Zelda Tricks & Tips!

  • Give the Fisherman Back an Invisible Hat
  • Magic Reflection with a Bottle
  • Killer Link
  • More on the Fishing Trick
  • Gifts from Trees
  • Fishing Trick
  • Gold Rupee Locations
  • Get Into the Windmill Loft
  • Following Dog
  • Catch A 35 Pound Hyrule Loach
  • Warped Voices
  • Secret of the Forest
  • Crazy Jumping
  • The Frogs
  • Laser Pointer for Zelda 64
  • Fix the Signs
  • Very Own Cow
  • Have the Game Freeze When Link Calls Epona
  • Catch Fishermans Hat
  • Bottle Locations
  • Defeat the FINAL Ganon
  • Hidden Red Fairies
  • Magic Arrows
  • Magic Bean Square Locations
  • Songs for the Ocarina
  • Chicken Madness
  • Scarecrow's Song
  • Chicken Lady at Kakariko Village
  • Get Epona the Horse
  • Bugs
  • More on the Masks
  • Sinking Lure
  • Record Plaque
  • Gold Skulltula Rewards
  • Mask Dealer
  • Locations of the Gold Skulltula's
  • Courtyard Friends
  • Unlimited Rupees
  • Get Biggoron's Sword
  • Fairy Fountains
  • Heart Container Pieces Locations

  • Give the Fisherman Back an Invisible Hat
    By: Brent Ray (brentdray@hotmail.com)

    I have found a big glitch in Zelda 64. First, you must go to the fishhing pond when you're adult link. Get the gold scale by catching a huge fish. Then take your rod and steal the owner's hat. Walk around until you pick up the sinking lure (It's either on the log in the middle of the lake, or in the little stream). The owner's hat will disapear! Now go back up to the owner, and he'll give you a scolding and put his hat back on, even though it's not on your rod!!

    Magic Reflection with a Bottle
    By: SithLordKam@death-star.com

    If you're having trouble in the Forest Temple reflecting Phantom Gannon's magic with your sword try using an empty bottle. Its a little bit easier to time your swing with a bottle than it is with the sword and it works just as well. I haven't tested it a against the witches in the Desert Colossus, but it might also work there. It follows the tradition in Zelda games, remember using the shovel to defeat the final boss in Link's Awakening or the bug net on Gannon in the SNES Zelda. You can also use this to defeat Gannondorf.

    Killer Link
    By: Ian (IanMcNugget@nanosec.ts.uvic.ca)

    This is a neat trick I found Kakariko Village. First, you need to go to thhe House of Skulltula (The place where you claim your prizes for destroying gold Skulltulas). Walk around the room until one of the cursed Skulltulas falls down in front of you. Z-target him. take a quick swing at him with your sword. When he reacts by swinging around, quickly run around him and slash his soft back like you would to defeat a Big Skulltula. He will scream in pain and turn a blueish colour as if you stunned him!

    More on the Fishing Trick
    By: AGENTNST@aol.com

    First of all you need to do the "Fishing Trck" posted below. Second you must cast the line into the lake and hook a fish. Third reel in the fish a little then just go to the door and exit the pond using the A button infront of the door. The result: the action button will say "reel" as if still you're holding the fishing rod. I will try to find some more cool stuff to add to this but until now this is all I got.

    Gifts from Trees
    By: The Tay (Dodge8282@aol.com)

    When you see a tree, start running towards it and right before you get to it press A. This makes you roll, and when you roll you hit the tree hard and items can fall out of the tree. Different things will fall out like hearts, deku nuts, rupees, etc. Sometime even a Gold Skulltula will fall out!

    Fishing Trick
    By: Gamemaster1313 (gamemaster1313@yahoo.com)

    You can only do this trick if you are adult Link and have the Hover Boots. First pay the man to go fishing, then put on the Hover Boots. Walk up to the edge of the water, take a few steps into the water and press B before the boots stop hovering. It will cast the bait but you will still be able to walk around. You can also catch fish by using this trick

    Gold Rupee Locations
    By: Ryan Craggs (Roeboy2003@aol.com) and Jay (staemroller@fuse.net)

    1. Outside of Goron City, you will see a ring of stones. Play the Song of Storms inside of the ring, and a grotto will open. Open the chest and get a rupee.

    2. Inside of Goron City, you will notice an area of lava. To cross it, use the Longshot, or play the Song of Time twice to make blocks appear. Once across, a Gold Rupee can be found.

    3. Go to Kakariko Village, and stand by the tree that's near the entrance. Take 20 paces east of the tree. If you have the Stone of Agony, you will feel a shake. Place a bomb on the ground. Once the grotto opens, kill the zombies and claim your prize.

    4. Inside of Death Mountain Crater, you will eventually find a time block to step on. This block makes a chest appear. If you can get to it in time, you've found another rupee.

