The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past


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The Legend of Hyrule (Introduction) ..... 3
1. Before Starting the Game ............. 9
2. Viewing the Main & Sub Screens ...... 11
3. Using the Controller ................ 13
* Control Pad
= Moving Your Character ........... 14
* A Button = Action ................. 15
* B Button = Swonging the Sword ..... 17
* Y Button = Using Items ............ 19
* X Button
= Viewing Map Screens ............. 21
4. Heroic Equipment .................... 23
5. Ending and Saving the Game .......... 25
6. Life and Magical Power .............. 27
7. Lore of Hyrule ...................... 29
8. Dungeon Knowledge ................... 31
9. Item Inventory ...................... 37
10. The Legend Begins ................... 42
11. A Brief Bestiary of Hyrule .......... 44


The Legends of Hyrule
To set the stage for this adventure of the legendary Hero of Hyrule, it
will be informative to delve into the Triforce myth, an ancient epic
about the creation of the world that is still believed in the land of
Hyrule. Every culture has such myths and theories about the creation
of their worlds, and it can be beneficial and entertaining to examine
them in detail, for they often affect the present day social structure.
The legends say the mythical gods of Hyrule had as their chosen
people the Hylia. These ancient people left scrolls that are the
primary source of the legends.

----------------------- The Creation Of Hyrule -------------------------------
According to the Hylian scrolls, the mythical gods descended from a
distant nebula to the world and created order and life. The
God of Power dyed the mountains red with fire and created land. The
God of Wisdom created science and wizardry and brought order to
nature. And the God of Courage, through justice and vigor, created life
- the animals that crawl the land and the birds that soar in the sky.
After the gods had finsihed their work, they left the world, but not
before creating a symbol of their strength, a golden triangle known as
the Triforce. A small but powerful portion of the essence of the gods
was held in this mighty artifact, which was to guide the intelligent life
on the world of Hyrule.

Although it was an inanimate object, the Triforce had the power to
bestow three titles which gave the person who received them great
powers: "The Forger of Strength", "The Keeper of Knowledge", and
"The Juror of Courage". From its hiding place in the so-called Golden
Land where the Gods placed it, the Triforce beckoned people from the


outside world to seek it in the hope that someone worthy of these
titles would find it.
With their magic infused blood, the Hylian people were endowed with
psychic powers and skill in wizardry. It was also said that their long,
pointed ears enabled them to hear special messages from the gods, so
they were heldin high esteem by many people in Hyrule. Their
descendants settled in various parts of the world and passed on their
knowledge and magical lore to all people. But in its passing, the lore
was often distorted or lost altogether.

----------------------- Gates To The Golden Land -----------------------------
In Hyrule, there are many Hylian buildings which are mentioned
repeatedly in the legends. These buildings, which now lie in ruin, pale
shadows of their former splendor, are closely tied to the Triforce.
Some were even said to house the Triforce...

If it were only a symbol of the gods, the Triforce would be coveted by
many. But a verse from the Book of Mudora (a collection of Hylian
legends and lore) made the Triforce even more desirable:

In a realm beyond sight,
The Sky shines gold, not blue.
There, the Triorce's might
Makes mortal dreams come true.

Many aggressively searched for the wish-granting Triforce, but no one,
not even the Hylian sages, was sure of its location; the knowledge
had been lost over time. Some said the Triforce lay under the desert,


others said it was in the cemetary in the shadow of Death
Mountain, but no one ever found it. That yearning for the Triforce
soon turned to lust for power, which in turn led to the spilling of
blood. Soon the only motive left among those searching for the
Triforce was pure greed.

One day, quite by accident, a gate to the Golden Land of the Triforce
was opened by a gang of thieves skilled in the black arts. This land
was like no other. In the gathering twilight, the Triforce shone from
its resting place high above the world. In a long running battle, the
leader of the thieves fought his way past his followers in a lust for the
Golden Power. After vanquishing his own followers, the leader stood
triumphant over the Triforce and grasped it with his blood- stained
hands. He heard a whispered voice: "If thou has a strong desire or
dream, wish for it..." And in reply, the roaring laughter of the brigand
leader echoed across time and space and even reached the far-off land
of Hyrule. The name of this king of thieves is Ganondorf Dragmire,
but he is known by his alias, Mandrag Ganon, which means Ganon
of the Enchanted Thieves.

------------------------- The Imprisoning War --------------------------------
I do not know what Ganon wished for from the Triforce. However, in
time evil power begain to flow from the Golden Land and greedy men
were drawn there to become members of Ganon's army. Black clouds
permanently darkened the sky, and many disasters beset Hyrule. The
lord of Hyrule sent for the Seven Wise Men and the Knights Of
Hyrule, and ordered them to seal the enterance to the Golden Land.

The Triforce, being an
inanimate object, cannot
judge between good and evil.
Therefore, it could not know
that Ganon's wishes were
evil; it merely granted them.
Suspecting that Ganon's
power was based on the
Triforce's magic, the people of
Hyrule forged a sword
resistant to magic which
could repulse even powers
granted by the Triforce. This
mighty weapon became known
as the blade of evil's bane, or
the Master Sword. It was so
powerful that only one who
was pure of heart and strong
of body could wield it. As the
Seven Wise Men searched for
a valient person to take up
the Master Sword, Ganon's
evil army swarmed from the


tainted Golden Land into Hyrule and attacked the castle. The wise
men and the Knights Of Hyrule combined forces to wage war on this
evil horde.

