Majoras Masks Tricks & Tips


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Ride Epona in Clock Town

First, call and ride Epona to the west entrance of the Clock Town. Wait for the Countdown to another day (e.g. if you are in the First Day, go there at 5:00 a.m.). Run towards the entrance (Do this although you cannot go in) When the second day starts, you will appear in Clock Town with Epona!

Use Adult Link in wrong places

Clock Town: This is a bug in the game. First, you have to get the Adult Link Mask first. Then go to the Shooting Gallery (the one with with a couple kissing) on the third day. Talk to them as Deku Link and accept the challenge. Place the mask on one of the C-buttons. Then quickly put it on. Go out the room and you can walk in Clock Town as Adult Link.

Please note that if you talk to anyone, the game hangs up.

Termina Field: In order to do this, you have to do something before doing the previous tip. You have to buy a magic bean and a bottle of water and grow it in the Observatory Area (outside, where you get the Tear of Moon). Then do the previous tip and you can use Adult Link in Termina Field.

Beat the Ikana Knights easily

Get the Bunny Hood first. Then go to Ikana Kingdom. When you find and fight the two knights, put the mask on. Play music and they will dance and march. Quickly change the mask into sword and slash them! This does not work to Ikana King.

Stray Fairy locations

During the day the stray fairy is in the laundry pool. At night she's in the East Clock Town. Once you have her enter North Clock Town and take her to the fairy fountain. As a Deku kid you will receive bubble attack, as a human you will receive a health increase and the Fairy Mask.

The Bomber Gang Kids

You must find the Bomber Gang Kids in order to get the Moon Tear continue on with the game. Two of the kids are hiding in North Clock Town. One behind the slide thing, and another beside the tree near the fairy fountain. One is in West Clock Town just hanging out in the middle of the town, and two are located in East Clock Town.

One is on top of the Milk Bar, you'll have to use a Deku flower to fly up and catch him. Another is on top the inn roof. After finding all five you will receive the code which allows you to go to the Bomber Gang hide out.

Easy Money #2

Go to the Stock Pot Inn on the first day between 1:00 PM and 4:00 PM, and talk to Anju at the counter for a room key. Go to the middle room on the second floor.

(that's your room) open the chest for 100 rupees. Play the song of time then go back there, and open the chest again and repeat.

In the Bomber's hideout, when you see water go left and stay against the wall moving. You'll find out why. Blow up the wall and open the chest.

Warp to the south clock town or find the owl statue, walk to were the guard is, go through. Then outside go north east (make sure to have rupees on you) you'll see an odd bird flying by the gate to the ranch, it will steal rupees from you if you have some or it might steal your possessions like your bottle. Kill this bird (It takes time so be patient) When it dies a huge rupee will fall. It fills up a wallet of 200. If you want to be safe when your killing it take out your bow and shoot it. This is an easy way of getting money to save with that depositing guy!

While using the telescope in the Astral Observatory look almost straight down and to the left, you will see a man in a tree who appears to be going after 2 red Rupees. Leave Clock Town using the East exit and go towards the Astral Observatory.

Search the trees for the man and when you find him roll into the tree. The man will fall down along with the Rupees, grasping his leg he will yell at you for trying to steal his hard earned stolen money. Gather the Rupees and head back to Clock Town to either spend them or deposit them in the bank.

You will have obtained the Bunny Hood for this silver rupee. In East Clock Town, go toward the north end of the area, and on the east wall there will be a ramp that goes above the Milk Bar. Face southward on the edge of the platform, and jump with you Bunny Hood on to another stone platform. From that platform, jump onto the sign above the shop below, and then again to a second stone platform. You should end up at the south end of East Clock Town. There is a chest containing the silver rupee further down the platform.

You will have to obtained the Light Arrow to get the 4 silver rupees in Ikana Valley. Jump in the river that is running through the area, the one that you did not have to fill back up, and swim westward. There will be a cave where you will see the Poe Hunter guy and will tell you to fight 4 mini-bosses "to rest their souls." Every time you beat one of them, a chest will appear containing the silver rupee.

Go to North Clock Town and go through the exit that has the Guard standing there. Go outside and there should be the snow mountains in front of, walk forward until you get to the edge which has snow on the ground, there should a walkway leading down to snowfield and on the wall of the walkway, they're are some musical note which are the notes of "Requiem of Spirit" from Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time. Play those notes and then 3 rubies should come out of a drawin of the Imp just above the musical note.

Anju/Kafei/Aroma Notebook Walkthrough

1. Get the Kafei's Mask from Madame Aroma in the Mayors house.

2. Go to the Stock Pot Inn (East Clock Town) and talk to Anju (The woman behind the counter) after 2 in the afternoon on the first day Note: wear Kafei's Mask.

