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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

The Legend of Zelda
The Wind Waker
Savage Labyrinth FAQ

By shand2001/Nintendrone
Version 1.4


1. Intro

2. Preparation

3. Getting There

4. Floors

5. FAQs

6. Credits/Footnotes

Section 1: Intro

First let me start off by saying that the Savage Labyrinth is quite possibly 
my favorite section in any Zelda game to date. Well, anyway, the Savage 
Labyrinth is pretty much 51 floors of just fighting wave of enemy after 
enemy. The enemies do not drop spoils unless you use your Grappling Hook, so 
there's no way to heal other than what you bring along with you, your hook, 
and the two or three hearts you get every 10 levels or so. In the Savage 
Labyrinth, you'll be fighting every enemy in the game, other than boss 
characters. On floor 31 is the Triforce Chart 6, which is probably the main 
reason that you'd go here. But if you have the strength to go on and face the 
tough levels that are ahead of you, and you have the Mirror Shield, you can 
keep going to level 51 where you get a Piece of Heart ... probably the 
hardest piece in the game to get. You can come back to the Labyrinth as many 
times as you want for Rupees and fighting action! That's enough for the 
intro, now lets get to the meat of the FAQ!

Dont forget to use Control-F to find the part of the FAQ you are looking 

NOTE: suraht@valornet.com and PikachuVIIV wrote that you may also use your 
Grappling Hook to steal spoils ... I can't believe that I forgot about that. 
Thank you for the reminder! Although, if you're up for a challenge, go 
through without the Hook, it's what I did.


1.1 Added a few user strategies, and fixed a few grammar errors.
1.2 Added a nice passage by Bronco1283 and a load of other User 
1.25 Added some stuff for my IGN guides debut, just so there's no name 
1.3 Added some more user strategies, and an alt. way in.
1.4 Fixed grammatical errors, and added another user strategy.

Section 2: Preparation

This section will be short, and to the point. Simply, I'll tell you what you 
need to get through the Savage Labyrinth, and what is recommended to make 
your fight easier.


The Wind Waker
Power Bracelets (found on Fire Mountain, Fire and Ice Arrows are required to 
get it)
Deku Leaf
Boomerang or Bow and Arrow
Fire and Ice Arrows (to get the Power Bracelets)

That's all you need if you want to get to the Triforce Chart, but if you want 
to head further, you'll need some more equipment.


Mirror Shield
Skull Hammer

Now I will list the recommended items for your quest.


At least 1 bottle, preferably filled with Elixir Soup (even though chances 
are you won't need it)
Quiver of 60 arrows
Grappling Hook


Extended Magic Meter (gotten by killing the Big Octo at D7 on your Sea 
4 bottles, one filled with Elixir Soup, one with a Blue Potion, and the rest 
with Fairies
Quiver of 99 arrows (I usually come out with only 10 arrows remaining)
At least 10 Heart containers
Magic Armor (Yes, I found a use for it, explained more later on)

Also, if you are going here after you beat the game, the Light Arrows are

Well, here is a nice paragraph detailing the use of the Grappling Hook 
written by Bronco1283! Good job.

Items that can be grappled (stolen) include everything, spoils (Knights 
crests, joy pendants, ChuChu jelly, and golden feathers), bombs, arrows, 
magic refills (various sizes) and, most importantly, hearts. Some enemies 
give you money, color of rupee dependant on difficulty of enemy, but you can 
potentially get 30-40 rupees from one ReDead. Best of all, grappling stuns 
ALL enemies that have crap you can steal from (yes even Darknuts).  It even 
kills Keese and Peahats, not that it's the weapon of choice J. Using this 
technique, I didn't run out of ammo or drink one potion THE ENTIRE LABYRINTH 
ON MY FIRST GO. Of course I had like 13 heart containers, 99 arrows and 60 
Here is a short list of enemy specific items you can steal:
Bokoblin - Joy pendants
ChuChus - Red or green Chu Jellies (yellow Chus give red jelly, sorry, no 
blue Chus here)
Moblin - Skull necklaces
Peahats - Golden feathers Note: only while they are flying can you grapple 
their feather, otherwise you kill them.
Boku Baba - their seeds
Mothula - Golden feathers
Darknuts - Knights Crests
Stalfos and ReDead are good because you can steal from them 5 TIMES and have 
no spoils, usually resulting in 1-2 hearts apiece.  Bokoblin you can steal 3 
times and Moblins are also 3 times at least.  First steal is ALWAYS spoils (1 
spoil per enemy), so there is yet another reason to come down the labyrinth.
I'm not sure if Wizzrobes give you anything (I kill those as quickly as I 
can, I hate those bastards)
Red Bubbles, Blue Bubbles, Poes, Dark Chus, Keese, Fire Keese, Magtail, 
Miniblin, Armos and Armos knights give you nothing.
Once again, thank you Bronco1283 for this nice write-up on the Grappling Hook!

