Zelda Memorabilia

In this section you will find a load of Zelda memorabilia including watches, posters and toys! Some of this is very old and worth a lot of money if you still have them! There is also a lot of the more recent stuff at the bottom of this page, including Zelda 64 stuff. We have the BIGGEST Source of Zelda Memorabilia available on the Internet!

Please Note: We [Zelda Power] do not own all of this (bar a few things) and are not selling any of it either. Check out ebay.com (an auction site) which has some of these items every now and again.

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Updated: 8th Nov '99

        Zelda Folder

This is a very old Zelda Folder. It has Link fighting some stalfos on it and you can see Zelda at the top of the dungeon using magic to attack the dragons below!



        Trash Can

Here's a Zelda trashcan. It has Link on it and a picture of the game, which strangely has Link in a Super Mario Bros enviroment! See the coins around him? Weird but worth a look!


          Zelda Watch

This is a Zelda Wall mounted watch. It has a big picture of Link's face in the middle of it! I remember I used to have a wallclock, but it wasn't a Zelda one. Infact I didn't ever see much Zelda stuff around here.


          Zelda 2 Poster

This is apparently a double sided poster that came inside the box of the Japanese Zelda 2. It has a lot of other games mentioned on the bottom of the page including Super Mario bros 2!


        Zelda scratch & win

Here's a Nintendo Scratch & Win card with a Zelda section! Scratch of a circle around link and also scratch of a circle around the plant. Strange stuff!


        Link toy

This is an old Link figure entitled "A Trap Attacks Link" and it comes complete with a scorecard for some reason. If you have one of these and have it all boxed in perfect condition, it will be worth a lot of money in the near future!


        Zelda Beanie

Here's a very old Zelda beanie from the late 80's. On the front of the beanie is The Legend of Zelda logo along with Link. I wonder if anyone still wears them? ;-)


        Zelda 2 Bookmark

This a Zelda 2 Bookmark (1989). I remember someone at my school had one of these and used to always use it in the book he was reading. This bookmark has the words " This Book is the official property of Nintendo Expert" Hmmm.


      Zelda Card1Zelda Card2

This Zelda Postcard was sent out to members of the Press inviting them to see Zelda 64 in action at the E3 show held in Alanta on the 27th May 1998. It seems so long ago! There are two parts to the card, so check them both out!



If memory serves me correct, these little Ocarina's were handed out to Journalists who attented the Zelda summit show. It hangs around your neck and now you to can have your own Ocarina!

        Zelda 64 Summit

This is one of the Press Passes for the Zelda Summit show held in late 1998. Members of the Press got to play Zelda 64 and were givin this great little pass to get in!

        Zelda 64 Tatoos

Now we come onto the more recent stuff. This a a Tatoo set that came with some special pre-order's of Zelda 64. It has several tatoos on it, but personally I would rather have kept them than use them up.


        Zelda 64 EB Offers

Another Zelda offer from the same company that gave out the tatoo's (Electronic Boutique). They were giving away a Zelda 64 T-Shirt, Map Poster, Gold Cartridge and a few other things as well!


        Zelda 64 Reservation

Here's a reservation form that was issued just days before Zelda 64 was released in Australia. Probably one of the best reservation forms ever!


        Zelda 64 Card

This is a Zelda 64 postcard that was produced for Australia. It's excellent, why would you want to sendd it to anyone else?


Here are a couple of images of the Zelda 64 toys that were made! They are pretty good action figures and other characters were made as well, like Zelda and Ganon. They are still available to purchase today, so I would urge you to go out and buy them becuase they may be worth something in the future! There are two images to view here..


In the late eightys, Nintendi Game and Watch's were very popular. They are a collectors item now and here is a Zelda game and watch! The player must navigate Link from the bottom left of the screen to the top right, rescueing Zelda!

        Zelda Watch

Pink. Strange color for a watch? Well for some reason this Zelda themed wrist watch is. It also has a little game built in. I remember having a Tetris and Mario watch like this. They are fun for a while until you get sick of completing them!

        Zelda Ruler

This "Nintendo Power" Zelda ruler was released in 1988 - Over ten years ago! Many Nintendo games had stationary based on them and there was no reason why they shouldn't have made a Zelda theme ruler as well!

        Zelda 1 Tipsbook

Back when Zelda was released, people did find the game hard enough to want to use Tip books. So Nintendo released a guide book for Zelda 1. What's good about it, is the way Nintendo designed it - it looks like an old book.