3. Go back to the Inn at 11:30 at night by using Deku Link to fly to the straw awning or by going into the Inn while its open and going into the door immediately at the top of the stairs and just waiting.

4. At about Midnight, Anju will come into the kitchen, talk to her and get the letter to Kafei.

5. Use the song of double time (right, right, A, A, down, down) to make it morning of the second day. Put the letter in any mailbox.

6. Wait in the Laundry Pool (place where the stray fairy is) until 3 in the afternoon on the second day and the mail man will show up. When Kafei comes out of his house (he will be wearing the Keaton Mask) go inside his house and wait for him.

7. When he comes back inside, talk to him to find out that Skull Kid turned him into a child and then a thief took his wedding mask. He will give you the Pendant Of Memories to give to Anju.

8. Immediately go to the Stock Pot Inn, talk to Anju, and give her the Pendant.

9. Make it the Final Day and wait until 1 in the afternoon outside Kafei's House. At 1 go inside and talk to the Curiosity Shop owner to get the Keaton Mask and the letter to Mama.

10. Go to the Ikana Canyon (its in East Termina field and you need the Garos mask which is won at the Gormon Brothers race track and the hookshot which is found in the Gerudo Pirates lair).

11. Go through the path in East Termina Field and when you get to a place where a one-eyed man is sitting, put on the Garos Mask and try to walk by him (make sure your close to the wall he is sitting on) He will make a tree appear and then disappear himself. Use the hookshot to grapple the tree and then continue down the path.

12. When you reach the canyon (it should be before 5:30) turn right and just ignore everything Tatl says, she just talks about spirits roaming and such. After turning right, go straight up the path and through the cave, all the way up to a place with a sign the says "Sakons Hideout. Protected by an impenetrable security system" or something like that.

13. Check behind the two little rocks stacked up on another to find Kafei. Talk to him then play the song of Double Time to make it nighttime and make sure you stay out of sight. You must stay in hiding. At exactly 7, Sakon will open his hideout and Kafei will follow. Run after Kafei.

14. After the cinema, you will take control of Kafei. Here is how to get through these rooms. There are 4 rooms for each character:


Note: For Kafei's rooms you can tell which way a block can be pushed or pulled by the location of the Majoras Mask symbol on it Example: if the symbols are on the left and right side of the block then it can be pushed or pulled left or right.

1. Go to the top block and push it down onto the blue switch.

2. Avoid all the red switches, hit a tan switch, then hit the blue one.

3. Push the block on top the red switch to the right, step on the red switch, push the block to your left to the left onto the tan switch and then push the other block down onto the blue switch.

4. Hit the blue switch right in front of you when you walk in.


1. Kill the Deku Baba.

2. Kill the 2 Deku Babas.

3. Kill the Wolfos.

4. Step on the opposite switch from Kafei.

15. Go back to town and wait outside the Stock Pot Inn until Kafei arrives at about four in the morning. When he goes inside follow him to the No Admittance room. Watch the cinema and when you receive the Couples Mask you will have completed Anju and Kafei's notebook entry.

16. Now remember the letter to Mama, well you can do 1 of 2 things with it while your waiting for Kafei to return:

1. Go to the Milk Bar (Latte) and give the letter to Madame Aroma, this will complete her notebook entry as well as get you a bottle filled with Cheateau Romani Milk which give you infinite magic for a limited time.

2. Give the letter to the Postman so he delivers it. Follow him all the way to Latte and follow him out. When he leaves the bar and then sits down, talk to him to receive the Postmans Hat (a mask) and complete his notebook entry.

Night-Vision in Dungeons

This trick works for all area's when you have a MAP. When the area is dark, look through the blue map that is in the lower left hand corner. By looking through it you can see everything that you couldn't see in the dark.

Hard-to-Reach box

To find the mystery box, go to East Clock Town. Go to the little Bomber dude who's guarding the alley. Go to the right and get to the small gape with the soldier in the bottom, and jump. It's a larger gap them you think, so you might want to wear the Bunny Hood or something. You'll need it later. Anyway, go across the gap, and jump a little ways past the first swirly-eye in the Honey and Darling stand. Jump in the nose (here you get a good view of East Clock Town.) and jump to the next swirly-eye.

It looks like Link or whats-his-face can't jump on the swirly-eye, but you can. Jump and climb on, and jump to the ledge to the left of the shooting-range. Jump to the next ledge. Follow the path to get to the mystery box. Here is a step-by-step method:

1. Go to the ledge above the gate to the canyon.

2. Jump across.

3. Make sure you land in the nose of the funny-faced man for the Honey and

Darling stand.

