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Each game presents a unique adventure for Link to conquer, but to get the most out of either game you'll want to play them both. It doesn't matter which Pak you play first. When you complete one of the games, you will earn a password which you can enter into the second game. When your new adventure begins, your character will have the same name you gave him in the first game. He will also begin the game with more items than in the first quest, and you'll be treated to cool cameos from some of the characters you encountered in the first adventure. At the end of your second adventure, you'll face an additional boss battle which would not occur if you had not already completed the first game.


 Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons takes place in the troubled land of Holodrum. After magically transporting to this new world, Link witnesses a power-hungry general named Onox summon a mighty storm and kidnap the Oracle of Seasons - a beautiful dancer named Din. Onox uses Din's power to hurl the forces of nature into chaos, so it's up to Link to once again restore peace to the land.


 The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons doesn't stray too far from classic Zelda challenges and gameplay. Link must travel around a vast overworld collecting clues and items, and explore challenging dungeons filled with fierce monsters and maddening puzzles. Oracle of Seasons presents some new challenges as well. Using the Rod of Seasons, Link has the ability to change the seasons whenever he pleases. The landscape changes depending on the season, which provides the premise for many perplexing puzzles. If a river blocks your path in the summer, for example, you can summon the winter months and freeze the waterway to ensure a safe passage.


 Also, Link meets some powerful friends in Holodrum who help him in a variety of ways. A winged polar bear named Moosh can help Link attack enemies with a powerful ground-pounding blow, or Link can ride a friendly Dodongo named Dmitri across deep bodies of water. When Link rides in the pouch of a boxing kangaroo named Ricky, he can K.O. his enemies with a few quick jabs.


 Link's latest escapade offers gamers great gameplay, an engrossing storyline and detailed graphics. Whether you're a long-time fan of The Legend of Zelda or a newcomer to the series, you're sure to spend many rewarding hours helping Link restore order to Holodrum.