The Knights took the full brunt of the fierce attack, and although they
fought courageously many a brave soul was lost that day, However,
their lives were not lost in vain, for they bought precious time for the
Seven Wise Men to magically seal ganon in the Golden land. All of
Hyrule rejoiced at the victory that upheld peace and order over
Ganon's evil and chaos. Thsi war, which had claimed many lives,
became known as the Imprisoning War in stories told in later

------------------------ The Coming of The Wizard ----------------------------
Many centuries have passed since the Imprisoning War. The land of
Hyrule healed its wounds and the people lived in peace for a long
time. Memories of the vicious Imprisoning War faded over the

So it is no surprise that no one was prepared for the new disasters
that have recently struck Hyrule. Pestilence and drought,
uncontrollable even by magic, revaged the land. The king of Hyrule,
after counsel with his sages, ordered an investigation of the
Imprisoned Dark World (as the Golden land had come to be knowsn)
but the wise men's seal was apparently intact. he offered rewards for
anyone who could find the source of these troubles. In answer to
these summons a stranger named Agahnim came and quelled the
disasters witha previously unseen form of magic. As a reward, the
king gave him a new position as chief advisor and heir to the Seven


masses proclaimed him their hero. Peace had returned to Hyrule... or
had it?
Of late, rumors have traveled their whispering path with alarming
frequency. Rumors saying Agahnim now rules the country with his
magic... Rumors of strange magical experiments in the castle tower at
night... The people of Hyrule were gripped by dread.

----------------------------- Prologue ---------------------------------------
One night, a girl's voice awakens you from your sleep.

She telepathically pleads.

You jump out of bed not knowing whether the voice was part of a
dream or reality. Upon leaving your bed, you find your uncle, who
should be fast asleep at this time, preparing to go out, girded for

"I'll be back by moring," he says as he departs. "Don't leave the

You watch him leave with the family sword in hand and shield on arm.
This night is like no other... Who is Zelda? Where had your uncle
gone and for what reason?

And so, on an ill-fated night, a new chapter in the legend of Hyrule's
hero begins- a new chapter in The Legend of Zelda!


Your Quest As The Legendary Hero

The Golden land of the Triforce has
becoe a Dark World corrupted by
Ganon's evil wishes. However, this is
not enough for Ganon; he also wants to
make Hyrule, the Light World, his own.
To do this, he needs to break the Seal
Of The Seven Wise Men.

But he cannot do this with his power
alone. He must also use the life force of
the descendants of the Seven Wise Men.
With Agahnim the wizard as his pawn,
this is about to become a reality (thus
the late night experiments in the castle

You, as the legendary Hero of
Hyrule, must enter the Dark
World on a quest to save the
maidens that Agahnim has sent
there. The aim of the game is
to solve the many mysteries
and adventures that await you
along the way to rescuing the
maidens, defeating Ganon,
and returning peace to


1. Before Starting the Game
To begin your quest, insert the Game
Pak into the Super Nintendo
Entertainment System (R) and turn the
power ON. The title screen shown on
the right will be displayed, followed by
the story introduction. Press the A, B, X,
Y, or START button to display the screen


The Game Pak can save data for up to
three players. When you first start playing
the game, select any one of the three files
(as displayed on the left), and input your
name. First, move the faerie cursor using
the Control Pad or SELECT button, then
press the A, B, X, Y or START Button.

Next, input your name at the Register Your
Name Screen. Move the cross hairs using
the Control Pad to select the letters of
the alphabet, and press the A, B, X or Y
button to input the letter. Finally, place the
cross hairs on END or press the START
Button to input the name. Up to six letters
can be input. Now the player's picture,
name and Heart Containers (which
represent the amount of life-force you have)
are displayed in the Player Select Screen.
Select this file again to start the game.
From now on, data will be saved in this file
during the game. (See page 25 for more
details about saving your game.)


When you want to start a new game but all
three files have data in them, you have to
erase the data in one fo the files. Select
ERASE PLAYER on the Player Select
screen to display the message "WHICH
Noe select a file that you no longer need.
If you have changed your mind, select
"QUIT." If you really do want to delete the
file, select "ERASE THIS PLAYER." Remember, once you select
"ERASE THIS PLAYER" the data cannot be recovered.

When you want to transfer one player's
data to another file, select COPY PLAYER
to display the message "WHICH?". Select
the file you want to copy. Next, the
message "TO WHICH?" will be displayed,
so select the file you want to copy to.
Select "COPY OK" to transfer, or "QUIT"
to leave the file as is. Remember that if
you copy to a file that already has data in
it, you will replace the data in the target file.


2. Viewing the Main & Sub Screens
This game is played using two types of screens: the Main Screen
and the Sub Screen.

============================== MAIN SCREEN ===================================
This is the screen where the action takes place.

(2) (3) (4) (5) (6)
| | | | |
| _ __ ------- LIFE ------- |
(1)--------- | | | |__| 000 00 00 1 [*][*][*] ------------------- (7)
| |_| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |

(1) Magic Meter This green meter shows how much Magic Energy you
have. (See page 27.)

(2) Item Display This box displays the item that you currently have
ready to use. Press the Y Button to active the item
shown here.

(3) Rupees This shows how many Rupees (the currency of Hyrule)
you have. You can have up to 999 rupees.

(4) Bombs This shows how many bombs you have. You start off
with the ability to carry 10 bombs.

(5) Arrows This shows how many arrows you have. (these are the
ammunition for the Bow). You start off with the ability
to carry 30 arrows. If you do not have the Bow, you
cannot use arrows, but you still can carry them.
* You can raise the maximum amount of bombs and arrows
you can carry during the game.

(6) Small Key This is the key that opens doors in the dungeons.
Small keys can only be used in the dungeon they are
found in. (See page 35.)

(7) Heart Containers This displays the extent of your life-force with Heart
Containers. If you are hurt, your Heart Containers will
empty. If all your Heart Containers are empty, the
game ends. (See page 28.)


