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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

Copyright 2004-2006 Brian McPhee

Author: Brian McPhee
E-mail: Kirby0215@aol.com
Most Recent Update: February 26, 2006
Originally Created: September 26, 2004
Version: 1.0

-------------------------------Table of Contents-----------------------------

Section 1*

Walkthrough Layout*

Section 2*

Outset Island*
Forsaken Fortress*
Dragon Roost Cavern*
Forbidden Woods*
Tower of the Gods*
Return to Forsaken Fortress*
Earth Temple*
Wind Temple*
Ganon’s Tower*

Section 3*

Second Quest*
Rupee Hunting*
Pieces of Heart*
Sea Chart*
Tingle Tuner*

Section 4*

Zelda Timeline*

Section 5*

Credits and Legal Information*
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||-------------------------------Section 1*--------------------------------||
 \                                                                         /


I’m Kirby021591, and I approved this walkthrough.

Joy to the world!  I wrote another walkthrough!  Now, when you cry your tears 
of joy don’t aim at the computer screen.  Good work.  Yes, another guide for 
another Zelda game.  I know what you’re thinking.  Really, I don’t, but just 
in case any of you are thinking “What’s the deal with all the Zelda games”, I 
have an answer.  You see, I only write quality walkthroughs.  Some games 
would take me fifteen minutes to write a walkthrough for, but Zelda games are 
truly baffling at times.  I like to think that no one ever reads the 
introduction.  No one ever reads the first few sections, either.  I could 
practically skip them and go straight to the last dungeons.  That’s because 
walkthroughs are meant to help people when they are stumped.  This is not the 
hardest Zelda game out there, but it has its moments.  So let the walking 
through begin!

It has become customary for me to write my review in the introduction.  Yeah, 
I probably riled you up above.  No, though, there’s more stuff separating you 
from the guide.  Well, I’ll be straightforward.  This game rocks!  At first I 
had my doubts.  When I heard about the storyline and how it clashed with the 
other Zelda games tremendously I refused to play the game.  But when you 
realize that this is in the future of the other Zelda games you see that it 
really makes the storyline more elaborate.  It doesn’t contradict a thing 
said in other games.  Then there was the graphics bit.  Graphics do not 
matter as long as you can see what’s happening on the screen.  The graphics 
were sort of cartoonish (It’s cell shaded), but now you can see Link’s face 
and how he reacts to stimuli.

This game also has a boatload of secrets, semi-pun intended.  The Great Sea 
has flooded Hyrule so that everything is an island, and it is for this reason 
that Link gets his own talking boat.  Yes, a talking boat.  The game play 
also sticks to the classic Ocarina of Time style while adding new items.  I’d 
score it as a ten out of ten.  It has good music, a good plot, and good 
graphics.  I think the graphics are supposed to reflect Link’s maturity.  In 
Ocarina of Time where Link was an adult, the graphics were sort of spooky at 
times.  In this game, everything looks animated.  Good job, Nintendo!

By the way, if you see this guide on any website other than GameFaqs.com, 
please tell me.  With your help I can stop plagiarism.  It is a violation of 
copyright and is illegal.


It must have taken you half an hour trying to find this section.  I know it 
did for me.  That is why I always make a little navigation section.  Notice I 
have the asterisks (*) after the name of every section.  That is part of the 
grand plan.  Press CTRL + F to activate a search of the document.  This is 
Apple + F if you have a Mac.  Enter in the name of the section (Be sure to 
include the asterisk) and click “Find”.  It will take you to the first place 
that that text was used, namely the Table of Contents.  Click “Find” again 
and it will take you to the next place it was used, the actual section.  The 
reason I put the asterisks on was to distinguish the names of sections from 
time I might use their names in context, like I said navigation above.  
Helpful, no?


Note that I did not write this.  This comes purely from the game manual.  I 
don’t need Nintendo suing me.  I thought that the game provided a good 
summary of the plot, and I copied it here.  I repeat: I do not take credit 
for it.

                          |    Game’s Summary    |

Long ago, there existed a kingdom where a golden power lay hidden.  One day, 
a man of great evil found this power and took for himself, and with it at his 
command, he spread darkness across the kingdom.  But then, just as all hope 
has died, a young boy clothed in green appeared as if from nowhere Wielding a 
blade that repelled evil, he sealed the dark one away and gave the land 
light.  This boy, who traveled through time to save the land, was known as 
the Hero of Time.  The boy’s tale was passed down through generations until 
it became legend.

And then a day came when a fell wind began to blow across the kingdom, and 
the great evil once again crept forth from the depths of earth.  The people 
believed that the Hero of Time would again come to save them.  But the hero 
did not appear…

What became of that kingdom?  None remain who know.  The memory of the 
kingdom vanished, but its legend survived on the wind’s breath.

On a certain island it became customary to garb young boys in green when they 
come of age.  Clothed in the green of fields, they aspire to find heroic 
blades and cast evil down.  The elders wish only for the youths to know 
courage like the hero of legend…

The cinema that plays when you start your file shows this as well.  The one 
in the cinema, however, is longer and has pictures.

Here’s my little summary that I wrote.

                          |    My Plot Summary    |

In Hyrule there exists a golden power called the Triforce.  The Triforce has 
three separate parts, each created by the goddesses Din, Nayru, and Farore.  
The parts are wisdom, courage, and power.  The Triforce remained as the 
essence of the gods when they departed the earth.  The land that concealed 
the golden power became known as the Sacred Realm.  It was destined that a 
man of the desert called Ganondorf would obtain the golden power.

Princess Zelda had sensed this man’s evil intentions.  She entrusted a young 
boy named Link with the Ocarina of Time, a mystical instrument passed down in 
the Royal Line for many generations.  With it, he opened the gates to the 
Sacred Realm in the Temple of Time.  As he pulled the Master Sword from its 
pedestal, Ganondorf entered into the forbidden world of the Triforce.

The Triforce acts as a balance of virtue.  When a person touches it, they 
receive the piece of the Triforce that represents their most valued virtue, 
power, wisdom, or courage.  If one touches it with a heart that is in balance 
with the three parts of the Triforce, they are granted ultimate power, the 
True Force.  Ganondorf’s heart was not in balance, and so he received the 
Triforce piece of Power.

For seven years he searched for Link and Zelda, who received the other parts 
of the Triforce when it separated.  As an adult, Link destroyed five evil 
guardians in their temples, the source of the people’s suffering.  Link took 
the prizes of these dungeons, medallions and wondrous devices, and would one 
day meet with Ganondorf.  After an epic battle, Zelda and Link sealed away 
the great evil one.

Ganondorf’s black heart still beat.  With the Triforce of Power still in his 
grasp, he would one day escape the tainted Sacred Realm in which he was 
imprisoned.  The Hero of Time was dead after the centuries that had passed.  
Ganondorf was ready to begin a new era of darkness for a new world.  
Ganondorf escaped the Sacred Realm.

But, the legend of the Wind Waker, the legend of the new hero, the Hero of 
Winds, begins on Outset Island, a small southern island.  It is customary 
there that boys should dress as the fabled Hero of Time when they come of 
age.  It was on such a day that calamity struck – a gigantic bird kidnapped a 
young islander.  Her brother, still dressed as the Hero of Time, leaves in 
pursuit of his sister on the ship of a band of pirates.  Why does this bird 
only seek out young girls with pointed ears?  And who is the master of this 
terrible beast?  The legend continues...

=============================Walkthrough Layout*=============================

In this guide I do lots of side quests in the various sections that can be 
done at differing times.  So, I decided to make this useful section for 
knowing where I have you get what.  In other words, I list the titles of the 
sub – sections under the titles of the sections they’re located in so you 
know where to look if you have a question.

--------------------------------Outset Island--------------------------------

The Telescope and Hero’s Clothes
Hero’s Sword
Pig Hunting
The Bait Bag
Saving Tetra
Hero’s Shield
Spoils Bag

------------------------------Forsaken Fortress------------------------------

Forsaken Fortress

-----------------------------Dragon Roost Cavern-----------------------------

Windfall Island
The Tingle Tuner, Tingle’s Chart, and the Picto Box
The Killer Bees
The Assistant
The Great Sea
Dragon Roost Island
The King and the Prince
Empty Bottle
Dragon Roost Cavern

-------------------------------Forbidden Woods-------------------------------

Wind’s Requiem
The Great Sea
The Second Bottle
Forest Haven
The Deku Leaf
The Deluxe Picto Box and a Treasure Chart
Forbidden Woods

------------------------------Tower of the Gods------------------------------

The Great Sea
The Bombs
Nayru’s Pearl
The Great Fairy
The Second Great Fairy
The Triangle Islands
Tower of the Gods

-----------------------Return to the Forsaken Fortress-----------------------

Hyrule and the Blade of Evil’s Bane
Ballad of Gales
Tingle Tower
Big Octo
The Great Fairy and a Treasure Chart
Forsaken Fortress

--------------------------------Earth Temple---------------------------------

Return to Hyrule
The Queen of Fairies
Song of Passing
A Piece of Heart, two Treasure Charts, and the IN-credible Chart
Empty Bottle
Piece of Heart
Magic Armor
Complete Sea Chart
The Final Bottle, a Treasure Chart, and a Piece of Heart
The Great Fairy
The Great Fairy
The Great Fairy
Piece of Heart, the Cabana Deed, and the Hero’s Charm
Power Bracelets
Earth God’s Lyric
New Sage of Earth
Earth Temple

---------------------------------Wind Temple---------------------------------

The Iron Boots and a Treasure Chart
Wind God’s Aria
The New Sage of Wind and the Korok Markings
Wind Temple

--------------------------------Ganon’s Tower--------------------------------

Triforce Chart # 1
Triforce Chart #  5 and a Piece of Heart
The Ghost Ship Chart
The Ghost Ship and Triforce Chart # 4
The Savage Labyrinth, a Piece of Heart, and Triforce Chart # 6
Triforce Chart # 8
A Silver Rupee
Triforce Chart # 7
Link’s Cabana, a Treasure Chart, and Triforce Chart # 2
A Treasure Chart and Triforce Chart # 3
Tingle’s Interpretations
The Triforce of Courage
Orca’s Secret Technique and a Piece of Heart
Second Thoughts
Dispelling the Barrier in Hyrule
Ganon’s Tower

There you have it – all the sub-sections in there occurring order.  I hope 
this helps anyone lost for where to look for the specific side quest or 
dungeon they are using the guide for.
  /                                                                       \
 /                                                                         \
||-------------------------------Section 2*--------------------------------||
 \                                                                         /

===============================Outset Island*================================

                 |    The Telescope and Hero’s Clothes    |

That girl is your sister.  Somehow you passed out on the lookout and were 
woken by your sister, Aryll.  It is a very special day.  Your birthday!  
Aryll has come to tell you that Grandma wants you at the house.  Don’t worry; 
it gets better.  Climb down the ladder and head to the right.  You want to 
reach the house near the ridge (Very end of the island).  Enter it and climb 
the ladder.  It’s your grandma.  She gives you Hero’s Clothes, the 
traditional clothes the hero of legend wore.  They’re actually Kokiri 
clothes, but let’s not get carried away.  Go back outside and return to 
Aryll’s Lookout.

Talk to her and you get the Telescope as a birthday present.  Now you have to 
use it for the progression of the storyline.  Look down at the houses, 
specifically the mailbox.  You’ll see the postman.  Then Aryll tells you to 
look up.  It’s some sort of huge bird being chased by a pirate ship.  The 
bird is holding a girl in its talons.  She drops when a cannonball hits the 
bird, called the Helmaroc King.  She fell into the forest, where evil lurks.  
No one can go there.  But you must save whoever just fell.

                           |    Hero’s Sword    |

Drop down and go to the bridge.  To practice the automatic jumps the game 
makes leap across the stone platform for rupees.  Yellow rupees are worth ten 
and blue are worth five.  The rupee is the official currency.  Now jump into 
the water to practice swimming.  See the little gauge?  When that runs out 
you will drown.  Make sure to get out of the water before that happens.  On 
the next section of the island right by Grandma’s house is the home of Orca, 
the swordsman.  When you approach it a man named Sturgeon, Orca’s older 
brother, will talk to you.  Climb the ladder up the house and enter.

After a little cinema with Sturgeon, you can read his notes.  They may be 
remotely helpful to you if you read them.  Really, it was just for meeting 
people.  Now exit this second floor and descend the ladder.  This time take 
the main door.  The man with the long white hair and menacing harpoon is 
Orca.  He is the only islander who still practices swordplay.  Talk to him 
and he’ll offer his services (a.k.a. teach you how to use a sword).  Accept 
his help and he’ll train you.

To perform the horizontal slice, just press B.  After you’ve done it enough 
you must perform the vertical slice.  Hold L to L Target him and press B.  
Continue to learn the thrust.  L Target him while tilting the control stick 
up and press B.  When you’re done you get to practice the famous Spin Attack.  
It deserves capitals.  There are two ways to do this.  Either rotate the 
control stick once and press B, or the easier hold B and release.  After two 
hits you practice the parry attack.  L Target Orca and press A when it looks 
all squiggly.  After two of those attacks you learn the jump attack.  This is 
the best attack in the game.  L Target Orca and press A.  Now you get the 
Hero’s Sword.  It is the only item, besides the shield, that you always have 

                            |    Pig Hunting    |

This is a really stupid side quest, I know, but it must be done to get 
certain items in the future.  Near Orca’s house is a man crouching in the 
grass.  Talk to him and he’ll tell you about his troubles.  He’s capturing 
wild pigs.  This is an important skill to learn.  Press R to crouch near the 
pig.  When it is in range stop crouching and pick it up with A.  When you 
have him, follow the path to a fence off area with a woman standing inside.  
Throw the black pig in and talk to her.  You get twenty rupees.  There are 
still more pigs on the island, however.

To the right of Orca’s house is another pink pig.  Use the same crouching 
strategy to capture it and give it to the woman.  Talk to her for an 
additional twenty rupees.  Now return to the region of Outset Island Aryll’s 
Lookout is on.  Near the house is another pig, this one with black spots.  
Take it to the woman and you’ll get another twenty rupees.  Near the pen are 
a group of trees.  Cut them down and you’ll find a yellow rupee.  Now you 
should have at least eighty-five rupees if you’ve been using my guide.

As long as we’re collecting rupees, Dustin McCormick has this tip to provide 
(and it’s most profitable): “When you are first going to Link’s grandma’s 
house, crawl under the porch and go to the back part.  You will find a hole 
in it and inside is a chest with an orange rupee; it’s worth 100 smackers.”

                           |    The Bait Bag    |

I know - another side quest!  This one is important, though.  In the sea 
you’ll see two foreign ships.  One belongs to pirates, the other a merchant 
ship.  The merchant ship, belonging to Beedle, is much smaller.  Enter and 
talk to him.  Buy the Bait Bag, the thing that looks like a pig’s head.  You 
get a Member’s Card for the store.  You should have exactly one point now.  
Now exit.

                           |    Saving Tetra    |

You should now have no less than sixty-five rupees stored, unless you bought 
bait from Beedle for some reason.  The side quests are officially over.  Here 
you’re only doing what has to be done.  By the Watchtower, also called 
Aryll’s Lookout, is a path leading uphill to the Forest of Fairies.  Blocking 
your way is a group of trees.  Cut them down and follow the trail.  At the 
top you must somehow cross the huge gap.  I suggest you take the bridge.  At 
the other end is a cave.  Enter it.  There she is!  Hanging from a tree!  
Take the path to the right up and jump down to a new area.

You’ll see your first enemy, a Bokoblin.  He is easy prey.  Kill him (use the 
sword!) and use the stump to jump to the next section of the forest.  Use the 
log to climb up and then fall in.  Two birds drop two Bokoblins in the arena.  
Kill them and Tetra will wake up.  When she falls you’ll talk to her.  A 
pirate, one of her crew, comes in at that same moment.  They then abandon 
you.  As you follow them Aryll greets you at the other end of the bridge.  
Then calamity strikes.

The Helmaroc King swoops down and kidnaps her.  Tough luck, Link.  Link is 
the real name of the character.  You then ask to accompany them on the ship 
to chase down the bird, but Tetra denies you.  The postman then intervenes.  
This is getting weird.  The Forsaken Fortress is the nesting place of the 
Helmaroc King.  You must go there, next.

                           |    Hero’s Shield    |

Ah, but Tetra won’t hear of it.  The Forsaken Fortress is dangerous.  You’ll 
need a shield.  Now it is time to get two things.  First, go to the house 
near Aryll’s Lookout.  Crawl under the bed and open the chest for twenty 
rupees.  Now go to Grandma’s house.  Talk to her and climb the ladder.  The 
family shield is missing!  Climb back down and report the loss to Grandma.  
She gives it to you.  Thanks!  Say your good-byes to Grandma and go back to 

                            |    Spoils Bag    |

Talk to her and she’ll let you on the ship.  Notice that Tetra says you might 
get splinters.  Could the Hero’s Shield be the Wooden Shield from old Zelda 
games?  I guess we’ll never know.  Go through the door on the mid section (I 
don’t really know any ship terminology).  You’ll see a behemoth guarding 
Tetra’s room, and a stairway.  Go down the stairs to meet Niko, the swabbie 
of the ship.  The swabbie is the lowest rank in the pirate order.  Since 
you’re new, Niko is no longer the swabbie.  Niko will press a switch and 
platforms will rise.  You must take a test – cross the gap to the treasure 

First press the switch to lower the platforms and then the switch to raise 
them.  You have ample time for this task.  Jump to the first platform and 
then jump to the rope.  Press A on it to jump to the next platform.  Don’t 
jump too far or you’ll fall.  If you do fall climb the ladder out of the pit.  
When you’ve finally crossed the gap open the chest.  Within is the Spoils 
Bag.  It is used to hold the spoils of enemies (what they drop).

Now return to the main deck or whatever of the ship.  Climb to the crow’s 
nest and Tetra will talk about the Forsaken Fortress.  The island was once 
the home of an enemy group of pirates.  You have to reach it.  They have an 
idea you probably won’t like.  They blast you there with a catapult.

=============================Forsaken Fortress*==============================

                         |    Forsaken Fortress    |

When you get hit you drop your sword.  This makes this one of the more 
frustrating dungeons.  When you first move you’ll be spoken to by Tetra.  
How?  Via the Pirate’s Charm, of course!  Kind of creepy, really...  Tetra 
can see everything you do.  She can even talk to you.  If you see a squiggly 
A in the upper-right corner, press A.

Now climb the stairs and grab a barrel.  Put it over your head and continue 
walking.  See the searchlights?  Don’t move while they’re on you.  You could 
get caught.  Actually, getting caught isn’t a bad idea.  Get caught by the 
searchlights and you get thrown in jail.  Get onto the table and jump to the 
pot on the bookcase.  Break it and crawl through the hole.  Take the path 
down to see a chest.  Inside is the Dungeon Map.  Drop down to 1F and note 
the many barrels piled together.  Among them is a switch.

Press it and a cell opens.  Go inside and open the chest for a Piece of 
Heart.  Get four of these for an extra heart container.  Now enter the 
hallway in this room.  The big pig thing is a Moblin.  Get caught by him.  
Escape like last time and go to where you got the Dungeon Map.  Use the rope 
to jump to the other side of the gap.  Go through the door.  You are now 
outside.  Run across the hall and go through the other door.

Open the treasure chest for the Compass.  Now return outside.  To the side of 
one of them is a path.  Follow it up to a ladder.  At the top is a 
searchlight being operated by a Bokoblin.  To defeat it L Target it and put 
your shield up.  When it strikes you the club it is carrying will be knocked 
out of its hands.  Pick it up and swing it at him until it dies.  The 
searchlight is no longer operating.  For beating it you may get a Joy 
Pendant.  Put it in your Spoils Bag.  There are two more searchlights we 
should disarm.  Go back to where you got the Dungeon Map.

Go through the door in this room and you’ll be back outside.  Take your first 
left and climb the ladder.  Defeat the Bokoblin like you did the other.  One 
more left.  Go to the room where you got the Compass.  Swing over to the door 
and you’ll be outside once again.  Through one of the doors is a path.  Take 
it up to a ladder.  At the top is the final Bokoblin.  You know the drill.  
Kill it and return to where you got the Compass.  Go through the door and 
you’ll be outside.  Go through the next door to be inside.  Swing across the 
gap and go through the next two doors.  This is the final stretch.  You must 
avoid a Moblin.  Fortunate for you, you took the Compass route.  Had you gone 
the Dungeon Map route you would have had two Moblins to avoid.

Grab a barrel and maneuver past the Moblins being very careful not to get 
caught.  At the end is a stairway.  Go through the large door atop it.  The 
next parts are easy.  All you have to do is climb the tower.  Soon you’ll see 
a barrel.  Put it on and get past the last Moblin.  Run to the top and you’ll 
see a narrow path across a gap.  It is so narrow you can’t walk on it.  You 
must sidle across.  Go up to the wall and press A.  Repeat this a second time 
to get past the next gap.  At the top is the Hero’s Sword.  A Bokoblin with a 
shield awakens to fight you.  Defeat it like you would normally and the door 
opens.  Notice that you can pick up its sword.  Neat, huh?  Too bad you can’t 
take it with you.  Go through the door.

It’s Aryll and a bunch of other girls!  Wait, what’s that rumbling?  The 
Helmaroc King!  I would’ve never guessed this would happen!  He picked you up 
and is flying you out.  At the command of some strange man, the bird tosses 
Link aside.

============================Dragon Roost Cavern*=============================

                          |    Windfall Island    |

Luckily, a talking boat saved you.  He is called the King of Red Lions.  
Where are you, anyway?  If you read the title of this sub-section you’ll know 
it is Windfall Island.  The King of Red Lions tells you the name of that man.  
It is Ganon.  You could advance onward, but you have no sail.  The island is 
basically one big shop.  It is a lot like Kakariko Village from other games.  
Remember when you went pig hunting on Outset Island way back when?  Well, 
that money is paying off (I made a pun!).  Travel around the island until you 
reach a man wearing a fur coat sort of thing, as if he was from a cold place.  
For a measly eighty rupees you can purchase “that”.  It is the sail!  That’s 
all you have to do, but you’re nowhere near done here.

        |    The Tingle Tuner, Tingle’s Chart, and the Picto Box    |

From where you saw Zunari, the man who sold you the sail, go down.  You’ll 
see a group of kids congregated in front of a school.  These are the Killer 
Bees, a gang.  Walk through the stone doorway and you’ll be on a wooden ramp.  
Take it down to a door.  This is the Town Jail.  Inside is a strange man 
named Tingle.  He is a character from Majora’s Mask.  Tingle claims he was 
mistakenly put in jail for stealing a Picto Box from Lenzo.  He was framed!  
To open the cell, lift up a pot and step on the switch.  For freeing Tingle 
you get the Tingle Tuner.  This is all but useless to you if you don’t have a 
Game Boy Advance and GBA link cable.

He then gives you Tingle’s Chart in case you would ever have the urge to talk 
to him again (that’ll be the day).  Now enter the cell.  Roll into the crate 
to break it and simultaneously reveal a passage.  I will tell you what 
directions to take in this maze.  First take a right, then a left, forward, a 
right, a left, forward, a left, a right, another right, and finally a right.  
In the chest is the Picto Box.  It lets you take pictures of anything.  To 
exit the tunnels quickly go to a wooden platform.  A rat will pull a trigger 
that causes you to fall into the sea right by the King of Red Lions.

                          |    The Killer Bees    |

Remember the group of kids outside the school?  Enter said school, 
specifically Mrs. Marie’s School of Joy.  Talk to Mrs. Marie twice and say 
“We need to talk”.  She’ll tell you about the Killer Bees.  It is your job to 
tame those hooligans.  Talk to the leader, Ivan, and take them on.  They’ll 
play hide and seek.  First we’ll get the minions.  Go to where the Town Jail 
was and notice the dancing man named Tott.  Behind the stone he’s dancing by 
is your first victim.  Chase him down and he’ll surrender.

For the next, go to the Bomb Shop (Not in it).  To the side is a gap.  Jump 
over it and then look around the side.  Here’s # 2.  Chase him down.  Now 
it’s time to catch the leader, Ivan the terrible.  Roll into the tree by the 
old man and the post box.  He’ll jump out and run around.  Now for the fourth 
and final Killer Bee...

He is behind the bush near the stone doorway by Mrs. Marie’s School of Joy.  
Chase him and you’ve got them all.  They decide to start going to school and 
they give you a Piece of Heart.  If you talk to Mrs. Marie afterwards she’ll 
give a purple rupee, worth fifty.  When you exit the Killer Bees thank you 
for apologizing and tell you that Mrs. Marie is in to Joy Pendants.

                        |    The Assistant    |

Enter the Pictograph Shop and talk to the owner, Lenzo.  Enter the upper 
story of his house and he’ll talk to you.  Go downstairs, let him follow, and 
take a picture of him.  Show it to him and he’ll not like it.  Talk to him 
again and he’ll ask you to become his research assistant.  He’ll ask you to 
snap a pictograph of a man sending a letter of unrequited love.  In other 
words, get a shot of a guy mailing something.  The man who’s been sending the 
love letters to his non-reciprocating crush is the man in the red overalls.  
Go to the docks and stand by the big guy.  Aim a photo at the post box and 
use a zoom of low four.  Take pictures as he slides the mail in and take it 
to Lenzo.  If Lenzo likes your picture you get a second task.

After he takes the pictograph, most likely for blackmail purposes, talk to 
Lenzo once more for a new challenge.  You must capture the instant of fear on 
the most cowardly individual’s face.  Once again, blackmail purposes.  Go to 
the café, right above Zunari’s shop, and you’ll find your guy.  First break 
the cups on the table to get a clear view of his head.  Then pick up a pot 
and smash it right by him.  His moment of terror will last for a few seconds.  
Pull out the Picto Box and take a picture.  I do not recommend zooming.  Take 
the pictograph to Lenzo and see what he thinks.  That one was really pretty 
easy.  For the next task, just talk to Lenzo.

You must capture the moment that another couple, secretly in love, take a 
brief, furtive glance at each other.  This is the easiest one yet.  Right 
outside the shop is a woman wearing a yellow dress.  When the man who likes 
to take strolls walks by snap a picture of them looking at each other.  
You’ll have to take it pretty high up to avoid getting Killer Bees (They 
circle you incessantly) in the picture.  If you take it from the stairs that 
lead to the Pictograph Shop, use a zoom of high five.  Show it to Lenzo and 
he will reject or accept it.  If he accepts it, you are not only his number-
one pupil, but he has an award.  You get a Joy Pendant.  I know what you’re 
thinking - rip-off.  But you are now Lenzo’s assistant, and that is important 
later on.

                           |    The Great Sea    |

Yes, now we’re moving on.  Go to the King of Red Lions with the sail and talk 
to him.  He gives you the Sea Chart, which is very useful.  While on the King 
of Red Lions put up the sail to start moving.  You can access your Sea Chart 
by pressing up on the control pad (Not the control stick).  Use the compass 
at the bottom of the screen to head east toward Dragon Roost Island.  Before 
you reach it, you’ll go to a different island.  On it is a large stone.  
Ignore the island for now and sail westward.

                        |    Dragon Roost Island    |

Atop the volcano on the island lives Valoo, spirit of the skies.  When you 
set on dry land the King of Red Lions gives you the Wind Waker.  This 
legendary baton is used to create music.  Really, though, Link is musically 
inclined.  He can play the ocarina, the harp, the flute, and now he can 
conduct.  Yes, he does play the harp.  It is in Oracle of Ages.  Now that you 
have the Wind Waker you can go to Beedle’s Shop if you haven’t gotten the 
Bait Bag yet.  The sign warns you about the explosive fruit.  These bomb 
flowers are all that are left of a mighty race, the Goron.  Pick the bomb 
flowers up and drop them by stones.

This will destroy the stones.  Follow the path until you must sidle across.  
After the shimmy of the century you’ll reach a bomb flower.  Blow up the rock 
and the blocks will fall.  Fall down and pull out the bottom block.  Climb 
the block back up.  This is a nice little shortcut.  You’ll meet the postman.  
Yes, he lives here along with his people.  The Rito tribe lives on Dragon 
Roost Island.  When the postman is done talking follow the path up to a cave.

                      |    The King and the Prince    |

As you enter the chieftain, leader of the Rito, are talking about why Valoo 
is so angry.  We find out that postman’s name is Quill.  After telling you 
all about his misfortune (Valoo is angry.  No one can get his scales to 
enable themselves to grow wings.  They are postmen so they need wings) the 
chieftain will direct you to his son, Prince Komali.  After the chat is over 
a guard gives you the Delivery Bag.  This lets you carry trade items.  Now 
take the path up to a door.  On the other side is Medli, who is holding 
something for Komali.  Talk to her and she gives you Father’s Letter.  Now 
drop down to the first floor and enter the door to a deeper part of the 
cavern.  Through this door is Prince Komali.  The thing the coward is holding 
is Din’s Pearl, the item the King of Red Lions wants you to get.  Show him 
Father’s Letter and he’ll read it.  After he dismisses what the chieftains 
has said he kicks you out.

                           |    Empty Bottle    |

Go back to the main part of floor one and look for a cave door leading 
outside after a narrow passage.  Go to the bridge and drop down to Medli.  
Talk to her and after she rambles for a while she asks for help.  Say “sure” 
to her request and pick her up.  Stand on the rock near the bridge you fell 
down from and throw her when the atmospheric currents are heading towards the 
other bridge.  For doing this she’ll give you an Empty Bottle.  Take it out 
and fill it with water from the spring.  Climb up the bridge and pour the 
water on a bomb flower.  It will revive.  Pick it up and throw it at the 
stone.  When it explodes water bursts out and fills the pond.  Swim across 
the pond and climb the bridge.  Pick up a bomb flower and throw it into the 
statues’ jars.  If done correctly they will fall over.  Use them to cross 
into a cave.

                        |    Dragon Roost Cavern    |

Grab the left statue and pull it out.  Then grab the middle statue and pull 
it to where the left statue was.  There is now an opening into the dungeon.  
There are two Bokoblins to kill here.  When you’ve succeeded grab their 
flaming sticks, maybe Deku Sticks, and light the other two torches.  A chest 
containing a small key forms.  A small key can open locked doors in a 
dungeon.  Use it to open the locked door in this room.  In the next room 
break the wooden gate.  Follow the path to the left until you reach a gap.  
Pull the block below out and use it to get across.  When the lava geyser 
isn’t fuming jump across to a bridge.

Two Keese (Bats) will assault you.  Use your sword to hit them.  Now grab a 
bomb flower and throw it at the rock on the other side of the bridge.  This 
uncovers a doorway.  Go through and here you’ll see some water pots.  Pick 
one up and throw it in the direction of the treasure chest.  The water cools 
some lava into rock.  Jump from it to the chest.  Inside is the Dungeon Map.  
Use one of the pots by the chests on the lava (Or magma) to form another 
platform.  Cross it to the other side.  Climb the ladder and kill the Red 
ChuChu.  Its spoils will be Red Chu Jelly.  Now go through the door.

Approach the wood gate and a Bokoblin wielding a sword will jump out.  Kill 
it and break the other wood gate.  Climb onto the ledge, kill the Red ChuChus 
and break the final gate.  In the chest is a small key.  Now go through the 
door in here.  You’ll be back in the main room.  Throw a pot or rock at the 
bomb flower on the wall to blow up the stone.  Head forward and use the small 
key on the door.  In the next room kill the Red ChuChus and approach the wood 
gate.  A Bokoblin will jump out.  Kill it and pick up the stick it was 
holding.  Light it with the torch and light the wood gate with the fire.  
Press the switch and the door opens.  Go through.  Now you’re outside, but 
still in Dragoon Roost Cavern.

At the other end of the bridge is a Bokoblin.  Do not fight it on the bridge; 
you can cut the ropes that hold it up and fall.  At the other end is a 
ladder.  Climb it up, avoiding the lava, and kill the vulture, called a 
Kangaroc, at the top.  Sidle across the ledge while the lava isn’t gushing.  
Walk around the stone and grab the rail.  While you’re hanging move across to 
the other side.  Use the platform to reach an alcove with a bomb flower.  
Throw it at the stone.  Go through the door you just uncovered.  Inside is a 
stack of blocks.  Pull one out from each column and climb on top of them.  In 
here the Pirate’s Charm will shake.

They warn you of the rats that steal rupees.  Pull the block out and climb up 
to a treasure chest containing the Compass.  In one of the pots is a pair of 
sticks.  Ignite one with the torch by the chest and throw it at the wood 
gate.  Use the ladder to reach the chest containing a small key.  Go through 
the door and you’ll be outside again.  Run up the stairs and you’ll see a 
Kangaroc.  Kill it and take the key it was storing in its nest.  Use it on 
the door.  In this room go through a hall and you’ll find a bunch of Keese.  
Kill them off and open the chest for a Joy Pendant.  Go back the first 
section of the room and pick up a stick.

Light it and go to the wooden gate at the other end and burn it down.  Make 
sure to light the torch as well.  Light the other two torches in here and the 
door will unlock.  Go through.  Notice the cauldron with a stone on top of 
it.  Throw a bomb flower at the stone and the cauldron will be uncovered.  
Step in and you’ll warp to the first room.  Step in the cauldron in that room 
to warp back.  That is a useful shortcut.  Open the door at the other end and 
it will lock behind you.  The first Bokoblin is in plain site.  The second is 
in the cluster of pots to the left.  Roll into the wall to make a pot fall 
down containing the third.  Kill it and the doors will unlock.  Take a stick 
from one of the Bokoblins and light the torch.  A chest containing a Treasure 
Chart will form.  Get it and climb the ladder.

Go through the door and you’ll see an enemy creature.  To kill it throw a pot 
of water at it.  Attack its huddled body while it’s black to kill it.  Now 
grab a pot of water and get onto the platform.  Throw the water where the 
lava spouts up and ride the platform up.  Use the wooden trail to reach a 
door.  Welcome to 3F.  Get a bomb flower and throw it at the boulder.  The 
third cauldron is revealed.  Get in to activate it and return to this room.  
Use the bomb flower to blow up the other boulder.  Go through the door to be 
outside.  Run up the collapsing stairs and go through the gate.  This is kind 
of like the mini-boss, but I do not deem it worthy of the title.  After 
defeating two of the Bokoblins the mini-boss appears.

Mini-Boss: Moblin

A Moblin gets dropped in.  This one you actually fight.  It is not that 
tough, really.  L Target it and jump attack it when it has just attacked.  It 
is vulnerable then.  If you can get your hands on its weapon when it’s drops 
you’ve got it made.  When it dies grab the spoils, maybe getting a Skeleton 
Necklace, and talk to Medli.  Apparently, a monster in the cavern is using 
Valoo’s tail as a punching bag.  You must defeat that monster to save the 
Rito.  She then gives you a device the Rito used before they evolved wings so 
that you can do so.  She gives you the Grappling Hook.  Score!

Stand on the ledge and grapple across the gap using the target.  Swing across 
just like you did with Niko way back before the Forsaken Fortress to reach a 
wooden gate.  Break it and jump down.  Use the Grappling Hook on the target 
to the left.  Continue across to reach a door.  Assault the two Bokoblins and 
when they die a chest appears.  Destroy the bridge.  To do this spin attack 
each of the rope supports.  Drop down and get the chest, which contains a Joy 
Pendant.  Now go through the door on the ground level.  Jump onto the 
platform and use a spin attack on the ropes to cut off the platform.  Again 
you’ve created a shortcut for yourself.  Jump through the doorway to a new 
room.  Use the wooden platforms to reach a ladder.

Climb it and then grapple to the target.  The target lowers, opening a door.  
Go through it.  Grapple to the first target and press R to stop the swing.  
Reposition yourself so that you’re aimed to go through the correct opening 
and swing.  Cross the wooden platforms and grapple to the door.  On the other 
side is a very easy puzzle.  There is a chest, and yet if you press the 
switch to lower the fires and you move off the switch, the fire start back 
up.  Attack the eye of the fire creatures that I can’t remember the names of 
right now and they will turn black.  Pick one up and drop it on the switch.

Open the chest for the Big Key.  Now you can open the boss’s door.  Now look 
on the map.  On 3F the boss lurks.  But on 1F lurks a final chest with a good 
prize.  You won’t want to have to come back here and get it.  Go back to the 
main room and use the platform that rises with the lava (You cut earlier) to 
rise back up to 2F.  Go through the door and you’ll be in an old room.  Get a 
pot of water and throw it onto the spot that the lava boils up on.  Go 
through the door to be outside.  Grapple up the targets and enter the first 
door to be back on 3F in the room before the boss.

If you want the treasure chest, which contains a Treasure Chart that I 
recommend you get, do the following.  Jump into the cauldron to be back in 
the first room.  Go through the door and head forward.  Take a left and go 
through the door.  Use the Grappling Hook on the target to make it to the 
chest.  Inside is a Treasure Chart.  Now return to the first room and use the 
cauldron to make it to 3F.  Use the Grappling Hook to swing over the lava and 
get either treasure chest.  One contains a Knight’s Crest, a spoil, and the 
other a yellow rupee.  Up the stairs use the Big Key to open the door.  
Before you do smash a pot and use your empty bottle to take the fairy.  It 
will revive you when you die.

                               |    Gohma    |

This may need a bit of explaining.  The boss is Gohma, but it is not a 
spider.  Yes, we all loved “Parasitic Armored Arachnid, Gohma” from Ocarina 
of Time, and maybe less Gohma’s from other games, but they were all spiders.  
Since Gohma laid eggs it could have offspring, and over the centuries it 
could have mutated into this creature.  This is all beside the point, 
however.  The fact is that this is a pretty tough boss for your first.  It is 
tough in the respect that it took me a short time to figure out how to beat 
it.  After that it was cake.  To trigger the fight walk forward.  Its main 
attack is lunging down at you.  Run around until this happens.  Then it will 
be stuck for a brief period of time.  Take that time to use the Grappling 
Hook to grapple to Valoo’s tail.  When you jump off Valoo’s platform (The one 
he sits on) falls through.  This cracks Gohma’s exoskeleton a bit.  Continue 
this until it breaks.  Specifically, it takes three tries.  Now the second 
phase begins.  L Target the eye and grapple it.  This will stun the beast.  
Slash the eye when it falls down and when it recoils repeat the process.  
When it dies it will leave a Heart Container behind.  Get it to increase the 
number of hearts you have by one.  The lava will cool off and a wind portal 
will form.  This takes the place of the classic blue portal.

The wind will take you to the base of the mountain.  The great dragon Valoo, 
spirit of the skies is calm now.  Medli and Komali will give you Din’s Pearl.  
Then Valoo speaks to you in a strange tongue.  I think that this is old 
Hylian.  You see, English changed over the centuries, so why not Hylian?  
Valoo is stuck in the past.

==============================Forbidden Woods*===============================

                          |    Wind’s Requiem    |

Go through the tunnel to the Wind Shrine that Medli mentioned.  There are two 
stoned, although one is broken.  You must learn the song.  Play it to learn 
Wind’s Requiem.  This is one of the most useful songs in the game.  When you 
play it a god descends from the heavens.  It is Zephos, god of winds.  He 
explains that with that song you can change the direction the wind blows.  He 
also tells you about his brother Cyclos.  He asks you to deal with his 
brother.  That will happen a little later, though.

                           |    The Great Sea    |

There are a few islands between you and your next destination, as well as a 
very good side quest.  Return to the King of Red Lions and he will mark the 
next destination on your Sea Chart.  Play Wind’s Requiem and change the 
direction of the wind to south.  Now sail.  You’ll probably sea a fish 
modifying your Sea Chart.  You need every piece of the Sea Chart to complete 
the map.  Thanks!  Go back to Beedle on Dragon Roost and buy as much bait as 
you can.  As you sail release bait near the fish to attract them and have 
them mark your Sea Chart.  You should get the follow islands in descending 
order: Fire Mountain, Eastern Triangle Island, and Bomb Island.

