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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

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    |                                                                     |
    |             Enemies and Fighting in the Legend of Zelda             |

   |                             1. Contents                             |
     Press CTRL + F to find something. If you wanted to find where       
     Yellow Chuchus are, press CTRL F and enter 21. to find where Yellow 
     Chuchus are.                                                        

     1. Contents
     2. Version History
     3. Legal Infromation
     4. Introduction
     5. Weapons
     6. Armoses                                                           
     7. Armos Knights                                                
     8. Morths                                                     
     9. Stalfoses                                                     
    10. Darknuts                                                         
    11. Blue Bubbles/Red Bubbles            
    12. Poes                                          
    13. Bokoblins                                                         
    14. Moblins                                                         
    15. Red Wizzrobes                                                     
    16. Yellow Wizzrobes                                                  
    17. Boko Babas                                                  
    18. Peahats                                                        
    19. Red Chuchus                                                       
    20. Green Chuchus                                                     
    21. Yellow Chuchus                                                    
    22. Blue Chuchus                                                    
    23. Dark Chuchus                                                      
    24. Kargarocs                                                      
    25. Miniblins                                                         
    26. Magtails                                                         
    27. Keese/Fire Keese                                                  
    28. Beamos                                                  
    29. Gyorgs                                                            
    30. Warships                                                          
    31. Big Octos                                                         
    32. Octorocks                                                         
    33. Seahats                                                         
    34. Rats                                                            
    35. Re-Deads                                                       
    36. Floor Masters               
    37. Mothulas                                                     
    38. Mad Piggies                                                       
    39. Cyclos                                                       
    40. Phantom Ganon                                                     
    41. Gohma                                                     
    42. Kalle Demos                                                       
    43. Gohdan                                                       
    44. Helmaroc King                                                     
    45. Jalhalla                                                     
    46. Molgera                                                          
    47. Puppet Ganon
    48. Ganon
    49. Fighting Strategies                                              
    50. Grappling, A Closer Look
    51. Test Your Strength                                               
    52. Grequently Asked Questions                                       
    53. Special Thanks/Contact Info
    54. End                                       

    |                          2. Version History                         |

     Version 1 - I only had the LBS and the Enemies list. That's it.   
     Version 2 - I added Cyclos, Phantom Ganon, Gohma, Kalle Demos,    
                    Gohdan, the Helmaroc King, Jalhalla, Molgera, Puppet  
                    Ganon, and of course, Ganon himself.                  
                    Size = 80,621 bytes                                   
     Version 2.1 - I added the weapons section and fixed a little bit of
                   grammar mistakes. Size = 84,807 bytes
     Version 2.2 - Added to the weapons, fixed grammar, and started a new
                   section, Grappling. It is in the process, so be patient
                   and it will be finished (or you could send stuff in to 
                   speed up the process by a lot). Also filled up the 
                   introduction with more great stuff. Added Test Your
                   Strength Section and Fixed the Gyorg error. I
                   got to adding the FAQ and changed the LBS into Fighting
                   Strategies. Last But Not Least, I added the
                   cool triforce at the beggining. The FAQ is REALLY big
                   (I did the triforce all by myself!) Size=109,563 Bytes
    |               3. Copyright 2005 Bjorn Swenson                       |

      This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstances except     
     for private use. Feel free to print this guide out for yourself.     
     It may not be posted on any website other then:
     Do not post this any where like magazines or books either.           
     Doing any of this is strictly prohibited and is a violation of       
     copyright. If you do want this on your website or if you do want
     to put it in books or sell it, you must obtain permission from me,
     the author of this wonderful FAQ.

    |                       4. Introduction                               |

      Ah, finally,I don't have to sound so serious!So pretty much,this is
     an FAQ on fighting all of those annoying enemies when you're playing
     The Legend of Zelda: the Wind Waker. Losing all of your hearts is   
     Particularly annoying, because Link passes out and starts at the    
     BEGINNING of the dungeon. So now you have to go all through the     
     rooms again and get to the place where you were.And it was all      
     because of a peahat that you didn't know how to defeat! Well,learn  
     how to deal with them here, because this gives you almost every way 
     to kill things here, strategies to avoid their attacks, what they're
     called, what they look like, their attacks, and much much more!!!!  
     And when I say much much more, I mean much mcuh more. Besides enemy
     status, the FAQ features weapons that you use in battle, in-depth
     sections on secrets and tips/tricks, tons of strategies, and where 
     to test your skill. In other words, all you need to be a master 
     warrior in the game. This is my first FAQ. Yay.

    |                           5. Weapons                                |
     You have a bunch of weapons in this game,  so I thought I should tell
     you all about them.

     Hero's Sword-This is the first weapon you get in the game. Here is a 
                  list of all the moves you can do:

                  B-Horizontal Slice
                  Hold B-Spin Attack
                  L+B-Vertical Slash
                  L+UP B-Thrust
                  L+A-Jump Attack
                  L+Squiggly A and controller rumble-Parry
                  If you give ten Knight's Crests to Orca he will teach 
                  you a special move called the Hurricane Spin. Hold B
                  until your sword starts glowing yellow then release. 
                  Link spins around wildly, causing lots of damage to
                  foes. Tilt the control stick to control the spin. It
                  uses magic, so only use it in tight situations.
     Grappling Hook-This is a very useful item because it steals spoils
                    from enemies. This is a great way to get Joy Pendants
                    or Rupees or Hearts. Certain enemies can be grappled
                    many times, and some can be grappled only once or 
                    twice. Medli gives this to you. Also use it to haul up
                    treasure you find at sea.
     Deku Leaf-This is a magical leaf given to you by the great Deku Tree.
               You can float with it, or blow mighty gusts of winds. 
               The Deku Leaf stuns enemies like Peahats, Boko Babas, 
               Miniblins, and Bubbles.
     Boomerang-I say that this is the best item in the whole game. The
               Boomerang stuns just about anything you come across and
               can home in on five targets, hiting them all at once. Cuts
               vines, strings, and ropes that hold enemies up. You get 
               this in the Forbidden Woods.
     Bombs-Niko secretly equips you with this after you complete his 
           second course. You can throw three bombs out at enemies, or
           use them as a hefty cannon at sea.
     Arrows-The bow is the dungeon item of the Tower of the Gods. Shoots
            down almost anything flying in one hit. The arrows go on 
            forever, so don't worry about being out of range. You can 
            shoot special arrows like Light Arrows, Fire Arrows, or Ice
     Skull Hammer-This is the strongest weapon you have, obtained by 
                  defeating Phantom Ganon. Bash down pegs or hammer
                  down enemies. It sends a small shockwave through the 
                  ground, stunning lots of enemies. Here is a list of
                  the moves you can do (Pretend the skull hammer is 
                  set to Y):

                 L+Y=Vertical Slice
                 L+ Sideways Y=Horizontal Slice
                 L+A=Jump Attack
                 L+R=Defend ( You use the Skull Hammer as a shield!!) 

                 You can get a good laugh if you it something with the
                 Skull Hammer. Funniest things: Wizzrobes, Peahats, 
                 Mothulas, and Chuchus.
     Iron Boots-These are extremely heavy boots that prevent wind from 
                blowing you away. When used in combonation with the 
                Hookshot, they can pull things down and pull things 
                towards you. Also use them to stop mighty currents or
                press down switches or springs.
     Hookshot-A cool looking item that pulls you towards things and pulls
              things towards you depending on the weight of the two 
              objects. When used with the Iron Boots you can pull things 
              down. You obtain this in the Wind Temple after defeating the
              Master Wizzrobe.
     Mirror Shield-The Earth Temple item. It allows you to reflect light 
                   at ghosts or zombies like Re-Deads or Poes to stun 
                   them. It absorbs fire but otherwise it acts as a nromal
                   shield, only better-looking and more effecient.
     Master Sword-The famous blade the repels all evil (including 
                  Ganondorf).Exactly like the Hero's Sword only better-
                  looking and twice as powerful as the Hero's Sword. Plus,
                  if you drink Elixir Soup and double your power, you will
                  have an extremely powerful sword. In the game, you power
                  it up and it regains its power to repel all evil.
     Hero's Charm-Bestowed on you by Mrs. Marie, the joy fanatic. Give her
                  twenty Joy Pendants and get the Cabana Deed, and twenty
                  more to get the Hero's Charm, a mask that shows you the 
                  health that enemies have (including bosses). Just press
                  start, press R, and you'll see the freaky mask on the 
                  right. Move your cursor over to it, press A, and choose
                  "Equip." Now when you L-Target an enemy, there will be
                  a red bar over the enemy's head, showing the health
                  *Note* that you do not have to L-Target the bosses to 
                  see their health, it just shows a skull and the health
                  the whole battle.
                  *Note #2* When you are fighting Ganon, you can't see his
     I'm pretty sure I missed a few, so e-mail me if you think of any I 
    |                          6. Armoses                                 |
        Description: LITTLE moving statues that "walk" by taking         
                             small hops around the room.                 
        Items Needed: Arrows, Sword                                      
        Their Attacks: Armoses have spikes around them, so they hop      
                         into you,stabbing you with their spikes.        
        Offensive Maneuver: If you shoot an arrow into its eye, it'll    
                            scream,and stop hopping around. Now run      
                            behind them and slash the thing that looks   
                            like a rupee. The Armos will start hopping   
                            in pain trying to damage you as it dies.     
                            Avoid this, and the Armos will explode.      
        Evasive Maneuver: Just stay away from them. You attack them      
                            with long range weapons so this shouldn't    
                            be too hard.                                 
         Found: Tower of the Gods, Wind Temple                           
          Spoils:Rupees, Hearts, etc.                                    