    5. If you manage to get all 100 Gold Skulltula, go back to the House of Skulltula to receive your reward.

    6. You need the Gold Gauntlets in order to get this rupee. In Goron City go to the room where all the boulders are. Go to the left and start picking up the stones and throwing them until you get to a treasure chest. The Gold rupee is inside

    Get Into the Windmill Loft
    By: Barry Harhsbarger

    To get into the Windmill loft first you must have the longshot. Then go Kakariko Village, get onto the building next to the well (the building should have a blue roof and guy on it). Get on the far end towards the wind mill and well. Next look at the wind mill there should be a little window type thing on the left side. It looks kinda like a black retangle on the side of the wall. There also is a small pice of wood inside, hookshot to it and walk up the stairs to another window here you can get a good view (but not as good as the towers view, even though your higher than it).

    Following Dog
    By: Deadmansks@email.msn.com

    After you get the heart container from the fat lady in the back alley of the market you can get any dog you want to follow you around in the day time by simply using your ocarina and playing the sun song.this will change night to day and you will then have a dog following you around.I have no idea what having the dog in the day is good for but you can do it.

    Catch A 35 Pound Hyrule Loach
    By: SK8130ARD@aol.com

    To catch the Hyrule Loach, go to the fishing pond when you're an adult. It is also best to find the sinking lure first, before you try to catch it. Use the Iron Boots to locate the loach under water. It looks longer and darker than the other fish (looks like an eel) and is usually resting in the bottom-center of the pond. After you've located it, go back out of the water and cast you're lure so it sinks a few spaces in front of it. Wait for it to start moving, then move your lure with the B button. If you're lucky enough the loach will follow you're lure and bite it. Then just reel it in. It weighs 35 pounds, and if you take it to the front desk, the man will give you 50 rupees.

    Warped Voices
    By: Cory64@Hotmail.com

    Here is a cool glitch that I found out while searching the lake bottom of Lake Hyrulye. You can either wait until the night or day comes or you can work this glitch the easy way. Stand in the water ( at about head level) and play the song of suns. Quickly run into the water and Z-Target. Wait about a second and you should hear a rooster crowing or a wolf howling with some sort of weird, deranged noise.

    Secret of the Forest
    By: Cay Qel-Droma (JediDroma4@aol.com)

    Wear no mask, and the tribe of Deku Scrubs won't even appear to you. Wear the wrong mask and they will pelt you with a shower of Deku Nuts. This secret lies in the Lost Woods. To find it, you must go Right, Left, Right, Left, Left. The Hole is located by the bunch of butterflies circling an area. Fall down the hole into the game area.

    Keaton Mask: They will not like it.
    Skull Mask: They will like it and give you one Deku Stick Upgrade.
    Spooky Mask: They like it and gives you rupees.
    Bunny Mast: Same thing as the Spooky Mask.
    Goron Mask: Same thing as the Spooky and Bunny Mask.
    Zora Mask: They will not like you.
    Gerudo Mask: They will not like you.
    Mask of Truth: They will like you and you get one Deku Nut Upgrade.

    Crazy Jumping
    By: Douglas Wortley

    To do this trick you must have the hover boots. When you have them, go to the frozen Zora's Domain and go up the stairs to the king. On the platform where you talk to the king, do a forward-roll towards the frozen waterfall. When you hit it hold forward on the joystick. Link will start madley jumping up and down.

    The Frogs
    By: C4 (cchong@shaw.wave.ca)

    When you are a kid, and traveling through Zora's River, you will see a log in the water. Step out onto the log, and walk to the end of the log. Pull out your ocarina, and five frogs will hop up onto a peice of wood beside the log. If you play one of the following songs, Zelda's Lullaby, Epona's Song, Saria's Song, Sun's Song, or the Song of Time, on of the frogs will grow bigger and give you a purple rupee! Repeat the process another four times, and the other frogs will grow bigger. You must play a different song each time. Once all of the five frogs are big, they will give you a peice of heart. If you play the Song of Storms for them, they will give you another peice of heart. This is a good trick to use to gain rupees and heart peices.

    Laser Pointer for Zelda 64
    By: Link64np (Link64np@aol.com)

    As adult Link, select the hookshot as one of the C-buttons. While holding Z, press the C-button for the hookshot. Then press R to pull out your shield. If you did it correctly, you should be holding you shield with the same camera angle. Press A to escape the camera angle. If you performed the trick right, Link's hookshot will still be "aiming" while you are moving around.

    Fix the Signs
    By: Evan (evman@inetone.net)

    If you accidentally slice a sign with your sword, play "Zelda's Lullaby" and the sign will fix itself.

