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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

Rupees Guide for The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

by Larry Xiang

< Version 1.0 >

**                  **
**  Legal Note      **
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The strategies, and this FAQ itself is mine.  It's only three homes 
I don't want to see it anywhere else.  If you do, please tell me.
This FAQ may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for your
private use.  I may or may not give you permission to put this guide 
on another website.  Most of the time it will be no.  This guide is
protected by the law, and violating that law would be a violation of 

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$$ The Table of Contents  $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
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1. Introduction
2. My System
3. The Islands
   A. Outset
   B. Northern Fairy Island
   C. Tingle Island
4. Rupee Strategies
5. Path to financial freedom
6. Conclusion
7. Contact Info, and Credits
7. Legal Note

$$                        $$
$$ Introduction           $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
$$                        $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

"tingle. Tingle! TINGLE!!!!!"

I'm sure this has all happened to you before.  HE is what I like to call 
the great debtor.  Guess what?  You all own him 3385 rupees if you 
want to beat the game.  Thus, this rupees guide was created to help you
out.  Other than Tingle, Zunari will also dig out a great amount from
your wallet.  However, you do not need to pay him to beat the game.
Don't skip "contact and credits" by the way.
So, here it is: the rupee guide.

$$                        $$
$$ My System              $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
$$                        $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Ok, here, I will explain to you how the strategies work.  I base them 
on three things:  Conveniency, Amount, and Difficulty.

Conveniency can also include availibility.  If there is a place that 
is not too convenvient to go to, or if the strategy is not availible 
for long, than the conveniency would be low.  Conveniency will also
include the time it takes to grab those rupees.

Amount is simple.  It is the amount of rupees that you recieve.

Difficulty is how hard it was to obtain those rupees.  If you had to
sweat, and try again and again to get those rupees, the difficulty 
would be high.

Each strategy is rated from 1-10.  Ten is the best, one is the worst.

If something is really convenient, it would get a 10.
If a strategies pours out a whole lot of rupees, it would get a 10.
If a strategy is very simple or easy to complete, it would get a 10.


Say the strategy was to cut bushes on outset.

Rupees= 10= 1.0  With the bushes, say your goal was 10 rupees.
Conveniency= 1.0  
Difficulty= 10.0  Not hard at all.

Name= Strategy 1.6
Score= Strategy number.
This is NOT an average.

You get it? Good.

$$                        $$
$$ The Islands            $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
$$                        $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Part A, Outset

You'll notice that you start off with a 200 rupee wallet.  Here is one 
of the places you can get a new wallet.  I also can this island rupee
island.  You'll find out why later.

To access to fairy, you need, the deku leaf, bombs, and the wind waker.
From the back of Mesa's house, there should be a path going up.  Well,
take that path, and you'll find a row of trees.  Cut them down.  Now, Set
the wind direction to west, and look for a tall rock.  Climb that rock, 
open the deku leaf, and fly away.  Once inside the forest, just navigate 
around a little until you find a rock.  Blow it up, and inside is the 
(More info in later sections)

Part B, Northern Fairy Island

As the name suggests, there is a fairy somewhere on this island.  How do
you reach it?  Simple.  You need the wind waker, and a boat.  Teleport, 
or sail to Windfall island.  From there, set the wind to Northwest, and
sail along until you reach northern fairy Island.  Go inside the shell.
(More info in later sections)

Part C, Tingle Island

This is the island where Tingle resides, and keeps his slaves.  It is 
one square Southwest of Windfall.  You can also teleport here via the 
Ballad of Storms.

$$                        $$
$$ Rupee Strategies       $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
$$                        $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ 

Here, I will give you the actual strategies to gain money.  I will not
include one-time strategies, and neither will I include build-up 
strategies like killing enemies for rupees, or following treasure
charts, and digging up those 200's.  Once again, the scores are NOT 

Strategy 5.1

Location= Dragon Roost Island
Conveniency= 7.1
Amount= 24r= 4.4
Difficulty= 4.9

Teleport to dragon roost island.  If you've already been here, follow 
the path until you come to an opening.  Enter.  This is the mail game. It
is on the second floor.  There will be a rito sorting letters.  Talk to

Basically, you have to sort the letters into different boxes.  It is a 
simple, but by no means an easy game.  Your goal is 24 letters.  DO NOT
pass 24 letters, because if you do, the part-timer will arrive, and in 
order to get rupees you will have to break your record.  To maintain this
game's availibility, you have to score under 25 letters.  I bumped up the
score because the game is actually quite fun.  He will give you 75 rupees 
the first time you get 25 letters.  But, it's not worth it.  Just keep 
scoring 24.

