Note: This is the 2nd version. The 1st had major bug! Fixed now.

Zelda: A Twist of Fate

    Finally, The Legend of Zelda: A Twist of Fate is released!

    The game has taken nearly 9 months to complete and it features many dungeons, puzzles, characters and more!

    There are two versions of this game.

    The "Advanced" version is better suited to running on a P2 machine and above.

    The "Standard" version is better suited for older PCs.

    Besides this, the games are the same.

    Please read the "Information" in the game for controls and more.

    More info will come to the site soon.

    Zipped Size : 2. 4MB


  Installation Instructions

Once you have downloaded it do the following: Unzip It using winzip then Just run the install program and select where abouts you want the game to be installed to. After it has been installed, you should just be able to use the start menu or open up the folder it was installed to and start the game!