    Very Own Cow
    By: Jon McLella (jonmc@shaw.wave.ca)

    To get your very own cow it is very easy, after you get Epona from Lon Lon Ranch go fool around with her for a while(couple days). Then go back to Lon Lon Ranch and talk to the owners(ex-owners) daughter. She will say Ingo took it pretty hard but is now back to normal and my Dad is coming home. Talk to her a second time and she will challenge you to a obstacle course. Beat the course in under 50 seconds (believe me when i say under, i got 50 on dot and she wouldnt give me the prize). After you have beaten the course in under 50 seconds, she tells you the prize is to big to carry home and that she will deliver it to your house. Go back to your house and VOILA! Your very own cow(free LON LON MILK).

    Have the Game Freeze When Link Calls Epona
    By: Justin Sabo

    I found this weird code while playing Zelda64. First, go to Gerudo Village (in the west) making sure you have the Ocarina of Time equipped with one of the C Buttons. Then enter the village and walk close to a gaurd (the ones' in the white suits) and as soon as they blow the wistle, tap the C Button for the Ocarina so you can play it. The wistle noise will stop and then play Epona's Song. Epona will gallop towards you and Link will stand there with his hands in the air forever, you have to reset the game.

    Catch Fishermans Hat
    By: JBon00764@aol.com

    First off to do this trick you need to be an adult and you need to have paid the man at the counter of the fishing pond 20 rupees to fish. Go stand a way back from the counter but face the man standing behind it (the man who picks at his armpits).

    Then, throw your string, if it lands right it will swipe the hat off the guy. He will get kinda mad. The cool part is that you can fish with his hat on your lure. Although I havent seen any advantages to this it does make your cast go much shorter then usual. Go back to the guy and give him his hat back and he will thank you.

    Bottle Locations
    By: Sonny Red (sonnyred@aol.com)

    Bottle #1: At Lon Lon Ranch, play Talon's Super Cucco Game. When you win, you will receive a bottle(1) with Lon Lon milk

    Bottle #2: In Kakariko village, find all the cuccos and return them to the pen, then talk to the lady standing next to the pen, she will give you a bottle.

    Bottle #3: At Lake Hylia (you must have the silver scale), dive into the water to find a bottle and a letter.

    Bottle #4: As adult Link, go to the market and talk to the ghost person in the house directly to the left asyou enter. Go outside and collect poes, once you collect 1000 points, the ghost will give you a bottle.

    Defeat the FINAL Ganon
    By: Lien Jie Lee (junjun@loop.com) via IGN64

    After Link defeats Ganondorf in the tower, his relief soon fades as the King of Gerudo thieves makes one more wish on the triforce of Power. He transforms himself into Ganon - a creature that reflects the true nature of his heart. With a mighty blow, he knocks away the Master Sword from your hands! A ring of fire now encircles the battle field making it impossible for you to retrieve it.

    Quickly, and carefully aim a Light Arrow into Ganon's eyes. Once he's stunned, go behind him and use the Megaton hammer to hit his tail. You must repeat this process until the circle of fire subsides. When the moment comes, run to the Princess who has retrieved the sword for you! Note: The Big Goron Sword is useless in this final fight so make sure you equip the Master Sword.

    When fighting the mutated Ganon, simply bumrush the evil villain and proceed to slash violently at point blank range. It's very important to make sure Link is facing Ganon's belly at all times as he constantly turns. While swinging away, don't worry if every blow is deflected; eventually, Link somehow sneaks a few cuts behind Ganon and actually hits his tail (his only vulnerable spot). Most of the time, Link will completely pass through Ganon providing easier access to his tail (just remember to keep slashing!). Only a few successful hits are needed to finish the job. As Gannon falls defeated, the Princess Zelda will put a temporary restraining spell over him while Link delivers the final blow! Then, enjoy the final animated sequence - you've more than earned it!

    Hidden Red Fairies
    By: Brian Huffman

    Find a Gossip Stone (the cycloptic rocks that giggle when you hit them) and play one of the following three songs next to it:

    Zelda's Lullaby, Epona's Song, or Song of Storms.

    Either touch the red fairy that flies out to fill up your energy or catch it in a bottle so that it can revive you if you die.

    Another way is when you're kid link, and near butterflies, take out a Deku Stick. After a while a butterfly will land on the stick and it'll turn into a fairy!

    Magic Arrows
    By: Sonny Red (Sonnyi2ed@aol.com) via IGN64

    Fire Arrow - In Lake Hylia, walk across the bridges to get to the tree. Play the Ocarina to make it night time. Equip your bow. Play the flute again, then shoot the sun.

    Ice Arrow - In the Gerudo training course, you must collect keys. When you have at least 5, walk into the door in front of the entrance, and use all the keys to make a path. In the big chest you will find the Ice Arrow.

    Light Arrow - When you get all of the medallions, go to the Temple of Time. You will find Zelda and she will give it to you.