                         |    The Second Bottle    |

From where you got the info about Bomb Island look around to see a pirate 
structure clawing at the sky.  In that direction is a submarine.  Get onto t 
and enter.  Inside are three Bokoblins.  When you kill all three of them a 
chest containing an empty bottle appears.  Man, they’re just throwing items 
at you.  Now exit the submarine and go back to the King of Red Lions.  Resume 
heading south.

                           |    Forest Haven    |

The fourth addition to your Sea Chart after Dragon Roost is Forest Haven, the 
site of the second pearl.  Get your Sea Chart marked and then climb the 
platforms.  At the top you’ll encounter a Boko Baba.  Its spoil will be a 
Boko Baba Seed.  Kill them as you progress and eventually grapple on the 
target.  When you land you’ll see an Octorok.  Hold your shield up to deflect 
its attack back at it.  Hop across to a platform with a Boko Baba and from 
there, jump to the next platform.  Defeat the second Octorok and grapple 
again to a pool of water.  Enter the cave.

                           |    The Deku Leaf    |

Remember the empty bottle you got?  You should now have two.  One of them 
must be empty.  Climb the waterfalls and you’ll see little balls of light.  
Bottle one of them, called Forest Fireflies.  Now go to the lily pad.  That 
tree is covered with ChuChus.  Roll into it and kill them all.  You’ll also 
get Green Chu Jelly.  When all are dead the Deku Tree talks to you in old 
Hylian.  He saw your clothes, those of the Kokiri, and talked in old Hylian.  
He was so small in Ocarina of Time.  Suddenly tons of little wood creatures 
fall down.  They are Koroks.  The Kokiri evolved into this form when it 
became a seafaring people.  Unfortunately, as Linder points out, Makar is not 
present, and so the ceremony that precedes the giving of Farore’s Pearl 
cannot happen.

To reach the Forbidden Woods where Makar is hostage you need to fly through 
the air.  The solution is gliding with the Deku Leaf.  Go to the Baba Bud 
near one of the Koroks when they’re done talking.  Jump into it and it will 
shoot you up into the air.  Use them to reach a leaf.  Here you must grapple 
to the next Baba Bud.  Take the rest to the Deku Leaf.  It can fan wind or 
you can use it to glide through the air.  It takes magic, though.  You got 
the Magic Meter as well.  Now you could enter the Forbidden Woods right now, 
but I have a short side quest that you should do first.

             |    The Deluxe Picto Box and a Treasure Chart    |

Make sure that before you leave you have a Forest Firefly bottled up.  Sail 
all the way back to Windfall Island.  On the way there you should get 
Pawprint Island on your Sea Chart.  It is right between Dragon Roost and 
Windfall Island.  Go to the Pictograph Shop.  Show Lenzo the Forest Firefly 
and he will complete his life’s work, the Deluxe Picto Box!  It takes 
pictures in color.  Now, assuming it is nighttime, go to the man sitting on 
the stairs who looks down in the dumps.  Take a picture of the full moon and 
show it to him (During the day) after you take his challenge.  You’ll be 
rewarded with a Treasure Chart.  Now return to Forest Haven.  Note that after 
you beat Forbidden Woods it is a good time to start collecting figurines.  
Read that section when you are ready.

                          |    Forbidden Woods    |

From where you got the Deku Leaf look around for a ledge in Forest Haven with 
grass arranged in an arrow.  Glide to it and go through the door.  Stock up 
on magic and then glide to the island to the left.  Then glide into the 
updraft and let it carry you all the way up.  Make your descent to the 
entrance of the Forbidden Woods.  Make sure to avoid the Peahats.

Once inside the Forbidden Woods head right and get the Dungeon Map guarded by 
Green ChuChus.  Then head to the left.  You’ll find a wooden ball.  Slash it 
and pick it up.  Go up to the door and throw the ball.  If done successfully 
the door will become accessible.  In the next room you’ll see a Baba Bud.  
Use it in combination with the Deku Leaf for gliding to reach the next.

Notice that Baba Buds slightly refill your magic.  Take these up to a door on 
2F by a bomb and some Green ChuChus.  Kill the ChuChus and throw the bomb at 
the plant creature on the door.  In the next room you’ll notice some leaves 
attached to wooden bases.  Use the Deku Leaf on the ground to create a gust 
to make the closer one move.  This brings the platform toward you.  Jump on 
and gust the other fan.  Now go through the door.  Notice the Peahats.  
Grapple them for a Golden Feather, a new spoil.  Right now the only way to 
defeat Peahats is to use the Deku Leaf.

Gust them and slash their bodies when they fall.  Now use the ledges to the 
upper right to go up.  Kill the Boko Babas and its remains will become a Baba 
Bud.  Use it and the next Baba Bud to reach a leaf fan.  Gust it to the bring 
the platform toward you and ride it across the gap.  Break the wood gate and 
take the ball.  Gust your way back to the door and toss the ball at the plant 
creature.  Go through the door.  If you approach the ball vines will come up 
and prevent you from passing.  When the vines are down use the Deku Leaf to 
knock the ball away.  Throw it at the plant and go through the door.

To the right is a target you can grapple on.  Take it to a moving platform.  
Get on and cross the gap.  Grab the ball and jump to the big dangling 
platform and then to the door covered by the plant creature.  Toss your wood 
ball at it and go through the door.  Move forward and look down into a pit.  
There are many tiny black spiked balls there.  Jump in and open the chest 
quickly.  It has a yellow rupee in it.  Let the spiked enemies jump on you 
and then use a spin attack to knock them off.

Now climb out of the pit and go through the door.  Take the path that is 
available (The vines will make a maze) and you’ll see a bomb flower.  Bomb 
the wooden gate near it and open the chest within for the Compass.  Now take 
the right path to a Baba Bud.  Use it to get to the pots.  One has a Joy 
Pendant, one has a trio of hearts in it, and one has magic in it.  Now use 
the Baba Bud to reach the bomb flower.  With it run all the way to the vines 
near the second, unbroken wood gate and throw it at the said gate.  If it 
breaks, maneuver around the room to that opening.

It bears a treasure chest.  Open it for a small key.  Use the Baba Bud to 
exit the room.  Go back all the way to the main room (The one with the big 
dangling platform).  Use the small key on the locked door in here.  Now 
return to the previous room.  You know, just wasting the key.  Now go over to 
the door through which you came.  Jump on the moving platform that goes up 
and take it up.  Then take the next.  See the pile of leaves?  Use the Deku 
Leaf to blow them away and reveal a cauldron.  Jump in to activate it and 
return to the main room.

Remember the door you unlocked just recently?  Return to it and take the wood 
ball on it the platform.  Jump down to 1F in the room and throw the ball at 
the plant creatures.  Now go through the door.  Two enemies called Mothulas 
will confront you.  Slash them with your sword and spin attack the black 
spikes to rid yourself of them.  Killing them will get you a treasure chest, 
which contains a Joy Pendant.  Now go through the door.  This is the room 
before the boss.  Since you don’t have the Big Key you don’t have to do 
anything but activate the cauldron.  To do this break the pots and grab a 
Deku Stick.  Light it and burn the cage on the cauldron.  Now get into the 
cauldron and take it to the main room, 4F.

Now the dungeon will unravel as soon as you get the prize.  The first order 
of business is to go to the locked door in the main room (No longer locked 
because you opened it).  In this room, which is on 3F, has some Peahats.  
Don’t waste magic on them because it is nearly impossible to kill them in 
this room.  Just use your sword.  Anyway, when you’re good and ready send a 
gust at the leaf fan to the right.  This brings the platform closer.  Don’t 
jump on yet.  On the first platform send a gust at the leaf fan to the left.  
Jump onto the platform before the gust hits and ride it to the door.  Go 
through the door.  First kill the Mothula, Peahats, and Boko Babas.  Then use 
a Baba Bud to launch yourself to 4F.  Go through the door.

Mini-Boss: Mothula

This is a flying Mothula, much more devastating, but still pretty easy.  
Slash your sword at it when it approaches you and be sure to dodge its rocket 
attacks.  For an easy hit use the Deku Leaf to send a blast of wind at it.  
It will descend, ready for the slashing.  Eventually it will lose its wings 
and become a regular Mothula.  Defeat it like normal and when it dies go to 
the treasure chest.

Inside is the dungeon prize, the Boomerang!  This item rocks!  It can kill 
most enemies in this dungeon easily, including those plant creatures.  To 
exit the room aim the Boomerang at the crystal switches above the door.  Make 
sure to target both.  In the room preceding Mothula (The one with all the 
Peahats) kill the Peahats.  To do this with little or no difficulty, use the 
Boomerang in combination with L Targeting.  From the door, look up.  Grapple 
to the target and climb up onto the target.  Then grapple to the next target 
and drop to the platform below.  Step onto the moving platform and ride it 
and the other up to a treasure chest containing a Joy Pendant.

Now drop down and Boomerang the plant creatures on the door.  Go through the 
door.  If you want the treasure chest do the following.  First, Boomerang all 
the vines to get them out of your way.  Then use the Deku Leaf to glide over 
to it.  It contains a Joy Pendant.  When you have it drop down and go into 
the main room.  Take the platforms in this room up to 4F.  With the Boomerang 
target the vines supporting the large dangling flower.  When all five are 
targeted let fly the Boomerang.  This will cause the flower to fall and open 
up B1 (Basement 1).  Drop into B1 and go through the door.  First target the 
Peahat and then a few of the spikes.  Go through the door to the right.

In this room, jump on the flower to reach the treasure chest, which contains 
a yellow rupee.  Then jump onto the flower and target the supports to make it 
fall.  Kill the Octorok and jump to the bomb.  Throw it at the wood gate and 
go through the door.  In this new room decimate all the enemies with your 
Boomerang.  Make your way around the room, all the while defeating the 
baddies, until you create a Baba Bud.  Get in and glide over to the ledge.  
Use the Deku Leaf’s wind to move the platform toward you.  Get on and move to 
the opposite ledge, on which sits a bomb flower.  Pick it up, jump onto the 
platform, and throw it into the hole you see below.  This kills the plant 
creature.  Jump to that platform and crawl through the opening to open the 
chest, which is a Treasure Chart.  Return to the previous room.

The flower must be dropped again.  Boomerang it and hop on.  Kill the Octorok 
by deflecting its fire with your shield and pull out the Deku Leaf.  Use its 
gusts of wind to steer the flower/raft.  Kill the last two Octoroks and get 
onto dry land.  Go through the door.  In this room is the elusive Big Key.  
Follow the trail to the top of the structure and from here Boomerang all the 
crystal switches.  However, you must do this in a certain order because some 
stay lit longer.  Look up and notice the ledge overhead.  Look below it to 
the left to see a crystal switch.  When targeting the switches start with 
that one and rotate clockwise.  This opens the cage.  Open the chest for the 
Big Key.  Doing this triggers a fight with not one, but two Moblins.  You got 
to do what you’ve got to do.

A really easy way to beat these is to get on top of the structure.  Then leap 
down, performing a jump attack.  This will cause at least one of the Moblins 
to lose his spear.  Pick it up and swing it madly at them.  It takes an 
estimated two hits with the spear to beat them.  Now get on top of the 
structure and grapple (Use the target) to reach a door.  Go through it, 
obviously.  After some backtracking you’ll be in the first room.  Use the 
cauldron to reach the boss room if you’d like, or read the next optional 
paragraph to get the remaining treasure.

If you chose the boss room you can skip this section.  This is only for the 
remaining treasure chests, which contain some valuables.  First, the room on 
3F that connects to the main room contains a red rupee in its chest, which 
can be accessed by gliding to it.  From that room go down two rooms to be on 
2F.  This is near the very start of the dungeon.  Use Baba Buds to reach the 
alcove the chest is in (3F) and use the Boomerang to kill the plant creature.  
Inside the chest is a Treasure Chart.  Now, in the same room, drop down to B1 
and get the chest.  To reach it you must kill the plant creature with the 
Boomerang.  Inside the chest is a Knight’s Crest, a spoil.  Now go the first 
room and use the cauldron to warp to the boss room.  Get fairies in your 
bottles and open the door.

                            |    Kalle Demos    |

That must be Latin for something.  At first it looks like you’ve rescued the 
lost Korok Makar, but I guess not.  The boss of the dungeon eats him.  To 
trigger the fight you must walk up to Makar.  Kalle Demos’s main offense will 
be with its runners.  They will burrow underground and come up at you, waving 
wildly.  Run around to avoid the thrashing and while they are attacking your 
former position get out the trusty Boomerang.  Aim at the vines supporting 
the mid-air Kalle Demos and when all are down it will be too.  The petals 
lower and the vulnerable part is revealed – what looks like a Boko Baba.  
Slash it over and over and soon the petals will rise and Kalle Demos will 
spit you out.  Continue the process until you’ve won.  Take the Heart 
Container and step into the wind portal with Makar.

Link gets lots of sweet deals in these dungeons.  Not only does he get a new 
item but his health increases.  Anyway, the Great Deku Tree and the Koroks 
thank you for your courage.  With Makar back the ceremony can go on.  The 
Koroks leave the Great Deku Tree to go on each island and plant new trees to 
spread the forests.  Best of all, though, you get Farore’s Pearl.  You know 
what’s funny?  I left Forest Haven to go to Windfall Island for the Deluxe 
Picto Box.  The whole time they said the ceremony must go on before the day 
ends, but more than a day passed.  Oh well, it is only a video game.

=============================Tower of the Gods*==============================

                           |    The Great Sea    |

Easiest pearl yet.  Let’s review here.  You should have all the following 
things before you do this section (At least.  You could have more).  First, 
you should have the Telescope, Sail, Wind Waker, Grappling Hook, Spoils Bag, 
Boomerang, Deku Leaf, Tingle Tuner, Deluxe Picto Box, Bait Bag, two Empty 
Bottles, and a Delivery Bag.  As for pearls, you should have Din’s Pearl and 
Farore’s Pearl.  As far as charts go you should have the following on your 
Sea Chart: Outset, Island, Forsaken Fortress, Windfall Island, Pawprint 
Island, Dragon Roost Island, Fire Mountain, Eastern Triangle Island, Bomb 
Island, and Forest Haven.  You should have Treasure Charts 1, 11, 15, and 39.  
Each of those came from the two dungeons.  You should also have Tingle’s 
Chart.  You should have at least five hearts, possibly six if you played the 
mini-game on Dragon Roost.  If you have all the things I’ve listed here it is 
time to get a new item.  

Note: You should now have your sixth heart.  In other words, you should have 
gotten your fourth piece of heart.  Before leaving Forest Haven read your 
mail in the post box (Post boxes will wiggle if you have mail).  The letter 
is from Komali’s father.  It contains a piece of heart.

From Forest Haven sail one space south, four spaces west, and three spaces 
north.  This will greatly expand you’re Sea Chart.  You should now have the 
following on your Sea Chart:

Forsaken Fortress, Outset Island, Windfall Island, Pawprint Island, Dragon 
Roost Island, Fire Mountain, Eastern Triangle Island, Bomb Island, Forest 
Haven, Boating Course, Angular Isles, Two – Eye Reef, Headstone Island, Five 
– Eye Reef, Islet of Steel, and Greatfish Isle.

When on Greatfish Isle you’ll see that a terrible storm has overcome it and 
mangled it.  A water spirit called Jabun (Maybe a distorted pronunciation of 
Jabu-Jabu or perhaps a descendant of Jabu-Jabu, a huge fish from Ocarina of 
Time and a few other games) once called this island home.  However, Quill the 
postman calls to you to give you some good news.  It turns out that Jabun is 
hiding on Outset Island.  But you cannot reach his hideaway.  An impenetrable 
stone slab blocks it.  After telling you that the pirates were spotted on 
Windfall Island he departs.  Then the King of Red Lions suggests that you go 
to Windfall Island.  Guess where you’re going?  Here is the path you should 
take to go to Windfall.  Go two spaces north and one east.  Feed the fish (Or 
fishes, because both are correct plural forms of the singular noun fish) by 
the islands to add Rock Spire Isle, Mother & Child Isles, and Spectacle 
Island.  Once you reach Windfall Island get onto dry land.

                             |    The Bombs    |

When you go to the pirate ship and try to open the door on the deck you’ll be 
asked to enter a password.  The riddle is “I can sail upon the water or be 
filled with it.  I am a…” and then you must enter the password.  Well, we 
know it doesn’t start with a vowel or it would be “I am an”.  That doesn’t 
help too much.  We need to hear the password because it is pirate 
terminology.  In other words, we need to eavesdrop on the pirates.  To find 
them go to the Bomb Shop.  First, though, check your mail.  Orca will have 
sent you a tip and twenty rupees.  Anyway, go to the Bomb Shop.  This is 
isolated from the main part of the town.  It is to the left of the docks.  
You can’t open the door, but you can sneak in.

Go to the side and jump over the pit.  This is where one of the Killer Bees 
hid.  Climb the vines on back of the shop and crawl through the crawlspace.  
Head forward and you’ll see the pirates stealing bombs.  Tetra sees you, but 
she keeps it quiet.  Also, Gonzo tells Mako the password, Schooner.  Now go 
back to the ship and enter the password.  When you enter, since no one is 
guarding it, take a peek at Tetra’s room.  Look at the pictures.  One is of 
the Triforce, another of that legendary hero, and another of a strange woman.  
Now go down the stairs.

Niko, the resident swabbie of the ship, has another challenge for you.  This 
time you must jump from the lantern ropes without the platforms.  I’ve said 
how to do this before, but since you might just now be tuning in I’ll repeat.  
When you jump for the first rope, press R to stop swinging.  Now you can 
change your position to jump to the next rope.  If you play your cards right 
you’ll only have to jump four ropes.  Easy, right?  By the way, the lower you 
are on the rope the further you’ll jump.  When you get to Niko he’ll be 
astonished that you did it so fast.  He’ll be forced to give the Bombs that 
the pirates looted.  The bombs have two uses.  They can blow stuff up on land 
or be used as a cannon on your boat.  Neat-o!  Then the Pirate’s Charm 
activates.  Tetra is giving you a head start.  Time for the race to Jabun!

                           |    Nayru’s Pearl    |

No time to fill your Sea Chart (Actually, they give you all the time you 
want).  Race back to Outset Island!!!!! (!!!)  Night lasts forever until you 
reach Jabun.  A few obstacles you might encounter are tornadoes, sea 
creatures, and sea monsters, although I doubt you’ll see a sea monster.  When 
you finally reach Outset Island, sail to the back of it.  Sure enough, there 
is a colossal stone slab there.  Of course, the King of Red Lions insists 
that you go visit your family before you meet Jabun.  Fine, we will!  After 
all, delayed satisfaction can lead to mental stability in the future and will 
make it easier for one to deal with the emotional ups and downs of life 
(What?  Why are you looking at me like that?).  Actually, there are some good 
things you should get.  If you visit Grandma, she will be asleep.

Release a fairy by her and she will awaken.  Since you have an empty bottle 
she will give you Elixir Soup, which is very useful.  It replenishes all your 
health and magic and doubles your attack for a while.  Also, when you arrive 
you’ll have another letter.  Apparently, Beedle has new items – bombs.  What 
a coincidence!  More importantly, you get a chart.  It is called Beedle’s 
Chart.  Not only do you get all these things, but if you look at the pig you 
rescued, it is huge!  That’s one tub o’ pig, there.  They named him after 
you.  So the pig’s name is your name.  What an honor.  Do not attack the pig 
or it will chase and kill you.  It can swim.  On the downside, however, 
monsters are roaming about the island.

Now it’s time to see Jabun.  Sail to the back of the island and you’ll face a 
sort of mini-boss.  This is like a mini-boss, because you must destroy the 
stone slab before you get sucked into the whirlpool.  There are three sectors 
of the slab you must destroy.  Top, middle, and bottom must be destroyed in 
that order.  When you do the whirlpool will stop and the King of Red Lions 
will enter the cave.  Jabun only speaks old Hylian, so the King of Red Lions 
must translate.  After the two have a little conversation Jabun tosses you 
Nayru’s Pearl.  Man, that was the easiest pearl yet.  Jabun then leaves the 
island, probably because he is jeopardizing the island’s safety.

                          |    The Great Fairy    |

Go back onto Outset Island and walk up the trail to the Forest of Fairies 
just like you did when you saved Tetra way back when.  As you do weak 
creatures called Miniblins will attack you.  A few swipes of the sword will 
do them in.  When you reach the top you’ll see that the bridge is out.  No 
matter!  You can fly across.  Get onto the large stone at the top and jump.  
Start gliding with the Deku Leaf across the gap to the forest.  Make sure the 
wind is going west.  When you reach the other side enter the forest.  As you 
make your way through you’ll find that Mothulas have infested the once 
peaceful forest.  Soon, though, you’ll see a huge white boulder.  Bomb it and 
it will crumble.  Drop into the hole.  Welcome to the Great Fairy Fountain.  
This Great Fairy gives you a larger wallet.  Now you can hold 1000 rupees.  
Now return to the King of Red Lions.

                      |    The Second Great Fairy    |

On your Sea Chart you should already have Eastern Triangle Island marked.  
The King of Red Lions has marked three places on your Sea Chart.  The closest 
of the islands is one space north, two spaces west, and one space north.  On 
the way you should get Shark Island and Southern Fairy Island on your Sea 
Chart.  While on Southern Fairy Island check your mail.  You should have a 
letter from Beedle advertising his special stock he sells only at Rock Spire 
Isle.  When you have the green rupee enclosed in the letter kill the rare 
enemy here, the Blue ChuChu, for it’s spoil, Blue Chu Jelly.  Now go to the 
wood gate blocking the seashell structure’s entrance and bomb it.  Now drop 
in and talk to the Great Fairy.  This one lets you carry more bombs, a 
maximum of 60.  Now resume sailing to the first of the Triangle islands.

                       |    The Triangle Islands    |

The first of the islands that you should get on your Sea Chart is Southern 
Triangle Island.  Walk up to the statue here and place on it Nayru’s Pearl.  
Now go north two spaces.  On the way you should put Six – Eye Reef on the 
map.  Two spaces north turns out to be Northern Triangle Island.  On this 
island you place Din’s Pearl.  Now go one space south and two spaces east.  
Notice that there is no island in the space west of Eastern Triangle Island.  
Place Farore’s Pearl in the arms of the ancient statue and age ld forces go 
to work.  Suddenly a tower pierces the surface of the water.  The statues 
burst open and form the divine triangle, Triforce.  Prepare for the trial of 
the gods!

                         |    Tower of the Gods    |

This is the only dungeon in which the King of Red Lions may assist you.  Get 
used to holding R, which is the cruise button on the boat.  Notice that the 
water rises and lowers every so often.  When it rises get onto the platform 
that is to the right of the waterfall.  To open the door you must lift either 
statue and drop it on the switch.  Go through the door and you’ll see an 
Electric ChuChu.  This has no spoil of its own.  To beat it Boomerang it, 
stunning it, and then slash it.  Now look down into the pool of water.  When 
it lowers jump in and set a crate on the switch.  This creates a great 
bridge.  As long as the water is lowered you may traverse it.  At the other 
end is a statue.  Pick it up and take it to the previous room.  Set it on the 
altar in the shrine and the bridge will lower.  Now get back on the King of 
Red Lions and cruise through the passage.  When you reach land set both 
statues on the switches and go through the door.

Here’s what I suggest doing in this room.  Wait for the water to lower and 
push the crates into a straight line.  Then go to the pot with Deku Sticks in 
it and light one.  When the water rises jump across the crates to reach the 
torches.  Light them and a chest containing a small key appears.  Now exit 
this room.  Get on the King of Red Lions and cruise back to the first room 
area.  Get out your bombs and blow open the walls near the waterfall.  Now 
you’ll have to get off of the King of Red Lions and swim over to the next 
platform.  Go in the upper room (Not locked).  Here you’ll meet your first 
Red Bubble.  Just slash these before they light you on fire.  Then get the 
Compass in the chest.  Now return to the previous room.  Grab a Deku Stick 
from the pot and wait for the water to lower.  Light it on fire and run down.

Light both the torches here and a chest containing a Joy Pendant forms.  Now 
enter the locked door on the lower level.  First kill the Electric ChuChus in 
here and then grab the statue.  If you did kill the Electric ChuChus, a 
stairway of light forms.  Take this statue to the shrine in the previous 
room.  The shrine is in the upper level.  Now the flow of the water in the 
waterfall has been diverted.  Take the King of Red Lions to the door.  No 
more King of Red Lions from here on out.  In the next room you’ll see an 
ancient version of the Beamos.  In Ocarina of Time a Beamos was an enemy with 
one eye that was stationary and shot lasers at you.  This is basically the 
same thing, but it is a machine.

This is what you must do.  Carry the statues, which are called Armos statues, 
by the way, to the switches.  When two of the Armos are on the switches, step 
on the third.  This creates a sort of elevator for you to use.  Take it up to 
2F.  Through this door is what I shall call the main room of the dungeon.  
You must collect three idols and place them on their altars.  First take the 
only other door that is available.  Use the platform to cross the pit and go 
through the door.  Now this is a pretty unique dungeon element.  Press R to 
call to the idol and it will follow you.  Move very slowly or it will fall 
into a pit.  Make your way over the maze and at the end jump over the pit 
while holding the idol.  Take it to the previous room.  Use the platform to 
return to the main room where you will set the idol down and he will go to 
his pedestal.  Go to the block that rose and pull out the Wind Waker.

The song that you learn is the Command Melody.  Now go through the door that 
opened.  First kill the Red Bubble(s).  Then grapple across the pit.  It is 
probable that a Red Bubble will attack you now.  Defeat it and go through the 
door.  Here sleeps the second idol.  Grapple across the pit and call the idol 
next to you.  Stand on the switch to make a rainbow bridge form.  Play the 
Command Melody to take control of the idol and have it hop across the bridge.  
Press R to return to Link.  Now grapple across the pit.  Lift the idol and go 
through the door.  Drop the idol on the switch and a barred door will open.  
Grapple to it and open it.

Mini-Boss: Dark Nut

When I first played this I was freaking out.  The Dark Nut looked just like 
an Iron Knuckle from the other games and they were very strong.  Of course, 
when I started playing it I found that this is a sorry substitute.  First you 
must knock off its armor.  To do this perform a parry attack (Wait for it to 
attack and press A when the A icon changes form) and you’ll be behind it.  
Attack the figure eight on its back and the armor will drop.  Now it will 
charge you.  It is much faster because it has no armor.  Throw the Boomerang 
at it and it will be stunned.  Get in a few good hits and it will drop its 
sword.  A few hits of the sword and it will die.

For winning you get a treasure chest and the Dark Nut’s spoil.  Yes, I know, 
Dark Nut, ha-ha.  The spoil will be a Knight’s Crest.  Collect these because 
if you do Orca will teach you a secret sword technique (Orca being the one 
who gave you the Hero’s Sword).  Inside the chest is the best item in the 
game.  The Hero’s Bow!  Usually you get the Bow in the first dungeon (Or 
first dungeon in a world like in Ocarina of Time), but this game broke the 
tradition.  Now go to the previous room.  See the large eye switch?  Shoot 
it.  Then shoot the Red Bubbles.  This causes platforms that bridge the gap 
to form.  Grapple over to the idol and lift it.

Take it to the main room where it will go to its pedestal.  Now go through 
the door that led to the first idol.  Step on the platform in here and shoot 
the eye switch as you pass it.  This causes a platform to appear.  Also, make 
sure to kill the enemy, which is a Wizzrobe, that sends fire at you.  Two 
arrows does the trick.  Take the platform up to a new door.  Do you see the 
statues?  Don’t buy their disguise.  Those are true Armos, enemies.  Throw 
bombs into their mouths to kill them.  Inside the chest that appears is a Joy 
Pendant.  Now return to the main room.  Go through the red flashing door.

I remember this room well.  Don’t waste arrows on the Keese; Boomerang them.  
Then go through the door on the lower level.  Shoot both eye switches and 
both Red Bubbles.  Use the platforms to get to the treasure chests in this 
room.  One contains a small key and the other can be reached by shooting the 
eye switch over the door.  That one contains a Joy Pendant.  Now return to 
the previous room.  Stand on the weight to the left (Furthest from where you 
entered) and throw a bomb just as it is going to explode at the cracked wall.  
You should wait approximately seven seconds before throwing the bomb.  This 
reveals a new door.  Go through it.

Play Wind’s Requiem on the symbol on the ground (Not the Triforce but the 
other) and a chest containing a Treasure Chart forms.  Take it and run.  Go 
to the previous room and grab an Armos statue.  Place two of them on one of 
the weights of the scale and the other will rise.  Use it to access the 
locked door (Which you go through).  Stand on the block and use the Deku Leaf 
to glide over the lasers.  Call down the idol and play the Command Melody.  
Have the idol hop onto the switch (It is impervious to lasers).

Now have Link pick the idol up and go to the previous room.  Beware the 
Wizzrobe; it appeared to protect the idol I guess.  Set it down and cross to 
the Armos statues.  Pick at least three up and throw them all on one of the 
weights.  Pick up the idol and hop across the upper weight to the door.  Go 
through and the door.

Now all three idols are in place.  They make a gate to the next floor, 3F.  
Before you step into the light, go back down to 1F (specifically the first 
room).  From here enter the room where you got the Compass (Upper door after 
the bombed section).  Shoot the eye switch and a chest containing a Treasure 
Chart is now accessible.  Return to the first room and cruise over to a 
shrine with a door in it.  In this room stand on the uppermost crate and bomb 
the wall (Use the Compass) that contains an alcove with the treasure chest in 
it.  In the treasure chest is the Dungeon Map.  Now that we have those 
things, return to 2F where you may step into the light to go to 3F.

Pick up the two Armos statues and set them on the switches near the caged 
treasure chest.  Step on the third switch and the lasers will lower.  Inside 
the chest is the Big Key.  Now you have all the treasure chests.  Then the 
Armos come at you.  To defeat them attack their backsides (The red blinking 
orb).  When both are dead go through the door.  First I suggest defeating the 
Kangaroc with the Boomerang.  Then notice that the laser eye is blue.  Get 
near it so that eye forms.  Its laser can only move side to side.  When the 
“eye” forms (When it starts shooting its laser) shoot it and it will shatter.  
Continue this, avoiding red laser eyes, until you reach the boss door.  
Bottle a fairy if you can and stock up on arrows and bombs.  Enter the room.

                              |    Gohdan    |

This is an interesting boss to say the least.  It is modeled after Bongo 
Bongo from Ocarina of Time.  Note that this is a machine.  The gods of Hyrule 
must have whipped it up.  First shoot either hand twice.  L Target the eyes 
to save yourself some time.  Then Gohdan opens his eyes.  Shoot the eyes of 
Gohdan until they close.  While you do this he’ll be firing energy blasts at 
you.  When both eyes are closed he opens his mouth.  Throw a bomb into it and 
it will take damage.  If you run out of arrows Gohdan will occasionally 
sneeze them out, making this a very easy battle.  After only three bombs 
Gohdan will return to its position on the wall.  It will also sneeze out its 
Heart Container.  Step into the portal.

That wasn’t a wind portal.  You’ll be transported to the peak of the tower.  
Climb the ladder and grapple to the target.  As you swing back and forth the 
bell will sound.  A portal will open in the water.  The King of Red Lions 
will sail into it.

======================Return to the Forsaken Fortress*=======================

                |    Hyrule and the Blade of Evil’s Bane    |

You will somehow be able to breathe as you descend into the depths of the 
ocean.  You land in the preserved land of Hyrule, an ancient kingdom frozen 
in time.  It is the land described in the legends.  As you walk into the 
castle of that forgotten land and time you will see the freeze frame of 
chaos.  Monsters are invading the kingdom, forever locked in the dance of 
war.  If you look at the paintings they seem oddly familiar.  The servants of 
the princess look like someone you know.  As you walk down notice the statue 
of the legendary hero.  Also, the King of Red Lions will contact you with the 
Pirate’s Charm.  He says that to reach the item you are looking for you must 
find a doorway in the shape of a herald.

See the Triforce symbol?  That is the crest of the royal family of Hyrule.  
Pull the triangular blocks around so they line up with the parts of the 
Triforce.  When they do the Triforce lights up and the statue of the 
legendary hero moves aside to reveal a staircase.  Walk down to find an 
ancient chamber older than the castle itself.  Lift up the Master Sword, the 
blade of evil’s bane.  It is the only sword that can conquer Ganon.  When you 
do the flow of time in Hyrule will resume.

Link should’ve kicked their butts when they were frozen in time.  But now it 
will be easy with the Master Sword.  It was wielded by the legendary hero 
time and again and was forged specifically to be unaffected by the tainted 
power of Ganon.  Before you go upstairs, look at the mosaics.  They show the 
six sages from the time of the legendary hero.  They show Ruto, Rauru, Saria, 
Darunia, Impa, and Nabooru.  There are two mosaics of the Triforce and one 
disturbing one.  It shows an evil man, maybe Ganon, holding the Triforce.  
You can tell it is Ganon because of his trademark twin swords (He uses them 
in the final battle in Ocarina of Time).  That’s not going to happen.  Go 
upstairs and prepare for one of the most epic battles ever.

Here’s what I suggest you do to make the battle easier.  Run into one of the 
upper corners up the stairs and three Moblins will come at you.  Defeat them 
all and take one of their spears.  Then storms the hallways, attacking all 
the Moblins and Dark Nuts there are.  If you get a hold of a Dark Nut’s sword 
you’ll be even better prepared because it is hard to wield the spear in such 
cramped hallways.  Once you’ve cleared the hallways drop into the lower level 
and prepare for some real fighting.  Only the Master Sword is effective here.

If you get into melee with multiple fighters, that is good.  They can hurt 
each other.  If you need to, use your Hero’s Bow to pick off Moblins from 
above.  Try to isolate them and pick them off one on one.  They can easily be 
fled if you run to the hallways.  When all the monsters are dead the barriers 
are broken.  Exit the castle the way you came in and boat into the portal 
with the King of Red Lions.

                          |    Ballad of Gales    |

Way back on Dragon Roost Island when you learned Wind’s Requiem, you met 
Zephos, god of winds.  Zephos’s brother, Cyclos, also had a monument on the 
island, but it was destroyed (We may ascertain that it was destroyed by 
humans because he “has an ill will toward humans”).  So, Cyclos spends his 
days creating cyclones, which are atmospheric disturbances characterized by 
masses of air rapidly circulating clockwise in the southern hemisphere and 
the reverse in the northern.  In simpler words, a tornado in water (Not 
exactly, but hey, it’s a video game).  If you’ve ever gotten close to one of 
the cyclones you’ll know that Cyclos comes out and will transport you to a 
random location.  Well not today.  This time around you have the weapon that 
can pierce his defense.

Your first order of business is to get the Tower of the Gods on your Sea 
Chart.  Then go south a space.  The island here is called Private Oasis.  Get 
it on the Sea Chart (Preparing for the future.  You’ll need to come back 
eventually) and prepare for a voyage.  Go all the way to Mother & Child Isles 
(If you didn’t get it on your Sea Chart like I said it is two spaces west of 
Windfall Island.  Sail straight into the cyclone that is always there.  Shoot 
Cyclos three times with the Hero’s Bow and he will give in.  The cyclone will 
fade and he will come down to you.  He then teaches you the Ballad of Gales.  
This lets you control the cyclones and warp across the Great Sea.  This makes 
sailing much easier.

                           |    Tingle Tower    |

Play the Ballad of Gales and you’ll find that the following islands are warp 
points: Outset Island, Southern Fairy Island, Forest Haven, Tower of the 
Gods, Greatfish Isle, an unexplored area, Mother & Child Isles, Windfall 
Island, and Dragon Roost Island.  Warp to the unexplored area and you’ll find 
that the island is the home of Tingle, the thief who wanted to be a fairy you 
freed from the Windfall Town Jail.  Specifically, it is called Tingle Island 
on the Sea Chart.  Now you know what all the warp points are.  The fish tells 
you what Tingle does for a living.  He deciphers maps.  If you talk to Tingle 
he will disclose some very valuable information to you.  There is a fairy to 
the north of Tingle Island.

                             |    Big Octo    |

As you go north in the Tingle Island square you may encounter a sea monster.  
It is called Big Octo.  There are huge octopuses, like krakens, that will 
destroy you.  They are very easy to defeat, though, and usually yield good 
prizes.  If you cannot find Big Octo keep sailing around that square until 
you do.  I found it a little bit up of the mid level of the square 
(horizontally) and slightly to the left of the mid level of the square 
(vertically).  To defeat the monster you must blind it.  Do this by targeting 
its eyes with the Boomerang.  The Big Octo leaves a ring of light where it 
died.  Use the Grappling Hook on the boat to fish it out.  The treasure for 
defeating this one is a piece of heart.

               |    The Great Fairy and a Treasure Chart    |

Well, you’ve had quite a few adventures since the Tower of the Gods.  There 
will be a few more after this one, too.  From Tingle Island head north two 
spaces to be at Northern Fairy Island (Add it to your Sea Chart).  When on 
the island just fall into the hole and step forward.  This Great Fairy gives 
you another rupee upgrade.  Now you can hold 5000.  That’s a lot of money.

Once you have the upgrade, sail around the space looking for a submarine.  
Inside it are a few Moblins.  When all four are dead use the lanterns to 
swing to the alcove.  Inside the chest is a Treasure Chart.  Now you can exit 
the submarine.

                         |    Forsaken Fortress    |

It’s time for a dungeon.  You thought that the Forsaken Fortress was tough 
before?  Well newsflash, it’s back.  Really, it isn’t that hard, but prepare 
for the final battle with Ganon using the Master Sword!  No, you don’t fight 
Ganon, but it is time to kill that evil bird that kidnapped Aryll with the 
Master Sword!  That time I was serious.  Plus, this gives you another item.  
So warp to Tingle Island and sail to the Forsaken Fortress.

First there is the small matter of getting into the Forsaken Fortress.  Sail 
around it until you find the wooden gate.  If you launch two bombs at it will 
break.  Cruise in.  Walk up the stairs to the main floor.  The searchlights 
no longer affect you.

Mini-Boss: Phantom Ganon

It’s the battle of the century.  In this corner is Link and in this corner is 
Phantom Ganon.  You even have spotlights!  This is such a wrestling match.  
Phantom Ganon is the incarnation of Ganondorf.  He is pure evil.  Phantom 
Ganon also shares some of the powers that Ganon has, but doesn’t use in this 
game.  For instance, the energy ball attack.  Phantom Ganon will launch 
energy balls at you.  You must deflect them.  There are two ways.  The 
easiest is to slash your sword and they will ricochet back at him.  The 
second is to use an empty bottle, which will have the same effect.  Try using 
a spin attack for a stronger deflection.  When you send Phantom Ganon’s orb 
back at him he’ll volley it back to you with his sword made of shadow.  
Eventually Phantom Ganon will slip up and get hit by his own energy blast, 
leaving you ample opportunity to strike him with the Master Sword.  An 
intelligent fighter might try a different technique after getting pummeled by 
himself and company, but not Phantom Ganon.  He repeats the process until he 
almost dies (He doesn’t die because you fight him again later on).  Phantom 
Ganon has only one variation of his attack where he appears behind you and 
gives you a quick slash.  Also, being closer to him when he slashes makes it 
harder for him to volley it back since he takes about a second to attack.

After Phantom Ganon teleports out of there a chest forms.  Inside it is the 
dungeon prize, the Skull Hammer!  This item isn’t spectacular, but it gets 
the job done.  Succeeding Phantom Ganon are a bunch of Miniblins.  Evade them 
by going through the large wooden door.  Remember, you have the Dungeon Map 
and the Compass from the last time you went here.  Our goal is to once again 
reach the top and rescue Aryll, except without all the searchlights.  And you 
don’t have to sneak around.  Really, this is a much easier version of the 
first dungeon.  The first enemies you see are rats carrying bombs.  These are 
called Bombchus (They were items in a few earlier games.  In Majora’s Mask 
they make the distinction by calling these Real Bombchus).  To the left are a 
few stakes.  Pound them down and you’ll be in a hall with three Moblins.