    |                       7. Armos Knights                              |

         Description: Really big Armoses                                 
        Items needed: Bombs, Arrows (optional)                           
        Their Attacks: Same as Armoses                                   
        Evasive Maneuver: Stay away from them until their                
                                    spikes go back into their bodies     
                                    (or shoot an arrow into their eye).  
        Offensive Maneuver: Take out a bomb or grab a nearby bomb        
                            flower.  Wait until the Armos Knight's       
                            spikes go in and its mouth opens. Throw the  
                            bomb into its mouth. Again, it'll start      
                            spinning around and, after a while, the      
                            Armos Knight will blow up.                   
         Found: The Wind Temple, Caves                                   
      Spoils:Rupees Hearts etc.                                          

    |                       8. Morths                                     |
      Description: Little spike balls with an eye in the middle.         
                           It's kinda sacary cause they always stare at  
      Items Needed: Sword                                                
      Their Attacks: Thankfully, Morths don't attack. They just slow     
                       your movement down by attaching themselves onto   
      Evasive Maneuver: Well, it's best to just let them                 
                                    attach onto you so you can kill them 
                                    and get it over with.                
      Offensive Maneuver: Let the Morth attach onto you first. Now, you  
                            must do your spin attack. To do this, hold   
                            B until Link holds his sword behind him.     
                            Now release B and watch all of the morths    
                            fly away (and die).                          
       Found: Forbidden Woods, Where Mothulas are                        

    |                           9. Stalfoses                              |
       Ok, Stalfoses take a long time to fight because there are a lot of
       phases to killing them.                                           
       Description: Huge skeletons with enourmous clubs with spiked      
                              clubs. They come out of                    
                            coffins or out of the ground, so be on guard.
       Items Needed: For my really good strategy, you'll need bombs, the 
                     Boomerang, and the skull hammer.                    
       Their Attacks: They swing the clubs around them, hurting          
                        everything around them.                          
       Evasive Maneuvers: Stay Away!                                     
       Offensive Maneuver: First, take out a bomb. Set it right at the   
                           Stalfose's feet. Now, quickly run away from it
                           and press and hold the button that the        
                           boomerang is equipped to. Move the cursor so  
                           that it is on the Stalfoses head. Now their   
                           should be a yellow starburst. When the        
                           Stalfose blows up, release the boomerang      
                           and its head should stop jumping. Now         
                           run in and smash its head with the skull      
                           hammer, or else it will put itself back       
                           together again.                               
       Found: The Earth Temple, and other Ghostly Places                 
       Spoils: Rupees Hearts etc.                                        

    |                       10. Darknuts                                  |
     Description: Big knights with armor on and enormous swords.         
                          They sort of look like batman with their       
                          armor off.                                     
     Items Needed: Sword                                                 
     Their Attacks: They swing their swords at you either vertically     
                      or horizontally.                                   
     Evasive Maneuver: Use your basic L target dodges.                   
     Offensive Maneuver: First, L-target the Darknut (have your sword    
                         out). Next, wait until you see the A            
                         button in the upper-right hand corner turn      
                         squiggly. Press A at that exact moment.         
                         This SHOULD slice their armor off. If it        
                         doesn't work, keep doing it. Now, show          
                         them your sword!                                
     Found: Caves, Tower of The Gods, Ganon's Tower, Hyrule Castle       
     Spoils: Knights Crest. Give them to Orca.                           

    |                 11. Blue Bubbles / Red Bubbles                      |
       Description: Despite their name, these things are                 
                 floating skulls shrouded in smoke.                      
      Items Needed: sword, Deku Leaf / Hookshot                          
      their Attacks: They bite you and set you on fire or shroud you in  
                     blue mist.                                          
      Evasive Maneuvers: Stay away from them or use your                 
      Offensive Maneuver: L-target them and use the hookshot, temporarily
                         disabling their levatation. Now slash with the  
     Found: Tower of the gods, Earth Temple                              
     Spoils: Rupees, Hearts, Etc.                                        

    |                          12. Poes                                   |

      Description: Ghosts holding lanterns.                              
     Items Needed: Sword, Mirror Shield, Beam of Light                   
     Their Attacks: Poes either set you on fire with their lanterns,     
                      or they posess you if they are lantern-less        
                      (posessing you kills them, but your controls are   
                       opposite for a while).                            
     Evasive Maneuver: To avoid posession, stay away from a              
                                 lanternless Poe, and stay away from     
                                 them to avoid the fire attack.          
     Offensive Maneuver: Stand in a beam of light and reflect it         
                         onto the Poe for a few seconds. The Poe         
                         will become solid and start running around.     
                         Now slice twice with the sword.                 
     Found: Earth Temple                                                 
     Spoils: Rupees, Hearts, etc.                                        

    |                         13. Bokoblins                               |
      Description: Pig-Like things with various weapons.                 
     Items Needed: Any Weapon you have.                                  
     Their Attacks: If they are not armed, they will go for a kick       
                      attack, if the Bokoblin is armed, it will swing    
                      its weapon at you                                  
     Evasive Maneuver: L target Dodges.                                  
     Offensive Maneuver: Use Your Weapon. If it's a sword,simple slashes 
                         will send it to its grave.                      
     Found: Almost everywhere                                            
     Spoils: Joy Pendants. Give them to Mrs. Marie on Windfall Island.   

    |                           14. Moblins                               |
      Description: Large pig monsters. In other words, big               
                          Bokoblins. They carry huge spears and          
                          sometimes lanterns.                            
     Items Needed: You can use any weapon of your choice.                
     Their Attacks: They swing their huge spears at you.                 
     Evasive Maneuver: If you are using the sword, use a                 
                                 parry move, otherwise, use L-targeting  
     Offensive Maneuver: Use your weapon. Fire arrows like crazy,        
                         Slash them like crazy, or use your skull        
                         hammer on them like crazy. Moblins can block,   
                         so be careful.                                  
     Found: Almost everywhere                                            
     Spoils: Skull Necklaces. Give them to Maggies dad on Windfall.      

    |                        15. Red Wizzrobes                            |
      Description: Wizzrobes look like ducks that                        
                          teleport around the room, waving a magic wand. 
     Items Needed: Arrows or Sword.                                      
     Their Attacks: Wizzrobes shoot three fireballs at you,              
                      and teleport somewhere else.                       
     Evasive Maneuver: Move out of the way of the fire balls,            
                                 or use L-target doging as your evasive  
     Offensive Maneuver: You can do three things. You can slash the      
                         Wizzrobe with your sword when it teleports near 
                         you. You can also shoot two arrows at it.       
                         Finally, you can shoot one Fire Arrow at it     
                         for a 1 Hit KO. Take your pick.                 
     Found: Ghostly places, Tower of the Gods.                           
     Spoils: Rupees, Hearts, etc.                                        

    |                     16. Yellow Wizzrobes                            |
      Description: These look like Red Wizzrobes but instead of          
                          having a red coloring, they are yellow.        
     Items Needed: Arrows                                                
     Their Attacks: Yellow Wizzrobes can summon enemies to fight         
                      you such as Moblins, Kargarocs, Morths, and Keese  
                      to fight you. If you kill the enemies it summons,  
                      it does no damage whatsoever to the Wizzrobe.      
                      And aside from their summoning move, they have     
                      the usual triple fire ball attack.                 
     Evasive Maneuver: Use L-targeting dodges to dodge the               
                                 fire balls, and try to avoid the        
                                 suumoned enemies' attacks.              
     Offensive Maneuver: Yellow Wizzrobes are high in the air, so a good 
                         strategy would be to quickly kill all of the    
                         enemies they summon and then attack with arrows 
                         before it summons enemies or teleports.         
     Found: The Wind Temple, Caves                                       
     Spoils: Rupees, Hearts, etc.                                        