    Magic Bean Square Locations
    By: Rob Garvey via IGN64

    Here's the locations of the Magic Bean Squares.

    Songs for the Ocarina
    By: Josh Matlin via IGN64

    You can't use these until you learn them in the game, but here's a list to help you if you forget.

    Chicken Madness
    By: TheGuruMan

    Anywhere in the game where there are a bunch of chickens, if you try to kill them, they will attack back! After about 5 slashes with your sword, the game goes to a cut scene showing the chicken getting mad. Then he calls all of his friends and they eat you alive! hehe, you can get away, just kidding.

    Scarecrow's Song
    By: Andy Goldfarb (SWFigTradr@aol.com)

    In Zelda, on the Pause menu, there is only 12 slots for ocarina songs. But, there is a way to make your own song as a kid, and get it as the thirteenth song as an adult.

    As a child, stop at Lake Hylia and look around for the scarecrows. Talk to the one on the bottom, and then take out your fairy ocarina. Play a simple song for him (something easy to remember, like LRLRLRLR) and memorize it.

    As an adult, go to Lake Hylia and find the scarecrow again. Take out the Ocarina of time and play the same song you played as a child, if you remember it. Whatever song you played will be set as 'The Scarecrow Song.' When you play this song in certain locations, Pierre (the other scarecrow) will pop up. He doesn't do or say anything, but if you target him with your Hookshot or Longshot, you can pull yourself up to wherever he is.

    This song won't appear on a slot on the Pause menu, but it will say 'You played the Scarecrow song!' on the screen if you use your Ocarina to play it. Although it might not sound so great now, if you don't get this song, you don't stand a chance of getting all the Gold Skulltulas in the Fire Temple.

    Chicken Lady at Kakariko Village
    By: Dylan Casteel (Hoops3386)

    If you have already got the bottle by gathering the ladies chickens in Kakariko village then every time you go back to the city the chickens will be loose again gather them back in her pin a she will give you a purple rupee (50 value). You may repeat this as many times as you wish

    Get Epona the Horse
    By: dossel

    First as a child go to the ranch. Find the little girl with the horses, talk to her. She'll say something like "Isn't it a pretty song, my mother taught it to me. Next take out your flute, or what ever it's called. The girl will then teach you how to play the song. As an adult go back to the ranch. Pay the 10 rupee charge to ride the horses. Once you enter, don't get on a horse, play the song the girl taught you. The horse with the white main will run toward you. Get on it and the walk over to Ingo and talk to him. He'll ask you if you want to race, with a wager of 50 rupees. Except his challenge. When you beat him the first time he'll want to race again, except it again. When you beat him he will close the gate locking you in. Just run toward the gate at full speed on the horse and you should jump the fence. Now you have the horse all to you self.

    By: Bolgan Smash (hello49@aol.com)

    To do this trick, you must have two(2) or more bottles. First, you go catch/buy a bug and put it in Bottle A. Next, go to a town or field with no enemies. Equip the bottle with the bug in it and any other empty bottles you want to use. Release the bug, then immediatlypause the game. Equip bottles B-D. Unpause, then go catch the numerous bugs that cameout of Bottle A. Viola! You now have four(4) bottles with bugs!

    More on the Masks
    By: KyleP502 (KyleP502@aol.com)

    After a ways into the game when you are still a kid (you can go back after you become an adult but it is easier to do it right at the beginning of the game) you visit the Hyrule Castle Town. In the Hyrule Castle town there is a "Happy Mask Shop" which will be of great attention to you, the reader.

    NOTE: After you get paid for each mask go back to the "Happy Mask Shop" and talk to the guy he will ask for his money and then a new mask will be available and choose that one.

    1. When you first go there, there is one mask available, The Keaton Mask. Ask to borrow this mask and take it to the guard in Kakariko Village guarding the gate to Death Mountain. Put on the mask and talk to the guy he then pays you money for the mask.

    2. The next mask is the Skull Mask. In order to sell this mask you must know Saria's Song. Play the song for him and he gives you a piece of a heart. Then 'Z-Target' him with your mask on. Talk to him. He will pay you for the mask.

    3. The next mask is the Spooky Mask. Go to the graveyard during the day in Kakariko Village. Remember that kid well he will buy the mask from you.

    4. The next mask is the Bunny Hood. This is the hardest to sell. You have to wander around Lon Lon Ranch to find a guy running. Once you find him follow him, it takes a long time. But sooner or later he will stop and put on the mask, talk to him and he will buy it, and I think max. out your money!

    5. Then return to the Happy Mask Shop and four masks become available The Zora Mask, The Goron Mask, The Gerudo Mask, and The Mask of Truth. The Mask of Truth is the only one with real value to you the other I think are just for fun. Remember those statues that tell you the time when you hit them well if you wear the mask and talk to one it will give you some kind of hint.

