appalls me that this world of light is controlled by that princess. A 
carefree youth, a life of luxury... How does that teach duty?
...But I guess I shouldn't begrudge her the circumstances of her life. She 
didn't choose it, after all. And I would never wish harm on her...
No, as long as I can get my hands on the Fused Shadows, I'll be just fine.
Well, just one more left... Shall we? Eee hee hee!

Uhhgh... Urrgh...
...Hmm? What am I doing here?
Unngh... My head, it aches...

Urrrgh... So much pain... I cannot remember anything...

Want to go outside? Are you all done here?



[Link is transported to the spring in Kakariko]

Heroic Link...
North of here, across the plain and past the great stone bridge, in the lands 
guarded by the spirit Lanayru...
You shall find one who you seek...

You've got to save Ilia!
Those monsters left me with the other kids, but they must have taken her 
somewhere else!
Whenever I thought I couldn't go on, I would think of you and Ilia and hold on, 
See? I...I'm fine now.
Remember what I told you back in Ordon, Link?
When I grow up, I'm going to be just like you, Link!
So you don't have to worry about me anymore! Go help Ilia!

Leave the children to me. I will watch over them, I swear it.
Do not let their fates trouble you. Go to those who need you.
In Hyrule, countless tales are told of the ancient hero...and your deeds bring 
them all to mind.
May the graces of the great goddesses who shaped Hyrule bear you on your way.

        /\                                          Act Four - Lanayru's Plight
       /  \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      /    \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    / \    / \
   /   \  /   \  
  /     \/     \ 

                                                                       Act Four
Chapter I - C a s t l e  U n d e r  S i e g e
Castle Under Siege

Ah, we're finally here.
There's only one Fused Shadow left...
...So this is the last of the twilight you'll see, I guess.
Whether or not you accomplish your final task and survive is up to you...
Eee hee! So what will you do?

Want me to let you into the twilight?

Wait... This is wrong.

All right then, I guess I'll have to help you!
But what a shame that this is the last of the twilight... I had become so fond 
of seeing it covering this world...
Or... is it really the last you'll see? Eee hee!
So, shall we get going?

[Link finds Ilia's backpack and has a flashback]

But, Link... Can you at least promise me this?
Just come home safely.

Forget the Youth's Scent and learn a new smell?



You smell the girl, don't you?
I can tell by the look on your face.
Well, good. It's another clue, then.
But this scent could be quite old... I wonder if she is still all right? Eee 

[Link finds the depredated stonewalls surrounding Hyrule Castle]

Hey, haven't we seen this castle before? Eee hee hee!
So, we finally made it back here! Well, only a little farther, so hang in 
Or so I'd like to say, but...
The going's a lot harder from here on out... Eee hee hee!
All right, then... Let's get started.

[Link crosses the wooden bridge and enters Castle Town from the east]

Hey, so did you hear? They say that a Zora child collapsed near here!

I thought Zoras were typically found up north, right? I wonder why one came 
down here.

Well... I heard that he was taken to the bar on the other side of the southern 

The bar? You mean Telma's place? Hmm... She's got it rough...

The Zora child... I heard he was taken to the bar on the other side of the 
southern road...

Hmm... Telma's always got her hands full...


Heh heh heh... Soon I shall make a killing off this town...


There seems to be something going on at the fountain...

Phew... I'm gonna go put my feet up at Telma's bar when I'm done with work.

Aww... How long do I have until this shift is over...



The water level of Lake Hylia has gone down, and you can't cross to the 
spirit's cave.

If the people who came to worship from far away heard that, they'd be very 

It must be hard on Grandma, too, because she can't do her tours...


Oh no... I wonder why the water's out...

I know there's no water in town right now, but...the more people fret, the less 
it concerns me.
It seems only the gossips are truly worried... I wonder, is it better to worry 
aloud, or to keep silent? People are interesting...


If this water outage continues, we soon won't be able to relax with a cup of 

No tea... Such is life nowadays...


Because of the water outages, they can't take any drink orders...

I think that's fine... You've been drinking too much juice recently anyway...


The fact that we can't take a bath because of the water outage... That's a big 

I think it's fine. It's not like you smell. It doesn't bother me.

Well, maybe it doesn't bother YOU, but YOU'RE the one who stinks!


Hey, wait a second! What's going on with the water lately?

I don't know why you're hassling ME about this...
The only reason for there to be a water shortage here is if something has 
happened at the town's water source, Lake Hylia.

If you already know what the problem is, what are you still doing here?

W-Well, er, it MIGHT be the case, but Lake Hylia is under the jurisdiction of 
eastern Hyrule...

Ugh! Good-for-nothing!

So, when is this water going back to normal, huh?!

Look, if you want Lake Hylia evaluated, you need to talk directly to someone 
involved with the eastern Hyrule department...

Ugh! Good-for-nothing!


HYLIAN WOMAN (last in line)
Is this the back of the line?

HYLIAN WOMAN (sixth in line)
Before the water supply runs out, we must stock up on water, even hot 

HYLIAN MAN (fifth in line)
I hadn't heard that there was a drought in eastern Hyrule.

HYLIAN MAN (fourth in line)
What's going to happen to us if we run out of hot springwater, too...

HYLIAN WOMAN (third in line)
O spirits of Lanayru, please deliver merciful rain to Lake Hylia in the east...
Hrum mrum brum...

HYLIAN WOMAN (second in line)
So what the soldiers by the spring said, that was the truth!

HYLIAN MAN (front of line)
Is it true that Lake Hylia to the east dried up?!

I have a limited supply of hot springwater! The race goes to the swift, as it 
is said!

No pushing! If you want hot springwater, form one line!


I heard a boy passed out!

When? Where?

I dunno...


The person in the tent on the southeast street...makes me suspicious, meow.

Ugh... I really want to take a bath...

Hmm... Human movement is so rushed and disorganized.
Maybe we should go to the central plaza to perform reconnaissance...

Because of the crowd in the southern street, all the kittens can't get 
through... What's happening?


Hahhh... I'm so bored...


We've had a ton of complaints from citizens who can't send prayers to the 
spring spirit of Lake Hylia.
Go there! The location is the one I showed you on the map earlier! Got it?!
What?! Study it and know it well!

I told you! The citizens are upset that they can't pray to the spring spirit of 
Lake Hylia!
The location is written there on that map on the table! Have you figured it out 
Study it well! And don't even THINK about shirking your duty!

I've received orders from above to investigate why we can't go to the spirit's 
spring in Lake Hylia! Got that?!

This boy... Can you save him?!

All right, little lady, try to settle down, OK?! I just now sent for the 
But this is strange... A child of the Zoras...
I wonder if this is at all related to the incident the solders were talking 
about in back...

Aw, what an emotional reunion! Yes, a girl and her wolf! Eee hee!
Sorry, but you know how it goes! These folks can't see you, either... Eee hee 

This boy I still so young, so innocent... To see him suffering like this...

He'll be all right, little lady. Someone's already gone for the doctor.
I'll tell you, though, from what those soldiers in back were talking about...to 
everything else...
There sure has been a rash of trouble lately...

                                                                       Act Four
Chapter II - S e r e n a d e  o f  W a t e r
Serenade of Water

[To the south of Hyrule Castle is the Great Bridge of Hylia, anchored and 
crumbling to the ground - Link is assaulted on either side by fire]

...Hey, do you smell anything funny?
Oh no! We're trapped! Get out of here!

[Link leaps from the bridge and lands in the water below]

Phew... That was a close one. We're lucky there was a puddle down below, huh?
So this is Lake Hylia... But there's so little water...

[If you didn't go to Hyrule Castle Town]
At any rate, let's take a look around. Come on. Let's go.

[If you went to Hyrule Castle Town]
It sounds like the spirit's spring should be somewhere around here as well... 
Anyway, let's take a look around...

The drop in water has been faster than predicted...
At this rate, Lake Hylia will dry up. It's a race against time...

At this rate, the lake will most definitely vanish if we don't somehow get 
water from Zora's Domain upstream...


We've had absolutely no water flowing from upstream...

There's no mistaking it. Something must have happened at the water's source in 
our home, Zora's Domain.

Yet how are we to return upstream to our home? With the way things are now, we 
can't even walk back there...

There must be a way...
For now, we just need to find a way back upstream, to Zora's domain...

I wonder if the queen and our peers in Zora's Domain are safe...


Hurrrm... I'm too old for this...
Fyer and Falbi's Watertop Land of Fantastication...
It's our grand reopening at our new lake-bottom location... Whee.
Yeah, nice lake... Don't lakes have more...I don't know...water?
Did the Zoras who live upriver do something?
Or is it a curse from that spirit that floats around up there?
Whatever. It's not like I can go up and complain... That's way too high.
Whuzzat, a costumer?!

Stay away... Stay away...

[Link defeats the monster]

Hey! Stop it!
I'm your new master now! Settle down!
Hey! Why don't we use this guy to get us all the way to the lake's water 

[If you fall off]
Hey... Careful, now...
What do you think, should we try it again?



[The bird carries Link to the source of the water]

Ah... We're already here?! That bird turned out to be more useful than I 
Well, then... Where's the village of the Zoras? Let's look for it.
It's getting cold... Hurry up!

I mean, what are those Zoras up to, anyway?
The river's run totally dry, right?!
I can't work like this...
Ahh... I miss my fur coat...

Whoever thought renting out boats was going to be a good idea, anyway?
S-So cold... VERY COLD!

Oh... Hey... What's going on here?
I thought it was getting colder...but who would have thought that it would all 
be frozen?!
This is the Zora village, right? Why don't I see any, then...
Well... Anyway, let's check things out. Let's find the Zoras...

I think we can get up from here... Let's go...

[Link reaches the top of Zora's Domain]

A portal has opened here, too! We can finally warp.
If you want to breathe the air of the world of light for a moment, let me know. 
I'll take you there!

Whoa! Hey!
Down! Look below the ice!

Those... Those are the Zoras!
Wow... This is really strange... What in the world happened?
Hey... What do you want to do? We can't just leave them like this...
I think all we need to do is thaw them out...
It does us no good to just stand here thinking... Let's leave and come back 
The portal should work for us. We need to find a way to melt the ice and then 
come back here...

[Link warps to Death Mountain]

This thing has been here for a while now, but it's still pretty hot...

(Speak to Midna}
As big and as hot as it is, it just might be enough to melt the ice in Zora's 
Domain, don't you think?


[If Link warps to the wrong location]

No! This isn't the right place! Get serious! Do it over!

[If Link warps it correctly, the roots of the rock are sheared from the ground 
and sever the ice in Zora's Domain]

Who knew that something so dangerous would come in handy...
All right... The Zoras are safe now, so let's go.
The ice melted and restored the water flow to normal. Can we finally meet the 
spirit of Lake Hylia?

Koh... Koff!

Hafff... Huffff...


Uhh, was I unconscious?

Hahhh... Haffff...

Hahh... Hah...

H-Hey... Are you OK?

A-Ahh... What about those in the waterfall pool?

Huhhh... Haaaahhh...


I wonder, are the downstream areas going to be all right?

What in the world happened?

Those demons...

Hahh... Haffff...

Someone...helped me?

Please, you must allow me to thank you for revitalizing both my people and this 
spring, which is the water source for all the lands of Hyrule.
In life, I was the elder of this Zora village and the queen of my people. I was 
called Rutela.

Not to be rude, but we didn't exactly do it for you guys...

The dark ones... They raided this village and, as a message to my people, 
executed me before them.
Young man... You who takes the form of a proud beast...
I have something to ask of you.
When the dark ones descended upon our village, I sent my young one, Ralis, to 
Hyrule Castle to inform Princess Zelda of our fate.
But...I fear danger followed him from this doomed place.
I feel it. His presence grows fainter to me over time...
But my time in this world has passed, and though I would give it gladly, I no 
longer have a life to risk in his rescue.
Please... Would you save my dearest, Prince Ralis?
If you do this thing, I will bestow upon you the protection of water.
This power will grant you the ability to swim and respire in very deep water as 
if you were a Zora.
Please... Save my son...

Hmm... So, if we help her, she'll grant you the power to swim in deep water 
like a Zora, huh?
So... What do you say, Hero?
...Oh, but now that I think about it, I don't suppose you should meet the 
prince as a wolf, huh? Eee hee!
So... No hurry to return you to the world of light, then, right?

Looks like the shock of that impact not only raised the water level, but sped 
up the flow, too...
This water should flow all the way down to the lake. Why don't you let it take 
you there?

                                                                       Act Four
Chapter III - U n d e r  t h e  G r e a t  B r i d g e  o f  H y l i a
Under the Great Bridge of Hylia

Ugh... Aren't you awake yet?
Look! We got washed all the way down to Lake Hylia, just as I predicted...
And it looks like we're right in front of the spirit's spring, to boot. Talk 
about lucky...
Well, let's go! Snap out of it and get to the spirit!

I am...the last of the spirits of light...consumed...by twilight...
Hero... Chosen one of the gods... You have...done well to make it this far...
Gather...my scattered Tears of Light...that were stolen by shadow... Gather 
them...in this...
I am sure...you know by now...the forms...that these dark insects take...when 
they steal...our light...
In this shadow realm...of twilight...the insects...are invisible...like the 
humans...of this world...
Collect...my light... Lift the final cloud of twilight...that threatens to 
cover...all of Hyrule...

won't come...
even though...
the water's back...
Maybe no one knows...
Perhaps I should go...tell folks...around town...

Hurrrm... No...customers...
None likely to come...
The road above connecting...is gone and all...
Maybe I should go ask the spirit for success in business...

ZORA (speaking of one of the insects)
What's that over there?

What was that thing?!

Hey! If you play that grass there, the monster bird that was just here should 
come back!
...And even if you can't play it yourself, maybe you can sit there and howl the 
same song...

[Link calls another bird]

Hey... Careful, now...
Take out any insects of darkness you see on the way! It's easy if you lock on 
with Z, OK?
What do you think, should we try it again?



[Link is dropped on the riverbank]

What's...that? A bug?
Eww, nasty! Why's it so big?!
Golly, I am so sick of roughing it up in the boonies!

Hey... You stay away, Mr. Bug!
Shoo! Go get squished!

Huh... It's gone?
That was nasty... I hope it doesn't come back...
......Ah, well.
Golly, work is tanking just as hard as my personal life these days...

Golly... What am I going to do?!
The water's back, and I still can't get back in business...
I wish some shiny prince would just show up and fix it all.
...Ah, well.


Do you think Prince Ralis passed through here?

He must have. This is the only waterway that connects to Hyrule Castle.
Come. Let's follow this pat in search of him.


Prince Ralis is so young... To think the queen... Ugh...

If we fracture our troop strength with too many parties searching for the 
prince, our guard here will be too thin... Hmm...

Not... Not our prince, too!
No... It's better not to even think such unlucky thoughts...

Attacks by the shadow beasts... Volcanic boulders in the throne room... What in 
the world is going on?!

It appears that the cave to Snowpeak is still frozen over... I suppose we'll 
have to wait a bit longer.

Hey! We can climb up from here!

What's with that rock?

Well, the water is at least flowing again, but it's a little vigorous...
We still need to check to see if the places that take their water from here 
have been affected...


Sniff... My queen...

It would be nice if the search parties for the prince would make it back 

[Link lets the river take him back to Hyrule Castle]

Taking baths with all the water we want... To us, there is nothing that brings 
more happiness.

It's good. It smells good. Do I smell good too?

It smells like beasts...


Hey! Wait a sec! This water started bubbling up all of a sudden! What's going 

I... I was going to ask you the same thing...

Are you serious? YOU ARE A GOOD-FOR-NOTHING!


It's great that we now have water and everything, but I wonder what caused the 

Though water has been restored...people still fret. And the more they do, the 
less it concerns me.
It seems the worriers are the loudest... I wonder, are happier people louder, 
or generally quieter? People are interesting...


Apparently, the reason for the drought is that water is not flowing from the 
upper stream...
But, I still...don't feel refreshed...

I don't feel refreshed...


Because the water's restored, they can take orders now...

Well that's great...except you never order anything anyway.


Apparently the water is back, and you can now cross to the cave of the 

But I'll bet that the folks coming to worship will stay away for a while...

Those people who make a living off of those coming to worship at the lake must 
be struggling...


Isn't this a ladies-first situation?!

What's going on here?!


A boy passed out and they took him to a shop.

Why? Where? They didn't take him to the hospital?

I dunno...


I'm bored... Maybe I'll take a bath and call it a day...

So this town finally got running water, huh...

[Link finds the last insect underneath a box next to Telma's Bar]

Hey! What's going on?
There should be one more... Where could the last tear be?
There it is...
What's going on? That is weird...

[Link warps to Lake Hylia and defeats the final insect]

The Vessel of Light is full of tears, and light has returned to this area!

You make sure to get that last Fused Shadow, now!
Eee hee! See you later!

My name is Lanayru.
Your efforts have at last restored each of us light spirits in Hyrule.
O hero chosen by the gods...
The dark power that you seek...
It waits in a temple set in the bed of Lake Hylia.
...But before seeking it, you must now bear witness to something...and never 
forget it.
You must know that it was the will of the goddesses that we lock away the 
forbidden power...
When all was chaos, the goddesses descended and gave order and life to the 
They granted power equally to all who dwelt in the light, and then returned to 
the heavens.
The lands where the goddesses descended came to be known as the Sacred Realm.
For ages, the people lived at ease, content in mind and body...
But soon, word of the Sacred Realm spread through Hyrule, and a great battle 
Among those living in the light, interlopers who excelled at magic appeared.
Wielding powerful sorcery, they tried to establish dominion over the Sacred 
It was then that the goddesses ordered us three light spirits to intervene.
We sealed away the great magic those individuals had mastered.
You know this magic...
It is the dark power you seek...the Fused Shadow.
O hero chosen by the goddesses... Beware...
Those who do not know the danger of wielding power will, before long, be ruled 
by it.
Never forget that...
The dark power that you seek is sleeping within Lakebed Temple in Lake Hylia...

                                                                       Act Four
Chapter IV - F l i g h t  t o  K a k a r i k o
Flight to Kakariko

I am a member of the Zora tribe, the proud people who care for Lake Hylia.
The other Zoras are all on guard patrol at the bottom of the lake.

The bottom of this lake is a sacred place for us Zoras.

Hurrrm? Some of the Zoras are still alive down under there?
I thought maybe they dried up along with the lake...
Hey, buddy, have you heard? There's like a temple or something at the bottom of 
this lake.
They put on such airs with all their rituals and fancy temple hoo-ha... Then 
they just disappear...
And what's with putting that temple so deep that humans can't swim there?! I 
swear, those Zoras...
Oh... Are you a costumer?
Heh heh! You are ONE luck fella, fella!
The HEIGHT of excitement, the THRILL of launching to the heavens, the very PEAK 
of flying fantastication...
It can be YOURS, fella! For a limited time only, and without waiting in line, 
it's a paltry 10 RUPEES!
Whaddaya say, buddy of mine? Wanna give it a shot?

(No thanks)
Aww, that's too bad... It's fun. You should try it.

(Special - Repairs)
Uhh...what? You got a cannon you want me to repair, bud?
Well, where is it? I can't repair it unless you bring it here!
...So what'll it be? We doing this? Or not?

If you wanna repair a cannon, you need to bring it here, buddy...
I don't do business trips, buddy. ...They're too boring.

(Give it a shot.)
Welcome, fella! And right this way!

Heh heh... Hurry up and hop on in...

Hey... You're back!
Heh heh... So, fella...I guess you liked the ride, huh? Not a bad bit of 

Whoa! That reminds me of something...
Didn't the late queen in Zora's Domain ask you to do something?
She asked us to find her son! The one who's been missing since he headed for 
Hyrule Castle...
I think she said something about granting you some special power if you rescued 
If the final piece of the Fused Shadow is on the bottom of Lake Hylia...then it 
looks like we're going to need that ability!

Well, hi there! Welcome to Falbi's Flight-by-Fowl!
Are you ready for a flight full of dreams and sweet, sweet bonuses? A Cucco-
powered ride around Lake Hylia? You will LOVE it!
Next up for fantastication... ONE BIG GUY! Er, just one?
Right, then that's 20 Rupees for a ticket to the isle of Riches. How about it, 

Aww, really? How sad for you...
Well, if you change your mind, come back anytime, partner!

Awright! Thanks, partner!
Now, just grab a Cucco of any color and try to sail to the Isle or Riches!

What's the matter, partner?
So, what color do you fancy, partner?

What's the matter, partner?
There are loads of places hiding treasures out there! Find your very own 
storehouse of dreams!

I hope you'll come again!

Are you winning lots of Rupees?

Ummm... Hrmmm... That looks a bit too far to fly...


[Link heads back to Telma's Bar]

That is a Zora child! That is beyond my expertise! Hmmmph!

Doctor, wait! If something isn't done, this child will...

[Ilia makes her appeal, but the doctor is gone - There is no recognition in her 
eyes as she glances at Link]

Well, this isn't good. A human doctor won't do, huh...
That old coot reminded me, though... I've heard of a shaman in Kakariko 
Village, in the Eldin lands, who's tended Gorons and Zoras.

Is that true? Perhaps if we take him there...

Inadvisable! Too dangerous!
But we can't turn a blind eye to a pretty girl in need, either.
Yes, we'd better escort you! Am I right, boys?!

Well, isn't that nice.
To reach Kakariko, we've got to cross two plains that are each infested by 
dangerous beasts.
But we'll be safe now!

[She turns around, but the soldiers are gone]

Cowards! Don't EVER show your faces here again!
Oh my!
Looks like we've got one young swordsman left!
And not only that, but it looks like this brave young man will escort us, so 
get ready to go, honey. Pronto!
You know that girl, don't you?
It's a real shame... She can't even remember her own name right now.
Bless her heart...
She found this poor boy collapsed in the road, so she did all she could to save 
More courage in that girl than in all the soldiers of Hyrule, for sure!
You lend your strength to her, you hear me?

So you say the bridge to the west has been destroyed, huh? Then our only option 
is to cross the bridge to the east.
You see what that means?
You'll have to deal with that thing!

Th-Thank you so much for this. Um, if you don't mind me asking, what's your 
I will never in all my life forget your kindness, Link.

Little lady, I think you'd best save your thanks until we're safe in 
This swordsman of ours has great eyes, honey. They're proud and wild...like a 
feral beast.
We need a beast right now, to keep the true ones at bay. If we make it to 
Kakariko safely, we'll just thank him then, OK?
You ready to roll, Link? You've got to protect these young ones on the way to 

OK, it's your turn, honey! We're counting on you!

[Link defeats King Bulblin]

Nice, honey! Keep up the good work!

[If you get ahead of the wagon]

Isn't there anyone who wants to help the Zora child?
The late queen told us in Zora's Domain! If we save him, she'll give us a 
special power!

Open that gate, honey!

Link, open the gate!

[Link escorts Telma's wagon into Kakariko Village]

...He has passed through the worst of it. As long as he rests, he should 
recover in due time.
Do you know the fate of his mother?
Her welfare consumes him. He has been mumbling deliriously about her almost 
...I can see the knowledge grieves you. It must be an awful memory.

I'll stay with him until he's better! No matter how long it takes!

Is that so? Thank you, Colin.

Hey, Link, about Ilia...
Is it true, what they say about her?

Yes, she has lost her memory, Colin, and regaining it will be no simple task.
But it will be all right, child.
If we just give her some time, I am certain that Ilia will find her heart 
So, Colin, I'd like to ask you to stay in this village until then. It is our 
turn to show the courage that you have already displayed.

Nice to see there's still hope here. And it's always good to see happy results 
repay your efforts...
Those skills of yours... Any chance you're of the mind to put them to use for 
What hope there is in our kingdom is frail and dying...but there's still a 
group trying to do what it can.
And I'm a member of that group.
Call me Telma.
I may just stay here a bit longer. I'm still worried about Ilia, and... Well, 
never mind about the rest.
Link, I want to see you again at my bar, you hear me?
The bar is actually a kind of safe house for my friends. There's a passageway 
that leads to the castle from in there, as well.
If you ever need something, stop by, I'll be waiting for you, honey!

Thanks to you, this child is saved.
I want to thank you for being so kind to someone like me... Someone you don't 
even know.

Through Renado's kindness, I, too, have been allowed to stay a little longer 
under his care in this village.
The children here are all so kind. Such a lovely little village...

I will stay here beside him!
Are you going to continue your journeys, Link?
Good luck! And please, do not worry about us!

This boy is really sick, and now it sounds like the rest of the Zoras are in 
trouble, too, right?
I'm gonna try to help him get better quickly so we can take him home!

I'll take care of this boy.
The shaman's been really worried about this boy, but I think he's also worried 
about the Zora tribe.
Link, you've gotta help! Please help the Zoras!

[The Postman leans down in front of the hearth]

I dropped a letter into the hot spring and now I can't read it! Gotta blow this 
thing dry...

[Queen Zora appears to Link outside and guides him to the Graveyard]

This way...
I am deeply grateful to you for aiding my son in his time of need.
You were right to bring him here. Kakariko Village is a sacred place for the 
Zora people. It is where we take our eternal rest.
My husband in life, King Zora, also rests his spirit here.
It is no coincidence my son found his salvation in this place.
...That which I have promised you is within this grave.
During his lifetime, my husband created garments specifically for the chosen 
hero, garments that house the abilities of the Zora.
Now, at last, I can join the king in slumber.
And yet... My son... He still knows nothing of my death.
If you see him again, please pass on this message...
Tell him he must not grieve his mother's passing. Tell him she wanted him to be 
brave and live as the king of our people.
And... Tell him his mother...loves him without end. Tell him...

Well, it's a good thing you found all of your friends and picked up that nifty 
Zora armor...
But aren't you forgetting something kind of important?
That last Fused Shadow...
Remember what Faron the light spirit said...
He said you would need the Fused Shadows to defeat the dark overlord Zant and 
save the world...
So even if you go back now with all of the people you saved... The whole 
tragedy would just repeat itself...
So let's go get it!
We need to go to the temple on the lake bed of Lake Hylia.

                                                                       Act Four
Chapter V - L a k e b e d  T e m p l e
Lakebed Temple

Something about that Zora boy is giving me a feeling of...unease.
I worry that something may have happened to the Zoras of Lake Hylia...
...But I must first find a way to recover Ilia's memory. She suffers, and I 
must help.
If I discover anything, I will let you know immediately, so please allow me a 
little more time...

I must find a way to recover Ilia's memory! I must!
...But the fate of the Zoras still gives me pause. I hope nothing is wrong on 
the lake bed.

Have you listened to everything Renado has to say?
I'm worried about Ilia too...but I'm more concern about the Zoras of Lake Hylia 
right now.
Of course, I agree with Renado completely. This man is ASTUTE!
You go on now, Link! See after the Zoras at the lake!

Mercy, this boy is simple...
Hurry! Go to the Zoras!

Do you know about the new product, the water bomb?
They're so superb, Brother, that you can use them underwater! If you don't have 
any yet, you should buy some!
But enough about that, Brother...
If you ever want to get on top of this shop, just climb up on my back, Brother!

Hey! I've been waitin' on you!
Take a peek at this! I finished my water bombs!
These little fellas are so advanced, you can even use 'em in the water! Oh, 
they'll come in handy, guaranteed. You gonna buy some?
All right, now! Take a good gander at Master Barnes's handmade bombs!

A very good day to you, sir! Welcome to the incredibly fancy bomb buyback 
Mercy me, what do we have here? It appears you have some bombs! Allow me a 
moment's peek into that bag...
Now... (kind of bombs), huh... If you're of mind to sell those, I'll buy (X) 
bombs for (X) Rupees. How does that sound, sir?

(No thanks.)
What? Are you quite sure, sir? How unfortunate... Bear in mind I'll always buy 
any bombs you care to sell later on. Just bring them here!

(Sure! I'll sell!)
Splendid! I'll give you (X) Rupees for your (X) bombs!
Very well, then! Farewell!

[Link travels back to Lake Hylia]

Sir, you wear the garb of the hero in my people's legends...
Are you, perhaps...?
Well met! I, dear hero, am a maker of bombs.
Pardon me for asking... Have you heard of water bombs?
They are very dangerous indeed, but you should be able to master them. I am 
sure you would find them quite useful.
How would you like to buy some of my handmade water bombs for 90 Rupees? Hmm?

(Don't buy.)
Is that so... Well, let me know if and when you have need of a bomb that 
explodes underwater.

Well, just for you, I would part with these water bombs for 90 Rupees. What do 
you say?

Let me put these in your bag... If you ever run out of water bombs, please come 
back for more.

Can you see the bubbles rising from the depths?
It's dangerous to swim too close. That current is strong enough to carry away 
most people...

The place beyond this rock is sacred to my people. It was once called the Zora 
But now it has been overrun by monsters... They're everywhere...
All we could do was seal them in so they do not bring darkness to others...

[Link destroys the rock in front of Lakebed Temple]

The temple inside is nothing but a nest of darkness now! You must not enter!
...Did you really do it?

The creatures of darkness have made the inside of this temple their home. It's 
dangerous, so I must ask that you turn back.

[Inside, stalactites fall from the ceiling]

Woah! That's treacherous...
Whoa! Don't you think you ought to knock down those stalactites hanging off the 
ceiling first?
They don't look to be very stable. I'd bet they'd break pretty easily if you 
hit them with enough force, don't you think?

[If you catch a Skullfish]

You caught a skullfish! It looks stronger than it is...
This fish is forbidden, so it won't be added to your fish journal. Release it 
with A.

[At the end of the dungeon, Link defeats Morpheel]

There it is! The last Fused Shadow...
I'll just take that, thanks!
Now, don't resent me for all I've put you through. I NEED this thing!
Besides, we have to do something about Zant, the one who thinks he is the king 
of shadows...
His power is a false one...
I'll prove it using these!
I've done everything I needed to. I'm sorry for dragging you all over the place 
with me...
So... Shall we go?

Want to go outside? Are you all done here?



[Link is transported to Lanayru's cave]


Did you honestly mean to take an ancient and withered power like this and turn 
it against me?
You are a foolish traitor, Midna.
Why do you defy your king?

My KING? You, who do nothing but abuse the magic of your tribe? You must be 

How dare you?! Are you implying that my power is...our old magic?
Now THAT is a joke!
This power is granted to me by my god! It is the magic of the King of Twilight, 
and you WILL respect it!
My Midna... Did you forget? That beast is one of the light dwellers who 
oppressed our people.
No matter how much you may desire otherwise, you will never be more than a 
shadow in their world. You cannot consort with their kind!
But if we can make their world ours, Midna...light and darkness will meet at 
Our tribe will take back their realm...and sweet darkness will blot out this 
harsh light!
And that, Midna, is why...
I need you.
Not just for me, but for all of our people... Lend me your power.
So be it... I will return you to the light world you covet!

[Zant exposes Midna to the light - Lanayru transports Link and Midna to 
northern Hyrule Field]

Link, hero chosen by the goddesses...
Go to the princess locked away in the castle.
That princess holds the key that can unlock you from your shadow form...