Kill them for all the Skull Necklaces and go through the door.  Notice that 
now that you have the Master Sword one series of horizontal slices can defeat 
a Moblin.  Now follow the trail to a hallway.  Along the way you’ll see a 
dark hand coming from the ground.  This is a Floor Master.  Avoid it or it 
will take you to the beginning of the dungeon.  At the end of the hallway 
you’ll be in a room with many beds.  On one is a chest with a yellow rupee 
inside.  Make sure to avoid the laser fire of the statue.  Climb the ladder 
to the left and you’ll be on 2F.  Go through the door.  Take the outside hall 
and head left.  Climb the ladder and kill the Bokoblin.  Now pull out the 

First locate where you got the Skull Hammer.  Near it is a ladder.  Use the 
Deku Leaf to glide to that ladder (Make sure the wind is blowing the right 
way) and then face the ship pointing out of the water.  To the left is a 
door.  Take it and you’ll be on 2F in the desired room.  Kill the Moblin and 
climb the stairs to a wooden door.  Take it outside.  Climb the stairs and 
follow the path up to some stakes.  Pound them in and sidle across the wall.  
Next you’ll reach a much more perilous section.  You must sidle across a wall 
as bombs are being fired at you.  To avoid the hassle just glide across with 
the Deku Leaf (Make sure the wind is going in the right way) and climb the 
stairs.  Now pound the switch to open the door.

                           |    Helmaroc King    |

You sneak into the cell to find the same three girls as before, including 
Aryll.  Link tries to open the cell and Tetra comes from nowhere.  Link 
really needs to stuff about this stalking.  So the two musclemen of the 
pirates open the door.  Also, Tetra sees the Master Sword.  Now you’ve got 
Aryll back.  Link could leave right now if he wanted to, but he wants 
revenge.  His is a rage that shall burn for the ages.  It is time to spill 
the blood of the Helmaroc King.  Really, I would’ve run.  The bird wasn’t 
even there.  The pirates promise to deliver Aryll back to Outset and the 
other two to Windfall.  Suddenly the bird comes crashing in.  You had your 
chance to avoid confrontation, Link.

Really, though, that’s just cold-hearted.  I never thought about it, but Link 
actually wanted to kill the Helmaroc King or he would’ve gone with the 
pirates.  Oh well.  Suddenly the room starts filling with water.  Run up the 
path and ignore the Bokoblins.  They are will drown at the hands of the 
monstrous Helmaroc King.  At the top the bird will stop in front of you and 
stare at you.  Get out the Skull Hammer and hit its head.  The Helmaroc King 
falls into the water.  Climb up and the real battle begins.

The Helmaroc King emerges from its would-be watery grave and spreads its 
massive wings.  It’s time to battle.  When the king lands he’ll try to crush 
you with a pound of its beak.  Dodge the attack and its beak will get stuck 
in the floor.  L Target the fiend and use the Skull Hammer to smash its face.  
Ouch!  The king will repeat it a few more times, eventually throwing new 
attacks into the mix.  For instance, it may start flapping its wings to push 
you into the spikes that line the arena (Roll to stop this).  It may try to 
swoop down and scratch you with its talons.  It usually performs a sequence 
of attacks.  I mean to say that it does two of one attack, two of another, 
and so on.  This does not always hold true for the beak attack, because it 
can hurt the king.  Soon the Helmaroc King will lose its mask (Hacked into 
pieces).  Now it is vulnerable to attack.  L Target its head and shoot 
arrows.  It’s sad.  I really liked the Helmaroc King.  He was the coolest 
boss.  All the flashlights shine on the bird as it dies and in a flurry of 
feathers it explodes.  Get the Heart Container.

Go up the trail that is now accessible and open the door to Ganon’s room in 
the tower.  Notice that Ganon addresses Link as if he’s seen him long ago.  
Then Ganondorf turns around.  You know, in Ocarina of Time Ganondorf looked 
weird because of his ears.  Now he looks weird because he is.  Ganondorf 
explains that when the Master Sword was removed he regained his power.  Now 
he is stronger than he was before.  Link decides to charge Ganondorf but to 
no avail.  Not even the Master Sword can stand up to that invincible fiend!  
Ganondorf is about to kill Link when Tetra comes in and tries to save him.  
Now Ganondorf can kill two people.  Yet, for some reason, Ganondorf’s hand 
lights up with the symbol of the Triforce when he nears Tetra.  Then he calls 
Tetra Princess Zelda.  When all hope seems lost the Rito fly in to save you 
and Valoo sets fire to the fortress.  Valoo takes you to the Tower of the 
Gods.  They fly off and the King of Red Lions sails into Hyrule.

================================Earth Temple*================================

                         |    Return to Hyrule    |

When you wake up you and Tetra are in Hyrule.  Someone contacts you with the 
Pirate’s Charm.  Who could use the stone other than Tetra?  Now Tetra follows 
you.  If you need a pictograph of her get it now.  Now enter the castle.  Go 
down to where you got the Master Sword and a strange man is standing at the 
pedestal.  The man speaks of Gossip Stones (From Ocarina of Time).  He made 
the charm.  He turns around revealing that he is the king, Daphnes Nohansen 
Hyrule.  His voice is that of your boat.  Hey, wait a minute.  He is the King 
of Red Lions!!!

Now we know what the mosaic of Ganon depicts.  It shows the great flood so 
that the war for the Triforce would end.  Nohansen than gives Tetra the 
remainder of the Triforce of Wisdom.  The music here is slightly varied from 
the intro to A Link to the Past.  When he does this Tetra is wearing a dress.  
She’s Princess Zelda.  Well, we’re done today in Hyrule.  Return to the Great 
Sea.  Nohansen (That’s such a funny name) then tells you that the way to the 
next temples you must go to have entrances in Hyrule.  Of course, that is 
sealed off.  You must find entrances from the Great Sea.

                       |    The Queen of Fairies    |

When on the Great Sea you find out that you can’t go back to Hyrule without 
the Triforce of Courage, the third piece of the Triforce.  It was separated 
into eight shards and hidden when the legendary hero left Hyrule.  Great, 
more stuff to do.  First, though, play the Ballad of Gales and warp to Mother 
& Child Isles.  When you go you’ll be inside the impassable walls of the 
larger island.  The little kid is the Queen of Fairies.  I guess it is a new 
generation.  She gives you new powers, the Fire and Ice Arrows!  Now you can 
shoot fire or ice.  That’s pretty hot!  Or should I say cool (I made a 
funny!).  Now we’re done here.  It is time to go to an old island.

                          |    Song of Passing    |

Warp to Windfall Island and go to the gravestone the man named Tott dances 
by.  Show Tott the Wind Waker and he is reminded of the song he is trying to 
recall.  He shows you the moves and then you play it.  The Song of Passing 
makes day to night.  Pretty handy.

  |    A Piece of Heart, two Treasure Charts, and the IN-credible Chart    |

These are easy; you have to do it.  First enter the building near the 
Pictograph Shop.  You can get a piece of heart here but that’s not what this 
is about.  Go to the left to the top of the stairs and exit the door.  Talk 
to the man and change the direction of the wind to north with Wind’s Requiem.  
Now fall down to the building’s base (Don’t go in).  Follow a path around it 
to a ladder.  Climb up and press the switch.  The windmill will start 
working.  Go up to it and jump to one of the carts.  The windmill is really a 
Ferris wheel.  From the cart, jump out onto the Pictography Shop balcony.  
Open the two chests here for a purple rupee, worth fifty, and a Treasure 
Chart.  Now crawl through the opening and drop down.  Take a pictograph of 
Lenzo with the lady and show it to the two gossiping woman by Zunari’s shop.  
They’ll reward you for setting them straight about Lenzo’s love life with a 
Treasure Chart.

Now for the piece of heart the section title promised.  It must be nighttime.  
Go back to the Ferris wheel and ride it so that you are level with the 
rotating tube thing.  When you can, shoot a Fire Arrow through the metal to 
light the torch within.  Now there’s a lighthouse.  Not only that, a treasure 
chest appeared.  Glide to the island and take its content, which is a piece 
of heart.  Also, you’ll have two letters.  You must pay 201 rupees to open 
one of them.  When you do you get the IN-credible Chart.  The second letter 
is from Aryll.  She encloses twenty rupees in it.

                           |    Empty Bottle    |

As one of the fish hinted, there is a thief in the night at Windfall.  You 
may have noticed that the former rich girl of the island, Mila, is working 
for Zunari.  Also, Mila is dirt poor.  And she sneaks out at night.  Lets put 
three in three together here.  Mila is a crook.  But we must prove it.  Play 
the Song of Passing or if it is night do not.  Go talk to Mila (She will be 
standing by the tree between the potion shop and the rich man’s house) and 
she’ll tell you to go away.  Run away from her up the stairs and she’ll start 
running.  It begins.  Now remember, you must do this very slowly or she’ll 
catch you following her.  Just stay your distance and it doesn’t matter if 
you’re standing directly in her line of sight.

She only sees you when you’re near her.  But you need to be very careful when 
she climbs up the wooden trail.  I got caught there.  She’ll stop right near 
it.  If you do get caught play the Song of Passing twice and start over.  You 
can also go inside any building to start it over.  Sometimes if you get too 
close but she doesn’t actually see you Link will imitate a cat and she’ll 
think nothing of it.  When you finally catch her trying to pick the safe tell 
her that you’re “an ally of justice”.  Say “sure” when she asks you to listen 
to her life story and say “that’s terrible” when she asks you what you think.  
Say “very well” when she asks if you understand her plight and 
“unfortunately, no” when she asks to be let go.  Say “because I’m honest” 
when she asks why not.

She gives you an empty bottle for bringing her to justice.  If you want to 
mess with her, though, don’t do the dialogue correctly and say different 
stuff.  Some of them are pretty funny.

                              |    Auction    |

If you go into the patrician’s house at night from the ground level (Red door 
with gold streaks on it) talk to Zunari inside.  He hosts an auction every 
night.  There are lots of good items here that you should buy.  You should 
buy the Treasure Chart, for instance.  If you bid a whole lot the other 
people will be breathless and unable to bid for a while.  Remember, if 
someone else buys your item, it will still be available.  They must return it 
or something.  You should bid about twenty rupees over the current highest 
bid when Zunari says “Time is running out people”.  Here are all the things 
you can get in the House of Wealth during the auction.  Two Treasure Charts, 
a Joy Pendant, and a piece of heart.

                          |    Piece of Heart    |

You need to enter the House of Wealth at night on the second story.  After 
the rich man talks trash about you, go talk to his daughter, Maggie.  She 
misses a Moblin named Moe from the Forsaken Fortress (Sorry…  I kind of, 
well, um, killed him).  She’ll ask you to take a letter to the postbox to 
Moe.  You got Maggie’s Letter!  Now go mail it.  If you talk to the wealthy 
man he’ll tell you that they sold all the Skull Necklaces Maggie got from Moe 
to get filthy rich.  Also, a Rito postman will be at their house when you 
enter it.  The postman leaves when the rich man rejects him.

So, Moe has been writing back.  The rich guy just doesn’t want his daughter 
to talk to him.  Now go to the café.  The postman is there to “cool his 
feathers”.  Talk to him and he’ll ask you to deliver Moe’s letter.  Come on!  
Moblins are idiots!  They can neither write nor read.  You got Moblin’s 
Letter.  Now take the letter to Maggie.  After totally misinterpreting the 
letter she gives you a piece of heart.  Eat for dinner.  Ha!  I don’t know 
who’s smarter, Moe or Maggie.

                            |    Magic Armor    |

There are a few things we should do here.  Remember the poor (As in money) 
old man that was begging?  Well now he is rich.  And the rich guy is now dirt 
poor (The pirates made him pay lots of money for his daughter back).  Go to 
Zunari’s shop (The guy with the fur coat) and talk to him twice.  He’ll ask 
you to be his assistant.  He gives you a Town Flower.  You must find other 
traveling merchants to trade with.  They are not hard to find.  They have 
huge backpacks.  So get on the King of Red Lions and play Ballad of Gales to 
warp to Greatfish Island.

Notice that it is called Greatfish Isle on the Sea Chart but when you select 
it, it says Greatfish Island.  Anyway, sail into the wreckage and look for a 
strange man sporting a tremendous backpack.  This man, who is a Goron, is a 
merchant.  Show him the Town Flower and he’ll offer trading it for a Sea 
Flower.  Agree and after forking over twenty rupees the oath will be 

I don’t know who would want the Sea Flower, but we can find a merchant.  
First, go to Zunari.  Sure enough, the Sea Flower is at his stand.  If you 
show the same merchant on Greatfish Isle the Sea Flower he’ll trade it for an 
Exotic Flower.  The fee will be twenty five rupees.  If you go to Windfall 
Island Zunari will have it in stock.  When you talk to Zunari he’ll give you 
the prize, Magic Armor.  It creates a barrier around you that prevents you 
from taking damage.  It takes up magic, though.

                        |    Complete Sea Chart    |

Have you been filling out your Sea Chart like I’ve asked?  If not things are 
only going to get more difficult for you as you must do tons of side quests 
on various islands.  Before we just beat dungeons and got items on prominent 
islands, but no more.  Really, though, you can see important islands on your 
Sea Chart, such as Dragon Roost, Greatfish, Forest Haven, and Outset Island.  
If it shows up on the Sea Chart you know that it’s important.  Do you 
remember how to map islands?  You must give the fish bait.  Buy bait from 
Beedle.  Now, since you bought the Bait Bag from Beedle and since there are 
forty-nine islands that need to be mapped, four of which are free, you’ll 
have a minimum of sixteen points with Beedle when done with the mapping.  Go 
around to all the islands and get every single one on your Sea Chart.  This 
will help in the future.

     |    The Final Bottle, a Treasure Chart, and a Piece of Heart    |

We’ve made great strives toward completing the item screen.  There are only 
three spaces left, and one is a bottle.  Sure, there are upgrades to be 
gotten for a few items, but we can do that later.  Having all four of the 
empty bottles means you can die and be revived four times if you have 
fairies, or use Elixir Soup eight times straight.  Play Ballad of Gales to go 
to Greatfish Island.  Sail north of there to Rock Spire Isle.  If you ever 
looked at Beedle’s Chart you’d know this is his special store.  Enter the 
ship and you’ll see three items for sale, each of which you should buy.  
There is a piece of heart, Treasure Chart, and an empty bottle.  Now that we 
have all these wonderful items it is time for you to get upgrades.

                          |    The Great Fairy    |

Go to Western Fairy Island.  If you didn’t complete the Sea Chart like you 
were supposed to that island is northwest of Greatfish Isle.  When you arrive 
pound the switch in with the Skull Hammer to stop the flames.  Fall into the 
pit and walk forward.  The Great Fairy gives you a larger quiver.  Now you 
can carry sixty arrows at a time.

                          |    The Great Fairy    |

I know!  Three in a row!  There are four upgrades easily attained before the 
Earth Temple and here is another.  Go to Thorned Fairy Island (two spaces 
east of Tower of the Gods) and smack down all three of the switches (Right to 
left or they’ll pop up) to lower the vines.  Fall into the pit and talk to 
the Great Fairy, young waker of the winds.  She lets you hold more arrows.  
Yes, your quiver can now hold 99.  Sadly, I think I could actually use all 

                          |    The Great Fairy    |

Go to Eastern Fairy Island.  If you didn’t mark it on your Sea Chart like you 
were supposed to it is southwest of Dragon Roost Island.  When you get there 
bomb the rock blocking the seashell structure and fall in the pit.  This 
Great Fairy gives you a larger bomb bag.  Now you can carry ninety-nine.  Who 
could ever use that much?

       |    Piece of Heart, the Cabana Deed, and the Hero’s Charm    |

There must be some use for Joy Pendants.  Knight’s Crests can be given to 
Orca so that he will teach you a sword technique, Chu Jelly and Boko Baba 
Seeds can be used to make potions, and Golden Feathers are for a different 
side quest.  But really, in dungeons of late they’ve been throwing these at 
you.  They do have one use.  Go to Windfall Island and show one to Mrs. Marie 
(Schoolteacher).  She is obsessed with jewelry and will want it right away, 
just as the Killer Bees told you long ago.  She tells you that she’d really 
want twenty.  Of course, for giving her one you get twenty rupees.  Now you 
need twenty more (20 is her lucky number).

You have plenty from killing Bokoblins and opening treasure chests in 
dungeons.  You’ll only need a few more, if any.  There is one location that 
is perfect for getting Joy Pendants.  There is a submarine surrounded by 
pirate platforms in the southeastern – most screen (Five-Star Isles).  Here’s 
what to do.  Go there and steal Joy Pendants from all the Bokoblins on the 
platforms (Use the Grappling Hook to steal their spoils).  Then enter the 
submarine and take those spoils.  Keep going in and out until you have 
twenty.  By the way, the treasure on one of the platforms is twenty rupees 
and the treasure in the submarine is a piece of heart.  When you give Mrs. 
Marie the remaining Joy Pendants she awards you with the Cabana Deed.

There’s more to it, right?  Of course, I don’t list items you can get in the 
titles of sections and not tell you how.  That would be cruel, and I’m not 
like that this week.  No, Mrs. Marie really wants more.  I’m not sure how 
much exactly, so let’s get lots.  Go back to the submarine and repeat the 
process.  When you have twenty, return to Windfall with the Ballad of Gales.  
Really, the submarine helps out your rupee count too (Green rupees can really 
accumulate when you repeat it a few times).  For giving her 40 + Joy Pendants 
Mrs. Marie gives you her most precious piece of jewelry, the Hero’s Charm.  
It lets you see how much health (“Life force”) your enemies have left when 
you L Target them.  Woo-hoo!  Equip it now!  Now I’d say that it’s high time 
we played a dungeon.  But first, you must get a new item.

                          |    Power Bracelets    |

The legendary hero had these and you’ll have them too!  But really, though, 
it must’ve taken a long time for him to hide all his stuff.  Use the Ballad 
of Gales to warp to Dragon Roost Island and sail south to Fire Mountain.  You 
cannot step on it or you will be burnt.  Gee, what can cool off that volcano?  
Apparently an Ice Arrow can.  Shoot it and the mountain freezes.  Shoot it at 
the geyser.  Now, you have five minutes, ample time, to get the treasure 
inside.  Climb the platforms, ignore the Kangaroc, and fall into the hole.  
Kill all the enemies and a chest appears.  Inside are the Power Bracelets.  
These let you lift those huge headstones you’ve been seeing lately.  Try it 
out on the stone near the chest.  Now exit Fire Mountain.

                         |    Earth God’s Lyric    |

Warp to Outset Island with Ballad of Gales and then sail to Headstone Island, 
one space east of Outset.  When you arrive on Headstone Island lift the huge 
stone blocking a cave.  Enter and you’ll see a song inscribed on a slab of 
stone.  Learn it to add Earth God’s Lyric to your music collection.  Then the 
Triforce symbol illuminates and the spirit of a sage appears.  It is a Zora, 
an ancient Hylian (Of Hyrule) race.  Her name is Laruto (Come on!  La –Ruto, 
Fado/Mido.  Really now.  Even Jabun was an unoriginal name).  You must find 
another to replace her as the sage because Laruto is dead.  The sage plays 
the harp.  Who could it be?

                       |    The New Sage of Earth    |

Play Ballad of Gales to go to Dragon Roost Island.  Go to the upper level and 
exit the insides of the mountain via the second door.  Grapple across the gap 
and climb the nearby ladder.  There is Medli, playing a harp.  Play for her 
the Earth God’s Lyric and a little cinema will play.  Laruto passes the 
torch, so to speak, to Medli.  There’s a new sage in town.

                           |    Earth Temple    |

Do you hear that?  That’s the knell bell.  It tolls for the Earth Temple.  
Really it does.  The Earth Temple may be called the “Earth” Temple but it is 
all about the dead.  As a result, I can introduce lots of new monsters to 
you.  First play Earth God’s Lyric with Medli to bust down the door.  Now 
enter the Earth Temple.

In this, the first room of the temple, pick up Medli and glide across the 
gap.  Open the door.  You must hold Medli as you go through doors or she will 
not come with you.  Now set Medli down and kill the Moblins in this room.  
Now pick up Medli and take her atop the stairs.  Use her to fly to the switch 
on the pillar.  Step on it and set Medli down.  Play the Command Melody to 
take control of her and fly to the other switch.  Have her step on it.  Now 
pick up Medli and go through the door.  In this next room you’ll see a new 
type of ChuChu.  It is a dark ChuChu and turns to stone when you shine light 
on it.  Then use the Skull Hammer to smash it.

By the by, the harp reflects light.  So, when they are all dead shine light 
on the elephant statues.  Then shine light on the transparent treasure chest.  
You may have to play Command Melody to do this.  Now, back as Link, open the 
chest for the Dungeon Map.  Finally, bomb the cauldron.  Now pick up Medli 
and go to the next room.  This is kind of the main room of the dungeon.  Now 
take control of Medli using the Command Melody and have her shine light onto 
the fog.  When shining it on the correct part (A switch will be revealed) 
return to Link with R.  Have Link pound the switch in with the Skull Hammer.  
Now pick up Medli and go through the door you just opened.  As soon as you 
walk forward the two coffins come undone and two Red Bubbles assault you.  
Defeat them with the Hero’s Bow (You can also blow them out with the Deku 
Leaf and attack normally).  Climb the ladder to your left.

There’s a block.  Pull it out and light will shine into the dungeon.  If I 
were Ganon I would just make sure there were no cracks in the building.  Take 
control of Medli with the Command Melody and shine light on the transparent 
chest.  Then have Medli step on a switch.  Return to Link at the current 
time, please.  In the chest is a small key.  Now go to the previous room.  
With Medli, go through the locked door.  First kill all the ChuChus you can 
(You can’t kill the dark ChuChus right now).  Shoot a fire arrow at the 
tattered curtain and light will shine into the room.

Take control of Medli.  Shine light on the dark ChuChus and switch to Link.  
Pick the statues up and drop them on the switches.  Take Medli and climb the 
stairs.  Push the block down to make a shortcut if you need to go through 
here again and then go through the door with Medli.  First you must kill the 
Floor Master.  To do this, L Target the ghastly hand and Boomerang it.  
Attack and Boomerang in that order until it dies.  The Hero’s Charm lets you 
see how much life it has left.  First push the block with no statue on it 
into the indentation.  Let there be light!  Then take over Medli.  Shine 
light on the following objects: The elephant statue and all sun marks on the 
wall.  When this is accomplished get in the cauldron to activate it and come 

Re-kill the Floor Master and push the block in to create a treasure chest.  
Then you pull the other block out to the indentation to open the barred door.  
Throw Medli up there and climb on top of the block to reach the chest.  Open 
it for the Compass.  At this point the King of Red Lions contacts you with 
the Pirate’s Charm.  He tells you that you can see where Medli is in the 
temple with your Dungeon Map and Compass.  That’ll come in handy.  Pick up 
Medli and enter the next room.

Set Medli down and run up the stairs.  Kill the Moblins and notice the 
ghosts.  These are called Poes.  The only way for you to kill them now is to 
have them possess you.  When they do this the controls become backwards.  
Stairs will form when all the enemies are dead.  Play the Command Melody to 
take control of Medli and fly up to the light.  Shine it on the elephants.  
Open the chest they guarded for a Joy Pendant, now useless to you.  Now pick 
up Medli and go through the door up the stairs (The unlocked one, obviously).  
Drop into the pit.  The tops of the coffins will lower and new monsters will 
come out.

They are called Redeads.  When they scream you freeze and slowly draw closer 
to you.  They jump on you and suck the life right out of you.  To kill them 
get a few good hits in.  To stop the freezing just rapidly press any button.  
In this room not only will you get about a hundred rupees from killing the 
Redeads and from rupees in coffins, but there is a small key in the coffin.  
Now climb the ladder and go through the locked door with Medli.  She cannot 

Mini-Boss: Stalfos

These were skeletons wielding swords since the very first Zelda game.  These 
have new weapons of choice, though.  They have clubs.  At first you fight 
only one.  Attack it over and over until its bones come undone.  Single out 
the head, Boomerang it to stop in its tracks, and beat the living daylights 
out of it.  When that one dies two more come to take its place.  Fortunately, 
when these three die it is the end.  Their spoils are just random items.

For your victory over the Stalfos you get the prize of the dungeon, the 
Mirror Shield.  Now you too can reflect light like the pros.  To exit the 
room shine light onto the moon symbol to make it into a sun symbol.  Go 
through the door and the Moblins and Poes will be back.  Finish them off and 
take control of Medli with the Command Melody.  Have her fly up and shine 
light onto the ground.  Switch back to Link and use his Mirror Shield to 
reflect her light onto the sun marks.  The first reveals a hallway and the 
second opens an alcove containing some serious money.  Now take Medli with 
you into the hall.  Shine light onto the elephant statue for a blue rupee.  
Now go through the door with the Rito.

You’re back in the main room.  Before we leave 1F you should get the treasure 
chest remaining on it.  Go to the door that was not locked (South on the 
map).  Immediately kill all the Floor Masters.  Then take control of Medli.  
Have her step on the switch and then go through the door (Leave Medli 
behind).  Shine light onto both the walls and a chest becomes accessible.  It 
contains a Joy Pendant (I always have you get every treasure chest).  Now 
return to the main room (The one with all the fog) with Medli.  Take control 
of Medli with the Command Melody and have her shine light into the sun’s eye 
with her harp.  Then shine light into the other eye of the sun yourself.  
Pick Medli up and head down the stairs to B1.

Head down the stairs and set Medli down.  Those are Blue Bubbles.  Kill them 
just like you could Red Bubbles – blast them with your Deku Leaf and shoot 
them.  Now take Medli across the bridge and have her play Earth God’s Lyric 
with you.  Go through the door.  Set Medli down and run into the light.  L 
Target either Redead and put your Mirror Shield up.  Redeads are allergic to 
light and they will writhe in agony.  Slash them from behind to put them out 
of their misery.  Then shine light on all the elephant statues.  To do this 
to the left statue use the mirror.  Enter the door that you opened to the 
right.  Set Medli down and descend the stairs.  Here’s how to get by this 

If you use your Deku Leaf to blow away some fog you’ll see a Floor Master.  
Run by it and the others to a chest.  Inside the chest is a small key.  Now 
that the fog is gone the Floor Master are fair game.  Defeat them all and a 
chest forms.  Within is a Treasure Chart.  Take Medli and leave the room.  
This time go through the door to the left.  .  Dash across the fog with Medli 
put down and you’ll reach a mirror.  Pull it into the indentation in the 
ground.  Now deploy the Skull Hammer on the switch.  Light will shine into 
the next room using the mirror as a reflector.  Return to the previous room.

Throw Medli to the key door and then push the block against the wall.  Climb 
up, pick up Medli, and go through the door.  Kill the Red Bubble.  Now that 
there is light you can kill Poes in a different manner.  L Target them and 
press R to put up your shield.  The light will make the Poes solid and 
susceptible to damage by blade.  Once all monsters are vanquished lift Medli 
and set her down in the light at an angle.  Use the light from her harp and 
your Mirror Shield to destroy the third elephant statue.  The other two 
statues are insignificant.  Go through the door the statue blocked.  Make 
your way through the maze of coffins, killing the occasional Keese or Redead, 
to a chest containing a red rupee.

Then go the other way and clear the coffins.  In one is a Stalfos to destroy.  
Do so and take Medli to the stone slab.  Play with her Earth God’s Lyric to 
destroy it.  Welcome to the room before the boss.  You can’t fight the boss 
just yet, but soon you will be able to.  Take Medli through the door with you 
and down the stairs.  At the end of the stairs is a cauldron.  Bomb it and go 
in to activate it.  Go through the cycle to be back in the room before the 
boss again.  Now pick up Medli again and take the stairs down to a doorway.  
Through the door is the memorable maze room.  First drop down by the ladder 
and pull the adjacent mirror into its indentation.  Do this for the mirror 
opposite it (To the left) as well.  Now we need light.

Use the Command Melody to control Medli and fly on top of the black 
structure.  Step on the switch that lies on top and return to Link.  First 
light up the transparent chest.  Within is a purple rupee, worth fifty 
(They’re making you filthy rich in this dungeon).  Next light up the elephant 
statue.  Pull out the mirror it blocked all the way to its very own 
indentation.  Play Command Melody again and have Medli reflect light onto the 
chest you made appear earlier.  Use the light from Medli’s harp and aim it at 
the sun marks.  Grab the mirror that was concealed and pull it to its 
indentation.  By the way, the pots that were behind the mirror have contain 
tons of rupees.  One half of the puzzle is complete.  Step on the platform 
bathed in light and reflect some of it onto the transparent chest.  Within is 
a Joy Pendant.

Now light and thereby destroy the elephant statue and the sun mark.  
Destroying the sun mark opens a hallway that you’re not interested in right 
now.  Pull the mirror out into its indentation.  Now play Command Melody once 
more.  Have Medli shine light into the mirror that is not illuminated.  Stand 
on the platform now in the light and destroy the sun marks that block a 
mirror.  Pull the mirror into its indentation and the puzzle is complete.  
Play Command Melody and have Medli stand on either of the upper platforms 
that are illuminated and shine light into the sun’s eye.  Return to Link and 
do the same.  This opens a door.  Before going in that door go into the side 
hallway (Which leads to a door that is to the west on the map) with Medli.

Shine light onto all the coffins from above in here and fight the three 
Stalfos below.  A good strategy is to bomb them to make them shatter and 
singling out the heads.  Doing so gives you a treasure chest containing a 
Treasure Chart.  To reach it pull the block out and climb up.  Now there’s 
one chest left in the dungeon.  It must be the Big Key.  Take Medli with you 
to the mirror maze room (Previous room) and go through the door you accessed 
earlier.  In here you must fight a Dark Nut.  Ooh, I’m scared now.  The only 
difficulty here is the Blue Bubbles.  Like the fog, getting touched by them 
disables your items.

Kill them with the Deku Leaf/Arrow combination and then go for the big guy.  
In the chest that opens is the Big Key (Obviously; it is the Big Key Chest).  
With Medli in tow, return to the room before the boss.  Climb the vines at 
the top of the stairway and use the Command Melody to get Medli up to you.  
Go to the cauldron (Not in it) and hold Medli.  Use her to fly across the gap 
to the door.  She’s a great substitute for the Deku Leaf.  Break the pots for 
rupees and magic and open the boss door.

                  |    Jalhalla, Protector of the Seal    |

Medli can’t come with you.  Inside are a bunch of Poes dancing around.  
Suddenly they combine into one huge Poe with a mask.  First you must shine 
light onto Jalhalla and he will become solid.  Pick him up (Good workout for 
the Power Bracelets) and throw him into the spikes.  Like a balloon he will 
pop and release his Poe components.  Kill the Poes that make Jalhalla up and 
he’s toast.  Jalhalla has a few attacks when he is complete, however.  One of 
them is his lantern attack, in which he shoots fire at you.  He may try to 
suck in and then blow out air while he puts the lantern up to his mouth so 
that he spits fire.  Sometimes he blows you into the spikes of the arena.  He 
seldom tries to possess you, but don’t put him past it.  Note that you must 
throw him into the wall of spikes.  When all the Poes are dead the mask, that 
may be the essence of Jalhalla is destroyed by light.  Take the Heart 
Container and step into the blue portal (Old school blue portals are the 

Medli will enter the room and Link will place the Master Sword in the blue 
portal in the Triforce crest.  With Laruto included Medli and Link will play 
Earth God’s Lyric.  Now Medli will remain in the Earth Temple to pray so that 
the Master Sword will retain its power.  The Master Sword has half of its old 
power back.  It is time to get it back in full.  Now prepare yourself for the 
Wind Temple.

================================Wind Temple*=================================

                |    The Iron Boots and a Treasure Chart    |

You’re just getting every item the legendary hero ever had, aren’t you?  The 
Iron Boots can be gotten on Ice Ring Isle.  If you didn’t complete the Sea 
Chart like I said, Ice Ring Isle is west of Forest Haven.  Don’t try to step 
on the land or you’ll freeze.  How can you melt the ice?  This is a real 
conundrum.  Well, we could wait for global warming to take effect, or we 
could shoot it with a Fire Arrow.  Shoot the dragon’s head in the fog and it 
will cool down.  You have five minutes.

Shoot the treasure chest encased in ice for a Treasure Chart and then run 
around the ice walls until you find an opening.  So work your way around the 
platforms and ledges until you’re inside the dragon statue’s head.  When 
inside kill the Keese immediately.  Then step onto the ledge near the 
entrance and slide down to the next.  When you slide to the end, open the 
chest for the Iron Boots.  Now the timer stops.  If you should fall grapple 
your way up the targets (Climb on top of the targets).  That was too close 
for comfort.

Now equip the Iron Boots and walk into the wind.  Fall into the pit and 
you’ll see two Moblins, a Dark Nut, and Bokoblins locked in ice.  Fire Arrow 
each of them to fight them individually.  For defeating them, you get an 
orange rupee, worth 100.

                         |    Wind God’s Aria    |

Use the cyclones to carry you to Windfall Island with the Ballad of Gales.  
Then sail north to an island you should’ve marked on your Sea Chart with the 
rest of them, Gale Isle.  When on it equip the Iron Boots and walk into the 
wind tunnel.  Now, you’re required to break this wind-emitting statue.  Get 
out the Skull Hammer and pound it.  Go into the tunnel.  Pull out the Wind 
Waker in front of the statue and you’ll be taught a new song.  Play it 
correctly to learn Wind God’s Aria.  The Triforce symbol starts glowing and 
the spirit of a boy appears (He is dead now).  It is a Kokiri!  These are 
what the Koroks looked like years ago.  He introduces himself as Fado.  He is 
a sage.  Since he is dead he needs a replacement.  The one who shall replace 
him bears the same instrument that he does, a fiddle made of leaves.

            |    The New Sage of Wind and the Korok Markings    |

Exit the cave and get onto the King of Red Lions.  Warp to Forest Haven with 
the Ballad of Gales.  Climb up the ledges, defeat the Boko Babas, and get to 
the Great Deku Tree.  Talk to him and ask about the Koroks.  Then ask about 
the forest Koroks.  Only two Koroks remain in Forest Haven.  They are Hollo 
and Makar.  Since Hollo researches potions all day it must mean that Makar is 
the new sage.  Now to find him.  First though, ask the Deku Tree about the 
island Koroks.  He will mark on your Sea Chart the Korok locations.  This is 
another side quest.  Look in the sapling section for further detail.  Now 
leave Forest Haven and go to the first grapple target.  Get out the Grappling 
Hook and remain stationary on that target.  Lower as much as you can and turn 
to the waterfall to the right.

Swing into it to find a secret area on Forest Haven.  If you are having 
difficulty with this, try using the Deku Leaf to glide into the waterfall.  
Show Makar the Wind Waker and he’ll get excited.  Play Wind God’s Aria for 
him and he’ll play the song.  Fado appears behind him and takes Makar’s 
place.  Afterward Fado dissipates and Makar awakens as the Sage of the Wind 

                            |    Wind Temple    |

Go to Gale Isle with Makar and enter the cave.  Makar will follow.  Play Wind 
God’s Aria at the stone slab and it will burst.  You are now officially in 
the Wind Temple.

In this, the first room of the Wind Temple, pick up the Korok and go through 
the door.  Now take a breather (That was the hardest part of the dungeon 
right there) and set Makar down.  See the switch?  Climb up it and put on the 
Iron Boots while standing on it to bring it down.  Take off the Iron Boots 
while standing on the switch and you’ll be bounced up.  So from now on, that 
will be called a spring.  Now jump down and kill the Wizzrobe.  Advance and 
you’ll have to kill a Stalfos.  Bomb the wood barrier over the cauldron or 
hit it with the Stalfos’s club and it will activate.  Now take Makar and jump 
down to where you see two mounds of dirt.  Set him next to one and play the 
Command Melody.  Take over Makar and have him go to each mound and press A.  
He’ll plant a tree.  Doing this twice creates a treasure chest.

Inside is an orange rupee (Worth 100 rupees).  Now play Command Melody again 
and take over Makar.  Have him fly through the wind and step on a switch.  
This dispels the wind tunnels.  Return to Link and use the spring to bounce 
to the upper level.  Use the upper spring to bounce up and while in air use 
the Deku Leaf to glide to where Makar is.  Now take Makar and go through the 
door.  Put him down and then kill the two Armos statues by slashing their 
backs.  When both die (I recommend not L Targeting these enemies) use the 
Deku Leaf to start a wind by the fan.  Take Makar to the other side and 
control his body.  Plant two trees and the door will open.  Now take Makar 
through the door.

Use Makar to plant trees in all the mounds of dirt (On the platforms).  When 
you plant the third not only will the doors open, but on the downside Floor 
Masters will appear around Makar and abduct him!  Go through the door to the 
right.  Welcome to the main room.  Makar is in the prison cell to the left.  
There is nothing you can do for him right about now.  Go through the door to 
the north.  Look familiar?  You’ve been in a very similar room.  First kill 
the Peahats and then fall through the hole.  Blast the fan with a gust of 
wind once the Floor Master has been executed via the Deku Leaf.  Kill the 
next Floor Master and spring up with the spring closer to the fan.  Take the 
chest in the alcove for a Joy Pendant.  Notice the stone slab.  You’ll be 
able to destroy it once you have Makar back.

Go through the door to the right of the slab.  Glide over the wind tunnel and 
take it to the left.  Step on the switch and not only does a Wizzrobe appear 
but something else happens.  Use the Deku Leaf and the wind tunnel to reach 
the grated platform and take it to part two of the room.  Kill the Wizzrobe 
(Arrows are the easiest) and get on a platform.  Glide through the hole (The 
one that is south of you on the map in the lower right hand corner) and 
you’ll find a chest containing the Dungeon Map.  Yay!

Now Glide through the hole in the other grated wall (You’re heading down the 
long hall to the left; look at the map).  Use the wind tunnel to reach a 
platform and from here defeat the Peahats and Wizzrobes.  Then break the 
skulls for more magic and glide using the final wind tunnel to the door.  Go 
through the door here.  In the main room again press down the switch with the 
reliable Iron Boots (How can he carry those things?).

Before you do anything else bomb the cauldron and go in and out to activate 
it.  Fall to the very bottom level and go through the only door available to 
you.  Here’s how to destroy the cracked floor tiles.  Step on them with the 
Iron Boots equipped.  Immediately destroy the Armos.  Now push the block with 
the spring under the opening in the roof (Use the C Stick to look up) and 
push the other block near it so you can climb from one to the other.  Now 
open the chest by the spikes.  It contains a small key.

When you get it, the spikes lower.  If you want a treasure chest fall through 
the other cracked tiles.  One generates ChuChus, another Floor Master, and of 
course, another Armos.  When you fall through them all a chest containing a 
Treasure Chart appears.  Take it.  Go through the door and in the main room 
use the small key on the locked door.

Mini-Boss: Wizzrobe

There are three types of Dark Nut, so there are two types of Wizzrobe.  There 
is this, the cool kind, and the regular.  As you walk forward it will appear 
and laugh.  The first wave of attack is a Dark Nut and a minor Wizzrobe.  
Killing them makes the Wizzrobe make a Moblin.  Well, this will go on forever 
if you don’t do something.  Killing his creations does literally nothing to 
the Wizzrobe.  To defeat it you must attack it.  Arrows are not nearly as 
effective as the Master Sword.  Use the Boomerang (L Target of course) to 
stun the mage and then do a jump attack.  Even if you kill the Wizzrobe 
creating the monsters the fight won’t be officially over until you kill all 
the enemies it created.