============================= SUB SCREEN =====================================
Press the START button to switch to this screen when you
want to change the item you have ready or check your status.
When you use the Sub Screen, the action will be temporarily
paused. Press the START Button again to return to the game.

| -----ITEM------------------ -------------------- |
| | | | ---------- (2)
| | Y | | BOOMERANG | |
| | | -------------------- |
(1) --------- | -------------------- |
| | | | PENDANTS | |
| | | | | |
| | | | [*] ---------- (4)
| | | | [ ] [ ] | |
| --------------------------- -------------------- |
| ----DO--------------------- -------------------- |
| | A | | EQUIPMENT | |
| | LIFT .2 READ TALK | | ---------- (5)
(3) -------- PULL RUN SWIM | |------------------| |
| | | | DUNGEON ITEM | |
| | | | ---------- (6)
| --------------------------- -------------------- |

(1) ITEM Window The Y Button-controlled items you discover
during the game are shown in this window. Use
the cursor to select the item you want to use.
(See page 20.)

(2) Item Name The name and picture of the item currently
ready for use shows in this window.

(3) DO Window This window teels you what actions you can
perform with the A Button.

(4) Pendants When you defeat the evil master of a dungeon,
you will receive a Pendant or some other
special item. This window keeps track of how
many Pendants you have. (You will have to
collect something different in the Dark World.)
You must collect all of these items to finish the
game and restore peace to Hyrule.

(5) Equipment This window tells you the status of your
weapons, shield and armor. (See page 23.)

(6) Dungeon Items/ Each dungeon has a unique set of treasures: a
Broken Hearts Map, a Compass and a Big Key. If you find
them, they are displayed here while you are
inside the dungeon. (See page 32.) If you
outside, it will show how many Pieces of Heart
you have collected. (See page 28.)


2. Viewing the Main & Sub Screens

Control Pad Player Movements
With the Control Pad you can move your character in eight directions
including up and down stairs. This also moves the cursor.

SELECT Button Ending a game
The SELECT Button lets you end the game and save data. (See page 26.)

START Button Selecting Items
Press the START Button to switch to the Sub Screen. You can then select
items to be used with the Y Button or check the status of your equipment.
(See page 20.)

X Button Viewing the Maps
Press the X Button to view the overworld map or dungeon map. (See
page 21.)

A Button Holding and Running
The A Button can be used for a variety of actions, including picking up
objects, running, talking, swimming, reading, grasping, and opening chests.
(See page 15.)

B Button Swinging the Sword
The B Button lets you swing the sword to attack enemies. This button also
confirms choices made on the Player Select screen and Game Over screen.
(See page 17.)

Y Button Using Items
The Y Button activates various items for attack, defense, magic and
movement. (See page 19 & 37.)

See the explaination of each button for details.


The Control Pad * Moving Your Character
The Control Pad moves your
character on the screen. There are
many hidden secrets in the land of
Hyrule, so you will have to search
every nook and cranny to find

* Walking
Your character will walk in the direction that
the Control Pad is pressed. He can walk
in eigth directions: up, down, left, right, and
at all four angles in between.

* Leaping Down
It is possible to leap off ledges in the
overworld and dungeons as long as there is
no obstacle at the edge. Leaping down is
often a short cut and is the only way to
reach some areas.
Walk to the edge
and press the
Control Pad in the
direction you want
to leap.

* Pushing
Some blocks and stone statues in the
dungeon can be pushed around. Move your
character next to the block or statue you
want to move, and press the Control pad
in the direction that you want to push the


A Button * Action
There are seven types of action that
can be performed with the A button.
the main ones are as follows.

* Running and Hitting Objects
If there are no obstacles directly in front of you,
hold down the A Button for about one second
to make the player run (in four directions only.)
When the player is running he will automatically
draw his sword. Press the Control Pad in a
different direction to stop running.
NOTE: You can only run if you are wearing the
Pegasus Shoes. (See page 17.)

If you run into certain walls, you may make a break
them down, and if you crash into objects such as
trees, hidden things might fall from the branches.

* Lifting and Throwing
Position your character next to the object you want
to pick up and press the A Button. Press either
the A or B Button to make the player throw the
object (four directions only). If the object hits an
enemy, it will cause the enemy damage.

At the beginning of the game, you can only pick
up bushes and pots, but during the game you
can increase your strength and pick up large
boulders and other objects. Note that you
cannot use the sword or other items when
holding an object. (See page 24.)

* Opening (Treasure Chests)
If you find a treasure chest, position your character
in front of it and press the A Button to open it.
If you open a chest, the treasure inside is yours.


* Swimming
If you find Zora's Flippers, you can swim.
Hold down the Control pad in the
direction you want to make your character
swim and press either the A, B, or Y Button.
When you are swimming, you cannot use
the sword or any of the items.

* Talking
If you approach a villager and press the A
Button, you can hear what they have to say.
If the message is long, you can press the
A, B, X or Y Button to make the rest of the
message appear quickly.

* Reading
Face the signs and monoliths and press the
A Button to read the letters written on them.
Also press the A Button to listen to the
elder's telepathic message that comes from
the magical Corner Stone of the dungeon

* Grasping and Pulling
Touch an object and press against it with the Control pad while
holding the A Button to grasp it. Then press the Control pad in the
opposite direction to pull the object. Of course, you cannot pull
everything, but you can certainly try pulling objects in the dungeons,
like levers and statues.

| The actions available using the A Button |
| are displayed in the DO WIndow of the |
| Sub Screen. Check the actions in this area |
| during the game when you are not sure of |
| the available actions. Note that RUN and |
| SWIM will be displayed when you receive |
| the Pegasus Shoes and Zora's Flippers. |
| Lift will change to LIFT.2 and LIFT.3 |
| when you increase your lifting strength. |


B Button * Swing the Sword
Swordsmanship will serve you well in
defeating the many enemies you
encounter. The more sword techniques
you master, the better you will be able
to deal with the many monsters you
will meet.