        /\                                       Act Five - Shadows of the Past
       /  \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      /    \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    / \    / \
   /   \  /   \  
  /     \/     \ 

                                                                       Act Five
Chapter I - M i d n a ' s  D e s p e r a t e  H o u r
Midna's Desperate Hour

H-Hurry...to where...Princess Zelda...waits...

[Link enters Castle Town]

I just hate the rain... I can't get comfortable whether I sit or stand!
Maybe my sixth sense is trying to tell me something...

Yeah... I just can't get comfortable today...

Eek! That thing on your back... Is it all right?
That Zora kid came through here looking as bad as that. Why don't you take this 
one to Telma's bar, too?

You should ask Telma at the bar about helping the creature on your back...

Ribbit! Normally I live in the underground passageway, but I came out because 
of the good weather.
Have you ever been below this town? It's really spacious!
After all, the underground passage was made so that the Hyrule soldiers could 
escape. Ribbit!

The underground passageway stretches about town and is very spacious! Ribbit!

Oh, hello. This is my first time in this town...
I'm looking for someone named Louise. She's supposed to know this town well. 
Where's the bar?

It looks like there is no bar on this street... Maybe I'll look somewhere else.

It's really coming down... At this rate, today's meeting will be cancelled...

You look so stern... With that look on your face, you'll frighten the humans!

Haven't seen your face around here before...
If you want to know about this town, then you should ask Louise, Telma's cat.

If you want to know about this town, you should ask Louise at Telma's.

[Link enters Telma's Bar]

Beast! Get out!

[Louise, Telma's cat, speaks to Link from the window ledge]

You there!
You're Link, correct?
Mmm, yes, I thought so. I could just tell, you know.
I'm Louise. Do you remember meeting me in this shop before? Though I don't 
think we were properly introduced...
In any case, I must tell you, I'm a bit puzzled as to why you look like that.
Really, dear, you can't blame the humans for tossing you out, the way you look.
Oh... Another patient? You certainly are a curious sort...

...Plea... Please...

This way!
Here, get in through the window. The attic is connected to the castle's 
It's an old waterway, though...so it could be a rough trip.
Well... I suppose all that's left to do is make sure that the humans don't 
notice you.

Shouldn't you hurry to the castle, dear? Use the window and find the passage in 
the back of the attic!
Are you so heavy...that you can't jump high enough? Oh my.
There must be another way to climb in! Think!

What? They kicked you out again?
Difficult to be stealthy when one is so bulky, I'd imagine...
Be careful when the footing's not stable or you'll fall, dear.

Do walk carefully when you move around the attic.
Be careful when the footing's not stable or you'll fall, dear.

[Link enters through the window]

The elder told me to escort Telma, but...
This city air does not suit my skin...

I cannot wait to return home and soak in the hot spring...

How's it come to this, huh? Monsters walking in the streets of town...
What in the WORLD are the soldiers in Hyrule doing?!
The Gorons are so much more reliable than they are, it's not even funny!


I heard that an acquaintance of Telma's defeated the beast that had been 
attacking tourists on the bridge.
Yes, you remember that young man who came by here the other day?
His name was Link...

You don't mean...the hero-type?
Unbelievable... So that getup wasn't just a costume...

Well now, if that isn't a bit of a shock! I was rather snotty to him, if I 
I suppose I should apologize when I see him next... I'd hate for him to resort 
to fisticuffs or some such!

[If you've never talked to them before]

I heard that an acquaintance of Telma's defeated the beast that had been 
attacking tourists on the bridge.
His name was Link... It sounds as though he brought Telma and her young ward to 
Kakariko Village.

And here I was, thinking Hyrule was empty of men of valor...

Oh, no, I don't believe he's from Hyrule proper at all.
No, my understanding is that he's from the small neighboring province of 
This may sound horribly elitist...but people who do not know the city simply do 
not know fear.


[If you knock a jar to the ground]

What?! What was that sound?!

[On the other side is entry into Jovani's house]

H-Hey! Where did that ghost come from?!
H-Hey! Don't just stand there! Get that ghost!

[Link defeats the Poe]

Oh... Th-Thanks for beating the ghost. Can I call you...doggie?
I'm Jovani. I...became consumed by greed long ago, and sold my soul to a dark 
creature that did this to me...
I can't move... I can't go see my girlfriend... My pet cat Gengle is frozen on 
my head... I don't think I could be more miserable...
I have to ask you a favor, doggie... Can you find and defeat the 20 ghosts that 
lurk in the dark for me?
I think if you can free the pieces of my soul from the ghosts that hold them, 
I'll be free...
Oh, but it's raining out now, so I don't think you can go outside directly. 
I'll open the door to the underground waterway for you...
Once the rain stops, you can come back in here by digging around the front wall 
where the cats gather... Understand, doggie?

That treasure chest is connected to the underground waterway... You can get out 
from there.
Once you've found and defeated the 20 ghosts that lurk in the darkness, come 
here by digging by the wall where the cats gather...

[Link eventually enters Zelda's room through a window]

Please... Please tell me... How do we break...the curse on this one?
This...is the one... You need him...to save your world!
That's why... Princess... Please... You must help Link...

What binds him is a different magic than what transformed him when he first 
passed the curtain of twilight. It is an evil power.
Our world is one of balance... Just as there is light to drive away darkness, 
so, too, is there benevolence to banish evil.
Head for the sacred grove that lies deep within the lands guarded by the spirit 
There you will find the blade of evil's bane that was crafted by the wisdom of 
the ancient sages...the Master Sword.
The Master Sword is a sacred blade that evil can never touch.
Evil cloaks you like a dark veil...and that blade is the only thing that can 
cleave it.
Link... Hero sent by the goddesses...
Like you, I have been granted special powers by the goddesses...

Fine... Link... You can... You can get to the woods...on your own, right?
Princess... I have one last request...
Can you tell him...where to find the Mirror of Twilight?

Midna... I believe I understand now just who and what you are...
Despite your mortal injuries, you act in our stead...
These dark times are the result of our deeds, yet it is you who have reaped the 
Accept this now, Midna. I pass it to you...

[Zelda passes on her power and disappears]

No! Link! STOP HER!
We go back, Link! Back to Faron Woods!
Zelda... I've taken all that you had to give...though I did not want it.

                                                                       Act Five
Chapter II - T h e  B l a d e  o f  E v i l ' s  B a n e
The Blade of Evil's Bane

[Link heads to Faron Woods]

Did... Did you save me?
Th-Thank you!
Listen, since you're so nice, let me tell you something: there's a really 
pretty wooden area on the other side of this cliff!
I climbed over there, but when I tried to get deeper into the woods, THOSE guys 
attacked me!
What's in those woods, anyway?

That sure is a pretty forest...
You know, the one I found over there, on the other side of the cliff.
If you're going, please be careful!
Your smell... It's so familiar...
It smells a bit like a green-clad prince who helped me out once!

So there's another section of forest beyond this cliff.
All right, Link, let's go!

[Link defeats the Skull Kid]

Hee hee hee! ...'Bye!

We are guardians of this land...
Guide us to where we once stood.
Only then can you enter the true Sacred Grove...

Beast who speaks to our hearts... what would you have of us?

(Try again}



Go now to the sacred place, beast...
We yield passage to the Sacred Grove...

[The stairs slope up through the decayed ruins of the Temple of Time and into 
the company of the Blade of Evil's Bane - It stands broad and proud in the 
bereavement of ruins, as if it was the only survivor of an ancient blitz - Link 
unsheathes the sword from the bed of rock, and as the fogs rolls away and the 
forest becomes lucid and clear, he holds it above his head and accepts his fate 
as hero]

The sword accepted you as its master...
This thing is the embodiment of the evil magic that Zant cast on you.
It's definitely different from our tribe's shadow magic...
Careful... If you touch it, you'll turn back into a beast!
This thing is too dangerous... It's probably for the best if we just leave it 
here, huh?
But on the other hand...if we kept it, you'd be able to transform into a beast 
anytime you wanted...
Yes, since Zant was kind enough to give this to us, we should be thankful and 
use it all we can!
If you need it, just call me. I want to keep a low profile, so I'll hide in 
your shadow when you're human, but I can change you whenever.
You can be a wolf anytime you like! Also, thanks to this thing, you can warp 
whenever you want by switching into wolf form...
Hey, but listen, Link... I've got a little favor to ask...
Would you mind coming with me to find something called the Mirror of Twilight?
It's hidden somewhere in Hyrule...
Yes, the Mirror of Twilight... Our last potential link to Zant!

                                                                       Act Five
Chapter III - M i r a g e  o f  t h e  A n c i e n t  G e r u d o
Mirage of the Ancient Gerudo

Oh my... If it isn't Link!
You made it! How've you been, honey?!
Mercy, but you have good timing. I was just talking about you!
Hey, everyone! Introduce yourselves!
This handsome young man is the infamous Link!
You remember what I told you before, honey?
These are those friends I mentioned, the ones who are trying to help deal with 
all the troubles in Hyrule.
Actually, there's one more of us, but there's been a disturbing turn of events 
in the eastern desert, so he's gone to check it out.
He's an older man named Auru. If you happen to meet him, definitely take the 
time to talk with him, OK, honey?
Well, you've come all the way here, honey, so why don't you relax a bit.
Why don't you be sociable and talk to these folks? They're a jolly bunch!

How's that Ilia doing, honey?
I'm sure that shaman will find a way to get her memory back. That Renado is a 
talented man, for sure!
Anyway, honey, you've got your own things to worry about, so you just make sure 
you do what needs doing right now, OK?
Listen, honey, if you're puzzled about what you ought to be doing, why not go 
see our friend Auru? There's a man who knows things!
He's out checking the eastern desert of Hyrule.
If you need detailed directions, just take a peek at that map on the table.

That old codger Auru is at Lake Hylia, studying the desert.

Oh, hello there! You must be Link, correct?
I'm Shad. Wonderful to meet you.
Sorry about the ribbing I gave you the other day, old boy.
This town is rather teeming with odd sorts, so I was just being careful.
Telma told me all you've been up to. You're rather formidable!
I'm rather NOT, I'm afraid. Well, I'm formidable at book reading, but I lack, 
shall we say, physical skills.
That said, if the history and legends of Hyrule are your cup of tea, I'm your 
fellow! If you're curious, just ask away.

At the moment I'm absolutely entranced by the sky beings known as the Oocca.
Yes, according to legend, Hyrule was made by the Hylians, who, as we all know, 
are the closest race to the gods.
But also according to legend, long ago there was a race even closer to the 
gods, and some say THESE creatures made the Hylians.
When they created the people of Hylia, they simultaneously created a new 
capital, a city that floated in the heavens.
They dwelt there...and some scholars believe that this race lives there still, 
somewhere in the great sky.
Sky beings... Isn't that simply marvelous, old boy? What I wouldn't give to 
meet them!

Would you care to hear about the sky beings again?

Very well! I'm pleased to have found another who shares my passion for the 

Are you quite sure? I don't mind... Really?

...It's Ashei.
Listen, sorry I was so nasty the other day.
I thought you were like those sorry excuses for Hyrule soldiers...but I thought 
I grew up in the mountains with my father, who was a knight in his own right. 
He taught me the arts of war as though I was his son.
Of course, lessons in common courtesy were not part of the regimen, so forgive 
me if I come off as rude, yeah?
Listen, before I blab both of your ears off, I want to tell you something.
Snowpeak, the mountain to the north of Hyrule... It's unlike any mountain I've 
ever known.
I don't know much yet, but things happen there that happen on no other mountain 
I know of.
...Evil controls it...
As soon as I know something more, I'll tell you. Until then, you should stay 
away, yeah?

Don't go near Snowpeak for a while, yeah?
I'm looking into it more now, but trust me, that's no ordinary mountain...
As soon as I have more information, I'll let you know, yeah?


It has been a long time...
My wife, Uli, sent word to me. I have seen the children in Kakariko Village!
And, of course, I have also heard of your adventures!
I must thank you for your help with Colin, Link.
I barely recognized him... In any case, I am troubled by my own inaction. I 
wanted to help the cause.
These friends here... I have had a connection with them for a long while.
Like the others, I am gathering information now. I will let you know if I hear 

I am gathering information now, as well, so I will let you know if I hear 

What to order, what to order... I do believe I will start with meat.

[Link warps to Lake Hylia and finds Auru on top of a tower overlooking Gerudo 

I thought it was about time for you to arrive...
Master Link, is it?
Please forgive my rudeness in the bar the other day.
You do know Telma, don't you? I am Auru. I am part of the group that Telma 
kindly allows to meet at her bar.
I have heard all about your deeds from her.
Now... You being a courageous youth... You have likely heard of the strange 
events in the desert and come to investigate, no?
Or am I mistaken?
You do know, don't you, Master Link?
The Gerudo Desert once held a prison built to hold the worst criminals this 
land has ever known...
The criminals who were sentenced to death were sent directly to the underworld 
by a cursed mirror that was kept in the prison...
Now that prison is condemned, and even the road leading to the desert is 
This desert at world's end... It still holds the cursed mirror and the malice 
of the doomed inmates...
These old bones know that the evil currently plaguing Hyrule is related to this 
wicked place. So I have come to learn the truth...
Master Link, I must ask... What will you do now?
Don't tell me you plan to enter the desert and confirm my suspicions with your 
own eyes?!

I see...
Well, not to pry, but if you were going to the desert, then I could have told 
you how to get there...

Young Master Link... What is the trouble?
Do you intend to venture into the desert?

I see...
So if you change your mind, please let me know, I can be of some help...

Ah, is that so...
Then let good old Auru help you out...
You see Lake Hylia below us? A man named Fyer runs an amusement ride of sorts 
there. Give him this.
See, long ago, I saved this man Fyer's life, and now he cannot refuse me if I 
ask a favor.
If you leave the rest up to Fyer, all should go well.

Just give my note to Fyer, the man who runs the amusement ride in Lake Hylia.
If you leave the rest to Fyer, all should go well.

Hrrrm... From old Auru, huh...
Ah well, I guess I oughta do what the old coot says...
Oasis flight...right?
So here you go, one of our secret options not available to the general 
This time's all paid for...so whaddaya say? You wanna go?

All right then... But remember, next time, you gotta pay!
Sweet sailing, buddy of mine. One for oasis...fire in the hole!

...Pffft, really? Why come all this way just to chicken out?
Hurrm, blast it... Well, you get ready, then. I'll wait here, OK?

So... What's next for you?
You're raring to go, huh? That's the desert oasis flight...right?
Ready to give it a shot? If you want not to, press B!

[If you press B]

What?! Hurrrm... Can't figure out what you're waiting on, fella...
The mysterious charms of the desert await...so get on with it!

(Oasis flight)
Heh heh... All right, buddy of mine! Let's get you zooming!
Yeah, this time is free just 'cause I don't need to be getting an earful from 
the old fella later on.
So then... One for the oasis flight!

Heh heh... Hurry up and hop on in...

                                                                       Act Five
Chapter IV - A r b i t e r ' s  G r o u n d s
Arbiter's Grounds

Wait, Link.
Before we go on, there's something I want you to hear.
...Do you remember what the spirit said about the Fused Shadows?
What do you think happened to the magic wielders who tried to rule the Sacred 
They were banished. They were chased across the sacred lands of Hyrule and 
driven into another realm by the goddesses.
It was another world entirely... The antithesis of Hyrule, where the sun shines 
Its denizens became shadows that could not mingle with the light.
Eventually, most came to call it the Twilight Realm, and from it, none could 
return to the world of light...
They were forever doomed to live in the twilight, flitting in the half-light of 
dusk, mere shadows of Hyrule...
This is the history of the Twili as it has been passed down from our 
Do you now understand what I am?
I'm a descendant of the tribe that was banished to the Twilight Realm!
It was a peaceful place...until Zant took control of the Twilight Realm and 
transformed all of the Twili into shadow beasts.
It's clear to me now that he somehow gained a great evil power previously 
unknown to our tribe...
In any case, I was sent from there, and could no longer get into the Twilight 
Realm without his power.
...But there's another tale told by my people.
Though the goddesses forbade us to return to the world of light, they left one 
link between the light and the darkness.
Something called the Mirror of Twilight was passed to the protectors of 
It's our only path to the Twilight Realm...and we must get there!
You'll come with me...won't you?

[Along the Gerudo Mesa you will find the piece of the Eldin Bridge]

What is this thing?

(Speak to Midna)
It does seem to be man-made. I wonder what it is?
Why is it there? It doesn't look like it's been there long, does it?


[If you warp it to the wrong location]

Hey! Are you doing that on purpose to make me mad?!
Are you trying to drive me crazy, bringing me to a place like this?! Give me a 

[If you go back to Lake Hylia]

So, how was your human-cannonball ride into the desert?
I'd wager it was some flight! Ha! You youngsters get to have all the fun!

[Link enters the Arbiter's Ground, an ancient tomb slithering down into the 
core of earth]

Forget the Scent of Ilia and learn a new smell?



[Zant awaits you at the end of the dungeon]

You still live... How astonishing. No wonder some call you "hero".
But this is truly a bittersweet reunion... Truly!
For I fear this is the last time I will see you alive!

[Link defeats the awakened Stallord]

All right, Link, let's go!
We're close to the Mirror of Twilight...

[Link ascends to the crown of Arbiter's Ground and finds the Mirror of Twilight 

A dark entity lurks in the twilight... It houses an evil power...

You who are guided by fate... You who possess the crest of the goddesses... 
Hear us.

At the command of the goddesses, we sages have guarded the Mirror of Twilight 
since ancient times.

You seek it...but the Mirror of Twilight has been fragmented by mighty magic.

That magic is a dark power that only he possesses...

His name is...

He was the leader of a band of thieves who invaded Hyrule in the hopes of 
establishing dominion over the Sacred Realm.
He was known as a demon thief, an evil-magic wielder renowned for his 
But he was blind...
In all of his fury and might, he was blind to any danger, and thus was exposed, 
subdued, and brought to justice.
By some divine prank, he, too, had been blessed with the chosen power of the 
His abiding hatred and lust for power turned to purest malice...
Perhaps that evil power has been passed on to Zant...

You're just now figuring out where Zant got his power? It's far too late...

Only the true leader of the Twili can utterly destroy the Mirror of 
Twilight...so Zant could merely break it into pieces.
Once broken by magic, the Mirror of Twilight became fragments, which even now 
lie hidden across the land of Hyrule.

One is in the snowy mountain heights...

One is in an ancient grove...

And one is in the heavens...

You who have been sent by the goddesses... You should be able to gather the 
three pieces...
But you must be prepared, for a dangerous power resides in those fragments...

        /\                                             Act Six - Mirror, Mirror
       /  \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      /    \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    / \    / \
   /   \  /   \  
  /     \/     \ 

                                                                        Act Six
Chapter I - Y e t i s  a n d  S o u p
Yetis and Soup

Oh my... If it isn't Link!
You made it! How've you been, honey?!
Mercy, but you have good timing. I was just talking about you!
Everyone! Look!
Link's come to see us!
These are those friends I mentioned, the ones who are trying to help deal with 
all the troubles in Hyrule.
Actually, there's one more of us...but there's been a disturbing turn of events 
on the north mountain, so she's gone to check things out.
She's a beautiful young lady named Ashei. If you have a chance to meet her, you 
should definitely take the time to talk to her, OK, honey?
Well, you've come all the way here, honey, so why don't you relax a bit?

[If you've talked to her before]

How's that Ilia doing, honey?
I'm sure that shaman will find a way to get her memory back. That Renado is a 
talented man, for sure!
Anyway, honey, you've got your own things to worry about, so you just make sure 
you do what needs doing right now, OK?
Now, I'm not doubting you, honey, but if you're wondering what you ought to be 
doing, you ought to go talk to our friend Ashei.
She's up on Hyrule's northern mountain checking things out, and she's got good 
instincts, trust me.
If you need details directions, just take a peek at that map on the table.

Ashei mentioned Snowpeak Mountain and headed off...

Say... Link! You're alive and well!
Tell me, did you find anything of interest at the Arbiter's Grounds in the 
The sages... Those sages once served the royal family, actually. They were 
appointed as tutors to the young Princess Zelda.
It was from them that I first heard tales of the accursed mirror in the 
Arbiter's Grounds.

Did you see the sad state of Hyrule Castle?
It's the urgent desire of this group of ours to restore peace to this kingdom 
as swiftly as possible.
Link... Please continue to lend us your strength!

[Link arrives in Zora's Domain]

I heard that the mountain beast has been frequenting our village lately.
The beast never came to the village before. I wonder what brings him...

For some reason, a suspicious person has been wandering around our domain 
I didn't see him...but there were some witnesses near the waterfall basin, I 

There seems to be no end to the mayhem that's befallen us since our queen 
passed on...

A suspicious girl has been seen around this area lately... I wonder what brings 

Have you heard?

You've got good ears. I only just learned it myself...

Apparently, the beast of the snowy mountains came here. At least, that's what 
some folks who saw him are claiming...

It is our responsibility to protect this village as we wait Prince Ralis's 

Things have been in such an uproar lately... I'm on patrol in an attempt to 
beef up security in our domain.

Apparently, the beast of Snowpeak Mountain has been appearing in this town 
frequently of late.
Why the beast who normally lives on Snowpeak would come down to the village... 
Well, we don't have a clue as to why this would be.

There's a rumor going around that a suspicious person has been seen around here 
I wonder if those in the throne room have been informed of this...

Snowpeak is up ahead. It's very treacherous.
Not only has the weather been bad lately, but because the beast has been coming 
to the village, we have been taking extra precautions.

[Link departs for Snowpeak Mountain]

What brings you to a dangerous place like this?

[If you've never met her]

Hey... You're Link, yeah?
I've heard great things about you... Telma looks out for me, so I stop by her 
bar pretty often. I'm Ashei.
Anyway... What are you doing in a dangerous place like this?

Ever since Zora's Domain got covered in ice, this mountain's been much colder 
than usual, yeah?
Not only that, but I heard a really weird story from the Zoras.
Apparently, the beast that lives somewhere on this mountain has been seen 
frequently in Zora's Domain.
I was curious, so I came and waited...and as they'd said, a giant appeared!
Yeah, it looked like this...
Apparently, this thing's been stealing red fish from the village.
I want to investigate further...but I can't even see the path through this 
blizzard, yeah?
I'm sure you're here because you're curious about the mountain, but best not go 
without a plan.

If you go into this blizzard without a plan, you'll get lost...and that'll only 
lead to disaster, trust me.
The only clues we have right now are the stories of the Zoras and my sketch. 
It's not much, I know.

What a terrible storm... Looks like you're not welcome here...
Look, I understand that the mirror is hidden somewhere on the mountain, but we 
need a plan...

I know... That story that Ashei told about the beast... What do you think about 
You think we should show that sketch to the Zoras and see what they have to 

[If you show the sketch to the Zoras]

Hey, the beast of Snowpeak... Oh! The red fish it's holding! That's a reekfish!
Ah... So the beast has been showing itself because it's been catching 
We didn't think that anyone besides Prince Ralis was capable of catching this 
type of fish!

Not only is that type of fish tenacious, but it won't even bat an eye at 
ordinary bait.
In fact, this is the first time we'd seen anyone other than Prince Ralis catch 
one. We were stunned!

The fish this beast has...
Prince Ralis is quite skilled at catching that type of fish...
Oh... Prince... Where could you be by now...

When I see this fish, I can't help but think of the prince...

This... Did you draw this?
The beast... Hey! Isn't it holding a red fish?
That's a reekfish!

Reekfish live close to the two stone formations we call the Mother-and-Child 
They've got a distinct smell that some find a little...gamey...but they're 
packed with nutrients, so they're revered and well cared for.

[Link warps to Kakariko Village, where Prince Ralis is grieving in front of the 
grave of his family]

Is... Is your name Link?
My mother came to me in a dream... She showed me your image.
She spoke of a youth who would save our domain and steer my fate. One named 
I must thank you for all you've done.
If there is anything I can ever do for you, please tell me.

I have so little confidence...
What can I do? I could not even carry out one simple task for my mother...
I am so unlike her... I doubt I am even qualified to rule...

What would my mother have thought of me?
I still have so little confidence in myself...
What can a pitiful Zora like me do?

I am not sure I can be of any use at all......
...Can I?

[Link shows him the note]

Hmm... The beast-man of the snowy mountain...perhaps?
But more important is this red fish it is holding...
It must be a reekfish. That is a rare specimen found only in the Zora village.
It feeds on a valuable type of coral, and without that bait, even our best 
fishers cannot catch one.
Look closely, Link... My earring is made of this coral.
I would like to give it to you.
I received it from my mother...
But it is fine. I no longer need it.
As I look at you, I get a sense of what my mother wanted, what I should be 
doing now...
I will return to my village.
The reekfish can be found near the Mother-and-Child Rocks in the waterfall 
basin near my village.
The fish are red, so I think you should be able to spot them...

The reekfish can be found near the Mother-and-Child Rocks in the waterfall 
basin near my village.
The fish are red, so you should definitely be able to stop them.

The reekfish that the beast of Snowpeak took...
Maybe if we took a look at it, it'd give us a clue...

[Link returns to Zora's Domain and catches the Reekfish]

That's a reekfish (X inches)! This sacred fish is only found near the Zora 
village. It...reeks.
You can see fish you've caught by pressing + and viewing the Collection screen.

Forget the Poe scent and learn a new smell?



[In his courage, Link finds the strength to topple Snowpeak, even as the 
thunderous wind threatens to tear him from the cliff and throw him down the 
mountain path and the packed snow clutches at his fur and solders his skin like 
a hot iron - Upon his ascension to the top of the mountain, he finds a docile 
Yeti with a Reekfish hanging from his hand]

[If you approach as wolf]

Uh! Rare color of wolf!
Looks tasty...
But tonight fish night. Maybe another time.

Friendly, uh?
I take you home with me, uh?
...If I did not have fish.

[If you approach as human]

Uh! Whoa-ho!
I heard ruckus, and uh! Just a human!
I see humans not often, uh? Why human come to snows?
You...on spiritual journey? You look for true self?

(Yes, I am.)
Uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh! You look for long time!
...That was joke. Yetis joke too, uh.
You look for something else, uh? Tell truth.

(Umm, no.)
...You rude.
You look for something else, uh? Tell truth.

(Yes, I am.)
...Uh. You look for mirror in such faraway place...
But you make good climb! And you lucky to meet me!
I found shiny mirror piece!
Same mirror you look for, uh?
Uh! You come to house and see yourself!
I caught fish. I make hot meal, at least...
My house far away... We slide there, uh? Do like me! Come!

                                                                        Act Six
Chapter II - S n o w p e a k  R u i n s
Snowpeak Ruins

[At the bottom of the mountain is a large mansion, ostensibly a solitary 
Oriental mountain house]

What's with this guy? He's got a nice place...for a beast-man.

[Roasting in front of the fire is Yeto's wife, Yeta]

Sorry... I have sickness, uh...
Come closer, uh?

Uh, wait... I tell you something.

You cute little human. Husband told me you come. You want to look at mirror, 
My husband found it, but it pretty thing, uh.
But...since I get mirror, I get sick, and then bad monsters appear... So many 
bad things happen since mirror...
So we lock bedroom on third floor where it hangs, uh?
Wait... I tell you where key is...
Fever makes head blurry, but...
It probably here in the room marked by this symbol...
But right now...can't even get up.
Would you bring it to me, uh?
Start with door right here...

I would go, uh, but so sick...
Sorry to be bother, uh...

Uh! You!
Wife...look bad, uh? Not healthy since mirror...
So I make soup for her.
Fish from Zora village are most nutritious!
You tired, uh? You have some. It gives you energy!
What flavor for soup, uh...
Can't decide...

[An Ordon pumpkin lies within the treasure chest]

What's this? This isn't right! She got the wrong locations.
Want to go back and try to get her to remember where the key is?

[Yeto stirs the pumpkin in with the rest of the stew]

What flavor...
You have pumpkin, uh?
Pumpkin, pumpkin, uh!
Thanks, uh!
You taste if you want!

Uh... Needs...more punch, uh!

You find it, uh?
...What? Pumpkin? But why there?
No good, uh... Where I leave it?
Uh! Maybe in THAT room.
Go to room marked by symbol...
Check room I marked on map, uh.

Sorry about delay... I want to help, uh...

[After Link assails the northern annex and defeats Darkhammer, he finds goat 
cheese in the treasure chest]

Aw, food AGAIN?! Yeah, I had a bad feeling about this. She didn't seem very 
sure of herself...
Oh well... 	Let's head back and hope she had some other brilliant idea.

What happened, uh?
...What?! Cheese...
Uh... Did husband move it?
Uh... Where in world did we put it...
Sorry, I need thinking time, uh. Take cheese to husband, uh?
You do that, I try to remember...

Uh, sorry... Still no remember where bedroom key is.
You take cheese to husband first.
You do that, I try to remember...

[Yeto is smitten by the smell of goat cheese and adds it to his concoction of 
fish and pumpkin]

Needs...more punch, uh!
What you have, uh?!
Mmm! Perfect ingredient, uh!
Little more time on fire, it become gourmet soup, uh!
Here! Taste, uh!

Mmm! Smells good, uh!
Wife feel better when she drink this.

I think I remember, uh!
We put key in nearby room, so no forgetting, uh.
How I forget? Embarrassing, uh.
See! Here. Place marked by symbol, uh!
It there. It must be, uh! You look for me!

I promise it right this time! Please, you look for me...

[Link finds the bedroom key on the top floor of the mansion]

Phew... We've finally found the key.
That sure took a while...but that mirror shard is as good as ours!

Oh! You safe, uh!
I drink husband's soup, feel much better, uh. So I come to find you.
You found key, uh! Good! Good!
Bedroom right above us. I take you there, uh.

Bedroom right there, you go ahead. No worry for me, uh?

Thank you. You come inside...
Please... This way, uh.
Here...mirror. You look at it, uh...
Uh... So pretty...
Pretty... Uh... So pretty...
Pretty... Pretty...mirror... Lovely...

[The mirror transforms Yeta into a monster - Link defeats her]

Well, we have two mirror shards now...
Two more left, Link.
Still... I feel bad about the way we treated that girl.
To think the Mirror of Twilight has the power to change people like that...
This world...ALL worlds...can be cruel...
Let's hurry and collect the rest of those pieces, Link!
We have to, before more innocent creatures have to endure the suffering this 
poor girl did...
Well, let's go search for the two that remain.

[Yeto attends to his fallen wife]

Uh... Uh... What... What wrong with me?

Very strange... You just dreaming, uh.

Yeto! Mirror you gave...

Forget mirror, Yeta...
No. Look into eyes of Yeto...
Look in reflection of Yeto's beautiful eyes. There true beauty!
Who need mirror?

My love, uh!

Love you, uh...

Uh, love you, too...