    |                         17. Boko Babas                              |
      Description: Before You get close, these look like red             
                          buds in the ground. When you get close, they   
                          jump out at you, licking their lips. Boko Babas
                          look like their tongues are made of bananas.   
     Items Needed: Sword/ Boomerang/ Arrows                              
     Their Attack: Boko Babas attack by biting you with their sharp      
                      teeth, and sometimes even swallowing you!          
     Evasive Maneuver: I find that running behind them works             
                                 well, but after a while of confusion,   
                                 it will turn to you.                    
     Offensive Strategy: Three Slashes with the sword stuns it, and a    
                         fourth blow kills it. Or just L- tartget it,    
                         and throw the boomerang for a 1 Hit KO. Or      
                         fire arrows will make the plant wither in pain  
                         and fall in defeat.                             
     Found: Outside of Forest Haven, inside the Forbidden Woods.         
     Spoils: Boko Baba Seeds, Magic Magic Magic !!!!! Give the Boko Baba 
              Seeds to the Korok in the Forest Haven                     

    |                         18. Peahats                                 |
      Description: Peahats look like buds with a rotating                
                          propeller above their heads.                   
     Items Neded: Boomerang                                              
     Their Attacks: Peahats dive bomb you, slicing you with the          
     Evasive Maneuver: You should just take it down before it            
                                attacks you, but backflipping ( L down A)
                                helps you get away from it.              
     Offensive Maneuver: There are many ways to defeat a Peahat. The     
                         first way is to fan it with the Deku Leaf,      
                         stunning it for a while. Now slash with the     
                         sword. The second way is to hit it with the     
                         Boomerang and slash with the sword OR hit it    
                         again with the Boomerang. Or shoot one arrow of 
                         any kind for a one hit KO.                      
     Found: Forbidden Woods, forest locations                            
     Spoils: Rupees, Hearts, Golden Feather (You can only get this from a 
             Peahat if you grapple it when it is flying. Otherwise, this  
             is extremely hard to get).                                   

    |                        19. Red Chuchus                              |
      Description: Red Chuchus look like blobs of red jelly that         
                          bounce around. For all of you Pokemon players  
                          these are like red Wobofetts.                  
     Items Needed: Sword                                                 
     Their Attacks: They squat down for a moment, then throw themselves  
                      into you, hurting you.                             
     Evasive Maneuver: Your side step dodge is very useful for           
                                 avoiding the blobs.                     
     Offensive Maneuver: Chuchus probably win for the easiest enemy in   
                         the game. Slash with the sword once, and they're
     Found: Dragon Roost Cavern, Many Other Places                       
     Spoils: Red Chu Jelly.Give it to the potions master on Windfall.    

    |                      20. Green Chuchus                              |
     Description: These look identical to Red Chuchus, only green.       
     Items Needed: Sword                                                 
     Their Attacks: The usual squat and leap attack.                     
     Evasive Maneuver: L-Target dodges.                                  
     Offensive Maneuver: Green Chuchus are more on the defensive side    
                         rather than offensive. First, they squish       
                         themselves up so tight that you can not hit them
                         with a sword, inching across the ground. Next,  
                         they come up, squat, and leap. You hit it with  
                         the sword, just before it leaps at you.         
     Found: Forbidden Woods, Many other Places                           
     Spoils: Green Chu Jelly. Give it to the potion master on Windfall.  

    |                    21. Yellow Chuchus                               |
     Description: Yellow Blobs of jelly that seem to be electrified,     
                  that is, they are surrounded by bolts of electricity.  
     Items Needed: Boomerang, Sword                                      
     Their Attacks: Yup, the squat jump attack.                          
     Evasive Maneuver: L-Target dodges                                   
     Offensive Maneuver: These are invinsible with those electrical      
                         waves surrounding it. So use the LBS strategy.  
                         The Boomerang stuns it momentarily, and one     
                         slash with the sword will do it in.             
     Found: Tower of the Gods                                            
     Spoils: Red and Green Chu Jelly. Give it to the potion master on    
              Windfall Island.                                           

    |                        22. Blue Chuchus                             |
     Description: Blue blobs of jelly that are surrounded by electrical  
                  waves. For Pokemon players, this is almost identical to
                  a wobofett.                                            
     Items Needed: Boomerang, Sword                                      
     Their Attacks: As with every Chuchu you will encounter in the game, 
                    a squat leap attack is the Chuchu's move.            
     Evasive Maneuver: L-Target Dodges                                   
     Offensive Maneuver: L-Target it to stop those electrical waves and  
                         run in and slash with the sword.                
     Found: These are probably the rarest enemy in the game. Once you    
            kill a blue Chuchu, it will NEVER come back. These only      
            appear on certain islands of which I do not know. Send in    
            a list of the islands and I'll thank you greatly.            
     Spoils: Blue Chu Jelly. Give fifteen globs of it to the potion guy  
             on Windfall. Sells at 3 rupees a glob on Beedle's Ship.     

    |                        23. Dark Chuchus                             |
     Description: Purple globs of jelly.                                 
     Items Needed: Beam of Light                                         
     Their Attacks: Squat Jump                                           
     Evasive Maneuver: L-Target Dodges                                   
     Offensive Maneuver: The oddest of the Chuchu group. This guy is     
                         invinsible until they become solid. And to do   
                         that, you must shine light onto them. There are 
                         two ways to do this. One way is to L-Target them
                         and put up your mirror shield. Another way is to
                         stand in a beam of light and wait for the Chuchu
                         to get into the beam of light and freeze. Either
                         way, pick up the Chuchu and throw it to defeat  
     Found: Earth Temple                                                 
     Spoils: Rupees, Hearts, Etc.                                        

    |                         24. Kargarocs                               |
     Description: A bird with a dazzling orange and neon green tail.     
     Items Needed: Boomerang or Arrows or Sword.                         
     Their Attacks: A simple peck is a Kargaroc's attack.                
     Evasive Maneuver: Kargarocs are very hard to avoid, so you should   
                       defeat it and not have to deal with dodges.       
     Offensive Maneuver: L-Target it and hit it twice with the boomerang.
                         Or one hit with an arrow will take care of it.  
                         As a challenge, try slashing with the sword.    
     Found: Dragon Roost Island, Birds Peak Rock                         
     Spoils: Golden Feathers. Give 20 of these to the guard inside of    
                              the mail center.                           

    |                          25. Miniblins                              |
     Description: Very annoying little creatures that carry around short 
                  sticks and sound like a horn is being blown when they  
     Items Needed: Any Weapon                                            
     Their Attacks: They stab you with their sticks.                     
     Evasive Maneuvers: Try to keep away from them until you are ready to
     Offensive Maneuver: Slash with the sword, fire an arrow, whatever.  
     Found: All Over, but mostly pirate like Places.                     
     Spoils: Rupees, Hearts, Etc.                                        

    |                       26. Magtails                                  |
     Description: Centipede-like creatures with one blue eye. Enjoy       
                  lava and fire.                                          
     Items Needed: Sword                                                  
     Their Attacks: Magtails stand up fiercely, rear back, and snap you   
                    with their pincers.                                   
     Evasive Maneuver: Do not do a backflip, but try side stepping.       
     Offensive Maneuver: Get your sword out and L-target it. Preform a    
                         parry move by pressing A when the controller     
                         shakes and the A button in the upper right hand  
                         corner of the screen gets squiggly. This will    
                          kill the Magtail. If you want to roll it up into
                          a ball, slash when it is about to attack you.   
                          Now you can place the Magtail on a switch.      
     Found: Volcanos                                                      
     Spoils: Rupees, Hearts, Etc.                                         

    |                    27. Keese / Fire Keese                           |
     Description: The famous bats that flap their wings rapidly,         
     Items Needed: Sword                                                 
     Their Attacks: Keese hover around you for a while, then fly in and  
                    bite you.                                            
     Evasive Maneuvers: Keese are so easy to kill that you should defeat 
                        them quickly. There is no need for dodging. If   
                        Fire Keese set you on fire, run around and roll  
                        (whatever happened to STOP, drop and roll?)      
     Offensive Maneuver: Slash with the sword once. Keese are real push- 
     Found: Keese are found in caves, Fire Keese in volcanos.            
     Spoils:Rupees, Hearts, Etc.                                         