* Normal Sword Blows
Press the B Button to swing the
sword. The faster you press the B
Button, the more rapidly you will
swing your sword.

* Whirling Blade Technique
Hold down the B Button for about two
seconds to focus your power in the
blade. Once the sword is charged,
you can release the B Button at any
time to execute a whirling attack that
will affect any enemies nearby. This
awesome attack can be used to attack
an enemy standing behind you.

* Dashing Attack
When you have the Pegasus shoes
you can run with your sword drawn. If
enemies happen to be standing in
front of you, you can hit them as you
run past. Hold down the A Button for
a second to build up speed, then
you're off!


* Sword At The Ready
If you hold down the B Button, you will hold
your sword in a ready position. You can
then use the Control Pad to move your
character in any direction. If you come upon
an object your sword can cut, such as a
bush, you will automatically mow it down.
Try this with a row of bushes.

* Beam Attack
When your sword's power level is two or
more and all your Heart Containers are full,
you can launch a beam from the tip of the
blade. This bolt of energy can be used to
attack enemies at a distance. (See page 23.)

If no button is pressed, your
character will have his shield
ready. You can use the shield
to protect yourself from a frontal
attack such as arrows fired by
the enemy. (The shield will not
protect you from all attacks.)


Y Button * Using Items
The items you have collected can be
used by pressing the Y Button. (See
the item explanations on pages 37 and
41 for details.)

-------------------------- Use Your Items Carefully! -------------------------
* Flute
What is the myserious power of the Flute's
music? Once you have found the Flute
Boy's avian friend, you can use the Flute
to summon him to take you to eight
different locations in Hyrule.

Once you have found the Flute Boy's bird,
play the Flute and you will see the screen
on the right. Press the Control Pad to
select a number from 1 to 8 for the place
you want to go, then press either the A, B,
X or Y button to go there.

The Staff of Byrna and the Magic Cape (See page 40 & 41)
Press the Y Button to activate the Staff of
Byrna or the Magic Cape. Press the Y
Button again to deactivate the items. Both
of these items use Magic Power in
proportion to the amout of time they are
used. If you use all of your Magic Power,
the items will automatically deactivate.

| If you have already used all your Magic Power, or you have |
| an insufficient amount, these items cannot be used. |


--------------------------- How to Select Items ------------------------------
You can select an item for use with the Y Button in the ITEM Window
of the Sub Screen.

| Press the START Button to see the |
| Sub Screen and then use the |
| Control Pad to move the circular |
| cursor in the ITEM Window to select |
| the item you want. The item you |
| select will appear in the top right |
| corner of the screen. Press the START |
| Button again to return to the Main |
| Screen. |

* How to Select Bottles
It is possible to collect four Magic Bottles.
If you want to use the conents of a bottle,
you have to select the bottle you want.
Align the cursor with the bottle in the Item
Selection window to display the screen
shown below.
| ------------------------------------------------------- | The bottle |
| | -----ITEM------------------ -------------------- | | currently |
| | | | | [ ] ------------| selected and |
| | | Y | | BOTTLE | | | the name of its |
| | | | -------------------- | | contents will |
| | | | -------------------- | | be displayed in |
| | | | | | | | this window. |
| | | | | | | |
| | | | | [ ] | | | All of your |
| | | | | | | | bottles are |
| | --------------------------- | [ ] -------------| shown in this |
| | ----DO--------------------- | | | | window. Press |
| | | A | | [ ] | | | Up or Down on |
| | | LIFT .2 READ TALK | | | | | the Control Pad |
| | | PULL RUN SWIM | | [ ] | | | to align the |
| | | | | | | | cursor with the |
| | | | | | | | bottle you want |
| | --------------------------- -------------------- | | to select. |
| ------------------------------------------------------- |
| |
| * If you do not want to select a bottle, press Left or Right on the |
| Control Pad to move the cursor back to the ITEM WIndow. |


X Button * Viewing Map Screens
The automatic mapping feature will
help you explore Hyrule by showing
your current position and your next

---------------------------- Close Up Map Screen -----------------------------
If you press the X Button when you are in
the overworld, your immediate surroundings
will be displayed from an overhead view.
You can scroll to another portion of the map
by pressing any direction on the Control


between the
two maps
using the L
and R buttons.

---------------------------- Complete Map Screen -----------------------------
If you press the X button again from the Close Up Map Screen, you
can view the Complete Map of Hyrule.

a symbol representing your character
and your next destination (usually a
dungeon) flash on the Map screens.
When you are not sure where to go
next, take a look at the Map screens,
and head for the recommended place. If
you use the Magic Mirror, the warp
point you created will also be shown on
the Map Screens.

You can also view the same Map
Screens in the Dark World. Hyrule (the
Light World) and the Dark World look
alike but have subtle differences. Find
the difference between the two maps,
and you can solve many mysteries of
both worlds. From the Complete Map
Screen, press the X Button once again
to return to the Main Screen. Press the
L or R button to switch between the
Close Up and Complete Maps. Note
that when you are in the dungeons, you
can view the dungeon map by pressing
the X Button. (See page 33.)

* You cannot view the Map Screens
when you are in a house or a cave.


4. Heroic Equipment

Your character can become
stronger by finding and using
magical equipment. It is essencial
to be well armed for attack and
defense when taking on the many
powerful enemies you will

* Sword
The sword has four potential levels of power.
You can see what level your sword is currently
at by looking at the number next to the sword
symbol on your Sub Screen. Your first goal is to
obtain the Master Sword, which is power level

* Shield
The shield has three potential levels of power.
Your first shield can only fend off the enemy's
arrows, spears and rocks. If you improve your
shield or find a better one, you can defend
yourself against different attacks.

