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I like helping people and what better way to do it than wright an FAQ section? Although you are free to E-mail me whenever you need to, make sure you mail me with all your questions at once rather than one a day. You should find any help you need here so check here every so often & you may not need to E-mail me!

Here are some questions I am most frequently asked. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

#1 Where do I get the Kokiri sword?

Left of your treehouse is the forest training ground. Walk through the maze of fences to the mountainside. There's a small tunnel there called the maze of Z, enter it. Inside avoid the giant boulder rolling around the ailes. Because it runs around a circular track, you can follow it safely to the little niche with a big chest. Inside you will find the Kokiri sword. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

#2 Where is the Deku shield?

You can't find the shield you have to buy it for 40 rupees. This means you need some cash! Here are some methods on earning Rupees, Perform a variety of jumps & attacks the guy at the forest training ground requested and you'll get a blue and green Rupee.

Look for a blue Rupee in the area behind the hole of Z

Jump on the three blocks across the pond and you should become happier with a blue Rupee to add to your earnings.

Next to the booth in the Kokiri shop is a blue Rupee.

Look in Mido's house for three blue Rupees & a green one.

Walk across the bridge at the top of Saria's house to find 1 blue R.

Cut any patches of grass and throw rocks at walls! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

#3 How do I kill Gohma in the Deku tree?

Wait for the creatures eye to turn red then stun her with a Deku seed from your Fairy slingshot. Then move in & attack the eye with your sword. After being hit Gohma climbs up the wall and hangs on the ceiling before dropping her eggs. Destroy these and she will drop back down, attack in the same way you did before. Repeat this process until the Parasitic Armored Arachnid is deafeted.


#4 Where do I go after finishing the Deku tree?

Well it's time to leave Kokiri forest! Make your way out where Mido used to block your way and you'll meet Saria who will give you the Fairy Ocarina! Carry on out and speak to the owl. Once in Hyrule field head east to the castle (you should be able to see it). Enter the market and speak to the girl on the path to the castle. She is looking for her father who was last seen delivering milk to the castle. Head towards the castle & you'll see the girl again this time she gives you an egg. Go up the vines on the wall and sneak through to the castle (this can be difficult- see walkthrough) just outside the castle you will meet Talon the girls father, use the chicken that should have hatched from the egg you had to wake him. Now you have to get into the castle courtyard. (see walkthrough)


#5 Where do I learn Epona's song?

After you have meet Zelda & left Hyrule castle make your way to Lon Lon ranch. Here you will see Malon again in the middle of the coral with a small horse who seems to want to get as far away from you as possible! Speak to Malon and take out your Ocarina, she will now teach you Epona's song.


#6 Navi keeps telling me to see Saria, but where is she?

Head back to Kokiri forest, the people here will tell you Saria is in the usual meeting place. Well make your to the Lost woods, here you should here music coming from the depths of the forest. Go through each black 'doorway' that you here music coming from. At the end you will be in the Sacred forest meadow & to open the gates ahead you will have to defeat the Wolfos that comes out of nowhwere. Just wait until it spins around and hit it while it's guard is down. Afterwards enter the maze there are loads of mad scrubs just deflect their attacks with your shield. Make you way throught the maze & you'll meet Saria who will teach you Saria's song!


#7 In Goron city where is big brother?

On the lowest floor there is a rug infront of one of the doors, play Zelda's lullaby on it and the door infront of it will open. Inside Big brother (Darunia) will ask you to play him a song something green from the forest. Well what better than Saria's song! After Darunia stops dancing he will give you the Goron's bracelet! Now you can pick up those bomb plants around the city! Note: You still can't buy bombs in shops like Bazzar until you get th bomb bag.


#8 How do I enter Dodongo's cavern?

Go to the left before Goron city and you'll see a Goron sitting next to a bomb plant. Pick up the bomb (you must have the Goron bracelet) & throw it over the edge. It will explode causing the rocks blocking the cavern to dissapear!


#9 How do I kill that king Dodongo? I just can't finish him off!

Before the great beast breathes his fire breath throw a bomb into his open gob. Then when he stunned run up close and give him a good thrashing with your sword. After doing this the monster rolls up into a ball & chases after you. Keep a fair distance and once he stops turn around and repeat the process.