Section 3: Getting There

The Savage Labyrinth isn't hard at all to get to. First, use the Ballad of 
Gales to whisk yourself away to Outset Island. When you reach the shore, head 
up to where the suspension bridge used to be. There, you will see that old 
man with the telescope. Go up to him, and from there, look all the way 
across. You should see a huge stone rock. Use your Wind Waker to get the wind 
optimally blowing to the rock, and then use your Deku Leaf to fly over. (Make 
sure your Magic Meter is full, if it isn't extended, it takes up almost all 
your magic.) 

	If you already have the Hookshot, you can do some climbing, and
climb on the ledges behind Grandma's house, and then use your Hookshot on the
tree. When you land, use the Power Bracelets, and you're in! Not that hard, 
eh? And here's a little note. SAVE BOTH YOUR HELPINGS OF YOUR ELIXER 
SOUP FOR FLOOR 50! (unless you are going for just the Triforce chart) 

Section 4: Floors

Floor 1
Enemies: None

This floor has a pot containing 3 Fairies. Catch some if you must, and then 
head down the hole, which brings you to your first floor of enemies.

Floor 2
Enemies: Too many Keese to count!

Your first floor is quite simple. Lock onto a Keese, then hammer away on the 
B button. Keep doing that until they're all dead. Once you kill all the 
enemies in a room, the fire around the hole leading to the next room goes 
out, and you can go down to the next room.

Floor 3
Enemies: 6 Miniblin

For this floor, just whack the Miniblin. One hit should put each out of 

Floor 4
Enemies: 4 Bokoblin

Just go all out on them, they're not that hard. You know what to do.

Floor 5
Enemies: 6 Red ChuChu

Just slash each once. You may have to run around to get them to fall off the 
ceiling, so don't go crazy trying to open up the next hole, seeing that the 
ChuChu you're looking for is probably lodged on the ceiling.

Floor 6
Enemies: 4 Magtail

I find that Magtails are best defeated by a Parry Attack. Parry Attack all of 
them of them, and move on.

Floor 7
Enemies: 4 Keese, 4 Miniblin

Take out the Keese, then go for the Miniblin. Simple.

Floor 8
Enemies: 4 Fire Keese, 2 Magtail

Take out the Fire Keese, and then Parry Attack the Magtail.

Floor 9
Enemies: 2 Fire Keese, 4 Bokoblin

Take out the Fire Keese first, and then go out on the Bokoblin. 

Floor 10
Enemies: 2 Moblins

Simple. Just do your regular fighting routine, by this point in the game 
you've fought enough of these guys. 

Floor 11
Enemies: None

This is your first recovery floor. Whatever you do, DONT STEP INTO THE LIGHT! 
That will bring you out of the dungeon! Break open all the pots, for some 
hearts, ammo, and a lot of Rupees. The amount of Rupees you gain will 
increase the further you go down, to make it even worth it to come back here 
even after you've beat it! On the average run-through of the whole Labyrinth, 
I make about 1000 Rupees. Not bad.

Floor 12
Enemies: 6 Peahats

Lock onto a Peahat, and shoot it with an arrow. Repeat.

Drako writes to not waste your Arrows on this floor, use two hits from the 

Floor 13
Enemies: 4 Green ChuChu 

See my advice for floor 5, this is pretty much the same thing, but with Green 

Floor 14
Enemies: 5 Boko Baba

I find this floor best dealt with if you kill a Boko Baba, pick up its stick, 
throw the stick at the next one, and then slash it with your sword. Pick up 
the stick, and repeat.