This creates a chest.  Open it for the dungeon prize – the Hookshot!  The 
Mirror Shield was okay.  Sure, it reflects light and absorbs fire attack, but 
the Hookshot!  Read the description.  It is just too good.  The Hero of Time 
used it but he actually won it from a man named Dampé.  When you’re done, 
Hookshot to the target on the wall and pound in the switch with the Skull 
Hammer.  This opens the door.  Now go through it.  Back in the main room 
Hookshot your way up until you can Hookshot no longer.  Use the Deku Leaf to 
glide to the treasure chest across the gap, which contains the Compass.  
Finally!  Now step on the spring with the Iron Boots and bounce to the 
platform.  Now Hookshot all the way to a spring.  Bounce up to the platform 
and go to the end.  Hookshot up and you’ll see the cell Makar is locked in.  
You must lift the stone.  Since that’s not happening, even with the Power 
Bracelets, step back and put on the Iron Boots.

Hookshot the target and the stone will fall down.  Now open the chest and be 
proud; you freed Makar.  Inside is a Joy Pendant.  Great…  Now pick up your 
good buddy Makar and jump down to the platform you were on earlier (Long 
catwalk).  Play Command Melody and have Makar fly up to the ledge.  Now 
Hookshot up and take Makar through the door with you.  Put the Korok down and 
then proceed to decimate the Wizzrobe.  Use the Hookshot to attach to the 
trees to make your way up to the top.  Now play Command Melody and have Makar 
fly up.  The rescue Makar detour was worth it, but we were here before.  
Where were we?

Ah, yes.  Open the door while carrying Makar and you’ll see a new room with 
Blue Bubbles.  The first you can kill with the Deku Leaf, but the others are 
almost untouchable.  I say almost because you can Hookshot them to you and 
attack.  Once you’ve cleared a few off play Command Melody.  With Makar fly 
past the remaining Blue Bubble(s) and plant a tree.  When you do this, return 
to Link quickly and Hooshot to the tree.  Kill the Blue Bubble(s) and now 
it’s open air.  Plant all the trees and Hookshot to them.  Note that there is 
a Floor Master near the final tree.  Avoid it at all costs!  Kill it and take 
Makar through the door.  In the next room step on one switch and play Command 
Melody.  Have Makar step on the other.  It would seem that the puzzle is 
unraveling.  A fan on B1 has been activated.

Or it would if it was moving.  Drop down into the fan area and press the 
switch.  A pillar lowers.  Pick up Makar and step off the switch onto the 
pillar, causing it to rise.  That is how to exit the fan should you fall in.  
Now mounds of dirt’ll surround you.  Use Makar to plant trees and the fan 
starts.  Now use the Deku Leaf to float up to a ledge on 2F.  Glide to the 
chest here and open it for a Joy Pendant (Yes, this is the part of the 
dungeon walkthrough where you get all the available treasure chests).

Also on 2F is a door according to the Dungeon Map.  Glide across to that door 
and take Makar with you.  In that room you’ll find a group of Armos.  When 
you kill them all a gate opens.  Behind it is a treasure chest with a small 
key in it.  Now, we’re just about ready to wrap this dungeon up.  Take Makar 
with you to the east room on 1F.  Like last time you must drop down, blast 
the fan, bounce back up with the spring, and this time take Makar to the 
slab.  Play Wind God’s Aria to destroy it and go through the door.  There are 
three Dark Nuts to beat in this room.  If you are really bad against Dark 
Nuts now’s the time to put that Magic Armor to use.

When they’re all doomed to death the gate opens revealing the chest that we 
know contains the Big Key.  Take it and we’re ready to fight the boss.  
There’s only the small matter of getting to it.  Take Makar to the main room 
and jump down into the fan.  There is a locked door.  Open it up and presto!  
We’re in the room with the last chest.  There are two Stalfos to destroy 
first.  Don’t forget the Wizzrobe, either.  When they’ve died, Hookshot your 
way up the platforms.  At the end step on the switch with the Iron Boots and 
the doors open.  So how do you get the chest?  There must still be enemies in 
the room.  Put on the Iron Boots and Hookshot the statue above the switch.  A 
Bokoblin comes out.  Kill it and try the other headstone (On one of the lower 
levels).  It conceals a Bokoblin as well.  When all enemies are dead a chest 

Inside is the ever-valuable Treasure Chart.  Now go through the door you 
opened earlier.  First defeat the Bokoblins and then blow up the Armos.  Now 
the burning question, how do you cross the gap with the wind tunnels there?  
Play the Command Melody and have Makar fly to the other side.  Let him plant 
a seed and immediately afterward fly away because of the Floor Master.  
Hookshot across, kill the Floor Master and Peahats, rendezvous with Makar, 
and go through the door.  First pull the leftmost block out a bit and then 
push it all the way out until it blocks out the razor trap.  Do the same with 
the middle block and then push the rightmost block out until it falls in a 
pit.  Now go through the door while holding Makar and using the Iron Boots.

Dodge the last razor trap.  This last part can be kind of tough.  Since the 
first razor trap is much slower if you think you need to pull that block out 
(Line it up with the one in the pit) and block the third.  In the new region 
of the room play Wind God’s Aria to destroy the slab.  Go through the door 
and go through the door.  You can leave Makar behind now; he is no longer 
needed and cannot enter the boss chamber with you.  Plant a bomb by the 
cauldron to make it accessible and jump in to activate it.  When you come 
back, enter the boss room.

                  |    Molgera, Protector of the Seal    |

There is a boss like this in every Zelda game.  The Wind Waker is no 
exception.  When you first walk in you’ll see a pit with the Triforce symbol 
carved in the center.  That is the real symbol of Hyrule, I do believe.  To 
trigger the battle, step into the sandy hole.  Notice the place Molgera 
burrowed after the cinema.  A hole is left over.  Wait by it, not to close, 
and Molgera will emerge.  He will stick his tongue, possibly, and you can L 
Target it.  Hookshot it to you and slash.  Ignore the small sand creatures as 
much as you can and repeat the Hookshot process.  Also note that the sand 
will shift right into Molgera’s mouth.  If this does happen it will spit you 
back out.  Occasionally Molgera will jump out of the burrow and start flying 
around the room.  When you deliver the finishing blow Molgera will explode by 
segment just like every boss like him and the sand will be drained from the 
room.  Take the Heart Container and step into the blue portal.

Even though you left Makar behind he made his way to the door.  You play Wind 
God’s Aria (Actually, Makar and Medli both play the theme to the Wind Waker) 
with Fado included and the Master Sword regains its power.  You now have the 
most powerful sword in the game, the Master Sword.  Makar will stay in the 
Wind Temple to pray.  Now you step into the light.  The King of Red Lions 
will be talking to a fish.  You discover that the Forsaken Fortress has been 
abandoned.  With winged words from the King of Red Lions you set out to find 
the shards of the Triforce of Courage.

===============================Ganon’s Tower*================================

Triforce Chart # 1

Note: Sometimes when you feed fish the bait and they fill out your Sea Chart, 
they tell you about the golden Triumph Forks.  Well, there is no set of 
golden utensils.  Over the centuries the legend of the Triforce was 
distorted, and so in translation the golden power was called the Triumph 
Forks.  End note.

There are eight Triforce charts, each showing where to find the Triforce 
shard you’re after.  You should use the IN-credible chart Tingle mailed to 
you for 201 rupees to locate them.  The first is on the island called Islet 
of Steel.  It is south of Greatfish Island.  When you arrive at the hulking 
metal island jutting out of the sea you’ll be bombarded with bombs.  Destroy 
the ships with bombs of your own (3).  When a ship sinks it will leave a ring 
of light containing treasure behind.  Use the Grappling Hook to reach it.  
They contain rupees mostly.  When you’re done disposing of the guards, sail 
into the structure.  Inside the pots are at least fifty rupees.  Play Wind’s 
Requiem on the wind crest and a chest forms on the Triforce symbol.  Inside 
is Triforce Chart # 1.  The next Triforce Chart is nearby.

              |    Triforce Chart # 5 and a Piece of Heart    |

Sail west of here to Needle Rock Isle.  When you arrive kill all the 
Kangarocs you can.  Note that before doing this you should buy a Hyoi Pear 
from Beedle.  One costs ten rupees at Dragon Roost.  When the Kangarocs are 
dead place a Hyoi Pear on your head and a seagull will eat it.  Now you 
control the seagull.  Fly to the top of the high platform and evade the 
Kangarocs.  Hit the switch and the fires around a chest will burn no longer.  
Inside is a piece of heart.  Now for the Triforce Chart.

Shoot a fire arrow at the ice covering the hole and fall in.  Welcome to the 
great underground.  I remember this well.  Read the sign and it will have you 
light six torches.  The first is right before you.  There is another on the 
ship to the right and another higher up on the opposite ship to the left.  
There is another off in the distance (Look past the upper row of pots with 
the telescope, to the left relative the entrance of the cavern).  Above where 
the fourth one was is another on the crow’s nest.  Now for the elusive 

This took me at least fifteen minutes.  To the right the nets of the ship lie 
on a slanted ledge.  Stand on it for a little height boost and focus the 
telescope through the bottommost and middle ropes.  There, in a very hard to 
see spot, is your torch.  Shoot it with a Fire Arrow and we’re done.  Open 
the chest for an orange rupee.  Rip-off, right?  But remember the sign.  You 
must guide a spirit of the dead on the sea bottom to something else (I have a 
terrific memory).

Specifically, it was a lost boat that forever wanders the darkness.  Sound 
like something you know?  That’s a hint for a different Triforce Chart.  All 
the stuff you did above is completely irrelevant to actually attaining the 
chart.  If you look on the IN-credible Chart you’d know that a ship has this 
Triforce Chart, anyway.  So, it is time to go back to the Great Sea.  There 
are three ships northwest of Needle Rock Isle.  Take their treasures.  One of 
them is Triforce Chart # 5.

                       |    The Ghost Ship Chart    |

Go to Diamond Steppe Island (Northwest of Outset).  Without the Hookshot you 
can do nothing on this island.  From the boat, Hookshot the trees to reach a 
pit.  Fall in and you’ll be in an underwater maze of ships.  Step into the 
cauldron and when you come out bomb both cauldrons.  Use the lower one.  Kill 
both Floor Masters and you’ll see three cauldrons.  Use the one to the upper 
right.  Now blow up the cauldron that is to the upper left of the one you 
entered by.  Kill the Floor Master and open the chest for the Ghost Ship 
Chart.  Diamond Steppe Island has outlived its usefulness.  You’re ready to 
get another Triforce Chart.

               |    The Ghost Ship and Triforce Chart # 4    |

The Ghost Ship appears on different islands depending on what form the moon 
takes (Full, crescent, gibbous, etc.).  Open the Ghost Ship Chart and not 
only will it show you where it goes during certain lunar phases but it also 
marks that island on your Sea Chart.  You must’ve seen it before – a ship 
made of blue fire.  Depending on what moon phase it is go to that island and 
find the ship of fire.  Since you opened the chart, when you approach it this 
time around it will let you in.  Sail into it and you’ll warp inside it.  
Here’s your average submarine setup.  Jump down and kill the ghosts (a.k.a. 
Poes).  There’s also a Wizzrobe to liven things up and a Redead to dead-en 
things up (I’m just such a comedian).  When all are dead or dead again climb 
the ladder.  In the chest is the Triforce Chart (# 4).  When you get it the 
Ghost Ship will vomit you out.

  |    The Savage Labyrinth, a Piece of Heart, and Triforce Chart # 6    |

This one’s on Outset Island.  Warp to it with your favorite song, Ballad of 
Gales, and go to the bridge that is out by Forest of Fairies.  Near the 
bridge is a character named Old Man Ho Ho.  He is kind of strange; he travels 
around islands with a telescope saying “Ho Ho” a lot.  Use your telescope to 
see what he’s looking at.  It is a headstone.  Use the Deku Leaf to glide to 
it and lift it up.

Welcome to the Savage Labyrinth, 52 floors of pure combat.  After a duo of 
Moblins you reach a refueling station.  Fall in the pit again and you’ll 
enter the forest themed part of the labyrinth.  After a fighting a pair of 
winged Mothulas (Arrows are very effective against them) you fall into 
another meaningless floor.  Stock up and fall into the Tower of the Gods 
themed section.  In this section if you see some skulls lying on the ground, 
shoot them (They’re Red Bubbles).  After you defeat two Dark Nuts you fall to 
the chart room.  Play Wind’s Requiem on the wind crest and a chest appears.  
Inside is Triforce Chart # 6.

If you want the piece of heart (Which I recommend you get since you don’t 
want to have to come back down here) step into a light (Not the glittering 
one or you’ll be transported out of the labyrinth) and use the Mirror Shield 
to light up the elephant statue.  Fall in the hole for the Earth–themed 
section.  After the Earth section you enter the wind.  This is more of a 
neutral zone.  It is here that they prove that it is quantity, not quality, 
that makes a battle hard.  After fighting four Dark Nuts you receive the 
Piece of Heart.  That was well deserved.  The Wizzrobe/Dark Nut combo 
practically killed me (I had no arrows).  Now leave this wretched labyrinth.

                        |    Triforce Chart # 8    |

Don’t worry; this one is easier.  I tell you though; I must’ve gained 1000 
rupees from doing the Savage Labyrinth.  Really, the last two dungeons have 
been dishing out cash.  It will be very handy in the future and save you lots 
of heartache.  According to Tingle’s chart, there is a Triforce Chart in the 
northeastern corner of the map.  Go there (Overlook Island).

Hookshot to the tree and all subsequent trees.  You’ll reach a hole.  Go into 
and through the first door.  Now you must go in every door and defeat the 
monsters inside.  One has Wizzrobes in it, one has Bokoblins, another Armos, 
and the last has Stalfos in it.  Each time you beat a group of monsters a 
flame lights up.  After lighting all the flames over the doors return to the 
main room.  Four Dark Nuts will confront you.  When you defeat them you can 
go through the final door.  Through it is a wind crest.  Play Wind’s Requiem 
on it and a chest appears (Note that the pots contain lots of rupees).  The 
chest contains Triforce Chart # 8.

                          |    A Silver Rupee    |

Only three are left and they are in a straight line.  You can sail from one 
to the other.  Since we’ve been fighting lots of monsters lately, let’s keep 
at it.  Go to Shark Island (Northeast of Outset).  To access the pit 
encompassed by flames you must activate a number of switches.  According to 
The Seer, S. W. Potchit (Author of the stone tablet on the island) you must 
activate all the switches in a certain time frame.  Start with the Iron Boots 
switch.  Stand on them with the Iron Boots.  Run to the hammer switch and 
nail it with the Skull Hammer.  Then step onto the switch on the upper level.  
For the last one, a crystal switch, shoot it with the bow.  Now fall into the 

You stoked?  Because you should be.  Step into the arena and a Miniblin comes 
up.  Out of the caves above enemies are pouring out.  Take them as they come.  
Once Moblins start coming out with the Bokoblins and the sea of Miniblins, a 
Dark Nut will arrive.  Defeat them as quickly as possible; you don’t want the 
enemies piling up.  The last wave of fighters is a group of three Dark Nuts.  
Inside the chest that appears after the epic clash of superpowers is a silver 
rupee, worth 200.  This will come in handy later when you are desperate for 
money.  Plus, it was pretty cool.  You need to collect Knight’s Crests.

                        |    Triforce Chest # 7    |

Sail north one space to Stone Watcher Island.  Yes, I realize that the Shark 
Island excursion was sort of pointless, but I’m trying to cover lots of rupee 
opportunities.  They are needed very much in the future.  Using the Power 
Bracelets, lift up the headstone.  Against all odds the stone concealed a 
pit.  Fall in and take the door.  This setup is very familiar.  It is the 
same underground area as there was in the Triforce Chart # 8 lair.  In the 
first room to the left are four Armos.  In the room above that one are two 
Moblins.  To the right of that room are three Wizzrobes.  Note that the 
Mirror Shield can block their fire.

In the final room are five Bokoblins.  Kill them and return to the main room.  
All the torches but one are lit (The one that was the starting room).  To 
make up for it, you must fight a gang of Dark Nuts.  Of course, unlike its 
Overlook Island counterpart, this gang consists of only two Dark Nuts while 
the other had four in it.  Go through the unlocked door and break the pots 
for a rupee haul.  Then play Wind’s Requiem on the crest and the chest you’re 
after appears.  It contains the fabled Triforce Chart # 7.

      |    Link’s Cabana, a Treasure Chart, and Triforce Chart # 2    |

It is about time that one of the islands on the Great Sea was named after 
you.  After all, you’ve saved the Rito and Korok people, defeated the terror 
plaguing the world (The Helmaroc King), and you wore warm clothing throughout 
it all.  So sail to Private Oasis.  The “butler” is actually the door 
painting.  So, show him the Cabana Deed you got from Mrs. Marie on Windfall 
Island (If you didn’t that section is under “Earth Temple”).  The butler will 
rename the island after you, that is [Insert your name here]‘s Cabana.  Link 
is just the traditional (And actual) name of the main character.

There are a host of things you can do here, but you are interested in only 
one at the time.  So go behind the house and Hookshot to the tree.  A chest 
is very close by.  Open it for a Treasure Chart.  Now go into the house.  
Check the messed up picture to the right (The “amusements of nobility”) and 
the butler will talk to you.  Play for money, you don’t really need to do it.  
Finally, for the chart this time, get out the Grappling Hook.  It hasn’t lost 
all value now that we have the Hookshot.  Grapple the target overhead and the 
fire goes out.  Fall into the hole that is now accessible.

This is such a mimic of the Bottom of the Well from Ocarina of Time.  I 
cannot really describe this place well, but bear in mind that your goal is to 
reach a ladder leading down a level.  Then crawl through the holes until you 
reach a ladder leading up.  Pound the switches with the Skull Hammer and the 
gates open.  Take the one that leads to a ladder.  Keep hunting around the 
underground maze until you find a hole with no ladder on the first floor.  
Fall in and kill the Redeads.  Break the pots and crawl through the 
crawlspace.  At the end is a ladder.  Take it to a wind crest.  Play Wind’s 
Requiem there and a chest forms.  Open it for Triforce Chart # 2.  Seven 
down, one left.

              |    A Treasure Chart and Triforce Chart # 3    |

That was really out of order.  Still, I got things in this way for a reason.  
With that in mind, try to figure out why I got them this way because quite 
frankly, I haven’t a clue.  To quickly exit this land of the dead in Link’s 
Cabana, hit the switch with the Skull Hammer and locate the exit.  Now sail 
to the second to last island – Cliff Plateau Isles (East of Forest Haven).  
This one is considerably easy, so relax.  Jump across the platforms to a pit.  
Fall in and you’ll be in a chamber worthy of being put in the Forbidden 
Woods.  At the end take the path to the right.

Navigate through the thorn maze and you’ll find a Boko Baba surrounded by 
them.  Killing it results in a Baba Bud.  Get in and be spat to the chest on 
ground level.  Inside is a lowly Joy Pendant.  Take it and go back to the 
Baba Bud.  Use it to reach the upper part of the further platform and shoot a 
fire arrow at the wood gate.  Glide to the light.  It takes you up to the 
surface.  Atop the ledge is a chest with a Treasure Chart on it.

Now it is time to get the Triforce Chart, which is on Bird’s Peak Island, 
north of Cliff Plateau Isles.  From the main island kill all the Kangarocs 
you can with the arrows.  Then place a Hyoi Pear (Buy it from Beedle for 10 
rupees) on your head to take control of a seagull.  Hit all the crystal 
switches in the nests and the gate on the main island opens.  Hop into hole.  
Play Wind’s Requiem on the crest and a chest appears.  Inside is Triforce 
Chart # 3.

                     |    Tingle’s Interpretations    |

Yes, I know.  Either you hate Tingle, or you love Tingle.  Some people might 
force a laugh at “Tingle! Tingle! Kooloo-limpah!”  Others just snarl in 
disgust.  Anyway you look at it, you need Tingle to decipher your Triforce 
Charts, as they are written in old Hylian.  Also, you’d better be ready to 
pay his enormous fees.  Go to Tingle Island and climb the ladder to see 
Tingle and his brothers/slaves.  He charges 398 rupees for each chart.  In 
total it costs 3,184 (Or 3 184 rupees if you want to be metric) rupees to 
decipher all eight charts.  You should’ve gotten enough rupees in doing the 
Earth and Wind Temple and the chart collecting, but if this is not the case 
read my rupee hunting section.  Now it is time to acquire the Triforce.

                      |    The Triforce of Courage    |

The legendary Hero of Time destroyed his part of the Triforce when he left 
the land of Hyrule centuries ago.  Charts were made showing their locations 
and the charts became unreadable as the language changed over time.  The 
charts were not only referring to geographic locations in Hyrule, but they 
were in old Hylian, the language of Hyrule (Modern Hylian, maybe “Hyrulean,” 
is spoken now, but probably not called that).  But now the charts have been 
modified by a man who spent his time making maps of Hyrule in the past 
(Tingle has lived for hundreds of years, somehow) and who speaks old Hylian.

So, you must sail to the places that are marked and use the Grappling Hook to 
retrieve the sacred fragments of the holy Triforce.  Because it may be hard 
for you to tell what island is showing, I’ll tell you.  Triforce Chart 1 
refers to Greatfish Isle.  Triforce Chart 2 refers to Gale Isle.  Triforce 
Chart 3 refers to Stone Watcher Island.  Chart 4 refers to Outset Island.  
Chart 5 refers to Cliff Plateau Isles.  Chart 6 refers to Southern Triangle 
Island.  Chart 7 displays Seven-Star Isles.  Chart 8 shows Two-Eye Reef.  Now 
sail to those islands and collect the Triforce shards to open a gateway back 
to Hyrule.  There is little else to do before you face Ganondorf once and for 

           |    Orca’s Secret Technique and a Piece of Heart    |

By now you should have plenty of Knight’s Crests.  Dark Nuts have become the 
primary enemy.  Orca, the swordsman who gave you the Hero’s Sword on Outset 
Island, has taught you all but one trick, the hurricane spin.  Call upon the 
cyclones of the sea with the Ballad of Gales and go to Outset.  Enter the 
lower level of the house that belongs to Orca (Two stories, a ladder to reach 
the upper story).  Orca will be practicing some pushing technique on his 
shark statue.  He’ll ask you to show him how much you’ve improved your sword 
skills.  Now we’re getting to the meat of the training.

Orca actually fights back this time, but not to the fullest.  Right now you 
are a page.  Here’s my advice for hitting him 100 times without getting hit 
thrice yourself.  L Target him and do constant horizontal slices (B Button) 
but for one series, maybe.  He usually attacks you when you pause right after 
the last attack in the horizontal slice sequence so put your shield up to 
block his attacks.  Any time you’re not fighting him you should keep your 
shield up, just in case.  Once you hit him over 100 times get hit three times 
to end the fight.  Now you are a knight.

Since you’re a knight you get a purple rupee.  Fight him again, this time to 
drop the knight title.  You must hit him 300 times!  Do like you did last 
time and take advantage of your shield.  Another easy way to knock it to him 
is to continually jump attack him.  The first strategy was faster, though.  
When you complete it you will be a swordsman.  He gives you an orange rupee 
now.  If you fight Orca again he’ll challenge you to a real fight.  500 hits 
on his side and three on yours.  This is his final challenge.

As far as I’m concerned, parry attacks and sword spins are useless.  It’s too 
easy to get hit using them.  And remember, you have little room for mistakes.  
He gives you a piece of heart as your reward.  Now you can get the secret 
technique.  When you talk to him show him a Knight’s Crest.  He drops his 
spear in awe.  Since you must have at least ten, you can learn a power new 
sword technique.  Hold B to charge up your sword and release when it glows 
gold.  You learn the Hurricane Spin!  It takes magic power.  Now we’re ready 
to do a few more things.

                          |    Second Thoughts    |

I know you’re raring to go and fight Ganondorf, but there are lots of things 
you can and should do in preparation for this power struggle.  For one, I 
suggest having every item, which includes all the bottles.  Second, you 
should have all the great fairy upgrades.  You have all but one if you’ve 
used this guide.  You should have twenty heart containers.  You should have 
the Triforce of Courage and the Hero’s Charm.  You should have lots of things 
that I cover in different sections.  The walkthrough would be redundant if I 
covered how to get everything in it as soon as you could.  Not only that, but 
it would be miles longer.  So, read the pieces of heart section, read the 
upgrades section, read anything you think you should do.  Now bottle up four 
fairies or get some Elixir Soup and sail to the Tower of the Gods.

                 |    Dispelling the Barrier in Hyrule    |

You will show the Triforce of Courage and the bridge to Hyrule will open.  
The Triforce then becomes part of you.  You are the true hero!  You are the 
Hero of Winds!  I just love that music.  Now in Hyrule go to Zelda’s side 
(Tetra).  The statue of the legendary hero...  It has been cut in two!  Some 
horrendous power has stormed the castle and forced the doorway to the chamber 
of the Master Sword!  Descend the stairs.  In Tetra’s place are two Dark Nuts 
These are no ordinary adversaries.  These are Mighty Dark Nuts, Dark Nut 
captains.  The only difference between Dark Nuts and Mighty Dark Nuts is that 
you must destroy their capes to rid them of their armor.

When you kill them both the fires are extinguished.  Take their spoils and go 
up the stairs.  You run up to a door.  The barrier ceases to exist.  Go 
through and final dark barrier that guards Ganon’s stronghold.  Hyrule Castle 
will be open to the public.  Now follow the trail.  After killing three 
Peahats and three Red ChuChus you’ll meet a Moblin.  Defeat it and the next 
Moblin on the path.  Last but not least is a Dark Nut guarding the path to 
Ganon’s Castle.  Defeat it and shoot the Keese with either the arrows or the 
Boomerang.  Now Hookshot your way into infinite darkness.

                           |    Ganon’s Tower    |

Ganondorf has the unique ability to play the organ.  He always plays it when 
you enter his dungeon to add suspense and despair.  Climb the stairs and go 
through the door.  This is a relatively short dungeon.  In this room you must 
relive your worst fears.  Go through the door to the lower left.  First shoot 
all the skulls on the grappling targets.  Some of them are Red Bubbles.  
Grapple to the first target and swing to the platform in the lava.  Quickly 
grapple to the target above (It dissolves).  Repeat the process to reach the 
third target but this time climb the rope to the top.  Use the Deku Leaf to 
glide to the door.  Open it.

                               |    Gohma    |

This is Gohma, the ancient enemy you destroyed in Dragon Roost Cavern so long 
ago.  You have at least nine hearts this time, and it will be much easier.  
If you look on your item screen you only have the items you fought Gohma with 
the first time.  Even your Spoils Bag is limited.  If you forgot how to beat 
Gohma relax.  It is easy.  Wait for Gohma to attack with the lunging into the 
ground motion and it will be stuck.  Then grapple to Valoo’s tail above 
Gohma.  The platform keeping Valoo up will fall on Gohma.  Do this three 
times and Gohma’s exoskeleton will crack.  Then use the grappling hook along 
with L Targeting to hit its eye.  It will be stunned.  Attack the eye and it 
will lose health.  Continue the process until you win.  This time you don’t 
get a heart container.  Tough luck.

You reappear in the main room.  The picture of Gohma on the door to the main 
part of the tower lights up.  This time take the upper left door.  This room 
seriously could of have been in the Forbidden Woods.  Use the Deku Leaf to 
hit the leaf fan to the left and the platform comes to you.  Now stand on the 
platform and use the Deku Leaf to blow some wind toward the door to make it 
move.  When the elevating platform lowers jump onto it (You may need to glide 
onto it).  Send a gust of wind at the leaf fan to the left and jump onto the 
platform that nears you.  Now send a blast of wind in the opposite direction 
(Toward the door you entered by) and take it to another door.  Glide to the 
elevated platform when it lowers and use it to reach the second elevated 
platform.  When it is at its peak, soar through the air with the Deku Leaf to 
the door.

                            |    Kalle Demos    |

Through the door is the evil monster that inhabited the Forbidden Woods and 
took Makar – Kalle Demos.  The battle is exactly the same as it was when you 
first fought the fiend.  Wait for it to charge its roots and they will burrow 
underground.  When they pop up they’ll sway violently back and forth.  Evade 
them and use the Boomerang to target the vines supporting the flower 
containing Kalle Demos.  Use the Boomerang to destroy them all and the petals 
fall down with the flower.  Rush inside and attack the Boko Baba looking 
creature that is the vulnerable part of Kalle Demos.  Since you have the 
Master Sword a few strikes kill the creature.  This time there’s no heart 
container.  Sorry…

You’ll be transported to the main room once more.  The symbol of Kalle Demos 
has lit up on the door to the main part of the tower.  To keep with 
tradition, head to the upper right door.  This room, too, is Earth Temple 
material.  Break either pot and then run through the series of coffins, just 
barely avoiding the collapsing tops.  After the first series of coffins 
you’ll find a switch.  Run through the second series of coffins and a few 
Dark ChuChus will come out.  Lead them to the light in the intermediary part 
of the hallway (Between coffin series one and two) and light them up.  They 
turn to stone.  Set one on the switch to keep it there and run for the stairs 
that have formed.  Now you’ll find another switch.  Repeat the process with 
the Dark ChuChus, this time a little harder due to the fact that the light is 
near the stairway so you have to take ChuChus from one side of the room to 
the other.  This causes a stairway to form.  Dash up the staircase, avoiding 
the Stalfos while you’re at it.  Go through the door.

Jalhalla, Protector of the Seal

Here you must fight the demonic king of the dead who killed Laruto and 
destroyed the power of the Master Sword.  Step into the light and use the 
Mirror Shield to reflect light onto his body.  He will become solid.  Pick 
him up and throw him into the big spike panels on the wall.  He will burst 
like a balloon and his tiny Poe components will dance around.  Take out as 
many as you can and Jalhalla will reform.  Repeat the process until victory 
is yours.  When the Poes are out and about try using the hurricane spin 
attack you learned from Orca.  It is very effective.  Once again, no heart 
container for beating a boss.

You warp to the main room and the symbol of Jalhalla lights up.  Now take the 
only door left, the lower right.  I have to give credit where credit is due.  
Ganondorf is exceptionally good at replicating dungeon themes.  This is just 
like the Wind Temple.  Kill the Wizzrobe that appears with two arrows and 
step onto the spring.  Put on the Iron Boots and bounce across the gap.  
Stand on the spring behind the tower and get the Deku Leaf and Iron Boots 
out.  Equip the latter and while in air use the Deku Leaf to get across the 
gap.  Now Hookshot to the door.

                  |    Molgera, Protector of the Seal    |

Now you must fight the great beast that killed Fado and tainted the Wind 
Temple – Molgera.  I like the music to this boss.  Jump into the sandy arena 
and be wary of the quick sand.  Molgera will pop out of the sand and stick 
out its tongue, which it may use to see.  L Target the tongue and Hookshot it 
to bring it forth.  Slash it until Molgera retreats into the sand.  Now 
Molgera will direct legions of tiny sand creatures at you.  Kill or ignore 
them and continue the Hookshot process.

When you’ve vanquished all the monsters the skull bands on the door will 
break.  Now go through the door to enter the real part of the dungeon.  Climb 
the stairs and go through the door.  Enter the door to the left.  This is how 
Ganondorf managed to enter the world above.  Target the crystal switches in 
this order: upper-right, lower-left, lower-right, upper-left.  A column of 
darkness will appear and the King of Red Lions will come out.  If you so 
desire, rise into the world above to get stuff, such as pieces of hearts.  
You’ll come out in the Forsaken Fortress.  Now that you’ve made that nifty 
shortcut, go to the previous room.  This time take the door to the right.  
Read the tablet to the left.  It says “The sword-hilts of my servants who 
lurk deep in the darkness shall be the guideposts that point to me.”  This is 
a great clue.  Fall into the darkness below.

Mini-Boss: Phantom Ganon

Get used to this guy because you’ll fight him a lot throughout the next few 
steps.  He’ll create a ball of darkness for his rematch that is much faster 
and more powerful.  Wait for him to use his custom blue orb and volley it 
back at him like you did before in your match at the Forsaken Fortress.  
Empty bottles work just as well.  When you win his sword falls to the ground.  
It points to a door.  Go through that door.  Now you must fight Phantom Ganon 
again.  Keep beating him and keep going through the doors his sword point to.  
After a few fights you’ll reach the real mini-boss room, which has intricate 
floor patterns.  Defeat Phantom Ganon like you normally would and a chest 

The chest contains the final weapon, the Light Arrows.  These are the only 
items, beside the Master Sword of course, that can harm Ganondorf.  It used 
to be the silver arrows, but I guess Ganondorf has developed new weaknesses.  
Now go through the door the sword hilt directed.  You’ll be back in the main 
room after the four bosses.  Kill Phantom Ganon once and for all (Use the 
Light Arrows for a one-hit victory) and his sword will fall.  Pick it up and 
slash the seal with red marks on it.  Go through the door.  Climb the stairs 
and eradicate the Moblin.  Then continue up the stair path to a Dark Nut.  
Kill it and ascend the stairs.  You find two Moblins.  Defeat them and climb 
the stairs.  Now you must face two Mighty Dark Nuts.  To kill them instantly 
use Light Arrows.  Now go through the door.

                           |    Puppet Ganon    |

The fifth boss of the dungeon is a giant puppet in the form that Ganon took 
in the past – a huge pig.  This is one of the hardest, if not the hardest, 
bosses in the game.  It has three forms, the first being a Moblin.  A good 
strategy to use to keep your health high is to use a Light Arrow on the Keese 
they release periodically.  It sounds like a waste of magic, but its spoils 
will contains more than enough magic, hearts, and arrows to reimburse you.  
To kill the Moblin form first use the Boomerang to cut the strings it hangs 
from.  To hurt it you must target the huge blue ball on its tail with the 
Light Arrows.  After three hits of the Light Arrows on the tail it will 
appear to die, but then it takes the form of a huge spider.

This must be the easiest of the forms.  He rises and then falls, totally 
exposed for a few seconds.  Shoot the blue ball three times to force it to 
take the third of its form, a dragon.  This is supposed to be the hardest of 
the three forms because it moves around frantically and is hard to hit.

Well, I think this is not too difficult.  Stand in any random place in the 
room, behind the cauldron does nicely, and keep the Hero’s Bow with the Light 
Arrows out equipped.  Any time you have a clear shot, shoot at the blue ball.  
It may take a few tries.  Also, you can throw a bomb at this form (L-target 
beforehand) to stun it, which makes it much easier to hit.  However you land 
these hits, it takes three to win.  Note that this form drops Morths, the 
tiny black spikes that slow you down, not Keese.  If you run out of arrows or 
magic during the battle kill the minor enemies, Keese or Morths.  Anyway, 
Ganondorf himself is in waiting.

He will taunt you from above and rise to the top of his tower.  Follow him by 
climbing the string that Puppet Ganon was attached to.  Climb it to the top 
of the tower and grapple to the target above. Climb up and break the pots for 
hoards of magic and recovery hearts.  Then grapple and climb again.  Go to 
the cauldron and bomb it.  Jump in and out to activate it.  Now you don’t 
have to climb all that way up again!  Now to face Ganondorf!  Hookshot to the 
door and go through.

                             |    Ganondorf    |

This one’s for real.  You are currently on top of the tower.  Ganondorf will 
start talking about his Hylian roots.  He was born the king of a desert-
dwelling people called the Gerudo.  Only one man is born every hundred years 
there and Ganondorf was the sole man.  He speaks of the wind of that desert, 
punishing the land, and later says he wanted Hyrule for its wind.  Come on!  
No, I refuse to accept it.  Ganondorf did not go around for all these games 
just because he liked the wind in Hyrule.  That may be one reason, but not 
the true one.  He really wanted the remainder of the Triforce to conquer the 
world.  All he needs now is the Triforce of Courage.  He charges you and 
takes your piece.  The Triforce parts resonate and the sacred Triforce 
appears before them.

Ganondorf finally succeeded!  He is going to make the world one of evil and 
doom!  He wishes Hyrule his own, but the King of Red Lions touches it first.  
PLOT TWIST!  He wishes that Hyrule’s barrier be dispelled and that Hyrule be 
covered by the waves for eternity.  The Triforce parts go back to their 
owners, that is to say, Link, Tetra, and Ganondorf receive them again, and 
Tetra awakens.  She gives you the Master Sword.  Ganondorf will turn around 
and attempt to kill you for interfering with his plans.  Let’s see how much 
your Triforce is worth!

Tetra takes the Hero’s Bow to try to cover you.  When she shoots Ganondorf 
with the Light Arrows he will be stunned, giving you plenty of time to attack 
him with his other weakness, the Master Sword.  Ganondorf is an expert 
swordsman and will come at you with great prejudice.  Use your shield to 
defend against most his attacks and keep his back to Tetra so that he gets 
hit by the Light Arrows.  Eventually Ganondorf knocks Tetra out.  Now all you 
must do is survive his onslaught until Tetra awakens.  Unfortunately, this 
won’t happen anytime soon.  You must devise a plan to hurt Ganondorf on your 
own.  Keep your sword out and lower your shield.  Parry attack him when you 
can and he’ll be stunned for a bit.  Attack him until Tetra wakes up and 
resume the regular process of winning.  It won’t work.  You must distract him 
for her to get a good hit in.  Hold the Mirror Shield up and she’ll shoot 
you.  You must L Target Ganondorf and the sacred light will ricochet off your 
shield and onto him.  Parry attack him while he is momentarily stunned to 
deliver the finishing blow.

You’ll lunge the Master Sword into his forehead and he will turn to stone 
where he stands.  His last words are “The wind…  It is blowing.”  But what 
caused Ganondorf to turn to stone?  No matter, Link is seriously wounded.  
The King of Hyrule will come and save you both from drowning.  He himself 
will stay and drown with Hyrule.  Congratulations!  You beat The Wind Waker!

When you awake Tetra will be in her old clothes.  Prince Komali swoops down 
and saves you.  The pirate ship sails in with Aryll on board and you climb 
aboard.  Medli and Makar are on the ship as well.  And let the credits roll!  
Bubbles of all the characters float around the screen as the theme music 
plays.  See if you can recognize them.  In the end Tetra and Link’s bubble 
float away and a cinema plays.  From Outset Island, Link and Tetra sail away 
into the horizon to fid a new land – a new Hyrule.  The King of Red Lions is 
a normal boat now (It is dead).  Aryll wishes you good-bye, and good luck.  
The end...

The winds of change are blowing.

You unlock a second quest that differs a bit from the first.  A true master 
would play it.  Hope you do.
  /                                                                       \
 /                                                                         \
||-------------------------------Section 3*--------------------------------||
 \                                                                         /

================================Second Quest*================================

The Second Quest is the same as the first in game play, but has a few 
differences.  One is that the entire game is played through wearing the 
clothes you start out with in the regular game – blue shirt with a lobster on 
it.  Aryll wears her dress with skulls on it throughout the game and you 
start out with the Deluxe Picto Box.

The Second Quest was made for figurines.  That’s why you start with the 
Deluxe Picto Box and whatever pictures you had on it.  You also start out 
with all the figurines you had in the first quest.  Similarly, you can speak 
old Hylian.  That means that you can understand Valoo, Jabun, and on one 
occasion the Great Deku Tree.  As far as I know those are the only 
differences.  You should get all the figurines in your second file.  The 
second file on the file selection is orange-yellow, not green, and has the 
symbol of the Triforce next to it.


This is one of the most interesting aspects of any Zelda game.  You can take 
pictures of characters and monsters and take them to a man in the Nintendo 
Gallery.  He will make a figurine of the character or monster and put it on 
display.  Here are a few common questions on figurine – collecting.