* Armor
You start off wearing a suit of green cloth which
hardly protects you at all. During your adventure,
you will find the Blue Mail and the Red Mail.
These suits of armor reduce damage from
enemy attacks by 25% and 50% respectively.


* Pegasus Shoes
This magic footwear has been handed down by
the family of one of the Seven Wise Men. If you
wear these shoes, you can run incredibly fast.
You will get the Pegasus Shoes from the iwse
men Sahasrahla.

* Power Glove and Titan's Mitt
If you wear these gloves, you can pick up
objects such as rocks that you cannot lift
with your bare hands. If you can get your hands in
these gloves, try lifting a few things.

* Zora's Flippers
These Flippers belong to Zora the man-fish,
whose domain is the wet blue yonder. They are
a necessity - you cannot swim without them (If
you try swimming without the Flippers you will
be returned to land). To get through this
adventure, you must get your feet wet, so find
the Flippers as soon as possible.

* Moon Pearl
People who enter the Dark World are
transformed into a shape that reflects what is in
their hearts. You can prevent this by obtaining
the Moon Pearl, which protects its bearer from
the power of the Triforce.


5. Ending and Saving the game

If all of your Hearts are empty (from damage
taken from enemy attacks, etc) your game will
be over. When the game is over, you can
select one of the following three commands:

--------------------------- Save and Continue -------------------------------
Use this command at the game's end if you want to save your
progress and continue playing. The starting points when restarting
the game are as follows:

| Game Over Location | Restart Location |
| Dungeons and sewers of Hyrule | The halfway point between the |
| Castle (up to rescuing Zelda | dungeon and the sewer |
| | passageway |
| Out and about in Hyrule (after | * Player's House |
| rescuing Zelda) | * Sanctuary |
| | * The Mountain Cave |
| | (select one of these three) |
| Out and about in the Dark World | The Dark World pyramid |
| In the dungeons | The dungeon entrance |

* If you select the Mountain Cave, the game will start inside of the
cave with the old man on Death Mountain.

------------------------------- Save and Quit ---------------------------------
Use this command when you want to save a game and quit (the
game will return to the title screen). Note that if you use this
command when your game ends in the dungeon, you will not restart
the game at the entrance to the dungeon, as it would if you used the
save and continue command. (NOTE: The location of any warp points
created by the Magic Mirror will not be saved.)


--------------------------- Continue without Saving --------------------------
Use this command to continue the
game without saving your
possessions (the data saved in
your character's file will not be
changed.) This allows you to
essentially try again.

* If you want to alter your selection
from the save status, press the
RESET Button.

* In all of these cases, when you restart the saved game later, your
Hearts will only be from 50% to 70% full (when you have four or
more Heart Containers.)

| Press the SELECT Button to end the |
| SELECT game (save the game). |
| |

If you have to stop the game suddenly, or you have exhausted your
magical power or items and are unable to deal with the enemy at
hand, press the SELECT Button to bring up the option to stop the
game and save it.

When you press the SELECT Button, the
screen on the right will be displayed.
Select Save and Quit using the
Control Pad, and press either the A, B,
X, or Y Button to return to the title
screen. You can also use this screen to
pause the game. Select Continue Game
to resume play.

| If you run out of Magic Power in a dungeon, you can return to |
| the dungeon entrance using the Magic Mirror, so think about |
| what is best before using the Save and Quit command. |


---------------------------- Restoring Life ----------------------------------
You can refill Heart Containers that have
been lost in battle by finding small hearts.
Each small heart refills a Heart Container.
Small hearts sometimes appear when you
defeat an enemyand can also be found in
bushed and pots. Also, if you can capture
one of the little faerie that inhabit Hyrule,
you will get seven hearts. If you find the
elusive faerie Queen, she will restore all
your lost hearts. During a long adventure, it
is a good idea to remember where faeries

----------------------- Restoring Magical Power ------------------------------
You can restore Magic Power, which is used
to power different magic items, by finding
Magical Decanters. These Magical
Decanters come in two sizes, big and small.
A big Decanter completely restores one eighth
of your magic meter. As with small hearts,
you can also get these from enemies you
defeat. During the game, you can set the
level of Magic Power consumption at 50%,
effectively doubling the amount of Magic
Power you have.


---------------------------- The Magic Shop ----------------------------------
You can restore life and magical power by
using magic potions. The Magic Shop in the
north east of Hyrule sells a variety of such
potions, but you cannot buy them unless
you have a bottle to carry them in.

* Green Potion: 60 rupees
This completely restores your Magic Power.

* Red Potion: 120 rupees
This refills your Heart Containers.

* Blue Potion: 160 rupees
This completely rstores both hearts and
Magic Power.

-------------------- Heart Containers and Pieces Of Hearts -------------------
At the start of a game, your character has only three Heart
Containers, but you can find many more during your adventures. You
will find one of these Heart Containers in Sanctuary, and you will
receive the others one by one as you defeat the dungeon keppers.
Pieces of Heart Containers are hidden all over Hyrule. If you collect
four Pieces of Heart, you will gain one full heart Conatiner. if you
manage to collect all the Heart Containers, you will have 20 hearts in
your life gauge.

| You can see how |
| many Pieces Of |
| Heart Container = Piece Of Heart X 4 Heart you have on |
| the Sub Screen. |


7. Lore Of Hyrule
Hyrule is full of ancient secrets and unusual life forms. No one
should venture into its wilderness without some preparation, so read
some background lore before you set out on your adventure.

* Bushes
You will find Rupees and Hearts hidden
away in these bushes. Cut them down or
pull them up to reveal the hidden items.

* Rupees
The pople of Hyrule use precious stones
called Rupees as currency. There are three
different kinds of Rupees:

Green rupee = 1 rupee
Blue rupee = 5 rupees
Red rupee = 20 rupees

* Shop
In this store in the southeast of Hyrule you
will find the Red Potion of Life, Hearts and
Bombs for sale. When you have some
spare Rupees to spend, you should drop
into the shop and take a look. Rumor has it
there is a similar shop in the Dark World.