Suraht and Some Call Me Haggard wrote that a Boomerang can also be used on 
the Boko Baba to great effect.

Floor 15
Enemies: 4 Bokoblin with Torches

A simple floor, you've dealt with enough of these in the game to know how to 
fight them.

Floor 16
Enemies: 5 Mothula

These things should only take one slash to kill, not that hard.

Floor 17
Enemies: 3 Peahat, 3 Boko Baba

Lock onto the Peahats, and arrow them. Then take care of the Boko Baba the 
same way as you did on floor 14.

Floor 18
Enemies: 4 Bokoblin, 4 Green ChuChu

Take out the ChuChu first. The Bokoblin are hiding in pots, so they wont come 
out unless you come close to them.

Floor 19
Enemies: 3 Mothula, 2 Bokoblin

Take out the Mothula first, so their little fuzzy peoples won't slow you 
down. Then just kill the Bokoblin.

Floor 20
Enemies: 2 Winged Mothula

One Fire Arrow for each. Extremely simple.

Floor 21
Enemies: None

Your second Recovery floor. Break the pots, get your items and Rupees, and 
head down the hole. Once again, DONT GO IN THE LIGHT!

Floor 22
Enemies: 3 Wizzrobe

Once again, use your Fire Arrows, or regular Arrows if you're out of Magic 

Drako writes to stun the Wizzrobe with your Boomerang, and then slash them 
with your sword.

Floor 23
Enemies: 4 Armos

Arrow all 4 of their eyes, and then slash at all 4 of their backs. Simple.

Some Call Me Haggard wrote that you can also just side-jump to their backs if 
you are fast enough.

Floor 24
Enemies: 2 Armos Knights

Arrow the eyes, and throw bombs in their mouth. It's easier if you use the 
bombs that you hold, not the bomb plants

Floor 25
Enemies: 6 Yellow ChuChu

Boomerang them, and then SWORD them. Watch out when you walk by the pots 
though, you may get inadvertidly shocked.

Floor 26
Enemies: 4 Red Bubbles

Lock on, and arrow. You should have no problems here.

Some Call Me Haggard wrote that you can also have the Bubbles hit your 
shield, and then immediately slash them with your sword.

Floor 27
Enemies: 1 Darknut, 2 Bokoblin

Take out the Bokoblin first, they're extremely annoying when you're trying to 
Parry Attack the Darknut. After you destroy the Bokoblin, go after the 
Darknut, by Parry Attacking, then hacking away.

Floor 28
Enemies: 3 Armos, 1 Wizzrobe

Fire Arrow the Wizzrobe, then get rid of the Armos the same way you did on 
floor 23.

Floor 29
Enemies: 2 Armos Knights, 2 Red Bubbles

Arrow the Bubbles, then destroy the Armos Knights by arrowing their eyes, and 
throwing in a bomb. 

Floor 30
Enemies: 2 Darknuts

This is easily your hardest floor yet, although it isn't too tough. Focus on 
the Darknut closest to you. Parry it, then slash away at its backside to 
remove the armor. Then work on the other Darknut. With any luck, the armored 
one will accidentally hit the unarmored one. Once they're both unarmored, 
just slash away.

Floor 31
Enemies: None

Here is your big prize! Break open the pots for items and Rupees, then play 
the Winds Requiem on the Wind Mark, and then the chest containing Triforce 
Chart 6 appears! If you don't have the Mirror Shield, you can't continue, so 
step into the big beam of light. If you DO have the Mirror Shield, stand on 
one of the smaller beams of light, and reflect some light onto the big statue 
blocking the hole. It will crumble, and you can continue!

Floor 32
Enemies: 6 ReDead

Either take it slow, and use your Mirror Shield to stun the ReDead one by 
one, and kill them. Or you can just run in front of them, have them freeze 
you, and then hack away. Either way works fine here.

