Zelda 64 Glitches

Welcome to the Zelda 64 Glitches section. This section is updated whever we have new glitches.

Navi is Stuck!

To perform this glitch, (as far as i know) you need to be an adult.


  1. Go to the Temple Of Time

  2. Go up to the three spiritual stones, and press the Action button to read them.

  3. Position yourself between the Spiritual Stone of Fire and the Spiritual stone of Water, right up against the platform.

  4. Play Sarias Song

  5. Say "Talk To Saria"

  6. The window should disappear, if she actually talks to you, it did not work.

  7. If it does not work, move away from the platform, and try steps 2-7 again.

If this worked, Navi will be stuck at the platform, and the room will be dark, as if you are still talking to Saria. To get Navi back, just leave the Temple of Time.

Here are some screenshots, just in case you dont believe me.

Glitch by Oracle

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Frozen Game

Go to the Gerudo's fortress,and kill the guards so they won't capture you.Then,walk slowely towards a guard in white.When she blows her whistle,pull your Ocarina and call Epona.The game will then freeze with Link's arms in the air.Restart it to return to normal.



Unlimited Skulltulas

this glitch can get u 100 or more skultulas. go to hyrule castle as a child, and swim thru the moat. when u climb out, there will be a tree there. play the song of storms and a hole will come in the ground. drop inside. blow up the walls, and theres a skultula there ( if u havent got it already ). kill it with your slingshot, and then when the skultula token iz there then z target it and throw your boomerang at it, but backflip onto the warp thing that takes u out of the hole before the boomerang comes back at u. you should hear the musik that plays when u get a token while u are leaving. when u are out of the hole, play the song of storm again and fall down in the hole again. u will have got the skultulA token, but its still there! you can do this until u get 100 skultulas!  well, bye!


Ocarnia Of Time Before 3 Spiritual Stones, Getting Past Blocked Areas

How to get the Ocarina of Time before getting the Spiritual Stones.

This is what you must do. You know the get 20 bottles trick... Before meeting Zelda for the first time... Replace the Fairy Ocarina with a bottle... Now go meet Zelda. When Impa teaches you Zelda’s Lullaby you will not pull out the Fairy Ocarina, you will pull out the Ocarina of Time. Note: You will not retain the ocarnia, so copy your game before you attempt this trick.


Getting past Mido without a shield or sword

You know where Mido won’t let you pass him without a sword and shield...there is a way to get past him.  First get as close as you can to Mido.  Now gently pull the left side of the Zelda64 catridge out of the N64 while pressing UP on the control stick.  (I personally have been to afraid to do this myself...but it should work)  But do NOT pull up on the game too far or it will freeze or something...  You can also do this trick to get past the guy blocking Hyrule Field...As soon as you do it, push the game catridge back down. I dont suggest doing this, I accidentally erased all my games doing this.




To get under Zora's ice you must first do the sword less link trick (Get to Ganon and when he knocks the sword out of your hand Save it then reset) When you do that go to Lake Hylia and get on Epona and go to the spot where you are over top the thing that warp's you to Zora's Domain Then put your iron boots on (when your on Epona)and play your Ocarina Then slowly turn around so your facing Epona and slowly walk into the water (in front of the frozen door) hit A. Quickly switch to normal boots and you will be under the ground swim towards the spot that would teleport you and you get teleported to Zora's Domain (when you first enter the equip your iron boots so you stay under) now you can check out that hole that everyone talks about ITS NOTHING BUT A DEAD END!

Glitch sent in by BloodyFist


Walk around Gerudo Valley

Do the swordless Link trick, then go to the Horseback Archery and pay to play.Equip your Ocarina and then use it.You will get off Epona.Then press B to stop playing and you can now walk around Gerudo Valley. - cbgfx


Enter Water Temple as Kid

Enter Water Temple as a kid (not tried yet but I know it works) Go near the water right on top of the water temple as a kid...Press C-up and look down as much as u can.You will hear the sound of the gate openning...Then use Gameshark(iron boots as child code) to sink to the bottom and enter... -cbgfx

Bury Epona

Go to Lon Lon Ranch w/o Epona and go to the fenced area. play Epona's song and she will come from behind u and run outside the fenced area until she stops running. Go into one of the 3 rooms in the ranch and when u come out she should be burried. - cbgfx

Walk up Corners

First find a corner (Hyrule castle by the dead end sign)...) take 1 step up and look so you are staring at the little line on the corner and walk up very slow (hard for some) keep trying. - Bloodyfist

Use Sword Under Water

have you ever wanted to use your sword under water? Well, you can!!! The only downer is that it's a one time thing and you have to use magic. Ok, first, go to Lake Hylia or another water source where there is a slope. Next, put on the iron boots. You then charge your sword so that it turns "fire-engulfed" and walk slowly down the slope into the water. If you "drop" down a level, your sword won't be charged anymore and you'll have to start over. If you did it right, you'll have a charged sword, and you can release it on any enemy you encounter. If your hookshot or longshot is equiped, then it will light up, while the other c-button items are faded, proving that you're underwater.

Email Scott about his trick - ScottH33@hotmail.com


Lotsa Tricks

Didja know you could kill poes inside the walls of the graveyard? Didja know that you can stun Gerudo guards as a kid with bombchu? Didja know that if you play your transport songs but don't transport on each correct medallion symbol around the master sword, picking it up with occur in total silence?

But wait, there's more! Two twists on Swordless link: 1.Lose your sword, save, and reset. Get on the horse, ride it into LonLon ranch, and accept the obstacle course. Play the song of storms during the obstacle course. Purple Haze!