* The Fortune Teller's House
You can talk to the Fortune Teller to have
your furtune read. This information can give
you an idea of what to do next. You should
have your fortune read as many times as
possible. The cost of each session changes
with the mood of the Fortune Teller. (The
Fortune Teller will also heal your woundes as
an extra bonus.)


* Smithy's Shop
The blacksmith lives just a little to the east
of Kakariko Village. With his metal-working
skill he can improve even the mighty
Master Sword. However, he cannot do it
himself, and his partner is now missing...

* Pond Of Happiness
The Mysterious Pond is located in the
middle of Lake Hylia. Each time you visit,
you should throw a few Rupees into the
pond. Over time they will add up, and
eventually the fountain will bring you

* Whirlpool Waterways
There are six magical whirlpools in the
rivers and lakes which connect three warp
waterways. If you dive into one of the
whirlpools, you will surface soemwhere in a far away
body of water. You can make use of these
watery short-cuts once you have Zora's

* Magical Warp Tiles
There are eight magical tiles which are
entrances to the Dark World that was
sealed by the Wise Men long ago. Most of
these are hidden under objects like
boulders. You must find these in order to
go to places in the Dark World where you
could not normally go.

| Once you have overthrown the wizard Agahnim, you can also |
| enter the Dark World from the entrance of Hyrule Castle. |


8. Dungeon Knowledge
To restore peace to Hyrule, you cannot
avoid fighting in the dungeons. If you
clear all of the dungeons of evil and win
the Triforce, you will be recognized as
the true legendary Hero of Hyrule.

An evil dungeon keeper lurks in the dark
recesses of each labyrinth. When you
defeat it, you will receive a Pendant of
Virtue or a Crystal. You need to obtain
three Pendants before you can wield the
Master sword. And one of the missing
maidens is trapped inside each of the

| To simplify things, I will refer to such places as the underground |
| labyrinths, the tower, and the inside of the sanctuary, as "dungeons". |

* Pendant
There are three Pendants: one carved with
the Crest of Courage, another with the
Crest of Power, and the third with the Crest
of Wisdom.

* Crystal
Finding seven Crystals is your
goal in the Dark World.


------------------- The Treasure Chest and Dungeon Items ---------------------
In each dungeon you will find many treasure chests with Rupees and
other things inside of them. The map, compass and big key are also
hidden in the treasure chests. You can only remove the contents of a
treasure chest once. Each dungeon also
contains a big treasure chest that contains
a special item. In some cases, these items
will be necessary to get to through later
dungeons. In any event, special
items will help you at some
point later in the game. Be
sure to find them!

* Map
The dungeon map shows the layout of all the
rooms in the dungeon and your current

* Compass
The compass points out the location of the
evil master of the dungeon.

| There is no compass in Hyrule castle. |

* Big Key
You will need the big key to open certain
dungeon doors and the big treasure chest.

| If you find one of these dungeon |
| items, it will be displayed here on |
| the Sub Screen. |
| * If you open the big treasure chest, its location will also be |
| shown on the dungeon map. |


------------------- How to View the Dungeon Map Screen -----------------------
Press the X Button to view the Dungeon
Map Screen. The dungeons are
complicated so if you get lost take a good
look at the map. Proceed with caution as
you make your way through these places.

| |
| The left window of the Dungeon ------------------------- |
| Map Screen shows how many floors | MAP | |
| there are in the dungeon. A | | |
| detalied layout of each floor can be | | |
| found in the right window of the | ------------ | |
| Dungeon Map Screen. If there are | | 2F | () | |
| more than three floors to the | ------------ | |
| dungeon, use Up and Down on the | (L)-> | 1F | | |
| Control Pad to scroll to the floor | ------------ | |
| you want. The left window also | | |
| shows you which floor your | | |
| character and the dungeon keeper | | |
| are on. The skull symbol | | |
| representing the dungeon keeper | | |
| will not be displayed until you have | | |
| found the compass. | | |
| | | |
| ------------------------- |
| |
| *Places which have no dungeon keeper, like the caves of |
| Death Mountain, do not have Dungeon Map Screens. |

| This right screen usually shows only the rooms you have |
| already explored. If you find the map item, however, rooms |
| that you have not yet been in will be displayed. The brackets |
| on the Dungeon Map Screens are for easy identification of |
| your character's position. The red frame indicates the area |
| that is directly above or below the white frame that the player |
| is inside. (The steps are not displayed inside the dungeon |
| cells.) |
| |
| |
| Skull Symbol |
| Dungeon Master's Lair |
| | |
| ------|---------------------------------- |
| | | | ------------------------------------- Dark Blue |
| | | | | | | | Unexplored Rooms |
| | (S)| | | | | | |
| ------|---|-----***---***---------------- |
| | [D]| | * * | | |
| | | | | | | | |
| | [D]-[D]-[D]-[.] _______________________ Yellow Mark |
| ----------------***---***---------------- Stairs |
| | | | | | | |
| | | | | | | |
| | | | | | | |
| ----------------------------------------- |
| | | | | | | |
| | | | | | | |
| | | | | | | |
| ----------------------------------------- |
| | | | | | | |
| | | | | | | |
| 2F | | | | | | |
| ----------------------------------------- |
| |
| ----------------------------------------- |
| | | | | | | |
| | | | | | | |
| | | | | | | |
| ----------------------------------------- |
| | | | [-] ------------------------ Flashing Mark |
| | | | | | | | Your Current Position |
| | | |[. ]| | | |
| --------------------|-------------------- |
| | |[ ]-[ ]|[ ]-[ ]-[ ]| | |
| | | | [ ]|[ ]-[ ] | | | |
| | |[ ]-[ ]|[ = --------------------------- Big Red Mark |
| --------------|-----|-----|-------------- Big Treasure Chest |
| | | [ ]-[ ]-[ ]-[ ]| | |
| | | [ ]|[ ]| | | | |
| | | [ ]| [ ] | | | | |
| --------------------|---------|---------- |
| | | |[ ]| | | | |
| | | | | | | | | | | |
| 1F | | |[ # ]| | | | |
| --------------------|---------|---------- |
| | | |
| Arrow Mark --- ------------------ Light Blue |
| Dungeon Entrance Explored Rooms |
| |