Mattwh6483 wrote that if you are extremely horrible at killing ReDeads, and 
they usually kill you before you kill them, 3 bombs from afar will kill them.

boomanda wrote that an easy way to kill ReDeads is with a Jump Attack.


Floor 33
Enemies: 5 Blue Bubbles

This is the most annoying floor in my opinion. Stay out of the Blue Bubbles 
sights, then Deku Leaf them to cause their blue flames to go out, and then 
slash them. If you do get hit, just run out of their sights, seeing you can't 
do anything until the blue fire goes out on you.

Drako writes that a simple Hookshot then a swipe from your sword knocks them 
out cold.

Major007 wrote that an Ice Arrow also works.

Floor 34
Enemies: 6 Dark ChuChu

First get them all down, then just Mirror Shield them all, and go to town 
with your Skull Hammer.

Floor 35
Enemies: 5 Poes

Take down the Poes one by one by Mirror Shielding them until they become 
visible, and then hack away. Repeat until they're all gone.

Floor 36
Enemies: 3 Winged Mothula

A Fire Arrow will put each of them out of commission.

Floor 37
Enemies: 3 ReDead, 2 Moblins

First, destroy the ReDead. Don't let the Moblins see you as you are killing 
the ReDeads. Once all the Redeads are killed, just go after the Moblins.

Floor 38
Enemies: 5 Dark ChuChu, 1 Winged Mothula

Fire Arrow the Mothula, and then use your Mirror Shield to freeze the ChuChu. 
It's hammering time!

Floor 39
Enemies: 5 Poes, 2 Moblins

Destroy the Poes, then go after the Moblins.

Floor 40
Enemies: 4 Blue Bubbles, 2 Stalfos

This is where things start to get tricky. Use your Deku Leaf on the Bubbles, 
then slash them. Don't go close to the Stalfos though, or they'll begin their 
spinning rampage. Once the Bubbles are done, fire an arrow at a Stalfos, then 
slash away at its body, and then the head. Repeat.

AznBlue2 wrote that you can also take out a bomb, and hold it until it is 
about to blow up. Then throw it at the Stalfos, and the Stalfos will blow 
apart. Boomerang the head, and then take out your Skull Hammer, and smash the 

Suraht wrote that a boomerang works the same as an arrow on the Stalfos.

Floor 41
Enemies: None

Here you get an insane amount of Rupees, somewhere around 300. DONT STEP INTO 
THE LIGHT, GO DOWN THE HOLE. (I sound like a broken record here)

Floor 42
Enemies: A completely insane amount of Miniblin

Hammer on the B button. A nice Hurricane Spin is fun here, as is the Skull 

Floor 43
Enemies: About 10 Red, Green, and Yellow ChuChu.

Boomerang at a cluster of ChuChu, you'll probably stun around 8. Then chop 
them all, and run away. Repeat. You can also throw a bomb in the center
of the ChuChu to stun many of them, and then Hurricane Spin.

HiemieTheFishBoy and DaAznSan wrote to get in the center of the room, and 
when the ChuChu fall, use your Skull Hammer to stun them, then Hurricane Spin 
them all to death.

Floor 44
Enemies: 5 Wizzrobe

God, is this room ANNOYING! Use your Fire Arrows on the Wizzrobe, and watch 
out for the Magic attack! Once, they summoned some Stalfos, so watch out!

Floor 45
Enemies: 8 each of Bokoblin with Torches and regular Bokoblin

Your Lock-on/B Forward combo move is your best friend here. Just keep doing 

Floor 46
Enemies: 4 ReDead, 2 Stalfos

Stay out of the way of the Stalfos while you kill the ReDead. It could spell 
trouble if a Stalfos sees you while you are frozen by a ReDead. After the 
ReDeads are dead (o.O) Kill the Stalfos the same way you did earlier

Floor 47
Enemies: 3 Moblins, 2 Darknuts

Kill the Moblins first the way you always do, and then dispatch of the 
Darknuts the same way you did at floor 30.

Floor 48
Enemies: 3 Wizzrobe, 2 Darknuts

Get out your Fire Arrows, and QUICKLY dispatch of the Wizzrobe. If you wait 
too long, this battle will be hell. After you get rid of the Wizzrobes, do 
the same thing to the Darknuts as you did the floor before this.