I'll get you out of here. You're sure there's nothing else you need to do, 



                                                                        Act Six
Chapter III - T e m p l e  o f  T i m e
Temple of Time

Oh my... If it isn't Link!
You made it! How've you been, honey?!
Mercy, but you have good timing. I was just talking about you!
Everyone! Look!
Link's come to see us!
These are those friends I mentioned, the ones who are trying to help deal with 
all the troubles in Hyrule.
Actually, there's one more of us...but there's been a disturbing turn of events 
in the southern wood, so he's gone to check it out.
It's someone you know very well... He wants to see you, so you should go pay a 
visit, honey!
Well, you've come all the way here, honey, so why don't you relax a bit.

[If you've talked to her before]

How's that Ilia doing, honey?
I'm sure that shaman will find a way to get her memory back. That Renado is a 
talented man, for sure!
Anyway, honey, you've got your own things to worry about, so you just make sure 
you do what needs doing right now, OK?
Hey, honey, if you're up in the air about where to go next, maybe you ought to 
go talk to Rusl.
He's in Hyrule's southern wood right now, checking out the lay of the land.
If you need detailed directions, just take a peek at that map on the table.

I wonder if the Sacred Grove that Rusl mentioned is near this mark...

Link, huh?
The beast of Snowpeak hasn't appeared in Zora's Domain since its last visit.
In the end, the troubles in Hyrule and the events on Snowpeak were beyond even 
my imagination.
Honestly... There's got to be someone who knows what really happened...

Link, you truly are a mysterious guy...
No matter where some kind of incident occurs, your name always seems to come 
Hey, don't misunderstand me... I meant that as a compliment, yeah?
As a fellow worker in the fight to restore peace to Hyrule, you have my thanks. 
And may we both keep up the good work.

[Link returns to Faron Woods]

It has been a while since we took a walk in the forest, huh? Yes, and how our 
world has changed...

[If you didn't meet him in Telma's Bar]

I knew you would come.
I have heard of your brave acts from Telma...
I have known her circle of friends since my youth, and of late we have begun to 
work toward a common goal.
...So. Let me tell you a story.

Do you know about the far side of this deep gorge? Some say there is an ancient 
temple deep in the woods that guards a sacred power.
The ancestors of the Hylians created the temple... Signs of their civilization-
-ancient, but very sophisticated--are everywhere.
If someone could obtain the power of those ancient people... Well, I am sure it 
would go a long way toward saving Hyrule.
Would you take on this task? Would you cross the gorge and find the ancient 
power sleeping in the temple?

Getting across the gorge and entering the temple will be difficult, make no 
...But I am sure you can do it.
If only I had your courage and strength, I, too, would fight to restore the 
peace...but I am not the man I once was.

I knew you would!
To cross the gorge, just use my partner here.
...Do you doubt my partner's skills? He flies like a dream! Believe me!
Well, you will definitely make it across the gorge. Wait and see, my doubting 

Restore the peace! Reclaim the power of this ancient civilization that has 
slept in the temple for ages beyond count!
My partner will definitely get the job done! No doubt in my mind! Give it a 

Twinkle, twinkle, little Cucco... I am gold and not for you-oo...

[Link pursues the Skull Kid through the woods]

Hee hee hee... That was fun! I'll tell you what: I'll let you into a secret 

The sacred, ancient forest... So this was what they were talking about...

[Link returns the Master Sword to its place in the pedestal and ascends the 
steps to the Temple of Time]

Don't you think there's something odd about that statue?
In the grove and in the temple entry, there were always matching ones on each 
side, but there's only one here...
Why don't you use your senses to take a look around?

[If you use your wolf senses]

I knew it... There was one more here originally.
We need to find the other statue in this temple that matches that one.

Erm! Not so fast!
At last... This is it! This is where I've been trying to get to!
The ancient technology of our people sleeps in this place.
We've searched all over...and now we're so close, I can SMELL it!
Once we find that thing, we can go home at last! Oh, gracious, yes!
Erm, young man!
We're so close...so PLEASE help us find what we're looking for!

[If you've never met Ooccoo before]

Goodness! Wait a second!
Young man, could you be...the one they call the hero?

Goodness. I thought so! Just as I suspected!

What? Really? So you're...erm just passing through...
Are you kidding me?!

I have to tell you, my son and I have been looking for something.
We can't return home until we find that thing. Oh, gracious no!
You must need something here, too. Shall we try working together for a while, 
fellow adventurer?
You may not think I look like much, but I can be quite helpful!
I can even warp you out of here if you want to leave!
So don't think of me as a burden! Now let's get started!

[If you leave and come back]

Well, well! Welcome back!
Without further ado, we're off!

[Link defeats Armoghoma in the temple's basement]

Three of the mirror shards are ours!
Just one left!
You saw how nasty that monster was, right?
The evil within the shards is more powerful than you can imagine...
You know we could be assembling something truly terrible here...
It could be something that we'll ultimately have to destroy...
We have to hurry! Let's fine the last shard, Link!
We have to reach the sky! That's where the last shard is supposed to be!
I'll get you out of here. You're sure there's nothing else you need to do, 



        /\                                     Act Seven - Ascension to the Sky
       /  \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      /    \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    / \    / \
   /   \  /   \  
  /     \/     \ 

                                                                      Act Seven
Chapter I - F r a c t u r e d  M e m o r i e s
Fractured Memories

Well done, adventurer!
Ooccoo sees what she was looking for.
Goodness, yes! It's the Dominion Rod you found in the temple!
But that thing has been around for quite some time. I can see from here that 
its magic has been exhausted.
Ooh, what am I to do... I thought at last I could return to the sky...
And I have completely forgotten the spell that would once again bestow it with 
It can't be helped. I suppose I'll just have to look for the statues that 
respond to the rod...
It's decided! That's what we'll do! That's what we'll do, indeed!
Well, Ooccoo is on her way! See you again!

Hey! Wait! What did you do to the Dominion Rod?
...She's gone.
I suppose a useless rod is really just more baggage, but...what are you going 
to do?
Hmm... Did she just say something about returning to the sky?
The last piece of the mirror is also said to be in the heavens...
If we can restore magic to the Dominion Rod, maybe it'll come in handy!


Oh my... If it isn't Link!
You made it! How've you been, honey?!
Mercy, but you have good timing. I was just talking about you!
Everyone! Look!
Link's come to see us!
These are those friends I mentioned, the ones who are trying to help deal with 
all the troubles in Hyrule.
Actually, there's one more of us...but he's doing a little research in Kakariko 
His name's Shad. He's about the same age as you, I think. If you see him, you 
should try talking to him, honey.
Oh... Mercy, how could I forget! If you're going to Kakariko Village, be sure 
to give my regards to that adorable shaman, OK, honey?
Well, you've come all the way here, honey, so why don't you relax a bit.

[If you've met Telma's friends before]

How's that Ilia doing, honey?
I'm sure that shaman will find a way to get her memory back. That Renado is a 
talented man, for sure!
Anyway, honey, you've got your own things to worry about, so you just make sure 
you do what needs doing right now, OK?
You unsure about what you ought to be doing, honey? Well, why don't you go show 
your face in Kakariko Village?
Our friend Shad happens to be there right now, looking into this and that.
If you need detailed directions, just take a peek at that map on the table.

Shad is in Kakariko Village now. Would you check on the children if you head 
that way, Link?

So? Did you find the power of the ancient civilization?
If you discover anything, could you be sure to also tell Shad?
He has been researching the Oocca, who are said to be the ancestors of the 
As we speak, he is in Kakariko Village investigating these sky beings. Perhaps 
you should go see him?
He is an avid scholar, so I am sure his knowledge could be helpful.

Yes, yes... My golden friend came in handy, did he not?
We must restore the peace and take the children home with us!

[Shad is deciphering the owl statue in the basement of Renado's hut]

Oh my... Color me surprised... If it isn't Link!
What a coincidence, meeting you in a place like this. How very odd...
Say, old boy, do you remember what I told you before about the legend of the 
sky beings known as the Oocca?
Yes, well, there's something about it that's been bothering me, so I came here 
to snoop about...

[If you never met Shad before]

I say, old boy... Aren't you Link?
I'm a bit of a regular in Telma's bar, so I've heard of you...and of your 
exploits in battle.
Oh... Where are my manners? I'm Shad. I'm looking into the Hyrulian legend of 
the sky beings known as the Oocca...

To think that you would appear here with such perfect timing! You really are a 
rather extraordinary fellow, aren't you?
I've found it at long last... Observe this statue! It's the same as the one in 
the manuscripts my dear father left me.
There are many similar statues around Hyrule, but this one seems to be 
Here, look at the belly... There's something written there, you see?
This, too, was in my father's notes... It is called Sky Writing, I believe.
"Awaken us with the word that breaks the seal." ... Yes, indeed, that is what 
it says.
Wait a moment... Isn't that Ilia a friend of yours?
It's simply tragic how she lost her memory.
And that rod of the heavens she mentioned... I'm sure it has something to do 
with the word that breaks the seal.
Hmm... Isn't there any way to restore her memory? I'm certain it would help us 
figure this all out...

Statues, the word that breaks the seal, and the rod of the heavens... It just 
gets odder and odder...
Now Ilia's memory is the last clue we have to solving this strange puzzle about 
the heavens...
Link, what shall we do?

Darbus happened to hear that an acquaintance of one of our brothers had lost 
her memory and was in some trouble.
Me? I came down here because I have a little something to discuss with the 

Who are you, little human? The young lady's acquaintance?

Did you hear what the shaman said?

Ah! I have been waiting for you, Link.
Fortune has smiled upon us! If things go well, we should be able to help Ilia 
recover her memory!
Do you know Telma's friend, Shad?
Well, it seems he is researching the heavens, and he has come here to see the 
statue in the basement of the sanctuary.
And, as I have learned, when Ilia was saved, she overheard someone talking 
about the rod of the heavens, or something like that...
The Goron elder believes that to help her regain her lost memories, we must 
piece together the fragments of her past...
Which means...
If we work our way backwards from the very place where she lost her memory, we 
may find something that will restore it.
Now we must retrace Ilia's path... I am certain it was Telma who cared for her 
before she arrived in this village, was it not?
It would be best to speak with her first. Please take this to Telma!
It shames me to say it, but to be honest, I cannot abide Telma's company...
We have a fighting chance, Link!

Shad is still down there in the basement, investigating that statue.
Now get going! You must deliver my letter to Telma immediately! I just cannot 
do it myself...
The race to recover Ilia's memory is on, Link!

I remember being saved from a dangerous situation by someone... Someone who 
told me all about the rod of the heavens.
But now I can't remember the who, why, where, or what it all means...
Do you really think I'll recover my memory?
I regret that a complete stranger like yourself got caught up in all of this 
because of me. I'm so sorry.

Little human, it is time for you to show your manliness...for the girl's sake!
If there is anything I can do to help, just say so! It is in times like these 
that we must come to one another's aid!
Not that you could ever do much to help ME, my tiny friend! Gah ha ha!

Whether we get that girl's memory back, young warrior, will be up to you.
Even our chief, Darbus, has lost the memory of his dark time... We have not 
told him that you were the one who saved him.
He is a proud Goron, and he can be...touchy. If he knew he had been saved by a 
On the other hand, he does have a strong sense of moral duty, so if anything 
happens, you can count on him to help.

[Link enters Telma's Bar and shows her the letter]

Oooh! Well, if it isn't from Renado the shaman!
All this writing, and he doesn't even bother to mention a thing about little 
ol' me? Honey, that is what I call RUDE!
Well, there's no accounting for the foolishness of a man. And at least I 
understand Ilia's situation now.
Of course I can lend a hand for that adorable little girl!
Hmmm, what else do I know... The first one to bring Ilia to this shop was that 
Maybe he knows something, but he's a crusty old bat, that's for sure...
Ah... I've got it! Honey, you go ahead and take this to him. This magic little 
paper will get that codger talking!
It sure would be nice if she started remembering things soon, eh, Link?

Don't you worry, honey! That girl's memory will come back!
But don't just wait around for things to happen, you hear me?
You make sure you take care of what needs doing, OK?

[Borville is at his office in the western thoroughfare]

Eh? What's that?
Just as I wondered who it might be, I see it's the admirable young lad who was 
willing to help the Zora boy for nary a single Rupee...
Just what is it you want, lad? A physical? You've some money, don't you?
By the way, that girl Ilia didn't mention anything about me, did she?

I'll be honest, lad, it'll cost you a fair bit for an examination.
It's not that I'm having trouble making money... Not at all! Why, I'm so 
skilled, they call my hands "The Golden Mitts"!
If you don't have any errand here, then begone, you scoundrel!
...Did she really not say anything at all about me?

If you don't have any money, then you're just a bother! A bother! And I'm too 
busy for bothers!

[Link shows him the tab]

L-Look! I can't pay this off right now! I can see Telma's hired you as some 
sort of heavy to strong-arm me, but she'll have to wait!
Look, lad, if I'd been able to sell the wooden statue that young lady had, I 
would've been able to get the money...
But see, I accidentally spilled medicine all over that little carving, which 
made it stink awfully. I put it outside to dry...but then...
Well, it was stolen.
Who goes around stealing people's stuff like that? What a world! You always 
have to be on guard, eh?
...Uh, look, Mr. Heavy, at any rate, neither the money nor the carving is here, 
so I can't repay you.
Now, to work, to work...

You're a persistent little bug, eh?! I said I have neither the money nor the 
wooden statue, you great lout! I can't return what I don't have!
Ugh! I can't get rid of that medicine stench, I don't have any money... When it 
rains misfortune, it pours! Remember that, lad!

[Link finds the scent behind a crate]

Forget the Reekfish Scent and learn a new smell?



[The medicine scent leads into Telma's Bar]

You're looking for the wooden statue that Ilia had, aren't you, dear?
Think it's a coincidence that I happen to know it got stolen from the doctor's 
place? No...
Yes, I admit it...I took it. But then I was attacked by some sort of skeletal 
dog beasts who took it from me.
I don't know why these beasts were after her statue... I thought it likely that 
she was in a dangerous spot, though.
Those fiends lurk just outside the southern gate... Unfortunately, they only 
come out at night.
...And another thing... They always move around as a pack. You won't get that 
statue back unless you give them all a thrashing...
That statue sounds like a key to getting Ilia's memory back... You must get it 

That girl won't recover her memory if you don't defeat those dog beasts outside 
the southern gate and get that statue back.
Those fiends travel in a pack at night! Be careful out there!

[Link recovers the wooden statue from the pack of Stalhounds]

Get that statue back and get it to Ilia as quickly as you can!

                                                                      Act Seven
Chapter II - H i d d e n  V i l l a g e  o f  t h e  S h a d o w  T r i b e
Hidden Village of the Shadow Tribe

Did Telma say anything?
If we can retrace Ilia's actions, we should be able to find a clue...

[The wooden statue sparks Ilia's memory]

What...is this?!
I... I remember something... I was confined somewhere... Yes, and I was saved 
by whoever was confined with me...
And when that person set me free, they gave me this statue...
Yes, yes, I remember that much! But that means...that person is still in 
Oh, what is WRONG with me?! I can't remember where that place was!

I thought I had seen that before somewhere...
That belonged to the tribe that protected the Hylian royal family long ago.
They worked in secret, so they lived in a lonely, forgotten place. But I heard 
that tribe dwindled in the prolonged wars...
If you want to find that hidden village, look for a path leading to the Lanayru 
province on the far side of the Bridge of Eldin.
But...a rockslide blocked the way to the village long ago, so you can't get 
there anymore.
What? Oh, I do not mean to worry you, little human. Problems like these are not 
problems to Gorons.
Our patriarch, Darbus, will be waiting for you up ahead. Look at your map to 
see where.
I would try to find the path beyond the Bridge of Eldin that leads to Lanayru 

I have marked your map. You must go to the path beyond the long stone bridge 
that leads to Lanayru Province. Find the hidden village!
You cannot forget that even now, some innocent is confined there!

If Ilia's recollection is correct, then we need to find that person in the 
hidden village...
Perhaps that person holds the key to unlocking her memory...
But it is a long shot.

Please... Don't worry about my memory... Just do something to help the one who 
set me free.
Please, Link!

[Darbus goes ahead of Link - When Link arrives, Darbus has already finished]

There is a hidden village up ahead, little human. The elders call it a 
forgotten place.
This scent that has been burning in my nostrils...it is the scent of evil.
There is one powerful creature I have seen about...but under that beast are 
many minions who attack and plunder like a pack of hyenas.
There are 30... No... At most, 20 of them ahead...
They are probably just a small band of survivors... Ragged remnants who have 
settled, leaderless, into this village.
If that is all there are, little human, then you alone are more than enough for 
them. But you will have to defeat them ALL to save that girl's benefactor.
Before you go, I will tell you the secret to besting them: destroy them all 
before they spot you!
Got it, little human?

Those stupid monsters... They think they can just do whatever they want in our 
town! We won't allow it!
Hey there, buddy! Lemme tell you something good.
See, these guys tend to hide hearts and Rupees all around these parts.
If you want some of that nice loot, just dig around to your heart's content!

The stuff hidden around here is all stolen monster loot.
If you want some of that nice loot, just dig around to your heart's content!
Don't worry... You have my blessing!

IMPAZ (If you try to open the door)
Go home, you savages! Go on, git! I don't have any food left to food you 
And I don't know anything about the girl!
I'm not opening up until every last one of you is gone! You heard me! So get 
out of here!

[Impaz comes out of her house once all of the Bulblins are defeated]

The howls of the beasts... They've faded into silence...
Wait, are you...
The savior! It's you, the savior!
Please, please forgive me...for not opening up the door.
My name is Impaz. I'm the last resident of this poor village.
My name comes from the great one who built this village so long ago...
This village was once the secret home of a proud tribe who served the royal 
But it fell into decline, and became infested with dangerous beasts. It's 
become an awful place...
Excuse me for asking, but is your name...Link?
Ah! I knew it...
So then, you saved that nice girl?
...How lovely.
When she was here, she would often cheer me up by saying that you would come to 
That sweet girl... She worried about this old woman even as I helped her to 
escape from here...
By royal order, I can't leave this place until a certain person arrives.
...No matter what terrible fate is visited upon it...
Oh, but listen to me blather on! I have a favor to ask: would you help me 
return this to her?
I think she always kept it close to her heart, but even so, she didn't hesitate 
to part with it in order to protect me...
I believe in my heart that it's kept me safe all this time...
So please... I ask that you return it to that girl.

That dear girl deserves her charm back.
...And tell her that this old biddy was very grateful.

Hey! That rod...
Is that the Dominion Rod?
Ahh... Could it really be? Are you the messenger to the heavens?!
Among the legends of my clan, there is a story from the time when the Oocca 
still maintained contact with the royal family.
Yes, it said that a mysterious rod was handed down from the people of the sky, 
and it was called the Dominion Rod...
The rod was only to be carried by the messenger to the heavens when the royal 
family needed to communicate with the Oocca.
From generation to generation, my ancestors have guarded the book that, by 
royal decree, was to be given to the messenger to the heavens.
This is that book. Please, take it.
This book is written in the ancient language of Sky Writing.
I am so glad I stayed in this village... If I had not met that young girl, what 
would have become of me?
Meeting that girl must have been ordained by the gods, so that I could be here 
today to pass on this knowledge...

Yes, I was meant to pass on that ancient book from the heavens to you...
Please, take care of yourself.

                                                                      Act Seven
Chapter III - C a n n o n  R i d e  t o  t h e  S t a r s
Cannon Ride to the Stars

[Link returns to Kakariko and shows Ilia the horse call]

I... I knew you once...
Yes... This feels so familiar... The scent of hay...
Long ago... When we were young, you and I...
You were always there... You were always beside me...
This gift was meant for you. It was something I wanted to give you before you 
left on your journey.
Please, Link, take it.
You don't need to worry about me any longer. Whenever you return... I'll be 
waiting for you.
Link... Do you remember what I was saying about the rod of the heavens?
Well, actually... It was about the messenger to the heavens who held the rod...
The nice woman who saved me told me about it...
Apparently, in this woman's village, they've guarded something for the heavenly 
messenger for generations, so they await him.
But they can't give this item away until the messenger arrives with the rod...
That's why the lady couldn't leave her village, you see...
Say, Link... Do you have any idea who this messenger to the heavens might be? 
Or even what the rod is?

Is that Shad fellow down there a friend of yours, Link?
I need to give him my thanks!

[Link shows Shad the book]

What's this? Ah! It's Sky Writing! Where in blazes did you get this?
You don't suppose this could be the word that breaks the seal...
R-Right! Let's try it out!

[He repeats the ancient incantation]

...No reaction.
So it is not this statue... Urgh...
...Link, thanks ever so. You have brought me one step closer to solving this 
puzzle. I shall give the book back to you.
Now! I shall try out this word on other statues!
I have made the rounds of these statues so many times that I have memorized 
their locations.
I will place marks on your map so you can find them, in case you wish to track 
them down.
Remember, every one of those marks is near an owl statue!
Now, if you'll excuse me!

Power has returned to the Dominion Rod! This mystical rod breathes life into 
ancient statues.
Set it to B on the - screen, then aim with (remote) and swing it with B to make 
statues mimic your moves.

The writing in the book was a spell that imbued the staff with magic!
Now you can do to the other statues what you did before...
So... He did say he would mark your map wherever there was a statue, didn't he?
Then we should go check out those spots, right, Link?

I will be all right, Link.
I will be waiting here with the children until you return!
So...don't worry about us, OK?

That acquaintance of Telma's is visiting right now.
He is very interested in that ancient statue down below the sanctuary...

Actually, I do not know anything about the statue down below the sanctuary.
You see, it was already there when I became the shaman here...
If you are interested, you should descend and go see it yourself, Link.

Ilia and Ralis both got better... Everything's so great here!
But...you aren't trying to help just the people HERE, are you. You're trying to 
help everyone in the world, right, Link?
No matter how long it takes for you to come back, we'll be waiting for you, 

When I grow up, if I have a son, I'm gonna make sure he turns into a guy who 
can do everything...just like you, Link!

Ralis and Ilia and everyone else are all better now! I am so happy!
But...Ralis left to be with his people, and everyone from Ordon will go back to 
their homes soon...
With everyone all gone, things will be a lot quieter around here. And a lot 

[Under each owl statue is a successive piece of the Sky writing]

You found one Sky character! A missing part of the word in the Ancient Sky Book 
has been restored.
...But there are still other missing characters.

The Ancient Sky Book is filled with the missing characters! It's a clue to 
finding a path to the sky.
Set it to B in the - screen and press B to show it to people. Set it to (D Pad) 
and you won't have to swap it with B.

[Link returns to Shad]

Link, isn't Shad waiting for you down below?

Ah, Link. Did you read my letter?
As it turned out, that word I learned from you didn't do anything with the 
statues I found...
After all that, I wonder how that word was supposed to be used...

Since it was written in Sky Writing, I was sure it had some kind of meaning...

Is that the book from last time?
...Hm? Are there more letters in the word than the last time I looked at this?
How did you investigate the... Link, this is amazing! Amazing!
Now THIS must be the word we need! Let's try it immediately!
It has taken on the same shape as the other statues...
What can this mean?
And I thought we had solved the last of the riddles... Blast! How confounding!
...I must apologize, Link. I need to cool off a tad before I mull the problem 

Blast it! This thing has confounded me thoroughly...

[Link moves the owl statue with the Dominion Rod - Inside of the alcove is a 
broken cannon]

How in blazes did you move that statue?! And...what's this...
Amazing! Spectacular! This must be the Sky Cannon I read about in my father's 
I knew that my intuition was onto something when it led me here!
...But how can one use this to get to the City in the Sky?

Stunning... I feel almost...nervous!
Just think, if we could get this to work, we could actually reach the City in 
the Sky...

A cannon, huh?
What do you plan to do with this, Link?

(Talk to Midna)
You might figure something out if you try to move it... Oh, what to do, what to 
I'll carry it for you. I don't mind. Why don't we show it to someone who might 
know something about it?

...Except that guy's still watching us...

Perhaps... I am in your way?
Well, forgive me for not realizing! I should just disappear at times like this, 
So... Let me know the results another time, Link.
...Ah yes! Let me give you one last piece of advice...
That seems to be broken, so you'd do well to show it to a cannon expert first, 
I should say!

...I wonder if I put him off?

                                                                      Act Seven
Chapter IV - C i t y  i n  t h e  S k y
City in the Sky

[Link warps the Sky Cannon to Lake Hylia]

Hey, buddy!
So... Uh, is that yours?
Heh heh... Hey, buddy, I never thought you'd get so hooked on fantastication 
that you'd try to build your own cannon!
So...are you gonna give me the tour or what? Looks like you have a serious rig 
over there...
Whoa! It's kind of...retro, huh?
And there's no ignition device, so you can't even use it.
Listen, buddy, I suppose I might be able to fix it for you...
I mean, maybe...
That is, if you can pay me 300 Rupees...in advance. Whaddaya say?

What? Really? What a waste...
'Cause I think this thing would pack a punch. Yeah, it would send you sky-high!
Not that it's any of my business, though.
Well, I gotta get back to work here, buddy...

Thanks for flying with Fyer, fella.
So... Wanna give it a shot, fella? No hidden fees for any flight! Just 10 
Rupees! Press B to change your mind.

(Specials - Repairs)
Ahh... That thing over there?
Hurrrm, yeah, sure...
We, how about 300 Rupees? ...Sound good?

That's too bad, I coulda done a lot with that thing...
I mean, you coulda flown up through the sky, I kid you not!
Not that it's any of my business, though.

Heh heh... I knew you'd see the light, buddy.
Now I'll just be a sec!

[Fyer works on the cannon until it is operational]

Here we go, buddy.
All working as it should...I think.
It may look like junk, but this thing's got some powerful innards!
You're going to be knocking on the door to the heavens! Seriously, bud... It 
might be rough!
So... I'm sorry for soaking you for the dough. I'll leave you alone, then.
Heh heh... Well, you just have all the fun you want, OK, buddy?

Well, I fixed it for you... If you wanna fly in it, knock yourself out!

[Ooccoo joins Link in the cannon before it blasts off]

Phew! Gracious, we made it back! Finally!
Welcome, adventurer! This is the city sky of the Oocca.
Erm, since you came all this way... I guess I can give you a tour of the 

[A dragon flies overhead]

Ooh, goodness... Brave adventurer, you won't believe it!
There's a dragon raging outside the city walls...
Ooh, I'm terribly worried about everyone... I'm going to check in that shop for 

Ooh... Erm, sorry for earlier, adventurer...
Ooh! But you're planning on walking around the city and taking it in, right?!
I'm worried about the others and this is an emergency! I can't just stand 
around waiting! Please take me, too!
I won't help you warp to the surface, but I WILL bring you back to this shop 

[Link defeats Argorok, claiming the fourth and final piece of the mirror]

Link, you did it! It's the fourth shard!
Now we have them all!
The words of the sages... Do you remember them?
Only the true ruler of the Twili can destroy the Mirror of Twilight.
Zant could only break the Mirror of Twilight into shards... He couldn't utterly 
shatter it.
That's proof of his false kingship.
Link, we have to hurry! To the Mirror Chamber!
After all, a fake is a fake...and no matter how much you dress it up, the real 
thing always wins!

I'll get you out of here. You're sure there's nothing else you need to do, 



        /\                                        Act Eight - Heart of Darkness
       /  \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      /    \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    / \    / \
   /   \  /   \  
  /     \/     \ 

                                                                      Act Eight
Chapter I - P a l a c e  o f  T w i l i g h t
Palace of Twilight

Thank you so much, adventurer!
Gracious, you've done so much for us, adventurer!
I hope you'll come see us again sometime!

What did you think of the heavens?
If you like it up here, you can live here as long as like!


What's that, honey? Ilia's memory?!
Really? Mercy, if that isn't the BEST news I've heard all day!
You did a great job, honey...

You take good care of Ilia, you hear me?
But... Then again, I suppose you've still got a few other things on your plate 
right now, don't you?

Yes, Link...
I've been poring over literature since I saw you last.
Thanks to you, I think I've gradually come to understand several different 
aspects of the riddle of the heavens...
If I hadn't met you, I might have given up trying to bring my father's dream to 
I'm truly grateful for what you have done. Someday, perhaps, I can repay this 

Link, have you seen the state Hyrule castle is in?
I feel the same desire to bring peace to Hyrule. We all do.
But right now, it's all we can do to try to endure...
Our chance will surely come! That's why we both must continue doing what we can 
until that time comes!

[Link warps to the Mirror Chamber in the Arbiter's Ground]

Some call our realm a world of shadows, but that makes it sound unpleasant...
The twilight there holds a serene beauty... You have seen it yourself as the 
sun sets on this world.
Bathed in that light, all people were pure and gentle...
But things changed once that foul power pervaded the world...

It was all our doing...
We overestimated our abilities as sages and attempted to put an end to 
Ganondorf's evil magic...
I hope you can find it in yourself to forgive our carelessness...
O Twilight Princess.

What? So...you knew?
As a ruler who fled her people, I'm hardly qualified to forgive you.
In our world, we've long believed that the Hero would appear as a divine beast.
That's why when I found you, I thought I could use you, Link.
And I only cared about returning our world to normal...
I didn't care what happened to the world of light, not at all.
But after witnessing the selfless lengths that Princess Zelda and you have gone 
to... Your sacrifices...
I now know, in the bottom of my heart, that I must save this world, too. There 
is no other way.
If we can just defeat Zant, the curse on me will dissolve, and we may be able 
to revive Zelda.
Let's go, Link! For Zelda! For all of this world!

[Link enters the Twilight Realm with Midna]

Um, listen, Link. Can I ask you one last selfish favor?
Regardless of what my reasons may have been, I once abandoned this world...
I left behind the Twili. Those who had followed me... Who considered me their 
Even now, as they remain here, suffering, they believe that help will come for 
this world...
But if they were to see that the only help for them was a hideous little imp... 
Don't you think they'd feel let down?
It's only for a little bit longer... Do you mind if I continue to hide as your 
shadow while you're in human form?
I'm sorry...

Wait! This guy isn't an enemy, Link.
They might look different, but...they're inhabitants of this world... They're 
my people.
Zant... How could he...

[Link is engulfed by a dark fog and reverts to wolf form]

Link, be careful...
This black fog is made up of shadow crystals created by Zant. They blot out 
He's responsible for stealing the light from the spirits and turning your world 
into twilight...
But he's not all-powerful. We're prepared too. I can return you to your normal 
state whenever you need, so don't worry, OK?

[If you try to turn back into a human]

No, Link! The darkness is too powerful in fog like this. Remain in wolf form!

That shining sphere illuminates this world. It's called a Sol.
It's like the sun of your world, Link.
The power of the Sol is the source of life in this world... It is pure power.
Ah! As long as you have this...
Would you take this Sol to the Twili at the entrance of this world? Please, 

[If the hand steals back the Sol]

I think you know what we need to do now, don't you?
We'll get him next time!

[Link returns the Sol to its place near the entrance]

Link... There should be one more Sol.
If we can find that, it should lead us to Zant.

[Link returns both Sols to their place]

Light filled the Master Sword! Its blade glows with a golden light in the 
Twilight Realm. With it, you can cut through dark fog!