------------------------- Dungeon Contraptions -------------------------------
The dungeons are complicated places full of powerful enemies.
Added to this there are traps and mysteries that will give you a

* Pots
These are scattered throughout the dungeons.
These pots come in handy, because you can
pick them up and throw them at the enemy
to cause damage. You can also find hearts
in some pots, and some hold arrows and
bombs (note that the contents of a used pot
will not be replaced until you leave the
dungeon.) Also, some pots hide switches
that open doors.

* Keys and Doors
If rooms are divided by a locked door, you
will need that door's key. There are two
types of keys, small keys and big keys.
Small keys can only be used once, but the
big keys can be used as many times as you
like. (The keys of one dungeon cannot be
used in another dungeon). On top of all this,
there are dead-end doors and doors that
can only be opened by switches.

* Fragile Walls

Walls and floors with cracks in them can be knocked down with
bombs. You can also try to knock down such walls with a dash
attack. If you knock down a wall, you can sometimes get into the next


* Crystal Switches
In the dungeons there are blue and orange
blocks with rise and fall into the floors.
These will often block your path. Strike the
Crystal Switch with your sword or some
other weapon to make the blocks retract.
When the Crystal Switch is red, the orange
blocks will retract. When the Crystal Switch
is blue, the blue blocks will retract.

| All of the blue and orange blocks in the dungeon react in this way. |

* Manholes

There are many pitfalls and chasms in the dungeons which typically
do not have fences around them. If you stray off the path and fall into
a pit, you will sustain damage and return to the entrance of the room.
There are also manholes (see below) in the dungeons. If you fall into
one of these, you will drop through to the floor below, but you will not
sustain damage.

Hole with black bottom Hole with visible bottom
Sustain damage and No damage, but drop to
return to entrance the floor below

The dungeons are full of crazy contraptions and perplexing puzzles.
You ae bound to come across some danger sooner or later, but
come what may, you must explore and conqueur these places.


9. Item Inventory
The many items which you control with the Y
Button are very important to success in your
quest. Collect them from helpful people or
find them in the dungeons. If you learn the
capabilities of all the items and discover the
best places to use them, you will no doubt
quicken the restoration of peace to Hyrule.
The item names in green are items that
consume Magical Power.

* Lantern [MAGIC]
This is the first ite you are likely to find in your
adventure. The lantern lights the torches in the
dungeons and brightens the dungeon rooms. It
consumes Magic Power to light the torches, and
they go out after a time.

* Boomerang
If you hit an enemy with this, it will be stunned
for a short time (some enemies will sustain
damage when hit by the boomerang). The
boomerang can also retrieve distant Rupees and

* Bomb
A bomb blast will damage enemies and knock
holes in some walls, but it will also damage your
character if he is too close to the blast. The
bomb's fuse will burn for about two seconds,
and up to two bombs can be set at a time. You
can also pick up a bomb you have placed and
throw it before it explodes (be careful!).


* Bottle
You can put many things in a bottle and keep
them for use at a later point in the game. You
can get up to four bottles, which are vital to your
success on a long adventure. Obtain these
bottles as soon as your can.

* Bug Collecting Net
There are bugs and other things hidden away in
the bushes and trees. If you time it right, you
can catch them with this net and store them in
bottles to use later on. You should definately try
to catch many things with this item.

* The Book of Mudora
The monoliths left by the Hylian people are
inscribed with ancient script. If you find an
inscription that you cannot read, use this book
and its meaning will become clear.

* Bow
The bow is a powerful weapon that can be found in
the first palace, but you need arrows to use it. Arrows
sometimes appear when you defeat an enemy
and sometimes they are hidden in pots. These is
a rumor that somewhere in Hyrule you can obtain
a silver bow and arrow of even greater strength.

* Mushrooms
These sweet tasting, strange smelling
mushrooms are an ingredient for making Magical
Power. You can find these while wandering in
the Lost Woods.


* Magical Powder [MAGIC]
This Magical concoction hasu npredictable
effects on certain things. Try sprinkling it on a
bush to cause a strange chemical reaction. Its
effect on other living things is said to be even

* Magical Mirror
You can use this mirror to escape from the dark
World to the Light World. The portal that is
created can also be used as a gate back into the
Dark World. But be warned. If the place where
you reappear in the Light World is a place where
you cannot normally go (such as inside a wall)
you will be forced back into the Dark World.
Note that the mirror will also return you to the
entrance when used in the dungeon. The
Magical Mirror cannot be used in a house or cave.

* Magic Hammer
Use this hammer to pound stakes and other
obstacles into the ground. The magic hammer is
also effective against some enemies, but it is
best used in conjunction with another weapon.

* Hook Shot
This device consists of a long chain with a hook
on the end. You can fling the hook into a tree,
pot or treasure chest and then pull yourself to
the location of the hook by reeling in the chain.
This will enable you to cross holes in the ground
or other such obstacles. The Hook Shot can also
be used as a weapon.

* Shovel
Use this to dig holes in the ground. You cannot
dig in some surfaces. You need this shovel to
find the Flute.


