Game Help FAQ

Since so many of you are writing to me asking for game help on Zelda 64 I will put up this temporary game help FAQ with the questions I keep on getting over and over. If you have a question and can't find the answer below e-mail me at and I will try to help you.

Q: Where is the Kokiri Sword?

A: You can find the Kokiri Sword by going to the Training Center which is near the Know it All Brothers House. In the back of the Training Center is a little hole in the cliff wall. Go in front of it and hit the A Button. Link will crawl in. Now just dodge the boulder and open the chest that is in the room.

Q: How do I get through the first floor web in the Deku Tree?

A: Just go up high where there are the spiders that come down when you go near the side of the cliff. Kill one of them. Then run off  the side towards the heart in the center of the room. Be sure not to hold forward as you wll just roll off. When you land on the floor web you will break through.

Q: What do I do in the room that I fall into after jumping through the first floor web in the Deku Tree?

A: First hit the switch which will lite the torch. Now take out a deku stick and light it. Run across where the shallow water is to the other small piece of ground and torch the webbing in the corner to uncover a door.

Q: How do I get through the second floor web in the Deku Tree?

A: To get through the second floor web push the big block off the side and  into the water. Run across to the torch and light a deku stick. Run back and while on the floor web hit the C-Button you have the stick assigned to. Link will swing the stick down and torch the floor web.

Q: How do I get past the castle guards at Hyrule Castle?

A: First of all to get in the castle you will find a vine on the opposite side of the tree which is near Hyrule Castle. You msut climb it. Once up run acroos and jump off the castle gate to the side with Hyrule Castle. Now run to the dead end, turn around and run towards the area with grass. Be sure to go behind the first guard and keep your distance from the others. Soon you will come near the bridge. Be sure not to go to it. On the little cliff there is a section Link can climb. Climb up it and run straight into the moat. Swim with the current straight until the corner where you can get out. Once you are out take a left to find Talon sleeping.

Q: Navi keeps telling me to find Saria ever since I talked to Princess Zelda. Where is she?

A: Saria is in the Sacred Forest Meadow. To get to her you will have to go through the Lost Woods. The entrance to the Lost Woods is in Kokiri Forest. To find your way through the Lost Woods follow the path where the music is loudest. When you make it through you will have to fight a wolf creature. Once you kill it a passage will open up to a fairly simple maze. Navigate through the maze and go up the stairs to find Saria. She will teach you Saria's Song.

Q: I'm trying to help the lady in Kakariko Village find her chickens, but ther is one I can't find. Where is it?

A: You probably are missing the one that is hidden in a crate. You can tell which crate it is because Navi will turn green and fly around it. The crate is near the entrance to the village. To get the chicken out of the crate you will have to blow it up with a bomb.

Q: Where do I get the Goron's Bracelet so I can pick up bombs?

A:  To get the Goron's Bracelet go to Goron City. Once there go to the lowest floor in the center of the city. There is giant urn there. You will find two doors. Go to the one without the bombs around it and play Zelda's Lullaby. It will open up and you will meet Darunia. He still won't give you the Goron's Bracelet though. To get it play Saria's Song for him.

Q: How do I get into Dodongo's Cavern?

A: Once you have the Goron's Bracelet exit Goron City and to the right you will find a small path. Follow it to find a goron who says he is shading the bomb flower. Pick a bomb from the bomb flower and throw it over the cliff edge to blow up the boulder in front of Dodongo's Cavern.

Q: I can't get through Dodongo's Cavern. Can you help me?

A: Okay. There are a lot of places to get stuck in this dungeon.

1. The first is the room with the switch on the ground and two statues. To get past here push a statue on to the switch and it will open the door.

2. The second place is the room with bombs going around a large stone block. To get past here pick up the bomb that dosen't have any near it and place it in the center of the stone block where there is a small space between the bomb flowers. When it explodes it will cause a chain reaction and the stone block will fall and become stairs for you to climb.

3. Another tricky part is the room with the spiked things that go back and forth. Climb up the block and ladder. The doorway will be blocked by a stone wall. Slowly turn around and jump to the platform with the bomb flower and treasure chest. The treasure chest has 20 rupees in it. Take a bomb from the bomb flower and when it is about to explode throw it at the blocked door. If it explodes in front of the blocked door it will destroy the stone blocking it. If you miss try again.

4. Yet another hard part is the rooms with the fire. To put out the fire in the first room shoot the eye above it. In the second room shoot the eye above the fire jump to the platform then turn to the right and shoot the other eye to extinguish the second fire. Be quick though as once you shoot the seocnd eye the fire on the first platform will start again.

5. Another tricky part is the room with the switch and the cliff that leads back to the first large room of Dodongo's Cavern. First step on the switch on the floor. Then take a left and throw a bomb into each one of the skull's eyes. Then go back to near the switch is and jump to the platform which will take you down. Now enter the mouth of the skull.

Q: King Zora won't talk to me and I can't find Jabu-Jabu. How do I get to Jabu-Jabu.

A: First of all light the torch before King Zora's throne room. Once in the throne room take a left to get to a diving game. Once you win the diving game you will get the Silver Scale. Now go to the water behind the Zora shop and dive to the tunnel there. Once you get through surface to the top of Lake Hylia. Now look a little ways in front of the tunnel to find a bottle. Dive down and get it. Inside there is a note from Princess Ruto. Go show this note to King Zora and he will move and uncover the path to Jabu-Jabu.

Q: How do I get in Jabu-Jabu?

A: To get in Jabu-Jabu empty a fish from a bottle while in front of him. You can find a fish next to the shallow water of the Zora shop. There you can take a bottle and scoop one up.


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