You want more Zelda stuff? Heres what you have to do. Just look down the list and pick an area which you want to look at. Each section is over filling with Zelda goodies and they want You to download them!

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Update: Ocarina of Time - Hylian Loach movies updated!

      Sounds & Music

Zelda Sounds & Music

This section is filled to the brim of Zelda music from all the Zelda games, including remixes and even from the Zelda cartoon series! You can find MIDI files here as well as MP3 versions of the music from Zelda 64.


      Zelda Movies

Zelda Movies

In here is a huge selection of movies. At this time, they are all Zelda 64 movies and we will add more movies when more Zelda games are annouced. Want to see video footage of older Zelda games? Ask and we will see what we can do!


      Zelda Cartoons

Zelda Cartoons

Remember the Zelda Cartoons from the late '80s? Well here is the Complete collection of each episode! They all require the Real Player G2 program to watch them with.


      Captain N

Captain N: The Games Master -NEW-

This animated action-adventure stars Kevin Keene, a young games player who is transported in videoland and becomes Captain N. This cartoon series started in 1989 and features a bunch of Nintendo characters including Zelda and Link! It's great!


      Zelda Comics

Zelda Comics

Here are two sets of Zelda comics. There are loads of strips and well over 300 pages of Zelda action! Definatly worth a look!

      Zelda Screen Savers

Zelda Screen Savers

Is your desktop bored with it's usualy backdrop? Why don't you spice things up with these fantastic Screen Savers! They have all been created for this site, and I'm pretty sure you will be impressed with them all! Go on, give your PC and treat and download some of them!


      Zelda Homemade Games

Zelda Games

There are two games here. One is Virtual Link. It was created for this site a while back and has been downloaded over 50,000 times! It's a great little Zelda game that should keep you interested to the end. But best of all is Zelda: A Twist of Fate. It is an excellent game!


      Zelda Theme packs

Zelda Theme Packs

In here you should be able to find a selection of Zelda Theme Packs which will enchance your PC! They include new backdrops, cursor and icon changes, as well as new sound effects for your system!