Here is a FAQ for Zelda 64. There is not much here yet, so keep a look out soon for more updates.

December 19th

Thanks to the people who emailed with with some answers -You know who you are!

1. ok to beat shadow link you either use the hammer or the goron sword after you catch him off guard it should freeze him for a second than wack the crap out of him!!
2. how to get the goron sword!! firstly you go to the cucco lady as an adult she gives you a blue cucco. Go into the house where the lady offers to give you food. walk up to talon and show him the chicken, that will wake him up. next, take the chicken to the lost forest. take the first left. wake the blue kid up with the chicken. he will give you a mushroom. run it to the old potion lady, behind the potion shop, and she will give you a potion, run it back to the forest and give it to the girl, she will give you a saw, now jump the bridge, at gerudo valley and give it the the man by the tent he will give you a broken sword and than you take it to the top of death mountain the rock guy gives you a perscription than you run it to king zora (unfreeze him first!) than he will give you the frog run it to the old guy at lake hylia he will give you the perscription take that to the goron guy and the top of death mountain give it to him and than you have to go to kariko village and go back than you will have you the big gorron sword!!
3. to get the fire arrows you beat the water temple than swim out to get the arrows.
4. Dampe` is awake from 6:00pm to 11:30pm
5. You can get on the fishing lake from plant a bean near Hylia lake potion place when your a kid. Now go back to when your an adult and go on the plant that is there. it will take you there

To get the fire arrow go to lake Hylia where it says shoot the morning star. play your sun song and when the sun starts coming up shoot it with an arrow. To get the ice arrow pass the gerudo traing course.

To get the light arrow you have to all the medallions from the six sages and zelda will give it to you at the Temple of Time.

The last magic will be found outside the spirit temple in the desert you will have to blow up a wall. I think it's on the right as soon as you get there.

Stuck on how to get up to the second circular area in the fire temple?

You can't get up there until you have found the longshot. I tell you how anyway. Go back to a little kid get the scarecrow song off the scarecrow that you made.Then go to big link and play the song to the scarecrow and he will tell you to play the song and sometimes his buddy pierre will show up.Then go to the fire temple and make sure on the ledges above the rolling rocks. Look up so navie goes green. then play the scarecrow song and pierre will show up. Pull out the longshot and shoot pierre. Then get onto the other ledge and it will take you up.You will find a gold rupee and 1 or 2 skultulas.

To find the last magic spell you have to go to Desert Colossus. Find two plam trees and bomb the center. Then you will get Nayru's Love. The next question is how do you beat Dark Link. To beat him, lure him on to that island with the dead tree. Then pound the crap out of him. Next is the path to the top of Death Mountain. In that huge area by the flag, then turn left. Then you will find that there is two ledges with boulders on them bomb em' And that will take you to the top of Death mountain. I hope that'll help you.

There are different types of armor; green is the default, although it doesn't seem to do anything; red protects you from intense heat, it is needed when you enter a crater; and blue allows you to stay under water infinitly. And it is armor, not rings. Plus, the green armor is the only armor you can wear as a child.

Second, to travel forward in time you pull the master sword from the pedistal, to travel back in time you put it back.

Third, there are three swords. The kokiri sword, child Link's weapon (his only sword). The master sword, adult Links weapon (adult Link does not use the kokiri sword). And the Giant's knife, also adult Link's weapon (this weapon is a long sword and stronger than the master, but it costs 200 gp and breaks if you hit a wall).

1) Make sure to plant magic beans before you are an adult!!!

2) The Giants knife can be found in Goran City, you can only buy it as an adult (200 rupees), and it breaks easily.

3)Get the Hylian shield in the graveyard, dont waste your rupees!

4)Save your game and copy it to another file BEFORE you become an adult, you will regret not doing so!

5)Get the Goron tunic (adult-goron city)before racing Dampe, it helps!!

The reason there are two ocarina is because at first, when you are a kid, your friend Saria gives you a brown ocarina as a token of your friendship. Later in the game Zelda gives you the blue one, the ocarina of time which you need to go into the future & the sacred realm, at this point the of ocarina time replaces the brown one.


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