Last Updated: 23rd August 2001

Here is a HUGE collection of Past Zelda 64 movies. There are over 30 movies available to download and some have the option of different resolutions, which will help download time.

We also have a new movie from Zelda Gaiden & Mysterious Acorn! look down the page to find it! Some files will require WinZip to extract them.

NOTE: All These File Requires QuickTime 3 / 4 to run. Download By Clicking Below.



  Zelda "Gamecube" -NEW-

    This is the Spaceworld Zelda footage of Zelda on Gamecube. It's worth a watch especially since it's gone "Cell Shaded"

    Size: 8 MB


  Zelda Mask of Mujala Intro

    This is the Intro to Mask of Mujala. It won't ruin the game at all, because it doesn't give anything away.

    Size: 14. 4MB


  Zelda Mask of Mujala Commercial -NEW-

    The Japanese advert for the game. It's pretty good although the quality could be better.

    Size: 3. 02MB


  Zelda Mask of Mujala Commercial -NEW-

    The Japanese advert for the game. Quality is very good but it isn't as long as the one above.

    Size: 1.54MB


  Zelda Mysterious Acorn

    A new movie of Mysterious Acorn, heading for the Gameboy next year. Looks sure to be a winner!

    Size: 2. 56MB


  Zelda Gaiden

    Here is another great movie from Spaceworld. It's got a pretty big viewing area, so definatly download this to check some stuff out.

    This is ZIPPED so it makes the filesize smaller.

    Size: 6. 1MB


  Zelda : Mysterious Acorn

    A bigger version of the smaller size movie we have. It shows quite a bit, although doesn't seem very colorful at this stage.

    This is ZIPPED so it makes the filesize smaller.

    Size: 2. 50MB


  Zelda Gaiden

    This is a small movie released at Space World '99 of Zelda Gaiden. It's not the best of quality but shows what new things are in the game.

    This is ZIPPED so it makes the filesize smaller.

    Size: 925 K


  Zelda : Mysterious Acorn

    This is a small movie from Space World '99 of Zelda: Mysterious Acorn. Again, not the best of quality.

    This is ZIPPED so it makes the filesize smaller.

    Size: 790 K


  Zelda 64 Advert

    I recently just noticed that Nintendo are running a new Zelda 64 Ad on UK TV's. It is very short, but worth a look especially since it's so small.

    Size: 458 K


  Zelda 64 Ending

    After a lot of demand, here's the ending sequence of Zelda 64. Becuase it's so big I will be uploading the REAL PLAYER G2 version first.

    Size: 2 MB (13 Minutes!)


  Tri Force Movie (Early Verion)

    Here's your chance to see the tri-force in an early version of Zelda 64. It has since been removed from the game. This movie requires a mpg player.

    Overal View Size: 445K


  UK Zelda 64 TV Advert

    Here is the Advert that was broadcast on British TV to advertise Zelda 64. It seems to be quite like the US Advert

    Overal View Size: 1. 58MB

  UK Zelda 64 Tv Advert Teaser

    This is a smaller advert than the above, mainly becuase it was a short teaser to get people interested in the game.

    Overal View Size: 547 K

  Exclusive Zelda 64 Movie!

    This was a movie that Only this site had got. It's an excellent movie and has a kicking soundtrack as well!

    Overal View Size: 7MB



  Zelda Cinema Advert

    These are the One Minute long adverts that were used to advertise the game in US cinema's. There are two resolutions you can view.

    Overal View Size: 5.2MB & 6 MB

  Zelda 64 Movie Archive

    There are an amazing 20 Zelda 64 Movies here, each showing
    some excellent parts of the game.

    If you still have not got Zelda 64 yet, then maybe you will enjoy
    viewing many of these excellent movies!

    Sizes : As Shown




  Zelda 64 Promotional Video

    This movie is Fantastic and lasts about 3 minutes long. It has tons of movie footage as well as some great music. There are two versions to download, depending on video quality.

    Overal Viewing Size : 21MB & 3.8MB


  Zelda 64 Commercials

    Here is yet another Zelda 64 commercial in two resolutions.

    What great commercials!

    Overal Viewing Size: 28MB & 2.3 MB

            Video 1

            Video 2

            Video 3

Zelda 64 E3 '98 Movies

    Here are 3 Movies from last years E3 '98 Show. These 3 movies are pretty nice, and worth a download at least.

    Lets hope a new Zelda game is annouced at this years E3 show!

    Zipped Sizes : Unknown


Old Zelda 64 Movie 1
Old Zelda 64 Movie 2
Old Zelda 64 Movie 3
Old Zelda 64 Movie 4
Old Zelda 64 Movie 5

Space World '97 Movies

    Heres a collection of old Zelda Movies, way back from the first showings. It's good to look at this and think how much the graphics have improved!

    Zipped Size: Various

Super Smash Bros


  Hyrule Stage

    This is a movie from the game "Super Smash Bros" which features Link as a playable character! This movie is set at the top of Hyrule castle with the original Zelda music playing!

    Overal View Size: 1.67MB