* Flute
A lonely lad will give you the Flute, which plays
a beautiful but slightly sad melody. When you
are granted it, be sure to fulfil the request made
of you. If you have the Flute, it will make your
long and difficult journey a lot easier.

* Ice Rod [MAGIC]
You can use this magic wand to launch a sub-
zero blast of air which will quick freeze most
enemies. Weaker enemies will be destroyed by
this weapon, and even stronger enemies might
become solid blocks of ice.

* Fire Rod [MAGIC]
This rod spits out a ball of fire that will sear
most enemies to a crisp. Some enemies are
especially vunerable to fire, so use the Fire Rod
wisely. The Fire Rod can also be used like the
lantern to light torches, but from a distance.

* Staff of Somaria [MAGIC]
This mystic staff creates blocks formed of pure
magic power. These blocks can be thrown or
pushed on to the enemy to cause damage. (Power
blocks disintegrate if they touch an enemy five
times.) if you strike a magic block with the Staff,
it will shatter and the fragments will damage
enemies nearby. You will need this Staff to get
through the Turtle Rock dungeon in the Dark


* Staff of Byrna [MAGIC]
The beam from this staff surrounds and protects
you from all damage. Press the Y button again
to deactivate the wand. Note that this item
consumes Magical Power in proportion to how
long it is used.

* Magic Cape [MAGIC]
Your character will turn invisible when he wears
this Magic Cape. While hidden from the
enemies' view, you can attack them without
taking damage. Although the cape is a useful
item, it will consume Magic Power while you are
using it.

--------------------------- Magic Medallions -------------------------------

* Bombos [MAGIC]
Only the Hero breaing the Master Sword can
retrieve this medal. The magic of this medallion
sets off explosive forces around you which
engulf the enemy in flames.

* Ether [MAGIC]
The Ether Medallion charges your sword with a
cold chill that freezes the surrounding enemy.
The Ether MEdallion has the same effect as the
Ice Rod but it works against all the enemies on
the screen.

* Quake [MAGIC]
If you drive your sword into the ground when you
have this medallion, the aearth will come to life
and shake violently. Such an attack and the fear
it creates are bound to affect the enemy.

| All magic medallions consume magical force, so keep a close |
| eye on your Magic Meter when you use them. |


10. Your Quest Begins...
With the knowledge you have gained so far,
you should be ready for your quest. But if
you still have any doubts, what follows is a
message for the legendary Hero of Hyrule
(which you may yet become) from the
Hylian Book Of Mudora.
"We prophets of the Hylia know what your
future holds. Listen carefully...

"The legend begins in your very
own house. You have just been
awakened by Zelda's voice.
Follow your uncle as he sets out
in the direction of the castle.
Somewhere at the perimeter of
the castle there is an
underground entrance. You will
have to search for it.

"Using the sword and shield you
receive from your uncle, you can
set about rescuing Zelda. Don't
miss the boomerang hidden in
the castle. If you defeat the soldiers and
free Zelda from the prison, you can escape
with her along a secret passageway and
head for a magical study called Sanctuary.

"If you make it to Sanctuary, listen carefully
to what the Sage and Zelda have to say.
Now, you should know what you have to do.
From here on, the places you have to go to
will be displayed as symbols on the map. It
is probably a good idea to keep an eye on
the map while progressing. Start by going to
Kakariko Village and picking up the information
that is waiting for you there. You can also
find some items in this village.


"When you find the elder, he will tell
you that you need the three pendants
of Virtue before you can claim the
Master Sword. You will find the
Pendants in the Eastern Palace, the
Desert Palace and the Tower Of Hera.
Defeat the masters of these dungeons
to win the Pendants. The dungeons
are complicated and full of formidable
adversaries. Keep an eye on the map
and be on the lookout for trouble as
you advance through the dungeons.
And when you are in the dungeons, it
is imperative that you find the bow,
Power Glove and Moon Pearl.

"When you have the three Pendants,
you will be able to wield the Master
Sword which sleeps in the Lost
Woods. If you have the Master Sword,
you should head for Hyrule Castle to
do battlewith Agahnim the wizard.

"Agahnim will use powerful sorcery
against you, but if you truly
understand the strength of the Master
Sword, you can defeat him. When
you take hold of the Master sword, try
to recall the words of the elder. At
this point, your destiny grows cloudy...
The rest of the legend is yours to


11. A Brief Bestiary Of Hyrule
Here, in the last part of this tome, I will introduce you to a few of the
adversaries in this adventure. However formidable these creatures
may seem, they are bound to have weak points. Discover their
weaknesses to make your attacks more effective.

Stalfos Knight
The skeletal warrior is stationed in the
Ice Palace. Even if you hit him with
your sword, he always seems to come
back to life. You will need some other
weapon to deal this warrior the final

Ball and Chain Trooper
Agahnim controls all of Hyrule
Castle's soldiers, including this
strong and skilled fighter. He guards
Zelda's cell and other important
areas of the Castle and attacks with
a whirling ball and chain.

This bandage swarthed menace is
indeed powerful. It can withstand
repeated blows from the sword without
even slowing down. However, it is
rumored that it cannot stand fire.


This sand-man lives beneath the
shifting desert sands. He will jump
out at you from the sand and strike
at you unexpectantly.

This super strong monster is rumored to
inhabit the Dark World. Although he is
amazingly strong, he cannot withstand the
very bombs he throws. Aim for the eye
if you want to find his weak point.

Snap Dragon
This strange creature was created as
a result of a mad alchemist's plant
experiments. He uses his tooth-filled
maw to snap at anything that gets in
his way as he hops about.

The tooth, armored head of this small
saurian can easily withstand sword blows.
Your best chance is to attack him from

This wizard appears and disappears
using his magic. You can only damage
him only while he is visible. The
Wizzrobe attacks using magical
beams of energy.