    |                           28. Beamos                                |
     Description: Statues that have a ball orbiting them. An eye comes   
                  out when you get close.                                
     Items Needed: Bombs or Arrows                                       
     Their Attacks: The eye that comes out when you get close shoots a   
                    precise laser out of it.                             
     Evasive Maneuver: Beamos' laser is so precise that running isn't    
                       enough, nor L-target dodges. So shielding is your 
                       only hope of blocking a Beamo's beam.             
     Offensive Maneuver: Pull out a bomb. Wait shortly then time it      
                         right so it explodes right on top of the        
                         orbiting ball. It should explode and kill the   
                         Beamo. Or, if you are quick, shoot an arrow     
                         into the eye to kill it. Also there are two     
                         different kinds of Beamos; red and blue. Red    
                         aim and shoot, their shots following you        
                         around. Blue Beamos are like guards. They shoot 
                         in a straight line when you get close,          
                         preventing you from crossing until it is dead.  
     Found: Tower of the Gods ONLY                                       
     Spoils: N/A                                                         

    |                          29. Gyorgs                                 |
     Description: These look like normal sharks.                         
     Items Needed: A projectile of some kind.                            
     Their Attacks: The shark will either gently try to knock you out of 
                    your boat if your boat is still, or swim ahead of you
                    and ram back at you. If it hits you, you will be     
                    knocked out of your boat.                            
     Evasive Maneuver: If the Shark swims ahead of you, jump by pressing 
                       R when it is charging to avoid this attack.       
                       And if the Shark knocks you gently, put up your   
                       sail and get away.                                
     Offensive Maneuver: Fire an arrow or two or throw the Boomerang     
                         twice to defeat the Shark.                      
     Found: Out on the Great Sea, gather around Shark and Tingle Island. 
     Spoils: Rupees                                                      

    |                           30. Warships                              |
     Description: Small ships that have a gun. These are little,         
                  not enormous ships.                                    
     Items Needed: Bomb Cannon                                           
     Their Attacks: Warships fire cannon balls at you, knocking you out  
                     of your boat if they score a hit.                   
     Evasive Maneuver: A good thing to do is to get as close to the      
                       ship as possible. This makes it so the ship       
                       cannot see you and cannot hit you.                
     Offensive Maneuver: Get up close to the ship as you can to avoid    
                         fire and fire three cannon balls at the Warship.
                         Getting close to the ship avoids fire and gives 
                         you a clear shot at the thing.                  
     Found: Places around the great sea, but places like two eye reef    
            or six eye reef have lots.                                   
     Spoils: A treasure of some kind and Rupees and Hearts               

    |                           31. Big Octos                             |
     Description: Giant Squids with a certain number of eyes.            
     Items Needed: Arrows                                                
     Their Attacks: Giant Squids suck you into a whirlpool and if you get
                    to the center, you die and start somewhere else, so  
                    DON'T DIE!!!                                         
     Evasive Maneuvers: N/A                                              
     Offensive Maneuvers: If you see a flock of seagulls, know that you  
                          are in mortal danger. These mark the spots of  
                          giant squids. To defeat these huge things,     
                          shoot two arrows into each eye. Some           
                          squids have 12, others have 3 eyes. Either     
                          way, the Octo will die when all eyes turn      
     Found: Two Eye Reef, Certain other islands that I do not know of.   
     Spoils: Wether it is a Peice of Heart, a magic upgrade, or 100      
             rupees, these Octos trophies are worth the fight.           

    |                           32. Octorocks                             |
     Description: Small octopuses that like rivers.                      
     Items Needed: Shield or Master Sword                                
     Their Attack: Octorocks shoot a pink-purple ball at you through     
                  their noses.                                           
     Evasive Maneuver: Octorocks have bad aim, so after the ball is fired
                       you can side step dodge effectively.              
     Offensive Maneuver: When the Octorock fires the ball, put up your   
                         shield immediately. This will reflect the ball  
                         back at the Octorock, killing it in one hit.    
                         Alternatively, you could swing the Master Sword 
                         when it comes at you, which will reflect the    
                         ball back.                                      
     Found: Forest Haven, other rivers                                   
     Spoils: Rupees, Hearts, Bombs                                       

    |                           33. Seahats                               |
     Description: Seahats look very much like Peahats only you will find 
                  them flying around the sea.                            
     Items Needed: Arrows or Boomerang                                   
     Their Attack: Seahats dive-bomb you very quickly, knocking you out  
                   of your boat in the process.                          
     Evasive Maneuver: These are hard to evade, so try putting up your   
                       sail to avoid these.                              
     Offensive Maneuver: Fire one arrow or throw the Boomerang twice.    
     Found: Triangle Islands, other places on the great sea.             
     Spoils: Rupees, Hearts, Etc.                                        

    |                            34. Rats                                 |
     Description: These look like normal rats like the ones  you find in 
                  your garage.                                           
     Items Needed: Any item, but the Boomerang works the best.           
     Their Attack: If Rats hit you, they steal your Rupees, annoying     
                   you a lot. Pick them up quickly.                      
     Evasive Maneuver: Rats are so quick, you cannot dodge their         
     Offensive Maneuver: To defeat Rats, L-Target them, and throw the    
                         Boomerang. The Rats are so fast that the        
                         Boomerang is the only thing that is useful      
                         against them.                                   
     Found: Caves                                                        
     Spoils: Rupees, Hearts, Etc.                                        

    |                            35. Re-Deads                             |
     Description: Scary zombies that come out of coffins to attack you.  
     Items Needed: Sword, Beam of Light (Optional)                       
     Their Attack: Redeads scream when you get close to them, so         
                   attacking on your end get really tricky. And if       
                   you get REALLY close, the Redead starts biting you,   
                   making you lose one whole heart.                      
     Evasive Maneuver: It is really impossible to avoid the ear-splitting
                       scream and stay away from them to avoid the bite  
     Offensive Maneuver: If you have a beam of light, stand in it and    
                        reflect light onto it. Now run in and slash      
                         with the sword. If you do not have a beam of    
                         light, get as close as you can and use your     
                         jump attack. Now keep attacking. You can also use
                         the skull hammer and do a jump attack. This stuns
                         it for about a second, so hack away at it then.  
     Found: Earth Temple, Ghostly Places                                 
     Spoils: Rupees, Hearts, Etc.                                        

    |                          36. Floor Masters                          |
      Description: These look like a black hole sucking dust into it.    
                  The hole moves around the floor. When you get close,   
                  a purple hand emerges.                                 
     Items Needed: Arrows                                                
     Their "Attack": Floor Masters grab you and suck you into their hole,
                    sending you to the room that you were last in.       
                     Floor Masters might win the contest for most        
                     annoying enemy in the game.                         
     Evasive Maneuver: There is no avoiding a Floor Master's grab.       
     Offensive Maneuver: I find that you should get close to the Floor   
                         Master, and run away. Now stay a good distance  
                         away from it and L-Target it. Now shoot six 
                         arrows at it. This is the most effective way    
                         to kill a Floor Master.                         
     Found: Earth Temple                                                 
     Spoils: Rupees, Hearts, Etc.                                        

    |                         37. Mothulas                                |
     Description: Ground-dwelling moths that have one green eye. Other   
                  Mothulas have wings.                                   
     Items Needed: Sword                                                 
     Their Attacks: Mothulas have two attacks. One is they ram you with  
                   their heads and the other is to shoot out Morths      
                    to attack you. Flying Mothulas divebomb you.         
     Evasive Maneuver: If the Mothula starts trying to ram you, run      
                       around the room to avoid it. You can't really     
                       dodge the Morth attack, so just live with it.     
     Offensive Maneuver: Slashing the Mothula a few times will kill it.  
                         But Flying Mothulas are much harder. If         
                         you do not have the Boomerang and you are       
                         fighting it, it is tricky. Do jump attacks      
                         with your sword to knock off the Mothula's      
                         wings and then slash with the sword to kill.    
     Found: Mothulas are found in the Forbidden woods and caves,         
            but Flying Mothulas are found only once in the Forbidden     
            woods and in the Savage Labrinth.                            
     Spoils: Rupees, Hearts, Etc.                                        