    Sinking Lure
    By: Ben (Short_AndSweet@hotmail.com) and Tobias Rodriguez

    To properly get the sinking lure in the fishing pond you must first get the Golden Scale by cathing a fish that weighs 19 pounds or more. This is hard but the benifits are worth it. After getting the Golden Scale the sinking lure will apear at a random place around the pond. It will either be around the little stream that runs into the pond or on the big log in the center of the pond. After you get the sinking lure, catching fish is much easier, because more fish bite the lure, and it's harder for fish to get off the hook.

    Record Plaque
    By: CrazyJay

    If you go inside of Links tree house, you will see a paper on a board. If you use A on it, you will see your results for Biggest fish, marathon time, horse racing, etc.

    Gold Skulltula Rewards
    By: hangtime32@iname.com

    As you play the game and you kill Gold Skulltula's, you will notice that you get a coupon for each one you get. If you go to Kakariko Village and then enter the House of Skulltula, you'll be able to trade in your coupons for prizes. Here is a list of what you will get:

    Adult Wallet - 10 Gold Skulltula's
    Stone of Agony - 20 Gold Skulltula's
    Giant Wallet - 30 Gold Skulltula's
    Bombchu - 40 Gold Skulltula's
    Piece of Heart - 50 Gold Skulltula's
    Gold Rupee - 100 Gold Skulltula's

    Mask Dealer
    By: hangtime32@iname.com

    Here is a list of masks from the Happy Mask Shop that you can give to people to make a few rupees.

    Keaton Mask - Guard - Kakariko Village
    The Guard wanted a mask for his son, and Link delivered. You'll also pick up 15 rupees.

    Skull Mask - Skull Kid - Lost Woods
    The kid says it makes him look tougher. You dont make a profit from this one.

    Spooky Mask - Kid - Kakariko Graveyard
    Give the mask to the wannabe Dampe. You'll get 30 rupees from the kid.

    Bunny Hood - Running Man - Hyrule Field
    This guy wants to be like a rabbit, and you make a huge profit.

    Mask of Truth
    After selling the Bunny Hood, the owner of the Happy Mask Shop gives you this mask. It allows you to talk with the stones that usally tell the time.

    Other Masks
    After you get the Mask of Truth, you can trade it in for the following masks. People will usally respond differently to you when you use these masks in the right places..

    Goron Mask - Use in Goron City.
    Zora Mask - Use in Zoran Domain
    Gerudo Mask - Use in Gerudo Fortress

    Locations of the Gold Skulltula's
    By: Jesse Smith via The Unofficial "World of Nintendo!!"

    * = Young Link
    ** = Older Link
    *** = Doesn't matter if you are old or young.
    + = You can get it at night.
    Kokiri Forest
    You can find one behind the Know-it-All Brothers' house. * +
    One is behind the House of Twins. ** +
    If you plant a bottle of bugs into a bean hole, it will sprout a Skulltula. *

    In Hyrule Field
    One is near the gate to Hyrule Castle. ***
    Another one is hidden in the circle of stones near the Gerudo Valley entrance. ***

    Hyrule Castle
    There is one in a crate inside the Guard House at the market entrance. *
    Play the Song of Storms near the castle entrance. *
    There is a Skulltula in a tree at the entrance of the castle. *
    After you fall to Ganondorf, you can find one behind a brick arch. **

    Lon Lon Ranch
    One is in a tree at the ranch's gate. *
    You can find one behind the corral shed. * +
    There is one on the outer wall of the ranch, northwest of the shed. * +
    A Skulltula is at the second story window of Talon's house. * +

    Kakariko Village
    One is hanging in a tree near the village entrance. * +
    Another one is behind the House of Skulltula. * +
    At the building under construction, there is one hiding under a pile of bricks. * +
    There is one in the graveyard that keeps a boy awake. * +
    Another one is nested at the top of the Kakariko lookout tower. * +
    A Skulltula is at the roof of Impa's house. ** +

    Lost Woods
    A bean hold near the Skull Kid released a Gold Skulltula. *
    The bean sprout leads up to a magic platform that has a Skulltula. ** +
    Another bean hole near the shortcut to Zora's Domain has a Skulltula. *

    Death Mountain
    The first cave on the right houses a Gold Skulltula. ***
    A small nook above the entrance to Dodongo's Cavern has one. ** +
    After you pass the last of the falling rocks thee is a Skulltula. ** +
    There is one in a bean hole in front of Dodongo's Cavern that has one. *

    Goron City
    There is one hiding in a crate in the top level of Goron City. *
    The central platform has a Skulltula under it. ** +