Floor 49
Enemies: 3 Stalfos

This room is actually quite easy, because of the Bomb Plants. Run up to a 
Stalfos, and when he starts to turn around, run away. He will be hit by a few 
bombs during his spinning rampage, and hopefully it will cause the Stalfos to 
fall apart. Then hack away at the head. Try and lure the head to the side 
though, because slashing away at the head in the middle of the Bomb Plants 
could be quite dangerous. Repeat as necessary. You could also use your 
Boomerang to stop the head from jumping.

Floor 50
Enemies: 4 Darknuts

Remember when I said that Magic Armor would come in handy? Well, this is 
where it does. Hopefully you saved all your Elixir Potion, you'll be wanting 
the Magic, and the double damage bonus. Drink one helping, and heal. Then 
immediately put on your Magic Armor. Now you can't be hurt, but the cool 
thing is that your double damage STAYS as long as your shield doesn't run 
out. You can be hit all you want. Now try and single out one Darknut. Your 
first priority should be to get all the armor off all 4 Darknuts. So Parry 
Attack, and slice away at that Darknuts backside. It may be hard to Parry 
Attack, as you have 3 other Darknuts slashing away at you. Repeat the Parry 
Attack for each of the Darknuts. By the time you remove all the armor, 
chances are that your Magic Meter is run out. Drink your second helping of 
Elixir Soup, and put back on the Magic Armor. Slash away at the Darknuts. 
Also remember that they can hurt each other while their armor is off, so 
don't try and single one off. With a little luck, you should be victorious! 
Go down the hole, and claim your prize.

Mark Mullin wrote that he made the Darknuts clump together, and he had them 
hit each other. He singled out the one that wasn't hit, then parry attacked 
it, and just kept doing that.

GrimmMrGrimm wrote that the Hurricane Spin also works very well to remove 
their amour. I for one am extremely fond of this strategy, and use it

Compkid1, ShadowFox50 and Drako wrote that once the helmet is off the 
Darknut, you can stun them by HAMMERING away with your Boomerang. This could 
be used to remove the amour, or just to kill them.

Yet another strategy for this floor by Kyle Hawk. Another effective strategy
for these foes is to run away (in circles) until you get them in a group and
try to make them have a leader.  Then go in, target the Darknut in front, 
and parry attack.  This will usually remove the armor from several of them at
once.  Then, as soon as your attack is finished, start running again.  Once
they lose their helmets, abuse your boomerang to no end.  Done correctly it
is cake to get through these battles without a scratch on you.  Better yet,
this constant movement helps out in the rooms with the Wizrobes as they can
rarely hit you if you run that sporatically!

Floor 51
Enemies: None

There are no pots in this room, just one treasure chest. Open it to get your 
prize, a Piece of Heart. Exit the dungeon by the appearing beam of light.

5. Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Savage Labyrinth?
A. It is a "mini dungeon" where you fight through 50 floors of enemies.

Q. Where is the Savage Labyrinth located?
A. It is on Outset Island. The exact way to get there is in the Getting 
There section of this FAQ.

Q. Is the Labyrinth hard?
A. It only starts to get hard around floor 40. For the most part, it 
shouldn't pose much of a problem to you, unless you are horrible at the 
combat system.

Email more questions to Nintendrone@ignmail.com. I have installed email
filters, put Savage Labyrinth, Nintendo, FAQ, or GameFAQs in the title or
it will not make it though the filter.

6. Credits/Footnotes

Nintendo, for making this gem of the game.
My Wavebird, for taking me through this challenge.
BradyGames, whose guide told me the names of the enemies, and for some help 
on Enemy numbers. (I got most of them myself, though)
All the readers who have sent in alternate strategies thus far!
All the readers, period.
Thanks to PikachuVIIV for fixing a simple error on the Magic Armor's name.
Thanks to my friend Omni for fixing some grammar.

Don't use this guide without my permission! Email me first at 
Nintendrone@ignmail.com so I can check out your site. If its good enough, 
I'll put it up.


Copyright 2003 Shane Davis aka shand2001/Nintendrone

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