    |                         38. Mad Piggies                             |
     Description: If you slash a pig on Outset Island or on Windfall      
     Island, it will turn red and start running after you. If it catches  
     you, it will cause LOTS of damage to you, even killing you.          
     Items Needed: Water                                                  
     Their Attacks: The Mad Piggie rams into you.                         
     Evasive Maneuver: Mad Piggies are faster than your run, so roll      
                       around the area to stay away from them.            
     Offensive Maneuver: Run to a pool of water. Now jump into it. The    
                         Mad Piggie will follow you and jump into the     
                         water, soothing it and calming it down.          
     Found: Windfall, Outset                                              
     Spoils: N/A                                                          

    |                          39. Cyclos                                 |

     Description: If you enter a really big cyclone, the evil wind god    
                  Cyclos will appear, dooming you. You can't get out      
                  of the cyclone, so fighting is your only way out.       
                  Cyclos looks like a pink cloud in the top of the        
                  cyclone with a frog sitting on it.                      
     Items Needed: Arrows                                                 
     His Attacks: Cyclos is nice and doesn't attack you, but sucks you    
                  into his cyclone. Get to the middle of it and you       
                  will be in for and unpleasant surprise.                 
     Evasive Maneuver: N/A                                                
     Offensive Maneuver: Shoot two arrows at the pink cloud. Aiming       
                         is extremely hard because you are spinning       
                         around. So aim to the side of Cyclos. You        
                         are timed on this.                               
     Found: Any big cyclone                                               
     Spoils: Compliments and the Ballad of Gales, a song that lets you    
             teleport around the world.                                   

    |                         40. Phantom Ganon                           |

     Description: Phantom Ganon looks like a huge black figure, holding   
                  a black sword.                                          
     Items Needed: Master Sword                                           
     His Attacks: Phantom Ganon can do a multitude of things. For his     
                  first move, he raises a big blue energy ball and        
                  fires it at you. His second move consists of him        
                  raising a red energy ball and throws it at you, which   
                  splits up into about ten small energy balls that home   
                  in on you. His final attack is where he makes about     
                  five copies of himself and make a circle around you.    
                  They take turns slashing at you, and then the Phantom   
                  reveals himself to you. Those are his three attacks.    
     Evasive Maneuver: To dodge his blue ball, just run out of the way of  
                      it. Dodging the red one is much trickier. When      
                      fires it, roll towards Phantom Ganon as fast        
                      as you can, hopefully putting the missles off       
                      course. And for the copy attack, when the           
                      circle starts closing in on you, roll out of the    
                      circle very quickly before they slash you.          
     Offensive Maneuver: To defeat this scary phantom, dodge all of       
                         his attacks until he raises the blue energy      
                         ball above his head. When he fires it at you,    
                         wait until it is about to touch you. Now swing   
                         the sword. It takes a long time to master the    
                         timing so don't worry if you are bad at it.      
                         Anyways, once you swing the sword, it should     
                         reflect it back at Phantom Ganon. Now he         
                         reflects it back at you, you reflect it back     
                         at him for a very long game of tennis. After     
                         like 7 times of reflection, Phantom Ganon        
                         misses and slowly floats down to the ground,     
                         clutching his sword for support. At this point,  
                         run in and slash with the sword a couple of      
                         times and Phantom Ganon will no longer live.     
     Found: Forsaken Fortress (second time) and Ganon's Tower             
     Spoils: None                                                         

    |                           41. Gohma                                 |
     Description: Gohma looks like a very gargantuan magtail-centipede    
                  thing with two enormous pincers and one eye.            
     Arena: You fight Gohma in a lava pit with a skinny piece of land     
            around it. Wooden platforms are all around the walls, and     
            there are pots you can break for hearts if you are low on     
            health. Also, Valoo's tail is hanging from a hole in the      
     Items Needed: Grappling Hook, Sword                                  
     His Attacks: Gohma has a variety of moves. One move is Gohma takes   
                  a swipe at you with his claws, getting it stuck in the  
                  ground in the process. Another attack is for it to      
                  engulf you in flames by shooting fire at you if you     
                  are on a wooden platforms. This boss can also slam      
                  both pincers into the ground trapping you in-between.   
                  When you are trapped there, it charges up a mighty      
                  stream of fire. Also, after you bring the celing down   
                  on it, it will put a celing back up, shooting fire      
                  balls at you as well.                                   
     Evasive Maneuver: Because of the tiny walking space, dodging his     
                       attacks are hard. To dodge the one claw swipe      
                       move, just roll around the room and you should     
                       dodge it. You can't dodge the fire attack, but if  
                       you are on a wooden platform, break the pots for   
                       hearts and jump off. Dodging the two claw trap     
                       is just the same as the one claw swipe-just roll   
                       around. Dodging the fire balls are a bit harder,   
                       because there are many of them. Rolling around     
                       helps, but don't rely on it to dodge them.         
     Offensive Maneuver: Gohma is the first boss, so you only have        
                         three hearts. This makes it very tricky.         
                         The object of the boss is to hit the armoured    
                         eye. But you would need something very strong to 
                         even crack armour that hard. Maybe a stone celing
                         would work. Grapple onto Valoo's tail with the   
                         Grappling Hook. Now swing and jump off. Try to   
                         land on a wooden platform but if you don't that's
                         okay (just don't land in the lava). Right after  
                         you jump off, the celing should come off and     
                         right onto Gohma's exoskeleton, cracking it a    
                         bit. Now repeat the process two more times to    
                         fully remove the armour, exposing its eye. But   
                         there is one problem. Gohma is a bit faster now. 
                         To get the eye over to you so you can slash it,  
                         press L on your controller and press whatever the
                         grappling hook is set to. Doing this should pull 
                         Gohma over to you and its eye should be getting  
                         all googly. At this part, slash the eye like he's
                         Ganondorf. Repeat this process one or two more   
                         times, and, depending on how fast you are with   
                         your sword, Gohma will die. They did a good job  
                         on his death. He starts flailing around, hardens 
                         into stone. So does the lava around him. He now  
                         explodes into teeny tiny pieces. Yay. You beat   
                         the first boss!!!                                
     Found: Dragon Roost Cavern, Ganon's Tower                            
     Spoils: Heart Container

    |                         42. Kalle Demos                             |
     Description: Kalle Demos is a mutated Boko Baba encased inside a     
                  tough bulb. Many vines come out of the bulb. There are  
                  about twenty-five that attach the bulb to the celing and
                  about fifteen other ones that attack you.               
     Arena: You fight this boss in a garden type place with a relaxing    
            blue glow to it. There are small patches of grass that earn   
            you hearts if sliced, but otherwise, this is pretty plain.    
     Items Needed: Boomerang, Sword                                       
     Its Attacks: Kalle Demos has three attacks. One of them is for a     
                  tentacle to start glowing green. After a small charge-up
                  it smacks you. The second attack is where all of the    
                  tentacles bury themselves underground and come up,      
                  striking you. Also, if you are slashing the plant and   
                  you are there when it closes up, you will get damaged.  
     Evasive Maneuver: If a tentacle starts glowing green, you can either 
                       put up your shield to block the attack or you can  
                       run away like a coward. To avoid the underground   
                       move, roll around the room like you are on fire.   
     Offensive Maneuver: This boss keeps you busy attacking and defending.
                         For the first phase, the boss will be hanging    
                         from the celing. Get out your Boomerang and move 
                         it around until you see four or five starbursts. 
                         At this point, let go of the button that the     
                         boomerang is set to. While the boomerang is      
                         cutting the vines, put up your shield with R     
                         to avoid getting slammed by the vines. Repeat the
                         process until the bulb drops onto the floor,     
                         exposing the mutated plant. Run in as quickly as 
                         possible and slash, slash, slash. After a few    
                         seconds, the plant will regain strength and close
                         the bulb, damaging you if you are inside. Repeat 
                         the vine cutting and mutant slashing a few more  
                         times to make Kalle Demos history.               
     Found: Forbidden Woods                                               
     Spoils: Heart Container, Makar                                       