Amazing... The power of the Sols has been transferred to your sword...
The guardian deities of my world are on our side, too!
You really are the chosen one, Link... A true hero!
As long as you have that sword, you should be able to repel the shadows Zant 
has spread!

Shadow crystals flow like waterfalls here... There's no way we can get rid of 
all of them.
Charge your sword up and release the power of the Sol all at once.

[At the end of the palace, Link enters Zant's chamber]

Isn't this ironic? Here we are, all thanks to the dark magic curse you placed 
on Link!

You speak of magic? Still your tongue for a moment, whelp, and I will tell you 
of both magic and the oppression of ages...
The people of our tribe...a tribe that mastered the arts of magic...were locked 
away in this world like insects in a cage.
In the shadows we regressed, so much so that we soon knew neither anger nor 
hatred...nor even the faintest bloom of desire.
And all of it was the fault of a useless, do-nothing royal family that had 
resigned itself to this miserable half-existence!
I had served and endured in that depraved household for far too long, my 
impudent princess.
And why, you ask? Because I believed I would be the next to rule our people! 
THAT is why!
But would they acknowledge me as their king? No! And as such, I was denied the 
magic powers befitting our ruler.
It was then, in the thrall of hatred and despair, that I turned my eyes to the 
heavens...and found a god.

I shall house my power in you...
If there is anything you desire, then I shall desire it, too.

My god had only one wish...
To merge shadow and light...and make darkness!

[Link defeats Zant]


Traitors, ha! You want to know why none would call you king? It was your eyes, 
All saw it, a lust for power burning in your pupils... Did you think we'd 
forget our ancestors lost their king to such greed?

Midna... Foolish Twilight Princess... The curse on you cannot be broken...
It was placed on you by the magic of my god! The power you held as leader of 
the Twili will never return!
Already he has descended and been reborn in this world...
As long as my master, Ganon, survives, he will resurrect me without cease!

[Midna destroys Zant]

I... I used just a fraction of the power that's in me now...
I did THAT using only a fraction of my ancestor's magic?!
Link! Now is the time! We must save Zelda!
The evil power Zant was wielding... I couldn't take it from him. But at least I 
still have the magic of my ancestors...
With it, I can return the cherished power Zelda bestowed upon me...
Now! Let's go! Princess Zelda is waiting!

I'll get you out of here. You're sure there's nothing else you need to do, 



                                                                      Act Eight
Chapter II - O f  W o r l d s  L e f t  B e h i n d
Of Worlds Left Behind

So Ganondorf was just using Zant to help him return to the world of light...
I guess now we know the true nature of that barrier over Hyrule Castle...
He's in Hyrule Castle, I'm sure of it...
Princess Zelda is in grave danger! We must return to the world of light and 
hurry to the castle!

[Midna uses the power of the Fused Shadows to dispel the barrier surrounding 
Hyrule Castle - Inside, Link meets King Bulblin]

I have come to play!

[Link defeats King Bulblin]

I follow the strongest side! ...That is all I have ever known.

Link... He...
...He spoke.

[Link meets Ganon at the top of Hyrule Castle]

Welcome to my castle.

So you're...Ganondorf.
I've been dying to meet you.

Your people have long amused me, Midna. To defy the gods with such petty magic, 
only to be cast aside... How very pathetic.
Pathetic as they were, though, they served me well. Their anguish was my 
Their hatred bled across the void and awakened me. I drew deep of it and grew 
strong again.
Your people had some skill, to be sure...but they lacked true power.
The kind of absolute power that those chosen by the gods wield.
He who wields such power would make a suitable king for this world, don't you 

Ha! Such conceit!
But if you are one of the chosen wielders of power, as you claim...
I will risk everything to deny you!

Shadow has been moved by light, it seems...
...How amusing.
Very well... Deny me, then!
Yes, try to deny me... You and your little friend...

Both of you, faithless fools who would dare to take up arms against the king of 
light and shadow...
So you choose. And so you shall feel my wrath!

[Zelda, who was using Midna to harbor her soul, reawakens]

Pr-Princess... I... I...

Say nothing, Midna...
Your heart and mine were as one, however briefly...
Such suffering you have endured...

[Midna transports Link and Zelda to Hyrule Field so that she alone can face the 
King of Darkness - Ganon follows on his horse]

Spirits of the light! Wielders of the great power that shines far and wide upon 
the lands of our world...
In my hour of need, grant me the light to banish evil!
Chosen hero!
Lend us the last of your power!
I'll try to slow Ganondorf with my light arrows!
You target him and keep him within range of my arrows!

[Ganon is thrown from his horse]

An impressive-looking blade...
But nothing more.
Would you hear my desire?
To take this foul blade...and use it to blot out the light forever!

[Link pierces Ganon through the chest]

Do not think this ends here...
The history of light and shadow will be written in blood!

[Ganon dies standing in the hours of twilight - Upon his death Midna's curse is 
broken - Link charges up the hill]

What? Say something!
Am I so beautiful that you've no words left?

[Credits roll - The camera pans across Hyrule - We return to the Mirror 
Chamber, where Midna prepares to depart the light world]

Well...I guess this is farewell, huh?
Light and shadow can't mix, as we all know.
Never forget that there's another world bound to this one.

Shadow and light are two sides of the same coin...
One cannot exist without the other.
I know now the reason the goddesses left the Mirror of Twilight in this 
They left it because it was their design that we should meet.
Yes... That is what I believe.

Zelda... Your words are kind, and your heart is true.
If all in Hyrule are like you...
Then maybe you'll do all right.
Thank you...
Well, the princess spoke truly: as long as that mirror's around, we could meet 
See you later...

                   ~The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess~

                                    The End

        /\                                      Appendix A - Villages and Towns
       /  \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      /    \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
     /______\ This section is not intended to present a complete compendium of 
    / \    / \ all of the dialogue in the assorted towns and villages
   /   \  /   \ throughout the kingdom of Hyrule. Instead, this is a veritable
  /     \/     \ dumping ground of sorts for all of the dialogue that
  -------------- interrupts the flow of the main script. Since Hyrule Field is 
bereft of humanity, and since dungeons are a terrible breeding ground for 
nightclubs and social scenes, the majority of that is found in the villages.

Any dialogue from Ordon after Sword and Shield is contained in this section 
with the exception of Sumo Wrestling. All of the Kakariko Village dialogue 
after Goron Mines with the exception of Act Seven, Ascension to the Sky, is 
also found below.

Hyrule Castle Town presents a different beast, so a minigame like Purlo's STAR 
game is in the minigames section. After the twilight is cleared, all the Castle 
Town dialogue is found below with the exception of any Telma's Bar dialogue 
important to the main quest.

This section also contains all of the Death Mountain dialogue after Goron 
Mines. Zora's Domain operates in much the same continuum apart from the 
Snowpeak Mountain chapter.

                                                                     Appendix A
1.1: Ordon Village - Before the Children are Found

Link! Are you OK?!
Oh... Good... That's good, m'dear.
But please, you must tell me! You haven't seen the children, have you?!
Immediately after you left, we were attacked by beastly monsters...
I hesitate to ask, but I must! Please save the children, Link...
Oh... I know! Is there anything here you can use?! I don't have much, but 
please take a look around!

Come back if there's anything you need, OK, m'dear?
M'dear... Please... We're counting on you to bring the children back...

Rusl tried to help the children, but he was set upon by the beasts. He last saw 
the children heading for the woods.
I wonder if maybe the children were taken off toward Hyrule...
...Oh, I'm sorry for rambling, m'dear. Was there something you wanted?
We're not able to restock anything, but you can take a look at what little we 
have left with (analog stick).

Was there anything you wanted, Link?
We don't have much in the way of products...but feel free to look around with 
(analog stick).

Link... You've come back to us?
Have you heard? The children...
Those poor children... They were taken by monsters...
I'd forgotten how quiet the village is without them...

The children... By now the monsters must have...
Oh, Beth... Daddy's so sorry...

...Link! You're OK!
Do... Do you know what happened? You haven't seen the tykes, have you?!
These monsters stormed in here and carried them all off! Ilia, the little 
ones...all of them!
Rusl got hurt pretty bad, too. The mayor's gone looking for the kids...but he's 
getting on in years, y'know? I'm worried for him...
You've gotta search for the tykes! Please, Link!

...Huh?! That shield on your back is the gift we were going to...
I thought the monsters stole it...but you got it before them?
Boy, talk about a misconception on my part! That's good, though. Good!
You never know where or when those monsters might appear, so I hope it's coming 
in handy for you!

Me and Hanch can help out with the goats, so don't you worry about a thing.
You just get out there and rescue Ilia and the little tykes for us!

The children... The children were... By...monsters...

Oh... What are we to do?
Talo... Malo... Please! Just be alive...

Mmm... Monsters... Be... Be... Begone... Begone...
Mmm... Uli... Monsters... They... My sword... They...

Oh... At last, a pleasant surprise! You are safe, at least...

The silence of this village... Does it not chill you as it does me?
While you were gone, we were set upon by evil creatures...
I suppose you have already heard...but the children and poor Ilia... They were 
We were all worried that perhaps you had been taken, as well...
Oh, but... I am sorry... As much as I would like to give these tidings to my 
He has just fallen asleep...
But it truly is a fine thing to see you return.
I am sure everyone would be pleased to see you if you were to stop in and say 

Um... Link...
Everyone will return...won't they?
I am sorry... I must believe... If we do not believe, then our children are as 
good as lost already...

Yes, all will be fine. After all, you have returned to us, and that is a fair 
I believe that everyone will return safely...

[As you try to leave]

Oh... Link... That sword...
The evil creatures stole it from Rusl...but you... You got it back?!
How wonderful!
I know it is safe in your hands... And you need it now, yes? Please keep using 
it, Link.
Well, Link... I hope you will return again to show me your shining face. It 
does my heart good to see you well.

And about the sword... I will tell my husband later.
Once he knows you have it, I am sure he will be relieved!

Link! Bud! Where'd you get them duds?
So... Still in one piece, huh? Good to hear it!
Hoo, bud, we went through a rough time while you were gone. Yeah! Beasts showed 
up an' attacked the village!
They didn't do much damage to the buildings...but the tots... They took the 
young tots...
Ilia's gone missin', too... They probably...got her, too...
Hey, Link!
If you're runnin' around out there, you gotta go find them tots!

Rusl had a go-round with the monsters that took the tots, but he took a beatin' 
doin' it...
An' the mayor's gone lookin', but he's all alone...and old...
That's why we need you, see?
You leave the ranch to me, now! You go find them tots!

[If you return to Ordon in your search for the missing bridge as a wolf]

You still got business in this town?
If not, it's probably not a good idea for you to just hang around.
Both you and the villagers will just end up angry at one another...

Ugh... I'm getting bored with this town...
Rumor has it that somewhere in Hyrule, there's an amusement starring Cuccos who 
flap their wings well. Think that's true?
How lovely... I want to debut there!

[If you go to Link's house, then you'll find a chest in the basement]

It held a purple Rupee (50)! You'd completely forgotten it!

                                                                     Appendix A
1.2: Ordon Village - After Goron Mines

There hasn't been any change in my little Beth...has there?
She's my only daughter. I've been so worried about her, you know. So, so 

Yo, Link.
Think you could find the time to check in on the kids once in a while for us?
As for me, I'm gonna change my ways before those kids come home! Yup! I'm gonna 
start getting serious about my work!

Tell me, how are my sons doing over there in Kakariko Village?
I worry about the older one's mischievous side...and his little brother is 
still so young.
I hope they're being good little boys for whoever is watching over them...

Do you get to Kakariko Village much, Link?
How has my boy been? Is Colin doing well?
I sent him a letter, but I have yet to get a reply...

I wonder if it will be long before I get a reply from Colin...
Since I have not gotten a letter, it must mean he is busy and doing all right, 
does it not?

Say, lad, you findin' those boots to be helpful?
...Renado and the elder Gorons haven't caught on, right?

Well, hey there, Link! Brought Epona, huh?
Well, how's about it? Wanna round them goats up for the first time in a dog's 

[If you did not speak to each villager individually before saving the children, 
you instead get this dialogue]

I-I heard you saved the tykes!
Thanks... Thanks, Link!

Oh! Link!
It's true, isn't it? You found the children?!
I really can't thank you enough...
I'm so glad that everyone is safe... Thank you...

I heard you saved the children...
Thank you so much!

I hear you managed to find the children for us!
I've been meaning to thank you if I saw you. And now I will! Thank you so much, 
Phew... Finally, I can get back to work in peace...

Oh, Link!
I have heard! They said you saved the children!
Oh, my thanks to you! From the bottom of my heart!
But even so, I am relieved to see that you, too, are safe and doing well!
I have received word from my husband, who had gone to look for the children. 
Yes, he has caught up with them!

                                                                     Appendix A
1.3: Ordon Village - After Ilia is Found 

I got word that Ilia's in Kakariko...which is great, but if she were doin' all 
right, she could've sent me a letter sayin' so, right?
You don't think she's found Kakariko Village to be so darn pleasant that she 
forgot her old pa's face, do you?

I received a letter from Colin!
It is doubtful he will be back anytime soon, but he is working hard in Kakariko 
Village, and I should not worry...or so he says.
I thought that boy would be so homesick that he would be crying himself to 
sleep every night!
But he has grown up so suddenly... It helps me rest easy, but at the same time 
it makes me miss him all the more.

                                                                     Appendix A
1.4: Ordon Village - After the Master Sword is Found

I have received word from my husband, who had gone to look for the children. 
Yes, he has caught up with them!

You leave these scamps to me. I'll manage without y'all somehow!
Besides, Link, c'mon... Can't you find a way to get Ilia and the tots back here 
just a hair faster?

Although I suppose it's good the rascals didn't get eaten...
On the day he came back to town...
I wanted to congratulate him...
Something tells me we're gonna get eaten.

The lady who lives there is so scatterbrained. She drops stuff around here all 
the time.
If you dig with (D Pad), you might uncover something...

[If you approach Hanch as a wolf]


                                                                     Appendix A
1.5: Ordon Village - After Snowpeak Ruins

I will just wait here and guard our homestead with this little one until 
everyone returns.
So, please let both Colin and my husband know that they need not worry about 

                                                                     Appendix A
1.6: Ordon Village - After Ilia's Memory is Restored

That daughter of mine finally got 'round to sendin' a letter my way!
Readin' it, it sounds like she was so lonely that she couldn't bring herself to 
send one until now...or somethin' like that.
I dunno... Still looks like she forgot about her old pa to me!
What do you think, Link?

                                                                     Appendix A
2.1: Death Mountain - After Goron Mines

The other day I chased you off without listening to what you had to say... 
Please, accept my apology, Brother!
If you are going up the mountain, I will launch you as high as I can, Brother!

Anything you want to go up, I will send you flying, Brother!

All right! Get up on my back, Brother!

I heard from the elder, Brother! We are supposed to let you go up anytime!
You want to go up?

There have been many more visitors to the hot spring lately, Brother.
Ahhhhh... One day, Brother, I hope the hot spring will be used not just by 
Gorons, but by many different tribes.

Open-air baths are the best, Brother! From now on, it is afternoon bath first, 
THEN afternoon nap!

Darbus has returned from his retreat in the mines...
We have permission to travel to Kakariko Village once again, so I plan to put 
together a hot-spring tour, Brother!

Sitting in a hot spring warms up your body and soul...and gradually fills you 
up with energy, Brother.
Even Gorons need to cleanse their spirits once in a while...

I am practicing holding my breath, so do not bother me, Brother!
...But no matter how much time passes, I never feel the need to inhale! It is 

Thanks to you, the mountain paths are still open and safe, Brother.
Some of my fellow Gorons went to check on Kakariko Village.

We overestimated our strength and lost our precious mines...
We must be more levelheaded so this never happens again.

You really helped us, Brother... I will never forget the debt we owe you!

Looks like the Hero's weapon came in handy...
The world does not appear to be peaceful enough for us to store it away and not 
use it.
Your journey must have purpose, young human, so you should bear it with you.

Oh ho ho! Well done, young human!
I should tell you, I had a hunch you would assist us.
Now then... It is my turn to show you my gratitude!

We owe you much...
When things calm down a bit, I will travel to Kakariko and help, too.

Young warrior! The patriarch wandered home as if nothing had ever happened!
It seems he remembers nothing of the events in the mines...
I feel you deserves his thanks, but...give him some time. He is proud, and I do 
not wish for him further anguish.
We will honor our debt to you, though. If you find trouble, we will do our part 
to help you. That is a promise, young warrior!

You have my word: we will repay you for rescuing our patriarch!
If you find trouble, young warrior, we will come to your aid!

Huh? What is it, little human? Do you need something from me?
The patriarch of the Goron tribe is Darbus...and that is ME!
I heard some monsters slipped through our defenses while I 
was...distracted...and attacked Kakariko.
But do not worry, little human. I have sent some Gorons down to help the 

Since you have come all this way, you must try the hot spring!

                                                                     Appendix A
2.2: Death Mountain - After Lakebed Temple

I visited the hot springs in Kakariko Village the other day, Brother.
It was a pretty nice place, but I have to say I prefer the spacious spring we 
have here!

Ahhhhh... It has been a while, but the hot spring is as sweet as ever, Brother!
I went down to Castle Town some time ago, but the bad air made me too tired...

I do not mind telling you, I have had enough of the bodyguard business, 
Brother. No more.
I am just going to plant myself right here in the hot spring!

                                                                     Appendix A
2.3: Death Mountain - After Snowpeak Ruins

Ahhh... That's the stuff...

Uh... I have been here too long...

There have been a lot more visitors to the hot spring lately, Brother.
Ahhhh... I am glad to see so many tribes have learned to love hot springs, 

It is always hot when I come here...
At this rate, I will be sun dried in no time...

                                                                     Appendix A
3.1: Kakariko Village - After Goron Mines

Much has happened here, but at last I feel joy beginning to return to this 
village, thanks to you...
Even Talo, who was so saddened by the incident with Colin, has at last 
recovered his good spirits.
That young boy wanted dearly to help, so he keeps watch from the observation 
platform right now...
The look out platform is high above the bomb shop. I am sure that if you were 
to go there to speak to Talo, he would be happy.

Come on now, Colin, do you not want to eat some stew?

Wait, wait! Before you do, drink some of this!
Yeah, it's a special drink I made! I blended water from the spirit's spring 
with water from the hot springs! It's yummy!

Uh... OK...

Here you go! One Beth Special!
I mean c'mon, water from the spirit's spring AND the hot springs?! I'll make 
you better in no time!

Colin, would you not rather have some stew? You must be hungry, are you not?

Uh... OK...

Hey now, bud!
How 'bout this, now? Yep, I finally managed to get my numbers together and open 
up a shop again.
Well, sort of... I guess I've only got one type of bomb, but hey, that's one 
more than none, right? If only my storehouse had survived...
But hey, ain't so bad as all that... I'll add more types as we go. For now, 
have yourself a look-see at what I've got so far!

[If you use your lantern inside of his shop]

Whoa! Hey now! You insane, bud?! That's dangerous! Don't go lightin' fires in 
the middle of my shop!

We are very grateful to you for saving our chief and our previous mines, 
We caused a lot of trouble for the people of this village. It is our turn to 
repay them!
Hey, Brother! Climb on my back and I will launch you up to the hotel's hot 

(No thanks)
Well, all right, Brother, but if you ever DO want to go up top, I will launch 
you up there!

(I'll climb on)
Climb up, Brother!

You saved our chief, Brother, and we are thankful. Now we are able to come back 
down to the village again!
Since this town was also attacked, I figured the townsfolk would need supplies. 
So, my son and I brought some things down, Brother!
At night, my son opens up a shop down below. You should stop by sometime, 

Hoooo... A good, warm soak is just what my muscles need before evening falls, 
I sell stuff across from the Bomb shop at night. I hope to see you there, 

Now that we are able to go back into our mines, I was finally able to bring 
Barnes a new delivery of bomb ingredients, Brother!
It looks like he has already started selling them again. You should try out 
Barnes-brand bombs sometime, Brother!
Say, Brother... If you ever want to get onto the roof of the store, I can 
launch you up there. What do you say to that?

I heard this town was also attacked by beasts, and that it had met with a 
terrible fate...
It is shameful that we were so concerned with ourselves that we did not even 
help them.
I am helping the little human up above keep watch to help relations between 
Kakariko Village and our people on Death Mountain!
You want to check out the view from up top? It is pretty amazing scenery, 
Brother! Climb up on my back and take a look!

Check me out: I'm up here keeping watch for the whole town!
Yeah! Any more monsters try to attack, and I'm gonna be ready! I'll shout my 
head off and warn everybody!
Aw, gee, but if I had a bow, then I could just sit up here and shoot all those 
nasty monsters...
Oooh! Hey! I know, Link!
You can show me how to use one!
C'mon, PLEASE?! Just show me how to shoot a bow, Link! OK?

What?! You gotta be kidding...

C'mon! Just show me real quick! I wanna see how to shoot that bow!

Oooh! YESSS!
OK! Malo's down there in front of the spring, so go down and find him, then 
show me from there!

You came...
But...can you really use a bow?
I've never seen you so much as hold a bow back in Ordon...
First off, shoot through that...

You want arrows? Well, including delivery expenses, it comes to 15 Rupees for 
10 arrows...

(I'll take 'em.)
They're yours...

(No thanks.)
Are you all done, then?

(I'm no quitter!)
Hey, here's a little friendly advice from me to you: if this were a 
battlefield, you'd be dead.

(I give up.)
Do you have confidence issues?
If you've got doubts about your bow skills, you should test out the Hawkeye in 
my shop.

[If you run out of arrows]

...You're all out of arrows? Do I look surprised to you? You wasted shots like 
it was your day job!
Unless your idea of fun is throwing arrows directly into the garbage, you 
should try out the Hawkeye in my shop. Trust me, you need it.
All right... If you need arrows, I'll sell some. They're 15 Rupees for 10 
arrows. Of course, that includes shipping and handling...

(I'll take 'em.)
They're yours.

(No thanks.)
...Call me crazy, but I don't think a bow with no arrows is ever going to hit a 
target... What, were you planning on throwing it?

[If you hit the first target]

Hmph... I guess that one was a bit on the easy side...
Fine. How about THAT?

[If you hit the second]

Try to hit this pole!

[If you barely miss the pole]

Whoa! That was soooooo CLOSE! Just a teansy bit off!

[If you hit the pole]

WHOOOAAA! You hit it! You hit it!
Thanks, Link!

[If you hit it a second time]

Whoa! You hit it again! Wow! You're amazing, Link!

Oh... I guess you have a little bit of skill when you concentrate.
Looks like you've left some battles behind you... Impressive.
...Take this.

[If you use the Hawkeye mask]

So you can use a bow.
...So you tried it... What do you think? Isn't it great?
...Have 10 Rupees.
I'll give you something better next time if you can use your own skill to hit 
it. You know, instead of relying on a tool like a wimp...

[If you use the Hawkeye mask a second time}

...Oh, I get it. Used THAT again, did you? What do you think about maybe 
finally putting your ACTUAL skills to the test?

How'd you get to be so awesome, Link! I mean, gee, you're good at the sword AND 
the bow!
Aw, I can't WAIT to grow up!
I can't do much, but at least I TRY really hard!

All's clear!

                                                                     Appendix A
3.2: Kakariko Village - After Lakebed Temple

Greetings, Link.
I felt Ilia could use a change of scenery to improve her health, so we came 
Who knows? If she gets out and sees daily life, perhaps something will jog her 
Link, perhaps you could keep her in your thoughts?

If anything happens, I will let you know, but until then... Please keep her in 
your thoughts.

Oh, Link...
You have gone through so much trouble for me... I'm so sorry...
Colin and the others have told me so much about you, Link.
They tell me that you are brave and kind, and that you herd very well... That 
means you must be a good rider, huh?
Oh, and the name of your horse is...Epona, right?
What a lovely name!

I'm very good at sensing a horse's feelings, and I can tell you that Epona 
trusts you!
You would never ask her to do too much, right?

I thought that Zora boy had gotten better, but he's been really depressed 
He doesn't try to make friends with anyone, and every day he just gets up and 
goes straight to the graveyard! It's really weird!

Oh, Link!
I heard from the shaman that Ilia might be able to get her memory back!
Yeah! AND the Zora boy opened his eyes!
Yeah, I thought those were both pretty good things, but Ilia and the Zora boy 
seem pretty sad still.

Ilia and the Zora boy both went out...
Ilia goes to the sanctuary every day. I think she prays there...
The Zora boy prays, too. Every day he goes to the graveyard and stays for 
How can I make them be happy again?

The Zora child has opened his eyes and is up and about!
All he does is go to the graveyard behind the sanctuary and pray... All day, 
from morning until night, he prays...

That poor Zora boy... He must have been through something awful...
I hope he will start feeling better soon...

Welcome to Barnes Bomb Shop! From simple bombs to exotic ones, we have all 
kinds, Brother!
But enough about that, Brother...

[If you enter village as wolf]


                                                                     Appendix A
3.3: Kakariko Village - After Snowpeak Ruins

Link, did you know?
That Zora boy is actually the prince of the Zora tribe! Yeah!
Aw, if I had gotten to know him better, maybe I could've gone and met the royal 
family and been a princess or something...
Awwww, RATS! I let a REALLY big fish get away!

Hey... Y'know what my dad says?
He says, "The loneliest fish grow largest." You think that means Ralis is meant 
to be alone for now?

Oh, Link!
That Zora boy, Ralis, went back to his village the other day!
Did you say something to Ralis, Link?
That was really nice!

Ilia goes to the sanctuary every day to pray...
I really hope she gets her memory back soon... Maybe then she'll feel better.

The Zora boy said that you have him courage!
I guess that boy... Is his name Ralis? Yes, well, I guess Ralis is the son of 
the Zora royal family.
He said that he was the successor to the Zora throne, so he had to go back to 
his home...
I am just glad that thanks to you, he has healed, Link.

Ralis must be hard at work in his own village...
Now, if we could just find a way to get Ilia her memory back, then everything 
would be great...

                                                                     Appendix A
3.4: Kakariko Village - After Ilia's Memory is Restored

I wonder if everyone in Ordon is OK? I must have made them worry so...
I'll have some apologizing to do when I get back there!

It is a blessing to see Ilia return to good health.
The return of her memory is the fruit of your efforts.
As for me... Nothing could bring me greater joy than to aid the daughter of an 
old friend. I look upon her and see her father's smile.

Ahhh! I need more flying!
I am so stressed out, I am molting...

The other Cuccos seem to have flown here in a great escape from Lake Hylia...
I'm really smart for a Cucco! But all I want to do is fly!

I am little more than a flying toy. People use me day in and day out...
I just want to be a regular Cucco! ...That's why I ran away from my master.
The people here are kind. They do not play roughly with me.
But I have to say, I do get a little lonely sometimes...

And look, isn't this town full of nice flying spots?
Ahhh... If only someone would play with me...

                                                                     Appendix A
4.1: Hyrule Castle Town - After Twilight is Cleared

     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Eastern Thoroughfare~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

If you would...
For the sake of peace in Hyrule... Would you please make a donation?

(30 Rupees)
May the spirit of love descend upon you...
If you continue to pray for peace, someday you will be surrounded with love...

(50 Rupees)
May the spirit of love descend upon you...
If you continue to pray for peace, someday you will be surrounded with love...

Those who believe in peace will find it within themselves. Believe me...

[Once you donate 1,000 Rupees]

Your prayer has reached the skies above.
Take good care of your body, for it was provided to you by forces you cannot 

KILI (Green-haired girl)
Is it showtime yet?

HANNA (Purple-haired girl)
The young man emceeing is SO handsome! I can't wait to hear his lovely voice!

MISHA (Red-haired girl)
I wish someone would go in soon!

[After you take Purlo's challenge]

The challenger is so handsome... I'm switching over!

Hey! No cutting!

I hope he does great! And then I hope he becomes a big star!

[If you beat Purlo's STAR game for the first time]


      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Central Plaza~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

What? If you need something, tell the soldier next to you.

Nobody can get into the castle... Maybe we should tell them all to disperse...

All entry is strictly prohibited right now! I must ask you to go back.

Ah, no, no, NO! We've been told not to allow anyone in right now.


I'm a tour guide here... Have you already visited the cave of the spirit?

If you're here to sightsee, then you sure came at the right time...

Until a little while ago, there was a bit of a problem and we couldn't cross...

If you've never been to the cave of the spirit in Lake Hylia, you REALLY should 

That cave was the home of the snake incarnation... A spirit that protected the 
sacred place sunken in Lake Hylia.

It's only visible to the brave, so a swordsman might be able to see it.


OLD WOMAN (talking outside of shop)
Oh! You're a new face. Have you never been in that shop?

If not, you should really check it out sometime!

Oh yes, you definitely should!

So, have you seen the merchandise they carry at that store?

If not, I'd love to show you sometime!

Yes, you should really let her show you!


Excuse me... I am terribly sorry, but...
Well, having a costumer in the store with shoes as filthy as yours can make our 
other clients uncomfortable.
We hope that you will come back once you have found some more-polished 

I am terribly sorry. We're sorry, but the shop is now closed. Please come again 

Hey, you! Your shoes are grimy!
No matter how good your clothes look, you don't look pulled together if your 
shoes are dirty.
If someone's checking you out, they'll look at your shoes too...
I bet they didn't let you in that snooty shop, did they?
What do you think? I polish 'em up real nice for 10 Rupees.

(No need.)
Listen, you! With shoes that dirty, you'll never make it to the top!

Hey, you! Your shoes are grimy!
I'll polish 'em for you for 10 Rupees.

Now that's what I'm talking about! I'll polish 'em so well, they'll shine!
So? What do you think? Shiny, eh?
If they get dirty again, I'll polish 'em up for you.

Feels good to be wearing shoes as shiny as those, don't it?
In crowded places like this, though, you can't help but get 'em dirty.


Oh, sightseeing? Or on business?
This is a wonderful town. The residents are friendly, too, so please feel free 
to talk to them.

This is one of the older shops in Castle Town, so most of our costumers are 
Though most of them are gossips...

The more I watch them every day, the more interesting I find people are...
The busier the person, the less time he or she has to care about others. In 
contrast, people with more leisure time listen more.
Who knows which type of person is better...

People who have a lot of leisure time make better, more sincere listeners than 
those who are busily scurrying about.
The more relaxed a person is, the nicer he or she becomes, that's what I've 
It's best not to overfill one's plate with work or anything...


HYLIAN MAN (at the café)
I hadn't had my fortune told until recently. I didn't believe in it, but...
The other day, I had my love fortune told...
And right after that, I was able to woo this young beauty!
Now, every day is glorious!

Fortune will smile upon believers. You, too, should visit the fortune-teller 
like she says.
That's just so much fun!

You know the fortune-teller's place on the southern thoroughfare? She's 
amazingly accurate!


HYLIAN MAN (at the café)
Well, well, if it isn't the young swordsman. Are you vacationing or here on 
business? This town is famous for many things...

Through the door on the side of this cafe is the viewing platform. Have you 
seen it already?