Strategy 7.1

Location= Dragon Roost
Conveniency= 6.5
Amount= 70= 8.0
Difficulty= 8.2

When you first get on the island, there should be a tunnel.  Follow that
tunnel, when it clears again, turn immediately to the right.  There 
should be a rock.  Bomb it, and jump in the hole.  There are many doors
arranged into a circle.  There are also pots through every door.  When 
you enter a room, and defeat the enemies inside, a fire will light up 
at the top of the room.  When all the doors are lighted, the locked door
will open.  Enter, and break all the pots.

No real descriptions are necessary.  Simply exit, and re-enter the hole
for another chance at 70 rupees.

Strategy 7.2

Location= Windfall
Conveniency= 6.8
Amount= 50= 6.5
Difficulty= 8.4

This event takes place on Windfall inside.  There should be a guy in a
blue shirt that says, "I don't look rich, but trust me, I've got a lot
of cash."  His name is Dampe.  Talk to him.  You need to give him three
skull necklaces, and he will give you the chance to participate in a 
game.  Skull necklaces are common, but because they are not infinate, I
toned down the conveniency.

You have two minutes to collect three pigs.  Two of them are to the left
of Dampe in the grassy area.  The last pig is by the jail cell.  The 
trick is to crawl.  If you don't crawl, you won't finish the game.  When
you're about 1.2 meters away from a pig, crawl up to it, stand up, and 
press A.  It's not a hard game at all.

Strategy 9.6

Location= Outset
Conveniency= 4.1
Amount= 1200= Hell.No.
Difficulty= 2.8

Go to outset.  You should see an old man looking through a telescope.  
From that point, set the wind to west, and use your deku leaf to traverse
to a ledge with a huge stone.  You MUST have the power bracelets.  Pick 
up that stone, and jump in.  There will be 40 floors you must undergo.
Each floor is filled with enemies, but every 10th floor will have rupees
except the last one.  So, just go down to the 40th floor, and don't 
forget to break those pots!  Step into the light on the 40th floor.
Another way to enter the hole is to use the hookshot while you're behind
Granny's house.

Well, this challenge is hard, and long, but it's worth it.  It's actually 
pretty fun, and can be done in less than 30 min no problem.  Only three 
times through the Savage Labrinth(that's the name), and you have +3500
rupees!  There should be a Savage Labrinth Guide somewhere, so be sure to
visit there if you are having trouble.

Strategy 6.9

Location= Outset
Conveniency= 6.6
Amount= 5-20= 6.0
Difficulty= 9.3

Get LOTS of bait.  You MUST have the power bracelets.  Pick up the plump
black pig inside the fence behind abe's house.  Throw him over, and start
digging.  Drop bait right in front of the pig, but if the pig doesn't 
devour it in about 6 seconds, it will disappear.

Your fruit will vary.  Sometimes it's a twenty, sometimes, it's only 10
arrows.  The following have appeared once before while I was digging:
5 bombs, 5 arrows, 1 rupee, 5 rupee(blue), 10 rupee(yellow), 20 rupee(red)

Strategy 7.3

Location= Overlook Island
Conveniency= 6.4
Amount= 90= 9.0
Difficulty= 6.9

Overlook is the island on the Northeast corner.  Land on it, than 
hookshot to the tower on the farthest right.  From there, keep 
hookshot-ing until you reach the second tallest tower.  There should be a
hole.  Enter.  

There are 6 rooms, and four rooms which need to be ignited.  Defeat the 
enemies inside the room to ignite the door.  After all rooms are ignited,
4 darknuts will appear in the main room.  Kill 'em.  Use the darknut 
sword to break some of those pillars.  Some have cash in them.  A door
with the picture of a sun at the top will open.  Go inside, and break 
the pots.