#10 Should I buy some of those beans the small man at Zora's river is offering?

By all means yes! But make sure you have a fair amount of cash before purchasing any. Remember those little patches of dirt you've seen around Hyrule, well that's were you plant them! (see the 'other' section below)


#11 I've got into Zora's fountain, but I can't enter Jabu Jabu's belly!

Well you should have at least 1 bottle by now right? Go back into Zora's domain. To the right of the shop should be some shallow water. You'll notice lots of small fish swimming around and guess what! Catch one in your bottle. Go back to Zora's fountain and drop the fish infront of Jabu Jabu as an offering. His mouth should open up and swallow the fish and you!


#12 Who do I sell the bunny mask to?

At night make your outside to Hyrule field. Somewhere behind the back of Lon Lon ranch should be a man running around trying to catch rabbits. Wait for him to stop & rest, when he does this speak to him wearing the mask and he'll pay you a crazy amount of cash for it!


#13 After collecting the last spiritual stone, where do I go?

Make your way to Hyrule castle. Outside you will bump into Ganon & a short story sequence will take place. After which you should go into the Temple of Time, place the 3 spiritual stones on the altar and play the song of time on your new Ocarina of time! Lift the mastersword out of the stone and travel foward in time 7 yrs & well you'll soon know if you've got this far!


#14 Where do I get the hookshot?

Go to Kakariko graveyard. As you enter, there is a grave to the left next to the magic bean spot (the one with the flowers infront of it) pull it back and drop down into the grave. There you'll meet the dead Dampe. He will challenge to a race around his crypt. You don't have to beat him, just keep up whith him. At the end he will give you the hookshot. If you return here later in the game & get to the end in under 1min he'll give you a piece of heart.


#15 In the forest temple there is a room with blocks on the ceiling what should I do?

See the picture with the green Poe on? Well shoot it with an arrow and the blocks should fall to the floor. You have a limited amount of time to arrange the blocks so they match the picture. There is one bogus block that is just there to confuss you. If you run out of time you can start again & 10 seconds will be added to the clock. Just keep trying and you should finally crack it!


#16 In the forest temple I can't get the Fairy bow, Where is it?

Reach the room with the single Stalfos in (at first- see walk through) and the hole in the middle. After defeating the lone Stalfos two more pop up, make sure after you kill one that you kill the other quickly before the other one re-joins the fight. After killing all three a large chest will materialise inthe middle of the room. Open it up and receive the Fairy bow!


#17 Evil spirit from beyond: Phantom Ganon keeps shooting energy balls at me, what do I do?

This is one that a lot of people become stumbled by. When Ganon shoots the ball of energy at you knock it back at him & see how he likes it! You'll notice that he falls to the floor and stays there for several seconds, while he's in this position run up and give him a good beating with your sword. Repeat this several times and you will defeat the evil one!


#18 How do I get to the fire temple?

First of all you need some clothing that will protect you from extreme heat. So make your way to Goron city. Remember that huge Goron that was rolling around on the middle floor? Well return to were he was & you'll notice another smaller Goron rolling around the room. Stop him by using a bomb and speak to him. After a long conversation he'll give you the Goron tunic. Now make your way to Darunia's chamber and pull back the statue that he used to stand infront of. You've found a secret passageway into Death mountain crater! The bridge infront is broken so use your hookshot to grab onto the wooden beam and make your way over the bridge. Walk foward a short distance & Sheik will appear and teach you the Bolero of fire. Now carry on and you will find the fire temple!


#19 In the Fire temple, how do I kill those slug things that are on fire?

The creature in question is a Torch Slug. If you get close it will begin to chase after you on the attack. To kill these anoying bugs, pull out your Fairy bow and shoot it. Then run towards it & slash it with your sword and the little buggar is toast!


#20 Where are the Zora tunic & Iron boots?

