Game Genie Codes

If you have a SNES Game Genie and arn't doing very well in The Legend Of Zelda: A Link to the Past, then maybe some of these codes will help you out!

Game Genie codes

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

1. AEEC-A586 Some shops don't take your money

2. AE67-0D30 Infinite bombs

3. AE6E-DF2A Almost infinite energy

4. AE8A-D4FA + AE8D-0D9A Almost infinite magic

5. 1122-DD85+1122-DDE5 Hearts and Fairies don't give you life. magic

AE67-DF2A Some item sounds are repeated in spin slash and dash

AEA8-D49A A step in any direction makes you jump

AE67-0D30 Infinite bombs

AE6E-DF2A Infinite energy

AE8A-D4FA + AE8D-OD9A Infinite magic

AEA8-D4FA Walk through anything vertically

45B8-D49A Dash without charge-up

55B8-D49A No dash

256C-6D04 The Sword looks like a flower, and the Hookshot, like an anchor

376C-AF04 Glitches all game graphics

AE6A-DF2A All injuries are fatal

366C-DF04 No sound

376C-ADD4 Red tint

376C-ADA4 The landscape is shifted (graphical change only)

376C-A4D4 The interiors of buildings change

376C-AD64 Hear the flute!