    |                          43. Gohdan                                 |
     Description: Gohdan looks like a really big statue with two floating 
                  hands to keep him company. His hands each have a red eye
                  in them and he has two red eyes himself.                
     Arena: You fight Gohdan in a kind of robotic arena. It has the same  
            neon blue feel to it as Kalle Demos's arena. There are        
            electric fields in the perimeter of the room.                 
     His Attacks: Ghodan's hands can do so many things. Sometimes, they   
                  push you into the electric part, sometimes they smash   
                  you, and other times they work together and do          
                  incredible combos. But Ghodan doesn't only rely on      
                  hands. If his hands are disabled, he will charge up a   
                  stream of fire and rapidly shoot it at you.             
     Evasive Maneuver: If the hand tries to push you off of the platform, 
                       run to the wrist of the hand and out of the path.  
                       Rolling around dodges the other attacks. If you are
                       thrown into the electric fields, run as quickly as 
                       you can up back onto the stage before Link becomes 
                       fried. If the head starts charging up fire, roll   
                       towards the head and around the room.              
     Offensive Maneuver: First, take out the hands by shooting two arrows 
                         into them. Now the head's eyes will open. Shoot  
                         as many arrows as you can into the eyes. Once    
                         both eyes have been shot enough, the head will   
                         be paralyzed and drop to the ground. Now throw   
                         a bomb into the mouth. Three bombs in the mouth  
                         will doom this boss forever. Oh, and if you run  
                         out of arrows or bombs, the head will sneeze out 
                         arrows or bombs (snot arrows?)                   
     Found: Tower of the Gods                                             
     Spoils: Heart Container

    |                          44. Helmaroc King                          |
     Description: This looks like a giant Kargaroc wearing a mask.        
     Arena: For the first arena, you are in a room filling up with water, 
            and your job is to ROLL to the top. Ignore the Bokoblins in   
            the pots, and make it up FAST. For the second arena, you are  
            on top of the Forsaken Fortress on a flat platform, with      
            spikes surrounding it.                                        
     Items Needed: Master Sword, Skull Hammer                             
     His Attacks: The Helmaroc King has a few attacks. For one, he lands  
                  on the ground, rears back, and pecks you. Sometimes, he 
                  flaps his wings and tries to blow you into the spikes.  
                  And most of the time, he flies around and rakes his     
                  claws around the arena, pushing you into the spikes.    
     Evasive Maneuver: When the Helmaroc King lands, L-target it.         
                       When Its beak is COMING AT YOU press sideways+A    
                       to do a sidestep dodge. Dodge the claw raking      
                       as you would a push from Gohdan's hand (see above).
                       And for the gust, put on the Iron Boots if you have
                       them or run into the wind.                         
     Offensive Maneuver: When the Helmaroc King lands and pecks, dodge    
                         that and take out your skull hammer. Bash the    
                         King's mask. Do this four more times to break    
                         the mask off completely, showing off his ugly    
                         side. Now repeat the process, but instead of     
                         smashing him with the Skull Hammer, slash with   
                         the Sword. Do this a couple more times, and you  
                         will not have to fight him ever again.           
     Found: Forsaken Fortress (second time)                               
     Spoils: Heart Container                                              

    |                        45. Jalhalla                                 |
     Description: A giant Poe wearing a mask. Carries a strange lantern.  
     Arena: You fight him in a mysterious room with spikes on the walls.  
            There are beams of light in the room, but they move around    
            sometimes. There are also skulls littered about the arena.    
     Items Needed: Mirror Shield, Beam of Light, Hurricane Spin (rec.),   
                   Power Bracelets                                        
     His Attacks: The Poe has two attacks. After it puts itself together  
                  again (see offensive maneuver), it will suck up the     
                  skulls and spin around shooting fire everywhere. Also,  
                  the Poe likes to belly-flop on top of you, messing up   
                  your controls for a while. Sometimes, he just fires     
                  fire balls at you.                                      
     Evasive Maneuver: All of Jalhalla's attacks can be avoided by shining
                       a bit of light on him, stopping him in his tracks. 
                       But rolling around dodges the fire attacks and     
                       light shining "dodges" the belly flop.             
     Offensive Maneuver: A very easy boss IMO. To defeat him, shine light 
                         onto him for three seconds or so. This is'nt hard
                         because he is huge and such an easy target. After
                         you shine light on him, he will become solid and 
                         drop onto the floor, dazed. Now pick him up and  
                         throw him into the spikes on the wall, spliting  
                         him up into about twenty normal Poes. Now charge 
                         up the mighty Hurricane Spin and release it on   
                         the Poes. Repeat the process until there are no  
                         Poes left, then Jalhalla will be defeated.       
     Found: Earth Temple, Ganon's Tower                                   
     Spoils: Heart Container, a bit of the Master Sword's power back.     

    |                           46. Molgera                               |
     Description: Molgera looks like a giant sandworm / giant sanddragon. 
     Arena: You fight this boss in a sand pit, nothing special in this    
     Items Needed: Hookshot, Sword                                        
     Her Attacks: Molgera swallows you, depleting your health by two      
                  hearts. Yes, TWO hearts. So don't get swallowed. Molgera
                  also spits out some baby worms to attack you. And       
                  occasionaly she jumps out of the sand and dive-bombs    
     Evasive Maneuver: If the sand turns dark around you, get out of there
                       FAST because Molgera is going to come up right     
                       there and swallow you. The babies don't attack you,
                       so ignore them. And roll around in circles to avoid
                       the dive-bomb attack.                              
     Offensive Maneuver: When Molgera comes up out of the ground, it will 
                         open its mouth and wave its tongue around. L-    
                         target the tongue and Hookshot it. Now slash with
                         the sword a couple of times to cause damage.     
                         Just keep doing this and the worm will dry up and
     Found: Wind Temple, Ganon's Tower                                    
     Spoils: Heart Container, Master Sword's full power.                  

    |                         47. Puppet Ganon                            |
     Description: This boss has three phases. One looks like a normal     
                  puppet, the second a spider, and the third looks like   
                  a snake. Has a blue ball for a tail.                    
     Arena: Puppet Ganon is fought in a pool of shallow water. There are  
            some Hookshot-able platforms with pots, but that's it.        
     Items Needed: Light Arrows, Magic, Boomerang, Sword                  
     His Attacks: In his first phase, he punches you, in the second one,  
                  he body slams you, and for the third one, he slides over
     Evasive Maneuver: Sidestep dodges dodge the puch well. Adjusting the 
                       camera angle and running out of the way helps not  
                       to be squashed. And he moves so fast in the third  
                       phase that dodging is pretty much impossible.      
     Offensive Maneuver:                                                  
                   Phase one: Cut down all five blue strings that hold    
                              the puppet up to immobolize it and shoot    
                              a light arrow into the tail. Repeat twice.  
                   Phase two: Adjust the camera so you can see the        
                              reflection of him in the water. He should   
                              be spinning around. When he stops, look     
                              to see where the tail is. Run close to that 
                              spot, but be careful to be sure that he     
                              won't land on you. Now shoot a light arrow  
                              into the tail. Repeat two more times.       
                   Phase three: Slash the head with the sword to stun for 
                                about one second. In this one second shoot
                                a light arrow into the tail. Repeat twice.
     Found: Ganon's Tower                                                 
     Spoils: None                                                         

    |                           48. Ganon                                 |
     Description: Do I really have to give a description?! Ganondorf looks
                  like a green faced man wearing a black cape. He holds   
                  two swords.                                             
     Arena: You fight Ganon on top of Ganon's Tower. The whole place is   
            filling with water and if you touch the perimeter of the      
            circular room, you get hurt. That is all, oh and bring A LOT  
            of Fairies and Elixir Soup!                                   
     Items Needed: Sword, Mirror Shield                                   
     His Attacks: Ganondorf does a sword combo that has one slash with one
                  sword, a block with the next sword, then he twirls      
                  around and jumps in the air, making an X with the       
                  swords. Also, he does a kick. His moves are sooooooooooo
     Evasive Maneuver: I sort of found that if you hookshot him while he  
                       is comboing, he will do a block and that saves you 
                       because if he was about to hit you, he would block 
                       instead. His kick comes out of nowhere, so unless  
                       you are psychic, you won't be able to evade this.  
     Offensive Maneuver:                                                  
              Phase one: Zelda is shooting light arrows at Ganondorf.     
                         This stuns him momentarily, giving you a tiny    
                         chance to slash. After a few rounds of this,     
                         Ganon will slap Zelda, knocking her out.         
              Phase two: Zelda is "sleeping" and Ganon is trying to kill  
                         you. The only way to get her to wake up is to    
                         get in a few hits. But with Ganon's blocking     
                         ability, that is impossible. There are two ways  
                         to get in a few hits. One is to do a parry when  
                         he does his jump move, but this almost never     
                         works, but try it. The next way is to slash him  
                         when he starts laughing maniacly. He does this   
                         occasionaly after he does a combo.               
              Phase three: Zelda wakes up. She tries to shoot Ganon with  
                           arrows, but Ganon does a super-cool dodge every
                           time. So she starts shooting light arrows at   
                           you. Your job is to reflect them off of your   
                           Mirror Shield, stunning Ganon for a short      
                           period of time. In this short period of time,  
                           you must slash Ganondorf. Keep on doing this,  
                           and you will beat the game.                    
     Found: Ganon's Tower                                                 
     Spoils: An Awesome Cutscene                                          

    |                   49. Fighting Strategies                           |
     Here are some of the best fighting strategies that people use a lot.
         Main Fighting Strategy = L target, throw boomerang, slash with   
     We will call this strategy the LBS (L target, Boomerang, Sword) and  
     will be reffered to as LBS for the rest of the FAQ. You must         
     have fast fingers to do LBS. It's almost like you press L, Y, and B  
     at the same time ( My boomerang is always set to Y).                 
     Like I said, this is a main strategy. The LBS does not work with     
     every enemy that you will face. In the first place, it works for     
      enemies that are weak against the boomerang and sword . Enemies     
     like Poes, Wizzrobes, Darknuts, and Blue Bubbles will need           
     different strategies to defeat. 