The entrance to the viewing platform is on the side of this cafe. I heard that 
Gorons have been selling their wares there lately.

If you want to get to the bar, use the southern thoroughfare. Swordsmen like 
yourself tend to gather there.
Go to the southern thoroughfare, and if you get lost, ask someone for 


HYLIAN WOMAN #1 (by fountain)
Hey! Kid! You look cool!

Hey, don't you look good?! Are you looking for something?

I got it! You're here to see the new attraction that just went up on the east 
thoroughfare, aren't you?

Hey, buddy... Do you know what's in the tent that went up on the eastern 

When is that going on 'til? Is there a show there or something?

Have you gone already?


Ah! It is my heroic brother!
My dad brought me back here for the first time in a while.
But things around here look a little different from the last time...
We were allowed through the inner gate right away last time, but this time we 
were not let through at all. And without a reason, even...
Oh, and Brother... I am selling potions here now.
You can buy one cup of red potion for only 40 Rupees!

(Don't Buy)
And if you want to know why the prices are higher than in Kakariko, it is what 
my dad calls "regional pricing"! It is innovative!

Hey, Brother, do you have enough red potion?
Drink it up for lots of health, Brother! I am talking about one cup of red 
potion for 40 Rupees!

You do not have enough Rupees, Brother...

Thanks, Brother! Come back anytime you need more!

I cannot sell you read potion without an empty bottle, Brother... Make sure you 
bring one next time.

Oh... You are the hero who saved our elder, are you not? What an honor to meet 
you again, Brother!
Thanks to you, we were able to come back here and resume business!
But having been gone a while, I have noticed a strange difference in the air 
Anyway... Would you want a Hylian shield for 210 Rupees?

(Don't Buy)
See, it is a little more expensive here because of regional pricing and all... 
That is the way of the world, Brother.

I cannot sell it for as low a price as you might get in Kakariko Village, but 
for you, I can still make a decent bargain, Brother.
Would you want a Hylian shield for 210 Rupees?

Thanks, Brother! I am sure you will make fine use of that purchase!

We will be doing business here for a while, Brother, so come take a look 

Hello, Heroic Brother! Nice to see you again!
I am here to peddle with my dad. He is out on the observation deck.
Hey, Brother! One cup of lantern oil is 30 Rupees! What a bargain!

(Don't buy)
What, you think it is expensive? Well, that is crazy talk!

Brother! One cup of lantern oil is 30 Rupees! You must buy it!

Thanks, Brother! When you need oil, make sure you buy it from me!

I cannot sell you oil without an empty bottle...

You do not have enough Rupees... You may be a brother to the Gorons, but I 
cannot give it away for free!

[Once you come out from the observational deck]

So, is the view from the observation deck really nice?
My dad is serious about business, so he always says, "I must man the store!" 
...Which means he never takes me out to the deck...
But I want to be a good business Goron like him, so maybe it is all for the 
So, Brother, would you buy some lantern oil from me for 30 Rupees?

(Don't buy)
Come back whenever you need some. I must man the store no matter what, so I 
will be here!

Just buy some lantern oil from me for 30 Rupees, OK?

Thanks, Brother.
Still, I came all the way to Castle Town, so I would like to see the view from 
the deck...

Oh, it is you? Thanks for that business with the elder, Brother.
Thanks to you, I am back here in Castle Town, doing business again, Brother!
It has been a while, but I am glad to see that the people and the general vibe 
have not changed too much.
However... I cannot quite figure it, but there is something a little strange 
going on here that I noticed...
Do you not feel anything?
So anyway, do you have enough arrows, Brother?
Would you like to buy 30 arrows for 40 Rupees?

(Don't buy)
I see... Well, if you decide you need something, just come back and make a 
purchase, Brother.

Unlike other Gorons, business seems to be the only thing I am good at, Brother.
So how about 30 arrows for 40 Rupees, Brother?

I will be right here, though, so you can come back anytime.

Do not worry about it if you have a bunch of arrows, Brother. Just return when 
you need more!

You do not... have enough Rupees, Brother...

   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Southern Thoroughfare~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Welcome to the fooortune-telling house, Fanadi's Palace...
The fates swiiiiiirl about you, and only I can tell what they have in 
The dooor to the future will ooopen...for 10 Rupees!

(No, thanks.)
Hoo hoo hoooooo... Do you fear loooooking into the future?
It is well, then... Come again when life's questions confuuuuuse you...

(Tell it!)
Goooood... So... Which doooor will open?

I seeeeee...
Let's hear what missions are set for your fuuuuuture...
Speak fates!
Tuoba gkniklat i ma tahw...
Tuoba gkniklat i ma tahw...

Plaaaaanning a reunion? A remote bar is your luuuuucky spot.

Waaaant to relieve some stress? Take a hiiiint from the Zoras and dive to the 
laaaaaake bottom.

The thing you seeeeek is buried in the sand. If you waaant it, fly to find it!

The thing you seeeeek is buried in snow. The seeeecret to climbing snowy peak 
is a furrrr coat.

The thing you seeeeeek was lost long ago. Ask an aaaaaaged man about things 
from the paaaaaast.

The thing you seeeeeeek has flown to the sky. Perhaps you should taaake that 
trip yourself?

Perhaps you should make lots of meeeemories as gifts for the wooorld beyond 
this one.

Flee not what is right befoooore you! Hyrule Castle is just noooorth of Castle 

What did you thiiiiink...
If you loose sight of your goal, don't hesitate to stop by again...

I seeeee...
I will shoooow you the shape of love you haven't eeeeven recognized...
Speak, fates!
Elihwa sekat gknidaol... tiaw...
Elihwa sekat gknidaol... tiaw...

Goooo to the spot that you've just seen...and do...something.

Hoo hoo hoooooo... Do you fear loooooking into the future?
It is well then... Come again when life's questions confuuuuuse you...

Wow... The fortunes in this place really are accurate!
My fortune said that if I stand in front of a shop, a man wanting to date me 
would come talk to me.
That's what you're doing, right? Sorry, but you're not my type.

What? What's up with you?
You have some business at Agitha's Castle?
You don't look like you'd be a friend of hers...

I've got a piece of advice for you...
If you don't have any business here, you're better of not loitering for very 

My dad can't get any hot springwater to sell, so lately he just sits outside 
the western gate.
I talk to him but he just sighs... He does not seem like the father I remember!
This is so bad! I am afraid my father will never be the same! I do not know 
what to do!

My dad can't get any hot springwater to sell, so lately he just sits outside 
the western gate.
I talk to him and all he does is sigh... Please do something!

If you need help, you should talk to the village elder! I would go, but my legs 
will not take me there...

Hey, swordsman, are you looking for something?
If you're looking for the bar, I'd recommend against it... Sounds like 
something's going on...

Sounds like something's going on in the bar...
Everyone was up in arms...

Oh, what's this?
Might you be looking for the bar, too?
Well, if you already know, then fine! I get asked quite often where it is...
You're looking for the young woman who recently started there, aren't you? The 
bar's at the base of the stairs.

What? On this street, the only place for swordsmen like you is the bar.
The bar is at the bottom of the steps.

Oh, you need something?
If you're looking for something a swordsman might use, you should check the 
central square, OK?
Yeah, I think there was a Goron on the observation deck that was selling 
something a swordsman could use.
He came here selling his wares often in the past, but I hadn't seen him until 

If you're looking for something a swordsman might use, you should check the 
deck in the square.
The entrance to the deck is next to the cafe. If you can't find it, why don't 
you just try asking someone in the area?

Say, have you ever been to Agitha's place on this backstreet?
If you take a bug to her... Oops! I can't say anything else!

Do you have a second? Do you know a guy named Jovani?
My girl here put out a missing persons report on him. I think she's just trying 
to make me jealous.
Strange things are happening...and some people are even saying it's the work of 
evil ghouls...
It's kind of become an urban legend, in a way...

If you ever meet a man called Jovani, tell him to get in touch with this girl 
His cat's gone missing, too, so I'll bet that cat is with him.

You got a sweet-looking apple! It looks just ready to eat, too!
Hmm... Hold on. It looks like the shop over there has some too, so maybe you 
should compare to see which ones are sweetest first.

You got some bread! It's hot and fresh from the oven!
...But it costs WAY too many Rupees, so you should put it back.

You got a pretty flower! And the price is nice, too!
...But there's no one manning the shop, so you should put it back.

What? If you want to go to the eastern thoroughfare, just keep going straight 
down the back road.
If you head out on this path, you'll be in Hyrule Field, but I don't know if 
the road goes all the way through...

Go through the back road to the eastern thoroughfare.
This is the way out of Hyrule Field. ...Though I don't know if you can go 
through right now.
Got all that?

OLD man
Now, you seem like you can handle yourself pretty well, but do you know what's 
been going on around here lately?
It's just that... There are rumors that recent dire events are being caused by 
a curse from the people who were driven from this land...
You know, if you came here looking to become a soldier, but you've changed your 
mind now, I won't say a thing to anyone...

Hyrule was always known as a sacred land in the past, and even now it's 
protected by the royal family and other spiritual figures...
But there was a time when Hyrule was torn by conflicts that swept the land...
And these recent disturbing events may be caused by the leftover anger and 
misery of the souls who departed in that conflict...

Haven't seen this swordsman before... Is something going on?
Well... It seems like a lot of strange things are happening lately...
Though the townsfolk don't show it, on the inside, they're all pretty scared.

Though the soldiers look calm and go about their daily routine...
Rumor has it that not even soldiers can go deep inside Hyrule Castle...

Oh, welcome!
Are you from out of town? Me too.
I've always been fascinated with castle towns. That's what brought me here. 
It's been one culture shock after another.
Unlike the country, people are so busy... They won't stop for you even if you 
call to them!

City folk seem so anxious... It kind of perplexed me at first, but...there are 
secret to city living.
If there's anything you need, ask people who have nothing to do. They're 
normally happy to help.

Oh, what is it?
I just recently got transferred to this shop, so I'm not very familiar with 
this area.
Maybe you should ask the people around here?
I'm so sorry...

I'm sorry, but I'm not very familiar with this area...
I'm terribly sorry...

I came here to buy hot springwater, but the owner of this shop is out...
The hot springwater at this shop is supposed to be good for the health, so I 
came to get some for my child... What am I going to do?

This is the only shop that has hot springwater. I wonder when they'll sell it 
to us?

[After you complete the hot springwater sidequest]

Are you here to buy some hot springwater? Do you have an empty bottle to carry 
it in?
I'm so foolish... I forgot an empty bottle. Maybe I'll go buy some container so 
I can get some for my child...

At this shop, as long as you have a bottle, they'll sell you what goes in it. 
So it's environmentally friendly! That's why we always come here.

Well, I don't think we've seen this swordsman before...
There's only one shop in the central plaza that sells items for swordsmen.
...But everything there is so expensive that only wealthy people can shop 

There are items that a swordsman might need at the shop in the central 
plaza...but it's expensive...
If you've never been there, you should check it out.
But the shop is really picky about its clientele. Especially about how clean 
their shoes are...


Hey, you! Swordsman kid! Do you know anything about the kid who passed out?

He keeps saying that they didn't take him to the hospital, but to a shop!

But that's what I heard!

Hey! Swordsman! Did you see the sick kid at any of the shops?

But why would they take him to a shop when he's sick...

I'm not lying! That's what I heard!

     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Western Thoroughfare~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Oh, what is it?

Are you looking for a doctor or something?

The only thing on this street is a doctor's office. See, there. Immediately 
before you get to the outer gate.

If you're looking for a doctor's office, it's there, just before the gate.
Yeah, see the soldier standing there?

I wouldn't recommend that fellow, though...


I'm busy! Bother, bother!

A Goron passed through here earlier. I wonder what he's doing...
The western bridge is closed, and there shouldn't be a way out, but...

I wonder what the Goron beyond here is doing...

GORON (sitting on bridge)
Ooowahhh... Oh noooo... This is the end.
The bridge is broken, so we cannot carry springwater... Now there is no way to 
Ohhh... I wish someone would fix this bridge...

GORON (outside castle walls)
...Hey! You are that human, yes?! The other Gorons told me about you, Brother!
Just take a look at these rocks! Amazing! Was there a landslide or something?
What are you doing here anyway, Brother? Are you trying to pass through here?
If I drank some hot springwater, it might give me the strength to break through 
a big rockfall like this...

Hey, Brother, if you find some hot springwater, you should come see me again!

                                                                     Appendix A
4.2: Hyrule Castle Town - After Zora Child is Safe in Kakariko

The Zora child... I heard the doctor on West Street gave up, so Telma took him 
to another town.

I heard...but that quack probably didn't give the child a full exam because he 
was a Zora.


HYLIAN WOMAN #1 (outside of shop)
Do you know Kakariko Village? There's a shop there that has the BEST deals!

I wish we had shops like that here, instead of that fancy-pants expensive one!

Yeah, that'd be great!


Swordsman kid, do you know this song?
(So, you wanna hear it again?)

Jovani... Jovani... Idiotic troll... Blinded by greed, the imps took his 

And even today, somewhere he stays, though he's grown-up... Wah! Sniff! He 


Might you be the swordsman who tried to rescue the Zora child?
You are, aren't you? No one will say anything...but you're the talk of the 
There's been nothing but scary rumors lately, so your actions have given 
everyone hope.
You're far more reliable than the incompetent Hyrulian soldiers.

I can't explain it but...Castle Town has changed.
The soldiers and the residents are all uneasy...
And on top of that, we haven't seen Princess Zelda, who is such a supporter of 
the people.
Do you know something?

Hey, welcome...
Or rather...  You don't look like you came here to buy meat, now do you, 
Might you be looking for the bar? It's right there at the bottom of the stairs 
behind you.
We see a lot of swordsmen like you around here.

The bar is at the bottom of the stairs behind you. The owner is always very 
nice to me!

Aren't you... Didn't you save the Zora child?
I'm right, aren't I? It's you, isn't it? Am I mistaken?
I know I'm right! I know these things!

But you're so young! I'm very impressed...

Hey, swordsman, where to today?
I know, you know? I've heard. People were talking about you and what you've 

That Zora boy, how's he doing?


What?! You mean Queen Rutela?!

Yes. She sacrificed her own life in order to protect the residents of Zora's 
Not only that, but the whole village and those in it were frozen in ice.

Frozen? Zora's Domain, frozen? But it's such a warm climate...

I don't know details yet... I plan on investigating that next.

Well, what have we here, hm? That's quite an outfit you have on, old boy.
That timeless design... You're sporting the legendary hero LOOK, aren't you?
Tell me, where did you buy it? Wait... Please don't tell me you made it 
Oh, dear, I'd love to wear something like that!

Pray tell, if you were to ever tire of that thing, would you part with it?
Mister HERO! ...Heh heh.



...Are you an actor or something?
Dressing like the legendary hero... Wow, gutsy.
If you want to get stared at, why not just join the circus or something?

Looking at your innocent face for too long gives me heartburn...
How about you not talk to me, yeah?

Oh... Are you a costumer?
The proprietress is out, so the bar is closed... Did you not see the sign 
Would you mind leaving for now?

You still need something?
Do you think I would be troubled by a young man wandering recklessly in here?
Unless you work harder at honing your skills, all that equipment you have won't 
do you any good.


The fortunes from this place are so spot-on, it's scary.
You know, it said that even if I rebuff him, once a man is captivated by me, 
he'll keep approaching me.
I'm sorry, but I'm not interested in younger men...

Do you like dogs? They're cute, huh?
If you throw a bone or something, they'll bring it back, you know?
You should play with one if you have some free time.

If you throw a bone or something, they wag their tails so happily...
Dogs are so cute...

                                                                     Appendix A
4.3: Hyrule Castle Town - After Lakebed Temple

Say, what would you say you're good at?
I'm good at...picking stuff up!
Really, I'd rather be playing in a meadow...but my master doesn't understand.
Let's play sometime!

Mr. Gengle can't come out today either...
Apparently his master is more important than I am!

I hear voices coming from Jovani's room, but...I wonder if there's something 
keeping him in there.

I wonder what Gengle is up to in the house...
The ground is soft from the rain, so I wonder if you can dig your way in under 
the wall, meow?

We normally hold our meetings in the open space in front of Jovani's house, 
I don't see why, if Boss Gengle isn't coming anyway, we can't have the meeting 
in front of my house.

It looks like there is no bar on this street... Maybe I'll look somewhere else.

Say...what do you like?
I like...picking stuff up!
But I hate stone pavements because it makes my paws hurt! No one understands 

I like...to pick things up!
But I don't like stone pavements because it makes my feet hurt...


You can see it, correct? What has happened to Hyrule Castle...
That strange feeling I noticed when we first arrived... Perhaps it was this all 
along, Brother...
I must tell you, I have kept this a secret from the others. Yes, it is a secret 
to everybody.
I do not want to agitate the young ones.
Despite all that is going on, if you think you need more arrows, just let me 
know, Brother.
So... Would you want to buy 30 arrows for 40 Rupees?

                                                                     Appendix A
5.1: Zora's Domain - After Lakebed Temple

Our queen was beautiful and proud.
I would've dearly loved to introduce you to her, traveler, but that's no longer 

We were all so close to our queen... Guarding her empty throne is almost more 
than I can bear...
But still, until our prince returns, it is our duty to watch over this room.

Normally we'd extend the warmest of welcomes to a traveler like yourself...

As you can see from that empty throne, we've lost our village's leader, and now 
I fear our people are in danger of losing their way.
Now when I think of what might have happened to the prince, I feel so...

Excuse me, traveler... Did you just come from town, by any chance?
Have you seen Prince Ralis... I mean, have you seen a Zora boy as you were 

Traveler, did you see a Zora boy when you were in town?

Did you see the boulder that sank to the bottom of the water?
It looked like it was some sort of volcanic rock...but then, where did it fall 

A Goron came out of the volcanic rock... So that means it came all the way from 
Death Mountain, right?

We Zoras can't survive without a moist environment.
Our poor prince... If only he hadn't collapsed underneath that withering sun...

I survived thanks to that volcanic rock... I don't know what I would've done 
without it!

When you look at that rock, don't you...sense something strange?
Like, I don't know... Like...it's looking at you or something.

I feel like that rock is looking at me... Am I getting water crazy?

There was a Goron hiding inside?! Whoa!
What a strong life force these Gorons have! You've got to respect it. It's hard 
to stay angry at them for long...

That Goron... What's he up to?

Say, Brother, did you just break that rock for me? Thanks!
I took a nap and found myself swallowed up in lava...and somehow very far from 
Uh, yes... Well, let me give you a token of appreciation, Brother!
This is all I have on me right now. I hope it will do!

Say, where am I anyway, Brother? This place is a little cold for a hot 
But hey, this is nice and cool! I like it! It is a COLD spring!

Hot springs are nice, but this place is pretty good, too!

So, what do you think? Is it not a splendid waterfall? This one is the largest 
in our domain.
And this waterfall flows directly from the throne room.
If you would like, I can take you there.

(No, thank you.)
If at any time you need to visit the throne room, just let me know.

(Yes, let's go.)
OK, then...

We suffered a mortal loss when the dark ones raided us.
It was our cowardice that cost us our queen...

If you follow the flow of water southward, you'll catch sight of Hyrule Castle.
...Still, it's a long journey, even for the long legs of an adult...

If you have business in the throne room, then please speak to the attendant at 
the base of the waterfall.

Up ahead is Snowpeak, a mountain engulfed by an endless blizzard.
The weather is bad, and travel is treacherous. If you head out without a marked 
path, you might not make it out alive.

This is the Zora village. It's both our ancestral home and the source of 
Hyrule's water.

I heard that the darkness devouring the temple was driven out by a hero dressed 
in blue.
...Wait, was that you?!

                                                                     Appendix A
5.2: Zora's Domain - After Snowpeak Ruins

Our queen died a tragic death, but I have not seen the prince weep for her.
Seeing his resolve makes me realize that we shouldn't mourn her forever. She 
would have wanted us to move on.

You saved our young prince?!
Oh, let me thank you on behalf of all the Zora people! This is a great day 

We have greatly anticipated your return.

The throne room status is currently at normal!

Link! You came!
Thanks to you, I made it home at last.
I think all of us carry heavy hearts, but I will do my best to see that our 
village's wounds heal as quickly as possible.
Come see us anytime, Link. You will always be welcome here.

Well, we aren't accustomed to hosting humans, but please make yourself at home.

All of us in the village are so happy that our young prince is back!
Now that the king and queen have passed on...do we call our prince the new 

Oh, if only our dear queen could have seen young Prince Ralis as he is now...

As soon as peace returns to the world, we'll hold a banquet for the coronation 
of young Prince Ralis.

Now that the young prince has returned, I can see our people beginning to pick 
themselves up again...
Now's the time to strengthen our resolve...

Going to the Death Mountain hot spring is pretty popular among our people right 
I'm jealous... I have to stay here and guard the village. I don't get to go 

The prince is the light and hope of our people... We thank you from the bottom 
of our hearts for saving him!

The prince instructed me to let you pass. Please be careful.

Our former king was a great Zora, but young Prince Ralis shows a lot of 
promise, as well.

        /\                               Appendix B - Shopkeepers and Minigames
       /  \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      /    \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    / \    / \
   /   \  /   \
  /     \/     \
                                                                     Appendix B
1: Coro

And check this out! I have a special, one-time offer of a bottle full of 
lantern oil for only 100 Rupees! How 'bout it, guy? What a bargain!

(Never mind.)
What?! That's not right, guy...
But I gave you that lantern for free... Man...
I also sell oil on its own, so come back when you run out, guy!

Aw, no, guy! Th-This won't do! You don't have enough Rupees!

Thanks a lot, guy! Here you go!
And you can put all kinds of stuff in the bottle once you use all of the oil 
inside, guy!
And hey... Keep using that lantern so you'll come back and buy more oil, OK, 

[If you try to scoop the soup from the pot when the logs aren't on fire]
Oh! You can't...
If you want to take it, guy, you have to heat it to make it safe!

[If you put some soup in a bottle]
You hungry, guy?
If you want some soup, feel free to have as much as you'd like.
But I don't know if you'll like it...so don't blame me if you get sick, OK, 

So, you need oil, guy? 
Right now we have a 100-Rupee oil bottle and 20-Rupee refills to choose from!

{Buy an oil bottle)
Thanks a lot, guy! Here you go!
Say, guy, you been to the Forest Temple yet?
Isn't it great? I mean, sure, there've been a couple monsters stirring things 
up lately, but still...
That's just the world we live in right now, know what I mean? Things are rough 
all over...

What?! That's not right, guy...
But I gave you that lantern for free... Man...

{Buy a Refill}
Hey, guy! How's the oil level in your lantern?
For just 20 Rupees I can fill either your lantern or an empty bottle!

(Refuel lantern)
That's great, guy. Let me refill your lantern!

(Fill a bottle}
Thanks, guy! Anytime you need a lantern filled, I'm your guy!

(Never mind)
You keep using that lantern, and if it runs out of oil, come and see me, guy! 
When it's dark, use your lantern! It's common sense, guy! Don't forget!
The woods on the other side of the cave can get really dark, especially when 
it's foggy, so don't forget to use your lantern there as well!

[If you beat the first dungeon, he says this instead]

Say, guy, you going somewhere now?
You just remember that the world's a mess, guy! Seriously! You watch your back 
out there!
(After the second dungeon he adds...)
Hey, and you want some advice? Two words: be plenty careful around that Zora's 

[If your bottles are full]
I'll fill your lantern to the brim for just 20 Rupees!

That's great, guy. Let me refill your lantern!

You keep using that lantern, and if it runs out of oil, come see me, guy!

[If your lantern is full]
I can fill that empty bottle for 20 Rupees!

Thanks, guy! Anytime you need a lantern filled, I'm your guy!

What?! That's not right, guy...
You keep using that lantern, and if it runs out of oil, come see me, guy!

[If your lantern and bottles are full]
Huh... But you don't have an empty bottle, and your lantern is already full, am 
I right, guy?
You keep using that lantern, and if it runs out of oil, come and see me, guy!

[At night]

Oh... It's you, guy. Thanks for uh...waking me up, there.

[As wolf]

My, it sure is rare to see wolves around these parts...
You're a good boy now, aren'tcha? Good boy... Don't hurt me...

Say, you seem to like people...
But I bet even a good pup like you gets the evil eye from people just 'cause 
you're a wolf.
But me, I'm not worried about you, little guy. My older sister is much scarier 
than you.

                                                                     Appendix B
2: Hena's Fishing Hole

Hi there!
Hey! You... You've never been here before, have you?
Well, I'm the owner of this fishing hole. My name's Hena.
Nice to meet ya!

It's 20 Rupees to try some lure fishing. There's no time limit, and the canoe 
rental's included!
Wanna give it a shot?

Hmm? You sure?
Go ahead and poke around the shop a bit if you want.
If you see anything that catches your fancy, use C to zoom in for a closer 
look, OK?

You wanna try some lure fishing?
It's 20 Rupees for the whole deal. There's no time limit, and the canoe  
rental's included. That sound OK?

Well, seeing how this is your first time and all, I'll throw in the guide 
service for free!
Let's get fishing!

Use your canoe to paddle around and search for a good spot! Be careful, though, 
you'll spook the fish if you get too close!
I'd recommend the natural bridge in the middle of the lake. That's a good spot.
Oh, yeah! If you're after big boys, try the area around the waterfall!

When you're ready to fish, first grab your rod with B and use (analog stick) to 
choose where to cast.
Then hold down A and raise your rod with (remote). Next, quickly swing it 
forward, releasing A as you swing to cast your lure.
When your lure hits the water, you can move it by jiggling (remote) left and 
Good luck!

What do you want to do?

(Keep fishing as is)

(Change lures)
Swimming Lure
The back-and-forth action attracts all types of fish.

Spinner Lure
The call of this lure's propeller is a siren song to nervous fish.

Popper Lure
The call of this sound-making lure is great for big fish in deep waters.

Frog Lure
The must-have lure for bass.

Sinking Lure
The rules around here forbid use of this lure...

(Call it quits)
You really want to quit?

(Don't quit)

Hey, all done? Woo! That was fun, wasn't it?
I put the fish you kept into the tank! We should fish together again sometime!

{If you didn't catch any fish]

Oh... All done?
Too bad this time, huh? Oh, well... It happens...
Well, better luck next time!

[If you catch the Hylian Loach]

Th-That... That's a legendary Hylian loach!
Amazing... From now on, I'm calling you Link, Fish Master!
Oh... Right... I got so excited, I forgot to measure your fish.
Ooh... It's about (X) inches. So um, wh-what do you wanna do?

Wow... That was seriously amazing!
I watched as a Hylian loach was reeled in before my very eyes! I still can't 
believe it!
Thanks! I'll keep it in the aquarium!

[If you don't set your hook]

Aww... Looks like it slipped clean off!
If you try to hook a fish too quickly with the frog lure, you might lose it...
That's what makes it so hard.
You might want to give it a little more time before you try to hook it.

Aw, AGAIN! You lost it! Try giving it just a hair more time before you hook it.

Oh, no! That was sooo close! You just failed to land it.
When a fish bites on the line, tilt your rod up with (remote) to set the hook!

There are a lot of fish by the banks, so if you cast from the water toward the 
banks, you'll be in good shape.
If there are no fish where you've cast, you can reel in quickly by rotating the 
Nunchuk. Then just pick a new spot.

When moving in the canoe, you can press C to change the camera to first-person 
view, so use that to your advantage!

The secret to making your lure move realistically is to jiggle it then let it 
sit. Keep repeating that lure action!
Thing is, if you move it too quickly, or if you let it sit too long, the fish 
will lose interest, so be careful!

[If you catch the Piece of Heart]

What's that? A Piece of Heart?!
Ooh, whose heart did you catch? You big sweetheart!
Don't be shy! This one's yours to keep!

[If you try to use a Sinking Lure]

You can't use a sinking lure here! Yeah, THAT one! That's cheating!
Where'd you get that thing? You can't use it! No way, nohow!
Hand it over. NOW!


It's 20 Rupees to try some lure fishing. There's no time limit, and the canoe 
rental's included!
You can also get yourself a charming and savvy guide, but that deluxe fishing 
package will run you 100 Rupees!
What do you say? Hmm?

(Go it alone)
If you're not up to speed on how to fish, just read the instruction booklet 
I've packed in. Use (D Pad) to read it.
See you later, then! Happy fishing!

(Hire a guide)

Hmm? You sure?
Go ahead and poke around the shop a bit if you want.
If you see anything that catches your fancy, use C to zoom in for a closer 
look, OK?


Fine fishing!
Ah ha ha ha... I know your secret...
You landed a monster but decided not to keep it, didn't you?
That is the sign of a true master fisherman.


That's a special fish tank just for my costumers!
I'm fond of those greengills, of course, but if you catch anything, I'll toss 
it in, too!
Of course, I don't wanna encourage overfishing, so I only keep the biggest of 
each fish type that gets brought in.

Those old greengills like company, so get out there and catch 'em some friends, 
will ya?


Ooh, that's my private boat, sorry. I don't lend it out to costumers.
It's a two-seater, so I only use it when I have a boyfriend.

That's for me and my boyfriend, and nobody else.
I'm not gonna tell you the last time I rode in that canoe...


Aw, if you're wondering what things look like outside, why don't you just go 
out and see for yourself?

Sure is lousy weather today, huh?
But lousy weather means good fishing! You knew that, right?


Soooo cute, isn't she? Her name's Purdy!
She even talks sometimes!

Go-OOD moor-NING!


Go-OOD eve-NING!

Pur-DEE's pur-DEE!

[If you roll into the cage]

Hena's OLD! Very OLD!

Hey! Purdy! I told you to quit telling lies!

Hena's OLD! Very OLD!

PURDY! Enough already!


Pur-DEE hate YOU!


Go ho-OME!


HENA (referring to her hat)
That's mine.
Y'know, it's generally considered polite to take your hat off when you come 

When you come inside, you're supposed to take off your hat! That's just good 
I'm not saying you have to do it, but I figured I ought to at least tell you. 
Someday you might offend someone less laid-back than me!


That's one of Hyrule's legendary master fisherman! Look, he's got a Hylian 
loach, doesn't he?
He just may be one of my ancestors!
Of course, I can't exactly PROVE that... It's kinda just wishful thinking on my 

The Legendary Hyrulian Master Fisherman... Wish I could've been born in that 

Dearie me! I'm sorry! I don't know why, but sometimes I just get itchy...


That's my older brother, Coro, and a 25-inch Ordon catfish he caught.
He's the only one in our family who's lousy at fishing. He only managed to 
catch that fish by using a sinking lure. Cheater...

Another thing about my lazy brother... I ask him to drop by and help out from 
time to time, but he never does.
He can't fish a lick, so he spends his time in the woods, talking to animals, I 
guess. Yeah, he's kinda worthless...


That's me and the first fish I caught here, a 28-inch Hylian pike!
I swear, I'll never forget that day. Such sweet memories...

Yeah, a lot of folks tell me this picture is really cute...
'Cause it catches the pike's good side.