        Zelda Watch Boxed

Here is another Zelda game and watch, but the difference here is that it is still boxed and in excellent condition! If you have any Zelda item that is still boxed, it can be worth a lot of money. It was released in 1989.

        Zelda Pillow

An old Zelda Pillow case. It's still in good condition here and It uses the same design of the Zelda rubbish bin at the top of this page! But why is Link collecting coins? Strange. There were also Mario pillow cases released around the same time as this.

        Nintendo Power Folder

An old Nintendo Power folder with both Link and Mario on the front of it. Seems several Zelda related folders where released quite soon after each other.



        Zelda Comic

An old comic based on the Zelda cartoons. I think this is issue 3. Zelda is on the front cover and you can see Ganon above her.

I should be getting all of the issues of this comic on the site soon.


        Zelda 64 CD

This is a cover to a Zelda 64 Soundtrack CD. However, I'm not to sure if this is a dodgy Japanese black market version. It was made by a company called "Ever Anime" and contains 76 audio tracks, strange considering the Official Nintendo one contains only 34 tracks.


        Zelda Official Guide

This is the Offficial Zelda 64 Guide made by Nintendo. It is full of walkthroughs and tips on how to fully beat Zelda 64.

Should still be able to find it in shops if you look hard enough.


        Zelda Figures

Here are some more pictures are the Zelda action figures. In this picture is also the box they come in ( I think it's exclusive to the company Target) and if you look you can see the box is modelled to be like an N64 cartridge! Pretty cool!


        Zelda Figures

Again, another picture of the three Zelda action figures - Zelda, Link and Ganon. All in one box together.



        Link keyring

This picture is of a Link bendable keyring. Action these figures are pretty cool to use, but I would advise you not to keep bending it if you want it to be worth money in the future becuase it starts to damage the plastic.


        Zelda Stuff

In this picture is all the Zelda goodies that came when pre-ordering Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time. Theirs a gold cartridge at the top left, followed by an action figure and a t-shirt. Excellent!

    Zelda VideoZelda VideoZelda Video

Here are three videos of the Zelda cartoon series. In order, the cartoons are called "Sing for the Unicorn", "The missing Link" and "The Ringer". They are all okayish, but you maybe able to see for yourself sometime soon. Stay tuned!

        Zelda game

Another picture of the Zelda game and watch. It's actually a pretty good game and if you see it for sale quite cheap, make sure you buy it becuase they will be worth a lot of money in the future. However, this game is pretty rare, so it might take you a while to find.


        Zelda card

This is a picture of a Zelda card that a shop called Funcoland was giving away. Not to sure about this one, but still a piece of Zelda memoribilia!


        Zelda Hat

Here is a picture of a Zelda Cap. It was made in 1988, and shows a picture of Link and The Legend of Zelda logo on the front.

    Zelda 64 Keyring WatchZelda 64 Keyring Watch Back

This is a Zelda 64 pocket watch, with a leather shield attached to it. Pretty good stuff. Also there is a picture of the back of the case.


These are "Offical Nintendo Video game Stick On's", which includes various Zelda stickers as well as other Nintendo characters like Mario and Punch Out. You can stick these on your Nintendo system - or keep them.


This is supposed to be a "Score Trophy" for The first Zelda game on the NES. It has a little sticker on the base, so you can write your name and score on it. Strange!


Zelda plates, with art straight from the Legend of Zelda manual printed on them. This is actually a set of three - Plate, Cup and Saucer! Thanks to Lozmaster


Here is a classic Zelda watch by Nelsonic. Its not a gaming watch but highly collectable nonetheless. Thanks to Lozmaster


A cereal box, a collectible? Well yes this one is! Not many people are likely to have one of these still though! Thanks to Lozmaster


Some excellent little Zelda figures made by Bandai. However they are only being sold in Japan and are not very likely to be available in America to buy. Thanks to Lozmaster


I think this is a Zelda "Maze" type game. I'm not sure exactly what happens in it though. Still it's Zelda Memoribilia. Thanks to Lozmaster

        N64 Sticker Set

This is a Zelda 64 sticker set for your N64. I think it's from an English magazine called "N64 Magazine" although I could be wrong.

        Luch Box Set

This is a Nintendo lunch box set. The flask is a decorated in Zelda stuff while the lunch box has Mario content on it!

        Blub Nintendo

Here is a very old issue of Nintendo Club. It focuses around the release of Zelda 2 on the NES. It's packed full of Zelda 2 goodies.


Thanks goto Neo for sending in these pictures. He found his old comic book while clearing out his bedroom and sent us in these pictures to show us what it looked like! Maybe someday he could scan each page in for us?. -New-