Question: How do I open the so-called “Nintendo Gallery?”
Answer: The Nintendo Gallery is located inside one of the islands on Forest 
Haven.  You may have seen a guy with red hair and freckles circling around a 
vault on one of the smaller islands.  The vault is the doorway to the 
Nintendo Gallery.  To activate it you’ll need a Hyoi Pear (Buy it from Beedle 
for 10 rupees).  Get onto that island I’ve been talking about (The 
northernmost island to be precise) and put the Hyoi Pear on your head.  Take 
over a seagull and fly to hit the crystal switch to the left.  The vault 

Question: Okay, how do I get onto the island?
Answer: To get onto the island now (A ladder in back of it will be your tool 
in the future) go into Forest Haven to where you got the Deku Leaf.  Use the 
Deku Leaf to glide to the Baba Bud in the distance.  When in the air use the 
Deku Leaf a second time to reach the ledge ahead of you.  Exit Forest Haven 
via the cave.  After a cinema with the guy with red hair you’ll be able to 
glide to the island.  Make sure that the wind is blowing in the right 

Question: I keep trying to show the figurine-maker a picture but he won’t 
take it!  What do I do?
Answer: There are only two distinct possibilities.  Either he doesn’t feel 
“inspired” by the pictograph (Translation: You didn’t take a good enough 
photo) or you’re using a regular Picto Box.  You must show him pictures 
acquired with the Deluxe Picto Box.

Question: How do I get pictures of Zephos, Laruto, Fado, Jabun, Valoo, and 
all the other characters that are impossible to get pictures of?
Answer: There’s a good question.  Yes, you can figurines for all the 
characters you named.  However, you won’t be taking the picture.  Since these 
characters are only seen during cinemas (Valoo cannot be gotten in the first 
quest because you couldn’t have the Deluxe Picto Box at the time) you need to 
buy these.  You can buy these photos, called legendary pictographs, from 
Lenzo on Windfall Island.

Question: I missed my opportunity to get a picture of a boss/mini-boss!  How 
do I get a new photo?
Answer: To be quite honest, you cannot.  But it is very rare that you have a 
one-time only pictograph opportunity.  For instance, you can take pictographs 
of the four bosses you re-fight in Ganon’s Castle, while bosses like the 
Helmaroc King and Gohdan can be captured on film only once.

Question: How do I become a member?
Answer: Just show him a pictograph that “takes his breath away”.  Once he’s 
made the first figurine, you’ll be a member.

Those are all the questions on figurines I’ll list here.  There are others in 
the FAQ.  Now, I will make a list of every figurine you can get in the game 
with side notes.  Here’s the layout for each figurine.


Opening Statement

Figurine Description


Game Quotes

If the figurine is of a monster, then the notes will be on how to beat it.  
In figurine description I tell where to find the characters.  Game quotes are 
things the game says that I left out of my notes.  Also, taking pictures of 
certain characters gets you multiple figurines.  For instance, get a picture 
of Tetra and you get all the pirates.  There are seven rooms, each pertaining 
to a different setting or theme.  These are all the figurines you can get – 
you can get no more.

Note that I did not write the game quotes.  It is merely what the game says 
about the figurines.  I did not write the opening statements either.

The following are legendary pictographs and what moon phase Lenzo sells them 

Full: Ganondorf
Left Gibbous: Great Fairy
Left Half: Jabun
Left Crescent: Queen of Fairies
Right Crescent: Fado
Right Half: Laruto
Right Gibbous: King of Hyrule

Also, excuse the often very stupid game quotes and opening statements.  Part 
of the reason I included those was so that this would be like my 
Character/Enemy Index in my other walkthroughs.  This section is actually 
almost as long as all the other previous sections combined.

                         |    Forest Haven Room    |


Birthplace: The Forest Haven
Personality: Frivolous

Figurine Description: A Korok holding up a wooden staff.  You can get 
pictures of him throughout the entire game, but not after the Wind Temple.

Notes: Makar is a very important character in the game.  He was flying over 
the Forbidden Woods and was captured.  Kalle Demos, the monster in the woods, 
took his captive.  Link rescued Makar and received Farore’s Pearl from the 
Great Deku Tree.  Makar also turns out to be the Sage of Earth.

Game Quotes: Makar is in charge of the musical performance at the ceremony 
held each year by the Koroks in the Forest Haven.  The instrument he uses 
appears to be a cello, but it is actually a violin…
Deku Tree

Birthplace: The Forest Haven

Figurine Description: A very large tree.  You can’t miss it in Forest Haven.

Notes: In Ocarina of Time Ganondorf killed the Deku Tree with a curse – 
monsters flooded into it led by Gohma.  When the Deku Tree died he left a 
sprout.  So, that sprout grew and grew over the centuries until the Deku Tree 
in this game was born.  He gives you Farore’s Pearl and the Deku Leaf.  Since 
the Deku Tree was born ages ago he can speak old Hylian, but uses the common 
tongue more often.

Game Quotes: The Deku Tree is both an earth spirit and the guardian of the 
forest.  He has lived many long years, so his wisdom is vast.  However, since 
his roots run deep into the earth, he cannot move.  As a result, he is often 
afflicted by parasitic enemies…

Birthplace: Kokiri Forest
Personality: Somewhat saucy

Figurine Description: This is a legendary pictograph.  Buy it from Lenzo.

Notes: Fado is of the Kokiri race, the race that the legendary Hero of Time 
grew up with.  Note that the Hero of Time was Hylian, not Kokiri.  The Kokiri 
are an interesting people because they never grow old.  That is to say, their 
bodies look the same if they were ten years old or eighty-three.  Fado 
himself is the old sage of wind.  His sole responsibility was to keep the 
power in the Master Sword strong.  Molgera killed him and so he passed the 
torch to the next sage, Makar.  The Koroks evolved from the Kokiri.

Game Quotes: Long, long ago the Kokiri sage, Fado, offered up his prayers in 
the Wind Temple so that the Master Sword would continue to house the power to 
repel evil.

Birthplace: The Forest Haven
One of the Korok forest spirits

Figurine Description: Your standard Korok.  Find it before you beat the 
Forbidden Woods or on the space described in the game quotes.

Notes: Elma is not that important to the game.  Only for a side quest does he 

Game Quotes: After the annual ceremony in the Forest Haven, Elma flies off to 
a distant part of the world to sow tree seeds and raise new patches of 
forest.  He is responsible for the forest on an island five squares west and 
one square north of the Forest Haven.

Birthplace: The Forest Haven
One of the Korok forest spirits

Figurine Description: A Korok with a red leaf.  He can be found throughout 
the entire game in his potion shop in Forest Haven.

Notes: Hollo is somewhat significant.  He has his own potion shop in Forest 
Haven and can make a magic-restoring potion out of the spoils of Boko Baba 

Game Quotes: Even after the Korok ceremony, Hollo remains in the Forest Haven 
researching potion-making.  He’ll make a potion that replenishes both life 
energy and magic power for you if you bring him Boko Baba seeds.  Onjalla!  
Manjalla!  CHO-WAY!

Birthplace: The Forest Haven
One of the Korok forest spirits

Figurine Description: Another Korok that departed after the ceremony.  Find 
him at the location described in the game quotes.

Notes: The description says it all.

Game Quotes: After the annual ceremony in the Forest Haven, Olivio flies off 
to a distant part of the world to sow tree seeds and raise new patches of 
forest.  He’s responsible for the forest on an island one square west and 
three squares north of the Forest Haven.

Birthplace: The Forest Haven
One of the Korok forest spirits

Figurine Description: Just like the other Koroks.  Irch can be found on the 
square described in his game quotes.

Notes: Just like all the other Koroks Irch departed to a distant island to 
raise new forests.  Due to Ganondorf’s evil intervention, however, all the 
trees have failed to grow.  You need to help him and the others raise new 

Game Quotes: After the annual ceremony in the Forest Haven, Irch flies off to 
a distant part of the world to sow tree seeds and raise new patches of 
forest.  He is responsible for the forest on an island three squares west of 
the Forest Haven.

Birthplace: The Forest Haven
One of the Korok forest spirits

Figurine Description: Another Korok resident of the forest.  Rown can be 
found just where his game quotes say he can.

Notes: I have nothing to add about Rown.

Game Quotes: After the annual ceremony in the Forest Haven, Rown flies off to 
a distant part of the world to sow tree seeds and raise new patches of 
forest.  He is responsible for the forest on an island four squares west and 
four squares north of the Forest Haven.

Birthplace: The Forest Haven
One of the Korok forest spirits

Figurine Description: Exactly the same as his Korok brethren.  Have you 
noticed that in the game quotes they’ve just been substituting names and 
positions?  Read game quotes to find out where to find Drona.

Notes: If you read the others than you’ve read them all.

Game Quotes: After the annual ceremony in the Forest Haven, Drona flies off 
to a distant part of the world to sow tree seeds and raise new patches of 
forest.  He is responsible for the forest on an island one square west and 
one square north of the Forest Haven.

Birthplace: The Forest Haven
One of the Korok forest spirits

Figurine Description: He can be found where the game quotes indicate.

Notes: I actually have a bit to say about Linder.  He accompanied Makar over 
the Forbidden Woods and even warned Makar, who was flying to close to the 
woods, to watch out.  He reported to the Great Deku Tree the incident.  Also, 
Koroks fly using little leaves that twirl around.  Other than that, Linder is 
just like everybody else.

Game Quotes: After the annual ceremony in the Forest Haven, Linder flies off 
to a distant part of the world to sow tree seeds and raise new patches of 
forest.  He is responsible for the forest on an island four squares west and 
two squares north of the Forest Haven.

Birthplace: The Forest Haven
One of the Korok forest spirits

Figurine Description: Read the others.  They’re all so boring!

Notes: Aldo is your typical Korok.

Game Quotes: After the annual ceremony in the Forest Haven, Aldo flies off to 
a distant part of the world to sow tree seeds and raise new patches of 
forest.  He’s responsible for the forest on an island one square east of the 
Forest Haven.

Birthplace: The Forest Haven
One of the Korok forest spirits

Figurine Description: A fairly tall member of the Koroks.  He is where the 
game quotes say he is.

Notes: None here.

Game Quotes: After the annual ceremony in the Forest Haven, Oakin flies off 
to a distant part of the world to sow tree seeds and raise new patches of 
forest.  He is responsible for the forest on an island four squares west and 
five squares north of the Forest Haven.
Carlov the Sculptor

Birthplace: Unknown
Occupation: Nintendo Gallery Master

Figurine Description: You should know.  It is the guy who makes the 
figurines.  I’m sure his own picture inspired him.

Notes: The master of the Nintendo Gallery and a fine sculptor at that.  He 
seems to have infinite knowledge about every figurine character and he has 
his own assistant.  Carlov has his own base of operations in the Forest 

Game Quotes: With unmatched talent, he is the world’s greatest sculptor.  
It’s said the reason he won’t let anyone watch him sculpt is because he does 
so in his underwear.  Lately, his club has been losing membership because he 
hasn’t done anything “cool” with it, but as long as Link hangs around, 
everything will be all right!

Birthplace: Windfall Island
Favorite Thing: Figurines

Figurine Description: Manny is the person who walks around the figurine 
exhibit rooms and talks about how much he loves them.

Notes: Manny isn’t terribly important.  He is a member of the Nintendo 
Gallery and Carlov’s most devoted fan.  He also has a telescope.  It is 
implied when you talk to him before you open the gallery.

Game Quotes: He used to always sit at home and rarely go outside, but his 
passion for the Nintendo Gallery kept him moving and he finally earned 
membership in it.

                     |    Dragon Roost Island Room    |


Birthplace: Dragon Roost Island

Figurine Description: The guy that paces around all the time inside Dragon 

Notes: None, really.

Game Quotes: He always seems to be worrying about the state of the island, 
but no one has ever seen him working to improve it…

Birthplace: Dragon Roost Island
Personality: Gentle

Figurine Description: He is the Rito always walking around with the 

Notes: I have none.

Game Quotes: For reasons unknown, Pashli’s always busy.
Skett & Akoot

Birthplace: Dragon Roost Island
Occupation: The chieftain’s guards

Figurine Description: Rito guards with their arms crossed all the time.

Notes: What’s there to say?

Game Quotes: Skett and Akoot are said to be the number-one and number-two 
Ritos when it comes to talent and strength, which is why they are the 
chieftain’s guards.  The reason they get along so well is because they are 
childhood friends.  Their style of speech can be considered somewhat 

Birthplace: Windfall Island
Occupation: Mail sorter

Figurine Description: You know who he is.  He has a desk on the upper level 
of Dragon Roost and he gives you a piece of heart for sorting mail for him.

Notes: Other than the fact that he gives you a piece of heart, there isn’t 
much to tell.  The game quotes tries to connect Koboli to the postman from 
Ocarina of Time or Majora’s Mask, but get real.

Game Quotes: Koboli is the third generation in a family of postmen, but rumor 
has it that an ancestor of his in an age gone by was also a postman…

Birthplace: Unknown
Personality: Earnest

Figurine Description: A human with red hair who wanders around the entrance 
of Dragon Roost after you’ve cleared Dragon Roost Cavern.

Notes: If there was a descendant of the Hylian postman, this is the guy!

Game Quotes: Baito is very earnest when it comes to mastering a job.  He 
often misses his mother and gets homesick, which can be quite hard on him.  
He wants to be like Link.

Birthplace: Dragon Roost Island

Figurine Description: A Rito with a staff.

Notes: Hoskit is part of a side quest.  Show him Gold Feathers and something 
good might happen…

Game Quotes: His biggest worry is getting a present for his girlfriend.  He 
looks quite easy-going, but he’s always thinking of his girlfriend.  He 
values his friends tremendously.
Quill the Postman

Birthplace: Dragon Roost Island
Personality: Dutiful, passionate

Figurine Description: He can be photographed a number of times, such as at 
the beginning, but he is always on the move.  Try going to Dragon Roost.

Notes: Quill is an extremely important character.  Not only does he deliver 
all the mail, but he talks Tetra into taking you to the Forsaken Fortress.  
Without Quill you would have never met the King of Red Lions or anything.

Game Quotes: Quill has courage, if nothing else.  He is admired by his fellow 
Rito and the chieftain places great trust in him.

Birthplace: Dragon Roost Island
Sky Spirit

Figurine Description: Hard to miss him.  He sits atop Dragon Roost all day.

Notes: Valoo plays a vital role in life on Dragon Roost.  When a Rito is born 
it has no wings.  The Rito child must ascend the mountain and take a scale 
from the great dragon, which enables them to grow wings.  Valoo can destroy 
the Rito with his rage or let them prosper with his mercy.  He breathes fire 
and uses it to help you in your second encounter with Ganondorf.  He also 
aids in the battle with Gohma.

Game Quotes: Valoo has lived on Dragon Roost Island and protected the Ritos 
since long, long ago.  He has a habit of speaking only Hylian, which only his 
attendant, Medli, grasps.
Zephos & Cyclos

Birthplace: Dragon Roost Island
Sibling deities who control the wind

Figurine Description: You must take a picture of Cyclos before you get Ballad 
of Gales.

Notes: Zephos, god of winds, has a monument on Dragon Roost.  In the same 
shrine was a monument to Cyclos, but human hands destroyed it.  As a result 
Cyclos bore an ill will toward humans.  If you quell his rage at the request 
of Zephos, Cyclos would reward you greatly.

Game Quotes: Zephos and Cyclos are two light-hearted deities who teach Link 
the Wind’s Requiem and the Ballad of Gales.

Birthplace: Dragon Roost Island
Occupation: Windfall Island postman

Figurine Description: Catch him in the café while doing the Molly’s 
Letter/Moe’s Letter sequence (Under Earth Temple).

Notes: Ilari delivers mail specifically to Windfall Island because it is 
populated by lots of people.  He has a bit of a dispute with a rich man on 
Windfall and you must help him out.

Game Quotes: Ilari is quite kind as long as he’s composed, but when things 
don’t go well, he quickly grows impatient and can get rough with his speech.  
He apparently has a hard time remembering people’s faces…

Birthplace: Dragon Roost Island
Personality: Worrisome

Figurine Description: He, like Pashli, carries a clipboard.

Notes: There’s nothing extraordinary about this Rito.

Game Quotes: Namali doesn’t really have any distinct characteristics per se…
Basht & Bisht

Birthplace: Dragon Roost Island
Occupation: Island police

Figurine Description: Two Rito guards by the look of them with long spears.

Notes: Nothing stands out, but they can tip you off about a few side quests.

Game Quotes: Being extremely honest and sincere Ritos, they were chosen to be 
the island’s police force.  When you talk to them, they speak frankly about 
events on the island.

Birthplace: Windfall Island
Hobby: Dressing up

Figurine Description: He is a human dressed up as a Rito who lives on an 
island east of Dragon Roost.

Notes: Beating his competition yields a piece of heart.

Game Quotes: Obli has such an unhealthy obsession with the Ritos that he’s 
begun dressing as a Rito and running the famed Bird-Man Contest.  He’s the 
older of the laudable brothers who host the contest.

Birthplace: Windfall Island
Hobby: Dressing up

Figurine Description: He is a human dressed up as a Rito who lives with Obli.

Notes: Beating his contest yields a piece of heart.

Game Quotes: Willi used to be a very average carpenter on Windfall.  He so 
longed to soar the skies that he began dressing as a Rito.  He’s the younger 
of a laudable pair of siblings.

Birthplace: Dragon Roost Island
Personality: Serious and sincere

Figure Description: She can be found on Dragon Roost before you beat the Wind 
Temple.  After that she is long gone.

Notes: She is Valoo’s attendant, and can speak a limited amount of old 
Hylian.  She plays the harp, which reflects light, and is destined to be the 
sage of earth.  She gives you the Grappling Hook, an Empty Bottle, and a 
trade item called Father’s Letter.  She is a good friend with Prince Komali.

Game Quotes: Medli is Valoo’s attendant, and as such puts incredible effort 
into everything she does.  Even so, there are times when she seems to be 
spinning her wheels.  Her greatest treasure is the harp that she carries on 
her back.

Birthplace: Zora’s Domain

Figurine Description: A legendary pictograph.

Notes: Laruto is a Zora, an ancient race of people who lived in Hyrule.  She 
served as the sage of earth and it was her duty to keep alive the Master 
Sword’s power.  When Ganondorf’s minions invaded the Earth Temple she died 
and had to pass on her title.

Game Quotes: Long, long ago, the Zora sage, Laruto, offered up her prayers in 
the Earth Temple so that the Master Sword would continue to house the power 
to repel evil.
The Rito Chieftain

Birthplace: Dragon Roost Island
Head of the Rito tribe

Figurine Description: He’s always at Dragon Roost.

Notes: The Chieftain is the leader of the Ritos and it is his job to solve 
the Valoo crisis.  With Valoo so angry none of the Ritos could get scales to 
fly and they would have died out.  Luckily, he employed Link to save the day.  
He also gives you a piece of heart via mail as a thank you.

Game Quotes: The Chieftain is a very gifted leader who is adored by his 
people.  Due to his position, he must be strict with his relations, but as 
with any father, he worries about his son.

Birthplace: Dragon Roost Island
Personality: Mama’s boy

Figurine Description: Get a picture of him early on as he’s hard to come by.  
As a kid he is in his own room in Dragon Roost.

Notes: Komali is prince of the Ritos and his mother was the attendant of 
Valoo.  She taught Medli and Komali is her friend.  Medli must make the trek 
to Valoo so it is fortunate that Link calmed Valoo down.  He gives you Din’s 

Game Quotes: Komali had very little confidence in himself and thus closed 
himself off from the world outside his tribe aerie.  With just a little help 
from Link, though, he has regained his confidence and has at last begun to 
show signs of being a confident and mature Rito adult.

                        |    Minor Monster Room    |

Floor Master

Habitat: Forsaken Fortress
Personality: Surprisingly lonely

Figurine Description: You can find these in the Forsaken Fortress, Wind 
Temple, or the Earth Temple.

Notes: These are much-hated relatives of the much more hated Wall Master.  
Both are hands that come from either floor or walls and grab you.  They took 
you to the beginning of the dungeon in previous games but now Floor Masters 
just take you to any random spot.  L Target them and throw the Boomerang at 
them to stun them.  Then unleash a flurry of slashes.

Game Quotes: These creatures use their long hands to grab their victims, 
which they then yank into another room.  They occasionally grab nearby vases 
and throw them.

Habitat: Dragon Roost Cavern
Weakness: Water

Figurine Description: Basically a red miniature of Gohma.

Notes: Magtails can be weakened into an unconscious, immobile form that can 
lifted by throwing water at them.  They may also be destroyed by hitting the 

Game Quotes: These creatures are covered in a hard exoskeleton that not even 
the searing heat of lava can penetrate.  Their eyes are their only weakness.  
Magtails can be picked up and carried around when they’ve rolled into a 
defensive position.
Red Bubble & Blue Bubble

Habitat: Tower of the Gods
Stronger Form: Blue Bubble

Figurine Description: There are plenty of these to go around.  Go to the 
Tower of Gods, Earth Temple, Wind Temple, or to Ganon’s Tower.

Notes: The Red Bubble can be shot with an arrow and be destroyed.  The Blue 
Bubble requires that you first extinguish its flames with the Deku Leaf and 
then attack it.  Either form can be destroyed with arrows or the Boomerang 
when not activated.

Game Quotes: The cursed blue flames of the Blue Bubble steal the power away 
from all of your attacks.  Bubbles can be easily blown away by the Deku Leaf.

Habitat: Forsaken Fortress
Spoils: Joy Pendants

Figurine Description: Open your eyes!  These are so easy to find it’s not 

Notes: These are pretty unnecessary.  Just attack with the sword.  Their Boko 
Sticks are just Deku Sticks with a different name.

Game Quotes: These little imps wield sharp machetes and Boko sticks when 
attacking.  If they have no weapon, they’ll attempt to fight hand-to-hand.
Keese & Fire Keese

Habitat: Dragon Roost Cavern
Least Favorite Thing: Projectiles

Figurine Description: These creatures are found almost everywhere, although a 
good location is Dragon Roost.

Notes: There’s a plethora of ways to kill these annoying bats.  You can slash 
them with you shield, use the Hookshot, use arrows, use the Boomerang, throw 
stuff at them, use the Skull Hammer – anything you want.  Note that these 
were in the first Zelda game and have been in every game since, besides Zelda 
II because in that game they were called Aches.  Just be glad there’s no Ice 
Keese like there were in Ocarina of Time.

Game Quotes: These bats fly around dark places and attack anything that 
moves.  Great care should be taken around Fire Keeses that appear during 
times of volcanic activity.

Habitat: Forsaken Fortress
Favorite Food: All-Purpose Bait

Figurine Description: Dragon Roost Cavern and the Forsaken Fortress are good 
places to spot these rats.

Notes: Like Keese, anything will kill these monsters.  They’re annoying in 
the respect that they try to steal all your rupees.

Game Quotes: These creatures attack spontaneously and attempt to steal 
Rupees.  The ones that carry bombs around are apparently known as Bombchus.
Boko Baba

Habitat: Forbidden Woods
Spoils: Boko Baba Seeds

Figurine Description: Don’t even bother going into the Forbidden Woods for 
their pictographs.  There are several along the trail to Forest Haven.

Notes: When you defeat them they leave Boko sticks, the new name for what 
were called Deku Sticks in Hyrule.  The game quote tells you how to beat 

Game Quotes: These creatures that mimic Baba Buds attempt to swallow anything 
that comes near.  Defeat them by stunning them with a jump attack and then 
cutting their stems.

Habitat: Forbidden Woods
Talent: Rotating

Figurine Description: You can find these more easily by the threshold of the 
Forbidden Woods.  Just zoom in with the lens.

Notes: You can try using the sword to beat them, the Boomerang, or using a 
Deku Leaf to knock off the propellers and the sword to hurt them.  They 
reform their propellers in time.

Game Quotes: These strange creatures use their propeller-like wings to float 
in midair.  They can be easily knocked out of the sky with either projectiles 
or a Deku Leaf.

Habitat: Varied
Spoils: Chu Jelly

Figurine Description: Honestly, if you can’t find these you need help.

Notes: there are five types.  Red ChuChus require one hit of the sword to 
defeat.  Green ChuChus take two.  Blue and Electric ChuChus must be stunned 
with the Boomerang and then attacked.  Dark ChuChus must be lit up by either 
using the Mirror Shield or leading them into the light and then smash their 
stone form with the Skull Hammer.

Game Quotes: There are ChuChus of many different colors, all with their own 
distinct characteristics.  In general, they are most susceptible to 
projectile weapons.

Habitat: Forsaken Fortress
Talent: Herd movements

Figurine Description: Find these on the path to the Forest of Fairies on 
Outset Island.

Notes: These can be defeated in many ways but I suggest simply using the 
sword.  One hit will do them in.  They usually travel in large numbers.

Game Quotes: These little beasts are quick and agile.  They scurry along 
walls and gather in great numbers.  You should deal with them individually so 
they don’t surround you.

Habitat: The Great Sea
Weakness: Projectiles

Figurine Description: These are all over when sailing.  One location is near 
Tingle Island.

Notes: Their name “Gyorg” is derived from the boss of the Great Bay Temple 
from Majora’s Mask of the same name.  I suggest the Boomerang; don’t waste 
arrows on these sorry excuses for Gyorgs.  Gyorg was one of the toughest 
bosses in Zelda history.  They are unworthy of the name.

Game Quotes: These so-called ocean killing machines are plentiful in the 
Great Sea.  You should attack them with arrows or bombs before they’re able 
to knock you into the sea.

Habitat: The Forest Haven, Great Sea
Winner of the Perfect Attendance Award

Figurine Description: Like they say, Forest Haven.  It is in the river before 
the entrance.

Notes: The winner of the perfect attendance award was pretty clever.  
Octoroks, sometimes spelled with a “c” with the “k”, have been in absolutely 
every Zelda game ever made.  In some past games they were land animals, but 
they must be amphibious.

Game Quotes: When approached, these creatures tend to hide in the water.  
They can easily be defeated by reflecting the rocks they shoot with a sword 
or shield.

Habitat: The Great Sea
Weakness: Projectiles

Figurine Description: Find these by any of the Triangle Islands.

Notes: A seafaring Peahat is a Seahat.  Defeat it in the same manner.

Game Quotes: These tremendous flying fish can be found only on the Great Sea.  
They tend to ram ships to knock their prey into the sea, so it is best to 
attack them from a distance.

Habitat: Dragon Roost
Spoils: Golden Feathers

Figurine Description: You can find these at Dragon Roost or other islands, 
such as the star islands, Islet of Steel, Fire Mountain, Bird’s Peak Island, 
Needle Rock Isle, and others.

Notes: The Golden Feather spoils should be given to Hoskit.  These were 
called Takkuri once upon a time, but times change.  Use the Boomerang twice, 
the sword, arrows, and other attacks.

Game Quotes: These fierce and dangerous opponents often carry Bokoblins and 
Moblins into battle.  You can use your Grappling Hook to steal their Golden 

Habitat: Earth Temple
Last Favorite Thing: Mirror Shield

Figurine Description: Earth Temple is your best bet.

Notes: These were introduced in Ocarina of Time as the only inhabitants of a 
once populated city…  The city was destroyed and its people killed…  Redeads 
(I don’t write the capital D) scream, stunning you, and then jump onto you 
and suck the life right out of you.  A close cousin of the Redead not in this 
game is the Gibdo, but sadly it was left behind.  Redeads are one of the 
worst enemies in the game.  Best use the sword.

Game Quotes: These undead creatures live only in the darkest depths of the 
earth.  Their icy cold gazes paralyze their victims with fear.  Try to attack 
them from behind.

Habitat: Earth Temple
Best Attack: Possession

Figurine Description: The Earth Temple is one of the only places you can find 
a Poe.

Notes: The Poe is an old enemy that has learned some new tricks.  For one, it 
can possess you.  After the possession it will die.  To cause a possession 
attack the lantern it holds.  To kill it without possession means shine light 
onto it via the Mirror Shield and it will become solid with all the 
weaknesses a solid creature has.  If you step into light during a possession 
the Poe will die.  While possessed the controls are backwards.

Game Quotes: These ghostly creatures have no physical form, so physical 
attacks pass right through them.  Shining light on them with the Mirror 
Shield makes them take form.

Habitat: Forbidden Woods
Least Favorite Thing: Deku Leaves

Figurine Description: Like it says, the Forbidden Woods.  One room on B1 in 
particular is the home of many Morths.

Notes: They cling to you and while they do no damage to you, they slow you 
down exponentially.  Once they’ve clung on to you use a spin attack to kill 

Game Quotes: These creatures attack in groups and cling to the bodies of 
their prey.  A spin attack is the best way to shake them off.  They’re light 
and vulnerable to Deku Leaf blasts.
Armos Knight

Habitat: Tower of the Gods
Vulnerability: Bombs

Figurine Description: It is where they say.

Notes: Throw a bomb or bomb flower into its mouth when it opens it.  I 
suggest L Targeting.

Game Quotes: These auto-homing statues were created to deter intruders.  To 
destroy them, you must toss bombs into their gaping mouths.

Habitat: Tower of the Gods
Vulnerability: Arrows

Figurine Description: It is where they say again.

Notes: You want to slash the backside of these statue-appearing monsters with 
the sword.  Do not L Target as it will slow your progress.  When you defeat 
them, like Armos Knights, they’ll hop around and explode.

Game Quotes: These small statues shift into autopilot and attack prey.  Shoot 
them in the eye with an arrow to silence them, then destroy them by hacking 
their crystal backs.

                      |    Boss or Mini-Boss Room    |


Habitat: Tower of the Gods
Spoils: Knight’s Crest

Figurine Description: A picture of a Dark Nut (I say it as two words) with no 
shield will do nicely.  You can really find these all over.

Notes: The Dark Nut is the equivalent of the Iron Knuckle from previous 
games, except the Iron Knuckle was much harder.  The easiest way to beat a 
Dark Nut is to use a parry attack and then slash its back until it dies.  It 
is much harder to hurt if it has its armor on.  If the helmet is knocked off 
you can shoot it to death with arrows.

Game Quotes: These mighty knights are protected by heavy-duty armor.  Rather 
than attacking from the front, it might be best to slip around behind them 
and cut their armor off.

Habitat: Earth Temple
Spoil: Knight’s Crest

Figurine Description: This Dark Nut has a shield, unlike the former.  
Remember that color does not matter.

Notes: The shield makes it a bit harder to hit, but the strategy stays the 
same.  Use a parry attack and slash the back.  I do not suggest using its 
weapon against it.  The sword is used in a vertical drop attack when Link has 
it and you’re too slow.  However, it is funny to see a Dark Nut pick up a 
Boko stick or a machete.  Priceless.

Game Quotes: These knights are well protected by their round bucklers and 
mighty armor.  If you use a parry attack to jump up and knock off their 
helmet, it’ll spell their doom.
Mighty Darknut

Habitat: Hyrule Castle
Spoil: Knight’s Crest

Figurine Description: They are in Hyrule Castle, but they are all in Ganon’s 
Tower, in the room before Puppet Ganon.  They have capes, a shield, and a 

Notes: They are not too difficult.  Like regular Dark Nuts a parry attack and 
a few slashes to the back will kill them.  What’s supposed to make them tough 
is that they have capes that must be destroyed before their armor can be.

Game Quotes: These are Darknut captains.  Some wear capes that must be burned 
or cut off before their armor straps can be cut.

Habitat: Earth Temple
Weakness: Its head

Figurine Description: They are in plenty of places, but the Earth Temple is a 
good location to start looking.

Notes: I’ve found quite a few ways to beat these.  You can slash them until 
their bones separate and then attack the head.  It is much easier to throw 
bomb at them to destroy the bones.  If there are bomb flowers in the room 
target the bomb flowers with your Boomerang when the Stalfos is nearby.  In 
any case you should target the head with the Boomerang to stun it and then 
attack the head with the sword.

Game Quotes: These skeleton warriors attack by violently swinging their 
gigantic maces around.  Even if they’re shattered to pieces, they’ll reform 
unless their heads are destroyed.
Puppet Ganon

Habitat: Ganon’s Castle
Effective Weapon: Light Arrows

Figurine Description: Puppet Ganon is shown in only his Moblin form and is in 
the room before Ganondorf himself.

Notes: Puppet Ganon has three forms – Moblin, spider, and dragon.  In each of 
these forms you must target the blue ball on his tail with a light arrow.  
Three times in each of his forms does the trick.

Game Quotes: This is a gigantic marionette created by Ganon himself.  It 
transforms into three different shapes, but all are vulnerable to rays of 
light.  Rather than shooting randomly at it, try to deduce when it can be 
easily targeted and then take advantage of your chance.
Molgera, Protector of the Seal

Habitat: Wind Temple
Effective Weapon: Hookshot

Figurine Description: Boss of the Wind Temple.

Notes: Molgera has plenty of smaller sand creatures to cover it, which makes 
L Targeting Molgera itself a nightmare.  Sometimes you’ll find you must 
attack the smaller sand beasts first, but to hurt Molgera you must L Target 
the tongue and then Hookshot it to you.  With it in range you must attack 
with the sword.

Game Quotes: This evil guardian burrows deep into sand.  Use the Hookshot to 
draw out its tender tongue, then slash at it with your blade.
Kalle Demos

Habitat: Forbidden Woods
Favorite Thing: Makar

Figurine Description: Boss of the Forbidden Woods.

Notes: Kalle Demos is the leader of the plant monsters that terrorized the 
Forest Haven.  When Makar flew a bit too close to the woods he was abducted 
by Kalle Demos and it was up to Link to save him.  Kalle Demos is an easy 
boss.  Run around avoiding the roots and use the Boomerang to cut its vines 
(They support it) loose.  The flower will fall and the petals reveal the 
vulnerable part of Kalle Demos, what looks like a Boko Baba.  A few slashes 
will wipe out Kalle Demos.  The game quotes from the Deku Tree and Kalle 
Demos suggest that the latter was a parasite on the former.

Game Quotes: This plant-monster is a gigantic parasite that lives in the 
depths of the Forbidden Woods.  Only by cutting loose all of its disgusting 
tentacles with the Boomerang will its tender core be revealed.

Habitat: Dragon Roost Island
Effective Weapon: Grappling Hook

Figurine Description: Boss of Dragon Roost Cavern.

Notes: Gohma was a spider who infected the Great Deku Tree long ago in 
Hyrule.  Link rose up and on his first adventure he killed the arachnid.  
Well, Gohma had eggs, which mutated over the years into a lava-resistant 
insect.  This was all in Ocarina of Time.  In modern-day Hyrule Gohma crept 
into Dragon Roost Cavern and ravaged Valoo’s tail, which sticks into a 
chamber in the cavern, thus preventing the Ritos from obtaining scales.  Link 
scaled the mountain and fought with Gohma.  To beat it you must grapple onto 
Valoo’s tail and swing above Gohma.  When you let go the platform supporting 
Valoo will fall onto Gohma and crack its exoskeleton.  After three cracks in 
the exoskeleton it will shed it and attack you with no armor.  Grapple the 
eye and it will be stunned.  You know what to do.  Hero’s Sword + Gohma = 
squashed bug.

Game Quotes: This gigantic shelled insect inhabits areas of lava and magma.  
The only way to penetrate its hard bio-armor would be to drop an entire sheet 
of bedrock on it.
Big Octo

Habitat: Great Sea
Effective Weapon: Projectiles

Figurine Description: There are six Big Octos around the sea.  The guide has 
you kill one near Tingle Island.  If you’re stumped as to where to find one 
use the Big Octo Chart.  Read my Treasure Chart section.

Notes: In Ocarina of Time you fought a Big Octo, who was essentially just a 
big Octorok.  In this game you fight kraken-like squids with varying numbers 
of eyes.  To defeat it you must blind it.  I like using the Boomerang because 
you can target up to five things at once, but arrows are much quicker.  You 
almost always get a reward for beating them and one is a Great Fairy…

Game Quotes: There are said to be six of these legendary giant squid in 
different reaches of the Great Sea.  When ships pass by, they create 
tremendous currents to try to sink them.  The only way to escape is to shoot 
all of their weak spots – their eyes – with projectiles before being sucked 

Habitat: Forbidden Woods
Effective Weapons: Deku Leaf, projectiles

Figurine Description: Look in the Forbidden Woods.

Notes: Mothula was the third boss in the Dark World in A Link to the Past.  
It is much easier now.  First attack the wings and when they are cut attack 
the bodies.  They sometimes spit out Morths to slow you down.

Game Quotes: This gigantic moth scatters its scales through the air.  Even 
using projectiles to clip its wings won’t assure safety – it can still run 
around swiftly and release larvae.

Habitat: Wind Temple
Magic: Summons

Figurine Description: This is a one-time only chance.  It is mini-boss of the 
Wind Temple.

Notes: These are so cool and they’ve been in every Zelda game except Ocarina 
of Time.  You could even get their wand as an item in The Legend of Zelda 
(First game).  They are tougher because they can summon other lesser 
Wizzrobes and cast fire magic.  Use arrows and the sword well.

Game Quotes: These high-level mages use the magic of summoning to aid them in 
battle.  They are the only Wizzrobes that can summon other Wizzrobes, which 
makes them formidable.

Habitat: Tower of the Gods
Magic: Fire, summons

Figurine Description: You can find these in lots of dungeons.  Look in the 
Wind Temple, too.

Notes: Like the above Wizzrobe except they are weaker and can’t summon other 
Wizzrobes or strong monsters.  The Mirror Shield can absorb their flames.  
Two arrows will kill one.

Game Quotes: These mighty mages are adept at wielding flame and summoning 
other creatures to their aid.  The only way to defeat them is to try to 
predict their movements and attack them during brief moments that they assume 
physical form.
Gohdan, The Great Arbiter

Habitat: Tower of the Gods
Effective Weapon: Arrows

Figurine Description: Boss of the Tower of the Gods.

Notes: Gohdan can be easily defeated by shooting both hands and then his 
eyes.  He’ll open his mouth and you can throw bombs in.  If you run out of 
arrows he’ll sneeze them out, just as he does his heart container.

Game Quotes: This monstrous machine was created by the gods as a trail for 
the great hero.  You can drop it to the ground only by piercing its hands and 
face with arrows.  Once it has fallen, you can defeat it by immediately 
tossing a bomb inside it.  Oddly enough, arrows occasionally drop from its 
Phantom Ganon

Habitat: Forsaken Fortress
Effective Weapons: Light Arrows, Master Sword

Figurine Description: Mini-boss of both the Forsaken Fortress and Ganon’s 

Notes: Phantom Ganon was first introduced in Ocarina of Time.  Ganondorf 
destroyed Phantom Ganon for failing to kill Link.  Phantom Ganon was 
reintroduced in his shadow form in The Wind Waker and has appeared in that 
form ever since.  The concept of a “phantom incarnation of Ganon” was really 
first introduced in Link’s Awakening when you had to fight Ganon’s Shadow.  
In any case, to beat Phantom Ganon you must deflect his blasts of energy back 
at him.  Use the sword or an empty bottle (Which works better because you 
hold it out longer) to volley it back at him.  He’ll fall to the ground and 
be open to attack by the Master Sword.  Phantom Ganon can be permanently put 
to rest with the Light Arrows.  Also, Phantom Ganon has a sword of shadow 
that he sometimes utilizes in fights.  He can make copies of himself and can 
make dark energy orbs.  Ganondorf himself can do all these things, but he 
cannot make copies of himself.

Game Quotes: This is a phantom that Ganondorf created in his own likeness.  
Use your sword to knock back the balls of magic that he hurls, then attack 
him when he’s stunned.  Actually, you can also use empty bottles to deflect 
his magic attacks.

Habitat: Forsaken Fortress
Spoils: Skull Necklaces

Figurine Description: Mini-boss of Dragon Roost Cavern, although you can find 
them almost anywhere else.

Notes: The Moblin has an interesting history.  Moblins are Ganon’s most 
bountiful warriors and have been in just about every Zelda game.  In this 
game they were made to look stupid.  Sword attacks, arrows, and other attacks 
work well against them.  They’re spoils can be sold to a particular man on 
Windfall Island.