                Other Strategy = Isolate Until They're Gone
     This works for groups of enemies. It says that if you get surrounded
     with enemies run away from the pack and somehow lure one or two of
     the enemy towards you. Dispose of the isolated enemy then lure 
     another one away and kill it. I use this one a lot.

                Other Strategy = Stun and Run

     Another great way to deal with small groups of two or three. For 
     instance, if you were fighting two Moblins and you felt a little 
     crowded, throw the Boomerang at one Moblin, then run away to the
     other Moblin and get in a few hits. When the Moblin you just stuns
     gets back up and runs towards you, stun the one that you just hit.
     Now get in a few hits on the other one and so on.

    |                         50. Grappling, a closer look                |
     As you (hopefully) know, if you L-target an enemy and grapple them, 
     you get their spoils and other things like Rupees, Hearts, Magic, and
     other things. But as you've (hopefully) noticed, certain things can 
     be grappled an amount of times. I have provided a list of the enemy, 
     how many times it can be grappled, and what you get from them.

     Armos Knights-0-N/A
     Moblin-5-Skull Necklaces, Magic, LOTS of Rupees, Hearts
     Darknut-5-Knight's Crest, Rupees, Hearts
     Peahts-3-Golden Feather, Rupees
     Boko Babas-3-Boko Baba Seeds, LOTS of Magic
     Chuchus-1-Chu Jelly
     Flying Mothulas-5(I think)-Golden Feathers, Hearts, Rupees
     Re-Deads-5-LOTS of Rupees and occasional hearts
     Keese-0-Grappling them kills them, so you get the normal spoils.
     I'm still fiddling around with how many times you can grapple things,
     and what you get when you grapple them, so it will rapidly update.
     Send stuff in to speed up the process a lot.

