Zelda Tricks & Tips!

Sent in by Code Hunter

To catch the Hyrule Loach, go to the fishing pond when you're an adult. It is also best to find the sinking lure first, before you try to catch it. Use the Iron Boots to locate the Loach under water. It looks longer and darker than the other fish (looks like an eel) and is usually resting in the bottom-center of the pond. After you've located it, go back out of the water and cast you're lure so it sinks a few spaces in front of it. Wait for it to start moving, then move your lure with the B button. If you're lucky enough the Loach will follow you're lure and bite it. Then just reel it in. It weighs 35 pounds, and if you take it to the front desk, the man will give you 50 rupees.

At the lake bottom of Lake Hyrulye you can either wait until the night or day comes or you can work this glitch the easy way. Stand in the water (at about head level) and play the song of suns. Quickly run into the water and Z-Target. Wait about a second and you should hear a rooster crowing or a wolf howling with some sort of weird, deranged noise.

Wear no mask, and the tribe of Deku Scrubs won't even appear to you. Wear the wrong mask and they will pelt you with a shower of Deku Nuts. This secret lies in the Lost Woods. To find it, you must go Right, Left, Right, Left, Left. The Hole is located by the bunch of butterflies circling an area. Fall down the hole into the game area.Keaton Mask: They will not like it.Skull Mask: They will like it and give you one Deku Stick Upgrade.Spooky Mask: They like it and gives you rupees.Bunny Mast: Same thing as the Spooky Mask.Goron Mask: Same thing as the Spooky and Bunny Mask.Zora Mask: They will not like you.Gerudo Mask: They will not like you.Mask of Truth: They will like you and you get one Deku Nut Upgrade.

When you are a kid, go to Hyrule Castle during the day. Walk up onto oneof the chains that holds up the drawbridge. Now play the 'Sun Song', making it night. When the drawbridge raises, you will go up with it. When the draw bridge reaches the top, walk along the edge of the drawbridge. You will get 60 rupies for doing this. When you are done, drop off the edge into the castle (Press A + B when landing so you don't get hurt) and do it again.

To do this trick you must have the hover boots. When you have them, go tothe frozen Zora's Domain and go up the stairs to the king. On the platformwhere you talk to the king, do a forward-roll towards the frozen waterfall.When you hit it hold forward on the joystick. Link will start madley jumping up and down.

When you are a kid, and traveling through Zora's River, you will see a login the water. Step out onto the log, and walk to the end of the log. Pullout your ocarina, and five frogs will hop up onto a piece of wood beside the log. If you play one of the following songs, Zelda's Lullaby, Epona'sSong, Saria's Song, Sun's Song, or the Song of Time, on of the frogs willgrow bigger and give you a purple rupee! Repeat the process another four times, and the other frogs will grow bigger. You must play a different songeach time. Once all of the five frogs are big, they will give you a pieceof heart. If you play the Song of Storms for them, they will give you another piece of heart. This is a good trick to use to gain rupees and heart pieces.

As adult Link, select the hookshot as one of the C-buttons. While holdingZ, press the C-button for the hookshot. Then press R to pull out your shield. If you did it correctly, you should be holding you shield with the same camera angle. Press A to escape the camera angle. If you performed thetrick right, Link's hookshot will still be "aiming" while you are moving around.

Sent in by Banjo

At the top of Death Mountain, you learn the spin-slash attack for your sword, which consumes MP. The Great Fairy there also mentions an alternate way to perform this attack. Quickly rotate the analog stick in a clockwise motion, then hit B. You should, if you timed it right, perform a spin-slash attack without using any MP, or ever having to charge up.

The Spin-Slash attack and your first Magic Meter.Beat Dodongo's Cavern, and use your bombs to blast boulders out of your way and climb the "stairs" on death Mountain Trail. The second rock must be blown up by throwing the bomb right before it explodes so it kills the boulder. Protect yourself from avalanches with the Hylian shield.(you know when they're coming from a rumbling on the screen.) When you get to the top, blow up the rock sealing the Left door, not right, you'll dye shortly of heat in there until you come back as an adult with the Goron Tunic, and go in and stand on the Triforce symbol and play Zelda's Lullaby.