Game Quotes: These mighty enemies swing their long spears with the greatest 
of ease.  They’ve knocked Link around with that attack countless times.
Jalhalla, Protector of the Seal

Habitat: Earth Temple
Underlings: Poes

Figurine Description: Boss of the Earth Temple.

Notes: Jalhalla, King of the Poes, invaded the Earth Temple with help from 
Ganondorf and killed Laruto, thus weakening the Master Sword.  To defeat 
Ganon Link must first free the Earth and Wind Temple from the monsters that 
lurk there.  Jalhalla’s essence is in his mask.  His body is comprised of 
smaller Poes.  To beat him reflect light onto him with the Mirror Shield and 
he’ll be solid.  Throw him into the spikes and he’ll pop.  Destroy the Poes 
that make him up and he’ll be without a body and die.

Game Quotes: This gigantic ghost rules over all Poes.  After reflecting light 
onto it with the Mirror Shield, you can lift it and throw it around.
The Monstrous Helmaroc King

Habitat: Forsaken Fortress
Master: Ganondorf

Figurine Description: Boss of the Forsaken Fortress

Notes: The Helmaroc King is a large bird that works for Ganon.  By his order 
the Helmaroc King searched the Great Sea for girls who have pointy ears (It 
is a Hylian trait to have pointy ear as it is said that they are used to 
receive telepathic messages).  Ganon was looking for Zelda so that he could 
take her piece of the Triforce and become more powerful.  One day on Link’s 
home island the Helmaroc King dropped a girl into the Forest of Fairies.  
Little did Link know that his life would be turned upside-down by this 
incident, for moments later his sister would be abducted by the Helmaroc 
King.  Of all the bosses, this is the one Link actually wants to kill, as he 
shows when he unnecessarily goes into battle with it.  It is interesting that 
both the Kangaroc and the Helmaroc King have the same suffix –roc on them.  
In some other games you get an item called Roc’s Feather.  Could it be a 
coincidence?  Roc is a large, monstrous bird in mythology.

Game Quotes: The Helmaroc King is a monstrous bird that has been fitted with 
a mighty steel mask.  Once the mask has been split with a hammer, its tender 
beak will be revealed.

Base of Operations: Ganon’s Castle
Effective Weapons: Light Arrows, Master Sword

Figurine Description: Final boss of Ganon’s Tower or a legendary pictograph.

Notes: This could go on for pages, my friends.  Ganondorf is not only the 
most powerful character in all the games, but my favorite.  As proof of this, 
it takes both Zelda and Link to defeat him, and usually they only imprison 
him.  Light Arrows kill everything they touch but it only stuns Ganondorf.  
Now, you should know that Ganondorf and Ganon are two alternate names.  
Ganondorf refers to him in his human form and Ganon refers to him in his more 
powerful beast form (In most games he fights you as Ganon).  Ganondorf holds 
the Triforce part of Power and it has been his duty throughout life to find 
the others.  Ganon has lived for centuries.  He does not age in his 
imprisonment.  Now you see, the Triforce has three parts, each of them being 
smaller triangles.  The upper triangle is that of power, the lower left is 
wisdom, and the lower right is courage, which Link possesses.

In Ocarina of Time Zelda had a dream that Hyrule would be destroyed (It was 
more metaphorical, but it is basically how she interprets it) by a man named 
Ganondorf.  But a ray of light, namely Link, comes from the forest and 
defeats the evil.  So Zelda and Link work together (In secret) to defeat 
Ganon.  The only way to do this is to find the Master Sword, which serves as 
a barrier to the Sacred Realm where the Triforce was hidden.  When Link 
lifted the Master Sword he slept for seven years (Although he was chosen by 
fate to wield the Master Sword he was not old enough).  In that time 
Ganondorf used the passage to the Sacred Realm that Link had absent-mindedly 
created to reach the Triforce.  But the Triforce is a complicated power.  It 
is a scale that measures the virtue of whoever touches it.  If that person 
has balance, they get the Triforce in its entirety, but if that person 
believes in one virtue over the other two, they receive only that part of the 
Triforce.  So it was that Ganondorf received only the Triforce of Power, 
while Link and Zelda received the Triforce of Courage and Wisdom, 
respectively.  This is how he obtained the golden power.  In a battle 
involving the seven sages and Link, Ganon was locked away in the tainted 
Sacred Realm that became known as the Dark World.

Over the years Ganondorf escaped captivity.  Still strong with the Triforce 
of Power, he searched for the remaining parts of the Triforce, which brings 
us to the Wind Waker.  Ganondorf was born centuries earlier in a region of 
Hyrule ruled by the Gerudo tribe.  They were desert bandits consisted of only 
women.  Every 100 years a man who will be king is born into the tribe.  That 
man was Ganondorf, son of Twinrova, King of Darkness.  In the Wind Waker 
Ganondorf seems to receive the finishing blow that would finally kill him, 
but can Ganon really be killed?

Game Quotes: The possessor of the Triforce of Power, Ganondorf controls many 
fell beasts.  It is useless for Link to try to face him alone.  He must look 
for an ally who can aid him in battle.

                        |    Outset Island Room    |


Birthplace: Unknown
Talent: Crab-walking

Figurine Description: It is a common crab.  You can find them all over, but 
especially on Outset Island.

Notes: These are just animals.  What’s there to say?  Not even the game has 
much to say about them!

Game Quotes: These creatures are crabs, plain and simple.

Birthplace: Outset Island
Personality: Slacker

Figurine Description: It’s the guy with the sickle always asking for people 
to cut his grass.

Notes: Well, he is an introductory character.  He introduces you to the idea 
of cutting grass, I guess.  Oddly, “mesa” is the Spanish word for “table.”

Game Quotes: Mesa performs his chores at very much his own pace.  His 
vegetable patch is always full of weeds and he spends most of the year trying 
to clear it out.  He’s surprisingly timid and often can’t fall asleep.  He’s 
currently looking for a wife.

Birthplace: Greatfish Isle
Water Spirit

Figurine Description: A legendary pictograph.

Notes: Jabun, who probably descended from the Zora deity Jabu-Jabu, is the 
water spirit and as such can speak old Hylian.  You only see him once, but in 
that time he gives you Nayru’s Pearl.  Ganon decimated Greatfish Isle to 
destroy Jabun, so he swam to Outset.  You need the bombs to enter his cave.  
Also, it is very fun to say Jabun.

Game Quotes: Jabun can only speak Hylian, so hardly anyone understands a word 
he says.

Birthplace: Outset Island
Talent: Swordplay

Figurine Description: He lives in the two-story house on Outset with his big-
headed brother.

Notes: Orca is extremely important to the progression of the plot.  He gives 
you the Hero’s Sword and in so doing he allows you to rescue Tetra.  In his 
younger days he spent all his time collecting Knight’s Crests with his 
brothers and he finally learned the hurricane spin.  He cries tears of joy 
when he can teach it to you.

Game Quotes: In his younger days, Orca had hoped to be a swordsman, but he 
suffered a serious injury that ended that dream.  He soon returned to Outset 
and became a fisherman.  On a ledge on one wall of his house is a memento 
from his days of training with a blade.  Orca is a lifelong bachelor.

Birthplace: Outset Island
Personality: Extremely serious

Figurine Description: The upper story of Orca’s home housed (I made a pun!) 

Notes: He can teach you some basic controls at the beginning, but not much 
else.  He trained in swordplay with his brother but soon he wizened up.  If 
you roll into a wall in Orca’s room the pots in Sturgeon’s room will break 
and he’ll be mad.

Game Quotes: Known as Outset’s living encyclopedia, Sturgeon is quite wise, 
boasting an abnormally high IQ.  He has extremely sensitive nerves – quite 
the opposite of his younger brother, Orca, who lives downstairs.  
Surprisingly, Sturgeon was an accomplished swordsman in his youth.

Place of Birth: Windfall Island
Personality: Serious

Figurine Description: The woman always lugging a pot of water on her head 

Notes: She is good friends with a lady on Windfall and is the granddaughter 
of Sturgeon, indicating that Sturgeon was married at one time, or at least 
had kids.

Game Quotes: Sue-Belle was born and raised on Windfall, but she became 
concerned for the healthy of her grandfather, Sturgeon, so she decided to 
move to live with him on Outset Island.  Morning, noon, and night, she fills 
vases with water and carries them on her head from the well to their house.  
Strangely enough, she actually enjoys the task.

Birthplace: Unknown
Talent: Flying

Figurine Description: The white birds that are everywhere.

Notes: Seagulls actually play a unique roll in the Wind Waker.  They mark 
where a Big Octo is, often, and where Aryll can be found in the Forsaken 
Fortress.  You can place a Hyoi Pear on your head and take control of one.

Game Quotes: Seagulls soar freely over the Great Sea.  They love Hyoi Pears 
above all other foods, and eating them simply steals their hearts.

Birthplace: Outset Island
Personality: Kind and true to her family

Figurine Description: Aryll is hard to capture on pictograph.  Try to take a 
picture before you go off sailing with pirates.

Notes: Aryll is your kid sister.  She is abducted by the Helmaroc King and 
starts Link’s adventure.  She gives you the Telescope for your birthday.

Game Quotes: Link’s energetic younger sister is adored by all who meet her.  
Her current goal is to learn how to fetch water so she can help out her 
grandmother.  Her most treasured belonging is a telescope bearing a drawing 
of a seagull.
Link’s Grandma

Birthplace: Outset Island
Personality: Worrywart

Figurine Description: Your kindly old grandmother.  She’s always at the 
house.  Always.

Notes: She is depressed that both her children are missing and needs to be 
revived.  If you release a fairy by her she’ll give you Elixir Soup and be 
awake.  She gives you the Hero’s Clothes and the Hero’s Shield.

Game Quotes: This kind old woman works hard to raise her two grandchildren.  
She a very talented cook – her special Elixir Soup is sure to raise anyone’s 
spirits.  She also can be somewhat mischievous and enjoys playing the 
occasional prank on Link.
Wild Pig

Birthplace: Unknown
Talent: Digging holes

Figurine Description: They are on Windfall Island and Outset Island.  They’re 
just little pigs roaming around.  How adorable.

Notes: If you place the pigs in the pen for the woman on Outset Island at the 
beginning she’ll raise it into a large pig named after you.  If you pick it 
up (You need the Power Bracelets) and feed it All-Purpose Bait, it will dig.

Game Quotes: Wild pigs are found primarily in the fields of Outset Island.  
They love All-Purpose Bait above all other foods, and when they eat it they 
can’t help but tear into the earth.

Birthplace: Outset Island
Favorite thing: Animals

Figurine Description: Large blonde woman on Outset.

Notes: She pays you twenty rupees per wild pig you give to her.  She raises 
one to be a mega-pig that likes to dig.

Game Quotes: The mother of Joel and Zill, Rose is a woman of refreshingly 
simple tastes… but she’s a demanding mother.  She has the bad habit of trying 
to laugh her way out of lies.

Birthplace: Outset Island
Greatest Treasure: His family

Figurine Description: The man always trying to catch the pig.  He has brown 
hair and wears a green shirt.

Notes: He tells you how to crawl.  His story, like the others, is pretty dumb 
and sappy.

Game Quotes: Abe is a family man who takes good care of his wife and two 
kids.  In his younger days, his dashing good looks and baritone voice made 
him quite the ladies’ man.  Then one day, he was instantly smitten by a woman 
named Rose.  Even though he was consistently rebuffed, he persisted and 
finally convinced Rose to marry him.

Birthplace: Outset Island
Main Interest: Sticks

Figurine Description: Little kid on the island with brown hair.

Notes: He points you to a few stones that hold rupees in the beginning.

Game Quotes: Joel’s dream is to grow up as soon as he can so he can jump 
across boulders just like Link.  Both he and his younger brother, Zill, 
distinctly resemble their father.

Birthplace: Outset Island
Talent: Sniffing

Figurine Description: The disgusting slob that has snot dripping from his 

Notes: I can’t bear to look at it…

Game Quotes: Zill is a hyper-inquisitive young boy who speaks his thoughts as 
soon as they come to mind.  He can often strike a nerve without realizing it.  
He likes to imitate his older brother, Joel.  And strangely enough, it seems 
that actually lets his nose run on purpose…

                       |    Windfall Island Room    |

The Shop Guru, Zunari

Birthplace: A C-C-COLD Island
Pet Phrase: “Dear me!”

Figurine Description: The man with the fur coat who has his own outdoors 
stand on Windfall.

Notes: He sells you the Sail for 80 rupees and gives you the Magic Armor 
during a trade.  He also operates the nightly auction in the House of Wealth.  
His opening statements suggest that he may be from Ice Ring Isle.

Game Quotes: Even on the hottest day of summer, Zunari can be found in his 
shop, wearing the beloved hood that his mother made for him.  He keeps a 
great treasure in his safe there.  On a side note, he turns forty this year, 
and is now recruiting for a wife.

Birthplace: Windfall Island
Talent: Dancing

Figurine Description: The man who dances in front of the gravestone.

Notes: Tott mimics a man named Kamaro from Majora’s Mask.  He tries to 
perfect a dance that can turn night to day and vice versa.  Show him the Wind 
Waker and he’ll teach you the Song of Passing, very useful in making 

Game Quotes: This young fellow dreams of becoming a professional dancer.  He 
dances before a strange stone monument day and night.  This smooth dancer may 
still be practicing, but he’s also recruiting for a partner!
The Pictographer, Lenzo

Birthplace: Unknown
Personality: Hard to grasp

Figurine Description: Tall man with a yellow shirt who has a pictography 
studio in Windfall.

Notes: Lenzo gives you the Deluxe Picto Box and revolves around quite a few 
side quests.

Game Quotes: Lenzo is a famed pictographer known to all.  His mysterious 
personality is quite popular with the ladies in town.
Windfall’s Gang of Boys, The Killer Bees

Birthplace: Windfall Island
Main Objective: Raising trouble

Figurine Description: The group of four boys in front of Mrs. Marie’s School 
of Joy.

Notes: They are involved heavily in getting a piece of heart, the Cabana Deed 
(And the resulting Triforce Chart), and the Hero’s Charm.  Their leader is 
Ivan, as in the terrible.

Game Quotes: This small gang of four calls itself the Killer Bees.  Starting 
from the left, the members are: The leader, Ivan: A very talented and 
reliable leader.  Leave all tree climbing to him.  Jin, the fox: Ivan’s 
quick-witted adviser.  His wry insults can be hard to take.  Jan, the blue 
hair: Uses his innocent looks to avert trouble.  He’s the Killer Bee’s thug.  
The pig-nosed, Jun-Roberto: Secretly aims to be the next gang leader.  He was 
raised in a bourgeois family and has developed into a terrible little tyrant.  
When these four are together, they fear absolutely nothing!
The Joyful Teacher, Mrs. Marie

Birthplace: Windfall Island
This Year’s Lucky Number: 20

Figurine Description: Pink-haired teacher on Windfall.  Yes, I think it looks 

Notes: She gives you rupees, the Cabana Deed, and the Hero’s Charm in 
exchange for her favorite jewelry, Joy Pendants.  She teaches a total of six 
kids, although the Killer Bees hardly ever come to school.

Game Quotes: This year marks the twentieth year this splendid individual has 
worked as Windfall’s school teacher.  Her hobby is collecting Joy Pendants.  
Her goal in life is to raise unique and creative students.  The most unique 
thing she’s ever created is her own hairstyle.
Potova & Joanna

Birthplace: Windfall Island
Nickname: The Little Tipsters

Figurine Description: The two little girls on Windfall.

Notes: They just tell you stuff for money.

Game Quotes: These two girls are talented at hitting on island rumors, 
seemingly without any tips or advice from others.  Children can be really 
frightening sometimes.
Mila’s Father

Birthplace: Windfall Island
Favorite Thing: Money

Figurine Description: Either very rich or very poor man, depending on if 
you’ve beaten the Forsaken Fortress for the second time or not.  He makes you 
pay for his vases if you break them.

Notes: The description says it all.

Game Quotes: His hobby was once collecting expensive vases, but 
unfortunately, they were the king of vase one wants to break as soon as one 
catches sight of them.  Those who did and were forced to compensate for his 
loss were said to regret it afterward.

Birthplace: Windfall Island
Personality: Harsh

Figurine Description: Either a very rich of very poor girl with blonde hair.

Notes: Mila’s Father had to pay a fortune to the pirates for his daughter’s 
return and so they are now poor as church mice.  Mila works at Zunari’s shop 
by day and is said to try to steal from the safe at night.  If you stop her 
she’ll give you an empty bottle.

Game Quotes: This poor girl was filthy rich until she got rescued from her 
prison in the Forsaken Fortress.  Now that her family has fallen on hard 
times, she works for the shop on Windfall Island to her ease their hardship.

Birthplace: Windfall Island
Favorite Things: Love and romance

Figurine Description: Once again, her outfit looks different according to the 
time period (Whether you’ve beaten the Helmaroc King or not yet).  She has 
red/brown hair.

Notes: She is involved in a side quest involving a piece of heart.

Game Quotes: Maggie was dirt-poor before being kidnapped and held captive in 
the Forsaken Fortress.  She’s quite popular with all boys…  but she prefers 
“wild” boys over all others.  Lately she has taken to writing poems and will 
soon be publishing one entitled “A Woman’s Heart is Blue.”
Maggie’s Father

Birthplace: Windfall Island
Personality: Not particularly good

Figurine Description: A peasant or a patrician.

Notes: He plays a role in the Maggie’s/Moe’s Letter side quest.  He doesn’t 
allow postmen in the house, especially if they’re Ritos named Ilari…

Game Quotes: Surprisingly, Maggie’s father is quite confident that he is the 
epitome of fashion.  It would probably be more accurate to say that the 
clothes he wears are “distinct.”  He seems to especially like vintage clothes 
and jewelry.
Gummy the Sailor

Birthplace: Windfall Island
Favorite Spice: Pepper

Figurine Description: Large sailor sometimes in the Windfall café who has a 
short shirt that reveals a fairly hairy chest…

Notes: I had, have, and will have nothing to say of such sailors.

Game Quotes: No one knows where he gets his spending money from, but this 
nifty sailor spends night after night unwinding at the auction.
Kane the Sailor

Birthplace: Windfall Island
Favorite Occupation: Artist

Figurine Description: Green – shirt wearing sailor.

Notes: No notes (Or soup) for you.

Game Quotes: Long ago, Kane longed to be an artist or a sculptor, but 
circumstances in his life forced him to become a sailor.  He’s still critical 
of all artistic expression, though.
Dampa the Sailor

Birthplace: Windfall Island
Favorite Animal: Pigs

Figurine Description: Burly man with the red cap.

Notes: He is part of a side quest.  Not hugely important.

Game Quotes: Dampa recently got some pet pigs and now they’re all he can thin 
about.  He really confirms the old adage about pets and their owners…
Candy the Sailor

Birthplace: Windfall Island
Good at Cooking: Grapes

Figurine Description: Like his fellow sailors Candy is a large man who 
frequents the café.

Notes: Ha-ha-ha!  His name is Candy!  Ah, that’s hilarious.  Don’t think that 
means we’re letting that boy named Sue off the hook, though.

Game Quotes: At first glance, Candy looks a little intimidating, but he’s 
actually extremely kind and quite knowledgeable.  He’s always happy to share 
his knowledge, too.  He’s energetic and sort of a scamp for a seventeen year 

Birthplace: Windfall Island
Best Friend: Sue-Belle

Figurine Description: A woman wearing a yellow dress who stands near Mrs. 
Marie’s School of Joy.

Notes: As the opening statements suggest, she is Sue-Belle’s, a woman on 
Outset Island, best friend.  She is in love with another Windfall Islander.  
Ooh, who could it be?

Game Quotes: Lately, her childhood friend, the delicate Kamo, has become 
smitten with her, but she’s apparently completely oblivious to his feelings.

Birthplace: Windfall Island
Year With No Girlfriend: 18

Figurine Description: He’s the jerk who says you don’t understand him.

Notes: Kamo is involved in a piece of heart side quest in which you must show 
him a picture of his favorite thing – the full moon.

Game Quotes: Ever the romantic, Kamo loves to gaze at the night sky.  He and 
his dear friend Linda were once classmates at Mrs. Marie’s School.
The Potion Master, Doc Bandam

Birthplace: Windfall Island
Favorite Food: Chu Jelly

Figurine Description: The owner of the Chu Jelly Shop.

Notes: You can give Doc Bandam the three Chu Jellies (Green, Red, and Blue) 
in exchange for potions.  Blue restores both health and magic, while green 
and red restore only magic and health, respectively.

Game Quotes: Doc Bandam spends his days researching ChuChus in his potion 
shop.  He visits Pawprint Island now and then to collect the Chu Jelly he 
used to make his potions.  He considers himself a potion artist, and like an 
artist, he’s quite whimsical.
Bomb-Master Cannon

Birthplace: Windfall Island
Mood: Shifts violently

Figurine Description: Proprietor of the Bomb Shop.

Notes: He runs a monopoly on Windfall Island selling bombs.  As a result, the 
pirates were forced to steal bombs from him (And tie him up) to get their 
hands on them.  The pirates wanted them to blow up the wall that protects 
Jabun and his treasure (Nayru’s Pearl).  Thanks to the pirates you can get 
bombs from Niko.  In the end, we’re pretty lucky that Cannon runs such a 

Game Quotes: Cannon is the world’s only maker of bombs.  He considers himself 
a magician with gunpowder and other explosives.  His hairstyle is as unique 
as his talent.

Birthplace: Windfall Island
Personality: Not brave

Figurine Description: The cowardly man in the café.

Notes: He is involved solely in getting the Deluxe Picto Box; he is the 
subject of one of your tests to become Lenzo’s assistant.

Game Quotes: There isn’t much to say about Gossack.

Birthplace: Windfall Island
Workplace: The Cafe Bar

Figurine Description:  The bartender at the café.

Notes: There is nothing to tell.

Game Quotes: Gillian manages the cafe in place of her now-ill father.  It 
seems she once had a boyfriend, but that info is TOP SECRET!

Birthplace: Windfall Island
Favorite Spot: The sea view bench

Figurine Description: A man who sits and stares into the sea all day.

Notes: He is a minor character.  He is important in a side quest or two, one 
involving the Tingle Tuner.

Game Quotes: He thinks that a little composure is of the utmost importance in 
life.  Sam’s a card-carrying member of the Joyous Volunteer Association.

Birthplace: Windfall Island
Personality: Passionate

Figurine Description: He’s the subject of one of your Lenzo’s assistant tasks 
so you must have seen him before.  He wears red overalls.

Notes: Like I said, he is part of the task in which you get the Deluxe Picto 

Game Quotes: He is constantly thinking of someone on a faraway island.  He’s 
apparently a very passionate man and he has a very hip sense of fashion.

Birthplace: Windfall Island
Her Son: Dampa the Sailor

Figurine Description: The woman who stands on a wooden platform on the edge 
of the island.  You can also see her at the auctions.

Notes: See Game Quotes.

Game Quotes: She’s just an ordinary elderly woman.

Birthplace: Windfall Island
Favorite Thing: Pictographs

Figurine Description: The woman who stands in front of the Chu Jelly Shop 

Notes: She is involved in you getting a Treasure Chart.

Game Quotes: This former beauty became famous after being dubbed Miss 
Windfall...  about forty years ago.  There isn’t a younger woman who could 
take that title away.

Birthplace: Windfall Island
Favorite Activity: Kickboxing

Figurine Description: The guy who likes to take walks.

Notes: He is the subject of the third Lenzo task.  He’s secretly in love with 
Linda and she’s secretly in love with him.

Game Quotes: The reason his second-favorite hobby is taking walks is because 
it keeps his legs in shape.  He’s had his eye on a certain young lady.

Birthplace: Windfall Island
Least Favorite Proverb: “Only smoke and fools love high places.”

Figurine Description: He stands by the windmill/Ferris wheel day and night.

Notes: He sort of tips you off about the windmill, which opens the gate to 
two Treasure Charts.

Game Quotes: This young guy’s trademark is his yellow hat.  He seems to have 
an unusual interest in the town’s ferris wheel and lighthouse.
Pompie & Vera

Birthplace: Windfall Island
Hobby: Gossiping

Figurine Description: Two gossiping woman up the stairs.  You can’t miss 

Notes: They actually give you one of the Treasure Charts described in the 
Minenco/Kreeb/Lenzo side quest.

Game Quotes: Pompie and Vera are the town’s most talkative pair of ladies, 
and they are always spreading idle gossip.  Lately they’ve been obsessed with 

                        |    The Great Sea Room    |


Birthplace: Unknown
Occupation: Carver

Figurine Description: A blue version of Tingle.

Notes: Knuckle is involved in getting the Tingle Tuner upgrade.

Game Quotes: Knuckle is another of Tingle’s younger brothers – he happens to 
be Ankle’s twin.  He finished carving Tingle Tower when he was ten years old.  
The head is his studio.  Supposedly, he felt unsatisfied completing his 
collection without this figure.  He loves his special vertically aligned 
Tingle Tuner.
David, Jr.

Birthplace: Windfall Island
Occupation: Treasure hunter

Figurine Description: A white version of Tingle.

Notes: David, Jr. is not related to Tingle, Ankle, or Knuckle.  He still 
works there, though, and he hates every minute of it.

Game Quotes: Seventeen-year-old David Jr. set out to sea with dreams of 
finding the treasure of the Ghost Ship that his now-deceased father once saw.  
He gets seasick quite easily and was in just such a state when he awoke in a 
daze on Tingle Island.  Ankle told him that “self comes before wealth,” and 
he’s been working in the tower ever since.  He really hates the uniform.

Birthplace: Unknown
Favorite Proverb: “One may as well hang for a stolen sheep as for a stolen 

Figurine Description: A pink version of Tingle.

Notes: Another one of the Tingle trio + David Jr.

Game Quotes: Since being taught how to decipher maps by his older brother 
Tingle, Ankle has been supporting his good-for-nothing twin brother Knuckle.  
The only time he feels he can truly be himself is when he’s tending to the 
Tingle Island flower garden.

Birthplace: Unknown
Favorite Things: Fairies, deciphering maps

Figurine Description: The master of Tingle Island.  You can’t possibly miss 
him.  The tower’s head is carved in his likeness.

Notes: Tingle was introduced in Majora’s Mask and was a hit.  He was 
reintroduced in Four Swords Adventures where he wrote his own signs called 
the Tingle Times.  He is born of Hyrule and must be very old.  He speaks old 
Hylian and spent all his days in Hyrule and Termina making maps.  As a 
result, he rocks at deciphering maps with the proper incentive (398 rupees).  
He gives you the Tingle Tuner, Tingle’s Chart, the IN-credible Chart, lets 
you get the Picto Box, and deciphers maps for you.  I hate to say it, but 
Tingle is one important character.  Also, I feel I must say: Tingle!  Tingle!  
Kooloo-limpah!  Those are his magic words.

Game Quotes: It’s been several years since Tingle first became enchanted with 
deciphering maps in the hopes it would help him find fairies, and he’s lost 
many things during that time.  He’s raising funds to begin his search for 
fairies, hoping to embark sometime in his thirties, while the lust of life is 
still upon him.  At the age of 35, the pressure’s on!

Birthplace: Unknown
Favorite Thing: Bugs (especially beetles)

Figurine Description: He sells you the Bait Bag.  You had to have seen him.

Notes: Beedle is a merchant who’s important in that he sells you the Bait 
Bag, Hyoi Pears, and All-Purpose Bait.  His ship on Rock Spire Isle (Where he 
wears his helmet) sells more expensive items such as a piece of heart, an 
empty bottle, and a Treasure Chart.  He also gives you Beedle’s Chart.

Game Quotes: A businessman by nature, Beedle’s sales pitch is unmatched.  He 
hopes to open a chain of trading pos where people can buy, sell, or trade 
Loot the Sailor

Birthplace: Windfall Island
His Only Fear: The Mermen

Figurine Description: The man who operates the boating course and drinks at 
the Windfall Island café.

Notes: The description above took the words out of my mouth.

Game Quotes: Loot spends his days working far from home at the boating 
course.  He takes his earnings straight to the cafe bar on Windfall to enjoy 
a relaxing beverage.

Birthplace: Windfall Island
Talent: Drawing pictures

Figurine Description: He runs a mini-game on two islands, one being Windfall.

Notes: He’s involved in getting pieces of heart.

Game Quotes: Long ago, Salvatore hoped to be a famous painter, but that dream 
didn’t last long.  He eventually returned to his hometown and came up with 
his current business plan.  It’s been a huge success, allowing him to 
purchase his own island, where he has opened up his own island, where he has 
opened up the second store in what he hoped will become a huge chain.  He’s 
now busy trying to think up that one idea that will speak his next big 
Salvage Corp.

Birthplace: Angular Isles
Talent: Searching for sunken treasure

Figurine Description:  They sail around randomly.  I don’t know that there is 
one place you always find them.  They’re on the Great Sea.

Notes: I got nothing.

Game Quotes: These young men found friendship through their common interest 
in searching for sunken treasure.  Soon afterward, they formed the Salvage 
Corp.  With their first haul of treasure, all they could afford to buy was 
their diving suits.  Now they dream of finding that one huge haul that makes 
them all rich.  They are currently searching for legendary treasure sunken 
beneath the sea.
Princess Zelda

Figurine Description: Take a picture of her during the battle with Ganondorf.

Notes: Tetra is the descendant, the last link, in the Hylian royal bloodline.  
She is named after Princess Zelda, for it is a Hylian tradition that every 
girl born into the bloodline be named Zelda.  She inherited the Triforce of 

Game Quotes: Princess Zelda is the legitimate heir to the Hyrulean royal 
family.  She is actually the pirate Tetra.
King of Hyrule

Figurine Description: A legendary pictograph.

Notes: This doesn’t quite make sense.  In A Link to the Past the King of 
Hyrule died.  Oh well, he must have been revived or something.  I believe he 
was (It’s in the credits).

Game Quotes: The King of Hyrule was unable to protect his kingdom from evil 
and left its fate up to the gods.  The King of Red Lions is merely his 
disguise.  His full name is one that is truly fit for royalty: Daphnes 
Nohansen Hyrule.

Birthplace: The Great Sea
Personality: Honorable, dutiful, and surly

Figurine Description: Fishman is located around every single island.

Notes: Nicknaming you “fry”, Fishman and his brothers fill out your Sea Chart 
in exchange for All-Purpose Bait.

Game Quotes: Apparently, these fish were aided long ago by the King of Red 
Lions, which is why they’re willing to offer Link valuable information.  
Unfortunately, much of their information is off the mark.  For many long 
years they have suffered from stiff necks, but none of them know how to cure 

Personality: Elusive
Tetra seems bossy and strong-willed, but she’s actually quite kind.

Figurine Description: You can only catch her on a few occasions.  I suggest 
the beginning.

Notes: Tetra fell onto Outset Island when the Helmaroc King was evading her 
pirate crew.  Link rescued her but his sister, Aryll, was kidnapped because 
the Helmaroc King mistook her for Tetra.  When Quill the Postman gave Tetra a 
lecture, she gave in to guilt and took Link to the Forsaken Fortress to 
rescue his sister.  She is destined to be Princess Zelda, although she is 
oblivious to it.  She gives you the Pirate’s Charm, which the King of Hyrule 
tells you is an enhanced version of the Gossip Stones of old.

Game Quotes: Orphaned at a young age, Tetra followed in her mother’s 
footsteps, becoming a pirate and watching after he mother’s gang of lovable 
swabbies.  Tetra and her crew are in search of a legendary treasure hidden 
beneath the waves of the Great Sea.

Personality: Short-tempered
Favorite Thing: Miss Tetra

Figurine Description: Get a figurine of Tetra.  He comes with her.

Notes: He rescues Tetra in the Forest of Fairies, even though you did, and he 
takes the credit.  Nice work, Gonzo.

Game Quotes: Leader of Tetra’s family of pirates, Gonzo seems to be quite 
strong…  but he cries as the drop of a hat.

Personality: Mild-mannered
Talent: Ummm…  talking, maybe?

Figurine Description: His figurine comes with Tetra’s figurine.

Notes: According to Aryll in a letter, Senza tells thrilling stories.

Game Quotes: Senza is in charge of keeping the pirate ship in order.  He’s a 
mild-mannered speaker, but his persuasive skills are said to be unmatched.

Personality: Who knows?
Talent: Sewing

Figurine Description: His figurine is given to you along with Tetra’s.

Notes: He guards Tetra’s room, although you can go in eventually.  Inside are 
pictures of the legendary hero and the Triforce.

Game Quotes: Nudge seems to understand Tetra best of all the pirates and 
often counsels her in her decision making.  He’s actually stronger than 

Personality: Taciturn
Talent: Spying

Figurine Description: Carlov throws it in with Tetra’s figurine.

Notes: He practically lives on the crow’s nest.

Game Quotes: Zuko is in charge of keeping watch.  His sharp eyes can read 
signs a mile off, but no one really understands what he says, so they rarely 
know what he’s seen.

Personality: Merry
Least Favorite Thing: Gonzo’s underwear

Figurine Description: His and Tetra’s figurine are a sold package.

Notes: Niko is the second–most important pirate, next to Tetra, of course.  
He lets you be his swabbie (Niko is the resident swabbie on the ship) and 
play games for treasure.  He thinks you won’t be able to pass, so he 
mistakenly gives you the Spoils Bag and bombs.

Game Quotes: Niko is the bottom rung on the pirate ladder, so he’s 
responsible for all the odd jobs on the ship.  He’s quite childish and rarely 
thinks of the consequences of his actions.  Even so, he shows signs of having 
what it takes to move up the pirate ladder.

Personality: At first glance, quiet
Least Favorite Thing: Having his glasses touched by strangers

Figurine Description: The rights to this figurine are sold with Tetra’s.

Notes: Mako is unimportant.  Aryll liked stealing his glasses when on the 
ship, though.  It is interesting to note that this character is modeled after 
a character from the Mario series - Professor E. Gadd, the little old man 
from Luigi’s Mansion (now a Mario series regular).

Game Quotes: Mako is called the brains of the ship and the king of invention.  
He may look like a weakling, but his glasses give him keen eyesight, and he’s 
unstoppable when mad.  Not many know this, but he keeps a knife hidden in 
that thick book of his.

Birthplace: Unknown
First Impression: Good

Figurine Description: Go to a Great Fairy Fountain, break pots, and so on.  
There are many locations where these can be found.

Notes: The Fairy has been in absolutely every game in Zelda history.  Its 
appearance changes with each new game, but in each it heals you.  In A Link 
to the Past the wonderful people at Nintendo came up with the idea to bottle 
fairies to they revive you when your hearts run out.  Thank you so much, 
Shigeru Miyamoto!  In this game they only revive the first ten hearts you 

Game Quotes: Fairies are the most reliable of creatures.  When their master’s 
life energy has been depleted, they immediately come to his or her aid.  They 
can be carried in bottles.
Great Fairy

Birthplace: Angular Isles
Talent: Powering-up

Figurine Description: A legendary pictograph.

Notes: Great Fairies have been in almost every game.  They are stronger than 
fairies and aid Link in his quests by giving him upgrades.

Game Quotes: The seven Great Fairies who are destined to aid the Great Hero 
by increasing his powers are hiding in seven different reaches of the Great 
Queen of Fairies

Birthplace: Fairy Island
Talent: Empowering arrows with fire and ice

Figurine Description: A legendary pictograph.

Notes: The queen of fairies has been in only two games.  In this one she is 
depicted as a child (Who seemingly has a crush on Link…) and in A Link to the 
Past she was named Venus.  In this game she gives you the Fire and Ice 

Game Quotes: She appears to be but a child, but she is much greater and more 
powerful than the Great Fairies.  She will grant Link the power to add fire 
and ice to his arrows.
Traveling Merchants

Birthplace: Unknown
Favorite Food: Rocks

Figurine Description: The easiest and most fruitful of the Traveling 
Merchants to find is on Greatfish Isle.

Notes: It is obvious that the Traveling Merchants are Gorons.  Gorons were an 
ancient race of Hyrule that survived by mining and consuming rocks from 
Dodongo’s Cavern.  The Hero of Time saved their way of life and he became 
called the Hero of Gorons as well.  Although you don’t save them, these 
Gorons are helped by you when you make merchant’s oaths with them in the 
trade for the Magic Armor.

Game Quotes: These businessmen are traveling the world in search of curious 
and oddities, each with hope of someday owning his own shop.  Nobody knows 
where these wandering merchants have come from or where they’re headed.
Old Man Ho Ho

Birthplace: Unknown
Favorite Thing: Telescopes

Figurine Description: It is the man who is always staring through his 
telescope into the horizon.  He can be easily located on Outset Island by the 
out bridge to the Forest of Fairies.

Notes: Old Man Ho Ho just tips you off as to where secrets are.  Old Man Ho 
Ho is always looking at something of importance.

Game Quotes: Old Man Ho Ho found his first telescope after retiring from his 
job and has been traveling in search of new sights ever since.  A new 
discovery always awaits at the far end of his telescope.
Link & the King of Red Lions

Birthplace: Outset Island
Favored Hand: Left

Figurine Description: This figurine is given to you once you’ve gotten all 
other figurines in the game.  Perhaps this is one Manny, the other Nintendo 
Gallery member, took a picture for.

Notes: Link is the descendant of the legendary Hero of Time.  Link is 
destined to be the Hero of Winds.  His tale is too long to recall, as his 
tale is that of the Wind Waker.  The King of Red Lions is the King of Hyrule 
in disguise.  Congratulation!  You got all the figurines!

Game Quotes: The Hero of Wind, Link uses the Wind Waker to control the wind 
and sail the sea on his mysterious boat (which is actually the King of 
Hyrule).  Surprisingly, he seems to have an unnatural interest in figurines 
and has at last completed his collection!  He is now the master of the 
Nintendo Gallery.

Those are all the figurines in the entire game.  You got a lot of work ahead 
of you.  Good luck!

===============================Rupee Hunting*================================

There are lots of times you’re going to need rupees in this game.  So I have 
devised a few ways to get them.  After all, Tingle and Beedle are very 
demanding merchants.

                            |    Rupee Tips    |

Go to the Islet of Steel (Any time after you’ve gotten the bombs) and sail 
into it.  Crush the pots for a total of 70 rupees.  Exit and reenter the 
structure and the pots will be refilled.  You can do this all you want and 
you always get 70 rupees.  To speed up the process just swim in and out of 
the building; the King of Red Lions will follow.

In the room before you fight Molgera (In the Wind Temple) are a bunch of 
pots.  Get them, go through the cauldron cycle, and get the rupees all over 

Generally speaking, any room that has pots in it that contain lots of rupees 
in them can be entered and reentered and the rupees in the pots will be 
replenished.  It is the easiest way to make money.

Go to Link’s Cabana once you own it and you can play the amusements of 
nobility.  Honestly, I’ve never been that good at these.  If you do well the 
butler gives you rupees.  There are sixteen and there is no big non-rupee 
reward at the end.  I have devised a sort of system of completing them, 
however.  Look at the completed picture and find out what tile is missing 
from the scrambled one.  Once you know try to get the side pieces in place. 
When you do it will be very simple to arrange the tiles because no matter how 
you scrambled them they will by easily unscrambled.  The sides are easy to 
get, really.  Like all puzzles, you must take them one step at a time.  If 
you dissect the problem, which is not getting all the tiles together at one 
time, but getting the sides and then the middle, it is simplicity itself (My 
dear Watson).  Don’t you just love topology?

You can give the sailor wearing the cap on Windfall three Skull Necklaces and 
he’ll let you play a game called Piggy-Sitting.  You must find his three pigs 
and bring them to him (Drop them before him).  Do it in two minutes and you 
get a fifty rupee reward.  The pigs are in the general area.  One is to the 
right of the sailor and one is near Tott.  The last one is at the bottom of 
the white picket fence ledge.

I find these are the easiest ways to make money.  Some side quests offer 
money, but not easy money.  Tingle for instance, has tons of side quests.  
Bombing a pot on a far platform on Outset gives you a pot with a hundred 
rupees inside.  Here is the rupee chart.