    Zora's River
    The shade of the ladder has one. * +
    There is one in the tree near the mouth of the river. *
    Near the middle of the river there is a Skulltula along the valley wall. ** +
    There is a Skulltula that goes across a wall right before the entrance to Zora's Domain. ** +

    Zora's Domain
    When the waterfall is frozen, there is a Skulltula. ** +

    Zora's Fountain
    A tree in the southeast corner of Zora's Fountain has a Skulltula. *
    There is another one just to the right of the fallen log. * +
    A secret grotto near the Great Fairy's Fountain has one. ** +

    Lake Hylia
    The island that releases the power of the Fire Arrow also has a Skulltula. * +
    There is another one residing in a crate at the bottom of the Lakeside Laboratory's poll. **
    Another one is behind the Lakeside Laboratory. * +
    A dead tree atop the Water Temple's mount has a Skulltula. ** +
    A bean hole near the laboratory has one. Deposit some bottled bugs. *

    There is one along the outer wall of the Graveyard. * +
    There is another one in a bean hole. *

    Sacred Forest Meadow
    There is one on the east of the stairs. ** +

    Death Mountain
    Another bean hole near the crater has a Skulltula. *
    There is one just inside the entrance to the Death Mountain Crater. **

    Gerudo Valley
    The log bridge points to a Skulltula along the dirt wall. * +
    A Skulltula keeps the carpenters awake at night. ** +
    Another Skulltula is under the stone arch. ** +
    The bean hole has a Skulltula. *

    Gerudo Fortress
    There is one high above the eastern wall of the fortress. ** +
    When riding on the Horseback Archery Range you will see one behind the northern target pole. ** +

    Haunted Wasteland
    The stone structure where you discover the phantom guide has a Skulltula. **

    Desert Colossus
    Before the rains you will hear one in the nearby palm trees. ** +
    The magic bean platform will reveal another Skulltula. ** +
    Drop a few bugs into the bean hole for another Skulltula. *

    Courtyard Friends
    By: jbon00764@aol.com

    When in the courtyard of the Hyrule Castle, where Zelda is, there is a window infront of her and on the far walls beside you (the walls surrounding the courtyard). Take out your slingshot and aim at the windows. The one on the right has pictures of Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, etc. If you shoot that window, a red ruppe will come out. If you shoot at the left window, (it has a vase and plant in it) a guy will come out and throw a bomb at you. Its pretty cool as long as you avoid the bomb.

    Unlimited Rupees
    By: Cloud, AGENTNST@aol.com, jx2 (floatr53@aol.com), Brian Preston (NOSNAMNIN@aol.com), and apeck@osd.wednet.edu

    NOTE TO THE READER: There is obviously many areas in Zelda 64 where you can get unlimited rupees. I will list a few areas here, but not all. I will post a notice when I have recieved enough.

    #1 - This trick will allow you to get unlimited money. Once you have traveled to Hyrule market, this trick can take affect. When you first enter the market, enter the door to the right, and their will be pots. They are full of money. Destroy them all for 20+ rupees. Once you've gained all the money, exit and go in again. The pots full of money will be back! do this and evantually you will have max rupees.

    #2 - To do this trick you will need to be by the entrance to the Hyrule kingdom, just walk up the chains that hold the bridge untill you reach the wall then fall down to:

    - If you're on the right chain to your left
    - If you're on the left chain to your right

    You will take damage unless you press both A and B buttons right before you land and that'll soften the fall. You should get one red ruppie (red ruppee = 20 rupees) for every fall. Enjoy

    #3 - You must be adult link to do this trick. After completing the sleeping man and little girl sections of Adult Link's Trading Sequence, go once again to the screen 1 left of the starting point of the Lost Woods. Kill the skull kid there using your sword and he'll drop 200 rupees! Leave the woods and go back and kill him again for another 200! You'll have a full 500 in seconds!

    #4 - When you are Adult Link or kid Link, find the guy kneeling down who looks like he's begging. For kid Link, he is The Market, adult link, he is in Kariko Village. Remember where he was. Then go into one of the numerous caves from the holes in the ground, and destroy a bugs nest (big brown beehive looking things in top corners of most caves). Bottle a bug. If you see a fish in one of the puddles, bottle it instead. if you have more than one bottle, exit the cave and come back for another fish. Or you can release a bug, and re-catch the ones that come out. bring the bottled goodies to the begging guy. He will now ask you to sel him the contents of your bottle(s). Select the fish or bug, and use it on him. He will give you 50 rupees for a bug and 100 rupees for a fish. this is really good for when you are low on cash and need to buy items.

    #5 - When you are a kid, go to Hyrule Castle during the day. Walk up onto one of the chains that holds up the drawbridge. Now play the 'Sun Song', making it night. When the drawbridge raises, you will go up with it. When the draw bridge reaches the top, walk along the edge of the drawbridge. You will get 60 rupies for doing this. When you are done, drop off the edge into the castle (Press A + B when landing so you don't get hurt) and do it again. This is a fast, easy way to get rupies.