Strategy 7.3

Location= Stone Watcher Island
Conveniency= 6.5
Amount= 90= 9.0
Difficulty= 6.9

This is the exact same as Overlook island.  Except, there are only two
darknuts at the end.  No big difference.  Just lift up the stone, and
enter the hole.

Strategy 8.2

Location= Islet Of Steel
Conveniency= 8.8
Amount= 65= 7.5
Difficulty= 7.8

Go to the Islet of Steel, one square northwest of southern fairy 
Island.  This place is full of ship, but the one you want to bomb is
a staying still, supposedly blocking an entrance.  Strike that ship
down, and enter.  Swim to the treasure chest.  Get the pots.  Swim
out.  Swim in.  Get the pots.  And so on.

Nothing really, but it can be repeated as mentioned earlier.  Quite

Strategy 8.1

Location= Bird Rock Peak
Conveniency= 8.8
Amount= 70= 7.5
Difficulty= 7.6
This strategy is pretty much the same as the previous strategy, except
it's harder.  You have to have one hyoi pears.  I suggest two.  When
using the first hyoi pear, fly around the peaks, and gather all the 
karokoks, or those birds.  Gather them to where Link is standing, and
press "R".  Now, as Link, Kill off all the birds, and put up the second
Hyoi pear.  Now, just fly around, and hit all the switches.  

You can re-enter the hole many times to get as much cash as you want.

Strategy 5.0

Location= (insert name here)'s Oasis
Conveniency= 6.2
Amount= 50-200= 7.0
Difficulty= 2.1

Once you have the Cabana Deed from Mrs.Maria, the school teacher, go 
to your own island, and find the house.  Go inside to find two pictures:
One that is complete, and one that is incomplete.  Step up to the 
imcomplete one, and press A.  

THIS is HARDER than the Savage Labrinth in my opinion.  You basically 
must arrange to puzzle so that only the top-right square is missing, and
every other square is holding the correct piece.  There are 16 different
puzzles.  Once you reach the 16th one, you will get 200 rupees, and the 
whole thing will restart.  It goes something like Zill, Aryll, Tingle...
and there are other FAQs out there to help you.

Strategy 7.8 

Location= The great Sea
Conveniency= 7.0
Amount= 1 to +200= 7.0
Difficulty= 9.5

Simple.  Just sell beedle whatever you got.  The following is a small 
Red chu jelly= 1r,,,,,,green chu jelly= 2r
blue chu jelly= 3r,,,,,golden feather= 5r
Baba leaf= 5r,,,,,,,,,,knight's crests= 5r(keep 10 for Orca)
Skull Necklace= 5r,,,,,joy pendent= 5r(keep 20 for Mrs.Maria)

If there are any spoils I'm missing- tell me.  I don't recommend you 
to sell the skull necklace.  Refer back to Windfall Strategy 7.2 for
disposing skull necklaces.

Beedle will send you a chart in the mail pointing out his different 
store locations.

Strategy 9.0 

Location= The Great Sea
Conveniency= 8.8
Amount= 10-200= 9.0
Difficulty= 6.0

Get some bait.  Go to a place where you see the fishman exercising.
Drop the bait.  He should now draw you a chart.  Ok, but that isn't
what we're looking for.  Find him, and drop the bait again.  This 
time, he will invite you to a game for free.

This game is HARD when you're going for the 10.  You get arrows, and
the fishman jumps 10 times.  If you hit the fishman once, you get 10 
rupees.  Twice, 20 rupees, and so on.  But if you hit him ten times, 
you get 200 rupees, but the fishman will no longer be availible in that
square.  Good luck.  With my crappy aiming, I've cleared only 2 squares.
Most of the time, you will score 9 shots.  That's good.  After you
finish the game, the fishman will swim away.  Sometimes, to get to him
again, you have to change the wind direction.  That is why the 
conveniency score was dropped.  Nonetheless, this is a GREAT way to 
gain money almost where ever you are.

Strategy 6.8 

Location= Great Sea
Conveniency= 7.0
Amount= 20 or 50= 6.4
Difficulty= 9.0

Scattered thoughout the Great Sea will be rings of light with a diameter
of Link's waist.  Send the grappling hook down those rings to hook up 
20 rupees, and sometimes 50 rupees.  It isn't very convenient to stop 
sailing, than search around for the treasure spot.  