2.Get on the horse, and do the ocarina detachment. At lake hylia, you can kill tektites by brushing their sides.

Let loose some bugs or fish on the master sword pedestal, and pick up the sword. The bottled creatures will stay throughout the cinema, and if you can time it right, follow you into the past or future!

Play the song of storms inside the gravekeeper's hut. The sounds of crickets and rain are REALLY loud in here!

Ice keese: In the fire temple, in the large room with the column of fire where you have to push a block onto it, there is a large grating that you can climb. Climb to the top of it and get on the catwalk, you should see two bats resting. Shoot each of them with an ice arrow. The frozen keese will never melt and never be harmed by anything you do to them. Also, you can push them around by walking into them. The only way to fully kill them is knock them off the catwalk.

E-mail Scythium about his tricks/glitches - scythium@hotmail.com

Open Water Temple as Kid

When you are young link, stand on the island above the gate to the water temple. Go to the part of the isalnd where it starts to curve downwards toward the water, but make sure it is just above the gate. Now use Cup to look down as far as you can. You will hear a noise far a while and then a boom. What you just did was open the Water Temple gate early! - Audfam4@aol.com

You'll Need a parachute!

First you go in front of Hyrule market town and climb the drawbridge chains. Then play the Sun's Song to make it night. Once the drawbridge is up walk onto the drawbridge and roll towards the town. If you did it right you should fall right through the ground. - Magicptz@aol.com

Strange Swordless Link

Hi the other night, I was playing around with the Lost in Space Link trick and something really strange happened. I was playing around in Lake Hylia (for some reason my game won't let me use the hookshot at Gerudo Valley, no matter how many times I re-equip it--I have the gold cart), not really doing much of anything, just seeing how far I could go. I was on the very far edge of the lake, and I was resting up against the "mountain wall" that marks the edge of the playing environment. I wasn't really trying to get over the wall... you know how those annoying little crows will make you go up in the air a bit, scream, and then fall if one hits you? Well, one of those came flying right into me. It hit me just right, and I went up and over the wall! The strangest part is that I didn't just fall and fall and fall and fall... I landed in some invisible water... so there I was, treading water in water that didn't exist, surrounded by an endless void of sky pattern, staring through the wall back to Lake Hylia. It was quite odd, to say the least! After flipping out briefly, I just sat there, almost afraid to move. I then wondered if I was stuck outside the lake, and swam towards the wall. I went through the wall and was back in Lake Hylia, as if nothing had ever happened... I haven't had a chance to try it again, but that brings up all sorts of fun new questions: what would've happened if I had put on the iron boots? How far could I have swam out? Why the heck was there water out there in the first place? (Lazy programmers that figured that no one would ever get out there? ;) -Rotis

Gerudo Freeze

Got to the Gerudo's Fortress and knock out all the guards in purple (shoot them with an arrow). Then, walk slowely towards a guard in white. When they blow their whistle, pull your Ocarina and play "Epona's Song".The game should then freeze with Link's arms in the air.Restart your game to return it to normal.^_^ - Hylian_Girl

Crooked Cartridge Glitch

Ever want to get the Ocarina as you first Item? Want to beat the game with NO SWORD? Well, this glitch will let you do exactly that. First of all, start a new file. Go up to Mido or the guy who guards Hyrule field. Stand as close as you can to either of them. Reach up to you cartrage in the N64 and take the left side out. Don't take too much of the cart out, or the game will freeze. Push up on the control stick slightly (not all the way). Now, take the right side out (keep holding the control stick up a little!) the same applys as above. I suggest plugging you ears so you won't hear that horrible bleeping sound. Anyway, oush your cart back in and walk right past him! This is a cool glitch, huh? ^_^(Editor's Note:It is not a good idea to make you system/cartrage do something it is not supposed to. If you want to keep both your system and game in mint condition, I don't suggest doing this. (^_^) - Hyrlian_Girl

Freeze game at Hyrule Castle

To freeze the game at Hyrule castle (you must be kid ) Break into the castle (climb up the vines) Then jump off the bridge (facing the little cave with the fairy) There should be a big hill beside you to the left . Walk over there to the part you can walk up start slowly walking towards the guard that guards up there and make it so you will fall down the hill when he blows his whistle you'll have to reset after using this Glitch. This is kinda hard.

MoonJump Codes

WARNING: These may DELETE your SAVE game. Do so with care! Work with a backup save game! The following glitches are to be used with the Z64 Gameshark code for Moonjump. Click Here to goto the GS Codes.


Hylian Sun:

Go to the wall surrounding Hyrule Field and with the moon jump code, jump over the wall...

Be where Biggoron is:

Moon Jump to where he is...

Jump into Kakariko Windmill:

Moon jump all the way on top of the windmill and fall on top of it...

Don't get caught by the warp in Haunted Wasteland:

you won't get caught if u don't hit the floor..

Get under any place:

Use the Moon jump to get your yellow curser outside the borders...fall until u r sure the place is on top of u and then u just jump back up...

Get great view of Area:

Jump very high in the air and let go, when u fall, u should have a great view of the place.

Visit Zelda again:

go to Hyrule Castle when u r a kid...jump over the guards that usually block ur way to see Zelda, go to Zelda and u will see her! After that, u jump over the wall where the window to the throne room is, and u can go inside.

Transparent Link:

Put in Moon Jump...Play the Boloero Of Fire and when u arrive u press L too jump and u don't let go until the timer of the heat starts...then when u do, Link will be transparent.. nice one heh?