That's my older sister. That shot is from the day she caught herself a 17-inch 
Hyrule bass.
Her name's Iza, by the way.
Make sure you drop by her boat-rental shop sometime, OK?

What's your story? You looking at my sister's picture again?
Is she your type or something? You have WEIRD taste.


That's a 22-inch Hyrule bass I caught!
It's not very big, but it's a fish I spotted and caught all by myself, so I 
took that picture!

So, um, tell me... Between this picture and the picture of my sister Iza, which 
one do you think's cuter?

(Hena's photo!)
Ooh, really? ...Y'know, I don't care if you're just being nice, I'm still 
happy! You're too sweet!
I promise I won't breath a word to my sister, so don't worry!

(Iza's photo!)
Ugh... You're about as dense as a chunk of rock.
At a time like this, you've GOTTA pick me, even if you're lying!

(They're both cute!)
You're a pretty smooth talker, huh?

Um, why are you staring at that photo when the real me is standing right here, 


What's your story? Aren't you a little young to be interested in jar 
I don't want those to get broke, so I store 'em up out of the way.

It sounds crazy, but I've heard stories of people who have nothing better to do 
than go around breaking every jar they see.
I mean, is that the dumbest thing you've ever heard in your life?! Who would DO 


You can only fish with floating lures here, and I lend out three different 
The basic lure's the swimmer type, but I also have poppers and spinners!
Ooh, and I also have a frog type, but that's kinda tough to use.
I only lend THAT to people who can beat that game next to the door.

Sinking lures are NOT allowed! That's what we call CHEATING!
Basically, I lend out three types of lures: swimmers, poppers, and spinners.
Ooh, and for anyone who can beat the game by the door there, I also have a frog 

You can only use a frog lure if you beat the Rollgoal game I designed! And you 
have to beat EVERY level!

That's a frog lure. It's as cute as a button, but it's kind of a handful to 
use, just so you know.
It doesn't get hung up on logs and such very easily, so it's great for bass 
fishing, but on the other hand, the hook's hard to set.

The key to using a frog lure is not setting the hook right away. You have to 
let the fish nibble on it a little bit.


You like that, huh? It's a good picture, right?
I snapped a photo of the time you caught the legendary Hylian loach!
I kinda tweaked it a little... Ah ha ha ha!

Yeah, that's the legendary Link, Master Fisherman.
I'll show folks your picture and spread word of your skills!

What's your story? You still looking at your own picture?
You're sort of a narcissist, huh?


That's the ultimate fishing book:
The Legend of the Hylian Loach: Twilight Fish!
Ah, the loach... Like bass, loaches prefer the shallows. They love frogs, but 
they're antsy, so they'll bolt when humans are around.
They're not very active in cold weather either, so the best season to catch 'em 
in is summer!
That book's a real tearjerker, too! It's about how a young Hylian loach saves 
Hyrule... I've read it so many times, I can almost recite it.

You want me to give you an idea about how The Legend of the Hylian Loach: 
Twilight Fish goes?


(No, thanks.)
Really? But it's SUCH a good story...


[If you roll into things around the shop]

Hey, take it easy! What're you doing?! You're spooking the fish!

Hey, take it easy! There's no call for that!

Hey, take it easy! You be nice to Purdy!

C'mon... Can't you try to control yourself? I'm gonna have to ask you to leave.

That's it! Enough! You're being a jerk! Get OUT!


If saying sorry solved everything, all the soldiers in Hyrule would be out of 
jobs...Fine. Apology accepted.

(I apologize.)

(Please forgive me!)


Ooh, that caught your eye, did it? I made that game, y'know!
I gave it a really fun name, too...ROLLGOAL!
It costs 5 Rupees to play, but you win 10 Rupees if you make it to the goal!
Well? So? Wanna play?

(No, thanks.)
Ooh... That's too bad...

The rules are simple! Tilt (remote) to roll the glass ball along the path all 
the way to the goal within the time limit...without dropping the ball!
You can change the angle of the camera with (control stick), so use that well!
Ready? Press A to start!

[If you fall]

Oopsie-daisy! Game over! Wanna try again?

Oh, dearie me! Talk about frustrating! You almost had it, too!
If you were that close this time, just one more try should get you there, 
right? Want to try again?



[If you cheat]

Come on! You know that's cheating! The rules say you have to roll it on the 
path! Do over!


(No, thanks)
Don't CHEAT next time!

[If you win]

Congrats! And here's your prize of 10 Rupees!
Wow, you cleared it... Guess I'll have to make a new course for the next time 
you drop in. Promise you'll play it, OK?

Rollgoal Level (X)-(X)
One play for 5 Rupees. Win 10 Rupees if you make it to the goal! Same course, 
though. Wanna play?

You understand the rules already, right? OK! Then let's roll!

Rollgoal Level (X)-(X)
One play for 5 Rupees. You win 10 Rupees if you make it to the goal! Wanna 


(No, thanks.)

[If you beat the first eight levels]

Way to go! You cleared every level! You're amazing!
Now that you've cleared my Rollgoal game, you've earned the right to use the 
frog lure!

You already cleared all my Rollgoal games, so I don't have any new challenges 
for you...
So I guess I'll just have to start up a harder version of the game with shorter 
time limits!

Rollgoal Game Level (X)-(X)
One play for 5 Rupees. Win 10 Rupees if you make it to the goal! Want to play 
the harder version?

Rollgoal Game 8-8
5 Rupees per game. This is the FINAL LEVEL. Wanna play?

I never would've thought anyone would get this far...
Wow! This is really gonna cost me! But I have to fill your wallet!
I can't give you any more Rupees after this, but if you want to play my 
special-edition Rollgoal game, come see me again!

It's the special-edition Rollgoal game!
It's free, and you have lots of time. You can even choose any level you want. 
What do you say?


(No, thanks.)


Oh! Well, aren't you a rarity!
Speaking of rare, I saw something rare mixed in with the trash around the 
It was so shiny... I wonder what it was?

Shining like that...
It was mixed in with trash, so I assume someone threw it away, right?

Some people just don't know their manners...
There's so much trash out here, sometimes folks reel it in when they're trying 
to fish!
People who can't be nice to Mother Nature will never make good fishermen, 

It's because of litterbugs that some people reel in trash!
People who litter will never make good fishermen, that's what I say.


You caught a twig... You didn't catch a fish, but catching detritus is good 
practice. Dispose of it with A.

You caught an empty can... Too bad it wasn't an empty bottle... Help the 
environment and dispose of it with A.

You caught a boot... Well, it's no fish, but it's good for the environment! 
Dispose of it with A.

You caught another boot... Will there ever be a day when people don't throw 
boots away like this?
Dispose of it with A.	

You caught a wheel... You didn't catch a fish, but at least you helped the 
environment! Dispose of it with A.

You caught a sinking lure! This prohibited item cannot be used in fish ponds. 
It shines and should be good for fishing.
Pick it up with A and you can use it the next time you go lure fishing.

                                                                     Appendix B
3: Iza's Canoe Tour

[If you approach as a wolf]

Hm... What's this? You seem pretty cozy with people for a wolf...
Well if you don't want to wind up a rug, you'd better scat! Shoo!

Hey! Stay away!
Well if you don't want to wind up a rug, you'd better scat! Shoo!

[If you approach as a human]

Hm... A costumer?
Sorry, but we're temporarily closed.

I said we're closed... Now scram!

[Twilight monsters descend from the sky]


Whoa, that scared me...
Who...are you?
How can you keep your cool fighting monsters like that?
...Uh... Wow... You...
Wow, what a champ you are!
Well, what are we standing around jawing for? Come on inside!

Talk about scary... I thought I was done for!
Things have been getting pretty crazy around here, let me tell you...
So thanks for earlier...
My name's Iza. I rent boats here.
Well, I USED to rent boats here, but then we had a rockfall and it dammed the 
river up.
Yeah... I could sure use a helpful guy around at times like this...
Yup, a handy guy would sure be a big help around here.

....Ah, well.
Story of my life. There's not much I can do for you, but come visit anytime!

I just get so awfully bored here when there's no work...
I want to open up again, but we need to take care of those rocks blocking the 
river first...
I wish someone could do something about it...

(I'll help.)
You're a lifesaver!
Well, do you think you could do something about that rock?
I'll give you some bombs and arrows, so you just put 'em together and shoot 
bomb arrows at that thing.

Hey, hurry up and take out that rock with your bomb arrows!
You know how to make bomb arrows, right?
Just set your bow on the Items screen, then select your bombs and press Z to 
combine them.
We've got tons of bombs and arrows, so just holler if you need them!

What? You used all your arrows? Well, here you go!

What? You used all your bombs? Well, here you go!

[If you leave]

Hey, hold on! Where are you going?!
If you're not going to help, give me my bomb bag back!

[When you clear the river]

You did it!
Well, my gal tells me there are still some rocks blocking the way along the 
river, so you should take care of those, too.
Here's the boat... Hop in!

Now...it's a teensy bit dangerous downriver of here, so don't leave the boat, 
One of our part-timers is waiting down there, so you can get the details from 
And when you're done, you can keep that bomb bag and everything in it as a 
token of my appreciation.
So... Be seeing ya!

You've come at the request of the shop owner, haven't you?
Well, I'm in her employ...part-time, for now. I'm sorry we've troubled you so.
You see... These rocks are blocking the natural flow of the river.
All you need to do is use your bomb arrows to destroy the blockage!

You did it! Thank you!
Ahh... And the water has already begun to flow.
Then I shall guide you to the mouth of the river. Follow me!

Good job out there!
You have truly done us a great service. Now the shop can finally reopen!
When we were closed, my boss's temper only got worse and worse... It was a 
rough time for us all...
Oh, and another thing...
I don't suppose she promised you anything special for doing this, did she? Just 
that bomb bag, right?
Yes, she tends to bribe people with whatever's lying around... So stingy, 
It's all right. I'll let her know you kept it when I get back.
Now, if you'll excuse me... Come visit at the shop sometime!

Hey, welcome!
Thanks to you, we're back in business!
Well, we can't offer much, but just make yourself at home!
And, of course, if you want a boat ride, just let me know! I'd be happy to rent 
you one!

For a rental fee of 20 Rupees you can get a boat and a guide! You want one?

(Rent me one.)
OK! Now hop in!

You all set? Have a good ride!

(Tell me about it.)
If you hop on a boat here, you can ride down all the way to Lake Hylia!
And feel free to blow up any one of the targets posted around with your bomb 
arrows, OK? The targets look kind of like jars...
Green targets are worth 1 point, red ones are worth 2. If the boat hits 
anything, you lose 1 point. Get at least 25 points for a prize!

So what do you say? Want to try it out for 20 Rupees?

(No, thanks.)
Oh, OK.
Well... Be seeing ya, then.

Thanks for your patronage!
On this trip downriver, you scored (X) points destroying targets!

[If you lose]

Oh, that's too bad... If you had gotten at least 25 points, I'd have given you 
a lovely prize.

...Want to go again? It's just 20 Rupees.

Next time, try to get a prize!
Come again anytime!

Thank you very much! Now, time to go back upstream!

You're back? Remember, you lose 1 point whenever you hit a wall! Well, good 
And have a nice trip!

[If you win]

Congratulations! As the first costumer to score at least 25 points, you receive 
this prize!
Come again anytime!

                                                                     Appendix B
4: Malo Mart Kakariko Village

Hey, Link.
Buy something...

Time is money. If you're done shopping, then quit wasting both...

Hylian Shield: 200 Rupees
Don't let them sell out before you buy one!

A Hylian shield will run you 200 Rupees...but if you have that much, I'll eat 
my hat. And I don't even HAVE a hat.

A Hylian shield will cost you 200 Rupees. Want one or not?

I see. I SUPPOSE I can part with it...

Wooden Shield: 50 Rupees
This is a simple shield. It's made of wood, so it will burn away if touched by 

You already have a similar shield, don't you? Yes. Yes, you do. Sorry, there'll 
be no shameless extravagance on my watch.

A wooden shield will cost you 50 Rupees, but you can't afford it. Don't expect 
a discount just because we're from the same town.

A wooden shield will cost you 50 rupees. Want one or not?

You can't go walking around carrying a bunch of the same shields... Use your 

Red Portion: 30 Rupees
This potion replenishes your life energy. Keep it in an empty bottle.

If you want some red potion, you'd better bring an empty bottle...

Red potion will cost you 30 Rupees, but I won't be donating it to the poor, 

Red potion will cost you 30 Rupees. Want some or not?

All right. Go ahead and dip your empty bottle in...

Arrows (10): 10 Rupees
Arrows for a bow. Watch your supply!

10 arrows will run you 10 Rupees. Want 'em or not?

Hawkeye: 100 Rupees
This eyewear allows you to see distant objects as if with the eyes of a hawk.

The Hawkeye costs 100 Rupees...but there are people with enough Rupees, and 
then there's you. The guy with not enough.

The Hawkeye is 100 Rupees. You want it or not?

                                                                     Appendix B
5. Malver and Malo Mart Castle Town

You'll buy it now, if you're smart, at MAAAAA-LOOOO MART!
Welcome! Welcome! Grand opening sale going on now at Castle Town Malo Mart!
Twenty percent off? THIRTY percent off? Of course! Why not? We look out for 
you! The hero of discounts, that is us: Malo Mart!
Buy it now, if you're smart! Make your selection using (analog stick)!

Buy it now, if you're smart! Pick and choose using (analog stick)!

Thank you for your patronage! Shop again sometime!

Welcome! Welcome to Castle Town Malo Mart!

Magic Armor !Special! 598 Rupees
This is quite a bargain when you think of how valuable your life is. What's a 
few Rupees to stay alive?

You drive a hard bargain! But this is as low as I am authorized to go, so 
please! Pay the listed price!

We have sold out of magic armor!

Magic Armor -SOLD OUT-
*This item as been discontinued.
I am terribly sorry. The costumer that was here right before you picked up the 
last one!

Arrows (10) !Nice Deal! 5 Rupees
Light, safe, and accurate! Equip these and you will NOT be sorry!

Blue Potion !Act Now! 50 Rupees
A restorative elixir recommended for those who do not feel 100%. (Requires an 
empty bottle.)

Red Potion !Feature! 15 Rupees
Just one bottle is the perfect pick-me-up! (Requires an empty bottle.)

Bombling !Boom Deal! 30 Rupees
These endangered creatures have been successfully propagated! This is a special 
10-Bombling set!

Water Bombs !Big Deal! 45 Rupees
For aquatic defense. (set of 15) NO one can beat this price!

Bombs !Blast Deal! 45 Rupees
Made by Barnes Co. (set of 30) Only Malo Mart can deliver these savings!

Welcome! Welcome!
The hero of discounts, Malo Mart, will be a legend in Castle Town!
Come on in! Welcome! Take a look at our wares!

Buy one! Get one!

If you want one, get one!

Buy it! You know you want it!

If you want one, then get one!

I'll take one! I'll take one! I don't really want one, but I'll take one, by 

Sell it!

Sell it to ME!

                                                                     Appendix B
6: Plumm

Oh, a human! I'm Plumm!
But I don't need to talk to humans!

Plumm has no need to speak to humans...

[If you approach as a wolf]

Hello hello hello hello! I am Plumm!
I'm REALLY excited about the latest attraction down here at the lake... Wanna 
hear about it?

(Not now)
Ah, I forgot!

Oh, you're back?
Oh, was there something else you needed from me?

(Listen to rules)
This attraction is all about popping balloons as you move toward the goal! It's 
The balloons are worth different amounts of points: Watermelon=1 Orange=3 
Oh, and if you break the same type of balloon twice in a row, you get double 
the points! But only up to 10 times...
If you hit a wall and fall off, then you get NO point! That's right, 0 points 
for you! Press B to start over from the beginning.
You know you get something neat if you get over 10,000 points, right? ...Not 
that you ever will!
Well, the game starts as soon as you fly into the air. Yeah!

[If you fall during the game]

That was so...lame!

[If you start over]

Hey! What's the matter?

[If you score a low amount of points]

(X) points... I mean, really... Are you even trying?!

[If you fall short of 10,000]

Hmmm! (X) points...
Really, you haven't shown me anything too amazing yet! Nope!

So... Wanna go again?

[If you score over 10,000]

What?! No way! (X) points?!
You got more than 10,000 points... Wow. Here, take this.
But... Don't think I'm giving you this because I like you or anything!
So you're completely hooked now, aren't you? You NEED to go again to try to 
beat the high score, don't you?

Hmmm... (X) points...
Booooooooooooooooooooooo... That's nowhere near my personal best!

Well... Uhh, great... A new record!
Look, whatever. Just try harder next time...

                                                                     Appendix B
7: Purlo's STAR Game

Greetings and salutations, good sir! Welcome to the kingdom of hopes and 
fondest dreams!
In this place you can taste the life of a circus star AND get your hands on 
gear that boggles the minds!
It is our EARNEST hope that you find delight playing the STAR game!
The rules are exceedingly simple!
So all you must endeavor is to Track down all the glowing orbs And collect them 
all before time Runs out!
Heh... Rather outstanding name, I must say.
Step right up! Shyness, BEGONE! It's only 10 Rupees! Who's up to the 

(No, thanks.)
Oh, my STARS! Shock!
Far be it from me to tell you your business, but if you loaf overmuch, 
another's star might rise above yours!

Excellent, good sir!
Care to play the STAR game for a mere 10 Rupees?

(I'll do it.)
Many thanks, good sir! The game will begin once you enter the cage! May chance 
favor you! Heh heh heh...
Good sir, are you at the ready?! Then away we GO!

[If you lose]

Ah ha HA! Shabby luck, good sir!
What think you, good sir? The road to stardom is rather twisty, no?
I must tell you, a true star would be able to fly toward the far-off mesh!
In any case, we very much look forward to your next attempt at our humble, but 
sublime, game!
Heh heh... Yes, MANY thanks.

[If you win]

Er... Oh, what a happy day that is! The debut of a new star! Showers of 
applause all around!
To the star...I shall give THIS!
...Very well! The next stage will be one created just for YOU, good sir!
I would expire should you decline! Please, you must try it when it is ready!
Pbbbth! I shall remember this...

I'm afraid we require a short hiatus in order to assemble the special stage, so 
we will see you again soon!
Don't forget, you are forsworn to return! Don't forget!
I shall GET you...

Oh, fine day! I awaited you, good sir!
The STAR game created with YOU in mind, good sir... It's a special arena that 
costs 15 Rupees a shot!
Dare you try it?

(I'll do it.)

(No, thanks.)

Stop the show! Good sir! You're not through yet...but you wish to end the STAR 
game nonetheless?

Oh, what a misery-torn day this is! You didn't care for it, good sir?
If you wish to play, return anytime!
Heh heh heh... Yes, MANY thanks.

So all you must endeavor to do is Track down all the glowing orbs And collect 
them all before time Runs out!

EEE! Link talked to me!

No he didn't! He was talking to me!

WRONG! It's ME that he wants to talk to!

Ah ha HA! Ill luck, good sir!
What think you, good sir? The road to superstardom is rather wiggly, no?
...What are you looking at me like that for? If you want revenge, it's a mere 
15 Rupees!

Good sir!
Care to play a STAR-game revenge match for a mere 15 Rupees?!

(I'll do it.)

(No, thanks.)

What the--? You did it...?
Oh, what a magnificent day this is! The debut of a superstar! Let huzzahs and 
accolades ring forth!
To the superstar...I shall give THIS!
Congratulations! Yes, well and truly! You've claimed what you sought, so you're 
likely all through, hm?
Many thanks for playing, good sir!
Don't come again...

Ugh! You again?!
Oh, how fine a day this is! It's you! How ARE you, good sir?
I hesitate to ask, as I know full well of your superstar status...but would you 
care to aim for even higher?
Yes, good sir, for a limited time, the STAR game will cost, er, well...20 

(I'll do it.)

(No, thanks.)
Phew... Close shave.
Oh, hey, oh ho ho... How very unfortunate for us, good sir... Return anytime!

                                                                     Appendix B
8. Trill's Shop

GRRRARRR! FWEEEEEEEEEEET! Hey! Punish the evildoers!

...Huh? Hey! The evildoers are all gone?
...Wait, are you...a costumer?
Oh! Hey! Sorry! So sorry! Please forgive me!

Welcome! Hey! Buy something! Anything!

[If you pay]

Thanks! Hey! Thanks so much!

[If you take without paying and you've never paid him before]

Hey! Hey! You! Over here! Money! Put some money in!

[If you've use the store before]


Lantern Oil Refill 20 Rupees
The woods are dangerous at night! Don't run out of lamp oil! Dip an empty 
bottle with B, or just stick your lantern in.

Red Potion Refill 30 Rupees
This blend of mushrooms and herbs replenishes life energy. Dip an empty bottle 
with B.

                                                                     Appendix B
9. Village Cat Minigame

Ah, Link... I am so glad you are well.
Thanks to you, I have been spending my days in peace.
Thank you so very much.

And with these little ones here to keep me company, I never feel alone.
I have little to offer, but please make yourself comfortable here...

Do something fun with us! Ask the Cucco leader about it!

Oh... Welcome... This is the forgotten village...
30... No, more like 20...
That's how many cats have made it back here to the village...
So perhaps you could...you know...just...play with them?

I see... Well, I can't force you...
But... If you change your mind, please do come back.
Because I have something nice to thank you with if you do it!

So... You think you're ready to try that thing I was telling you about?

Aww, thanks so much... They're all so lonely...perhaps you could talk to every 
one of them?
...But if you leave the village, it will be like you never talked to any of 
them, do you understand? Cats are forgetful.
Oh, and let me give you a tip for speaking to all of them... Start at one end!
Got it?

Once you've spoken to all of the, come back to me again...

[If you restart and accept again]

This is such a big help... These cats are just so lonely... I really appreciate 
it, seriously...
Just don't disappear before you're done, OK?
Oh, and let me give you a tip for speaking to all of them... Start at one end!
Got it?

You talked to all of them! Thanks...
Now, your prize is in front of the old lady's house...
Make sure you pick it up before you leave...

Your prize is in front of the old lady's house...
Thanks... We're counting on you for next time.

Come play again, meow!

[If you play again]

...You know what to do, right? We're counting on you!

And thanks for everything...
If you want your prize, it's buried in front of the old lady's house...

                                                                     Appendix B
10. Yeto and Yeta's Sled Racing

[If you approach as a wolf for the first time]

Uh! Rare color of wolf!
Looks tasty...
You want dinner, uh?

No feel like meat tonight...

Uh... That too bad...

[If you approached Yeto as a wolf before]

Uh! You that tasty-looking wolf. Me remember!
You want dinner, uh?

No feel like meat tonight...

Uh... That too bad...

But... Looks so tasty, uh...

[If you approach as a human]

Long time since we meet, uh!
Wife feeling better, uh!
Nice weather for sleds...
You try, uh?

You hate fun, uh?

Husband love sled, he make me race lots, uh.
He love race with you, too, uh!

What, uh?
We race anytime, uh!

Uh! Race to home!

[If you lose]

Uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh! Yeto wins!
...Uh! Why long face?!
Rematch anytime, uh!

Yes! See you at top!

You want rematch, you go back to mountaintop, uh!

Uh uh! You!
You race, uh?

[If you win]

Uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh!
You beat Yeto!
You good, uh! You worthy sledder!
You want rematch, you go back to mountaintop, uh!

Here best time for Link... (time)!
You try to break record, uh? It good time!
(I love sled, uh!
I race anytime!)

What, uh?
We race anytime, uh!

You beat husband, uh! You good.
You...race me, uh?

Uh... That too bad... Next time, uh?

You race, Link?
You...race me, uh?

Uh uh! Good! Race to house, uh!

[If you lose]

Uh uh uh! Yeta wins!
...Aww, no sad face, uh.
You race again?

You come back and race anytime, uh!

Great, uh! We meet back at top.

Link, uh! You sled?
You...race me, uh?

[If you win]

Link, you too good, uh. I overconfident, maybe...
You slimmer than husband, uh... Hmm, maybe that your secret! You aerodynamic, 
You take this as token of respect for sled skills, uh!
...And no tell husband!
You come back and race anytime, uh!

        /\                                           Appendix C - Midna's Hints
       /  \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      /    \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
     /______\ Any optional dialogue from Midna is held within this appendix, 
    / \    / \ optional being the consortium of hints you get when you press up
   /   \  /   \ on the D Pad. The rest of Midna's dialogue is scattered 
  /     \/     \ elsewhere across other sections.

                                                                     Appendix C
1. Hyrule Castle

Right, that's the way. If you need help, just call me with (Up on D Pad).
As long as you're a good boy, I'll be happy to lend a hand!

If you want to get out of here, you be a good boy! You do exactly as I say!

Come on! Let's get out of here!

Ugh! That STENCH! Why are we lingering in such a nasty place?

Hmmm... The water's dropped... Oh, well.
Huh? I can't remember which way we were supposed to go...
Hey! Why don't you do a little looking yourself, you lazy wolf!

That was a soldier's spirit.
Maybe it's something from the other world? Eee hee!
There are lots of other spirits roaming about here, you know. Hone your senses 
with (D Pad) to see them. They might know things...

When I see a spot to jump to, I'll tell you, so make sure you respond quickly 
by pressing (Up on D Pad).

Phew... Finally made it to the top!
Look! We're almost outside. Why don't you try to find some footing we can use 
to climb up?

What're you doing? C'mon! Let's go!

Go find the tallest tower, OK?
I'll introduce you to someone very interesting...

Eee hee! That wasn't the person I wanted you to meet, by the way...
Well, let's just try and get to the tower.

We're almost there, so quit yapping and get moving!

Quit wasting time! RUN!

                                                                     Appendix C
2. Ordon Village

You listening? Look for a sword and shield that'll suit me. Got it?

Sounds like there should be a shield at the house with the waterwheel. Sneak in 
there and take it, will you?

Hey! That guy up there... Don't just ignore him! Do something!

All right...Now where's that shield?

Hey, come on, why don't you hurry up and grab that shield!

All right, so next we have to look for the sword!

Sounds like the sword that was supposed to be an offering to Hyrule was left on 
top of the sofa...
The people around here are so nice! I think we can just take it!

What?! You came this far, so rather than chatting, why don't you go get that 

If you want to save the townspeople, you should return to the twilight!
The forest where you were transformed into what you are now... You know where 
it is, right?

This is not a time for idle chitchat! Hurry up and get it done!

                                                                     Appendix C
3. Faron Woods

So... Where could that pitiful light-stripped spirit be?

This time, try fighting with a little strategy! Don't leave one to bring the 
others back!
Press and hold B and I'll put up a dark energy field... You trap all of these 
guys inside of it and then release the button!

Hey, remember that spirit... I bet it has some good news for you!

All you have to do is find the dark insects and reclaim all the Tears of Light, 
Use 1 and 2 to check your map and find the locations of the bugs. It's so 
Now just use your senses and attack! Hurry!

If you don't help the light spirits, this world will forever be covered in 
twilight as it is now.
You'd better fill the Vessel of Light with all of the tears or there's no 
telling what will happen... Eee hee!

Hmm, I get the feeling this area is even more dangerous than the last...
Let me just say this... Don't try to head into that fog without looking around 
carefully, OK?

Hey, what are you doing?! You can't just run through this fog!
You've got to look carefully to see if there's a way through the fog!

Don't you think heading to the temple deep within Faron Woods sounds like a 
good idea?
I mean, the thing I'm looking for is there, so maybe you'll find your friends 
there as well!

Hmm... Even with the light back, this place kind of looks the same.
But hey, what about your lantern? Remember what the oil seller said?
Don't be stingy! It's better to burn oil than wander in dark fog!

Hey, don't lose sight of that monkey!
Now that you don't have your lantern, you kind of have to follow her, right?

                                                                     Appendix C
4. Forest Temple

It's so dark and dreary in here...
Don't go running out of lantern oil just when you need it most! I don't want to 
take care of a lost little boy who's afraid of the dark!

If you want to know about this place, you might be better off asking a monkey, 
not me.
Hey... She doesn't speak because you're a human! How inconvenient... Eee hee!

I was wondering why she was being so nice. Now I know that she just wanted you 
to help her friends...
I don't like it, but we need her help too, so I guess we have to...

Based on his size, he looks like the boss monkey...but those other ones were 
friendly. He looks pretty hostile!
We're on a very important mission here, so knock down anything that gets in 
your way!

Hey! If you have time to talk, hurry up and take that guy down!

Well, that annoying monkey isn't here anymore, so let's take our time poking 
around the temple.

If there are still some captured monkeys, shouldn't you help them all while 
you're at it?
Once you've saved them all, we'll see what you get for your troubles!

Now all we have to do is find what we're looking for. Hurry!

To think that there was a monster lurking deep inside the temple...
These things will gobble up a little guy like you in one bite! If you don't 
want that to happen, you'd better keep your guard up!

Those things look like idiots with their mouths open like that...
Put something in those things' mouths to shut them up!

Eee hee! One more!

It...didn't like that...
I don't think it will be as easy this time around. Don't get eaten!

Hey, that guy... Isn't that the boss monkey?!
He brought an exploding bug! Maybe he's trying to help?

I think we have a chance...
That monkey's a good guy! Use his help and destroy this thing!

                                                                     Appendix C
5. Eldin Province

There are two more Fused Shadows... Let's get a move on and find them both!
Hurry, let's head to the Eldin Province to the west!

All right... I wonder where the spirit Eldin could be?

If the bridge being gone is the handiwork of shadow creatures, then they likely 
left it somewhere.
Was there any place that stuck in your memory? Look for somewhere that grabs 

Enough already. Quiet down and look for the light spirit Eldin...

What's this? This village is really muggy, huh?

Hey... The light spirit is waiting for you.
Hurry up and listen to what it has to say!

If you don't help the spirit, we won't have a chance of finding that Fused 
Hey, don't think I care for a second about your world of light... I don't! I'm 
helping you because I have to! You remember that!

Maybe if you light the candles, you'll find the basement entrance... Don't you 
think? This sanctuary is old, but it sure is extravagant!

The dark power is in the sacred land of the proud mountain people. ...At least, 
I THINK that's what the spirit said.
The place you need to go... You know where it is, right?

Sounds like a Fused Shadow is somewhere up that mountain...so all we can do is 
I don't know what that Goron's problem is, but you'd better come up with a way 
to get up that mountain...and quick!

What's wrong? I was so impressed with how nicely you jumped up there, and then 
you had to go and ruin it by falling down!
If you want to overcome a wild beast, watch its movements and match with 
(analog stick), then press A at the right time to subdue it.
That's my advice for learning how to master a wolf that just won't listen... 
Eee hee!

...WHAT?! What are you talking to me for? You have to help that kid!
Ugh... Look, hurry up so you can get back to finding more Fused Shadows for me!

You have to save that kid, right?
So hurry up and get him!

Ugh... This doesn't look good for that kid.
If that guy rushes you, you won't stand a chance.
Do your best to avoid him and slice him as you pass!

All right. The second Fused Shadow must be somewhere here on Death Mountain.
This is just one big pile of rocks. I don't know where we'll find it, so we'll 
just have to do a thorough search!