The light ring will disappear when you get close.  That is what lowered
the conveniency score.  

Strategy 8.7

Location= Boating Coarse
Conveniency= 8.5
Amount= -30 to 120= 8.8
Difficulty= 8.5

Simply go to Forest Haven via the Ballad of the Winds, and sail one 
square south.  Talk to the man.  Game fee is 30 rupees.

The wind is always behind you as long as you are on coarse.  It is 
possible to get a total of 150 rupees.  I tried it just now, and got
120 rupees with 1:36 seconds remaining.  It's an easy game, and the 
time limit isn't strict at all, so take it easy.  Just make sure to
get those yellow and red rupees.  Ignore the green ones if you feel 
like it.

$$                        $$
$$ Path to Financial      $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
$$ Freedom                $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Alright, here, I'll give a very, very short part of the walkthrough to
help you out.  But, there will be a lot a stuff to skip, so, no, this
isn't a real walkthrough.

1. ====
   Release the Prisoner

On your first trip to Windfall, you must release.....your debtor.  
Simply go the the cell located behind Tott, the dancer.  Inside the
prison, pick up some barrals, and hit the switch.

2. ====
   The Fairy Escapee

On your second trip to outset(some remember this as the long night),
get the wallet upgrade number one.  From your watchtower, there should
be a bridge.  Follow that bridge to a sandy path.  Follow that sandy 
path to a row of trees.  Cut those trees, and follow the path.  
Miniblins will come by to freak you out.  Just ignore them, and keep
going.  Arrive at the bridge to find it broken.  Turn around, and 
go to a huge rock.  Climb the rock, change the wind direction to west,
and take off with your deku leaf.  Enter the forest of fairies, and 
navigate through it until you see a rock.  Bomb the rock, and jump in the

3. ====
   The First Demand

I don't know exactly when this happens, but eventually, the In-credible
chart will come by, with a demand for 201 rupees.  Pay the amount, get the

4. ====
   Time for the final wallet

Teleport to windfall after you have the master sword, and the ballad of the
gales.  Sail one square Northwest of Windfall.  That is where you will get 
the second wallet upgrade.

5. ====
   Grab it while you're scared

I won't go through the details in this one.  But, you'll need the Ghost ship
chart.  Board the Ghost ship, beat the enemies inside, and go into the 
treasure room.  Get the pots FIRST.  If you open the treasure chest, you 
will be kicked out of the Ghost ship, and it will never appear again.
Current account: 50
Plus: 100 from Ghost ship
Total= 150

6. ====
   The Overlook Pots

Go to overlook island, and follow strategy 7.3 on Overlook island.
Current Account: 150
Plus: 90
Total= 240

7. ====
   Kill the Stone Watcher

Go to Stone Watcher island, and follow strategy 7.3 on Stone Watcher island.
Current Account: 240
Plus: 90
Total= 330

8. ====
   Steal from the Islet of Steel 

Go to the Islet of steel, and follow strategy 8.2 on the Islet of Steel.  
Break the pots, swim out.  Than swim in again, break the pots.  Now, repeat
once more 
Current Account: 330
Plus: 200
Total= 530

9. ====
   Those aren't your eggs.

Go to Bird Rock Peak, and follow strategy 8.1 on Bird Rock Peak.
Break the pots, step into the light, re-enter the hole, re-break the pots,
and than step into the light.  Repeat once more for a total of three 
Current Account: 530
Plus: 200
Total= 730

10. ====
    Whose Bank Account is this?

Go to outset, and follow strategy 9.5 on outset island.  Remember, after 
you've gotten the treasure chest on the 30th floor, keep going to the 40th
or 50th floor if you like.
Current Account: 730
Plus: 1200
Total= 1930

11. ====
    This pig reminds me of Dampe.

Now that you are already on outset, feed the pig until it earns you 30 
Current Account: 1930
Plus: 30
Total= 1960

12. ====
    Catch those pigs!