    |                        51. Test Your Strength                       |
     Any well-trained warrior loves battling their way through the 
                            SAVAGE LABYRINTH.
     Sound scary? Well, it isn't. It's just 50 floors of solid enemies,
     From Chuchus to Stalfoses to Darknuts to Mothulas to... You get the
     picture. But where is the Savage Labyrinth? Savage Island? Wrong.
     The Savage Labryinth lies on the very island your were born on.
                                   Outset Island.
     Please please please note that you will NOT get a single spoil from
     any enemy (yes that means hearts). But as most people don't realize,
     you can grapple enemies for hearts. The programmers were smart though
     and made it so hearts are rare when you grapple things. So come with
     at least a bottle of Elixir Soup and a Blue Potion. Most people say 
     this is hard to scare people but let me tell you now-the Savage 
     Labyrinth is not hard at all (if you've read my enemy guide).
     Items Needed: Power Bracelets, Deku Leaf
     Items Reccommended: 3 or more bottles; one with Elixir Soup, one with
                         a blue potion, and the rest with fairies. Master 
                         Sword, Grappling Hook, Boomerang, Deku Leaf, 
                         Bombs, Arrows, Skull Hammer, Mirror Shield, 
                         Hookshot, Fire and Ice Arrows, Wind Waker.
     Found: You know how you saved Tetra at the Forest of the Fairies?
            Well, go over to the bridge you crossed and turn around.
            You should see an elevated hill with three rocks on it and 
            some trees. Climb up here and change the wind direction to 
            the west. Now whip out your telescope and look around. Focus
            onto a hill with a face on it. There should be a tree next to
            it. This is your target. Jump off of the rock and float to the
            rock using your Deku Leaf. If you have a double magic meter, 
            you'll be fine, if you don't, you'll barely make it. Cut the
            patch of grass to refill your magic meter, then pick up the
            gargantuan rock and throw it away. Drop down the hole left 
            behind. This is the Savage Labyrinth.
            ***NOTE*** You can alternatively Hookshot to the palm tree
                       Behind your house. I highly reccommend this because
                       you don't waste any magic and it is very quick. 
                       But, if you aren't that far in the game and you 
                       don't have the Hookshot, do the normal route.
            Floors: #1-A "rest stop". It has a pot with three fairies,
                    a hole, and an exit, just in case you came by mistake.
                    #2-10 Keese. Rather than slashing like mad at
                      the noisy bats, when a swarm comes to you press L
                      and throw  the boomerang. After you throw it, 
                      release L, wait until that Keese dies, then L-target
                      another, throw the Boomerang and so on. Once all of
                      the Keese have been killed in some way, the ring of
                      fire that was blocking a hole dissapears, just 
                      waiting for you to fall down it.
                    #3-6 Miniblins. I slash like crazy. They do attack in
                       swarms so do a spin attack if it gets crowded. But
                       its only six Miniblins, what could go wrong?
                    #4-4 Bokoblins with Boko Sticks. Just do the normal
                    #5-6 Red Chuchus. Get their Chu Jelly, then defeat 
                       them any way you like.
                    #6-4 Magtails. Do a parry slash to kill them 
                       instantly, because you don't need to place them on
                    #7-4 Keese and 4 Miniblins. Take out the Keese first
                       to avoid being slaughtered by the Miniblins.
                    #8-A lava-themed room. 4 Fire Keese, 2 Magtails. You
                       need room to take care of Magtails, so dispose of
                       the Fire Keese to make your parrying a lot easier.
                    #9-Another fiery room with 4 Bokoblins with flaming
                       Boko Sticks and 2 fire Keese. Take out the Fire
                       Keese first, then the Bokoblins.
                    #10-2 Moblins. Throw the Boomerang at both of the
                        Moblins then grapple them for hearts, just for
                        some extra steam. Now throw the Boomerang again
                        and slash them, although the Skull Hammer is
                        powerful than any other weapon, so consider using
                    #11-A "rest stop." If you need hearts (Hopefully not),
                        the small pots contain refills. If you just want
                        Rupees, the big pots will shower out purple, red,
                        even orange Rupees when broken. You can get both
                        kinds of pots. Also, there is an exit to the first
                        floor in each rest stop.
                    #12-6 Peahats. If you aren't to good at fighting, this
                        is a little tough because Peahats are coming at 
                        you from all sides. To avoid being surrounded,
                        run away from the pack and lure a Peahat toward 
                        you, isolating it. Now do the Boomerang twice 
                        method to kill it. Keep isolating Peahats until 
                        they're gone.
                    #13-4 Green Chuchus. To prevent yourself from being 
                        annoyed by them, stun them first THEN slash with
                        the sword. Also, grapple them for Green Chu Jelly.
                    #14-5 Boko Babas. Here's what to do. L-Target, Grapple
                        them, throw Boomerang. Repeat until there are no
                        more Boko Babas.
                    #15-4 Bokoblins with shields and swords. Grappling 
                        enemies with shields is extra hard because they 
                        will always block your grappling hook. The only 
                        way to grapple them is to wait until they are 
                        about to attack,  which leaves them vulnerable. 
                        Quickly grapple them and get your Joy Pendant or
                        Heart. Then, kill them with your weapon.
                    #16-5 Mothulas. Do the isolation strategy to deal 
                        with them, because things can get really crowded
                        with Mothulas. I do reccommend slashing like mad 
                        if you are in a tight situation.
                    #17-3 Peahats and 3 Boko Babas. A Boko Baba and 2
                        or 3 Peahats start out right next to you, so
                        run away from the pack and kill a few Peahats
                        before moving on to the stationary Boko Babas.
                    #18-You face 4 Bokoblins and 4 Green Chuchus. Using
                        the LBS really helps for both enemies because the
                        Chuchus don't hide and the Bokoblins don't attack.
                        I suggest killing the wild Bokoblins first and 
                        move on to the calmer Chuchus.
                    #19-2 Bokoblins and 3 Mothulas challenge you. I find
                        this floor quite tough for beginners so use any
                        fighting strategy you have to defeat them.
                    #20-2 Flying Mothulas. You've faced one before in the
                        Forbidden Woods. Use Fire or Ice arrows to 
                        1-Hit KO them easily. Sometimes even the arrow 
                        will hit both of them at once and KO both.
                    #21-A "rest stop". Now you only have three refill
                        pots and the two Ruppe Pots.
                    #22-3 Red Wizzrobes. If you are bored, smash them with
                        the Skull Hammer to get a guarrunteed laugh out
                        of you. Or to a jump attack with the sword for a
                        quick kill. If the Wizzrobe is shy and is up in 
                        the sky, use two normal arrows or a fire arrow to
                        kill it.
                    #23-4 Armoses. Shoot Arrows into their eyes and slash
                        their backs to kill them.
                    #24-2 Armos Knights and some bomb flowers scattered 
                        across the floor. Don't use the Bomb Flowers
                        as they blow up quickly. Use your bombs because 
                        they don't blow up as quick.
                    #25-6 yellow Chuchus in pots. Use your Boomerang to
                        break open 2 or 3 pots. Now stun the Yellow  
                        Chuchus and slash them. Break open some more pots
                        and kill the Chuchus. Do this to only have to deal
                        with a few Chuchus at a time.
                    #26-4 red Bubbles. Either fan them with the Deku Leaf
                        or just slash them. Either one works.
                    #27-2 Bokoblins and a Darknut with no shield. When you
                        enter the room, just stand where you are and snipe
                        the Bokoblins with arrows or bombs. Then take out
                        the Darknut.
                    #28-3 Armoses and 1 Red Wizzrobe guard this floor. You
                        will get pounded if you don't take out the 
                        Wizzrobe first. It's just to tricky dodging 
                        fireballs and slashing other things on peoples'
                    #29-Two Armos Knights and two Red Bubbles. I highly
                        reccommend to snipe the skulls from a distance 
                        with arrows before going anywhere or doing 
                        anything. I mean who doesn't like being able to
                        defeat enemies without them knowing what hit them?
                    #30-2 Darknuts with bucklers (small round shields).
                    #31-An exit, some pots and a wind crest. This time you
                        only get two refill pots, and two Rupee Pots. On
                        the wind crest, play the wind's requeium to make
                        a treasure chest appear contaning a triforce 
                        chart, required to beat the game. Get the chart
                        and stand in one of the two light beams. Using the
                        Mirror Shield, reflect light onto an elephant 
                        statue for a few seconds. Desinagrating it reveals
                        a hole, leading you down the rest of this horrible
                    #32-6 Re-Deads. Do a jump attack with the skull hammer
                        and hack away with the sword. Try not to have more
                        than one Re-Dead screaming at you, because then 
                        things get tricky.
                    #33-4 Blue Bubbles. You can either hookshot them and
                        slash them, or fan them with the Deku Leaf and
                        slash them. Or snipe them with arrows before they
                        come up to attack you.
                    #34-6 Dark Chuchus are patrolling this floor. Note the
                        beam of light in the room. Stand in the beam of 
                        light and shine light on a few of the Chuchus. Now
                        hammer away at their stone bodies.
                    #35-5 Poes. Shine light on them using the light beam
                        to make them solid, then slash them like mad with 
                        your sword.
                    #36-3 Flying Mothulas. Use a fire or ice arrow to kill
                        them instantly.
                    #37-2 Moblins, 3 Re-Deads. Take out the Re-Deads 
                        first, then do the normal stuff with Moblins.
                    #38-5 Dark Chuchus and a Flying Mothula. Destroy the
                        Flying Mothula first, then kill the Chuchus.
                    #39-2 Moblins and 5 Poes. Kill the Moblins first to 
                        make things a lot easier.
                    #40-4 Blue Bubbles and 2 Stalfoses. You will lose A 
                        LOT of hearts if you don't kill the Blue Bubbles 
                        first, so kill the Blue Bubbles as soon as 
                    #41-A "rest stop". This time you have NO refill pots,
                        and 6 Rupee pots. You will become EXTREMELY rich
                        after this floor.
                    #42-25 Miniblins. Use either the Hurricane Spin, or
                        a normal spin attack if you are low on magic. A
                        spin attack clears about 8, but a Hurricane Spin
                        kills a great deal of them.
                    #43-A TON of red, green, and yellow Chuchus all in a
                        circle. They appear when you walk in the middle of
                        the room. There are two strategies that are 
                        specifically for this floor. One is to slam the 
                        Skull Hammer to stun them all, giving you a chance
                        to kill some Chuchus. Another one is to set a bomb
                        in the middle of the circle. After you set it  
                        there, go in the corner of the room and charge up 
                        a Hurricane Spin. When the bomb blows up, release
                        B and kill all of the Chuchus easily.
                    #44-There lies a Skull Hammer switch in the middle of 
                        the room. Hammer it down and you come across 5
                        Red Wizzrobes. Use the Skull Hammer to 1-Hit KO 
                        the ones on the ground, and fire arrows for the 
                        ones levatating in the air.
                    #45-25 Bokoblins. Just lock onto one and mash the B
                        button for pleasing results. DO NOT grapple the
                        Bokoblins because the other Bokoblins will start
                        attacking you before you can get your heart.
                    #46-4 Re-Deads and 2 Stalfoses. If you are low on 
                        hearts, this is THE place to get them, as the
                        enemies on this floor move slowly or don't move
                        at all, which makes them ideal grappling targets.
                        And, because they don't have spoils, there is a 
                        much higher chance of getting hearts. After you
                        are close to full on your hearts, defeat the Re-
                        Deads first, then do your business with the 
                    #47-There are golden columns in this room that hurt
                        you if they fall on you. Aside from these, there
                        are 3 Moblins and 2 Darknuts. Darknuts are a 
                        hassle, so kill the Moblins first.
                    #48-3 Wizzrobes and 2 Darknuts with bucklers. Kill the
                        Red Wizzrobes first and then the Darknuts.
                    #49-3 Stalfoses and Bomb Flowers scattered all over 
                        the floor. For once, the Savage Labyrinth is on
                        your side; the Stalfoses blow themselves up by 
                        hitting a Bomb Flower and blowing up. At this 
                        point, Boomerang the head and smash with the Skull
                        Hammer. Repeat until all of the Stalfoses are 
                    #50-This is the great fight you've been waiting for :
                                     LINK VS. 4 DARKNUTS!!! (and some
                                     flame shooting statues on the wall)

                        Use the Hurricane Spin to get the armour off,
                        then another one to damage it.
                    #51-Congratulations on beating the Savage Labyrinth!!!
                        Walk up to the treasure chest and claim your prize
                                   A PEICE OF HEART!!!
                        Now you can walk up to your friend and say "I beat
                        the Savage Labyrinth!!!".    

    |                    52. Frequently Asked Questions                   |
                   Questions asked by FAQ readers like you.

     Q: How do I kill Cyclos?
     A: Shoot him down with arrows. This is easier said than done. Try
        aiming to the side of him and fire like mad. Three hits will
        calm the Wind God down.

     Q: Help me to get past the ?????? Dungeon.
     A: Uhhhh... you must've clicked on the wrong FAQ or something. Go
        to a FAQ/Walkthrough to get the help you need.

    |             53. Special Thanks / Contact Info                       |

     -OK first of all, I have to thank Hank Wikle for taking the time    
        to proofread this FAQ and making sure it was in tip-top shape     
        before I posted it. So I just have to say:                        
     -I have no idea who to thank because my e-mail got flooded with 
      messages saying "Sharks are called Gyorgs!!!!" My mistake. So
      thanks all of you people.

     You can get your name on here too if you see anything wrong with the
     FAQ or have any suggestions. Just email me at                       
     NOTE: If you are e-mailing me, be SURE that the question isn't 
           answered in the FAQ. I have recently been getting things like
           "How do you kill Peahats" or "What do you have to kill Cyclos
           with". And if you are informing me on grammar (which I really
           need), try to send in at least 4 or 5 mistakes because I'm
           not going to take the time to re-send an FAQ just because I  
           need to fix one grammar mistake. 

    |                              54. End                                |
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