That HAS to be the treasure that the spirits entrusted to the Gorons...
What in the world are you doing?! Hurry up and find the Goron mines!

                                                                     Appendix C
6. Goron Mines

Is this a mine or a volcano? You mean to tell me the Gorons come in and out of 
this place like it's no big deal?
You're just a measly human! If you fall into that lava, that's the end of it, 
so be careful!

That's weird. This place is pretty cool. Good place to take a bath?

Oh... It's one of the Gorons. Think he's one of the elders that guy was talking 

To get the object I'm after, we're going to need to collect all the key shards 
the Goron elders have.
We have to hurry and find the other two!

Well, if it isn't another decrepit Goron. Must be another of their so-called 
elders, huh?

Looks like this guy is the guard... Sounds like he's mistaken you for an 
intruder, and I doubt he'll listen to reason. You'll have to fight him.
Whoa! Look at how the floor tilts! Talk about unstable. You'd better stick 
yourself to it so you don't fall off!

Don't be fooled by his size! He's like the ones on the mountain path: a Goron 
who can't really do anything but roll!

Wow! He's a tenacious guy... He's lucky he's a Goron. Otherwise he wouldn't be 
getting back up here after falling into the lava!
Just keep tossing him into the lava until he quits getting back up!

Well, looks like you made out all right by coming here. You get to keep some 
treasure of an ancient hero!
We've come all this way, so why not take it? It might even make you seem a 
little more heroic... Eee hee hee!

There's still one Goron elder with a key shard... We have to get it as quickly 
as possible!

So this is where he was waiting, huh? Well, let's get that last key.

Yes! We collected all the key shards! Let's hurry to the room the Goron elders 
sealed off!

Hey! How exactly do you plan to fight the monsters in here without a shield?
You perishing in a place like this isn't going to do my any favors, so why 
don't you equip yourself properly before you regret it.

The fact that it could change a Goron into a beast like this proves that the 
power was forbidden for a reason...

Can't you use those chains around his ankle to stop him from moving around?
He's all out of sorts! Now's your chance!

As soon as he collapses, you've got to go for his crystal eye!

Defeating something that big and burly isn't going to be easy.
There you go! Keep doing that and then keep attacking that eye on his forehead!

                                                                     Appendix C
7. Lanayru Province

The person you're looking for is in Lanayru Province, right? Well, good for 
Head to the twilight that has fallen north of Kakariko Village.
The Fused Shadow should be there too, so don't forget!

There should be a spirit whose light was stolen somewhere in this land, too...
You know what to do, right? First we need to find the spirit or we won't be 
able to return the light to this land!

[Try to warp]
Give it up! If you were to go somewhere else now, you wouldn't be able to warp 
back here!
If you want to warp from here, you have to find a portal in this area first!

They said we can't get to the spirit's spring... What's that supposed to mean?
Well, if there's a spirit in Lake Hylia, then we need to go there.

What're you doing? Run now or the fire will get you!

What's going on around here?! I don't understand...
I think the spirit's spring should be around here somewhere. Let's look around 
some more...

What's going on around here?! I don't understand...
Why don't you start by looking around here?

So that must mean that we can't get to the spirit's spring because Lake Hylia's 
dried up, right?
Hmm... First, we'd better do something about Lake Hylia...
Oh no... Do I have to hold your hand through this?

Ugh! Another pest!
I guess he felt like he needed to call a friend!
When it comes close to earth, jump on it and try to pull it down!

Amazing... There isn't even a drop of water in the river...
We should reach the water source if we stay on this path, right? Right. So 
let's hurry!

Who'd have thought that Zora's Domain was covered in ice...
Oh no... I can't believe what we've gotten ourselves into.

Now that we've seen it, it's not like we can ignore what's happening in Zora's 
Unless we can melt the ice, the water will never be restored to Lake Hylia.
We have to think of a way to melt the ice...

We took the long route, but it's almost time to meet the spirit...
All right, hurry! Let's go meet the spirit of Lake Hylia!

The Lanayru province is vast, so finding dark bugs in it is a task in itself...
Use a portal or that bird that you call near the reed whistles to get it done!

I think it's just a matter of time before light shines on the twilight in 
Lanayru Province.
Hurry! Go get the last Tear of Light!

The last insect should be around here...
I get a weird feeling about this place... Don't let your guard down.


What... What is that thing? I've never seen anything like it!
Ugh, I HATE creepy things like that! Do something, fast!

Ugh... I don't want to touch it!
H-Hey! While it's flipped over, jump on and punish it!

Hey! Hurry up and pick up the Tear of Light that it dropped!

All right... This is the real thing! Hurry up and find the last Fused Shadow!
I guess it's in the Lakebed Temple of Lake Hylia but...can you swim?

To get your hands on the last Fused Shadow, you have to dive to the bottom of 
Lake Hylia.
Well then, why don't you save the prince of the Zoras just as the Zora queen 
The Zoras are usually the protectors of Lakebed Temple, so I think they should 
help us...

This guy again... What a pest...
I'm telling you, it's a waste, no matter how many times you battle him. Teach 
him a lesson!

What's this guy's problem? Looks like he went and got a nice pair of matching 
What an idiot... He's got his sides protected, but his front is completely 
Don't waste time going hand-to-hand with this guy. Use a projectile when the 
time is right!

Take a good look at that guy and you should see a bunch of gaps in his armor. 
Fire arrows into those spots!
This guy fights dirty, so there's no reason we can't fight dirty, too!

Hurry up and get the gift from the Zora queen!

If you put on that armor the Zora queen gave you, you should be able to dive 
even to the bottom of the lake with ease.
I know it's been a lot of trouble, but we've got the last Fused Shadow almost 
in our grasp...
We're headed for the underwater temple in Lake Hylia...so make sure you're 

Getting that Zora armor was the right idea, huh?
It was a lot of work getting that armor and then getting here, so you'd better 
do whatever it takes to get that last Fused Shadow!

                                                                     Appendix C
8. Lakebed Temple

This place is much nicer than those stuffy, hot Goron mines!
So, where could that Fused Shadow be? Hurry up and find it!

If you knock those stalactites down, they'll probably make nice little 
stepping-stones you can use.
If you combine your bombs with your arrows, you should be able to hit them 
pretty easily, right?
Don't you remember? You got a letter from the guy at the bomb shop in 

This is one huge temple. Just trying to find a single key is gong to take a lot 
of effort...
Just do me a favor and don't get lost!

Do you remember which door was locked? The door was surrounded by red rocks, I 
Unlike you, I've got a memory like a steel trap! Eee hee!

Why did those Zoras think it was a good idea to build such a huge temple?!
It's a lot harder to look for stuff when you don't rely on a map...

So this whole temple is like a giant waterway... Great. Not only is it huge, 
but it's full of water-powered mechanisms.
I suppose it's here to protect the Fused Shadow, but I wish we had some way to 
take advantage of it...

Look, the water's moving all sorts of mechanisms down here! If we go back to 
rooms we've already been through, things may have changed.

There's something spooky in the air...

Ughh... It's creepy...
I can't stand pimply things like this...
This one's all yours!

I told you this one's all yours! Stop calling me! That thing's gross!

Eww... That wasn't good for my appetite...
Hey! What do you suppose is in the treasure chest that thing spit up? It's 
gross, but you should probably open it...

You know, I'd rather not linger in the den of something as gross as that thing 
Use that item you got to get us out of here.

If you forget the fact that it came out of that nasty creature's mouth, then 
it's much easier to appreciate the treasure you just got.
You remember seeing those patterns in this temple that looked like targets? Why 
don't you see if you can target them with (reticule)?

I'll bet if you keep pouring water into places that look like waterways, you'll 
be able to open up closed passageways.
Keep looking for areas that look like water should be flowing through them.

We're so close to getting out of here... Look carefully at the map and check 
the places you haven't visited yet.

Now, let's find a big locked door to use that key on!

I can't see a thing...
Look, the only thing we can do is dive down and have a look around, so hurry up 
and do it!

Hey! Don't get too close to those tentacles!
If you get careless and get tangled up in its tentacles, you're in for a nasty 

So, it's eyeball really is the key? Good! Keep aiming for that eye!

Don't let its size scare you!
Even if it's huge, it should still have a weak spot!

Did you see its back? It's got an eyeball there, too!
Just like you did last time. Target its eye with Z, get close, and attack using 
your sword!

Keep it up! Get it!
If you get in front of it, it'll suck you in, so you've got to swim up 
alongside it.

                                                                     Appendix C
9. Journey to Gerudo Desert

...Link... H-Hurry...

Link... Go... Hurry...
To...Zelda... Hu-Hurry...

The Master Sword is deep within Faron Woods, in the Sacred Grove.
Get that swords and let's undo the curse that Zant put on you!

Hey, it's that monkey again... Why don't we try to help her out?

Who knew that a place like this existed within Faron Woods...
Sounds like the wind... Do you hear something, Link?

These must be the things that were after the monkey... Could this all be the 
work of that little guy with the horn?
I don't know my way around here too well, so try not to get lost.

Ugh! Quick little guy, isn't he?
But hey, he's not trying to run away at all, is he? He's...trying to lead us 

No matter how many times we kill them they keep coming back, Link!
We ought to lay down a field of dark energy and beat them all at once!

Why, that little... He likes to joke around, huh?
Let's get him while he's entranced by that horn!


I don't even know where the Mirror of Twilight is...
But we might find a clue in the bustle of Castle Town...

Link! Pay attention!

A cursed mirror that sends people to another realm... That sounds like the 
Mirror of Twilight.
Link, hurry.

It feels creepy... Link, be careful.

So that big monster with the horns built a base in a place like this?!
This place looks like it'll be crawling with enemies, so be careful, OK?

Looks like you're trapped...
Who knows what's around here, so don't let your guard down...

Not this guy again!
Hmph! Let's teach him that flailing a giant axe around is NEVER a good idea!

If we want to get out of here, the only thing we can do is break down the gate!
Look! That boar looks strong enough to do the job!

                                                                     Appendix C
10. Arbiter's Grounds

The sand in here looks really dangerous... Be careful, and don't lose your 

I have a bad feeling about this... Let's hurry up and finish him off.
Ohh... I get it! You can't see him with your human vision.
In that case, why not use your beast sense?

Wolves can see things with their senses that humans can't, right?

We have to search for the three ghosts that fled...
But we'd get destroyed just looking around randomly... You don't suppose 
there's any clue as to their whereabouts, do you?

Let's look for a clue that'll help us find those ghosts!

Let's use the scent of those three ghosts that fled to track them down!

Two more ghosts left for us to catch...
Be careful, and make sure you don't get lost trying to figure out which scent 
you're chasing.

Good. We're down to one ghost... Just follow that last scent trail!

That big gate at the entrance must've been tied to those flames...
Let's go, Link!

We've finally reached the finale...or something like that.
I have no idea what lies ahead... Gather your wits and let's go!

Use your senses to find enemies you can't see with your eyes!

When he comes in to attack, that's when we need to counter with our own attack!

You can't do anything about an enemy circling in the air while you're in beast 

This thing just depresses me... Get him down here and introduce him to your 

You're going to have to use both your wolf powers and your human skills!

Link, hurry! Now's your chance!

This thing uses the flowing sands to protect itself. What a creep...
Give it to him with that little spinner of yours, Link!

Take a good look...
He may be ridiculously huge, but there's only one bone that's holding him up...
If we could just destroy that one support...

...Is he...dead? Somehow, I don't feel very relieved by this...

Yikes! I guess that wasn't the end of it! Staying down here is just going to 
make it easier for him to do away with you, Link!
Ride the rail on the wall to climb up top!

Yeah... You can't attack while you're riding the rail...
If things look dangerous, jump across to the rail on the opposite wall!
Keep doing that until he gets close, then do it again to ram into him!

                                                                     Appendix C
11. Snowpeak Mountain

The mirror shards lie in deep mountain snows, within an ancient wood, and 
somewhere in the sky...
Hurry up and collect all the shards so we can return the mirror to its original 

The reekfish that the beast of Snowpeak took...
Maybe if we took a look at it, it'd give us a clue...

If we follow the scent, we may be able to get through the snow!
We don't have any other option right now... We'll just have to give it a try!

It looks as though this is the summit.

Hey... Hey! A giant white beast holding a red fish...

At least your efforts yielded something... Who would have thought the yeti 
would have one of the mirror shards?
All right! Let's hurry to the yeti's house!

                                                                     Appendix C
12. Snowpeak Ruins

The mirror in Snowpeak Ruins... I'll bet it's a shard of the Mirror of 
It's a huge mansion, so it'll be hard...but let's find that shard and take it 

I was a little worried about how we were going to find the shard, given how big 
this place is... This map will definitely come in handy!
Let's go to the room that she marked and get that key!

Borrowing the key is our only chance to get into that bedroom...
Let's ask again where the key is, OK?

The wife doesn't seem very confident, but I think maybe it'll work out this 
Well... I guess all we can do is go back to that room that they told us about.

Hmm... I have a bad feeling here... Be careful, Link...

Doesn't he know how dangerous that is, swinging a big metal ball around in such 
a small place?!
It's too dangerous to get close to him, so let's use the ceiling to get over to 
his other side!

That's the way! Go for him after he throws that ball!

That metal ball... It looks heavy, but since it's here, we may as well grab it.

Food AGAIN?! Give me a break...
Unfortunately, our only option is getting that girl to remember. Ugh... Let's 
go ask her again.

Ugh... Give me a break... The wife better remember where the key is this 

I hope we get it right this time... Just go to the spot on the map!

Finally! We have the key! Now, let's go get that mirror shard from the bedroom!

And she seemed so quiet, too... I guess that's the power of the Mirror of 
Let's get her out of that ice-covered shell and release her from the spell!

Let's help her out! We need to break more ice each time!

Don't get distracted by the columns of ice that keep falling...
Avoid the falling ice columns and aim for the last big one that falls!

That's the way! Watch the ice columns as they're reflected in the floor and 
break the biggest one!

                                                                     Appendix C
13. Temple of Time

There are two mirror shards left! There should be one hidden in an ancient wood 
and another somewhere in the sky.
Hurry up and collect the last two shards so we can return the mirror to its 
original state!

This is an oddly organized and quiet place...but it still has an ominous feel 
to it.

I can't stop thinking about that statue... Let's go find a matching one, OK?

Let's see if we can find another statue to match that one.

I have no idea what to do against these knight things!
Just try using the sword techniques you know, Link!

The only thing to do is try all your sword techniques on it until you find one 
that works!
Don't worry! You have what it takes to beat him, Link!

The place we need to bring this statue... You know where it is, right?
The statue belongs in the place we saw before... You know, where the similar 
statue was.

Now let's hurry up and find that piece of the mirror so we can leave this weird 
place behind!

That is one big spider...
And it's even got a big nasty eye on its back... If that thing cast its gaze on 
you, you'd be helpless...

Your best shot is going to be after you've knocked it down!
If you don't hurry up and attack it, it'll crawl back up to the ceiling!

What a handy little spider-crusher!
Go on! Just whack away!

It sure is a persistent bug... Even if it is just its eye, it's still alive...
But now that its armored shell is gone, you should be able to finish it off 
with your blade!

                                                                     Appendix C
14. City in the Sky

There's one more mirror shard to find... Somehow, we have to get to the sky...
Doesn't someone know the spell that will restore power to the Dominion Rod?
Hey, wasn't there a guy who knew a lot about the people of the sky in the bar 
in Castle Town?
You could always ask again, you know?

Apparently that girl is holding the key to the sky...
Link, we have to help her get her memory back!

I can't read any book written in Sky letters...
Well, I guess you just have to ask that guy to read it for you.

I get the feeling that little by little, we're getting closer to the sky...
Let's do what we can for now, Link.

All right! Up to the sky to find that last mirror shard!

Zant hid that mirror shard in a pretty good spot...
Whoever would have thought there was a place like this above Hyrule?

If you see an Oocca wandering by, maybe you could try using it to help you get 
...Because I'm pretty sure they're trying to help you, Link.

Take a good look around this room. Do you see anything suspicious?

Take a good look at his shield!
When he holds it up, that's your chance!

When he's holding his shield up, your arrows will just bounce off...but that's 
exactly the chance you need!
If your timing is right, you could use it to pull him down.

You wore yourself out beating that thing! Let's grab the treasure and get out 
of this place.

We should try climbing to all of the places we couldn't reach before with one 
of your gadgets!
Take a good look around you...

Hey, it's that overgrown bird again. Maybe it's lonely because it can't fly 
down here...
Isn't there some spot where we can latch on to it? Then we could pull it down 
to us!

That thing's not going to come down if we just sit here waiting for it...
You won't have anywhere to run to, but you should try and get close and pull it 
down again.

You saw its back, didn't you? I bet that's its weak spot!
We need to find a way to get up on its back.

That's it, keep attacking its weak spot!
If you don't stay sharp, that fire will engulf you!

                                                                     Appendix C
15. Palace of Twilight

You've collected all of the shards of the Mirror of Twilight...
Now, Link, let's hurry! To the Mirror Chamber!

Zant is in the Twilight Realm!
I want to help Zelda and the people of Hyrule... I truly do.
Please, Link... Help me. Help me defeat Zant!

Zant had his way with this place... So much as changed...
I can't show myself to them, but I want to save everyone I can... Please help 
me, Link.

Link, hurry!
My people are still not true beasts.
If we can defeat Zant, there still might be time to save everyone!

If we waste our time dealing with this, we'll never find Zant!
Don't bother yourself with those little nuisances! Attack Zant's image!

Didn't you notice something strange in this room when we came in here?
You saw it, right?

The Sols were like the suns that illuminate this world.
Once they were lost, everyone began to transform...
We've got to save them quickly...

Ugh... Looks like this guy will take some convincing before he lets us take 
that Sol...
Watch for the shadow of the hand, Link!

Link, this isn't good!
Hurry up and get that Sol back!

Thank you, Link... Because of you, these Twili returned to normal.
Let's go in search of Zant!

If we can return the last Sol to its original location, we should be able to 
figure out where Zant is.

Use that sword to cut through the darkness and follow the path to Zant!

You can't let Zant's crazy movements confuse you...
As long as you use the light of the Twilight Realm to your advantage, you'll be 
fine, Link.
The light in your blade can drive back Zant's magic power!

                                                                     Appendix C
16. Hyrule Castle

We can't stay in the Twilight Realm! We have to first fulfill our obligations 
to Princess Zelda!
Link, let's go to Hyrule!

We must save Princess Zelda, Link! We must!
To Hyrule Castle!

Where's Princess Zelda? We have to find her and save her!

Don't get distracted by his size, Link! Watch his moves!

Just like that, Link! Dodge his charge and attack his stomach after he stops!

He's changing his strategy! Not only can you not confuse him, but you won't be 
able to attack!
Beast against beast! How about matching an evil beast against a sacred beast?!

Rather than run around, let him charge you from the front!
I'm going to do what you've been doing, Link, only with my power.

That's it, Link! I'll take care of his attacks, so you counterattack when he's 

        /\                                   Appendix D - Sidequests and Others
       /  \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      /    \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
     /______\ This section spans dialogue that have fallen into an amorphous
    / \    / \ quasar of heinous, unlabeled things. Caution ahead at your own 
   /   \  /   \ risk.
  /     \/     \ 

                                                                     Appendix D
1: Malo's Mart and Hot Springwater Sidequest

Hrrph hrrph hrrph! Long, long ago I predicted that you would come, my brother.
Tell me, my brother, did you not see a young Goron in trouble in Castle Town?
I would go to his aid in a moment, but with that bridge still needing repairs, 
it is impossible...
Perhaps his fortunes will turn, for it looks like the Malo Mart is raising 
money to repair the bridge. This is a fine thing, my brother.
Perhaps you might consider a contribution to their fund-raising to help me and 

The Malo Mart here is raising funds to repair the bridge, my brother.
Perhaps you could make a donation to assist?

I heard there's a lot of price gouging going on in the shops of Hyrule Castle 
Town. People are pretty upset, I hear.
I loathe people who take advantage of the poor, unwashed masses. Give to my 
Castle Town shop fun so I can finance a shop there!

This is all going to the good of the people in Castle Town. Honest. Come on, 
help me finance a new shop there...

Welllllcome...to Malo Mart!
I have heard from a reliable source that shops in Hyrule Castle Town are 
gouging prices, crushing folks under the thumb of commerce!
Well, fear not, Brudda, for Malo Mart has proposed a townspeople relief plan as 
an answer to the lamentations of the common man!
Phase One: Repair the broken bridge leading from west Castle Town to the field 
in order to improve traffic!
Phase Two: Buy that Castle Town shop and sell products to the town at reduced 
prices! You have heard me right, Brudda!
There is a problem, however... The finances for the execution of this glorious 
plan are...lacking!
Please, Brudda! Offer some financial support to aid in the purchase of the 
Castle Town shop! For the benefit of the people!

We are (X) Rupees short of funding for the bridge repairs... We need that 
bridge for a steady flow of goods to Castle Town...
We MUST bring the cost of goods down in Castle Town, Brudda! Could you please 
help support this worthy cause?

We look forward to your future contributions, Brudda!

Thank You for Your Donations
Malo Mart Management

We have only (X) Rupees left to raise before we reach our goal for the bridge-
repair fund! Thank you for your support, Brudda!

Glorious day! We have collected enough funds to finance repairs to the bridge 
connecting west Castle Town to Hyrule Field, Brudda!

Those corrupt, prince-gouging shops in Castle Town are officially on notice! 
Soon they will rue!

We hope you will continue your financial support of our efforts to sell 
products in the town at discounted prices, Brudda!

We now have only (X) Rupees left before we reach our goal for financing a store 
in Castle Town, Brudda!
Please help us bring relief to the people of Castle Town who are suffering 
under the weight of an inflated cost of living, Brudda!

We have only (X) Rupees left! Thank you for your cooperation, Brudda!

We look forward to your future contributions, Brudda!

GORON (standing just beyond western Castle Town bridge)
Ahhhhhhhhhhh... I do not feel like doing a thing...
Now the bridge is fixed, but my body feels terrible. I just cannot go look for 
stuff to sell...
You know, all I really need is to shower myself with some piping hot 
springwater to get back to feeling normal...

Ahhhhhhhhhhh... I do not feel like doing a thing...
Ahhhh... At times like these, I wish I could douse myself with piping hot 

GOR LIGGS (After bridge is fixed)
You...made a donation, did you not? I am farsighted in all things, my brother!
But it is strange... Even though they say the bridge has been repaired, my 
young one in Castle Town fails to return...
I am sure he is hanging his head somewhere around the west gate right at this 
Here is the plan, my brother: I will prepare some hot springwater, and you will 
douse that young one to revitalize him.
What do you say? Will you do it?

Hrrph... It is a hard world, my brother...
We Gorons have a strong sense of duty, so I am sure there will be something 
good to come of it at a later time...

Hrrph. It is you, my brother.
Here is the plan, my brother: I will prepare some hot springwater, and you will 
douse that young one to revitalize him.
What do you say? Will you do it?

Oh... I see! I am counting on you to make the run, my brother!
Hot springwater cools as time passes, so if you do not hurry, you will end up 
with plain old cold water, my brother!

[If you fail]

Hrrph. It is you, my brother.
Hrrph hrrph hrrph! You failed, did you not? I am farsighted in all things, my 
All right. I will prepare more hot springwater for you, and you will douse the 
young one near Castle Town to revitalize him.
What do you say? Will you do it?



[If the water goes cold]

Wow, the water's gotten cold...

Awww... How unlucky...
If only that was piping hot springwater...

[If you succeed]

Say, is that some Kakariko hot springwater you have there, Brother?
If you poured it on me, I am sure it would restore my strength...

I feel rejuvenated!! That smell, that heat... It is springwater from back home!
Well, I am going to get back to work and open up the shop!

You really did me a favor the other day, my brother!
It seems my young one in Castle Town has been revitalized and has resumed his 
Life has returned to both this village and Castle Town! Hrrph hrrph hrrph!

Father is all better! He can work again!

Bathe in it to moisturize the skin! Drink it to restore health! Famous Goron 
hot springwater, THIS WAY!

Ho! I remember you, Brother!
Thanks to you, we are now able to open up shop again!
I will give you a special price on hot springwater. How is 20 Rupees?

Got it, Brother! I will provide you with some steaming hot water!

Oh, wait! You know you cannot carry hot springwater around with you without an 
empty bottle.

(No, thanks.)
Really? Well, next time you need some, you know where to go, Brother!

GORON (outside castle walls)
Brother, you have the sweet smell of hot springwater...
If I took a drink of that, I would feel so strong, I could probably get rid of 
these rocks!
Well, if you want to get through here, could you give me that hot springwater 
you have there?

Well, I am going to get working on this, so you should come back in a little 

Oh, well, if you do not care, then I do not either...

Hey! Look, Brother... The way is now clear, just as I promised!
I do not know where you are headed, but be careful!

Now, you stay strong, Brother!

Thanks to all, the bridge is built, the trade route is secure, and we saved 
money for the economic development of Castle Town!
But in order to reach our Castle Town development goal, we still need 200 
Please help us bring relief to the people of Castle Town who are suffering 
under the weight of an inflated cost of living, Brudda!

Glorious day! We achieved our goal, Brudda!

Today marks the day that another legendary establishment is born! You should 
travel to Castle Town later...

Thank you for your cooperation, Brudda!

Wellllllllcome to the Malo Mart Flagship Store, Brudda!
We are currently holding a GRAND OPENING SALE at our brand-new store in Hyrule 
Castle Town! COME ONE! COME ALL!
You will buy it now, if you are smart, at MAAAAA-LOOOO MART!

Together, we can do anything!
You will buy it now, if you are smart, at MAAAAA-LOOOO MART!

                                                                     Appendix D
2: Princess Agitha's Golden Bugs

...Oh, boy! I thought you were a giant grasshopper!

[If you enter with the Zora Armor on]

...Oh, boy! I thought you were a giant jewel beetle!

But you're not a bug! You're a person! Still, you're wearing those clothes, so 
that tells me you like bugs too!
Oh, boy, I forgot the formalities! You have an audience with the princess of 
the bug kingdom. Agitha is my name!
I've invited the 24 golden bugs of the world to the ball, but...
I don't know if they got lost on the way or what...but they're not here, that's 
for sure.
If you see them, would you please bring them here to Agitha's Castle?
And tell them the princess awaits!
Oh, boy, if you have a bug with you now, please give it to me. The ball must 

[If you try to leave]

I know you have bugs...

Have you brought a bug for Princess Agitha's ball?

Sniff sniff... I sense it! The distinct pheromones of golden bugs on you!

Oh, oh, oh boy! Who's your friend? You're a li'l (gender) (bug)! Aren't you, 
you li'l cutie?!

...You actually went bug hunting for me, didn't you?
To be honest, I doubted you would... I guess some might consider me a poor-
mannered princess...
From now on, if you bring me insects, I'll share my happiness with you. You can 
keep it in this!
I wonder if there's a partner for li'l (gender) (bug) somewhere close by where 
you found this one?
If any bug becomes part of a pair, I think I'll be able to share GREAT 
happiness with you!

Li'l butterfly, li'l butterfly, I want to be wrapped up in that powder, too...
Oh, boy, thank you so much! I'm so happy!
Allow me to share this happiness with you!

Li'l pill bug, li'l pill bug, I wish I was smaller so I could roll you around 
like a ball...

Li'l grasshopper, li'l grasshopper, I'd love to tickle your belly all day 

Li'l ladybug, li'l ladybug, if I was smaller, I would get on your back and we'd 
fly around...

Li'l ant, li'l ant, I might mistake you for a grain and put you in my cereal...

Li'l mantis, li'l mantis, if I had sickles like that, I could slice onions 

Li'l phasmid, li'l phasmid, I want to tie your long antennae into bows...

Li'l dayfly, li'l dayfly, I want to take your colorful tail and make the 
loveliest braid ever...

Li'l stag beetle, li'l stag beetle, your spiky pinchers are so sharp! They must 
feel so good...

Li'l beetle, li'l beetle, I want to use that shiny shell as a pillow and fall 

Li'l snail, li'l snail, just once I'd like to take a bath in that slime...

Li'l dragonfly, li'l dragonfly, when you look at me with those great big eyes, 

Oh, yes! We have a pair! Don't those li'l bugs look happy?!
Allow me to share this happiness with you!
(X) bugs left until I have them all... Oh, I hope that you'll keep bringing 
them here! You will, right?

Oh, boy, thank you so much! I'm so happy!
Allow me to share this happiness with you!
(X) bugs left until I have them all... If you don't mind my asking, could you 
find a partner for any single bug at the ball?

At the moment, I have (X) bugs here at Agitha's Castle, ready for the ball.
(X) bugs left until I have them all... If you don't mind me asking, could you 
find a partner for any single bug at the ball?

[If you collect all of the bugs]

Oh! This means all the bugs have made it to the ball safely!
Hee hee hee... And everyone has a partner. They all look so happy...
You worked very hard. Your efforts will forever be passed down in the insect 
kingdom, brave knight.
Please accept this declaration of honorable citizenship and the memento that 
goes along with it.
If you ever feel like talking to the bugs again, you know where to go!

Oh, boy, am I happy! I'm surrounded by bugs!
Here, listen... Can you hear the happy calls of the bugs?

[If you meet her in the field south of Hyrule Castle Town]

I sent out invitations for my ball to 24 gold bugs, but none of them have 
arrived yet...
If you see them, could you bring them to my castle on the other side of the 

As of now, I have (X) bugs left at my castle.
We only need (X) bugs more until all of them are here... Please do your best to 
find partners for the ones that are not already paired up!

[If you meet her as a wolf]

Oh, hello, puppy...
I'm sorry, but I don't speak puppy. Do you want to play?

                                                                     Appendix D
3: Jovani's Greed

Doggie... Look... I still can't move.
I NEED TO MOVE! Quick, you have to bring me the remaining ghost souls! I still 
need (X) ghosts more!

You did it! I can move again! This is all thanks to you, right?
Oh, I have to ask you... Will this do?
Ah ha ha ha! I hear you can get this stuff in the cave on the eastern edge of 
the Gerudo Desert, too!
But...my body is still golden... Does this mean my soul is still not whole?
That's strange... Maybe we need the souls of 60 ghosts...
Can I ask another favor of you, doggie? Can you defeat more ghosts? Just (X) 
ghosts more...

I can't see my girlfriend looking like this...
Doggie, please... Defeat just (X) ghosts more!

Say, you're the one who fixed my master up, right? I owe you!
My name's Gengle. I'm the leader of the cats outside.
Well, well... Now that I can move, maybe I should go outside and breathe some 
fresh air...

Thanks for all your help!
All this money... What are we going to do with it?

You did it! Look at me! I'm back to my old self again!
Thanks to you, everything in my life is coming up roses! Ha ha HA!
Oh, of course, I need to thank you... Please accept this...
All right! I need to let my girlfriend know that I'm back!

I wonder what her expression will be when she sees I'm back?!