                         |    Rupee Value Chart    |

                            |    Green: 1       |
                            |    Blue: 5        |
                            |    Yellow: 10     |
                            |    Red: 20        |
                            |    Purple: 50     |
                            |    Orange: 100    |
                            |    Silver: 200    |

This is similar to the rupee system in Hyrule, except silver rupees were 
worth the same amount as blue rupees.  These are very easy ways to earn 
money.  You’ll need them.  By the way, you can get a silver rupee on Shark 

==============================Pieces of Heart*===============================

You start out with three (3) hearts and there are six bosses.  So, if we do 
the math, 3 + 6 = 9.  So you get a total of nine hearts using Heart 
Containers and the like.  So there are 11 hearts you don’t have (20 – 9 = 
11).  As a result, there are forty-four (11 x 4 = 44).  Do you follow my 
math?  Good.  I double-checked it, and I’m fairly certain it is right.  So 
there are 44 heart pieces to get (Heart pieces are a quarter of a heart).  It 
is possible to never get any in the game if you’re doing the three-heart 
challenge (Never pick up heart containers.  You must beat the game with only 
three hearts to prove you’re a master), but you’d never open any mail and I 
think the postbox would hunt you down and feed that mail to you.  Besides, 
you need some mail, to help you.  So let us start the list of 44.

1) In the Forsaken Fortress, the first time, get caught in prison.  Make your 
escape and drop down to the floor below.  Behind the barrels is a switch.  
Press it to make a cell open.  Inside is the piece of heart.
2) After you’ve cleared out the Forbidden Woods the Chieftain of the Ritos 
will send you a piece of heart through the mail.
3) On Windfall Island play the cannon mini-game.  This is very similar to a 
board game called Battleship.  Select squares and shoot.  If you win by 
hitting five Big Octos while using only ten or less cannonballs, you’ll 
receive a piece of heart.
4) You can play the same game that you played for # 3 on Spectacle Island.  
The prize is the same as before, but the cannons are real.
5) On Windfall Island talk to Mrs. Marie (The schoolteacher) and she’ll ask 
you to help her out with those menacing Killer Bees.  Talk to them and 
they’ll challenge you to a lively game of hide-and-seek.  The boys are easy 
to find.  Once you do they’ll run around until you catch them.  Behind the 
grave that Tott, the dancing man dances in front of, is one.  Behind the bomb 
shop is another of the boys.  The leader, named Ivan, is in the tree by the 
gate.  Roll into it to reveal him.  The last boy is behind a bush on the 
ledge above the stone doorway to the left of the main gate (Up a wooden 
platform).  When you catch them they’ll vow to change their ways and they’ll 
give you a token of appreciation.
6) On Windfall Island find Linda, the woman who wears the dress who stands by 
the cannon mini-game building you used in # 3, and take a pictograph of her.  
You need the Deluxe Picto Box to do this.  Then show it to the man who walks 
around the island all the time.  Anton is his name.  Show him the pictograph 
and he’ll be intrigued.  A few days later they’ll have gotten married.  As a 
token of gratitude for setting these lovers up you get a piece of heart.
7) Buy the piece of heart at the auction house at night (House of Wealth).
8) This one is a little long.  After you’ve beaten Forsaken Fortress for the 
second time enter the House of Wealth at night on the second story.  After 
the rich man talks trash about you go talk to his daughter, Maggie.  She 
misses a Moblin named Moe from the Forsaken Fortress.  She’ll ask you to take 
a letter to the postbox to Moe.  You got Maggie’s Letter!  Now go mail it.  
If you talk to the wealthy man he’ll tell you that they sold all the Skull 
Necklaces Maggie got from Moe to get filthy rich.  Also, a Rito postman will 
be at their house when you enter it.  The postman leaves when the rich man 
rejects him.  So, Moe has been writing back.  The rich guy just doesn’t want 
his daughter to talk to him.  Now go to the café.  The postman is there to 
“cool his feathers”.  Talk to him and he’ll ask you to deliver Moe’s letter.  
You got Moblin’s Letter.  Now take the letter to Maggie.  After totally 
misinterpreting the letter she gives you a piece of heart.
9) All over Windfall are thirty-six brown pedestals.  But fourteen Town 
Flowers from Zunari, the man you bought the Sail from, and place them on the 
pedestals.  Then go to the man on the bench with the seaside view.  He’ll 
give you a piece of heart for spreading joy to the island.  This costs 360 
rupees in total.  Here’s where all the pedestals are.  There are ten in the 
House of Wealth, six on bottom, four on top.  There’s one in the alley 
between the potion shop and the House of Wealth.  There’re two by Zunari’s 
shop and three by the seaside bench.  There are two in Lenzo’s Studio and two 
in the potion shop.  There are four in the school of joy.  There’re four in 
Salvatore’s cannon mini-game area.  There’re six on top of the town gate.  
Look on the wooden platform near the House of Wealth for two more.
10) There are three merchants (Who are Gorons) on three separate islands.  To 
get the Magic Armor you needed to trade three items with them.  To get the 
piece of heart you need to add eleven items to Zunari’s shop.  The merchants 
are on Greatfish Isle, Mother & Child Isles, and Bomb Island.  First trade 
the Town Flower for the Sea Flower, and then the Sea Flower for the Exotic 
Flower, all to the merchant on Greatfish.  Then trade that flower for the 
Sickle Moon Flag at Bomb Island.  Show it to the same merchant and get the 
Fountain Idol.  Take that to the merchant on Mother & Child Isles in exchange 
for the Big Sale Flag.  Back on Greatfish you can trade the Big Sale Flag to 
the merchant for the Hero’s Flag.  Show him the Hero’s Flag again and he’ll 
trade the Postman Statue.  Go to Mother & Child Isles and trade the Postman 
Statue for the legendary Shop Guru Statue.  Show the Shop Guru Statue to the 
merchant on Greatfish Isle.  You’ve completed the trade!  Now you receive a 
piece of heart from the merchant on Greatfish.  It costs 570 rupees in total.
11) Have the wind blow north on Windfall Island and go to the ladder on the 
lower level by the window, near the cannon game shop.  At the top is a 
switch.  Press it and the windmill will start up.  Wait for nighttime and 
ride the Ferris wheel up to the top so you’re level with the metal tube.  
When you’re level with it shoot a fire arrow into it and the lighthouse 
starts working.  Now talk to the man by the windmill (Named Kreeb) and he’ll 
reward your good deed with a piece of heart.
12) After doing # 11 the light will pass over a transparent chest.  Use the 
Deku Leaf (Be sure the wind blows south) and fly from near the bomb shop to 
the island with the chest.  Inside is another piece of heart.  Two for the 
price of one!
13) On Dragon Roost give twenty Golden Feathers (Spoil) to the Rito guard on 
the second floor named Hoskit.  He gives you a 100 rupee.  Since Golden 
Feathers are all the rage with Rito woman, his girlfriend sends you a piece 
of heart via mail.
14) Make sure you have the figurine of Koboli before doing this.  Talk to him 
and sort the mail.  You must toss the mail with a certain symbol onto it into 
the corresponding postbox.  If you successfully throw twenty-five or more 
you’ll get – nope, not a piece of heart.  He says he’ll get an assistant.  He 
hires Baito, the man who looks more like the postman from Majora’s Mask 
(Marathon Man in Ocarina of Time).  Deliver mail with him like you did for 
Koboli (Same drill – twenty at least) and you receive a letter you must 
physically deliver.  Doing this gives you nothing at first, but eventually 
your mail will yield to you a piece of heart.
15) Flight Control Platform, east of Dragon Roost, hosts the Bird-Man 
Contest, the great challenge to defy gravity.  You need the double magic 
meter for this, so read upgrades if you don’t have it.  Use Wind’s Requiem to 
force the wind to the northwest.  Use the Deku Leaf to reach the colorful 
banner (Have full magic when you enter, obviously) and you win.  Use the 
updrafts to get a good lift.
16) On Greatfish there is a treasure chest wind a piece of heart in it that 
is somewhat hard to reach.  If you have the upgrade to the Tingle Tuner I 
recommend using it.  If not, go to where the Korok and the sapling are.  Have 
the wind blow northwest and look northwest for a patch of grass sticking out 
of the rock ledge (Above water).  Glide to it and you have another piece of 
17) Do the Korok side quest.  I have a section, called saplings, for this, 
and it covers all you’ll need to achieve this piece o’ heart.  You must take 
forest water and water all the saplings in succession over the islands.
18) This is the hardest of all heart pieces, because not only is it long, but 
you might accidentally exit.  It isn’t extremely difficult for me, but even I 
took fairies with me and used them.  It is 52 floors of fighting you’ll win 
yourself a piece of heart.  The Savage Labyrinth, as it is called, is located 
on Outset Island.  I’ll post the paragraphs, which are excerpts from the 
guide, here.

This one’s on Outset Island.  Warp to it with your favorite song, Ballad of 
Gales, and go to the bridge that is out by Forest of Fairies.  Near the 
bridge is a character named Old Man Ho Ho.  He is kind of strange; he travels 
around islands with a telescope saying “Ho Ho” a lot.  Use your telescope to 
see what he’s looking at.  It is a headstone.  Use the Deku Leaf to glide to 
it and lift it up.  Welcome to the Savage Labyrinth, 52 floors of pure 
combat.  After a duo of Moblins you reach a refueling station.  Fall in the 
pit again and you’ll enter the forest themed part of the labyrinth.  After a 
fighting a pair of winged Mothulas (Arrows are very effective against them) 
you fall into another meaningless floor.  Stock up and fall into the Tower of 
the Gods themed section.  In this section if you see some skulls lying on the 
ground shoot them (They’re Red Bubbles).  After you defeat two Dark Nuts you 
fall to the chart room.  Play Wind’s Requiem on the wind crest and a chest 
appears.  Inside is Triforce Chart # 6.

If you want the piece of heart (Which I recommend you get since you don’t 
want to have to come back down here) step into a light (Not the glittering 
one or you’ll be transported out of the labyrinth) and use the Mirror Shield 
to light up the elephant statue.  Fall in the hole for the Earth –themed 
section.  After the Earth section you enter the wind.  This is more of a 
neutral zone.  It is here that they prove that it is quantity, not quality, 
that makes a battle hard.  After fighting four Dark Nuts you receive the 
Piece of Heart.  That was well deserved.  The Wizzrobe/Dark Nut combo 
practically killed me (I had no arrows).  Now leave this wretched labyrinth.
19) As long as we’re fighting people often, let’s fight Orca, the swordsman 
who gave you the Hero’s Sword.  Play his games and he will offer you the 
challenge of hitting him 500 + times.  If you succeed you get a piece of 
heart.  For more specifics on how you can beat Orca, read the sub-section 
called “Orca’s Secret Technique” in Ganon’s Tower.
20) This one, also on Outset Island, involves the huge pig you captured on 
Outset at the beginning of the game.  Get All-Purpose Bait, three servings 
per ten rupees, and the Power Bracelets.  Pick up the pig, named after you, 
and carry him to the patch of dirt by the grove of grass across the bridge.  
Drop old Link by the patch of dirt, not in it, and drop some bait on the 
dirt.  He’ll run to it and eat, then dig.  He uncovers a piece of heart.  
Remember not to hurt your pig.  If you do look out, because this is a true 
story.  I had one heart left (The pig was terrorizing me) and when I reached 
the Forest of Fairies with the pig it chased me.  I jumped into the water to 
evade it and it cannon-balled into the water right on me.  The pig can sort 
of swim.
21) Treasure Chart # 2.
22) Treasure Chart # 4.
23) Treasure Chart # 5.
24) Treasure Chart # 11
25) Treasure Chart # 15.
26) Treasure Chart # 20.
27) Treasure Chart # 23.
28) Treasure Chart # 30.
29) Treasure Chart # 31.
30) Treasure Chart # 33.
31) Treasure Chart # 38.
32) On Star Island is a rock that can be blown up with the bombs.  Fall into 
the hole and defeat all the enemies.  You’re reward will be a chest 
containing the piece of heart.
33) On Rock Spire Island Beedle has a special shop where he sells very 
expensive items.  There’s a Treasure Chart for 900, an Empty Bottle for 500, 
and a piece of heart for 950.  Start saving up, or read the rupee hunting 
34) Revolving around Rock Spire Island are two warships.  Destroy them with 
the cannon – a.k.a. the bombs, and their hulls will crack and the treasures 
within will sink.  Use the Grappling Hook to fish out the treasure, which is 
a piece of heart.
35) Defeat the Big Octo by Tingle Island by using the Boomerang to blind all 
of its eyes.  When you win it will leave a treasure behind.  That treasure is 
a piece of heart, which can be gotten with the Grappling Hook.
36) Like in # 34, there is a Big Octo by Seven – Star Isles.  Defeat it with 
the Boomerang before it spits you out and it will leave a ring of light where 
its treasure lies.  Use the Grappling Hook to get the piece of heart.
37) Crawl into the dome on Pawprint Island and fall into the hole.  To the 
right is the region of the dome that contains a chest with the heart piece.  
If you want the other items on Pawprint, you’ll need the bombs.
38) Near Six – Eye Reef is a submarine.  Defeating the enemies within gives 
you access to a ladder that leads to a treasure chest.  The content of that 
chest is a piece of heart.
39) Near Five-Star Isles is a submarine.  Once you’ve vanquished the 
inhabitants a ladder that leads to the chest that contains the piece of heart 
that you want will fall down.
40) Go to Angular Isles and push the blocks with symbols around until you 
have a bridge to the top where the piece of heart lurks.
41) On Bomb Island you’ll find a boulder that can be bombed on it.  Go down 
the hole that is conceals and you’ll see a Magtail.  L Target it and when it 
screeches, revealing its eye, attack once with the sword.  It will roll into 
its defensive position.  Pick it up and set it on the switch.  Go through the 
door and you need a switch.  Look a little to the left and take the path to a 
switch.  Walk past where the rings of fire were and you’ll find two Magtails.  
Attack them like you did the first Magtail and throw them onto the switches 
in the rings of fire.  Now you may extract the piece of heart from its 
treasure chest prison.
42) Near Stone Watcher Island is a pirate platform.  You follow?  You know, 
the big pirate ships on poles that stick out of the water.  Anyway, go to 
that platform and use your cannon, the boat adaptation of bombs, to blow up 
the cannons on the platform.  A chest will form and it contains – get ready 
to be surprised – a piece of heart.
43) Go to Headstone Island with a Hyoi Pear from Beedle.  Take control of a 
gull with it and fly to the top of the island.  Here’s a piece of heart, that 
will be yours by touching it.
44) On my favorite island, Needle Rock Isle (Trust me, I’m kidding) you’ll 
see several Kangarocs flying around the stone pillar jutting out of the sort 
of pond on the island.  Shoot down the Kangarocs, or at least it would make 
it easier for you, and unleash a Hyoi Pear.  A seagull will take the bait and 
you’ll control it.  Fly to the top of the stone pillar, hit the crystal 
switch while avoiding the Kangaroc menace, and the ring of fire around the 
chest dissipates.  Within is the final piece of heart!  Congrats; you have 
all twenty hearts!

Remember the good old days when there were no pieces of hearts?  When all 
pieces of hearts were just heart containers?  Boy, were their piece of heart 
sections short.

=================================Sea Chart*==================================

One of the more innovative aspects of The Wind Waker is the Sea Chart.  Sure, 
every Zelda game has a map, but the Sea Chart is new.  There are a total of 
forty-nine islands in the game, each serving a special purpose.  Here I will 
make a reconstruction of the Sea Chart.  Here’s how to use it.  Each island 
has a number (For instance, Forsaken Fortress is A1) and letter to mark it.  
I cannot draw the islands on the computer screen for you, so you’ll have to 
rely on the key at the bottom that tells you what the name of the island is 
under the number and letter name.

Note: Any time after you’ve reached Windfall Island for the first time you’ll 
have a Sea Chart.  Already marked on it are Outset Island, Windfall Island, 
and the Forsaken Fortress.  To mark the chart sail by islands and drop All-
Purpose Bait by the fish jumping out of the water (Wait to L Target him).  
He’ll mark the location on your Sea Chart and then give you some advice.  
Dragon Roost Island’s mark will be free.  You need to buy at least forty-five 
servings of All-Purpose Bait from Beedle.  Since you do this (Bait comes in 
three servings each), and since you need to have the Bait Bag, you must have 
at least 17 points from Beedle to beat the game (You need to buy one Hyoi 
Pear for a Triforce Chart).  Completing the Sea Chart is optional, but I 
highly recommend it.  Any place you don’t have on the Sea Chart will be 
called “Unexplored Sector”.

             A       B       C       D       E       F       G    
         |       |       |       |       |       |       |       |
         |  A-1  |  B-1  |  C-1  |  D-1  |  E-1  |  F-1  |  G-1  | 1
         |       |       |       |       |       |       |       |
         |       |       |       |       |       |       |       |
         |  A-2  |  B-2  |  C-2  |  D-2  |  E-2  |  F-2  |  G-2  | 2
         |       |       |       |       |       |       |       |
         |       |       |       |       |       |       |       |
         |  A-3  |  B-3  |  C-3  |  D-3  |  E-3  |  F-3  |  G-3  | 3
         |       |       |       |       |       |       |       |
         |       |       |       |       |       |       |       |
         |  A-4  |  B-4  |  C-4  |  D-4  |  E-4  |  F-4  |  G-4  | 4
         |       |       |       |       |       |       |       |
         |       |       |       |       |       |       |       |
         |  A-5  |  B-5  |  C-5  |  D-5  |  E-5  |  F-5  |  G-5  | 5
         |       |       |       |       |       |       |       |
         |       |       |       |       |       |       |       |
         |  A-6  |  B-6  |  C-6  |  D-6  |  E-6  |  F-6  |  G-6  | 6
         |       |       |       |       |       |       |       |
         |       |       |       |       |       |       |       |
         |  A-7  |  B-7  |  C-7  |  D-7  |  E-7  |  F-7  |  G-7  | 7
         |       |       |       |       |       |       |       |

        | A1) Forsaken Fortress     | B1) Star Island              |
        | A2) Four–Eye Reef         | B2) Mother & Child Isles     |
        | A3) Western Fairy Island  | B3) Rock Spire Isle          |
        | A4) Three–Eye Reef        | B4) Greatfish Isle           |
        | A5) Needle Rock Isle      | B5) Islet of Steel           |
        | A6) Diamond Steppe Island | B6) Five-Eye Reef            |
        | A7) Horseshoe Island      | B7) Outset Isle              |
        | C1) Northern Fairy Island | D1) Gale Isle                |
        | C2) Spectacle Island      | D2) Windfall Island          |
        | C3) Tingle Island         | D3) Northern Triangle Isle   |
        | C4) Cyclops Reef          | D4) Six-Eye Reef             |
        | C5) Stone Watcher Island  | D5) Southern Triangle Island |
        | C6) Shark Island          | D6) Southern Fairy Island    |
        | C7) Headstone Island      | D7) Two-Eye Reef             |
        | E1) Crescent Moon Island  | F1) Seven-Star Isles         |
        | E2) Pawprint Isle         | F2) Dragon Roost Island      |
        | E3) Eastern Fairy Island  | F3) Fire Mountain            |
        | E4) Tower of the Gods     | F4) Eastern Triangle Island  |
        | E5) Private/Link’s Oasis  | F5) Bomb Island              |
        | E6) Ice Ring Isle         | F6) Forest Haven             |
        | E7) Angular Isles         | F7) Boating Course           |
                       | G1) Overlook Island         |
                       | G2) Flight Control Platform |
                       | G3) Star Belt Archipelago   |
                       | G4) Thorned Fairy Island    |
                       | G5) Bird’s Peak Rock        |
                       | G6) Cliff Plateau Isles     |
                       | G7) Five–Star Isles         |

The Sea Chart has several markings on it that can be acquired.  For one, any 
time there is a place of importance you must go the King of Red Lions marks 
it on your Sea Chart in flashing brackets.  Also, when you get a sunken 
treasure (An important one – not just rings of light – like one from a 
Treasure Chart) a circle is marked where you extracted the treasure from.  To 
get the Korok markings talk to the Deku Tree on Forest Haven and talk to him 
about the Koroks and then Island Koroks.  He’ll mark their locations on the 
map with a leaf sign.

Also, important islands show up on the Sea Chart, while others require you 
zoom – in.  These important islands’ titles are in a lighter orange-red than 
normal ones.  Outset Island, Headstone Island, Forest Haven, Ice Ring Isle, 
Greatfish Isle, Tower of the Gods, Fire Mountain, Dragon Roost Island, 
Windfall Island, Forsaken Fortress, and Gale Isle show up on the map.

The Sea Chart has several functions besides showing you where islands are 
located.  For one, it tells you how many Treasure Charts you have and how 
many treasures from those charts you’ve gotten.  They consider Triforce 
Charts to be Treasure Charts.  The image that may appear beneath the Treasure 
Chart and Treasure counts is a picture of what the treasure was that you got.  
Then there’s the compass in the lower right-hand corner.  It tells which way 
the wind is blowing.

The little yellow arrow on the Sea Chart is your location and which way 
you’re facing (The narrow part of the arrow is where you’re facing).  To zoom 
in, press the A Button.  The Sea Chart itself is at a 7000 x 7000 view.  The 
first zoom is 1000 x 1000, and the greatest zoom is 200 x 200.  The flashing 
square is the one you are currently in.  The cursor shows what island you’re 
looking at, not the one you’re in.  Press up on the control pad (Looks like a 
+ sign) to access the Sea Chart.  From here, pressing Y will access you’re 
other charts.

Finally, there is the Ballad of Gales.  Once you have it play the song and 
you’ll have several warp choices.  The warp points are Mother & Child Isles, 
Windfall Island, Dragon Roost Island, Tingle Island, Greatfish Isle, Tower of 
the Gods, Southern Fairy Island, Forest Haven, and Outset Island.  Notice 
that when making the choice for if you want to warp to Greatfish Isle it 
calls it Greatfish Island.  Now you got some dirt on Nintendo!


I should’ve been more specific; the Treasure Charts are a new addition to the 
game.  Treasure Charts are scattered all over the Great Sea and you must find 
them all.  Their treasures vary greatly, but the Treasure Chart, which marks 
where a treasure is, usually has a good prize.  Besides Treasure Charts, 
there are some special charts that pertain to various subjects.  Because the 
special charts are my favorite kind, I’ll list them here and how to get them.

                          |    Beedle’s Chart    |

You get this letter by mail once you’ve gotten the bombs.  Beedle’s Chart 
shows all of Beedle’s Shop Ship locations and his special Rock Spire Isle 

                         |    Ghost Ship Chart    |

Go to Diamond Steppe Island and Hookshot to the lower tree, and then the next 
lowest, and so on until you reach a cave.  Fall in and note that all the 
while I’ll assume you’re avoiding/killing the Floor Masters.  Here’s an 
extract from my guide (The Ghost Ship Chart is needed to complete the game).  
Step into the cauldron and when you come out bomb both cauldrons.  Use the 
lower one.  Kill both Floor Masters and you’ll see three cauldrons.  Use the 
one to the upper right.  Now blow up the cauldron that is to the upper left 
of the one you entered by.  Kill the Floor Master and open the chest for the 
Ghost Ship Chart.  The Ghost Ship Chart has limited usage.  At nighttime a 
ship, called the Ghost Ship, that is made from blue fire sails the seas.  The 
Ghost Ship Chart tells you where it goes on different lunar phases.  It also 
marks this place on your Sea Chart.  When you sail into the Ghost Ship, with 
the Ghost Ship Chart, you’ll be able to enter the ship and get Triforce Chart 
# 4.  After that the Ghost Ship won’t appear anymore.

                         |    Great Fairy Chart    |

This chart is the prize of a Treasure Chart, particularly Treasure Chart # 
41.  When you fish this treasure out you’ll have the Great Fairy Chart, which 
shows the locations of Great Fairies.

                         |    IN-credible Chart    |

Once you have the Master Sword, Tingle will mail this to you, but forget to 
pay a postage fee of some sort.  As a result you must pay 201 rupees right 
then and there, but is definitely worth it.  The IN-credible Chart shows all 
the Triforce Chart locations and checks off the ones you’ve gotten.  It is 
just one of the many fees Tingle will make you pay in this game.

                        |    Island Hearts Chart    |

Once you have Treasure Chart # 19 you can get this chart.  It shows some, not 
all, of the piece of heart locations.  For instance, heart pieces you get by 
mail are not shown.

                         |    Light Ring Chart    |

Once you’ve obtained Treasure Chart # 21 you can get this chart, the Light 
Ring Chart.  It shows where various rings of light are located over the Great 
Sea.  Rings of light usually only contain a red rupee at best.  Use the 
Grappling Hook to fish out the treasures the light rings indicate.

                            |    Octo Chart    |

Once you have Treasure Chart # 26 you can acquire the Octo Chart.  It shows 
where the six Big Octos are.  Big Octos usually yield good treasure…

                          |    Platform Chart    |

Near Flight Control Platform is a submarine.  Defeat the enemies inside that 
appear when you step on the switch and you’ll get the Platform Chart.  It 
shows where all the pirate platforms are.  Some of these have good prizes.  
Platforms are the large ships on poles sticking out of the water.

                         |    Sea Hearts Chart    |

Use Treasure Chart # 32 to access this chart.  It shows where to find the 
Treasure Charts that lead to sunken heart pieces.

                         |    Secret Cave Chart    |

With Treasure Chart # 13 in hand you’ll reach the Secret Cave Chart.  It 
shows all the locations of secret “caves” (Holes).

                          |    Submarine Chart    |

Go to the Boating Course and get onto the more southern island.  Make the 
wind blow north and use the Deku Leaf from the tallest stone to fly to the 
other island across the banner.  When you reach it fall into the hole.  At 
first a few insignificant enemies walk into the room.  Ignore them and use 
the Boomerang to hit all three of the crystal switches.  When this is done a 
chest appears.  Inside is the Submarine Chart, which shows where to find all 
seven of the hidden enemy submarines.

                          |    Tingle’s Chart    |

On Windfall, near Tott, the dancing man by the grave, is a door that leads to 
the town jail.  Inside is Tingle, a thief who allegedly stole a resident’s 
Picto Box.  Move the barrels to the left to find a switch and press it to 
make the door open.  Tingle will give you the Tingle Tuner and Tingle’s Chart 
for freeing him.

                          |    Treasure Charts    |

Now it is time to list the Treasure Chart locations.  When you open these 
charts a ring of light, much larger than a normal one, will appear somewhere 
on the Great Sea.  You must use the Treasure Charts to find that locations 
and use the Grappling Hook to take it from its captivity in the ocean.

1) In the Forbidden Woods you can find this Treasure Chart.  Use the guide 
(If you need to use a CTRL + F search on “Treasure Chart”) to locate this 
chart.  The prize of the chart is 200 rupees.

2) Go to Windfall Island once you’ve beat the Forsaken Fortress the second 
time.  Enter the House of Wealth, the second floor, and show Skull Necklaces 
to the patrician.  Give him twenty for the Treasure Chart.  It shows a piece 
of heart.

3) Treasure Chart # 3 leads to 200 rupees.  Go inside Forest Haven and use 
the Baba Buds to reach where you got the Deku Leaf.  Use the Deku Leaf to 
glide to the Baba Bud and use that with the Deku Leaf to reach the highest 
ledge in Forest Haven.  Go through the door and a cinema will play in which 
they show a treasure chest on an island.  Change the wind to blow south and 
glide to it with the Deku Leaf.  The chest hides the Treasure Chart.

4) Go to Rock Spire Isle and buy the Treasure Chart from Beedle for 900 
rupees.  It leads to a piece of heart.

5) # 5 is in the Wind Temple.  Read that section for details on getting the 
chart, please.  This chart leads you straight to a piece of heart and back.

6) In the Tower of the Gods you can get this Treasure Chart.  Please read 
that section.  This chart displays a treasure that is, like many others, 200 

7) On Windfall Island go and play the cannon game inside the windmill, which 
is very similar to Battleship, a board game.  The first time you win you’ll 
get a piece of heart.  The second time you get a Treasure Chart that shows 
200 rupees.

8) On Horseshoe Island is a chart that leads to 200 rupees.  As soon as you 
step onto the island thorns will rise and preclude your passage.  Pick up a 
wooden ball and throw it past the vines.  Use the Deku Leaf to direct the 
ball into the pit.  A switch will be pressed and the thorns will drop.  
Continue this to reach a hole.  Drop in and kill the Mothulas.  Open the 
chest that appears for a Treasure Chart.  Now surface and Hookshot or use the 
Deku Leaf to glide to the platform with the chest on it.  Within is Treasure 
Chart # 28.  That comes later.

9) In the square with Crescent Moon Island is a submarine.  Inside defeat the 
enemies – all Miniblins – and a ladder falls.  Within is your Treasure Chart.  
It marks the spot of 200 rupees.

10) Right by # 9, actually on the island, is a chest.  Really – it’s just 
sitting there for anyone to take.  It leads to 200 rupees and has two Blue 
ChuChus around it.

11) This chart, which leads to a piece of heart, is in Dragon Roost Cavern.  
Use that guide to reach the chart.

12) This Treasure Chart is inside the Earth Temple.  Use that guide to find 
the chart.  It leads to 200 rupees.

13) This chart has a great prize- the Secret Cave Chart!  Sail to Two – Eye 
Reef and use the cannon to destroy all the cannons and warships in and around 
the reef.  A chest will appear on one of the “eyes” of the reef.  Use the 
Deku Leaf to glide to it and open the chest.  Like I said, the prize is the 
spectacular Secret Cave Chart.

14) Near Headstone Island is a submarine.  Enter it and defeat the rats, 
a.k.a. Bombchus.  The chest within contains a Treasure Chart will take you to 
200 rupees.

15) This chart is in the Forbidden Woods.  Read that section for specifics on 
how to get the chart.  It brings you a heart piece.

16) If you have the Platform Chart you’d know that there are three pirate 
platforms in the vicinity of Seven – Star Isles.  Step onto the central 
platform and a very rare white Wizzrobe will come to attack you.  Defeat it 
and a chest containing a red rupee appears.  Defeat the others for a Treasure 
Chart and a Golden Feather.  The Treasure Chart takes you to 200 rupees.

17) Like on Windfall in your quest to obtain Treasure Chart # 7, play the 
cannon game twice on Spectacle Island and win.  Salvatore will give you a 
Treasure Chart.  It marks a 200 rupee X.

18) This is hardly worth it.  Since you must buy this chart to get another, 
you’ll have to get it.  Buy it in the auction at Windfall at night to be 
rewarded with 1 rupee.  Rip – off!

19) This is another special chart prize – the Island Hearts Chart!  Go to 
Four – Eye Reef and destroy all the cannons and battleships in and around the 
reef.  On one of the “eyes” is a chest now.  Use the Deku Leaf to fly to it 
and open it for the Treasure Chart that will lead you to the special Island 
Hearts Chart.

20) This one is in the Earth Temple.  Use my guide for it to solve the 
mystery of its location.  It takes you to a piece of heart.

21) Like the other reefs, go to Cyclops Reef and destroy the cannons and 
warships.  Use the Deku Leaf to fly to the lone island within and boom!  You 
get Treasure Chart # 21, leading to the Light Ring Chart.  Score!

22) Floating around Northern Fairy Island is a submarine.  Enter it and 
defeat the Moblins.  Swing across the ropes to an alcove that contains the 
chest.  Treasure Chart # 22 takes you to a 200-rupee mother load.

23) You can win two Treasure Charts from Salvatore on Windfall.  You should 
be good at this game by now.  The treasure for this is a piece of heart.

24) Make the wind blow north on Windfall Island and walk to the side of the 
cannon mini-game building.  You’ll find a ladder that leads to a switch.  
Press the switch and the windmill starts working.  Jump onto a gondola seat 
on the Windmill and jump to the balcony of Lenzo’s home.  Go through the door 
and crawl through the hole to be on the first floor of the studio.  Without 
being noticed take a picture of Lenzo and the women he’s with.  Show it to 
the two gossiping woman on Windfall and they’ll give you a Treasure Chart for 
setting them straight about the rumors.  It shows the location of 200 rupees.

25) Go to Cliff Plateau Isles and enter the hole.  Use the platforms to reach 
a Baba Bud and use it to be shot up to one of the pillars of earth.  Shoot a 
Fire Arrow at the wooden gate and use the Deku Leaf to fly into the light.  
Be abducted by it and at the top take the chest.  This chart shows you where 
to find 200 rupees.

26) This chart shows how to get the Octo Chart.  Go to Six – Eye Reef and 
destroy all the cannons and warships with a cannon of your own.  A chest 
magically forms on one of the “eyes”.  Glide to it with your good old Deku 
Leaf and open the chest.

27) This one’s coming at you from the Private Oasis/Link’s Oasis.  Walk to 
the left or right of the door until the tree on the ledge above is in range 
of the Hookshot.  Hookshot to it and get the chart in the chest.  It directs 
you to 200 rupees.

28) Read the description for how to obtain # 8 (28 and 8 are so close in how 
to get them that I covered them in the same paragraph).  This chart leads to 
200 rupees.

29) Make the wind blow north on Windfall Island and walk to the side of the 
cannon mini-game building.  You’ll find a ladder that leads to a switch.  
Press the switch and the windmill starts working.  Jump onto a cart on the 
Windmill and jump to the balcony of Lenzo’s home.  Go through the door and 
open the chest for a Treasure Chart that points you to 200 rupees.

30) This chart can be found in the Tower of the Gods.  Read that section for 
the particulars.  It shows the location of a piece of heart.

31) A man named Kamo is sitting on the steps on Windfall Island all day 
griping about how nobody understands him.  At night, when the moon is full, 
take a picture of it with the Deluxe Picto Box.  Show the picture to him and 
he’ll get excited and give you the Treasure Chart as a reward.  It leads to a 
piece of heart.

32) Go to Three – Eye Reef and like all the others, destroy the cannons and 
warships to make a chest appear on one of the inner islands.  Use the Deku 
Leaf to fly to it and open it for the chart.  It will take you to the Sea 
Hearts Chart.

33) Back on Windfall you’ll see a woman standing in front of the sign for the 
Chu Jelly Shop.  Take a pictograph of her with the Deluxe Picto Box and 
she’ll not only like her looks, but she gives you a Treasure Chart.  It leads 
to a piece of heart.

34) When you see a boat with four men in it and a grappling hook.  They’re 
called Salvage Corp.  They’re found all over, so it can be a serious pain to 
look for them.  When you do find them, though, just talking to them will get 
you a Treasure Chart leading to 200 rupees.

35) This chart is in the Wind Temple.  Read that section to get this chart, 
which leads to 200 rupees.

36) On Ice Ring Isle there is a chest on the outside of the ice walls.  Shoot 
it with a Fire Arrow and open it for a Treasure Chart.  It leads to a 200-
rupee reward.

37) Go to Rock Spire Isle and bomb the boulders in your way (Throw bombs at 
them when they’re about to blow, about eight seconds) to reach a pit.  Fall 
in and use a Deku Stick from the pot to the right to light the torches.  A 
whole mess of Keese come to attack you.  Defeat them with the Boomerang, 
preferably, and a chest appears.  Inside is the Treasure Chart that takes you 
to 200 rupees.

38) This is the other Treasure Chart you can purchase at the nightly auctions 
on Windfall Island.  This one, unlike the other auction chart, leads to a 
piece of heart, not one rupee.

39) This chart can be accessed by playing in Dragon Roost Cavern.  Read that 
section for further detail.  It shows the location of 200 rupees.

40) Use the Ballad of Gales to warp to Southern Fairy Island and when you 
arrive look behind you.  There are several platforms.  Bomb the cannons to 
destroy them on all the platforms to make chests appear.  One contains a 
Treasure Chart, the other a Skull Necklace.  This chart leads you to 200 

41) The last of the charts will form a path to the Great Fairy Chart.  Go to 
Five – Eye Reef and destroy the cannons and warships with your bombs to make 
a chest appear on one of the islands.  Use the Deku Leaf to soar to it and 
take out the prize, Treasure Chart # 41!

That is how to get each of the Treasure Charts.  Since some people are blind 
or something they cannot tell what island is shown on the charts.  So I will 
tell you.  Didn’t see that coming, did you?

1) Private/Link’s Oasis
2) Rock Spire Isle
3) Eastern Fairy Island
4) Southern Fairy Island
5) Thorned Fairy Island
6) Six – Eye Reef
7) Star Island
8) Western Fairy Island
9) Horseshoe Island
10) Tingle Island
11) Crescent Moon Island
12) Five – Eye Reef
13) Overlook Island
14) Tower of the Gods
15) Angular Isles
16) Shark Island
17) Ice Ring Isle
18) Windfall Island
19) Flight Control Platform
20) Bomb Island
21) Cyclops Reef
22) Spectacle Island
23) Diamond Steppe Island
24) Northern Fairy Island
25) Forsaken Fortress
26) Northern Triangle Isle
27) Star Belt Archipelago
28) Needle Rock Isle
29) Mother & Child Isles
30) Pawprint Isle
31) Forest Haven
32) Boating Course
33) Five – Star Isles
34) Eastern Triangle Island
35) Islet of Steel
36) Bird’s Peak Rock
37) Fire Mountain
38) Three – Eye Reef
39) Dragon Roost Island
40) Headstone Island
41) Four – Eye Reef

Other than the Triforce Charts, which are covered in the guide, that is all 
that I will be listing under charts, because that is every single one!


There are eight different types of spoil – an enemy’s item.  They are Joy 
Pendants, Knight’s Crests, Golden Feather, Red Chu Jelly, Boko Baba Seed, 
Blue Chu Jelly, Skull Necklaces, and Green Chu Jelly.  These are stored in 
your Spoils Bag, an item that you must have to beat the game (Getting it 
makes the pirates arrive at Forsaken Fortress).  Here I will list the uses 
for all of the spoils.

                           |    Joy Pendants    |

To do this it is required that you have gotten the piece of heart from the 
Killer Bees for playing hide and go seek with them.  Go inside the school of 
joy on Windfall and talk to Mrs. Marie.  She’ll give you a purple rupee for 
your trouble.  Then go and talk to the Killer Bees again.  They’ll tell you 
that Mrs. Marie’s birthday is coming up and that she likes Joy Pendants.  
Maybe you could give them to her as a gift.  Here I will say exactly what to 
do and what she gives you for the Joy Pendants.  The first part, getting the 
Cabana Deed, is mandatory to beat the game.

Go to Windfall Island and show one to Mrs. Marie (Schoolteacher).  She is 
obsessed with jewelry and will want it right away, just as the Killer Bees 
told you.  She tells you that she’d really want twenty.  Of course, for 
giving her one you get twenty rupees.  Now you need twenty more (20 is her 
lucky number).

You have plenty from killing Bokoblins and opening treasure chests in 
dungeons.  You’ll only need a few more, if any.  There is one location that 
is perfect for getting Joy Pendants.  There is a submarine surrounded by 
pirate platforms in the southeastern – most screen (Five-Star Isles).  Here’s 
what to do.  Go there and steal Joy Pendants from all the Bokoblins on the 
platforms (Use the Grappling Hook to steal their spoils).  Then enter the 
submarine and take those spoils.  Keep going in and out until you have 
twenty.  By the way, the treasure on one of the platforms is twenty rupees 
and the treasure in the submarine is a piece of heart.  When you give Mrs. 
Marie the remaining Joy Pendants she awards you with the Cabana Deed.

There’s more to it, right?  Yes, Mrs. Marie really wants more.  I’m not sure 
how much exactly, so let’s get lots.  Go back to the submarine and repeat the 
process.  When you have twenty, return to Windfall with the Ballad of Gales.  
Really, the submarine helps out your rupee count too (Green rupees can really 
accumulate when you repeat it a few times).  For giving her 40 + Joy Pendants 
Mrs. Marie gives you her most precious piece of jewelry, the Hero’s Charm.  
It lets you see how much health (“Life force”) your enemies have left when 
you L Target them.  Woo-hoo!  Equip it now!