Teleport to Windfall.  Talk to the guy wearing a blue shirt.  He stands 
near the bomb shop.  Follow strategy 7.2 on Windfall.  You should have
6 skull necklaces, so play the game twice.
Current Account: 1960
Plus: 100
Total= 2060

13. ====
    The 12 year old is hired.

Teleport to Dragon Roost, and visit the mail game.  Now, follow strategy
5.1 on Dragon Roost.  You can either play the game 3 times, with scores
24,24,25.  Or, 24,24,24,24,24.  The second option perserves the 
availibility of the game.  Don't forget that the first time you play, your
salary is half a rupee for every piece of mail.
Current Account: 2060
Plus: 110
Total= 2170

14. ====
    Enter the cave

Follow strategy 7.1 on Dragon Roost Island.  This is one with the secret 
Current Account: 2170
Plus: 70
Total= 2240

15. ====
    Buy this now, Beedle.

When you exit the cave, and walk to the beach, you should see Beedle's 
shop ship somewhere.  Go inside, and sell 60% of your stuff.  This 
requires that you get rid of anything that is not a joy pendant.  When I
approached Beedle at this time, I had 32 green chu jellies, and 10 baba
seeds.  That is enough to make +60 rupees.  I'll assume you want to keep 
your other spoils.  
Current Account: 2240
Plus: 50
Total= 2290

16. ====
    Where'd you get all those rupees?

Teleport to Forest Haven.  Now sail one square south to the boating coarse.
Pay 30 rupees.  You have plenty of time, so take your time and be sure to 
get as many rupees as you can grab.  However, goal is 130, which means a 
100 rupee profit.  Play the game twice.
Current Account: 2290
Plus: 200
Total= 2490

17. ====
    Stay Still, Fishy

Find the fishman, and feed him some bait.  Now play the game until you get
200 rupees out of him.  This could be done once if you have great aim.
Current Account: 2490
Plus: 200
Total= 2690

18. ====
    Now you're on your own.

Right now, you still need 400 rupees until you have enough.  However, I 
started the account with 50 rupees at the beginning, but I'm pretty sure
most of you had much more.  You should have gained a lot after getting
Tingle's In-credible map.  Not only that, you will get a lot of rupees
along the way as well.  Some of you may also have stopped for Strategy 
6.8 on the Great Sea.  

But, there will be those of you who still don't have enough.  Simply
follow the Rupee strategies in the above chapter.  What I would do is
go down the Savage Labrinth again, but it is up to you.

19. ====
    There are two more

Get the last two triforce charts on Needle Rock, and Link's oasis.
There are other great FAQs out there to help you.

20. ====
    Fine! Take it, you greedy.....

Go to Tingle Island.  But, before you actually go in, play with the fish 
once more until you get 100 rupees. 
Now, climb the ladder of mis-fortune, and speak to Tingle.  Your 8 Charts 
will be decifered for 3184 rupees.

$$                        $$
$$ Conclusion             $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
$$                        $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

So now, you have paid all you must.  I hope this guide has helped you.
I was stalling in creating this guide because I thought money wasn't
a huge issue in Wind Waker.  But, according to the boards, it apparently 

If you have any suggestions, or new strategies, contact me.  More to be
explained next.
Ok, people, you're almost at the end.

$$                        $$
$$ Contact and Credits    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
$$                        $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

My email is lzxiang24@yahoo.com.  However, I am only accepting suggestions
and new strategies that will rate above 5.0.  


YOU, for reading this FAQ.  What is an FAQ if it has no audience? 

CJayC, for posting this FAQ, and hosting Gamefaqs.  

All you other FAQ contributors out there.  You guys were the ones that
inspired me.  Not to mention the great examples I've been learning 
from.  Thank you.

I am known as fastpawn as well, so don't get confused.

My parents.  This isn't my computer you know.  You can never thank your
parents too much.

**                  **
**  Legal Note      **
**                  **

The strategies, and this FAQ itself is mine.  It's only two homes 
I don't want to see it anywhere else.  If you do, please tell me.
This FAQ may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for your
private use.  I may or may not give you permission to put this guide 
on another website.  Most of the time it will be no.  This guide is
protected by the law, and violating that law would be a violation of 

Copyright 2003, Larry Xiang

The End
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