O.K, make your way to Zora's fountain. On your way you'll notice that King Zora is trapped in a huge ice- cube! Din's fire wont melt the ice so you need something else. Carry on into Zora's fountain, inside make your way to the left by hoping across the iceberg's one by one. Once in the ice cavern make your way through the rooms (see walkthrough) until you see what looks like blue fire. Catch some in a bottle & you'll find the fire has a refreshing cooling affect. Make sure you fill all your bottles with the blue fire. Continue through the cavern until you enter a room that has a single Wolfos in it. It should be pretty easy to defeat, afterwards a chest will materialise in the center of the room. Open it up and you have the handy Iron boots! Don't put them on yet or they will weight you down. now leave the cavern & return to King Zora, open a bottle of that refreshing fire near him and he will begin to thaw! Once he's totally defrosted he'll give you the Zora tunic. Warning: A lot of people put the Iron boots on & enter the water forgetting to put the Zora tunic on. Don't! You may loose a lot of life!


#21 I have everything I need to enter the water temple but I can't open it up!

Even though you can't use your sword under water you can use your hookshot. So, see that green jewel above the portcullis? Well you guessed it! Hit it with the Hookshot! Now you can enter the temple freely.


#22 In the water temple how do I lower or raise th water level?

As princess Ruto points out there are three places in the temple where you change the water level. You'll notice these as they are a big grey inscriptions on the wall with the Triforce symbol on. When you locate these stand infront of them and play Zelda's lullaby and the water level of the temple will change.


#23 How do I defeat Dark Link?

Easy, all you have to do is smash him with the Megaton Hammer. Or cheese him with Din's Fire. He doesn't attack you! Not once! Just dont z-target him.


#24 How do I kill Morpha?

O.K don't stand on the blocks in the middle of the water, just stay on the outside. When you hear the water bubbling it's time to run! Circle around the arena until you see Morpha's nucleus in the water trendils (the big long blue things) then pull out the longshot & Z target it. Pull it towards you. Once it is close enougth slash it whith your sword. He should be beaten after repeating this 7 times.


How do I get into the bottom of the well?

O.K as adult Link go into the windmill and speak to the man inside. Show him your Ocarina and he'll tell you about a boy who 7 years ago flooded the well. Although he is furious he'll teach you the song of Storms. Travel back in time and go back to the windmill play the song inside and the well will dry up letting you climb down and enter the bottom of the well.


#25 How do you kill the Dead hand in the Shadow temple?

You'll see a load of arms sticking out of the ground. If you have the lense of truth you can see a dark spot where you can put a bomb down and bring the monsters to the surface where you can attack it's body. If you don't have the lense of truth however you must do it the hard way! Walk up to one of the arms and let it grab you, this will bring the monster up and you can attack it.


#26 On the ferry ride in the Shadow temple I can't kill the 2 Stalfos before the boat sinks what should I do?

As the boat begins to sink into the water break off your attack with the enemy and just jump off the boat!


#27 How do I defeat Phantom Shadow beast Bongo Bongo?

First of all you have to shoot his hands using the Fairy bow or Longshot. You'll know when you've got him because they will turn blue and he'll shake them in pain. After freezing both of his hands, you must target the main body. Use the Lens of truth to uncover the target area. Shoot the round eye like portion of his body and Bongo Bongo will fall to the ground, stunned. Run up to him and attack with your sword.


#28 How do I kill the Gerudo guard that defends the carpenters cage?

The Gerudo that jumps down from the ceiling is the first of four. They fight in a similar style to a Stalfos (those skeleton thingy's). When she circles round you, keep moving your shield so it's facing the guard & blocking any attacks. Use the unblockable Din's fire to send her up in flames & get one good attack in. Also try swinging at the guard so she blocks then as she takes her swords down, throw a Deku nut to stun her and get in a clean, solid hit. Once you beat the guard pick up the small key left behind and release the carpenter. Now you only have 3 more to go! See the walkthrough on how to get the 4 carpenters.


#29 I have everything I need to enter the spirit temple, but I can't get in!

'If you want to proceed to the past. You should return here with the pure heart of a child.' Guess what this means!?! Yes that's correct, return to the temple of time & become a child again. Then return to the Spirit temple and go inside!


#30 How do I kill 'The Iron Knuckle'?

Well after attacking this metal giant with your sword it will begin to engage in battle. It will chase you around the room swinging it's huge axe at you. Make sure your not hit by this attack or you'll loose a lot of life energy! Outmaneuver the monstrosity and strike it from the rear. If the Iron Knuckle hits the rooms pillars & thrones it will release several recovery hearts, pick them up you'll need them!