                          |    Knight’s Crest    |

This is the easiest secret to unlock with spoils.  You get Knight’s Crests by 
defeating Dark Nuts.  A good place to look for them is in dungeons, or you 
can look for them on Shark Island, Overlook Island – if it has a treasure, 
especially a Triforce Chart, it is more than likely guarded by a Dark Nut.  
Getting ten of their crests is easy because you fight so many of them.  Note 
that you get no spoils in the Savage Labyrinth.  Show a Knight’s Crest to 
Ocra and he will flip out.  All his young life he searched for these crests 
to learn the fabled attack, the hurricane spin.  I think he must’ve succeeded 
because he teaches it to you for ten.  The hurricane spin is a spin attack 
that consumes magic and goes on for a few seconds as you rapidly dash around 
the room.  It’s very useful in large crowds.

                          |    Golden Feathers    |

These are seriously unimportant spoils.  You get them from Kangarocs, 
sometimes Peahats.  A good place to find Kangarocs, which give you Golden 
Feathers much more often, is on the highest floor of Tower of the Gods, the 
outside part.  Just keep going in and out and each time you do it will 
reappear with more spoils.  Anyway, Golden Feathers have a very limited use.  
Show them to Hoskit, the Rito guard on the second story of Dragon Roost 
Island, and he will be ecstatic.  He never has time to shop for his 
girlfriend because of his constant watch over Dragon Roost and he will reward 
you quite handsomely.  Give him twenty and he’ll give you 100 rupees.  A few 
days later his girlfriend will mail you a piece of heart through the mail.

                           |    Red Chu Jelly    |

All thee of the Chu Jelly spoils have the same use.  They can be given to Doc 
Bandam, the potion master on Windfall Island, for a potion.  Red Chu Jelly 
just so happens to recover your health when drunk.  You need five to get a 
free serving of Red Potion.  It restores your hearts.  You get Chu Jelly from 
ChuChus, mostly of red color.  If you want the jelly haul go to Pawprint 

                          |    Boko Baba Seed    |

Go to Forest Haven, before or after having beaten the Forbidden Woods, and 
Hollo will be in a cave in Forest Haven where he studies potions.  For the 
mere price of four Boko Baba Seeds he can make you a Blue Potion.  That is 
great!  It is way cheaper and easier to get then giving Blue Chu Jelly to Doc 
Bandam.  Blue Potions restore your magic and life energy.  Boko Babas that 
drop the spoil can be easily found on Forest Haven before you enter it.  This 
is the easiest way to get Blue Potion.

                          |    Blue Chu Jelly    |

Take fifteen spoils of Blue Chu Jelly to Doc Bandam, the potion master on 
Windfall Island, and he will make a Blue Potion for you for free.  It is the 
rarest kind of Chu Jelly and it restores both health and magic.  He also adds 
it to his line-up of merchandise.  For quick Blue Chu Jelly go to Southern 
Fairy Island with the Ballad of Gales and get on the island.  Continually go 
in and out of the Great Fairy Fountain, each time you surface getting Blue 
Chu Jelly with the Grappling Hook.  Of course, there is no guarantee this 
will work every time because the jelly is so scarce.

                          |    Skull Necklace    |

There are two uses for Skull Necklaces.  Give three to the sailor in front of 
the bomb shop on Windfall Island and he’ll let you play a game called Piggy – 
Sitting.  Find all three of his pigs, all located in the vicinity, and drop 
them near him.  Your reward for winning this contest is a purple rupee.  You 
have a two-minute time limit.  The other use for these is equally obscure, 
particularly since the only hint is in the Nintendo Gallery.  Anytime after 
you’ve played through the return to the Forsaken Fortress go to Windfall and 
give twenty to Maggie’s father, the rich man who lives on the second story of 
the House of Wealth, where the auction is located.  He’ll give you a Treasure 
Chart.  Although it isn’t worth it, give him more for additional rupees.  A 
good place to find constant Moblins is in the second room of the Earth 

                          |    Green Chu Jelly    |

Like the other jellies, take them to Doc Bandam.  After some inspiration he 
will come out with a new type of Chu potion, a Green Potion.  It replenishes 
all your magic power.  You need to give Doc Bandam five of these spoils.  You 
can find Green ChuChus, which most commonly drop this spoil, on Pawprint 
Island quite easily.


This is all part of getting one heart piece, but it deserved a section.  What 
can I say?  It is even gets marked on your Sea Chart.  To get the Korok 
Markings go to the Deku Tree after you’ve gotten Farore’s Pearl and talk to 
him.  Say “Koroks” and then “Island Koroks”.  On your Sea Chart will be 
marked a leaf where each of the Koroks can be found.  But what is the 
problem?  Well, the reason you couldn’t get Farore’s Pearl right away was 
because the Koroks needed to complete their annual ceremony where they fly 
off and plant trees around the islands to spread the forests.

Well, one seed failed to grow and all the other saplings withered with it on 
the islands they were chosen to be planted on.  The Koroks suspect Ganondorf 
as the cause of the problem, but they do suggest a solution.  The water in 
Forest Haven has special properties that could spare the dying trees.  The 
only problem is that the water loses its potency after twenty minutes of 
leaving the Forest Haven and that you must do all of them at the same time or 
it won’t work.  Who knows why they did it this way, but it certainly gives it 
its own little challenge.  Note that this is absolutely impossible without 
the Ballad of Gales, which you should have (It is needed to beat the game).

Here is the chart that shows where you can find the Koroks and in what order 
you should water them in case you don’t know where the islands I mention 
below are.  I suggest you fill one bottle only because the Forest Water never 
runs out.  In twenty minutes it will become regular water, so you need to 
complete this task in twenty minutes.  

             A       B       C       D       E       F       G    
         |       |       |       |       |       |       |       |
         |       |   4   |       |       |       |       |       | 1
         |       |       |       |       |       |       |       |
         |       |       |       |       |       |       |       |
         |       |   3   |       |       |       |       |       | 2
         |       |       |       |       |       |       |       |
         |       |       |       |       |       |       |       |
         |       |       |       |       |   7   |       |       | 3
         |       |       |       |       |       |       |       |
         |       |       |       |       |       |       |       |
         |       |   2   |       |       |       |       |       | 4
         |       |       |       |       |       |       |       |
         |       |       |       |       |       |       |       |
         |   5   |       |       |       |   6   |       |       | 5
         |       |       |       |       |       |       |       |
         |       |       |       |       |       |       |       |
         |       |       |   8   |       |       |       |   1   | 6
         |       |       |       |       |       |       |       |
         |       |       |       |       |       |       |       |
         |       |       |       |       |       |       |       | 7
         |       |       |       |       |       |       |       |

Tips: This is all about time, but don’t worry.  When you’re playing a song of 
the Wind Waker, when you have the Sea Chart up, or if you’re warping, time 
isn’t passing.  The same goes for the start screen.  When on land, roll 
constantly to go faster.  Always make the sure the wind is blowing in the 
appropriate direction, and take all the short cuts you can.  Note that 
warping to Mother & Child Isles is a waste of time because you warp inside 
the island.  And remember to always know where you left your boat relative to 
the island.

Yes, this is possible.  But, because of a few warping complications you can 
decrease or increase your time.  First, as you start out, sail east to Cliff 
Plateau Isles.  Be sure that the wind is blowing east.  You’ll have to go 
into the hole and climb up the leaf platforms to reach the exit, where the 
Korok can be found.  I chose this one to be first because it takes a little 
while and can be very frustrating to do later on.

Then we use Ballad of Gales to go to Greatfish Isle.  The Korok is on the 
small mangled island that spirals up.  Water the sapling and warp to Tingle 
Island.  Sail northwest to Mother & Child Isles and water the tree on the 
smaller island, Child Isle.  Then sail north to Star Island where you’ll 
water the next withered tree.  Be sure to avoid the barrels that explode.  
Water the tree in the center and use Ballad of Gales to go to Greatfish and 
change the wind to southwest.  Sail to Needle Rock Isle and water the 
sapling.  Now use Ballad of Gales to go to Forest Haven.

Play Wind’s Requiem to change the direction of the wind to northwest.  Sail 
to Private Oasis, or Link’s Oasis, and water the Korok by the swimming pool.  
Now warp to Tower of the Gods and sail north to Eastern Fairy Island.  Only 
one is left and you should have plenty of time to do this.  Warp to Southern 
Fairy Island and sail west to Shark Island.  Water the last Korok and boom!  
You saved the forests.  As a reward, your Korok buddy gives you a piece of 
heart.  Well done!  The Korok marking will now be erased from your Sea Chart.

================================Tingle Tuner*================================

Everyone has a question about Tingle.  He’s a weirdo who wears too tight 
clothes who somehow plays a key role in the game.  And he has his own island.  
First, how do you get the Tingle Tuner?  Go to Windfall Island and into the 
town jail.  Move aside the barrels and press the switch.  Tingle, accused of 
stealing a Picto Box from Lenzo, is free and very grateful.  He gives you 
Tingle’s Chart and the Tingle Tuner.  Now, what does the Tingle Tuner do?  
Well, if you have a GBA (Game Boy Advance) and a GBA – GC link you can have a 
friend or yourself “play as Tingle” with you.  This 2 – player mode isn’t 
spectacular; you can drop bombs and go on small Tingle side quests, but it is 
all right.  Tingle talks to you and has tons of side quests.  I’ll list a few 
of the prominent side quests on their islands.

Note that Tingle can only follow you with the green Tingle symbol in areas 
that have maps.  Yes, you can take him in dungeons.  To summon Tingle to you 
hook up the GBA and turn it on.  Then get out the Tingle Tuner in the game 
and use.  You call Tingle (Make sure no game packs are in the GBA) and you 
can start.  With the standard Tingle Tuner you can leave bombs by pressing B 
at the cost of ten rupees.

                          |    Windfall Island    |

Tingle has a lot to do on Windfall.  Tingle will want you to find three 
benches.  One is by the House of Wealth.  The next is the one with the 
seaside view.  The third is by the Pictograph Studio.  Then you must find one 
rupee in the plaza on Windfall by searching it with the cursor.  Finally, 
afterwards he wants you to bomb the door to the jail.  When you do a pot 
containing twenty rupees appears.

                           |    Outset Island    |

There are several things you can do on Outset, one of which gives you a new 
item.  I will list the new item as separate from this pretty worthwhile 
quest.  Near Grandma’s house is a ledge.  Climb up it to a place on the wall 
where you can sidle.  Make the wind blow east and use the Deku Leaf to reach 
another platform.  Bomb it with a Tingle Bomb and a pot containing 100 
rupees.  This pot reforms every time you go inside and outside again.

                   |    The Hand-Me Down Tingle Tuner    |

On Outset Island walk along the beach and Tingle will exclaim “There you 
are!”  He’s talking to his brother, Knuckle.  Knuckle will ask you to find 
things, just like Tingle does.  First find an outdoor bath.  It is the wooden 
structure with the blue rupee on top of it near your house.  Then you must go 
to the ladder that no one uses.  Go to the lookout and start climbing the 
lower ladder to the left.  Now you must find the biggest rock.  Go to the 
Forest of Fairies, not to it, but to the out bridge.  Climb the ledge and go 
to the large rock.  Knuckle will then tell you to drop from the suspension 
bridge (“Do you have the courage for that?”).  Drop down, that is walk near 
the edge, hang on the ledge, and drop.  Now Knuckle will go back to Tingle 

                           |    Tingle Items    |

These are all the items you can use from Tingle.  Note that to access your 
Tingle Item Inventory you must press start on the GBA.  Here’s the list of 

Seagull Pen

Cost: 0

Usage: It marks a place on your Sea Chart that is your destination.  Tingle 
will bug you about it for a while when you are at sea.  Tingle used it to 
draw his first map when he was only three years old.  He is now thirty-five.
Tingle Bomb

Cost: 10

Usage: Tingle Bombs not only hurt enemies but quite often trigger special 
pots that contain rupees in the right places.
Tingle Balloon

Cost: 30

Usage: You’ll float for five seconds.
Tingle Shield

Cost: 40

Usage: Like Nayru’s Love from Ocarina of Time, or the Magic Armor from this 
one, it will protect you from damage for ten seconds.

Cost: 40

Usage: Who knows?  It is a random item, the best being a combination of 
Tingle Balloon and Tingle Shield for ten seconds.  If you have no magic meter 
you cannot get the Green Ting.
Tingle Watch

Cost: 0

Usage: Tingle tells you what time it is.
Red Guide Book

Cost: 0

Usage: This item gets replaced when you go on the Hand – Me – Down Tingle 
Tuner side quest.  It tells you how to use the Tingle Tuner, but isn’t very 
Hand – Me – Down Tingle Tuner

Cost: 0

Usage: Let’s you calls Knuckle, Tingle’s brother, from anywhere and buy his 
items.  He sells bait for twenty rupees and ten bombs for forty.  Just buy it 
from Beedle.  He sometimes sells ten arrow for fifty rupees.  I think it 
depends what island you’re on.
Red Ting

Cost: 20

Usage: Restores all your hearts, although it is quite overpriced.
Green Ting

Cost: 40

Usage: Restores all your magic, although it is quite overpriced.
Blue Ting

Cost: 80

Usage: Restores both health and magic.  It is way overpriced because you 
could just have on Red Ting and one Green Ting for sixty.  Duh!

                      |    Lowering Cost of Items    |

Tingle is a greedy little tyrant who enslaves strangers and his brothers, and 
as such he needs rupees.  Really, he wants to make a boat for a reason that I 
don’t care to recall right now, but it is in the figurine section.  
Seriously, though, Tingle has expensive items that can become cheaper.

                                Cheaper Tings

Go to Forsaken Fortress and through the large double doors from the arena 
where you fought Phantom Ganon.  When inside, go through the door to the 
right.  Head through the hall and you’ll see a huge stone cauldron in the 
room being supported by wooden beams.  Climb onto the platform with the pots 
on it and get onto the stone step and back-flip into the pot.  It is the 
Magic Pot and by jumping in you get the Magic Left – Over Broth.  The price 
of the tings is now halved.

                             Other Cheaper Items

Go to Windfall Island, specifically to the School of Joy.  You must get onto 
the canopy sort of thing over the school.  Climb the ladder to the right of 
the school and jump to it.  The Tingle Shield now costs 30 rupees and the 
Tingle Balloon costs 30.  Tingle doesn’t talk about it much, but he lowers 
the price of Kooloo-limpah as well.

                          |    Tingle Statues    |

This marks the spot where I stop the items side quest and move on to statues.  
Tingle is an egomaniac who makes gold statues of himself and hides them in 
dungeon.  Enough said.  But, you must find them for him.  There are five 
statues, one in Dragon Roost Cavern, one in Forbidden Woods, one in Tower of 
the Gods, one in the Earth Temple, and one in the Wind Temple.  If you talk 
to Ankle, Tingle’s other brother, he’ll give you fifty rupees for each statue 
you bring and five hundred for getting them all.  They also hint on how to 
get the described 100 rupee pots that reappears on Outset Island.

                            Dragon Tingle Statue

Inside Dragon Roost Cavern, on 1F, main chamber, is a platform that rises 
with the lava, sort of like a cage.  If you haven’t beaten the dungeon you’ll 
have no clue what I’m talking about.  Use it to jump/glide to the platform 
with the statue face and spikes on 1F.  Go through the door and use the 
Grappling Hook to swing into the alcove.  Deploy a Tingle Bomb on the spot 
and a chest will appear.  Within is the Dragon Tingle Statue, showing Tingle 
in the pose he takes when he sees you have a new Triforce Chart.  It is 
called the Courage Stance.

                           Forbidden Tingle Statue

Using the Dungeon Map, look in B1.  It is in the northernmost room on B1.  
You’ll see a platform directly to the right that would normally have nothing 
on it.  Set a Tingle Bomb there and when it blows a chest appears.  Within is 
the Forbidden Tingle Statue.  This features Tingle in his Delight Pose.  
Knuckle made it for him for his thirty-fourth birthday.

                            Goddess Tingle Statue

An interesting note is that Tingle really did become a fairy in Majora’s Mask 
or Four Swords Adventures.  There are a whole bunch of pages to a legend that 
Tingle finds and tells you about.  Anyway, in the Tower of the Gods, second 
room (It has rising platforms and a Beamos), is one stationary platform.  
This time he’s in the Playful Pose.

                             Earth Tingle Statue

This statue, like the Goddess Tingle Statue, is relatively close to the 
starting position.  It is in the first room of B1 of the Earth Temple.  
You’ll see some Blue Bubbles and fog below.  Use the Deku Leaf to glide over 
to the chained wooden platform to the right.  Use the Deku Leaf to get across 
the subsequent platforms to reach one with a Red Bubble on it.  Defeat the 
monster and detonate a Tingle Bomb by the “?” mark.  It’s a chest containing 
the Earth Tingle Statue.  It displays Tingle in the Winning Pose.

                             Wind Tingle Statue

The last statue is just as easy as the previous three.  Go to the Wind Temple 
and into the fourth room.  For those who can’t count, that is the room with 
several Floor Masters where Makar was kidnapped.  In this room, below, are 
several parasitic claws that suck out your magic and ooze blood when you 
defeat them.  They’re a take on the dead arm, an element from Dead Hand, a 
mini-boss in Ocarina of Time.  Locate the “?” mark and blow a bomb up at the 
site.  Inside the chest that forms is the Wind Tingle Statue.  It features 
the final form, the Kooloo Pose.  Now you can go to Tingle Island to claim 
your huge rupee reward.  Finally, Tingle gives you money!

                         Tingle Statue Applications

There is not much to do with the statues after you’ve collected your pay, but 
you can tick off Tingle pretty easily.  If you throw two into the sea he’ll 
get angry and make a Tingle Bomb explode in your face.  If you attack the 
statues (It will take a while) he’ll send a Tingle Bomb at you.  Each bomb 
does a quarter of a heart’s damage.  Ouch.

So, in the end, we’ve learned that it does not matter how tall someone is, 
how weird someone is, or how expensive someone’s merchandise is.  You should 
not discriminate against Tingle, or even express the smallest disdain toward 
him and his statues, or he’ll blast you to the Stone Age.


There are tons of items you can get and tons of upgrades, many of them 
optional.  For instance, you start out with a 200-rupee wallet.  By visiting 
two of the seven Great Fairies it can be hold 5000.  As a result, I will 
categorize all the optional items, sort of times, and there upgrades, as well 
as how to get them.

                           |    Empty Bottle    |

Three of the Empty Bottles are not mandatory.  You get one from Medli that is 
needed to beat the game, but the others do not matter.  For the second 
bottle, go to the square that contains Bomb Island in its boundaries and look 
around for a submarine.  Defeat the enemies in the submarine to reach the 
chest containing the Empty Bottle.  The third is the easiest to get in terms 
of work.  Go to Rock Spire Isle where Beedle has a special ship.  He sells 
his more expensive items at this location and he wears his mask here.  Buy 
the Empty Bottle from him for 500 rupees.  The third optional bottle is given 
to you after you beat the Forsaken Fortress for the second time by Mila.  
Wait until nighttime and follow Mila around until she’s picking a safe.  
Answer her questions correctly (Read my section under Earth Temple for 
specifics) and she’ll give you an Empty Bottle, which she claims she didn’t 

Empty Bottles can store a multitude of items in them.  I may miss a few, but 
here’s the list of what you can carry: Forest Firefly, Fairy, Forest Water, 
Water, Red Potion, Blue Potion, Green Potion, Elixir Soup, and I think that’s 
it.  It can also be used as a great alternative to fire Phantom Ganon’s 
energy blasts back at him.

                           |    Green Potion    |

You must “unlock” this, so to speak.  Take Green Chu Jelly to Doc Bandam, the 
potion master on Windfall, and he’ll make this potion, which he sells.  It 
restores all your health.

                            |    Blue Potion    |

Either take fifteen servings of Blue Chu Jelly to Doc Bandam, the potion 
master on Windfall, or four Boko Baba Seeds to Hollo on Forest Haven.  I 
prefer the latter.  Blue Potion restores all your health and magic.

                            |    Elixir Soup    |

This is the best health-replenishing item in the game.  First, bottle a fairy 
and take it to your grandmother in the game.  Release it near her and she’ll 
be revived.  For healing her she’ll make Elixir Soup for you, for free, as 
many times as you like.  Not only does it have two servings, but it restores 
all your health and magic, and it doubles your attack until you take damage.  
That’s a hearty soup!

                             |    Picto Box    |

Once you’ve gotten the Tingle Tuner, which is a mandatory item because, 
although the item itself is not needed, freeing Tingle is, go into the jail 
cell.  Crawl through the crawlspace behind the crate and take the following 
directions: first take a right, then a left, forward, a right, a left, 
forward, a left, a right, another right, and finally a right.  In here you’ll 
see a chest with the Picto Box, the thing that Tingle allegedly stole.  It 
takes pictures of anything, but is useful to you as it is for it is in black 
and white.

                         |    Deluxe Picto Box    |

These extracts from my guide will explain it all to you.  Enter the 
Pictograph Shop (On Windfall Island) and talk to the owner, Lenzo.  Enter the 
upper story of his house and he’ll talk to you.  Go downstairs, let him 
follow, and take a picture of him.  Show it to him and he’ll not like it.  
Talk to him again and he’ll ask you to become his research assistant.  He’ll 
ask you to snap a pictograph of a man sending a letter of unrequited love.  
In other words, get a shot of a guy mailing something.  The man who’s been 
sending the love letters to his non-reciprocating crush is the man in the red 
overalls.  Go to the docks and aim and stand by the big guy.  Aim a photo at 
the post box and use a zoom of low four.  Take pictures as he slides the mail 
in and take it to Lenzo.  If Lenzo likes your picture you get a second task.

After he takes the pictograph, most likely for blackmail purposes, talk to 
Lenzo once more for a new challenge.  You must capture the instant of fear on 
the most cowardly individual’s face.  Once again, blackmail purposes.  Go to 
the café, right above Zunari’s shop, and you’ll find your guy.  First break 
the cups on the table to get a clear view of his head.  Then pick up a pot 
and smash it right by him.  His moment of terror will last for a few seconds.  
Pull out the Picto Box and take a picture.  I do not recommend zooming.  Take 
the pictograph to Lenzo and see what he thinks.  That one was really pretty 
easy.  For the next task, just talk to Lenzo.

You must capture the moment that another couple, secretly in love, take a 
brief, furtive glance at each other.  This is the easiest one yet.  Right 
outside the shop is a woman wearing a yellow dress.  When the man who likes 
to take strolls walks by snap a picture of them looking at each other.  
You’ll have to take it pretty high up to avoid getting Killer Bees (They 
circle you incessantly) in the picture.  If you take it from the stairs that 
lead to the Pictograph Shop use a zoom of high five.  Show it to Lenzo and he 
will reject or accept it.  If he accepts it you are not only his number-one 
pupil, but he an award.  You get a Joy Pendant.  I know what you’re thinking.  
Rip-off.  But you are now Lenzo’s assistant, and that is important later on.

When you have access to Forest Haven, bottle up a Forest Firefly and take it 
to Lenzo.  He’ll insert it into your Picto Box and now it takes photos in 
color.  This is a good upgrae because it is involved in countless side quests 
and is involved heavily in the Nintendo Gallery Figurine side quest.

                            |    Magic Armor    |

This optional item may be received by doing a trade.  Trades are famous in 
Zelda history, originating in the first Zelda (That one being very small.  
You just had to take a letter to a merchant), but really becoming popular in 
Ocarina of Time.  This trade is small, but it can be perpetuated to a total 
of twelve items.  Go to Windfall Island anytime after you’ve gotten the Sail 
and talk to Zunari, the man wearing the fur hood (Some have affectionately 
nick named him the Eskimo guy).  Eventually he’ll ask you to be his sidekick 
– going around and trading items with other merchants to increase both 
merchant’s merchandise line-up.  Although Merchant’s Oaths would never work 
in real life, they do in Zelda.

Take the Town Flower that Zunari gives you and go to Greatfish Isle.  Find 
the Goron here, on a platform towards the back, and show him the Town Flower.  
He’ll trade you that for the Sea Flower.  Show him the Sea Flower and he’ll 
trade it to you for the Exotic Flower.  Now that Zunari has two new products 
he gives you the Magic Armor.  Lots of games have items like this.  The first 
such instance was in A Link to the Past where, by using the Cane of Byrna, 
you took no damage.  The Magic Armor does the same thing, and takes up magic 
to boot.  It is useful when fighting lots of enemies.

                           |    Larger Quiver    |

There are two Great Fairies that increase the size of your quiver, your arrow 
capacity.  One of them is on Western Fairy Island while the other is on 
Thorned Fairy Island.  On Western Fairy Island smash down the switches to 
stop the flames that barricade the entrance to the Great Fairy Fountain.  
This Great Fairy gives you a sixty-arrow maximum and fills your arrows.  On 
Thorned Fairy Island smack down the switches from right to left, as they will 
rise, and fall in.  Now you can carry 99.

                          |    Larger Bomb Bag    |

I rarely use more than thirty bombs at one time, except when I go reef 
hunting, so this is less helpful than the larger quiver.  At Southern Fairy 
Island bomb the wooden gate and fall into the pit to be able to carry sixty 
bombs.  The other upgrade is found at Eastern Fairy Island where you need to 
bomb a boulder.  The second upgrade lets you carry a grand total of 99 bombs.

                           |    Larger Wallet    |

As Tingle’s Chart shows you, there are two places to get the wallet upgraded.  
One of these upgrades is required to beat the game because it costs 398 
rupees for Tingle to decipher Triforce Charts, but the other is optional.  
For the first, which lets you carry 1000 rupees (Too bad the fairy doesn’t 
fill it), go to Outset Island with the bombs.  Go to where you saved Tetra, 
the Forest of Fairies.  To do this, since the bridge is out, use Wind’s 
Requiem to change the direction of the wind and use the Deku Leaf to glide to 
the entrance.  In Forest of Fairies bomb the boulder and fall into the pit.  
The second less hidden Great Fairy is on Northern Fairy Island.  There is 
literally nothing preventing you from just falling into the hole here.  This 
Great Fairy gives you the 5000-rupee wallet.  Stock up and read the rupee 
hunting section.

                        |    Double Magic Meter    |

There are seven Great Fairies, right?  So where’s the seventh?  Go to Two – 
Eye Reef and sail around to a group of pelicans.  A giant sea monster called 
a Big Octo will come out to set you off course.  Use the Boomerang to hit its 
many eyes to blind it and it will die.  Apparently the Great Fairy was 
overcome by the Big Octo and kept in its clutches.  Seems sort of unlikely, 
but at least this fairy gives you the Double Magic Meter!  This is extremely 
useful if you tend to waste magic and it is needed for a piece of heart.

                           |    Hero’s Charm    |

You need to give Mrs. Marie, a teacher on Windfall Island, twenty Joy 
Pendants so she will give you the Cabana Deed and allow you to get a Triforce 
Chart.  However, there’s more to it.  You’re only a Joy Steward!  To get her 
to give you the Hero’s Charm you must give her forty.  In the southeastern-
most square (Five – Star Isles) is a submarine surrounded by four pirate 
mini-platforms.  Defeat the four outside the submarine and go in the 
submarine.  You should use the Grappling Hook to get eight Joy Pendants each 
cycle.  When you give Mrs. Marie the remaining Joy Pendants you’ll receive 
her most precious piece of jewelry, the Hero’s Charm (And you wear bracelets.  
Link sure likes his jewelry).  It lets you see how much health an enemy has 
when you L Target them.  During boss fights you don’t have to L Target them 
to see their health, and during certain fights, such as the one with Puppet 
Ganon, they don’t show health.

                          |    Song of Passing    |

This is one very useful song you can learn that you don’t have to learn.  
Getting it couldn’t be easier.  On Windfall Island there is man named Tott 
who claims he once saw a man do a dance and turn night to day and day to 
night.  Tott tries to mimic the dance in front of a gravestone (Stone 
monument).  Show him the Wind Waker and he’ll remember the notes, but he 
still can’t do it.  But you can.

                           |    Tingle Items    |

There are tons of things you can do for Tingle to get new items on the Tingle 
Tuner.  Read the Tingle Tuner section for that.

                          |    Hurricane Spin    |

Show ten Knight’s Crests to Orca and he’ll teach you the hurricane spin, a 
sword technique.

These are all the upgrades you can get that aren’t required to beat the game.  
All other items and the like would be covered in the guide.  In fact, 
everything above is covered in the guide in fuller detail.
  /                                                                       \
 /                                                                         \
||-------------------------------Section 4*--------------------------------||
 \                                                                         /

===============================Zelda Timeline*===============================

This is one of the most highly debated aspect of all Zelda games.  Everyone 
has their own theory on what order the games take place in.  Of course, you 
can’t do this with accuracy if you’ve never played some of the games.  But 
first I will list the release dates of the games in North America and the 
systems the game were for.

The Legend of Zelda
1987 for the NES
Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
1988 for the NES
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
1991 for the SNES
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
1993 for the GB
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
1998 for the N64
The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
2000 for the N64
The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of the Ages
2001 for the GBC
The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of the Seasons
2001 for the GBC
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past/Four Swords
2002 for the GBA
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time/Master Quest
2003 for the NGC
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
2003 for the NGC
The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures
2004 for the NGC

Notice that Ocarina of Time was released twice and A Link to the Past was 
released twice.  In the re-release of Ocarina of Time they added Master 
Quest, a harder version of Ocarina of Time that had the same game play 
outside of dungeons.  As for A Link to the Past, there were very few minute 
differences between its original SNES version and the GBA release.  However, 
on GBA they included a short secondary game called Four Swords.  This makes 
the timeline slightly longer than it was.  They released plenty of bundle 
packs and releases with nothing new on them, so I didn’t include them.  Of 
all the Zelda games, I’ve written a walkthrough for Ocarina of Time, Ocarina 
of Time/Master Quest, Four Swords Adventures, and The Wind Waker, which 
you’re reading.  Just wanted to include that.

Now for the actual storyline timeline.  Note that this is purely theoretical; 
it is not proved to be true and there is no definite true timeline.  This is 
just what I think, after compiling loads of evidence in favor of my theory.  
In several interviews, Shigeru Miyamoto, the man who designed the character 
of Mario, Link, Kirby, and others, said that he believes that in each game a 
new Link comes to quell evil.  This would be the same for Princess Zelda as 
well, but not for one character.  In every game, and I mean absolutely every 
game, Ganondorf is the same.  He never gets reborn or has descendants.  He is 
the only known constant, and so I will work the theory around him.  I think 
that the same Link is in the majority of games, there being only two Links 
(One in The Wind Waker and one in all the other games).

First, it is pretty much a fact that Ocarina of Time is the first game in the 
storyline.  Some proof of this is that Ganondorf got his piece of the 
Triforce, the Triforce of Power, in Ocarina of Time, and he has it in all the 
other games.  Thus, Ocarina of Time must be the first game in the storyline.  
Then comes Majora’s Mask.  We can prove this in a number of ways, but the 
easiest is the fact that Link is a kid in this game, that he has memories of 
Zelda teaching him the Song of Time from Ocarina of Time, and that he has the 
Ocarina of Time in this game.  This is where timelines among Zelda historians 
split apart and go in every other direction.

I think that A Link to the Past comes next.  There are several reasons that 
support this.  For one, we know that Ganon is trapped in the Dark 
World/Sacred Realm in the beginning of this game.  Of the other games, only 
in A Link to the Past and Four Swords Adventures is Ganon imprisoned at the 
beginning and released at the end.  Four Swords Adventures cannot come next 
because Four Swords has not come yet.  So A Link to the Past comes next.  
Ganon is imprisoned at the beginning because he was in Ocarina of Time and he 
wasn’t in Majora’s Mask.  At the end of A Link to the Past Ganon is free.  
This is the most logical conclusion we can draw because of two things.

One, several characters in A Link to the Past are freed from the Dark World 
into the Light World at the end (It is a segment in the credits called “The 
Bully Makes a Friend”) and two characters who were dead at the beginning of A 
Link to the Past were alive at the end of it.  This means that with Link’s 
wish on the Triforce he must’ve asked for the Dark World to be destroyed, or 
at least for the people in it to be transferred to the Light World, and for 
those who died to be revived.  This would mean that Ganon was revived and 
placed in the Light World.

The only other game in the series where Ganon is free at the very beginning 
is the very first, The Legend of Zelda.  It could not have come first because 
Ganon already has the Triforce of Power in it and he had to have acquired it 
in Ocarina of Time first.  In this game Ganon was killed in the Light World 
by Link, and it is very important to note that when he died only ashes 
remained.  Next we have a choice between two games in which Ganon is dead 
throughout both.  They are Link’s Awakening and The Adventure of Link.  Since 
these two games are the only games with Ganon dead in them, they must come in 

Therefore, Ganon must be revived in the next game, which means that the 
Link’s Awakening/The Adventure of Link duo comes before Oracle of 
Ages/Seasons where Ganon is revived.  This means that Link’s Awakening comes 
before The Adventure of Link, because in Oracle of Ages/Seasons Link goes 
into Hyrule Castle from Hyrule, not Koholint Island where he was in Link’s 
Awakening.  So we can conclude that Link’s Awakening came after The Legend of 
Zelda, then came The Adventure of Link, and then the Oracle series in which 
Ganon is revived, but imprisoned.

Now we’ve got the puzzle solved.  The only three games left are The Wind 
Waker, Four Swords, and Four Swords Adventures.  Since the latter two occur 
in Hyrule and since Hyrule is destroyed at the end of The Wind Waker, The 
Wind Waker must come last in the storyline (Which is very obvious if you play 
The Wind Waker).  In Four Swords Adventures Vaati dies, but in Four Swords 
Vaati is alive.  This can only mean that Four Swords comes before Four Swords 
Adventures.  Now the timeline is complete.

Ocarina of Time
Majora’s Mask
A Link to the Past
The Legend of Zelda
Link’s Awakening
The Adventure of Link
Oracle of Ages
Oracle of Seasons
Four Swords
Four Swords Adventures
The Wind Waker

Notice that Oracle of Ages comes before Oracle of Seasons.  We cannot know 
since they’re basically back-to-back adventures and have no definite order, 
because they can be switched in order and the timeline still makes sense.  So 
I alphabetized the two.  Without going into extreme detail, this is my 
timeline.  For a much longer and more in-depth explanation of all the thought 
processes that I went through in composing my timeline, read the one I wrote 
about in Four Swords Adventures, my other walkthrough.


FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions.  This means questions that people 
ask a lot.  So, for the sake of not having to answer the same question over 
and over and over again, I made this nifty little section.  It puts the neat-
o in question-eat-o.

Question: How do I contact you to ask a question?
Answer: You should e-mail me at kirby0215@aol.com.  My e-mail is also listed 
at the top of the document.  I take all questions, but I might not answer 
yours depending on what it is.  If it regards The Wind Waker I will almost 
definitely answer it, but if it is a chain letter or spam you better believe 
I’m not answering it.  Also, I take IM’s, but I’m not particularly fond of 

Question: I asked a question and you didn’t put it in the FAQ.
Answer: That’s not really a question, but I’ll run with it.  Yes, there’s 
good reason for that.  Either I’m too lazy to update the guide, or you’re 
question is already in the guide or the FAQ section.  For instance, asking me 
questions about spoils is sort of dumb because I have an entire section 
devoted to spoils, so asking me what Golden Feathers are good for isn’t going 
to land you in the FAQ (Although it’s asked so often I might have to).

Question: Can I use your walkthrough on my site?
Answer: Even when pigs do fly you won’t be able to use this walkthrough.  
NEVER!  Now, I may sound mean, but most websites aren’t long-term websites 
with trustable webmasters.  The ONLY website that can post my guide is 
www.GameFaqs.com, exclusively.  Also, if I let you post this guide on your 
site it will have a greater chance of being stolen again from more people.  

Question: Why not?
Answer: See above question.

Question: Are there any special cheats?
Answer: Quite a few.  For one that isn’t so cool, if you name your character 
Zelda the music will be different.  Then there are some glitches I’ve heard 
(But not confirmed).  I don’t suggest using glitches and the like, however, 
because it could mess up your game.

Question: What other walkthroughs have you written and how can I reach them?
Answer: This walkthrough is my ninth.  I’ve written, in this order, one for 
Four Swords Adventures, Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 
and 1, Sonic Heroes, Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, Ocarina of Time, and Ocarina 
of Time/Master Quest.  All of these are accessible on the site 
www.Gamefaqs.com.  For an up-to-date listing of guides I have, use the below 


Question: Who do I get to decipher my Triforce Charts?
Answer: Tingle, on Tingle Island.  Before you can see him you must free him 
from the Windfall Town Jail.  Press the switch by the barrels and Tingle will 
be free.  He’ll give you the Tingle Tuner and Tingle’s Chart as well.

Question: How am I supposed to get the heart piece from the Koroks?
Answer: See my sapling section.

Question: What is a figurine?
Answer: Special little miniature statues you can get in the Nintendo Gallery 
in this game.  Read that section for more info.

Question: How many bottles are there?
Answer: Four.  Read the upgrades section, or the guide, to see how you get 

Question: How can there be electric lights and cannons?
Answer: I felt the same way at first, but if you think about it, it isn’t too 
hard.  For one, the lights aren’t electric.  I think they’re just torches 
with a vast system of mirrors.  How could the lighthouse on Windfall work by 
using a Fire Arrow if not?  As for the cannons, your guess is as good as 
mine.  I think it’s just a manipulation of bomb flowers, a naturally 
occurring plant in Hyrule.

Question: I’m stuck in (Insert dungeon name here).  Help!
Answer: You probably misread the guide.  I admit, I may have made a mistake, 
but I doubt it.  I’ve pretty much mastered my lefts and rights.  But if you 
have a serious problem feel free to e-mail me.  I’ll investigate.

Question: Can you wake up Link’s grandma?
Answer: Yes, you can.  Release a fairy by her and she’ll wake up.  When you 
talk to her she’ll fill any empty bottle you have with Elixir Soup.

Question: What would you say the best bottled item is for restoring health?
Answer: First off, if it costs money it isn’t worth it.  Second, fairies are 
the traditional best health-restoring item.  But in this game they only fill 
the first ten of your hearts.  So, the best item is Elixir Soup, because it 
fills all your hearts, all your magic, and doubles your attack until you 
first take damage.  Read the above question to see how to get it.

These are all the good questions I’ve gotten, but I’m open for expansion.  
Keep asking and I’ll keep answering.
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=======================Credits and Legal Information*========================

I bet all of you just skipped down here because this is your favorite part.  
I mean, who doesn’t just love reading legal terms and credits?  I know; the 
suspense is killing you.  So let’s get started!

                              |    Credits    |

First, the credits will be listed.  These are all the people who helped me 
make my guide or develop it.

- Myself, because modesty is a learned virtue.  Plus, I wrote this mile-long 
guide and I played the game.  Cheers to myself.

- Nintendo, because they made this and countless other great games.  Another 

- GameFaqs.com, for posting my guide on their wonderful website.

- janet_troll, for sending in a great tip concerning bombs and the final form 
of Puppet Ganon.

- Dustin McCormick, for informing us about 100 rupees stowed away under 
Link’s grandmother’s house.

That’s all the people who’ve helped me so far, but I’m sure the list will 
grow.  I hope it does, anyway.  And now for the legal section!

                           |    Legal Section    |

I take no part in producing, directing, editing, distributing, or in any part 
creating of this game.  That honor goes to Nintendo, not myself.

Secondly, this guide is Copyright 2004-2006 Brian McPhee.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
respective trademark and copyright holders.

This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright.

Well, the time to end this walkthrough has come.  But let’s not say good-bye.  
I will only say what I always say.  Hope that I helped.  See ya later.
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