    Get Biggoron's Sword
    By: P.J. Perger (Treyman355@aol.com)

    To get Biggoron's Sword, you must go through a trading game, like Zelda: Link's Awakening for Game Boy. I will give the code in step-by-step order:

    1. In Kakariko Village, you will get an egg from the girl who raises cuccos. It will soon hatch and Link can take it to a nearby building to awake Talon. Go back to the girl and she will give him Cojiro, a cucco.

    2. Go to the Lost Woods and you will see a boy on a tree stump. Seeing the cucco will lift his spirits and he will give you an Odd Mushroom to deliver to his grandmother in Kakariko Village.

    3. The woman in the potion ship will give Link an Odd Potion in return for the Odd Mushroom. Bring it back to the Lost Woods.

    4. When you get back to the Lost Woods, the boy will be gone and a young girl will be in his place. Give her the potion in return for the Poacher's Saw.

    5. Go to the carpenter in Gerudo Valley. Give him the Saw and he will give you the Broken Goron's Sword.

    6. Make your way up Death Valley and visit Biggoron. He will take the sword and give you a prescription for eyedrops from King Zora.

    7. Go to Zora's Domain and bring him the prescription. He will give you an Eyeball Frog, the main for the potion. Bring the Frog to Lake Hylia.

    8. Bring the Frog to the Professor at Lake Hylia. He will turn the Frog into the eyedrops.

    9. Quickly get back to Death Mountain and give the eyedrops to Biggoron. He will give Link a Claim Check for the sword.

    10. Wait 3 days and return to Biggoron. Give him the Claim Check and he will give you Biggoron's' Sword.

    Biggoron's Sword is the most powerful weapon in the game. It is twice as strong as the Master Sword! However, it is so huge, that you cannot use the sword and the shield at the same time.

    Fairy Fountains
    By: Jesse Smith via The Unofficial "World of Nintendo!!" and Eltar

    1. After getting the Goron's Bracelet and the Bomb Bag, you can search Hyrule Field for suspicious looking boulders for a fairy fountain.

    2. In the same tomb where you find a Hylian Shield, you can find a fairy fountain after blowing up the wall.

    3. On the way to Zora's Domain, go along the green shores of Zora'a River. You will discover a fairy fountain beneath a bolder after bombing it.

    4. When you leave the Sacred Forest meadow you will notice a ladder on a hedge. That will led you to a clearing with a bolder in it. Under the bolder there is a fairy fountain.

    5. In the watery paradise of Zora's Domain you can play the Song of Storms to open a hole in a platform. The hole leads to a fountain below.

    6. In the dry desert after playing the Song of Stormes a hole will open up in the ground that will lead to a fairy fountain.

    7. When on the path to Hyrule Castle from the Market, There will be a sign reading: "Dead End". Behind it will be a huge boulder. After receiving the Goron Bracelet and the bomb bag, blow up the boulder and behind it will be the entrance to a fairy fountain where you can get the magic, "Farore's Wind".

    Heart Container Pieces Locations
    By: PiKa085@aol.com via Z64 FAQ (via GameFaqs.com)

    Locations of the Pieces of Heart

    1. Lon Lon Ranch *: In the shed at Lon Lon Ranch, move the crate there to reveal a secret hole in the wall. In it is a Piece of Heart.

    2. Dodongo's Cavern: When you're Young Link, plant a Magic Bean at the mouth of the cave. Come back when you're Adult Link and a stalk has grown there. Climb the stalk to find the Heart Piece.

    3. Hyrule Field: Near the path leading to Lake Hylia, there's a section of grass that's fenced in on all sides. Throw a bomb into the center of that area to uncover a secret grotto containing a Piece of Heart.

    4. Lon Lon Ranch: At the north end of the ranch, there's something odd about a tree there. Detonate a bomb at the base of the tree to reveal a secret grotto with a Piece of Heart.

    5. Kakariko Village: When you're Young Link, go to Death Mountain and get a ride from the owl. He'll drop you on a roof in Kakariko Village. Drop down to the awning below and go in the house to find the Piece of Heart!

    6. Kakariko Village: Use your Longshot to get atop one of the houses in town. The man that's there will give you a Piece of Heart.

    7. Kakariko Graveyard *: During the night, when you and Dampe are wandering the graveyard, you'll find the Heart Piece while he digs.

    8. Kakariko Windmill **: After you race Dampe's Spirit through the cavern, play the Song of Time for him. Then, a blue stone will disappear on one side of the cave, opening a path to the windmill. Follow the path and once you get inside the windmill, you'll find the Piece of Heart.