Yeah, normally Jovani would be leaping out of there.
I'm also relieved that Gengle is doing well.

Haaaaah... So sleepy...

Jovani... Where'd he go, Meow?

Don't you think that humans who pick us up and carry us around are annoying?!

So Gengle is safe?! I'm so glad!

Wahhh... Wah wahhh...
I hadn't seen her in a while, and she'd started dating another man...
Wahhh... Ahh wahhhh... Ohh...

Oh, it's you.
I see... So my master got dumped, huh?
Well, I guess it goes to show that for humans, it's all about money.
I guess that means we don't need any more money...so you can take it all.

What? Come again if you run out of money.

                                                                     Appendix D
4. Cave of Ordeals

Your power is a gift given only to those with confidence to wield it.

Welcome, Hero, to the Cave of Ordeals.
I am the Great Fairy. I reign over all fairies of this realm as their queen.
In praise of your efforts thus far, I will release fairies to Ordon Spring.
From this point on, you will have need of the ancient power that allows one to 
walk along a cliff without a single foothold.
If you want to give up the fight for now and go reequip yourself, I can return 
you to the surface. You need merely speak to me.

Would you like to return to the surface and hone your skills, Hero?

Then go from me.

If you return to the surface, you will have to face the ordeals from the 
beginning should you ever return. Do you still want to go?

I understand. I will take you to a spring where the fairies await.

Then go from me.

I am impressed that you made it this far, Hero.
In praise of your efforts thus far, I will release fairies to Faron Spring.
From this point on, you will have need of the power that allows one to break 
through massive, frozen blocks of ice.
If you want to give up the fight for now and go reequip yourself, I can return 
you to the surface. You need merely speak to me.

Hero, would you like to return to the surface to prepare?

I understand. I will take you to a spring where the fairies await.

In that case, please go on.

I am impressed that you make it this far, Hero.
I praise of your efforts thus far, I will release fairies to Eldin Spring.
From this point on, you will have need of the power that allows one to become 
master of lifeless statues.
If you want to give up the fight for now and go reequip yourself, I can return 
you to the surface. You need merely speak to me.

I am impressed that you make it this far, Hero.
I praise of your efforts thus far, I will release fairies to Lanayru Spring.
From this point on, you will have need of the power that allows one to move 
freely from wall to wall.
If you want to give up the fight for now and go reequip yourself, I can return 
you to the surface. You need merely speak to me.

You cleared many ordeals... How impressive.
In praise of your courage, I will give you this blessing.
Drink this and you should be able to clear any difficulties that you might 
encounter ahead.
If ever you need my assistance again, visit any spring.
Many on the surface cry out for one with powers like yours.
You must go back.

[If you come back to the Cave of Ordeals a second time]

You challenged this place once and cleared every ordeal impressively.
There is nothing more that I can give you...but if you still want to test your 
power, go forward.

It is impressive that you have made it this far. Your trust in your skills is 
your greatest asset.
I have no more to teach you, but if you wish to further test your prowess, then 
continue on.

It is impressive that you have made it this far. Your trust in your skills is 
your greatest asset.
In praise of your courage, I will give you this blessing.
Many on the surface cry out for one with powers like yours.
You must go back.

I think you are lost. It's got to be around here somewhere...

Welcome, Hero...
The tears you hold... They are blessed...
Drink them and you shall better endure the dangers that await you.
If you ever have need of me, come to this place.

Welcome, Hero...
Please receive the blessings of the fairies...
If you ever have need of me, come to this place.

                                                                     Appendix D
5. Hidden Skills

Let teachings of old pass to you...
Take sword in hand and find me...

[If you approach as a wolf]

With sword in hand, return to me...


We meet again.
You have a little more of the look of a hero than you did before... Do you feel 
ready to earn your next skill?

(I do not.)
In that case, return to your world and train yourself further. When you are 
prepared, come visit me again.

(I do.)
Very well...
But the hidden skill I am about to teach you is a defensive maneuver...
First, you must obtain a shield. Visit me once you have done so.

But before we begin, I must test you to ensure you have mastered the last skill 
I taught you...the ending blow.
Now then, come at me!

To stun an enemy and knock him down, you must strike repeatedly with powerful 
Powerful moves like the jump attack and spin attack, or rapid and repeated 
sword strikes are most effective.

What ails you?! The most basic aspect of swordplay is Z-targeting! Do not tell 
me you have forgotten that!

What is the matter? Did not the Finish A image appear before your eyes?
Coward... The moment the enemy is felled, you must lock on and strike with A! 
Try it again!

Excellent. It appears you are certainly capable of performing my lost art.
Very well. My second skills is...
The shield attack! Let it be hewn into your mind!
No matter how well-tempered a blade is, if a foe is clad in armor and bears a 
shield, the sword will do it no harm.
When facing such a foe, you must lock on with Z and thrust your Nunchuk forward 
to thrust your shield against the defenses of your enemy.
Use Z to lock on to me, then try it! You have learned much, so I am sure you 
will know the moment when you can do a shield attack!

What ails you?! You cannot do a shield-attack unless you lock on with Z first!

Get closer to your foe, lock on with Z, and thrust the Nunchuk to do a shield 

After you shield-attack and send your foe reeling, attack with your sword 

Excellent! Open a hole in your enemy's defenses and use your sword to strike 
without hesitation!
The shield attack I have just taught you can also be used to repel an enemy's 
projectile attacks.
Would you practice? Then repel my magical attack with your shield attack!

You must lock on with Z! This is a fundamental of combat!

You must time it just as my spell hits your shield to reflect it back at me.

Perfect! When your enemies assail you with projectiles, this is how you will 
defeat them with ease!
Done! You have learned the second of my hidden skills, the shield attack!

You learned the second hidden skill, shield attack! Lock on to a foe with Z and 
thrust the Nunchuk forward to thrust your shield!

But I have five more secrets to teach you...in time.
The path to becoming a true hero is a long one, but once you have grasped all 
of the hidden skills, you shall be worthy of walking it.
You must persist on the lonely path of the sword to obtain true courage and 
earn the strength to conquer the great evils of this world!
Do not forget your discipline with the blade before we meet again!


We meet again.
It appears your efforts have begun to return some vigor to Hyrule, but it is 
far too early to relax.
Do you feel ready to earn another hidden skill to steel yourself for the 
forthcoming battles against more powerful foes?

(I do not.)

(I do.)
Very well...
But before we begin, I must test you to ensure you have mastered the last skill 
I taught you, the shield attack.
Now then, come at me!

What ails you? You cannot shield-attack unless you lock on with Z first!

Excellent. It appears you are certainly capable of performing my lost art.
Very well. My third hidden skill is...
The black slice! Let it be hewn into your mind!

A mere shield attack is no match for an enemy protected not just by a shield, 
but by a thick, full-body coat of armor.
Such enemies are often focused on guarding against frequent frontal attacks. 
They often leave their rear unprotected.
That is when you Z-target and press A while tilting (analog stick) to jump and 
roll around your foe, then perform a jumping slice.
That is the back slice! Now, try it!

What ails you?
First you must Z-target the foe. Then, while tilting (control stick), press A 
to repeatedly jump left or right and circle around your enemy!

Hmm... You carry yourself well. But do not forget the proper timing for 
swinging your sword while you jump.
The third hidden skill, the back slide, has been passed on!

You learned the third hidden skill, the back slide! Circle around heavily 
armored enemies to strike their unguarded rears!

There are still four hidden skills for you to learn.
Do not neglect your daily sword training between now and the time you come to 
learn the next skill!
May we meet again.


We meet again.
This next is the greatest of the hidden skills I have taught you to this point, 
and it may test the limits of your endurance...
Do you still wish to master it?

(I do not.)

(I do.)
Very well...
But before we begin, I must test you to ensure you have mastered the last skill 
I taught you, the back slice.
Now then, come at me!

Excellent. It appears you are certainly capable of performing my lost art.
Very well. My fourth hidden skill is...
The helm splitter! Let it be hewn into your mind!

It is impossible to circle around and perform a back slice against fully 
armored enemies that move swiftly in combat.
Against such foes, you must first use a shield attack to make them flinch, but 
then quickly press A...
You will leap into the air over the enemy's head and greet them with your blade 
by immediately striking from behind.
This is the helm splitter! Show it to me!

What ails you? Have you forgotten Z-targeting, the most basic of sword 
techniques? First you must hit with a shield attack!

What ails you?! First you must make me flinch with a shield attack!

As soon as you make your enemy flinch with a shield attack, immediately strike 
with A.
Try it again! Start with the shield attack!

What ails you? Right after the helm splitter is the perfect time for subsequent 
If you get behind an enemy, do not hesitate to attack!

Hmm. Impressive.
Do not miss your chance to land a helm splitter with A after you shield attack!
The fourth hidden skill, the helm splitter, has been passed on!

You've learned the fourth hidden skill, the helm splitter! Stun foes with a 
shield attack, then press A to chop from above!

There are still three hidden skills for you to learn.
Do not neglect your daily sword training between now and the time you come to 
learn the next skill!
May we meet again.


We meet again.
At last, the skills I have to teach you have entered the realm of true secrecy. 
They are forgotten ways that do not leave our bloodline.
Among the techniques I shall be teaching you are some that may even endanger 
you... Do you feel ready to learn these skills?

(I do not.)

(I do.)
Very well...
But before we begin, I must test you to ensure that you have mastered the last 
skill I taught you, the helm splitter.
Now then, come at me!

Excellent. It appears you are certainly capable of performing my lost art.
Very well. My fifth hidden skill is...
The mortal draw! Let it be hewn into your mind!

The ways of the sword are known to many creatures, and some have strengthened 
their guards against shield attacks and back slices.
Should you encounter such a foe, the mortal draw that I am about to teach you 
is most effective.
You must sheathe your sword and cast aside the most basic of sword skills, the 
Z-target. You must wait until your foe is upon you...
Then, before the enemy can see through your ruse, you must quickly draw your 
blade with A.
There is no defense for this. The mortal draw deals death.
Very well. Now, try it!

This technique cannot be used when the enemy can read your movements because 
you are Z-targeting.
You must wait until your foe is nearly upon you without Z-targeting to pierce 
the enemy unexpectedly!

You cannot strike unforeseen unless you sheathe your sword!

Await your enemy with sword sheathed. When Draw A appears vividly before your 
eyes, your chance to strike has come.
If you miscalculate the space between you and your opponent, you will be 
attacked instead.

Hmm. That was a pointed strike. But do not forget that this technique leaves 
your life at risk.
The fifth hidden skill, the mortal drawn, has been passed on!

You learned the fifth hidden skill, the mortal draw! Sheathe the blade, await 
your foe without Z-targeting, and strike!

There are still two hidden skills for you to learn...
Do not neglect your daily sword training between now and the time you come to 
learn the next!
May we meet again.


We meet again.
...There are but a few hidden skills left for me to teach you.
I have warned you of this before, but if you fail to execute the hidden skill I 
am about to teach you, your life may be forfeit...
Do you still wish to master this skill?

(I do not.)

(I do.)
Very well...
But before we begin, I must test you to ensure you have mastered the last 
secret I taught you, the mortal draw.
Now then, come at me!

Excellent. It appears you are certainly capable of performing my lost art.
Very well. My sixth hidden skill is...
The jump strike! Let it be hewn into your mind!

One of the basic sword techniques is the jump attack. It inflicts great damage, 
but none would call it effective against multiple foes.
To perform the jump strike, prepare a jump attack, but focus power in your 
blade. The surge the blade releases can strike all enemies around you.
This is the jump strike!
Lock on with Z then press and hold A until just the right time to release your 

What has happened to your basic sword skills? You cannot execute this technique 
properly unless you are Z-targeting!

What ails you?! You must lock on with Z then press and hold A to focus power in 
your blade!

Hmm. Impressive.
Do not forget the timing for releasing the power you just felt!
The sixth hidden skill, the jump strike, has been passed on!

You learned the sixth hidden skill, the jump strike! When Z-targeting, press 
and hold A to focus, then release!

There is but one hidden skill left for me to pass on to you.
You are already endowed with the strength required of the hero.
Do you not already feel the courage granted by this strength as it guides you 
step by step toward your true enemy?
Believe in your strength. Continue to push forward unflinchingly, and without 
straying from your path.
May we meet again!


At last...the time is now.
This is the seventh and final hidden skill that I can pass on to you.
This forgotten skill is the ultimate secret technique, and it tests the true 
courage of the one who wields it.
Do you wish to master this final hidden skill, which can be earned only by the 
one true hero?

(I do not.)

(I do.)
Very well.
Then before we begin...I will test you to ensure you have mastered the last 
skill I taught you, the jump strike.
Now the, come at me!

Excellent. It appears you are certainly capable of performing my lost art.
Very well. My final hidden skill is...
The great spin! Let it be hewn into your mind!

You have at your disposal the basic sword technique known as the spin attack.
You have mastered numerous hidden skills and now house the spirit of the true 
You now have in you the ability to magnify the power of your spin attack.
But the only time you can draw out that power is when your life energy is 
brimming full.
Now, try unleashing this spin attack on me.

What ails you?
Lightly shake the Nunchuk side to side.

I will repeat this once more: you can only perform this technique when your 
life energy is brimming full. Remember this.
The final hidden skill, the great spin, has been passed on!

You learned the final hidden skill, the great spin! With full life energy, 
unleash a spin attack for extra damage.

You have at last mastered all of the hidden skills.
Although I accepted life as the hero, I could not convey the lessons of that 
life to those who came after. At last, I have eased my regrets.
You who have marched through countless foes, each mightier than the last... 
You, who now gaze to the future with vision unclouded...
Surely you can restore Hyrule to its stature of yore as the chosen land of the 
Go and do not falter, my child!

                                                                     Appendix D
6. Letters

Post Office Notice - The Postman

About Mail Delivery
If I have a letter for you, I will approach you at high speed! Please do not 

-Dear Adventurer- Ooccoo

Oooh, I was so happy to meet you the other day. I really had fun!

I was also so happy to see my son's face again. SO HAPPY!

I'd like you to know, we will be heading to another location soon.

If you continue on your travels, chances are that we'll meet again.

My son and I are certainly looking forward to seeing you again. Take care of 

URGENT NOTICE! - Kakariko Goods

New sundries shop in Kakariko!

If you haven't already been by to look, I have an item that isn't available 
anywhere else! Come by before someone else snatches it! 

And please, no window shoppers!

URGENT! Bomb arrows! - Barnes Bombs

Thank you for your patronage! Enjoy the power of our bombs!

Not only can you place and throw our bombs, but they can be combined with the 
bow by going to the - Items screen and using Z to create bomb arrows. Try it 

Good stuff inside! - Barnes

Finally, we've finished production on a new type of bomb! These ones can be 
used in the water! We have them in stock NOW! Come by and pick YOURS up!

                 Barnes of Kakariko

Now open for business! - Lanayru Tourism

The Lanayru Tourist Association has prepared a grand tour of natural splendor!

Our current main attraction is Iza and Hena's Playground for Grown-ups!

You'll find both immediately down the riverbank from the Zora waterfall pool.

Iza's Rapid Ride
Shoot at targets while riding the raging river rapids! No extra charge for 
using bomb arrows!

Hena's Fishing Hole
It's a fight against nature with lure fishing! What kind of fish can you catch?

We look forward to seeing you there!

They came so quickly! - Telma

Link, there are some folks I want you to meet, so come to my bar right away. 
These guys will be powerful allies for you.

You heard me! Come by! I'll be waiting at my Castle Town bar.

Rare items in stock! - Barnes

How've you been? Still a bomb enthusiast? Still loving bombs?

Well, I've got some interesting bombs in, so come on by and pick some up!

Wait'll you see what these babies can do!
                   Barnes of Kakariko

Heroes, come together! - Malo Mart

Malo Mart, the hero of discounts, is finally open in Castle Town! We've got all 
you need for that upcoming trip, and we offer it at unbelievable prices!

Magic Armor (Limit 1)
Act fast, heroes!

Agitha's Dream - Princess Agitha

Agitha had a dream last night.

Butterflies surrounded Agitha and lifted her up to the sky.

As she waved to the people below in Castle Town, she could see so many people, 
some waving back, others staring wide-eyed.

Agitha flew in a big circle above Hyrule Field and the butterflies formed into 
a bed beneath her and said "Let's play again..." Soon they faded away and she 
woke up in her own bed.

Ohh... Agitha wants so badly to fly in the sky...

From Wife of Yeto - Yeta

I feel bad. You paid me visit and I not much help.

I feel better now. Husband and I sled lots now. Very much fun.

Link, you join us at Snowpeak sometime!

About Ilia's memory... - Renado


There is something about Ilia's memory that I wish to tell you.

I know you are busy, but please come visit me in my sanctuary in Kakariko 

Update - Shad

Dear Link,
After we parted, I tried that word on all the statues I could find in Hyrule, 
but it was a disaster! How disappointing!

...But if I let something so small get to me, my dear father will scoff at me 
from beyond the mortal coil.

I'm going back to the sanctuary in Kakariko Village to see if I can't find 
another lead.

I certainly hope that if you find any more information, you will share it with 
me posthaste.

The dream chaser, Shad

Challenge for you! - Purlo

Ladies and gentlemen!
The STAR game that has swept Hyrule by storm is now available in Castle Town!

Even those of you who have beaten it once will find all new challenges and 

Come find us in the tent on the east gate road! We'll be waiting!

Hey, kid!!! - From Jr.

Wow, kid! Awesome!

(My son said that he wanted to write you a letter... He worked so hard on it! 
Goodness, yes!)

We thank you for all your help, both on land and in the sky. The other Oocca 
thank you, as well.

Come visit us anytime! Take care!

                                                                     Appendix D
7: Others

So...you're Link...right?
Sorry about giving you so much trouble before. I'm not proud of it, but it's in 
my genes to obey anyone who blows a reed. How sad...
Let me make up for that mess earlier by pointing out any wonderful items around 

Hey! There's something near here, Link!

Link, there's nothing around here.

Even though you change shape, I still understand you.
Link... Hurry up and return to your true self...

MIDNA (If you try changing into a human or wolf when other people are around)
No! Stop! If you change now, you'll only cause more of an uproar...
Don't you think you should leave town for a while? I mean, at least until the 
uproar settles? THEN you could come back...

If you transform here, it would scare someone! You don't want to do that, do 

        /\                                           Appendix E - Storyline FAQ
       /  \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      /    \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
     /______\ Twilight Princess is a confusing game, often coming at the 
    / \    / \ expense of definition, and this dark revelation more often than 
   /   \  /   \ not makes the game murky and difficult. After finishing the 
  /     \/     \ game, all of my suppositions and thoughts about the Zelda 
  -------------- series had been rebuffed. I licked my wounds, dissonantly 
scornful that the creators had lied and that they cared as much about clearing 
up the timeline as one out of shape cares about leaning up after New Year's. 
They clog the gyms, but their actions lie.

However, TP's attributes are as such that you have to appreciate the process 
more than the actual end. People don't arrest themselves to this particular 
aperture because there is any great meaning. They do it for the love of the 
series and for the reasoning aspects. One may liken it to a logic puzzle. That 
is a virtue, not a vice. Perhaps a more apt metaphor is that of a classic 
painting. Some see only the technical merits, the style, the manner. Others 
accentuate the color and the form and the abstract, mercurial nature. There is 
a right brain-left brain aspect to it. Some chose the stringent path of canon. 
Others chose to see each individual game as an imperfect form of a more perfect 

If the main posture of theorizing is to correctly predict author intention, 
then how do we go about doing that? For instance, if we go only by the 
strictest level of canon, then we start making up unintended theories just to 
satiate in game facts that might not have even been carefully thought out, and 
we will ultimately be undone by our very own methods. But if we interpret the 
games as art forms, then facts suddenly lose their magnetic quality, and it's 
almost like Zelda's version of existential subjectivism. Therefore the answer 
is somewhere in the middle. But to what degree?

1. Facts will incontrovertibly conflict.

2. Therefore some facts must be ignored.

3. Not all facts are created equal (no one's going to claim that Ganon's words 
aren't more important than Ooccoo's or that the Triforce isn't more important 
than Deku Nuts).

4. But we cannot resort to anarchy and story pollution by ignoring facts at 
will or making anything up that we please.

5. The previous points must find balance within the Zelda ecosystem.

And that is the desperate struggle in the Zelda food chain. Point four is 
perhaps most salient and yet ambiguous because no one knows where to draw the 
line in the sand, and like people judging a painting, there is an infinite 
quality on just how much emphasis to put on the various factors. I think at 
their heart most Zelda fans want their theories to be amenable to the creators. 
Saying "I want to believe what the creators believe" might sound altruistic, 
but it's a very weedy ground. We are often left up to guesswork with no real 
facts in the lineup. We don't even know if some things are supposed to make 
sense. That might frustrate some, but it drives others.

This is merely an introduction and is not meant to provide answers, and I 
certainly do not mean to present the following theories as fact. Sometimes I 
will give my answer, but I seek to remain slightly agnostic so personal 
interpretation can be allowed. I hope it merely leads you to a better 
understanding of the series so you can judge the facts yourself and come up 
with your own theories.

Q: When does Twilight Princess take place in the timeline?

A: Twilight Princess's biggest motif, its mystery and allure, is also a 
condition that nullifies its relationship to the rest of the series in a 
practical way like Wind Waker. Wind Waker established a bubble in which all of 
its connections were outlined and cultivated and editorialized in textual form. 
This might lead many to believe that it is Wind Waker that has the stronger 
pulse on Ocarina of Time while Twilight Princess is aloft in the ether 
somewhere, capriciously connected to its ancestors but having no real 
relationship to them. However, a deeper, more penitent drive might produce a 
broader outlook so that these two different methods can coexist habitually 
while at the same time espousing exclusivity.

Since I last updated this script, there has been a fair amount of seismic 
activity. Uhhh, like continental drift. Landmasses shattered and sunk 
civilizations. In a Nintendo Dream interview carbon dated from late 2006, 
Aonuma essentially confirmed the split timeline. Everything I navigate from 
here on out will operate under the assumption that the split timeline is 
correct. Credit goes to The_Earthbound_Kid for unearthing this interview, and 
even though she did not do this particular translation (thehylia.com did), 
Kiera2 helped me initially read the scrawl of hieroglyphics.

       -When does Twilight Princess take place?

       Aonuma: In the world of Ocarina of Time, a hundred and something
       years later.

       -And the Wind Waker?

       Aonuma: The Wind Waker is parallel. In Ocarina of Time, Link flew
       seven years in time, he beat Ganon and went back to being a kid, 
       remember? Twilight Princess takes place in the world of Ocarina
       of Time, a hundred and something years after the peace returned
       to kid Link's time. In the last scene of Ocarina of Time, kids
       Link and Zelda have a little talk, and as a consequence of that
       talk, their relationship with Ganon takes a whole new direction.
       In the middle of this game [Twilight Princess], there's a scene
       showing Ganon's execution. It was decided that Ganon be executed
       because he'd do something outrageous if they left him be. That
       scene takes place several years after Ocarina of Time. Ganon was
       sent to another world and now he wants to obtain the power...

       -And now we wait for the game to enjoy the rest of the story,
       huh? (laughs)

In practical terms, at the end of Ocarina of Time Link departs from the world 
where he defeated Ganon. This may be christened the adult timeline, which 
eventually forms the backbone of Wind Waker. However, by going back in time a 
new timeline is spun off. In this timeline Link never opens the door to the 
Sacred Realm, and Ganon never touches the Triforce. He is eventually caught and 
executed, and this timeline becomes Twilight Princess. This works because of 
the intended consequences.

How long has Aonuma been planning this? According to TSA, Aonuma did not cement 
the split timeline until Twilight Princess was birthed (supposedly not until 
later in 2005). However, according to an interview done with Aonuma and 
Miyamoto back in 2002, it seems that Aonuma was aware of the idea and may have 
even planned it during the time of Wind Waker.

       There's also a more complicated explanation. If you think back to
       the end of The Ocarina of Time, there were two endings to that
       game in different time periods. First Link defeated Ganon as an
       adult, and then he actually went back to being a child. You could
       say that The Wind Waker takes place 100 years after the ending in
       which Link was an adult.

But didn't Aonuma at E3 2005 say that Twilight Princess falls between Ocarina 
and Wind Waker? Correct, but in the June 2005 issue of EGM, Aonuma concedes 
that the story was not set in stone at that time.

       EGM: Where does this Zelda fall in the overall series' timeline? 
       EA: I can't really go into that, partially because I want to keep
       it a secret, but also because we haven't decided yet. There are
       some kinds of... unstable, uncertain ideas that we're working on.
       Depending on what course we choose in the process of development,
       the final ending may change.

This was when the entire flood rumors began to reach maximum velocity. 
Presumably it was changed at a later date, origins unknown.

Q: Is the Hidden Village Kakariko from Ocarina of Time?

A: The sign above the Hidden Village reads Old Kakariko in Hylian, and Impaz 
tells us that it was founded by her namesake (in Ocarina of Time we learn that 
Impa founded Kakariko). Other explanations have been posited, and though my 
psychic abilities are rather stunted, the first solution sounds like the most 
plausible. I find that with Nintendo, the less wordy explanations are usually 
the most correct.

Q: So what about the Sheikah?

A: A dying tribe in the days of Ocarina due to the prolonged wars, Impaz, a 
descendant of Impa, appears to be the last one that holds to the tradition of 
the Sheikah, although Impaz herself is nothing more than a brittle old woman.

Q. Did the Oocca really create the Hylians?

A: The English translation appears to be definitive on this. However, the 
Japanese is much more ambiguous and could be taken to mean that they created 
Hyrule instead of the Hylians. It is not clear what is meant. It's hard to 
imagine, however, that the history of Hyrule could hinge on creatures that 
belong in a turkey baster.

Q: What does the Lanayru cutscene stand for?

A: The cutscene was very allegorical, taken from legends of past games. The 
first part deals with Hyrule's creation. I will consult Link to the Past's 
manual for a formal description:

       According to the Hylian scrolls, the mythical gods descended from
       a distant nebula to the world that was and created order and
       life. The God of Power dyed the mountains red with fire and
       created land. The God of Wisdom created science and wizardry and
       brought order to nature. And the God of Courage, through justice
       and vigor, created life - the animals that crawl the land and the
       birds that soar in the sky. After the gods had finished their
       work, they left the world, but not before creating a symbol of
       their strength, a golden triangle known as the Triforce. A small
       but powerful portion of the essence of the gods was held in this
       mighty artifact, which was to guide the intelligent life on the
       world of Hyrule.

The legend is well traveled, as most fans have played either Link to the Past 
or Ocarina of Time. It goes on:

       Many aggressively searched for the wish-granting Triforce, but no
       one, not even the Hylian sages, was sure of its location: the
       knowledge had been lost over time...but no one ever found it.
       The yearning for the Triforce soon turned to lust for power, which
       in turn led to the spilling of blood. Soon the only motive left
       among those searching for the Triforce was pure greed.

Part of that was abridged. The spilling of blood in the search for the Triforce 
is a commonality between this legend and the allegory in Twilight Princess. As 
Link is tempted by the power of the Triforce, it is a metaphor for how brother 
was set against brother. However, a new, never before established wrinkle is 
added. According to Lanayru, powerful interlopers, skilled in the dark arts, 
rose up and tried to establish dominion over the Sacred Realm using the power 
of the Fused Shadows. They failed and were eventually banished to the Twilight 
Realm from atop the Arbiter's Grounds.

So that's all it really means. It combines previously established mythology, 
which Twilight Princess uses to craft its story. Forget everything else and 
stick with the meaning.

Q: Did Zant kill Ganon at the end of the game?

A: There are two possibilities here: either Zant gave Ganon a finishing blow, 
or it was a symbolic image of Zant's final destruction. There are multiple 
points we need to consider. Back in the Palace of Twilight Zant spoke of his 
god resurrecting him, and so the image we see could be an ultimate severing of 
their symbiosis. Zant's last words also spoke of no animosity toward Ganon, as 
he seemed blissfully unaware of how Ganon was using him, so it does not seem in 
his character to destroy Ganon, nor were there any established means for him to 
finish Ganon from beyond the grave.

Q: Is the warrior who teaches you the Hidden Skills the former Hero of Time?

A: The golden wolf you meet throughout your adventure will transform into an 
undead warrior, who will teach you one of seven possible Hidden Skills. The 
Prima collector's guide calls him the Hero's Shade. Shade literally means 
ghost. Some might chalk this up to Prima's overactive imagination, but the 
official Nintendo Power guide calls him the Hero's Spirit. In addition, he 
might have exposed himself in his final entreaty to Link.

       Although I accepted life as the hero, I could not convey the
       lessons of that life to those who came after. At last, I have
       eased my regrets.

He also speaks of a bloodline that can inherit his skills (using the word 
"our"), and of course he transforms into an image that resembles the divine 
beast, perhaps signifying his similitude to Link. He is also left-handed in the 
Gamecube version, a common trait of the hero. However, there is no definitive 
proof backing the wings of this theory.

        /\                                                Appendix F - Epilogue
       /  \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      /    \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
     /______\ I began this guide around New Years of 2007, and since then I
    / \    / \ have typed tens of thousands of words, erased many more, and
   /   \  /   \ spent distended hours trying to elevate this script to the 
  /     \/     \ level of fidelity that I would find permissible. For a moment
  --------------  I want to dispense of the sweeping words and speak in 
frankness and candor. This FAQ is a chimera of several different things: my 
love for The Legend of Zelda, my hope to honor it, more importantly the people 
who travel to this marginal corner of the internet and visit this page, and 
most importantly the creators of The Legend of Zelda. So I would like to list 
several people who have either pointed out mistakes, helped make this script 
better, were instrumental in proliferating the script, or who actually worked 
on the game.

The Earthbound Kid
Aya Kyogoku and Takayuki Ikkaku (script writers)
Mr. Miyamoto
And most importantly...Mr. Aonuma, who I look up to as a truly brilliant 
creative mind. If there is any game designer with whom words meet their end, it 
is him. I find no better solace in honoring his work than the hours I have 
spent producing this script. His entire team produced a magnificent game.

The script would not be where it is without these people. I would also like to 
thank everybody else who e-mailed me and either thanked me or wanted to discuss 
Zelda with me. I remember all of the e-mails, and they mean a lot to me. I love 
finding people who share my passion.

This document is no great work of mankind, but I'd still like to think that 
everybody who visited this script got something out of it. That is probably the 
most I can ask for.

        /\                                                  Appendix G - E-Mail
       /  \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      /    \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
     /______\ If you would like to contact me, you can find me at 
    / \    / \ Mgoblue301@gmail.com. I try to check this guide over as best as 
   /   \  /   \ my intrepid editing skills allow, but I can still remain 
  /     \/     \ oblivious to certain problems; checking them against their 
  --------------  source material again isn't always possible, so finding a 
fault can be like finding a bad screw in a jet. This guide will inevitably need
mass forms of repudiation, so if you have suggestions or comments or 
architectural inequities in the way this guide is structured, I am open to 
Zelda walkthrough search:

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