Other: These are the questions I am most frequently asked for sub game Subjects! (In no particular order)


I am trying to get through the training course at Gerudo Fortress but can't seem to blind the statue. I haven't gone into the desert yet even though I am now a "member". What am I doing wrong?

OK, here is what you do. Make sure to have your bow equiped. Now you need to get down on the lower platform, it will start rotating. Shoot the eye facing the far wall first. Then do the next 3 in the order they com in. If you miss one, be prepared to start over from the beginning of the room! Now a door will open and you can advance.


Were are all the magic bean locations?

Leaving you to discover them in the area, here are the geographical locations.

Kokiri forest, Lost woods, Lost woods again, Kakariko graveyard, Dodongo's caver (outside), Zora's river, Lake Hylia, Death mountain crater, Gerudo valley, Desert colossus.

O.K see if you can find them, good luck! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Where are the great fairy fountains?

#1 Located at the top of death mountain behind a wall of stone, the Fairy dwelling here will give you the ability to perform a charged spin attack with your sword.

#2 Once you have a bomb bag, you also can blow away the rock that covers the entrance to this fountain, at the dead end on the road to Hyrule castle. This fairy gives you the crystal holding Din's fire.

#3 In Zora's fountain, you'll find a small patch of land to the right of the entrance were boulders line the wall. Set a bomb near any boulder and the entire wall will crumble, revealing a large tunnel here you will receive Farore's wind.

#4 With the Megaton hammer break the boulders blocking the Great Fairy in the death mountain crater. This Fairy doubles the capacity of your magic meter.

#5 A small crack in the wall around Desert Colossus is a hint to the Fountains location. Here you receive Nayru's love. This covers you in a protective bubble.

#6 With the golden gauntlets you can move the huge boulder blocking this fairy. It's location is the same as where you got Din's fire but now it boosts your defensive power and halves the damage you take. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Where are all four bottles?

Go to Lon Lon ranch after waking Talon at Hyrule castle and go into the room where he is asleep again. Wake him & play the super cucco game for 10 Rupee's. There is a little trick to this game. Before you play pick up all the cucco's and put them in the corner of the room between the crate with the super cucco's on and the stairs. Now play the game and it should be easier to win. Once you pick up all 3 cuccos Talon will give you the first bottle fild with refreshing Lon Lon milk!

The second bottle is obtained once you find all of the cucco womans cucco's! She has allergies so she can't handle the chicks. You'll have no trouble finding the first 5 cucco's but the last 2 are a little bit trickier!

Bottle #3 is one you must to find to obtain the third spiritual stone. First you must get the silver scale so you can dive a descent length. you can get the scale by winning the game that the Zora to the right of king Zora's throne room is offering. Once you win this game (you shouldn't have to much trouble beating it) you can go through the portal to Lake Hylia. Here you should find the third bottle.

As an adult you will find a poe collector in the room off the main gate of Hyrule castle. He'll tell you to collect special poe's to obtain Rupees and points in his collectors club. If you find the 10 big Poes around Hyrule field while on horseback and bring them back to him he'll give you the fourth & final bottle. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

What prizes do I get for collecting 100 gold Skulltulas?

10 tokens gets you the adult's wallet (200 Rupee capacity) 20 tokens earn the stone of agony 30 tokens gives you the giant's wallet (500 Rupee capacity) 40 tokens will get you a bombchu 50 tokens gains a piece of heart 100 tokens gives you access to infinite huge Rupees!


How do I gain the Scarecrows song?

As young Link Go to lake Hylia & walk to your left, there you'll meet two scarecrow's, Pierre and Bonooru. If you play them a song that you have made up Pierre will dance around in joy and Bonooru will promise to remember it. Come back as an adult and play the song to Bonooru and you'll learn the scarecrow's song! Remember you can't save the song with the others on the subscreen so write it down!


A like like ate my shield & Zora tunic, what do I do?!?

Just don't loose your cool and do something like run out and buy a new shield and tunic. Just kill the Like Like with arrows or the Hookshot and you'll get everything back! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I hope this answers some of your questions. Check back here reguarly and there should be more added.

Copyright 1999 Pete O'connor.


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