4. Jump on his left eye.

5. Jump to a ledge next to the shooting-range.

6. Jump up to the platform behind the big-octo sign.

7. Follow the path to the box.

Blast Mask Protection

While wearing the Blast Mask you would normally get hurt when you make it explode, but if you hold down the R button to put your shield up, you won't get any damage when you blow yourself up.

Easy Money #2

Outside Clocktown in the Termina field head toward the Milk Road. Near the trees you will be attacked by a vulture who is ready to steal your Rupees, and other items. If you are able to beat the vulture you will be rewarded with 200 Rupees. You can deposit the money in the bank and then go fight the vulture again. There is no limit to how many times you can fight the vulture.

Submitted by ilseea

Fix The Signs

First cut up a sign then play the "Song of Healing" which is C-Left, C-Right, and C-Down. The sign will fix itself. (aka Zelda's Lullaby)

Submitted by dracotag

Jump Forward 12 Hours

Play this song with the Ocarina to travel forward in time 12 hours: C-Right, C-Right, A, A, C-Down, C-Down

Slow Down Time

If you play the Song of Time backwards, time on the clock will move slower, but you will still move at the normal speed. This is very useful when running long distances or when trying to prolong game time.

The song is: C-Down, A, C-Right, C-Down, A, C-Right.

To return the normal flow of time, simply play the song again.

NES Tunes

Goto Zora Hall and go into some of the rooms with Zora's playing music. Listen to their songs. They are from the original Zelda 1 for NES. Another tip, play your drums as Goron Link while holding down the L button, your hands won't move, another tip. If you get jinxed and can't use your sword, play the song of storms to heal yourself. Blue bubbles can jinx you.

"Eric Bengfort"

Stone Mask Secret

A hidden feature of the Stone Mask is that it will camouflage Link. This is helpful because most of the enemies will not be able to see you. Bosses will still be able to see you, but most of the typical "run-of-the-mill" bad guys will ignore you.

Frog Locations:

1.Laundry Pool

2.River Ride

3.Woodfall Temple in mini-boss room

4.Mountain Village after the Snowhead Temple is cleared

5.Great Bay Temple in mini-boss room

Once you locate all of the frogs, use Don Gero's Mask to speak to them. Re-unite them in the Mountain Village after you defeat Goht to get a Heart Piece.

Submitted by IGN Guides

Useful Items And How You Get Them

Adult Wallet: Give banker 200 Rupees (or more) to get this item that allows you to hold up to 200 rupees.

Giant Wallet: Complete the 2nd Spider Dungeon to get this item that will allow you to hold up to 500 rupees.

Large Quiver: Beat the current record in the East Clock Town shooting gallery to get this item that will allow you to hold up to 40 arrows.

Hero Bow: Found in Woodfall Temple, this item allows you to shoot arrows. It includes 30 arrows when you first get it.

Bombs: Buy a Bomb Bag in West Clock town to be able to collect Bombs and blow stuff up.

Bombchu: These are small bombs that run along the ground. You can find them in a hole in the ground to the east of Clock town (near where you enter the cemetery – blow up a rock to find it), and another hole along a cliff wall in Great Bay Coast (near the fairy fountain).

Razor Sword: Visit the smiths in the cottage in Mountain Village after you complete the Snowhead Temple, and pay them 100 rupees. The sword will disappear if you travel back in time.

Gilded Sword: First, get the Razor Sword. Then win the Goron Races to get Gold Dust that will allow the smith to forge you this sword. It will not vanish if you go back in time.

Camera: Save the witch in the Southern Swamp. You can take pictures with this.

Hook Shot: Found in the Pirate's Fortress. It acts like a grappling hook, and will allow Link to pull himself to far objects. You can also kill enemies with it.

Lens of Truth: Follow the owl across the hidden platforms in the Goron Town to a cave. The lens will reveal that which is normally hidden.

Powder Keg: Bought in Goron Town for 100 rupees after you complete the seller’s test by carrying one to the Goron Race Track and clearing the entrance. You can also buy one for 50 Rupees from a Goron in the Clock Town Bomb Shop if you are wearing the Goron Mask.

Bottles: Link can carry a total of six bottles that can be used to hold various things. The locations of all of them are listed below: 1. Get the medicine for the sick witch in the Southern Swamp. It will come in your first bottle.

2. Complete Romani’s notebook entry at the ranch to receive the third bottle full of milk.

3. Win the Goron races and you will get a bottle filled with gold dust.

4. Win the Beaver races in Great Bay (you need the Hookshot to get above the waterfall where they are held) to get this bottle.

5. Complete the cemetery side-quest to get this bottle.

6. Complete Madam Aroma’s epic notebook entry to get the final bottle.

Submitted by IGN Guides