    9. Kakariko Graveyard **: After you win the race against Dampe's Spirit, he'll give you a Piece of Heart.

    10. House of Skulltula: After you collect 50 golden tokens, come back to the House of Skulltula and get a Piece of Heart from the now freed child.

    11. Kakariko Graveyard **: While you're Young Link, plant a Magic Bean in the corner of the graveyard. Come back when you're Adult Link to climb the stalk and claim a Piece of Heart.

    12. Kakariko Graveyard: When you're walking around the graveyard, you'll see something odd about one of the stones. Pull the stone and go into the secret passage. Then, play the Sun's Song to get the Heart Piece.

    13. Zora's River *: As you go up Zora's River, you'll see a group of frogs. Play the Song of Storms for them and you'll get a Heart Piece.

    14. Zora's River *: Keep on playing all the songs you know for the frogs and they'll give you another Piece of Heart before you go.

    15. Zora's River: Take a cucco from the riverbank and use him to fly up to a plateau. There, take another cucco to reach the Piece of Heart.

    16. Zora's River: At the entrance to Zora's Domain, you'll see the Piece of Heart on a ledge far from your reach. To get it, go back to the place where you found the cucco along the riverbank and take him back to that spot. Jump off the path and you'll be able to get the Heart Piece!

    17. Market *: Win the game and get to the final room to get the Piece of Heart.

    18. Market *: When you play and win the Bombchu Bowling game, you'll get random prizes. If you keep winning, eventually you'll get the Piece of Heart as a prize.

    19. Market *: When you talk with the people in town, you'll come across this woman whose dog ran away. Help her get it back by waiting until nightfall. Then, look near the Bazaar to find it and give it back to the woman for a Piece of Heart.

    20. Lost Woods *: Go through the Woods until you reach the mysterious Skull Kid. When he urges you to, take out the Ocarina and play Saria's Song. After hearing the song, he'll give you the Heart Piece.

    21. Lost Woods *: Go even deeper into the Lost Woods and you'll reach two Skull Kids. When they ask you to join them as they sang, play the Ocarina and follow along the song. Then, they'll give you the Piece of Heart.

    22. Zora's Domain *: When you reach the waterfall, there's a hidden chamber behind it. So, light up a Deku Stick and go behind the waterfall where you'll find several more torches. Light them all and a chest containing the Piece of Heart will appear.

    23. Zora's Fountain **: When you go to Zora's Fountain as Adult Link, it will all be frozen like ice. Find the ice block with the Heart Piece inside and pry it loose from the ice to claim it!

    24. Ice Cavern **: As you go through the Ice Cavern, you'll come across a red ice block with a Piece of Heart inside. Get a bottle full of blue flame and put it over the red ice to get the Piece.

    25. Zora's Fountain **: When you get the Zora Tunic and the Iron Boots, submerge yourself under the lake in Zora's Fountain. There, you'll find the Piece of Heart.

    26. Death Mountain Crater: Enter the Crater with the Goron Tunic on and as Adult Link, then explore the crater walls to find the Piece of Heart.

    27. Death Mountain Crater **: Inside the Crater, climb up the stalk that grew from the Magic Bean. Then, go up the towering spire to reach the Heart Piece.

    28. Goron City *: Light all the torches on the lower level of the city to make the giant urn spin. Run up to the upper level and throw a Bomb into the urn's open top to get a prize. Hopefully, it'll be the Piece of Heart!

    29. Lake Hylia *: Go to the Fishing Pond and catch the biggest fish in the pond to get the Heart Piece.

    30. Lake Hylia: After you get the Golden Scale, dive into the well in the lab next to Lake Hylia. There, you'll find the Piece of Heart.

    31. Lake Hylia **: When you're Young Link, plant the Magic Bean in the spot near the lab by Lake Hylia. Come back when you're Adult Link and climb the stalk to reach the top of the lab. Up there waiting for you is a Piece of Heart!

    32. Gerudo Fortress: On you way to Gerudo Fortress, you'll see a waterfall. Take a cucco and jump through the waterfall into a secret chamber. There, you'll find the Heart Piece.

    33. Gerudo Fortress: On the opposite side of the waterfall, you'll see a narrow canyon. Take a cucco and jump off the bridge and land on the ledge far below to get the Piece of Heart.

    34. Gerudo Fortress **: While you're exploring the inside of the Fortress, look up and use the Hookshot on the exposed roof chest. You'll reach the Piece of Heart there, too!

    35. Gerudo Fortress **: While you're riding Epona, your horse through Gerudo Fortress, you have to shoot at targets. If you score over 1,000 points, you'll win the Piece of Heart.

    36. Spirit Temple **: When you are Young Link, plant a Magic Bean near the Temple's entrance. Then, come back later as Adult Link when the stalk has grown. Climb up it to find the Piece of Heart.